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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 21, 2005 on GL
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Monday, February 21, 2005

At the farm, Cassie interrupts a romantic interlude with Edmund to make preparations for a visit to the fertility clinic the following day. Edmund is trying to convince Cassie to relax as she hustles outside with the recycling bin. Cassie stumbles and Edmund reaches to pick up the statue he gave Jonathan the day before. He stares at the broken heirloom he gave his nephew and recalls telling him that few things matter as much to him as the statue and asked him to take it as a gesture of his intent to make his nephew an accepted member of the family. Edmund seethes as he tells Cassie he tried to reach out and is spit in the face for his efforts. Cassie tries to tell Edmund that it must have been an accident but Edmund is convinced that Jonathan is sending a message that things are not over between them. Edmund vows that if it's war the boy wants - he will get it! Cassie is afraid of what Edmund might do and says they have to turn to Reva who may be the only person who can reach her son. They phone Reva but realize it was mistake when Reva begins to attack Cassie and Edmund's relationship.

At Reva's house, Jonathan tells his mother that Edmund started the fire in the barn that almost killed Cassie and RJ because of his jealousy of Jeffrey O'Neill. Reva doesn't believe his claims at first but realizes his information must have come from Dinah. Reva is disgusted that Dinah is still interfering in her sister's life, but is not convinced she should tell Cassie about the fire. Jonathan, undeterred, reminds his mother he is afraid of his uncle. Reva doesn't fall for it this time and tells Jonathan she needs time to think. After she leaves, Dinah arrives and begins to kiss to Jonathan. Her happiness is short-lived when Jonathan admits he gave her up as his source. Dinah is furious but calms down after he tells her their plan to break up Edmund and Cassie is going along as planned. They begin to kiss passionately as Ross watches in revulsion from the window.

Pandemonium breaks out in the courtroom of Harley's murder trial as Gus harangues Lizzie on the witness stand. Alan demands that Gus not sacrifice his own niece with his lies while trying to save Harley. In an attempt to gain control, the judge threatens to hold Alan in contempt unless he sits down. Harley is worried about Lizzie and asks Gus if knows what he is doing. Despite objections from the DA and Alan, the judge allows Gus to continue his questioning but warns him to be careful. Gus proceeds with questioning Lizzie about the night her father was killed and reminds her that her dad had abducted her siblings. Lizzie says her father was not himself at the time and needed professional help. Gus uses this as an opening to bring up Lizzie's past riddled with crimes and cover-ups.

Beth watches in horror as Gus continues to berate Lizzie until she passes out. Beth races to Harley and demand she put a stop to this - Lizzie has been through enough! Harley agrees but can't stop Gus from trying to prove she is innocent.

While the court recesses so Lizzie can recover, a messenger brings lab results to Jeffrey O'Neill. The messenger tells the DA that the envelope contains a sample sent in by Henry Bradshaw who indicated the contents have something to do with the case. When Lizzie returns to the stand, Gus continues his line of questioning until she breaks down and says "I did it. I picked up the gun and shot him."

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Gus cannot believe his luck, Lizzie has confessed to murdering her father as he cross-examines her on the stand! As she continues to tell the courtroom she killed him, Alan tells her to be quiet and Beth screams to the Judge that Lizzie doesn't know what she's saying. Lizzie, however, knows exactly what she's saying as she confesses to killing Beth's abusive boyfriend, Karl Stevens, many years ago. The courtroom reels from the shocking events, and the judge adjourns for the day. Alan sees Ross and demands he have Gus disbarred. Ross, however, tells Alan he will only speak to him after he becomes "more reasonable." Harley runs to find Gus, who has disappeared. When she finds him in his apartment, he is so exhausted that he is rambling uncontrollably. She convinces him to rest, and he falls asleep immediately. She quietly gets under the covers with him.

Over a glass of bourbon, Reva tries to decide whether or not to tell Cassie she knows that Edmund started the barn fire that almost killed Jeffrey. As she does, Edmund shows up for a drink and the two start to bicker. Josh shows up just before Reva can tell Edmund what she knows. Josh says Jonathan told him he was afraid of Edmund. Reva takes her son's side, as usual, and Josh admits he worries Jonathan is more important to her than he is. They fight and Josh tells Reva it's a good thing she didn't tell Edmund about the barn fire. Reva tells Josh she plans to tell Cassie.

Sandy has asked Tammy to move out of his apartment so they can date properly. He leaves a delighted Tammy to pack, but Jonathan shows up under the pretense he wants her help to get their mothers to speak to each other again. She agrees to meet him later. Sandy comes home; Tammy is not there but her things still are. Tammy has gone to meet Jonathan, but finds the room dark and no one there. Just as she calls Jonathan's name, someone grabs her from behind.

Cassie returns to retrieve a scarf from the courtroom where Harley is being tried. Jeffrey has found the scarf and hands it to her. They bicker about friendship and love, but before Jeffrey can reply to Cassie's remark, Edmund shows up. He is obviously keeping tabs on his wife and when she leaves the courthouse, he calls the fertility clinic where she has tomorrow's appointment. He tells them there will be a change of plans, his wife needs more "privacy and security."

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Alan introduces Sebastian as a potential investor in Spaulding Enterprises to Olivia. Left alone, she asks Sebastian to be honest about his real intentions for Spaulding. In response, he asks Olivia to dinner. As he leaves to meet Alan, Olivia makes a phone call to gather as much information as possible about Sebastian. In the hallway, Alan assures Sebastian that Olivia's position is only temporary, until he finds a permanent replacement.

Coop confides in Buzz how he feels responsible for Lizzie's trouble in court. Unable to get in through the front door, Coop climbs up to Lizzie's bedroom window, where he finds her in her tears as she throws away everything in her bedroom. Coop attempts to comfort her, assuring her that he believes in her and never believed she killed her father. A distraught Lizzie tells Coop she no longer believes in him, and forces him to leave.

Jonathan meets Tammy at Olivia's Bar and convinces her to help him in getting Reva and Cassie back together. Tammy agrees, and arranges for both Reva and Cassie to meet her at Olivia's. Jonathan leaves to meet Dinah, and once Cassie and Reva both arrive, Tammy leaves to meet Sandy. Reva attempts to tell Cassie that Edmund is the person she needs protection from and begins to tell what she knows about the fire. Cassie interrupts her to tell her how happy she is, and mentions she will be going to the fertility clinic tomorrow. After begging Reva to just let her be happily married, Cassie says she needs her. She asks Reva to accompany her to the clinic the next day. Touched, Reva begins to cry as she and Cassie hug.

Meanwhile, Tammy arrives at Sandy's apartment to find a candlelight dinner for two. As they dance, Sandy asks Tammy to stay the night. Tammy explains that a friend has helped her to realize she is not that kind of girl. After sharing a kiss, she says goodnight.

Alan visits Buzz at Company, explaining he is there to check on Lizzie. Discovering she is not there, Alan promises Buzz that after what happened to Lizzie on the stand, he will make sure the Coopers never get Company back.

Inside Company, Jonathan meets with Dinah and, as Ross enters, assures her that Reva is about to tell Cassie about the fire. Seeing them, Ross demands to know why they are together. Dinah claims Jonathan has been stalking her. Jonathan attempts to play along, only for Dinah and him to both begin laughing. Dinah confides to Ross that Jonathan is having a hard time fitting in with the Lewises and she is only trying to be his friend. Ross goes outside where he makes a phone call, and tells the other person he has no other choice but to go through with it.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Marina accuses Danny of dragging his feet about finding a new place to live as Tony and Michelle move into the home Danny once shared with Michelle. Rick arrives at Michelle's house with Robby's toys. She confesses that the move is overwhelming and Rick suspects that she's having more memories. When Rick leaves, Marina arrives. Michelle tries to get along with Marina. When Marina finds Danny's picture in the trash, Michelle explains that she doesn't want the picture bringing back more memories of Danny.

Danny finds a depressed Elizabeth outside of Company and tells her that he understands how it feels to be falsely accused. Elizabeth brushes him off as a "Cooper sympathizer." Alan arrives and Elizabeth refuses to go with him to court. Elizabeth takes down the "Elizabeth & Company" sign outside the restaurant, kicks out her customers, and turns out the lights. Tammy finds her lying on the floor where her father was shot and comforts her.

Danny finds Robby playing soccer with Tony. Danny is concerned that Robby will be confused because Michelle is moving in with Tony. When Danny arrives at Michelle's "new" place, Robby puts Michelle's hand on Danny's. Danny and Michelle try to explain their new living situation to Robby. While Danny fixes the fireplace, Robby slips out of the house.

Olivia pleads with Bill not to put their family at risk by lying for Harley on the witness stand. Bill assures Olivia that she and Emma are his priority. Outside the courtroom, Alan asks Bill if he's ready to do his part for justice.

Harley tells Gus that he could lose everything because of her. He says that he doesn't want to live in a world without her. Jeffrey urges Harley to take the plea deal. Harley urges Bill to tell the truth but Bill is disruptive on the stand. Bill puts Olivia on the spot when he says that she was a witness to Harley's reluctance to disguise herself as Ruth. Olivia is livid that Bill dragged her into Harley's mess.

Alan tells Gus that he will have the disbarment hearing moved up if he questions Alan on the stand. Jeffrey overhears and declines to call Alan to the stand. Gus calls Alan anyway.

Friday, February 25, 2005

The adults are all unnerved when they discover that Robbie is missing. While Marina and Tony go looking for him, Danny and Michelle stay at the house. When Michelle starts blaming herself for Robbie running away, Danny reassures her that that's not the case He tells her that it's not good for Robbie to see them blaming each other. Just as Michelle's about to look for Robbie herself, he arrives at the front door with Sebastian. Although Danny is skeptical, Sebastian clarifies that he simply found Robbie, recognized him and brought him home. Robbie confirms it by telling his father that Sebastian is nice. Suddenly, Tony and Marina return and Tony's not too happy at seeing Sebastian either. Michelle diffuses the situation by thanking Sebastian for bringing Robbie home. Sebastian admits that he has a lot to make up for and tells Michelle she has a nice family. As Sebastian leaves, Tony warns him to stay away from Michelle or anyone else he cares about. A little later, Danny and Michelle reassure Robbie that thought they aren't together, everything will be okay. When Robbie asks if they can all spend the night, Danny is reluctant until Michelle and Tony convince him that it could ease the transition for Robbie.

Sebastian goes to Company and overhears Holly on her cell phone leaving a message for him. She maintains that they should avoid each other but she knows he still should have a relationship wit Blake.. When she realizes he's behind her, her resolve to avoid him doesn't seem that strong and she suggests that they go to dinner to discuss how they would avoid each other. Reva is on the phone at Company trying to reach Cassie. She's getting frustrated because no one knows why Cassie cancelled her in-vitro at Cedars. As she's ending her call, Jonathan comes by and asks her what's wrong. When she tells him that she was supposed to accompany Cassie to the doctor today but Cassie cancelled without telling her, Jonathan suspects it was Edmund's doing. He then suggests that maybe Cassie cancelled the procedure herself when she learned about the night of the fire. Reva then admits that she didn't tell Cassie since Cassie was so happy about trying to have a baby with Edmund. When Jonathan admits that he set up Reva and Cassie's meeting yesterday, Reva is touched because she thinks it was so they could make up. When Jonathan sees a nurse from Cedars, he gets an idea and pumps her for information on Cassie's whereabouts. He easily gets the information and gives it to Reva.

At the fertility clinic, Edmund eases Cassie's concerns about switching hospitals. He assures her that the place is secure and has a very high success rate. He states that he wants their family to begin there where nothing can stand in the way. Cassie tells him that she wishes Reva were here, but he tells her that where Reva goes stress follows and she doesn't need that right now. Cassie is then sedated so she can undergo the procedure. She's still asking about Reva, and Edmund assures her that she can see her soon. As Cassie is getting wheeled away, Edmund tells a guard that no one is to see his wife except for the people on his list. After the procedure, while Edmund is on the phone with Tammy, Reva and Jonathan try to sneak in to see Cassie but are caught by Edmund. When Edmund starts to attack Jonathan, Reva gets him to stop and yells at him for not telling her Cassie switched clinics. Edmund simply tells her that it was none of her business and demands that she leave. When Reva refuses to leave, Edmund tries to get a guard to escort Reva out. As she's being escorted out, Reva makes a comment to Edmund about how big of a tower will he lock Cassie in this time. Then, unbeknownst to Edmund, Jonathan knocks out the guard. Reva then goes in to see Cassie, who is groggy. Reva starts to tell Cassie that there's something she needs to know about Edmund.

At Harley's trial, Gus calls Alan to the stand. Since this is totally unexpected, the court takes a very brief recess, enough for Alan to threaten Gus that he's going to lose everything. He then tells Gus that he will get custody of Zach and that boy will grow up hating his mother and her family. Gus maintains that he doesn't need to hate Alan to love Harley, though Alan is making that easy. Nth Alan on the stand, Gus starts asking Alan if he loved Phillip and whether Phillip had enemies. Alan maintains that he did love Phillip and his son, who was simply misunderstood, had no enemies save one--Harley Cooper. Gus then starts listing all of the despicable things that Phillip did before he died, as a way to discredit Alan's claim of Phillip being a victim who was misunderstood. Gus then wonders if Alan can explain Phillip's actions and would Phillip still be alive today if Alan wasn't such a lousy father. Jeffrey tries to object to that, but Gus assures the judge that he is going somewhere with this. He then asks Alan if Phillip was released from Ravenwood because he'd gotten better or to ease the stock holders' fears at Spaulding. Alan maintains that Phillip had gotten better, but Gus presents testimony from employees at the Spaulding mansion that claims that Phillip was irrational and Alan knew it. He then asks Alan if he ever intervened, and Alan admits that there was nithing he could do--Phillip was sick. Gus then tries to make his case by stating that Alan did nothing to help his son, but Alan remembers he did do something: he called Gus after Phillip took the children. Gus suddenly stops the questioning and Jeffrey quickly cross-examines. With Jeffrey's questioning, Alan states that he called Gus hoping he could reason with Phillip. He then testifies that Harley came over that night to confront Phillip and threatened him with a gun. When Jeffrey asks if there were any other witnesses, Alan says there was one--Gus. With the court in near-pandemonium, the judge adjourns for the day. Jeffrey again tries to get Harley to take the deal, telling her she'll be out in a few years and will be able to see her kids grow up somewhat. As Gus and Jeffrey argue about the deal, Gus notices that Harley has left the courtroom. He finds her at home, eerily silent. While he tries to assure her that things didn't go that badly today, Harley turns around and he sees she's been crying. She then admits that it all came together while he was questioning Alan: she remembers killing Phillip.

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