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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 6, 1998 on GL
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Monday, April 6

Josh, Cassie and Michael are shocked to see an aged Clone-Reva step out of the bedroom. (I estimate her to be in her mid-twenties). Cassie became irritated when Reva hints that she is now ready to move into Josh's house and assume the role for which she was made. Josh is completely in awe at her, and asks everyone to leave the apartment.

Reva later says to Josh that she wants nothing more that to be loved by him. Josh doesn't quite yet admit to loving her, but says that she is so surprisingly similar to the original Reva (her speech & mannerisms).

Blake pauses outside Ben's hotel room, checking her makeup in her compact mirror. Ben and Ross are inside, and Ross is bragging that there is nothing he can do to destroy his marriage with Blake. Ross also talks of bringing up charges against him for hiding the crucial videotape. Ben reminds Ross that if he does that, he'll have to put Blake on the stand. He also asks Ross to think about the fact that if he gave Blake the tape, wouldn't Blake have to give something in return? Someone knocks at the door, and it is a maid. Blake is gone. Ross leaves, and Ben says to himself that Blake shouldn't have messed with him...he turns on the television to view a tape that he secretly made the one time Blake actually got into bed with him.

Real Reva find that her raft isn't as seaworthy as she thought it would be, and it capsizes. She screams out for help, and the mystery Island Man comes rushing out into the water to her rescue. He carries her to his house, saying to himself that he wished that she hadn't come to the island, and he wishes that she wasn't so beautiful. He tries to bring down her fever and tells her that she was stung by a Portuguese Man-O-War.

Cassie and Hart get busy for the first time. She hasn't told him yet about Clone-Reva.

Tuesday, April 7, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Loleysa

Harley greets Phillip at her apartment door. He wants to discuss Beth. Harley doesn't want to hear about Beth. She understands his feelings for Beth and is begging to like her. Phillip tells Harley he is not leaving because he loves her. Harley thinks he is in denial about his feelings for Beth. Harley is rambling on and on that his feelings for Beth are her fault. Phillips admits he still cares for Beth. Phillip tries to convince Harley that he loves her. Harley tells him that she believes his love for her. She says Phillip is a bad penny that always turns up. She tells him that she loves him too much and she won't give up on him. She asks him can he live with that? Phillip answers, "I can't live with out it." They share a kiss. Harley ask him not to hurt her. Phillip promises he won't. They begin to make love. Later Lizzie calls her dad and tells her she has a headache. Phillip ask Lizzie did she call her mom and tells her he's on his way. Phillip leaves to get Lizzie. Beth appears at Harley's door and wants to go through with Harley 's plan to put Carl behind bars.

Cassie and Hart share a tender moment in each other arms. Hart wants to know Cassie's thoughts. He tells her he loves her and she can tell him anything. Cassie replies, "I know". Hart goes off to make her breakfast and offers to let Cassie and Tammy move in. Cassie declines because she has to help Josh with the kids. She makes a call to Josh.

Mara and Josh are talking. She asks him when will Mama call. Josh answers, "I can't answer you" Mara wants to stay home so she won't miss her mother's call. Josh insists she go to school. Josh answers the phone and gets Mara to leave the room. Josh explains to Cassie how Mara is acting. Cassie tells Josh she is coming over to help. Both Josh and Cassie try to help Mara with her feeling for Reva. They tell her everything will be alright and Reva will call soon.

Reva has caught a fever. Shawn is nursing her back to health. The man gives Reva something to make her feel better. Reva yells over and over again that she is cold. Reva is having a dream that Josh has found her and came to take her home. She tells Josh that she loves him so much and turns to hug Josh but it's really Shawn. Shawn tries to tell Reva he's not Josh and that she has a high fever. Reva won't listen and wants Josh (Shawn) to hold her. Shawn holds her.

Beth drops Lizzie at school. Lizzie notices that her mom is upset because she has a sad face. Beth assures her daughter that she is fine. Beth tells Lizzie to wait inside the school until she picks her up after school. Lizzie knows her mom is afraid that Carl may come back. Lizzie tells her mom not to worry because she won't let Carl hurt her. Beth tells her daughter it's not her job to worry about her but she'll be ok. Beth asks Lizzie if she remembers the Pleage of Aleagence for class. Lizzie answers, "Yes" and begins to recite it when the bell rings. Lizzie enters the school and Carl show up ending the Pledge of Allegiance.

Beth tells Carl to say what he has to say and leave. She tries to threaten him with Alan. Carl doesn't want the hear it. He hits her and demand that she give him $100,000. Carl says, "Beth I want to hear you say it. Yes Carl I'll give you $100,000" Beth tell him no. She answers, "I won't give you the money even if my life depends on it." Carl threatens to give Beth five seconds to change her mind. Beth keeps her stand and won't give in. She dares Carl to hit her. If he does she will call the police. Carl thinks she pick up these bad habits from Harley. Beth tells him that Harley has something I want. Carl responds' Yeah I know and his initials begin with P. S." Beth answers, "No, she has self respect and she has given me the courage to fight for myself." Carl shows Beth photos of Lizzie. Beth is scared. Beth threatens to kill Carl if he lays a hand on her daughter. She tells him she doesn't have that kind of money. Carl answers, " You have access to it." He tells her he will call with the details.

Cassie tells Hart she has to go and ask for a raincheck on the breakfast and leaves. Dinah opens the door and ask Hart is this a bad time? Dinah tells Hart that there is a nasty rumor going around about Josh. She says some people believe the reason Reva left town is because Josh is having an affair with a wild younger women. Hart thanks her for the info but wants to know why she had to tell him. Dinah answers, "I know how close you are to Josh." Dinah leaves. Hart calls Lewis Oil looking for Josh and Cassie. Wanda tells Hart Cassie and Josh are not in the office. Josh is spending the day at home.

Josh tells Cassie that they must do everything to make C.Reva into Reva. Mara gets ready to go to school and the phone rings. She walks over to answer to phone. Josh doesn't want her to answer it. Mara speaks hello into the receiver but no one responds. She tries again and a woman answers. The woman says you know who this is, it's your mama. (The screen shows the C.Reva only she's not seventeen, she looks and sounds like the real Reva.)

Wednesday, April 8

Beth at Harley 's apartment
Beth wants to go through with Harley 's plan to put Carl in jail. Harley won't buy her story. Harley accuses Beth of following Phillip to get to her. Beth tries to convince her that she is wrong. Harley is still rambling on and on about Beth's misdeeds to get back at her. Beth takes off her sunglasses and Harley stops talking. She sees Beth's black eye. Beth gives a recap of what happened between her and Carl. She tells Harley she stood up to Carl and he hit her. Harley is glad she fought back. Beth explains Carl took pictures of Lizzie and she has to do something to stop Carl. Some how they get off the subject and talk about Beth's presence in town. Beth answers but pleads with Harley to help her. Harley won't at first because she promised Phillip to stay out of the case. Beth persuades her and Harley says, "We are going to get this scum who did this to you." Harley and Beth agree that Beth should meet Carl at the potting shed on Spaulding land. Harley warns her not to act differently. She tells Beth it's not her fault, because Carl is a sick, sick man. They seal the deal with a handshake.

Cassie, Josh, Mara, and Creva.
The phone rings and Mara answers the phone. Creva (Cloned Reva) is on the other end. She looks and sounds like the real Reva. Creva talks to Mara. Mara wants to tell her everything, but Josh takes the phone from Mara. Josh tells Creva, they agreed she would call later. Creva answers, "I' m trying to do everything you want me to do." Josh tries to get Creva off the phone, but Mara interrupts. She demands to talk to her mother now! Creva convinces Josh that she can handle talking to Mara. Mara and Creva are talking. Mara tells her she is afraid of losing her. Creva responds, "I'm sorry you're afraid." Mara answers "I'm not now because I'm talking to you." Creva tells her she's glad and she'll be there next week. Mara tells her father what Creva said.

Sean and Reva
Reva is still suffering from a fever. She doesn't want Josh to leave her. She makes him promise not to leave. Only the man isn't Josh it is Sean who is taking care of her. He promises not to leave. She asks Josh (Sean) to make love to her. Sean tells Reva to stop moving because she making herself feel worse. Reva tells Sean about and event from her past with Josh. Sean says to Reva "Josh must be out of his mind with grief, thinking he's lost you." Reva falls asleep. Sean talks to her. He tells her she is strong a very beautiful woman.

Cassie, Josh, Mara, and Hart
After Mara repeats Creva's message, he rushes out the door. As he is leaving, Hart tries to stop him to discuss business. Josh puts him off and leaves for Michael's apartment. Hart wants to know what is going on. Mara tells him her Mama is coming home. Mara leaves for school. Hart is happy to hear the news, but notices Cassie is not thrilled. He calls her on it. She gives him a lame excuse by mentioning she has a lot of things on her mind. Hart comments that both of them have a lot of things on their mind. He tells her about the rumor that Josh is having an affair. Cassie says it isn't true and wants to know who mentioned the rumor. Hart tells her it was Dinah. Cassie responds, "Are you going to believe Dinah over me?" He believes Cassie. He thinks her behavior has changed since Reva dropped off the face of the earth. Hart tells Cassie his thoughts about the night they spent together. He felt Cassie was the person he could trust and be honest with about his feelings. Now he believes he was wrong. Hart leaves and Cassie damns Josh for brings her into the Creva situation.

The Diner
Dinah express how happy she is to see Marcus. She wants to know how things went in Europe. Marcus and Dahlia says everything went well. Dahlia leaves to give Marcus time with Dinah. Marcus asks Dinah if she is over Hart. Dinah answers, "Yes." Marcus is not buying it because he knows she brought Rob to Springfield. Dinah denies it. They begin to argue about their friendship. Each one blames the other about ending the relationship and not calling one another. Marcus tells her that seeing his friend turning into a bitter, spiteful person hurts him. Once again Dinah tries to convince Marcus she is not trying to break up Cassie and Hart, because Cassie will break them up herself.

Frank wants to know why Dahlia is working at the diner with a voice like hers. Dahlia explains that even if she won 18 Grammies, she would still work at the diner. She wants to help out because of what Frank and Eleni have done for her. She asks about Eleni. He tells her Eleni is on a catering job and Harley should be helping. He doesn't know why she's late, but he thinks Phillip knows. (Phillip enters the diner with Lizzie.)

Phillip and Frank have the same discussion about Harley. Phillip defends himself by saying he is protecting the mother of his child. He explains Harley may not like it but she excepts it.

Phillip and Lizzie are having ice cream. Lizzie tells her father Beth is nervous about Carl. Phillip reassures Lizzie by telling her Beth is worried about you. They begin to discuss her up coming birthday party. They talk about the guest, but Lizzie doesn't seem happy about Harley attending.

Michael's apartment
Josh storms into the apartment demanding to know why she called the house and told Mara her Mama will be home next week. Creva explains she felt sorry for her, because Mara was upset. Josh doesn't believe her. He tells Creva she doesn't love Mara and still wants to ship her off to boarding school. Creva answers, "I'll said that when I was younger". Josh counters, "If you had it your way you would ship her off tomorrow." Creva, "I am sorry if my motherly instincts don't meet your high standards. Besides she' not my kid anyway. " They both stop fighting and Creva wants to try to be the children's mother. She wants to do it because it will make Josh happy. She wants Josh to teach her how to be Reva. Josh begins to teach Creva how to walk like Reva. Next she wants to dance like Reva. They begin to laugh. Creva to Josh "Now I know you dance, and fought, now show me how you make up." Their heads inch closer together for a kiss, but Josh pulls away. Josh apologizes to Creva for what happened. Creva wants to know how will he make it up to her. Josh tells her to put on something nice and he'll take her out. Creva is excited and wants to know where they are going. Josh says to the movies, but Creva wants to go dancing. Josh says no, but he wants Creva to understand. Creva answers, "I understand perfectly well." She leaves the room to get dressed. Creva goes to her room and tears up a picture of Reva. She tells the picture she hates her. Creva says, "If Josh doesn't want to be with me I'll find someone who will." Creva walks over to the window. She grabs her clothes and leaves through the window.

Thursday, April 9, 1998

Harley and Beth finalize their plan to put Carl behind bars. Harley pulls out a gun and tells Beth that she will shoot him if he tries to get away or threatens them.

Cassie goes to Josh's house to help him with the "Reva problem." She admits to him that she doesn't like Reva's clone. He tells her that he screwed up and almost kissed this woman, who has now locked herself in the bedroom in anger. While they're talking it over, Rob phones Cassie and tells her to meet him at the corner bar, Pete's, to discuss Tammy.

While Rob is waiting, Reva #2 comes in and announces that she's there to have some fun. She is dressed provocatively and begins flirting with Rob!

The real Reva snaps out of her sick delirium and recognizes the man who's been nursing her. She realizes that this marks the second time that he has saved her life, and she wants to know why he cares so much about her!

Carl grabs Beth again after she leaves Harley's place. He tells her she has exactly 6 seconds to convince him that the reason she went to see Harley wasn't to double cross him.

Rob asks Reva #2 if she's a "working girl." At first she doesn't know the term, but when she realizes he is asking if she's a hooker, she gets offended and starts to leave. Rob quickly stops her and apologizes. They dance.

Josh talks through the bedroom door to Reva #2 (he thinks she's staying in there for spite). He apologizes for hurting her feelings, but when she doesn't answer after several minutes, he breaks the door open and discovers her missing.

Cassie gets to the bar and spots Reva #2 dancing with Rob! She rushes to the phone to call Josh, who heads there immediately. When Cassie breaks in on Rob and Reva's dance, Rob puts it together that the woman who has been flirting with him is Cassie's sister, who then loudly proclaims herself "the new and improved Reva Shayne."

Phillip and Lizzie stop back at Harley's to remind her about Lizzie's party tonight. Harley tries to convince them to postpone it, but Phillip won't hear of it. So Harley grabs a few things to leave, and in her rush, forgets to bring the gun.

At show's end:

  • Carl kisses a frightened, disgusted Beth and tells her not to bring anyone with her when she meets him with the money.

  • Rob accuses Cassie of sleeping with Josh (hmmm...has Dinah been spreading this rumor?). When she sets him straight, he says, "Lie or no lie, it sure looks like Reva believes it."

  • Reva #2 (who is drunk by this time) climbs up on a bar table and threatens to tell everyone in the bar the whole unbelievable story of her creation. A shocked and alarmed Joshua and Cassie look on.

  • Friday, April 10

    Today's recap was provided by Janine S Johnson

    Dinah admits to Vanessa that "Father Rob" is none other than Cassie's ex-husband. This leads Vanessa to warn Dinah to stop scheming . Following a lead,

    Dinah leaves her mother to pursue Cassie. Hart offers Rob a job that involves leaving Cassie alone.

    Sean admits to Reva that he saved her life, but wonders if it wasn't the biggest mistake he's ever committed. Reva is fixing to leave the island with a self-made raft. She capsizes several feet from shore. Will Sean save her again?

    Just as Cassie and Joshua agree to tell Clone Reva what their plans are, Michael tells his assistant that even the best experiments can go awry. Little does he know how true that really is! Arriving back at the apartment, Josh and Cassie are stunned when a full-grown Clone Reva walks out.

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