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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 1, 1998 on GL
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Monday, June 1, 1998

The real Reva makes the switch with Clone Reva and sees Joshua for the first time. She tells him that she has waited for this moment, and loves him so much. Josh could tell that there was something different about Reva, and realizes that more than ever, she needs to go to Paris. Reva makes many references to their past, including Harlan, the birth of Shane, etc., and Josh still wonders what is going on, since he doesn't remember telling Clone Reva all these details.

Clone Reva is in a motel with Shane and Maura, and surprises them by bringing a lot of junk food for dinner. Maura senses that something is wrong, since Real Reva never lets them eat so terribly! Clone also snaps at Maura about bugging her, further tipping her off that something is not right. Maura announces that she is going to call her Dad.

Dinah is elated to be able to spill the news to Hart about "their" baby, knowing that it is really not his. She arrives at his home, dressed in a smashing red dress, and makes herself comfortable on the sofa. But, then Tammy comes from upstairs...Hart explains that Tammy is staying with him while Cassie is on a trip. Dinah gets very angry when she finds that Hart and Cassie are back together, and storms out, but not before telling him that they are having a baby.

Phillip is flabbergasted to hear Lizzie confess to "making Carl dead"! To make matters worse, Harley urges Lizzie to tell the rest of her story, but Phillip stops her, and puts Lizzie to bed. Beth walks in and finds that her cover is blown, and finally tells the truth. She met up with Carl that fateful night, and he started roughing her up when she didn't have the money with her (it was in the potting shed). Lizzie was watching from some bushes, saw the gun fall, picked it up and shot Carl. Beth begs Phillip and Harley not to tell the authorities, but relents when they both convince her that it is the only thing to do, especially for Lizzie sake.

Tuesday, June 2

Today's recap was provided by Debra Summers

Hart, in shock, asks Dinah if she is sure she is pregnant. Dinah replies that she is, she has gone to the doctor and that it's not a mistake. Hart replies he doesn't know what to say. Dinah says that she was hoping he would say what he said the night they conceived this child--that he loves her and that he wants to have this baby.

Reva tries to convince Josh that she didn't die. Josh doesn't want to hear anymore of this. Reva wants to know what it will take for him to believe her. Josh tells her that the Lewis jet will be leaving for Paris tonight and that she must be on it. Reva starts talking about the message she left when her plane was going down. Josh pleads with her not to torture him anymore because they both know she over heard the message that Reva left and that no memory she fakes and nothing she says will change anything. Reva proclaims that there has to be "a difference between the woman you love and that creature that was created in a lab." Reva tells him that she knows about the clone. That her thoughts have been of him and the kids for so long. When she got back the clone was there. She recalls the events of the plane crash as Josh looks at her in disbelief. Josh says that he wishes that he could help her in some way (still believing that she is the clone). Reva says that he can help her. Reva tells him that there is. He can cancel the flight and let the clone stay. She tells him that the clone has the kids and that if he doesn't let the clone stay that they might never see the kids again.

Marah says that she wants to call Daddy. The clone tries to talk her into wanting to go play video games instead. She sends Shayne ahead and talks to Marah about why she hasn't been acting like herself. She says that things haven't seemed normal lately. Marah wants to know what she means. The clone tells her it is time to tell her the truth about everything.

Ross runs into Holly and tells her that he has just been by her house. He asks her about the detective agency that she hired. Holly says that she used to believe that Fletcher would let her to find him and Meg, that he had gone somewhere obvious and that they would eventually figure out how to put it all back together again but now she doesn't. Ross sympathizes with her by saying he doesn't know how she is dealing with all of this. Holly says he would never have to worry about something like this because he would never do anything to drive away Blake and the twins. She then confesses that Fletcher knew she was going to run out on the most decent man she knows to run off and be with Roger.

Vanessa tells Matt that the baby is asleep. Matt tells her that he has been thinking about Holly and he thinks that Holly has been spending too much time with the baby. He knows he is a first-time father and he doesn't want to be overprotective but that Holly said something that he just can't get out of his head. He tells Vanessa about Holly calling Maureen 'Meg'. Vanessa tries to say that it is normal and just due to all of the stress she has been under but Matt tells her there is nothing normal about it.

Hart tells Dinah that he takes full responsibility but he had been under the impression that Dinah was on the pill. Dinah tells him that she stopped taking it because she wasn't involved with anyone. Hart asks her if the night he showed up in a drunken stupor did she think about the possibility of getting pregnant. She told him that she wasn't prepared for anything that happened that night but they need to realize that these things happen for a reason. Hart told her it happened because they were both stupid. Dinah tells him she remembers a time when this would have made him the happiest person on earth that making babies and having a family was all he ever talked about. Hart reminds her that was a long time ago when they were still together. Dinah tells him that in her heart they have always been together. Hart tells her she is losing touch with reality. She reminds him that the baby she is carrying is real. She tells him that she didn't plan on getting pregnant but now that it has happened she is getting used to it and looking forward to being a real mother. Hart reminds her that she never wanted to have kids. She says that she has grown up and wants what he wants. Hart says that he wanted it when they were together talking about getting married. Dinah acts shocked that he's talking this way. Hart tells her that she wants him to celebrate this baby and act like they are still together and that he isn't involved with anyone else but he can't do that. Dinah wants him to tell her one thing. She remembers him saying that the biggest regret he had was that he couldn't be a father to Peter when he was born. She is pregnant and wants know if he is going to do the same thing now. Hart tells her no. She wants to know what is he going to do then because whether he wants to admit it or not she IS pregnant and this changes everything. Hart tells her that it doesn't change everything. It changes their circumstances but not the fact that he doesn't love her and that he is in love with Cassie.

Marah asks the clone if she is acting different because she is sick. Reva tries to blam her changes in behavior on the fact that her and Josh haven't been seeing things eye to eye lately and that they have been fighting. Marah says she thought that they loved each other as much as two people could. The clone reminds her of when 'she' went to Florida to put some parts of her life together. She says she came back acting differently and that it has confused Marah's Daddy. She tells Marah that Josh wants her to be the person that she was before the trip but she can't. The clone tells her that she has always loved her best in her heart because she accepts her for just who she is. Marah asks if they are going to get divorced. The clone says that she is going to do everything in her power to see to it that it never happens.

Reva tells her to call the camp to see if the kids are there. He says that they are because he put them on the bus himself. She tells him about her homecoming, about how the clone took her and kept her in the lighthouse. Josh still doesn't believe her and tells her that she is using every memory that he programmed into her against him. Reva begs him to look at her because there has to be something that is different. He tells her that he cares for her and that is why she has to leave. He tells her that it won't be forever. Michael shows up and Reva tells him it is all his fault because he created that monster and now 'it' has kidnapped their children. She says that if they never see their kids again that it will all be his fault. She tells Michael that she is the real Reva. She continues to try to convince Josh by recalling their relationship from the time they met as kids. Josh reminds her that he told her all of this when she was hypnotized. Reva says that there is no way he could have told the clone everything about their lives and that he couldn't duplicate their love because it is in the two of them. It is a circle without end. Michael wants to know what it is about the kids. Josh says that they are at camp. Reva tells him about the clone taking the children. She says that 'your thing that you created has been keeping me locked up in the lighthouse'. She tells him that the clone let her out so that she could come here and try to convince Josh to let her stay. Michael leaves saying that he will be right back. Josh tells Reva that he is trying to be a friend to her that she has to calm down. Reva says that she is perfectly calm and tries to convince Josh to call the camp. She tells him that if he ever cared for her at all that he will do this.

Marah tells the clone about a movie that she once saw where a mom and dad were fighting so the mom takes the kids away because she is afraid she will lose custody of them. The clone doesn't understand the concept of 'losing' the kids. Marah explains that she doesn't want to go away because everyone that she loves is here. The clone tells her that she doesn't want to leave either but that Marah can't call Josh and tell him anything because he will be really mad and then they won't be able to get back together. Marah seems to go along with this. The clone suggests that she go take a nice hot bath then she will feel better. She tells Marah that is what she always does. Marah tells her that 'Reva' always showers. The clone blows up for a second then calmly tells Marah to just try it that it will help. Marah agrees. The clone goes to run the bath water. Marah picks up the phone.

Michael comes back in and gives Reva a sedative. After she is asleep Michael says that 'the clone' has gotten to Josh. Josh disagrees. He says that Reva is dead. Michael agrees. Josh asks Michael to look closely at 'the clone'. Is this really what he wants to do because that is what Alan has planned. Michael says that he needs a research grant. Josh says that sometimes the best of intentions have a way of flying out the window.

Holly tells Ross that Fletcher couldn't stand the fact that she was willing to let Roger have anything to do with Meg. Ross tells her that she is being way too hard on herself. She reminds him of the mother she had been to Blake...that she was always too self-involved and wasn't there for Blake when she needed her. Ross tells her that she has changed, that it was a long time ago. Holly says that she tried. She thought that by being married to Fletcher she could become a better person. Ross tells her that she IS a better person. Holly says that she managed and did get the respect of some people who had never given it to her before and that she was close to Blake, but no matter what she can't change from what she basically is which is someone who will throw everything away to follow an obsession. Ross reminds Holly of the way that Blake has changed.

Vanessa tells Matt that she was with Holly once when she called Maureen 'Meg' but it was just a slip of the tongue. Matt says it sounded like more than that. Vanessa says "Like what? Like Holly wishes she was holding her baby in her arms instead of ours?" Vanessa says that Holly has been through hell not knowing where Meg is. She tells Matt about Holly's previous relationship with Blake and that it took years to fix it. She says that maybe that is why she feel so close to Holly, because she went through the same thing with Dinah.

Hart tells Dinah that he doesn't want to hurt her. He is just trying to be honest with her. He no longer feels the way about her that he used to. Dinah asks him if he was in love with Cassie while he was making love to her. Hart tells her that he doesn't remember it but the reason he came there is because he had a fight with Cassie. Dinah says that he is saying that she took advantage of him. He says that's not it at all. Dinah tells him to get back to her when he does know what he is saying. Dinah tells him not to worry about anything, that she will take care of all of it by herself. She goes to leave but he tells her to wait a minute.

Vanessa tells Matt that she appreciates what she has and that is why she reaches out to other people like Holly. She reminds Matt that Holly saved Maureen's life so if Holly makes a slip of the tongue every once in a while that she doesn't want to make a big deal about it. Matt says that he doesn't either but he thinks that Maureen should spend a bit less time with 'Aunt Holly' until things settle down a bit. Vanessa agrees for Matt's sake.

Holly says that Blake is the one that should take credit for the changes that she has made. Holly says that she had two kids and that she failed with both of them. Ross tells her that she is a good woman with a heart that is big and generous. Holly says that she has an empty heart. Ross tells her that it is breaking because she wants Meg back. He says that she deserves happiness and that if Blake can find it so can she. Holly starts to order another drink. Ross offers to drive her home but she says that she has her car.

Josh wants to know why Michael went behind his back. Michael tells Josh that Alan has no idea he has cloned Reva and he has no intention of telling him. Josh tells him that his ego and his drive has gotten in the way of his common sense. He tries to point out the pain that 'they' have put the clone through. Michael asks if he needs anything else. Josh says "not from you." Michael leaves. The phone rings. It is Marah. Josh asks her how camp is. The clone walks in.

Hart tells Dinah that he does love her, but not in the way he used to. He tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her but that is what he has done. Dinah tells him that she doesn't want to hear anything else, that he obviously doesn't know what he was to her. He was the greatest love of her life, the one person that she felt safe with. She says that he was the only person she ever let her defenses down with, that she wasn't afraid to do that with him. She tells him that he was also the biggest disappointment and then walks out crying. Hart wonders how he is going to tell Cassie.

Marah lies and says that camp is fine. Josh asks her what she has been doing and she tells him they have been playing a lot of tennis. They hang up. Marah feels bad because she has never lied to Daddy before. The clone says she is sorry she asked her to, but she can't imagine how happy she has just made her. Josh tells a sleeping Reva that he wishes that she was the real Reva but she isn't and she has to leave tonight.

Wednesday, June 3, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Vicki Fox

Hart is at home wondering how in the world he's going to break the news to Cassie that Dinah is pregnant with his baby. Matt arrives with some business papers for Hart to sign, and they discuss this Dinah bombshell. Matt warns Hart not to blindly take Dinah's word for things, and to get more information. He tells Hart that he's noticed Dinah has lately been reverting back to her old "bad girl" self. Hart reluctantly agrees to take Matt's advice, and leaves to go talk to Dinah.

Meanwhile, Marcus arrives at Dinah's penthouse, where she's resting and dealing with morning sickness. She tells him the news about being pregnant with Hart's baby, and Marcus is stunned. When Dinah runs to the bathroom to throw up, Marcus notices a postcard from Ron thanking Dinah for the memorable experience the night before he left town. Now Marcus is suspicious about who the real father is -- Hart or Ron! When Dinah returns, he confronts her, and won't put up with her doubletalk. She soon confesses all to Marcus, and he is appalled at her, that she would do this. He keeps saying, "What about this baby you're bringing into the world? That's the most important thing here! What do you think you're doing???" Dinah pleads with him not to tell Hart the truth -- she pushes the angle that Hart is by far better "parent material" than either Ron or her, so for the baby's sake, Hart can't know the truth. But Marcus says this deception is wrong, and starts to leave, presumably to go to Hart with the truth. But just then, Hart comes heading down the hall to Dinah's penthouse!

Drew and Jesse arrive at Company, returning from Los Angeles and the funeral of Drew's father. She's inherited Daddy's money, but doesn't care -- she'd rather have him back. She is very much in grief, and Jesse comforts her, and they talk about Drew's memories of her father. Drew and Jesse are obviously growing closer. Inside Company, Michelle and Holly are breakfasting (Holly is passing off her hangover to Michelle as a mild virus she's getting over). When Jesse and Drew come inside, Drew tries to act like everything's fine with her, and Jesse and Michelle talk. Michelle tells Jesse that Drew seems to be doing just fine now. Jesse is offended, and tells her that Drew is devastated, but is just putting on a brave front. Jesse grows angrier with Michelle, and tells her that Drew did something Michelle didn't -- Drew didn't turn away from a helping hand. Jesse then tells Michelle, that since she shut him out, he's going to give her all the space she wants. Jesse leaves, and Michelle is definitely having mixed feelings about Jesse. She then approaches Drew, and offers condolences. She tells Drew about what it was like for her to lose her mother, and how she was finally able to come to terms with it. Then Jesse returns and leads Drew out by the hand to take her out somewhere.

While Michelle is dealing with Jesse and Drew, Ben confronts Holly about an article in the newspaper she wrote about him -- it's tabloid trash, he says. But Holly just laughs him off. Then Ross arrives, and teases Ben about having to coerce women into his bed, a la Beth Raines. Ben denies it was coercion, and says he could get any woman he wanted. Ross laughs and says Blake is an example of a woman he could never get. He gloatingly tells Ben that Blake played him like a violin to get the "Abby" videotape. But when Ben says, "Ross, you know deep down that if I really wanted Blake...", Ross lunges at him. Holly breaks it up, and after Ben leaves, reminds Ross how much Blake loves him.

Also at Company, Michael and Vicki are having breakfast. He's having second thoughts about doing the cloning project with Alan, and asks her opinion. She's all for sticking with Alan, but Michael finally says, "No, I know what I have to do. I'm calling it off."

At the Spaulding mansion, Beth and Phillip discuss Lizzie, and Beth tells him that Lizzie was up several times in the night. Phillip then tells Beth that he called the DA and the police and told them about Lizzie's confession and that the DA and police agreed to give them time to decide what to do about Lizzie. Before Beth can say anything about this, Rick and Dr. Lynn Bradford, a child psychiatrist, arrive. Phillip tells Beth about asking Rick to find a therapist for Lizzie. Beth asks to speak to Phillip privately. "Why are you making these executive decisions about our child without consulting me?" she asks. But Phillip pretty much just blows her off, saying "We'll talk about this later. RIght now, I'm going to talk to Dr. Bradford." The therapist asks Beth and Phillip to get Lizzie for an informal meeting. The therapist and Rick meet casually with Lizzie. While they're meeting, Phillip confronts Beth about her not confiding in him about Lizzie. The reason is that Beth didn't trust Phillip because of his involvement with Harley -- Beth didn't know what Harley would have done if Phillip had told her about what Lizzie did, so Beth decided to say nothing to Phillip. Just then, the therapist and Rick return. The therapist wants to start therapy sessions as soon as possible, and she also tells Beth and Phillip that the two of them must be "completely united" if Lizzie is to be helped. The therapist and Rick leave, and Beth and Phillip agree to work together for Lizzie's sake. As he heads out the door to go to Harley's, Phillip says to Beth, "You know you can count on me, don't you?" Beth replies, "I think it's time I started counting on myself." He leaves for Harley's. Lizzie then comes in and asks anxiously where her Daddy is and if he's coming back, and Beth comforts and reassures her.

Meanwhile, at Harley's, Frank is visiting. He apologizes to Harley for being wrong about Beth's phony confession. They discuss how things are between her and Phillip, and about Phillip having a lot of pressure now and needing to help Lizzie. Frank warns Harley that Phillip is not going to have time left over for her. Harley disagrees. Yes, she knows that Phillip will have to be very involved with Lizzie and Beth, but Phillip is still going to be with her. Frank tries to explain how a father feels, how protective a father is. He tells Harley that Phillip will be totally consumed with Lizzie and, to some extent, Beth, so she should get out of the relationship now to spare herself more pain. Just then, Phillip walks in, hears the last part of Frank's comments, and says angrily to Frank, "Who do you think you are?"

Thursday, June 4, 1998

Hart pays a visit to Dinah -- and finds Marcus. Dinah stops Marcus from spilling the beans about who the baby's real father is, then runs off with morning sickness.

Beth tells Ben how Phillip said she could count on him then ran off to be with Harley. Ben assures her that Phillip will come back to her in the end.

Phillip walks in on Frank's speech to Harley about getting rid of Phillip before she gets hurt. Phillip insists that Frank is wrong and that they've been through too much together to give up now.

Reva writes a letter to Sean in prison, explaining her circumstances and asking him to call Joshua with the truth about her identity. As she writes, the Clone comes in the house and asks her, "Did you hold up your end of the bargain? Did you make Joshua fall in love with me?" Reva tells her that Michael Burke injected her with a sedative and she was knocked out all night, but the Clone doesn't believe her.

Michael Burke pulls out of the cloning project deal with Alan Spaulding. Alan tries unsuccessfully to dissuade him. (But in conversation, Michael does say, "Josh can't believe I would ever do that again.")

Reva tries to appeal to any maternal instinct the Clone may have (but she doesn't seem to have any). Then Reva gets her in a stronghold on the couch and demands to know where she has taken the children. She threatens to choke the information out of her, but lets go when the Clone suggests she might have locked the children up somewhere, hungry and scared. When Josh comes home unexpectedly, the Clone runs out, reminding Reva that she had better succeed this time at getting Josh to love her -- or else!

Josh wants to talk about what happened last night. He tells Reva (who he thinks is the Clone) that Maura called him from camp and is okay. Reva pretends to be the Clone and says that she was lying before when she said she was the real Reva.

Marcus doesn't tell Hart the truth (because he is Dinah's best friend). Dinah tries to get Hart to leave so she can lay down, but he has some questions, he says, that can't wait.

Phillip has to go back to the Spaulding House, and asks Harley to go with him. He credits Harley with helping get to the truth about Lizzie. He tells her he needs her and says, "You've been with me for all the garbage; you'd might as well stick around for the good times."

Beth tells Ben she's decided to move herself and Lizzie out of the Spaulding Mansion. Ben congratulates her on her newfound strength, and asks, "Why couldn't I have fallen in love with you?"

Reva (still pretending to be the Clone) says she understands why Josh must send her away -- understand why Josh can't forget his wife -- and thinks he's tried harder to make this work than anyone else would have. She begs him for just one kiss, and afterwards, Josh pulls back and exclaims, "Reva!"

Hart asks Dinah to be honest with him and not use the baby to manipulate him. She reasserts that this is his baby she's carrying. He lets her know he is not going anywhere, but plans to face up to his responsibility.

Michael Burke tries to tell Alan he can't clone a human -- that he simply doesn't have the capability -- but Alan doesn't believe him. Michael walks out and Alan turns to Vicky with a plea to "work on him, because this is going to happen if it's the last thing I do, or he does."

"You're so much like her right now," Josh tells Reva. "The way you kissed me just now, the way you touched me, even the words you're choosing." "Then let me be your Reva," Reva says, tracing circles on their palms and saying, "Always, Joshua." He kisses her passionately.

At show's end:

  • Phillip and Harley go to see Beth, and find her in Ben Warren's arms.
  • Josh and Reva start to make love on the couch.
  • The Clone checks Reva's progress through the front door/window.
  • Alan Spaulding comes up behind the Clone, saying, "Got a minute? I want to talk to you about Josh's involvement in the cloning business."

  • Friday, June 5, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Debra Summers

    Josh and Reva continue to make love on the couch, Josh remarking how much she is "like Reva" for the first time. The clone is at the front door talking to Alan. Alan tells the clone that he is here to discuss Josh's involvement with cloning. The clone tells him that she doesn't know what he is talking about. Alan suggests that they go inside and ask Josh about it.

    Jesse and Drew show up at the diner. Jesse tells Drew that he isn't too happy with Michelle right now and Drew starts to complain of Michelle's phony sympathy act by saying that rich kids are all alike and insincere when Michelle walks in.

    Phillip and Harley arrive at the mansion. Phillip tells Harley that he wants to talk to Beth about what they should do next and that he is going to try to have a nice calm conversation. When Harley asks Phillip what she can do he replies that she just needs to be there. Inside Beth tells Ben that just as he doesn't want Blake to be with him by manipulation she doesn't want Phillip to be with her out some sense of obligation. As she is hugging Ben, Phillip walks in. Beth tells Phillip that she was upset and Ben was comforting her. Phillip tells her that he can think of another name for it, and for Ben. Beth reminds Phillip that Ben put his job on the line to protect her and Lizzie. Phillip tells her that all Ben cares about is getting her in bed again and that he doesn't give a damn if it turns into a public spectacle. Beth wants to know what Phillip is talking about. Phillip gives her a newspaper with the headline "D.A. Under Investigation For Sleeping With Murder Suspect". Ben tells Phillip that what he and Beth did wasn't the problem, that the problem was in Phillip blurting it out loud in a restaurant loud enough for everyone, including Griffin Williams to hear. Ben says that he had everything set up but Phillip couldn't stand the idea of someone else rescuing one of "his girls" so he screwed it up. He accuses Phillip of having some "adolescent need" to string both of these women along. Phillip throws Ben out after warning him that Lizzie is in a lot of pain right now and that Ben has no place in making it better. After Ben leaves Phillip asks Beth if she was planning on sleeping with him again real quick. Phillip wants Beth to explain to him why she feels the need to defend Ben when they have a daughter to worry about. Beth says that she doesn't have to explain anything to him. Phillip asks if they can sit down and discuss Lizzie and think about what Lizzie needs. Beth says that she IS thinking about Lizzie and that she isn't going to sit down with Harley and discuss ANYTHING. Beth says that she doesn't want to have anything to do with the two of them and storms out.

    Michelle asks to talk to Jesse alone for a minute. Drew leaves to make a phone call. Michelle tells Jesse that what he did by pretending to be Carlos and getting a job in the institute to be near her was the most incredible thing that anyone has ever done for her in her entire life. Jesse wants to know why she is singing a different tune now. Michelle says that before she had so much to deal with--getting her eyesight back and having to deal with coming home again. Jesse reminds her that she wanted her space. Michelle says she wishes she had never said that and that she is sorry. Jesse says that she wants to believe him.

    Josh starts to pull away from Reva but she begs him to make love to her in their bed. They go upstairs. Alan starts to go in the house but the clone stops him by saying that she and Josh were in the middle of something and Josh wouldn't appreciate the interruption but he can come back another time. Upstairs Reva tells Josh how much she has missed him, his hands on her body. Josh tells her he has missed her too.

    Michelle reminds Jesse that they used to be so close that they knew what each other was thinking but Jesse said that he never knew what was going on inside her head. Michelle said that they loved each other and were going to get married. Jesse reminded her that they made love and she walked out. Michelle told him that she thought at the time that she would have hurt him more if she had stayed. Jesse said she told him lots of things. Michelle said that she meant every single one of them. Jesse questioned if she meant those things like she meant that bit of sympathy that she gave Drew about Drew's dad. Michelle said of course she did and then realized that Jesse doubted her. Jesse told her that Drew told him about the phony sympathy act she gave her. Michelle, hurt, said that there was no reason to deny it and got up. Off to the side Drew asked her if she was finished talking to Jesse. Michelle said that when she talked to Drew at Company that she was being sincere. Drew said that she knew. Michelle asked her why she lied to Jesse. She told Michelle it was because she didn't want Jesse to make the mistake of getting back together with Michelle because he belonged with her.

    Ben walks in his office and finds Ross and Griffin there. Griffin tells him they have to talk. Ben wants to know what Ross is doing there. Ross tells him he is on the Bar Association Ethics Committee and is here on their behalf. Ben says he is sure that Ross ran right out to join the lynching party but Ross said that he had been on the committee for years. Griffin tells Ben he is facing disciplinary action but Ben doesn't take him seriously. Ben wants to know what he is being charged with. Griffin tells him misconduct because he took advantage of his position. Ben says not in his opinion. Ross says that Ben slept with Ross's client and now she is suffering for it.

    Beth tells Phillip that she doesn't want to have anything to do with any pow wow that he has cooked up with Harley. Phillip tells Beth not to get so defensive just because he doesn't think it is cool that she is having an affair with Ben Warren. Beth wants to know what is the difference in that and in him having an affair with Harley. Beth wants it straight. She says that she did not sleep with Ben to help her case. She says that Ben was the one person whom she felt she could trust. She said that he helped her to protect Lizzie. Harley pointed out that he did it by allowing her to plead guilty to a crime that she didn't commit. Beth said they did it so the truth about Lizzie wouldn't come out and now Ben may lose his job. Phillip replied that he deserves to be run out of town for what he did. Beth reminds Phillip that she begged the two of them to leave it alone but they wouldn't rest until the truth was out. Phillip wonders what would have happened if they hadn't dug around to see what she was hiding. He said that Lizzie was going through hell and Harley added that it wasn't because of anything they had done but because of the terrible secret that she was being forced to carry around. Harley said that forcing the child to lie was not helping her. Beth tells her not to tell her how to raise her child. All she was trying to do was make sure that no one took Lizzie away and that now that is what is going to happen. Phillip said that no one was going to take their daughter. He says that is why he is here. So that Lizzie will know that she has the love of both of her parents and that her home is safe. Beth wants to know how are they going to do that? Are they going to do a big pretend number where they play the supportive family by day and then he shuttles off to Harley's at night? She wants to know what is that going to teach Lizzie other than that the world is full of conniving liars.

    The clone tells Alan that she is trying to be nice and let bygones be bygones. Alan wants to know what secret she is keeping with Josh. He thinks that Josh helped Michael to clone someone and Alan wants to know who it is and what happened to them. The clone denies knowing what Alan is talking about but Alan says that he is going to get to the bottom of it. The clone tries to convince Alan that he doesn't know what he is talking about. Alan promises to find out what is going on and storms off. The clone decides to herself that it is getting too risky and there can only be one of them. Upstairs, Reva and Josh have just gotten done making love. Reva tells him that he cannot imagine what it is like being in his arms again. She starts talking about Marah and Shayne and Josh pulls away saying it is hard to hear her talk about the kids like that, like they are her biological children. Reva says that they are her children. Reva tells Josh that he knows it, that no one could have made love to him like she just did. She says that she is HIS Reva. Reva starts telling Josh about the clone having the kids again. Josh storms out refusing to believe her. Reva places a call to the camp director. She tells him she needs him to do a favor for her. She wants the director to call Josh and tell him the truth, that the kids never showed up at camp. She tells him that he doesn't know and then the clone cuts her off saying "And he never will." The clone tells Reva that she knows exactly what happened, that Reva couldn't resist telling the truth. She says that she saw Josh storm out so it had to be because he didn't believe what Reva told him. The clone tells Reva from now on it is just the two of them.

    Ben says that they have heard enough of the sanctimonious dribble. Griffin wants to know why Ben insists on provoking them. Ben says that he wasn't referring to Griffin and Ross speaks up saying "I'm the sanctimonious one." Griffin points out that this is just as it had been in court, nothing but snide remarks and back-biting. Ross apologizes but Ben says he is going to hold his apology until he hears the rest of what Griffin has to say. Griffin tells Ben that he doesn't understand his attitude. He says it looks like Ben is striving for the worst. Ben says it looks like he has found it. Griffin tells him he just can't figure out why Ben would get involved with a woman he was in the process of prosecuting. Ben says let's cut the chase and wrap it up. Griffin tells Ben that he is a fine lawyer but that he has a destructive streak that he can't get rid of. Griffin tells him that he is out of a job effective immediately. Ben tells Griffin he knows it isn't personal on his end. Ross tells him it is about time someone nailed him to the wall. Ben says that Ross just had to be there to see it, didn't he. Ross says that he regrets what happened but that he is tired of Ben using his childhood pain to do whatever he wants to do. Ross says that he tried to make it up to him but Ben repaid him by making a pass at Blake and now he is getting what he deserves. Ross says that it is nothing compared to what will happen if he ever comes near Blake again. Ross leaves and Ben pulls out a VCR tape wondering if Ross is ready for that.

    Phillip says that they should put everything else aside and think of Lizzie. He tells Beth to stop the anger and the resentment. Beth says that it goes way past anger. Beth says that Lizzie is very intelligent and that this attempt to make the dysfunctional Spauldings look like the Waltons but it isn't going to work. Harley says that Beth should be grateful because Phillip is trying to make this work. Beth says she knows exactly what Phillip is doing--he is playing the nice father in this house while moving into another one with Harley. Phillip says that is not what he is doing. Phillip says that he will be here for Lizzie and she knows it. Phillip says that other divorced couples have this problem and have to deal with it. Beth says that she IS going to deal with it. Beth says that she and Lizzie are going to move out and get a place of their own. Harley says that it is not going to happen and Beth tells Harley that she wasn't talking to her so she should stay out of it. Harley says that she is going to be in a lot more trouble with Ben on the sidelines. She says that the DA's office is under scrutiny now and that the justice system doesn't take kindly to people that lie. Beth says that Harley would know what was going on in the DA's office. Phillip says that right now Harley is the only one that is making any sense. Harley says that the new DA is probably going to use Beth as an example so she will probably be facing new charges. Beth wants to know what kind of charges but Harley can't name any. Harley says that Lizzie is vulnerable right now and asks Beth if they (Phillip and Beth) could raise a united front for Lizzie because that is all Phillip is trying to do. Beth again tells Harley not to tell her how to raise her daughter and to not pretend that she cares about Lizze because all she wants to do is get Phillip to herself. Harley says that is not true and Phillip begins to yell at Beth telling her that she is the one that won't focus on Lizzie and that she is the one that is being selfish and only thinking of herself. Lizzie comes running down the steps begging Phillip not to yell at mommy. Beth tells Lizzie that it is okay but Lizzie says that it isn't okay. Lizzie tells Beth that Carl was under her bed. Phillip promises to make Carl go away.

    Michelle asks Drew if she honestly believes that she has a chance with Jesse. Drew says that the first thing she is going to do is squash any feelings that Jesse has left for her. Michelle wants to know how she is going to do that. Drew says whatever it takes because Michelle can't make him happy. Michelle says that she doesn't have a clue how to do that. Drew says that Michelle has already had her chance and now Drew is there and is going to make sure that she doesn't make the same mistakes that Michelle did. Jesse calls Drew to leave with him.

    Josh recalls what Reva said to him after they made love and starts to wonder if it could be the real Reva.

    Ben puts the VCR tape in and plays it. We see Ben and Blake together on the tape making love. Ben says to himself that when Blake gets back Ross will pay. Ross calls Blake to tell her that he loves her and can't wait for her to get back. Blake says that she can't wait either. Ross tell her that the boys miss her. Blake tells him what she plans on doing when she gets home. Ross asks her if she knows about Beth. Blake says that she has been reading the paper but wants to know more about it. Ross tells her that Ben slept with Beth and has gone too far this time.

    Beth tells Lizzie that everything is going to be okay and no one is going to hurt her because mommy and daddy will see to it and takes her back upstairs. Harley says that she should leave now but Phillip doesn't want her to go. Harley says that they will talk right now but right now Lizzie needs her. Harley goes outside and watches the three of them for a second from the window.

    Josh tells Reva (or possibly the clone) that he has been walking around thinking about it and he wants to know if it is true. Reva/the clone turns around and says, "Yes, Joshua. It's me."

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