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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 17, 1998 on GL
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Monday, August 17, 1998

Josh gathers together everyone who knew about Dolly, and asks that they all make a pact of secrecy (this includes Hart, Cassie, Shawn, Harley and Matt). They all agree, but Matt is hesitant about keeping the secret of Dolly from Vanessa.

At the office of WSPR, Dinah reviews the tape of Alan Spaulding revealing Reva's clone. She believes that Alan really knows something about a clone, even though Vanessa had later tried to pass it off as a misunderstanding.

Dinah busts into Josh's home and outwardly notices that Reva is not there, and accuses Josh of "having a spare Reva".

Ben tells Rick that he better drop the custody suit, or else he'll find out that he is not Kevin's father. Rick is baffled by this, but Ben tells him that Annie fixed the paternity tests. Phillip has to restrain Rick from punching Ben in the face.

Tuesday, August 18, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Joyce Rose.

Reva walks into a room full of people (Hart, Dinah, Sean, Josh, and Cassie) in Dolly's wig and clothes! Dinah tries to ask "Reva" about the clone rumors, but Reva says, "Why do you keep calling me Reva? I'm Reva's cousin Dolly! Josh and Cassie are astounded!

Ross is trying to convince Blake that they need to agree to joint custody with Rick for Kevin. Blake says she refuses to separate the boys, but Ross points out that if Rick takes them to court he will win and they will lose Kevin completely.

Abbey and Rick are getting ready to open the lab results of Kevin's paternity. Rick opens them and begins to cry. He tearfully admits to Abbey that he is not Kevin's biological father (Annie strikes again!! She pulled an old switcheroo!) Rick says he has to face the fact that Kevin is not his son, but how does he stop loving him? He then tells Abbey he should never have retaken the paternity test, but that no one knows but them. They wouldn't have to tell anyone else! Abbey says no, they must tell the truth because it will come out someday. She reminds him a technician saw it, but he says, "I'll just say it was for one of my patients". She tells him that lying about it is wrong.

Meanwhile, Dina tells "Dolly", how do I know you're not a clone? Reva replies, "The same way I know you're not really the wicked witch of the west!" Dina gets escorted out by Sean. Reva asks Josh if she made him proud of her. He says "Yes, now tell me it was all an act". Reva smiles...

Abbey tells Rick he can't keep this information to himself. She tells him he won't be able to live with himself if he does this. Rick tells her if the Marler's find out, he'll never be a part of Kevin's life again. Abbey tells him Ross has the right to know the truth. Kevin comes in. Rick grabs him and hugs him close. Then he asks Abbey to leave so he can talk to his son.

Cassie tells Reva it's o.k., Hart knows everything about Dolly, etc., so she doesn't have to pretend anymore. Reva tells Josh she knows who she really i s, but was just trying to get rid of Dinah. Josh and Cassie say she sure fooled them, and Cassie and Hart leave. Josh continues to press Reva to explain why she had on Dolly's wig. Reva says she put it on to get rid of Dinah, but Josh points out she didn't know Dinah was there until she walked out into the room. He tells her he knows she is upset by Dolly's death, but that she is taking the whole thing too far. Reva glares at him..

Ross again presses Blake to agree to joint custody with Rick to keep the whole thing out of court, but Blake says she refuses to separate the boys. She says she feels helpless, like she's losing everything. Ross says it isn't true, but she insists that it's her punishment!

Rick talks with Kevin about teaching him to swim, and how Kevin had to let go to learn how. He tells Kevin that now it's his turn to learn to let go, but he will always love him. Ben walks in and mentions his failing the blood test. Rick tells him to get out. He does, but not before he calls him "Uncle Rick". Rick tells Kevin that maybe there's still a way to be his daddy.

Dinah and Sean are arguing at the country club when Cassie and Hart walk in. Dinah immediately tries to join them, but Sean warns her to stay away or she'll be sorry. She of course goes anyway, and Sean says, "Don't say I didn't warn you, princess!" Has Dinah finally met her match? I hope so!!!

Blake tells Ross she knew that one day her past would come back to haunt her, and everything she had that mattered to her would be taken away. Ross asks her if she trusts him, and she of course says yes. He promises her that he will keep their family together, no matter what.

Abbey catches up to Ben and starts laying into him for upsetting Rick. He replies that a child deserves to know who his true parents are, and he at least spared him the public embarrassment of having the test results revealed in court. She tells him she hopes that if he ever loves anyone, she hopes he loses them so that he'll know what it feels like to lose someone you love more than anything! He tells her that he's sorry that Rick was hurt, but everyone is better off, and Blake will be happy and that's all that matters to him. She asks him where his heart is and he replies, "If you find it let me know." Then he goes off in search of Blake.

Reva tells Josh she was closing up Cross Creek when she ran across Dolly's things and couldn't throw them away like they all did to Dolly! Reva said she just tried on the wig to see what it looked like, and realized how late it was, so she just hurried home without taking it off. Josh told her he didn't believe her. She admitted that she didn't know why, she just saw it and tried it on. She was trying to see the world through Dolly's eyes. She says, "I wanted to walk in her shoes, just like she walked in mine." She says that she wanted to feel what it would be like to be her, and when she was talking to Dinah, she almost felt like Dolly was there inside of her. Josh asked her if she could hear herself, and she said she was just trying to remember her. Josh told her that was not the way to do it. She said that Dolly never had kids, a family, or friends; all she had was them, and she just wanted to understand what that was like for her. Josh told her he understood her need to grieve, but she was taking it too far! Reva told him she didn't think she was, and he told her she was starting to scare him!

Ben goes into Blake's room, gives her a flower, and tells her he just can't stop thinking about her. She tells him to knock it off, and that all she cares about is her boys and losing Kevin to Rick. He tells her he can help her with that problem, in ways she didn't think were possible!

Rick is contemplating the paternity test papers when Ross walks in and says he and Blake have decided to give him full joint custody of Kevin if he will keep the whole thing out of court. He tells Rick that although he is not Kevin's biological father, he loves him like a father, and has always loved him. He tells Rick they realize how important a biological tie is to a child. Rick replies that biology isn't everything! (you can say that again!) He tells Ross they should draw up legal documents as soon as possible saying that no matter who the biological father is, both men will play an equal role in Kevin's life. Ross happily agrees (what a sap!) and says he'll go to his office and draw up the papers tonight. They shake hands. Rick says "Kevin will be shared by both of us."

Dinah goes over to Hart and Cassie's table. Sean follows. He asks her to please return to their table so they can finish discussing what they were talking about in private, but she tells him he can continue the discussion there. He agrees and begins to tell her how lovely she looks and how incredibly attracted to her he is. She tells him he's crazy. Sean asks Hart if Dinah told him how she had agreed to "wear a wire" to help him. He said she was willing to risk going to prison to make sure he was free. (what a girl!) Hart smiles and lets him continue, while Dinah tells him to shut up and that he is delusional. Sean tells her he knows that she is attracted to him too, and they should just quit pretending and go with it. She reminds him she's pregnant, and he replies that she is a radiant pregnant woman. Hart tells Cassie they should really go eat somewhere else and leave the two "lovebirds" alone. Dinah protests, but they leave. Dinah calls Sean a lying idiot and walks out. Undaunted, Sean says aloud, "Oh, our first fight!"

Josh tells Reva to please not shut him out and that they've already gone through so much together. He tells her she is the woman he loves, the ONLY woman he loves, and the only woman he sees. He takes off her wig. She says she's sorry, but she just wanted to understand Dolly better. He tells her he knows she has been through hell, but this fascination she has with Dolly is obsessive. She reminds him that Dolly was made from her. He replies that although she knows Dolly like no one else could, he has known her all her life, and he knows her well enough to know when she is on the verge of spinning out of control! She tells him that he's right, and everything has just been bubbling up out of control. She says, "I know she's gone, but she's not gone, she's still here!" Josh tells her they'll deal with it together. She tells him she wishes more than anything she could get back to doing stuff with her family and have things be back to normal, but she just can't forget her. Josh tells her they don't have to forget her. Reva says, "I know, if we don't move on, then her death will be in vain."

Hart and Cassie get a good laugh about Dinah and Sean. Dinah yells at Sean, but Sean tells her she shouldn't say he didn't warn her. He tells her, "You may play a good game, but I'm the master!"

Reva tells Josh she's sorry. She realizes she has to let go. Josh tells her he's sorry for everything that has happened. They hug each other. Reva looks in the mirror behind her and she sees Dolly hugging Josh, not her!! Oh no, Reva's losing her grip!!

Ross tells Rick he'll drop off the papers in the morning. Rick tells him he can't go through with it. Ross asks him what's wrong and Rick tells him there was a mistake with the blood test and that he just reconfirmed it. He tells a stunned Ross that he is Kevin's biological father, not him!

Meanwhile, Ben is telling a stunned, but happy, Blake that Ross is the biological father of both of the boys and he can prove it! He tells her that Annie changed the test results, and that Rick can't take them to court for custody of Kevin because Ross is his biological father!

Wednesday, August 19

Griffin resents it when Vicky tricks him into escorting her to Vivian's dinner in her honor. Vicky's not impressed when Vanessa makes her a job offer as her assistant. Vivian tries to use her dinner party to push David to get closer to the woman but David points out that Vicky's with Griffin. Rick reveals to a stunned Ross that Annie changed the test results to hurt Blake and show that Kevin is Rick's son. Rick then upsets him with the news that Ben told him what happened and has known about it for a while. Ross asks him to continue to be a part of Kevin's life and Rick agrees. After Ben boasts of his news that Annie changed the blood tests, Blake is relieved but then furious that he didn't tell her sooner. When she continues to threaten to tell the police that he raped her, he warns her not to make him an enemy. Beth's touched by Matt's drawings of the dream playhouse he's offered to build for Lizzie. Vanessa is startled to walk in on Matt working closely with Beth at the Spaulding mansion. Buzz and the others toss a party and get to meet Frank's new partner Teri on a social level. Phillip urges Harley to dump her new and mysterious client. Drew offers to stake Eddie for tonight's poker game at his place and then makes a mysterious phone call.

Thursday, August 20, 1998

Blake tells Ross that she knows the good news about Kevin's paternity. They share the happy news with Holly.

Jesse meets Bill and buddies for a poker game. Drew pays someone to fix the game so that Jesse will lose and feel indebted to her! Then she shows up to keep an eye on the game.

Vanessa and Alan arrive at the Spaulding mansion to find Beth mopping up wine off of Matt's shirt. Vanessa is visibly jealous!

Ben Warren shows up at Beth's door but Alan gives him a hard shove back out. Beth threatens to move Lizzie out of the house if Alan doesn't stay out of her personal life. Alan relents, and Ben throws his arms around Beth in a grateful hug.

Matt likes it that Vanessa is jealous, and leads her by talking about how much fun he had with Beth! This brings the couple back into each other's arms as they reaffirm their love for each other.

Ben tells Beth she was right about Blake -- she's only out for herself! He kids himself into believing he never loved her, that his feelings were an obsessive fantasy. Why didn't he see what was right in front of him?, he asks, pulling Beth into a tight embrace. Beth pulls away, shouting, "No!" Ben assures her he would never hurt her, but now Beth isn't sure he didn't rape Blake.

Holly tells Ross and Blake she went to her first AA meeting tonight, but once in the hall, pulls out a flask and takes a drink. "I am not a drunk," she tells herself.

After some consideration, Beth decides she does believe in Ben's innocence, and asks him what drove him into her arms tonight. He relates the story of Kevin's paternity to her, and perhaps surprisingly, Beth sides with Blake 100%, questioning why Ben didn't tell Blake the truth sooner.

Despite Drew's obvious hand signals, Drew's hired guy loses the poker game to Jesse. An angry Drew follows him outside to find out what happened, but is interrupted when Jesse comes out to bring someone their forgotten car keys.

Annie Dutton sends Alan an email message saying, "What a surprise to learn you still care. But I won't be found until I want to be." Alan remembers how he treated Annie in jail, saying, "I was angry and hurt, Annie. But I will do whatever it takes to get you back."

Drew gives Jesse a congratulatory kiss, saying, "I'll always bet on you!"

Ross assures Blake he married the right woman, that he loves her and thinks she's the perfect wife. He also lets her know she's being released from the hospital tomorrow.

At show's end:

  • Ben tells Beth that to exact revenge, he will destroy Blake's credibility. He instructs Beth to tell him every detail of Blake's checkered past, including the names of all her past lovers.

  • Friday, August 21, 1998

    Today's recap was provided by Angela Overmyer

    Holly discussed her concerns with Blake and her decision to testify against Ben. Meanwhile, Ben showed Frank and Teri his court order to obtain a medical evaluation and all three headed over to the Marler residence. Blake was surprised to see him and reluctantly agreed to go through with the evaluation. As they waited for the doctor to finish, Ben told Teri that he had tape recorded Blake's confession, but Teri couldn't understand why he would throw such evidence away. Before they all left, Ben announced that he would be questioning all of her former lovers in court to testify about her manipulative nature.

    Vicky asked Griffin for an independent opinion regarding her "plan" to win the lawsuit against the Spauldings. Griffin asked her to see him again and she agreed.

    Phillip was touched by Alan's conversation with Lizzie and admitted to Alan that it made him wonder about the father he never had. Alan then told Phillip about the message he had received from Annie. Phillip read the note and urged Alan to forget about Annie and focus on their family. As they continued to talk, they were interrupted by Vicky's announcement that she was ready to unpack and move into the Spaulding mansion.

    Selena told Eleni that she thought Teri was "big trouble".

    Josh attempted to make love with Reva, but she pushed him away and told him that she wasn't able to make love to him. She tearfully told him that she is unable to forget about Dolly and that she had seen her in the mirror. Josh suggested that she see a therapist, but then realized that a therapist probably wouldn't buy the Clone story. Reva told Josh that she felt her return to Springfield was what ruined Dolly's chance in life. She told him that she had to deal with this problem on her own, without him around, but he wouldn't allow it. As she packed up her things and got ready to sneak out, Dolly walked in and told her that she was going to be calling the shots.

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