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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 7, 2004 on GL
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Monday, June 7, 2004

Cassie shows up and disrupts Danny's planned "hit" on Jeffrey. He is grazed, but all are okay. Cassie insists on taking him back to her room to patch up his wound. When she realizes Vinnie was behind the attempt on Jeffrey's life, she fears Edmund could be involved as well. Jeffrey advises her not to jump to any conclusions. Later, Cassie spots Edmund and Alan in a huddle, and can't help but assume Alan, Vinnie and he are partners in crime.

Meanwhile, Harley is watching the social club when Danny returns from his aborted "hit." Vinnie is furious that Jeffrey is still alive. Tony urges him to keep his cool and his eyes on the prize - the drug deal which is scheduled to go down at the San Cristobel Festival the next night. Danny and Tony find themselves working together towards different ends - Danny to bring Vinnie to justice and Tony to take his place. The plan is set, but there's a problem. Harley learns Vinnie plans to be out of town when the drug deal goes down, making it impossible for him to get caught along with his Spaulding supplier.

Gus confronts Alan with the photograph which proves he lied about how well he knew Eden and Vinnie. It is a painful moment for Gus as he struggles with the fact that guilty or not, Alan will always keep a portion of his life secret from his son. Gus realizes the planned takedown of Vinnie and his associates the night of the Festival might involve his father. He is comforted by the notion that if Alan falls, at least Harley will still be there - the one constant in his turbulent life.

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

Cassie turns to Jeffrey with all of her suspicions about Edmund. When he urges caution, she is able to put her fears aside for a brief moment and realize she and Jeffrey have moved beyond sniping and sarcasm to actual friendship. The moment is interrupted when Edmund appears. When they are alone, Cassie is suspicious of his every move.

Meanwhile, Harley and Gus are preparing for the bust at the San Cristobel Festival. Harley, struggling to come up with a way to keep Vinnie from leaving town, decides to use his superstitious nature against him. She asks Reva to help. When she protests that her psychic powers are gone, Harley says all she needs is for Reva to fake her gift. At first, Reva refuses but once she realizes Cassie was almost killed, she is energized to take on Vinnie. Monitored and protected, she enters the lion's den to try to pull one over on him.

Gus, attempting to provide a false sense of security, surprises Alan and the rest of the Spauldings by informing them the Federal agents are dropping their investigation of Spaulding Enterprises. Everyone is temporarily relieved, except for Phillip, whose plan to destroy Olivia depends on the investigation. Alan assures his son they will find another way to get her out of their lives.

Marina and Shayne pay a visit to Michelle at the ICU. After Shayne is able to charm their way past the nurse, Marina tells her "sleeping" friend they are going to surround her with friends and family. They tape photographs and drawings all over the room. Marina is keenly aware of how lucky she and Shayne are, given that only recently he was fighting for his life in this same hospital. But by the end of the day, as they leave music for Michelle, it's unknown if they've managed to reach her.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Determined to embarrass Olivia before the Board, Phillip brings his wife a daring new dress to wear. Despite her discomfort, he goads her into putting it on, but not before she makes it a little more daring. She must have the last word.

Lizzie tries her best to cozy up to Joey, but Tammy stays one step ahead of her. When Joey asks Tammy to the Spring Fling, she softens in her attitude toward Lizzie. She asks Joey to see if he can get her a date. But Lizzie, disappointed the invitation is not coming from Joey, says she's not interested. Sandy reaches out to a dejected Lizzie.

Jeffrey has his agents in place at the Gala. He checks and rechecks their technological devices; wanting to be sure everything is ready. But when Vinnie, spooked by Reva's psychic prediction, calls off the deal, Danny has to do some fancy talking to put the deal back together.

Marina and Shayne try to fix Sandy up with Lindsey but he is uncomfortable at a festival celebrating San Cristobel. He turns to Edmund to share his unhappy memories of the island.

Father and son experience a touching yet awkward moment when Alan admits how proud he is of Gus and that he loves him. After, Gus goes down to the wine cellar early, wanting to be in place when the action goes down. Someone starts into the cellar and Gus is horrified to see it is Alan!

Thursday, June 10, 2004

The San Cristobel Festival Party is in full swing as Olivia's dress creates a stir with the guests. Phillip breaks his promise to Olivia and leaves her to fend for herself. Olivia rallies and embraces the idea of putting on a show. However, towards the end of the night, she realizes she is alone and vulnerable and it is then that Bill finds her.

Alexandra announces Lizzie, Joey, Marina and Sandy's team has won the ticket sales competition. Lizzie uses the opportunity to keep Joey away from Tammy. When alone, she spills to Joey about Tammy's kiss with Edmund. Meanwhile, Shayne, Remy and Tammy, as members of the losing team, are stuck having to work the party.

Also at the party, Harley manages to get to the coat check and go through Brad Green's jacket pockets but comes up empty. Downstairs, confronted by Gus in the wine cellar, Alan gives a logical explanation for being there. But before Gus can decide whether or not to believe him, he's surprised by Edmund's suspicious arrival. Cassie, her suspicions out of control, also arrives at the wine cellar, to confront Edmund.

Over at the social club, Danny and Tony resort to staging a phony fight to keep Vinnie in town. But it's the realization of one of Reva's "psychic" predictions that ends up doing the trick. Vinnie gives Tony the slip and leaves the social club, prompting him to leave an urgent message for Danny about Vinnie being on the loose.

Sandy gets a surprise when he shows up to visit Michelle and finds Reva already there. Their conversation leads her to open up about her past but Sandy shuts down when she asks him about his. Later, Reva leaves him to go to the party but before she can make her entrance, she's stopped by Vinnie.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Edmund is startled to see Cassie waiting for him and asks her what she's doing there. She replies that she knows about the box. When Edmund is confused about what she's talking about, she reveals that she knows he's running drugs from San Cristobel. Edmund is flabbergasted that she'd accuse him of dealing in drugs; Cassie tells him saw him giving a box to Salerno and saw him in a clandestine meeting with Alan. Angry and hurt, Edmund shows her what's in the box he has---cigars. He explains that his shipment was cigars that he was giving to the Spanish ambassador. He also gave the cigars to Salerno as a bribe for Salerno to stay away from the gala tonight, since he wanted it to be perfect for her. After explaining himself, he stalks off. Cassie goes after him to apologize, but he's obviously angry and suggests that perhaps she constantly told him she loved him because she wanted to believe it. When he asks her why she couldn't have just come to her with him with her suspicions earlier, she says she doesn't know. Edmund tells her that's not good enough and walks away. She catches up with him again and this time lays into him for keeping secrets from her in the first place. But Edmund is still hurt that she automatically assumed he was dealing with drugs. As Cassie is ready to respond, Alan calls her away and makes a speech to everyone at the gala. He announces that all the money made this evening will go to a new wing in the children's museum in San Cristobel. Cassie realizes that's what Alan and Edmund's meeting was all about.

Joey can't believe Lizzie's story about Edmund and Tammy kissing but she convinces him that she saw it with her own eyes. She tries to defend Tammy and reassure Joey that the kiss probably meant nothing but he's freaked out and walks away. As he does, Tammy sees Lizzie and asks if she's seen Joey, but Lizzie stays mum. After looking for Joey for a while, Tammy spots Edmund outside. She can tell he's upset about something and asks what it is. He only tells her that her mother and he had a fight and then apologizes for jumping to conclusions about her day at the cabin with Joey. He then urges her to always be honest with Joey. Tammy gives Edmund a hug while Joey watches from the shadows. Later, Tammy gets a message from Joey--it includes two tickets to the Spring Fling and a note telling her to go with someone she cares about.

Olivia and Bill are talking at the gala. She's concerned about his drinking and tries to get him to stop by offering him coffee. She tells him that she recognizes how much pain he's in and urges him to talk to her about losing Eden. Bill is reluctant, but Olivia keeps pressing him to talk to her and so, to shut her up, he kisses her. Unbeknownst to both of them, the kiss is spotted by Phillip. Bill tries to apologize for kissing her, stating that he meant no disrespect, but she assures him that it's all right. Phillip then walks over to the pair and starts gushing over Olivia telling Bill what a wonderful woman who doesn't have a deceitful bone in her body. It's obvious that Phillip's praise is making Olivia very uncomfortable.

Salerno nabs Reva right outside the gala and escorts the reluctant to his office. He thanks her for all her advice earlier and wants her to work for him. Tony arrives and after Reva makes it clear that she'd rather be somewhere else, he whispers that he'll get her out. Unfortunately, Tony's not able to convince Vinnie to let Reva leave, since Vinnie believes Reva's psychic powers will help him. Tony tries to dissuade Vinnie by first calling Reva a flake and then stating that she could double cross Vinnie. But Tony's objections only get Vinnie upset that Tony is unwilling to try unconventional approaches. He tells Tony that he doesn't think Reva will betray him because (as he looks at Reva), she has a family to consider. Reva tries to back out herself by telling Salerno that she can't really trust her abilities, but he's unconvinced and tells her to name her offer.

Gus is in the basement of the Beacon waiting for the drop off. Finally, someone walks in--Brad Green. He drops off a duffle bag and then leaves. While Harley keeps her eyes on Brad, Gus checks the bag and confirms that it contains drugs. Later, Danny goes into the basement, gets the duffle bag full of drugs and replaces it with a suitcase full of money. He then heads out to Salerno's. Jeffrey tells him that once the bag is in Salerno's hands, they'll bust him.

Upstairs in the Beacon, Harley informs the others that she's lost Brad. Danny goes to Salerno's and is surprised to see Reva there. He's hesitant and tries to convince Salerno that Reva should leave but Vinnie insists that she stay. At the same time, someone goes down the basement of the Beacon. Ready to nab his man, Gus reveals himself. Gun in hand he says, "It's you."

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