Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on GL
Reva discovered she had company on the island. Cassie struggled with Reva's death and Reva's clone. Ben gave the tape to Blake, and Ross worked to get Abby released. Ross went to confront Ben just as Blake decided to visit Ben one last time. Reva built a raft.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on GL
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Monday, March 30

Cassie walked in on Josh kissing Clone Reva and started yelling that she knew what was going on and asking how Josh could do that to his family. Josh finally got Reva out of the apartment with Michael and tried to explain what had happened. Cassie slowly started to understand the fact that real-Reva was dead, and this was a clone -- and it was all for the sake of Marah and Shane. Cassie said that it was all wrong, and she did not want to be a part of it.

Alan threatened Carl that he never should have hired him but wanted to meet up with him in the greenhouse to talk over some things. Carl decked him in the jaw and left for the greenhouse.

Later, Alan told Carl that he had messed up the plans and had better not go near his granddaughter Lizzie again. Carl mentioned that Alan was no saint, either, hiring him to date Beth and intercepting letters that Beth had sent to Phillip. After Carl demanded more money, Alan told him to get lost.

Beth was horrified to find out that Carl had been creeping around outside the Spaulding mansion. Harley sneaked in and tried to convince Beth that she needed to stick to the original plan and try to set a trap for Carl. Beth said that she was "out" of any such deal, and Phillip overheard it. He was obviously not pleased with Harley, and she soon left.

Beth later asked Phillip why he had never answered her letters that she had sent him before the divorce papers had become final. Phillip said that he had never received any letters from her. Beth pushed him to answer whether it would have made a difference --whether he would have returned to her. Phillip refused to answer.

Real-Reva finally saw the man with whom she was sharing her island. He demanded that she emerge from the water right away. Reva refused, even though the mysterious man cautioned her of dangers in the water. She finally emerged and asked him to turn his back so she could get dressed. When she was dressed, he was gone again.

Tuesday, March 31, 1998

Blake told Holly that she was welcome to stay with Blake and Ross. Blake explained to Holly that Rick was trying to get Abby transferred because Abby's handicap was a hazard in the prison. Holly told Blake she had called Fletcher's contacts all over the world, and no one had heard anything. Holly was confident that Fletcher would be found or he would call. Holly was grateful Ben had issued a bench warrant for Fletcher.

Blake warned her mother to look out for Ben because he might have an alternative motive. Holly noticed that Ben got to Blake. Blake admitted to her mother she had feelings for Ben, and she had almost slept with him. She told her mother about Ben's deal. Holly was outraged and warned her daughter not to make the same mistakes.

Holly urged Blake to tell Ross about the deal. Blake refused. Holly ordered Blake not to sleep with Ben and to stop her feelings for the man. Holly desperately tried to convince Blake not to follow in her footsteps, "or you will lose everything." Holly told Blake to get away and think about the consequences. Holly suggested Blake research a story for the Journal that would take her away for a month. Blake decided to take the assignment.

Rick visited Abby in prison. He noticed that prison life didn't agree with Abby. Abby didn't like the rules in prison. Rick told her not to think about the rules but to instead think about when she would be home. Rick sensed something was wrong and saw her bruised wrist. Rick wanted to know what had happened and demanded to examine her wrist. Abby showed him the wrist, and the guard yelled that there was no touching. The second guard told Abby her time was up.

Josh and Cassie discussed Reva's demise. Cassie was having a hard time with Reva's death because she had just found her sister, and suddenly she had lost her. She didn't like the idea of a Cloned Reva, but agreed the children shouldn't lose their mother again. Josh asked Cassie for help with clone Reva. The kids arrived downstairs and asked when their mom would return. Josh answered, "Soon."

Cassie and Hart shared a sweet moment, and he asked about Reva. Cassie explained she couldn't talk about her sister. Hart understood family business was private. Hart sensed something was wrong. Cassie started to explain, but Marah interrupted. Marah was upset because she couldn't talk to her parents. Marah explained her problem to Cassie, and Cassie gave her sound advice. Hart believed Reva was safe and urged Cassie to go with him to Aruba. Cassie told him it was the wrong time.

Clone Reva told Michael that the medicine wasn't working. Michael told her that he had cut down the dosage. She demanded more and replied, "Haven't you learned by now, what Reva Shane wants, she gets?" She attempted to take the medicine, but Michael stopped her. Michael told her that both he and Josh agreed on the medicine. She didn't believe Michael.

Josh entered the apartment and confirmed the agreement. Clone Reva couldn't understand Josh's actions because she had thought he had wanted the same thing. Josh comforted clone Reva and couldn't wait until she grew into Reva. She wanted to move in and be Reva.

Clone Reva suggested once she was grown, they should send the children to boarding school. Josh couldn't believe what he'd heard. He told her he loved his children very much and would never send them to boarding school. He stressed to clone Reva that she had been created for the children. Clone Reva seemed jealous. She wanted to be sure Josh loved her more then the children. She explained once she was settled, they could have their own children.

Josh was shocked by her comments. Clone Reva started to strip, and Josh looked away. Cassie entered the apartment, and threw clone Reva's shirt at her. She told her to get dressed. Clone Reva wouldn't listen to Cassie and wanted Josh to take her side. Josh sided with Cassie. Clone Reva stormed out of the apartment. Cassie agreed to help Josh for her sister, not the clone.

Ross and Ben were in Judge Williams' chamber. Ross wanted Abby moved to a country club prison due to her hearing impairment. He told the judge that Abby should be transferred for safety reasons. Judge Williams was impressed and asked the state if they had any objections. Ben replied no. However, the state objected to a confessed killer playing the handicap card. Judge Williams decided against Ross.

Ross couldn't believe Ben was still making Abby's case personal. Ben replied, "More than you'll know, Ross." Ben told Ross to be thankful it hadn't gotten too personal. Ross left with a parting shot, "I'll be thankful when you're rotting in hell." Blake spotted Ben. Ben mentioned to Blake that she had just missed Ross. Blake ignored Ben's comments and ordered him to meet her at his apartment.

Wednesday, April 1

Cassie talked with Josh about using their time to teach clone Reva everything they knew about Reva and the children.

After she forced her assistant to agree to take the blame, Dinah stunned Hart with the news that Rob had been hired at the TV station. She claimed that she couldn't fire the ex-con without facing a lawsuit and suggested instead that Hart hire him at the construction company in order to keep an eye on him.

While Ross told Holly about his concerns for Blake, Holly decided to keep quiet about Blake's decision to confront Ben. Blake took Ben back to his hotel room and agreed that she was there to complete their arrangement. When he headed to the bed, she stopped him and claimed that she was being honest with him that time. Blake then announced that she had feelings for him and couldn't hide them any longer. He was dumbfounded when she admitted that she was leaving town in order to get over those feelings.

Reva found Sean fishing and shyly accepted the catch of the day. When she questioned him about how he had arrived on the island, he admitted that he had destroyed the boat that had taken him there but wouldn't say any more. She insisted that she could help them escape from the island.

Hoping to tell Cassie about Rob's new job, Hart and Dinah arrived at the Lewis home and almost caught clone Reva with Cassie and Josh.

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Thursday, April 2, 1998

Ross prepared for his trip to Paris with Blake. Blake showed Holly the tape she had gotten from Ben.

Abigail wrote a letter to Rick, asking him not to worry about her anymore. She lied about the severity of her wrist injury.

Dinah and Hart visited Cassie at home, and when they did, Josh and Cassie had to hide Reva's clone under the staircase. The clone wasn't happy about it, however, and said, "Maybe I don't want to hide. After all, I am Reva." However, Josh told her, "You're not the real Reva. You never will be."

Clone Reva promised to remain quiet, but wanted something in exchange: a tour of the bedroom, a kiss, or a private trip with Josh to Genoa City -- the place she "heard about on the TV soap The Young and the Restless." In the meantime, Dinah barged in, causing Cassie to act suspiciously and Hart to question whether she was hiding something.

Vanessa and Matt visited Maureen, who was going home from the hospital in a week. Matt revealed to Vanessa his suspicions of Dinah's jealousy over her baby sister, and Vanessa agreed to speak to Dinah about it.

A creepy guard at the jail harassed Abby, ogling her and saying, "She's awful pretty."

Ross surprised Blake with the vacation idea, and when he went to the phone to call a travel agent, discovered the tape that Blake had taken home.

Jesse watched Michelle until she sensed he was in her room. He was there for his lesson, which she tried to cancel because she was worrying about something. They talked, and Michelle told him how she and Jesse had read Romeo and Juliet and promised they'd never end sadly, when, in fact, they had. Jesse touched Michelle's face, and Michelle gave Carlos a quick thank you kiss on the cheek.

Dinah told Cassie that her assistant had hired Rob Layne to work at the station. Cassie seemed unconcerned, and Hart accused her of trying to get rid of them. Dinah pried into Reva's whereabouts. After a lot of coaxing, Josh got Hart and Dinah to leave.

Abby was almost beaten up by her new cellmate when she didn't hear the woman's questions.

Blake told Ross she had found the tape leaning outside their door. Ross played the tape and discovered its contents but questioned why Ben would just give it to him. He asked Blake if she was somehow responsible, but she insisted that she'd had nothing to do with it. Later, Blake told Holly that she hadn't had to use sex to get the tape, after all, but Holly warned her that Ben Warren was giving her just enough rope to hang herself with.

Josh sat down with the clone Reva and explained to her that his love with the real Reva had been unique and could not be duplicated. He told her that he would be the girl's anchor, her best friend, whatever she wanted, except her lover.

Ross called Rick with the good news of the tape's recovery.

Selena, Abby's cellmate, recognized Abby from the newspaper coverage of the trial and tried to help her when the guard started making advances.

Clone Reva got furious at Josh and stormed out of the house, saying to herself, "I love you, Joshua. And I am going to make you love me."

Friday, April 3

Dinah admitted to Vanessa that "Father Rob" was none other than Cassie's ex-husband. That led Vanessa to warn Dinah to stop scheming . Following a lead, Dinah left her mother to pursue Cassie. Hart offered Rob a job that involved leaving Cassie alone.

Sean admitted to Reva that he had saved her life, but wondered if it weren't the biggest mistake he'd ever committed. Reva was fixing to leave the island with a self-made raft. She capsized several feet from shore.

Just as Cassie and Joshua agreed to tell clone Reva what their plans were, Michael told his assistant that even the best experiments could go awry. Little did he know how true that really was. Arriving back at the apartment, Josh and Cassie were stunned when a full-grown clone Reva walked out.

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