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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 5, 2004 on GL
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Monday, January 5, 2004

At the Beacon, Cassie seems surprised O'Neill is going to the hospital to see Shayne. The textbook loner is suddenly very "cozy" with her family. Jeffrey says he and Shayne "connect." He had everything and suddenly it was taken away. It's a reminder of how quickly things can change.

At the hospital, Reva refuses a nurse's suggestion that she go home and get some rest - not until Shayne can come with her. When O'Neill arrives, Reva tells him the doctors are taking a "wait and see" approach to Shayne's recovery. When Jeffrey comments on doctor's cautious attitudes, Reva suspiciously questions the lawyer on his view of "caution." Jeffrey vividly remembers his night with Marah and says, "I've been known to bend a few rules." Reva is appreciative of O'Neill's help with the acupuncturist and suggests a woman is the cause of his sudden "heart." Jeffrey looks uncomfortable and denies that his kindness of late means he is softening as a human being. Reva mentions how nice it was of him to look over Marah's fashion contracts. He thinks Reva's daughter is talented, yet naive which would make her easily taken advantage of. Reva doesn't want that either. Jeffrey retrieves the contracts from his briefcase (they sent him Marah's copies by mistake) and asks Reva to deliver them for him. When she spots a rusty license plate in his briefcase, he places it in her hands. Reva accuses him of pretending to be interested in her son's recovery in order to get her psychic input on a case. He reassures her that he is genuinely concerned about Shayne but also hopes she can help him in some way. Reva insists she doesn't read inanimate objects, she reads people. However she feels the plate is related to someone who was killed. Jeffrey doesn't know. Reva agrees to try.

Reva sits in the lobby, hands pressed against the license plate, eyes closed. She sees a black and white vision of a man, arms flailing in the water. She opens her eyes as Jeffrey asks what she saw. She saw Shayne drowning but doesn't understand why. Jeffrey tells her that the plate was found on a car pulled out of the river. If it happened 25 years ago, then it wasn't Shayne, "But who was it?," Reva asks. Jeffrey is sorry he laid this on Reva. She's going through enough. He leaves without the plate. When Reva picks it up, she sees another vision - the man in the water, now unconscious, is Josh.

At the museum, the girls press Carrie for more pieces to the puzzle. They are worried about Josh, Buzz and Ed and demand to know who Maryanne Caruthers was and how she died. They can't understand why there is no evidence, no record of Maryanne's death. Carrie says the proof is in the reactions of their fathers/grandfather. Michelle accuses Carrie of playing games with them. Carrie reminds them that a woman is dead - it is no game. She is afraid they are unprepared for the truth but gives them the rings and promises that after they hear the details of Maryanne's death, they'll be wary of what they wished for. She begins her story with "Oct. 17, 1977, the County Harvest Fair..." Alan Spaulding always played by his own rules - "when he saw something, he just took it." Then there was Josh, who couldn't even think of looking at a woman who wasn't Reva Shayne, but his "big, bad brother" Billy had a way of getting him into trouble. Buzz, home on leave, unbeknownst to even his family, was "no stranger to trouble." Ed was one of Springfield's upstanding young doctors, even though he was well on his way to a serious drinking problem...

At Company, an angry Ed insists that their secret must end. A screaming match and scuffle result in Buzz on the floor due to Billy's right hook that was intended for Ed's jaw. Billy apologizes as Alan tries to calm everyone. Buzz accuses him of pretending not to feel anything. Ed blames Alan as the cause for their current situation. Buzz starts to agree with Ed, but Alan reminds them of the alternative - once their loved ones learn the truth, they won't understand. He suggests they keep things quiet just like they've been doing. Buzz asks Alan if it was by mere coincidence that they all ended up at the Harvest fair. Or did Alan purposefully reel them into his plan?

Black and white flashback to 25 years ago - the much younger five at the fair. Alan tells them all to be patient. Being there makes Josh miss home (and Reva). The young men had several pitchers of beer when Alan proposed a toast to a girl across the room - Maryanne Caruthers. (She was wealthy, beautiful... and wanted nothing to do with Alan). Alan insists that she's not his type - she's older and when she drinks, she makes a spectacle. He offers them a show. He holds up a vial (the drug Spaulding Pharmaceuticals made from ancient Egyptian white powder). Buzz, Josh and Ed are skeptical - they want no part of it, so they leave. Alan persuades Billy to talk to Maryanne, and invite her over for a beer. Alan empties the vial into a pitcher just as Billy and Maryanne return. He pours her a drink. After several, Maryanne leaves with her new friends...

At this point in the story, Marina, Marah and Michelle wish they hadn't heard what Carrie just told them. But, they all agree that the ending needs to be told, so Carrie continues...

Back at Company, they all take the blame for what happened that night. They knew what was going to happen, but no one stopped it. Ed angrily tells Alan that his "harmless" drug was approved by the FDA as an anesthetic, not a "date drug." Billy reminds Alan that he promised it would only be in Maryanne's drink, even though he put it in the pitcher so they were all affected by it. Josh accuses his brother of knowing beforehand what Alan was planning to do. Billy defends himself by saying he only agree to help Alan get Maryanne high, watch her make a scene and send her home with a headache. Josh asks how Billy sleeps at night. He is quick to remind his little brother that he saved his life that night. Alan points out that Maryanne loved all the attention she was given and knew their intentions. Josh denies his interest, but Ed says none of them were thinking clearly that night.

Flashback again: Alan presses the accelerator as he drives Maryanne and the four laughing, drinking men. It is dark and rainy and Maryanne asks Alan to slow down. When he doesn't, she asks to be taken home just before passing out. Concerned, the others ask him to pull over saying Maryanne needs a doctor. Alan speeds up near Cutter's Bridge.

All five men have differing views on what caused Alan to lose control of the car (a blown tire, a tree branch in the road, Maryanne may have grabbed the wheel). No one knows what sent the car speeding off the bridge and into the water below.

Buzz was able to open the passenger door and swim to the surface. His military training taught him to "leave no one behind," so he dove down and pulled Ed to safety. Billy did the same for Josh. Alan joins them onshore saying the current had carried the car downstream and deeper under water. Buzz and Billy try anyway to look for Maryanne but it was hopeless. "It was like she just disappeared."

At Company, Josh apologizes to Billy and thanks him for saving his life. Alan wants them to keep quiet. None of them understand who, if Maryanne has no family, is putting ideas in Michelle, Marina and Marah's heads. Someone knows something. Alan suggests they keep an eye on those three to find out who they are talking to.

At the museum, Carrie asks for the rings back but the girls are reluctant. Marah asks how Carrie knows so much about what happened if Buzz, Ed, Josh, Billy and Alan were the only ones there. Carrie explains that she was there that night and witnessed the accident from the riverbank, too scared to do anything. She heard the five men agree on their story (Alan told police his car was stolen) and promise not to tell a soul. "We never knew anyone named Maryanne Caruthers."

At Company, the men agree to stay silent, placing their hands on top of one another, just like they did 25 years ago, they promise "Till death do us part."

Tuesday, January 6, 2004

Ed is haunted by the past and it's obvious that Alan is scared like the rest of the men. Billy worries that a guilty Josh will blow it for all of them.

Gus speculates about Alan's car, and says he'll find out what he can. Frank notes that modern forensic science might be able to shed light on what happened.

Meanwhile, the girls decide to confront the men. Marah, Marina and Michelle hold out pink envelopes to Josh and Billy, Buzz and Ed, respectively. Ed doesn't take the envelope.

Marah says she wants to think her dad and uncle are perfect but she knows they're not. Now she wants them to be honest with her. Marina says even the best people make mistakes. Michelle needs the truth. Ed slaps his daughter hard across the face. Michelle says that what Ed does with his letter is his business, but someone else was at Cutter's Bridge that night. Ed rips the letter in two, but can't take his eyes from the torn envelope. Buzz thinks someone is taking advantage of Marina's huge, wonderful heart. An angry Billy insists for the last time, they don't know anyone named Maryanne Caruthers. Josh looks like he may crack. Billy asks Marah to leave. She says it's not over; Josh should know that.

Gus finds the pink envelope for Alan. Marina hands Buzz his envelope. Marah gives Billy and Josh their envelopes. Michelle splashes water and touches her face where Ed slapped it, crying. Marah and Marina, tears flowing, hold each other. The men all open and read their envelopes, feeling ill. Alan drains his glass.

Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Olivia encounters a woman from her Lamaze class who asks about her baby girl. Cassie saves Olivia from the awkward situation, relating to her pain since she also lost a baby. Edmund approaches Cassie about whose fault it was that she lost her baby, but she won't discuss it. He insists they need to talk, but she fears if she lets all of those feelings out, she might not be able to put them away again. Olivia runs into Christopher while returning her baby gifts.

Buzz calls the men together after Carrie's latest note. Josh points out the girls now have all the details. Alan insists the key is to find the person who is giving the girls the information. He wants to hire private investigators but the men insist they will follow the girls themselves.

Reva and Sandy find Marina alone in Shayne's room watching a tape of him pitching. Shayne comes back from his tests, excited about tingling in his legs. He tries but fails to move his legs. Rick quickly explains Shayne's phantom feeling is perfectly normal. Distraught, Shayne asks to go back to bed. Reva wonders if something besides Shayne's condition is bothering Marina.

Sandy tells Shayne a story and subtly suggests Shayne should put himself first. Shayne wants to get used to things as they are but Marina wants him to keep fighting. Seeing Marina come out of Shayne's room, Nico feels for her.

After meeting with a client, Billy is clearly tempted to drink the rest of the vodka martini left behind. Meanwhile, Josh is surprised by a visit from Reva.

Thursday, January 8, 2004

Rick sees Michelle's bruise and is stunned to find out Ed hit her. He is outraged. Michelle asks him not to tell Danny. She reveals Ed almost gave Shayne the wrong meds. As a victim is rolled in, Ed freezes, seeing flashes of Maryanne. Rick steps in and calls the shots, covering for a spaced out Ed. After, Rick confronts his father about hitting Michelle. Ed regrets it, but refuses to say what is bothering him. Danny and Bill notice the heads of the Chamber of Commerce stand by Ross after the men lead them to believe they may be behind Danny. Danny asks Bill if he wants to throw in the towel. Bill insists that he believes in Danny and they agree to proceed with the campaign. Later, Michelle lies to Danny about her face. Danny and Michelle reflect on the home they've made together. Edmund urges Cassie to face what happened the day her baby died, but she resists. Edmund rehashes the incident, forcing Cassie to remember how terrified she was. She lashes out at Edmund about his behavior then and right now. She realizes Edmund never meant to hurt her and she put her child's life in danger. Against Edmund's objections, Cassie wants to bear some responsibility. Edmund insists it is his fault and asks Cassie to let him take the blame so they can move on. Edmund reveals he was at the hospital when the baby died and saw Richard's devastation. Reva shows up at Josh's with wine, popcorn and movies. They discuss Shayne getting discouraged about his recovery. Reva talks Josh into lying in bed with her. She reveals she saw a vision of Josh drowning in black water, and he is jolted. Reva asks Josh what is troubling him. He is tempted to tell her but doesn't. Reva kisses him and he responds. Josh pulls back from her embrace and suggests that she leave. Reva is hurt by Josh's rejection but tries to swallow it bravely.

Friday, January 9, 2004

Jeffrey senses Marah's feeling guilty for being in his bed when Shayne was taken into surgery. He reaches out to her, but quickly pulls back. His kind words enable her to go off to join her family. Harley prepares for her night out with Brad Green. Gus enters and assumes she's ready to go out with him. Later, Harley leads Brad along. He's clearly enjoying it and she's definitely not. Jeffrey listens in as Harley gets Brad to talk about Alex and Spaulding Pharmaceuticals. Eden answers a call from Alexandra as she soaks in the tub. She is startled when the door opens and Tony enters with proofs from Eden's latest shoot. Eden wants him to leave but Tony shuts the door and enjoys the view. He continues to pursue Eden, who insists she isn't interested. Buzz makes a phone call; he wants to book a one-way ticket to Greece. Later, Gus and Buzz share a drink and Gus senses something is very wrong. He heads out to find Harley. Reva and Josh attempt to stay cheerful around Shayne. Josh assures Shayne he'll always be their golden boy. Shayne's frustrated at feeling he needs to walk for his parents. Nico tries to comfort Marina and is touched by the kiss on the cheek she gives him. Everyone is excited for Shayne's release from the hospital. Shayne asks Marah to control Josh and Reva. He wants to try to get on his feet one more time. The group anxiously waits as Shayne slowly rises out of his chair.

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