Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 21, 1998 on GL
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 21, 1998 on GL
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Monday, December 21, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Snoopy

Dinah goes to Teri/Annie for help with the Cassie/Hart situation. Teri's advice was to scare Cassie out of Hart's life. Dinah then went to Reva and questioned her about Cassie's whereabouts. Reva tells Dinah that Cassie will be coming home by train the following morning. Telling Teri of this, Teri suggests that Dinah go to Chicago and intercept Cassie on her way home. Dinah calls the Train Station in Chicago and leaves a message for Cassie posing as Reva, to put Tammy on the train and that she will pick Cassie up herself. Meanwhile Hart went to Blake's to talk to his sister and interrupts her evening with Ben. Ben offers to help Hart, he makes a call and returns with Cassie's address in Chicago. Hart makes arrangements to fly to Chicago the next morning.

Selena, while at Drew's apartment spots Drew's baby picture, she questions drew excessively about the picture ending with Drew throwing Selena out of the apartment. Selena looks at the photo of her own daughter and confirms to herself that Drew is indeed her long-lost daughter. She goes to Buzz with this information and he suggests that she has no proof, Selena then tells him that her daughter had a heart-shaped birthmark on her neck. Buzz says he will help her find out. Concurrently, Drew is depressed and missing her dad, Jesse comforts her while she remembers Christmas' past with her dad. Apparently Drew has no idea that she was adopted and feels that her real mother and father are both dead.

Marah goes to the hospital in hopes to find her parents. She finds Reva and is told by Teri that she is not allowed to see Josh. After questioning her mom about Josh's condition and not receiving a explanation to fit her, she questions Teri and the conversation ends in her snapping at Detective DeMarco for putting down her mother.

Tuesday, December 22, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Lisa Furman Cott.

Standing in the foyer with his bags packed, Matt tells Vanessa he is leaving to take a room at the Springfield Inn. On his way out the door, Vanessa calls him back to see Maureen, for the first time, standing in her playpen. The proud parents gush over their daughter, get out the camcorder and giggle with delight over Maureen's accomplishment. Matt and Vanessa kiss and make up, recognizing the importance of keeping their family together.

Blake and Ben stop off at Millennium for some holiday cheer. Their happiness is interrupted by the sight of Ross and India coming into the club together. While India slips away to make a phone call, Blake takes the opportunity to warn Ben about India's motivations for pursuing Ross, which she feels are financially motivated. Meanwhile, Ben overhears India's phone conversation with her personal banker which does, in fact, reveal her quickly dwindling financial resources. When Ben confronts her, India suggests that he keep quiet about what he has heard for, she suggests, Ross may lose interest in her and turn his attentions towards Blake.

Susan continues to creep around Phillip and Harley's house, listening in on their private conversations and creating tension between the newlyweds, during her holiday stay. Desperate for Harley to be her mother, Susan tells Harley that she thinks Phillip doesn't like her and then announces that she wants her name changed back to "Daisy". Motivated by guilt, Harley desperately tries to please Susan which only seems to strain her relationship with Phillip. Finally, Susan makes a clumsy attempt at matchmaking between her father and Harley.

Michelle stops by to drop off some Christmas cookies to Holly. She becomes concerned when Holly, unrealistically, waits for Fletcher and Meg to arrive for a Christmas holiday. When Holly offers her some spiked eggnog, Michelle realizes that Holly has been drinking again and pleads with her to get help. After Michelle leaves, Holly's depressed and delusional state worsens as she begins to hear voices - apparently Meg's voice - in her head. She reaches for the bottle...

Wednesday, December 23
by Kathy Parkerr

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

Hart is disappointed when he misses Cassie at her place in Chicago and is told that Reva supposedly picked her up.

Donning a blonde wig, Dinah poses as Reva and fools Cassie into getting into her rental car. Dinah then boasts to her prisoner that Tammy is safe. She leaks that Hart found out the truth about the baby Cassie is carrying and warns that she scarred her own face to keep Hart and is willing to do just about anything to keep the man she loves. As they argue, Dinah loses control of the car on the snow-slicked road and skids off the road, hitting an embankment. There, Cassie goes into labor.

Meanwhile, Teri takes care of Tammy after picking her up at the station. Bringing her back to her place with a phony story about her mother, Teri tries to convince Tammy that she is her friend. Alan hears voices and walks in to find them together. Teri claims that she got a call about a lost girl at the train station and rescued her until the Lewises return home.

Josh confides to Rick that he's scared because of the numerous gaps in his memory.

Reva complains to Abigail about how Teri has convinced the entire Springfield police department that Josh is dangerous. When she uses Abigail to slip past the guard to spring Josh from his room, she's frightened by his determination to remain in the mental ward where he thinks he belongs.

Drew tells Selena she'd hate her parents if she found out she was adopted.

Thursday, December 24
by Kathy Parkerr

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

After Dinah tosses away her cell phone, Cassie pleads with her to help her now that she is in labor. Dinah threatens to walk away but then goes back to the car when she realizes that Cassie is really in labor. Cassie convinces her to help her deliver her baby. As she does so, Hart arrives and is thrilled when he is able to hold his new baby with Cassie. Dinah sadly watches the threesome.

Reva is surprised when Teri brings Tammy by the house and blames Reva for allowing Tammy to get lost at the train station. Teri tries to convince Reva that she did not put Josh in the mental ward out of vindictiveness but Reva doesn't believe her.

Worried that he has lost his way to his family, Josh calls for the spirit of H.B. to help him. Remembering the advice H.B. once offered, Josh decides to leave the hospital and as he makes Reva's Christmas wish come true, Teri finds herself locked in Josh's hospital room by mistake for the night.

Blake tries to cheer up Ben for the holidays but when Ross arrives and makes a snide remark about the appropriateness of some presents for the kids, he takes his leave. Blake stops him and sends Ross to Phillip's with the kids.

Harley and Phillip celebrate their first Christmas as husband and wife with a full house including Susan, Buzz, Lizzie, Beth, Selena and Drew.

Worried that Drew will never forgive her for giving her up at birth, Selena decides not to tell Drew that she is her mother.

Friday, December 25
by Kathy Parker

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Parker

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