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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 3, 2006 on GL
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Monday, July 3, 2006

Beth sends Lizzie to the Spaulding suite at The Beacon while she goes to Company in tears to tell Coop about Lizzie's attempt to hurt herself on the roof at the hospital. Ava looks on, and even gives Beth a glass of water, while Coop tries to figure out what he should do. With Ava's encouragement, Coop decides to go see Lizzie, while a triumphant Beth looks on. At the suite, insists to Lizzie that she is not alone in her pregnancy as she has her family. Lizzie insists that she and the baby need Coop. Alan shows up and exposes that Lizzie's scene on the rooftop was an act that was supposed to lure Coop back. Coop says her trick was sick for using her baby that way. He says that he's done caring and it's DONE! When Coop leaves, Lizzie turns on Alan, saying that he always ruins everything. Alan follows Lizzie to the Bauer house where she is delivering a pie that she insists will prove to Coop that she can be domestic. Alan tells her she need not count on a working class man to save her because she is a Spaulding. They hug. He tells her that she just needs to surround herself with her family. After yelling at him to leave her alone, she runs off. Alan calls Jonathan, who does not pick up the call. Angry, Alan calls his pilot, telling him to ready the plane for a flight to St. Gabriel.

At the beach house in St. Gabriel, Jon tries to shield the contract from Tammy, even sending her off on a dolphin hunt so that he can hide the contract and call Billy. Billy tells Jon that Jon and Lizzie's baby seems to be the only thing Reva seems to look forward to holding onto right now. Jon is conflicted. When she returns, Tammy discovers the contract and insists to Jon that he needn't give up his parental rights in order to hold onto her. She is with him no matter what. When Coop calls to tell Jon he needs to start acting like a father and explains what Lizzie did on the roof, Tammy points out to Jon that he keeps proving over and over that he cares about the baby. After refusing to pick up the call to him from Alan, Jon decides that Alan can't push him out of town and that he and Tammy should return to Springfield.

At Company, Coop tells Ava that he's done with Lizzie and the Spauldings and from now on it's just him and Ava.

In his room at The Beacon, Josh is mulling over the fact that Reva told him that she was following up a story-lead in Minnesota, while Billy says she is visiting a friend. Alan shows up to see if Reva's heard from Jonathan. When Josh tells him no, Alan tells him that he's not going to let Jon destroy the Spaulding family and leaves. Billy comes to Josh's room and Josh tells him he needs to get a message about Alan and Jon to Reva. Josh cuts his request short, though, and instead calls Billy a liar. Billy's response is that Josh should just let it go. Now Josh is convinced that Billy has been lying, because the Billy he knows would fight anyone who called him a liar. Josh is angry that Billy had to be pulled into Reva's problem, when all the while Josh was begging to be able to help her. Billy says it's not his call. Josh is upset that he and Reva were finally together again, but now she's chosen Billy. Billy tells him that Reva has to deal with what is going on day by day. Josh replies that that's fine, "Good luck with that Billy. And here's some advice, brother, don't get too comfortable." He tells him that one day this phase of Reva's will be over and she'll dump on Billy just like she did Josh-and that Billy will never see it coming.

After Billy leaves, Cassie shows up with the good news that Time Magazine wants to do a four page story on Josh and the project. When she sees his reaction is less than enthusiastic, she learns that he has decided to stop trying to chase Reva. From now on she is on her own.

At the hospital in Minnesota, "wakens" to Josh, Cassie, and Jon in her room. When she comes more lucid, she realizes that it is Dr. McCabe talking to her. After she tells him that her dreams help keep her connected to her family, he tells her it is time for a check on reality. He tells her that depression and fear could hinder her recovery and a good start to help her would be a support group. She says, "No way," and he replies, "Coward." She agrees to go to "Club Cancer" if he'll agree to streak down the hallway flapping his arms like a mad hen. Apparently he told her he would as they arrived at a local bar where he leaves her with her new support group. It is three women playing poker around a table. When Reva joins them and says she's never been to a support group, the "leader" calls her a virgin and asks her if she's dealing. Reva, mistaking the question as an opening for Reva to deal with her feelings, starts to share her thoughts when she is corrected. She meant is Reva going to deal the cards. After lots of playing and laughing, Reva confesses to the women that she had thought she was better and stronger than they-that she could handle this disease all on her own. She thanks them for letting her share their game.

After returning to the hospital, Reva reminds Colin that he needs to hold up his end of the bargain. Reluctantly, Colin obliges, and Reva is thrilled. When he returns to the room dressed, Reva tells him he has nice buns. Just then the test results arrive and Colin tells her, "It looks promising, very promising." They have a high-five together.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Alan goes to San Gabriel to see Jonathan and pick up the parental rights papers. He is outraged to discover that Jonathan is gone.

Ava is at Company, excited about going to her first Bauer Barbecue. While she is gushing to Coop, a depressed Frank comes downstairs. They ask about Olivia and Frank says she told him she did not know what time she'd be able to make it to the Barbecue. Immediately after they leave, Olivia arrives and Buzz offers her a lift.

Jonathan is a little put out to find that Company is closed. He definitely does not want to go to the Barbecue. He would rather spend his day alone with Tammy. However, she wants to go to the Barbecue anyway to see her mom and RJ. Jon tells her he will meet her there later. He states that he has to meet Billy at Outskirts. Besides the sooner Tammy gets there, the sooner they can leave. Before she leaves, Tammy brings up his baby and the fact that he still hadn't signed the papers relinquishing his rights to her. When Tammy leaves, Jon places a call to Reva to see how she is. He asks if she wants him to fly out there, but Reva insists there is no reason to. Reva tells him the surgery went well. She then asks if he has decided what he is going to do about the baby. When she keeps pressing, Jonathan declares that he does not feel anything for Lizzie's kid. Rea doesn't buy it though. She brings up Tammy and wonders if Tammy will get over Jonathan walking away from his baby. Jonathan tells his mother that no one is going to tell him what to do because he already knows. Having overheard part of he conversation, Alan suddenly grabs the phone from Jonathan. He insists that Jonathan will not be a part of the child's life gets on the phone and discovers Jonathan was talking to Reva. Reva brings up that they are going to be family. Alan tells Reva not to fill her son with any idiotic ideas. Lizzie's baby is off-limits to Jonathan, her, and her entire family. He tells Reva that he and Jonathan had a deal until she stuck her nose into it. Reva tries to interrupt, telling him this is her grandbaby. But he doesn't want to hear it; he tells her that she will not be a part of that baby's life. The baby deserves a better grandmother than her. At this point, Jonathan grabs his phone back and Alan walks off. Jonathan then gets worried when Reva doesn't say anything on the other end, but luckily she just dropped the phone. She can tell Jonathan sounds upset and warns him not to do anything he will regret. Jonathan tells her it is too late--he already did.

Rick is setting up for the Barbecue while on the phone with Michelle and then Ed. A depressed Leah comes down and upon hearing who Rick was talking to makes a comment about the Bauer Barbecue missing Bauers. Rick tells her it will just be him, her and her mother. At which point, Leah breaks the news that Mel intends to work today at the hospital. An upset Rick heads inside and Mel confirms that she picked up another shift. When Rick protests, Mel starts out that she knows this is a very important day for his family. Rick reminds her it is their family but Mel does not listen and leaves.

Lillian arrives at the Bauer house, practically dragging Beth and Lizzie with her. Beth complains that she is not very eager to see Rick, and Lizzie proclaims that she is not in the mood to see Ava hanging all over Coop. Lillian reminds the pair that this is July 4th--the birth of their country. She tells them to think about all the people overseas fighting for our country who wish they were home today. She then tells the pair to get over themselves just for today.

Gus is hanging around at the Barbecue when all of a sudden a very excited Jude runs up to see him. Jude asks his stepfather if he will be his partner in the potato sack race as Harley looks on. Rick suddenly breaks up the reunion by quickly scooping Jude out of Gus's arms. Rick's "subtleness" is not lost on Gus, and Harley admits that Rick has concerns. Gus asks if she has concerns about him around the children.

Before she can answer, Cassie arrives and pulls Harley aside so they can talk. Cassie asks Harley how she, and Gus, are doing. Harley states that they are both fine and then asks Cassie about her life; specially her love life. As Cassie glances at Josh, she maintains that there is nothing to talk about.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey literally bumps into Blake. He is surprised to see her; he didn't think she would come to the Barbecue this year. Blake proclaims that the Bauers are like a second family to her, or rather, they were. She then admits that she has three children who really look forward to it every year and she is here for them. At that point, Rick approaches and thanks Blake for coming. Blake coldly explains that she is there simply because Ross always loved it.

Rick tries to tell her that he misses him, but she does not want to hear it. She just wants today to be normal for her and her kids. Later, Blake spots Harley across the yard, and asks Cassie how she is doing. Cassie reports that she is fine then asks about Blake. After all this is the first holiday since Ross died. Blake states that she is holding it together for her kids' sake. She has to.

Ava is talking to a depressed Frank who is sulking about Olivia. (who he saw arrive with Buzz) When he tells her that Olivia just needs time to sort things out, Ava says he is gracious for giving her that time. She then warns that some woman take advantage of nice guys. At that moment, Buzz and Olivia walk by engaged in pleasant conversation. Olivia has just figured out that Harley was named after the motorcycle (knowing "Davidson" would have helped) Buzz admits that it was her mother's idea, he was not even there; Frank was the man of the family. They start talking about Frank and Olivia admits that he is the best. Buzz points out that he would provide safety and security which Olivia admits is what she always wanted. Olivia tells Buzz that he house with the picket fence might not be so bad if he (Buzz) was the one on the inside. She then moves off to talk to Frank about the house he wants to buy. But Frank does not think it is a good idea anymore. He notes that her heart is elsewhere. He states that he was trying to convince himself that he was exactly what she needed. Olivia is dumbstruck and tries to tell him that she wants to make a commitment to him. Frank points out that is not the problem and then looks over at his father. Frank tells Olivia that he was hoping she would choose him but he realizes that she already made her choice a long time ago; he just didn't get the hint. Olivia tells him that she wants to make this work but he states that he should not have to work this hard; he is not what she wants.

Harley is now inside the house talking to Rick about Gus. She tries to tell him that Gus would never hurt that kids but Rick says from experience that addicts do stupid things and Gus is an addict. Harley tries to tell him that Gus is getting it together but Rick does not believe it. He needs to know it. Harley asks whatever happened to Rick helping Gus and he responds that he did offer help and Gus rejected it a few times. Rick tells Harley that Gus is going to want to help himself and until then Rick does not want Jude anywhere around him. Unbeknownst to them, Gus has overheard.

Rick then goes to say hello to Beth and thank her for coming. Beth coldly states that she is there because her mother guilted her into it and walks off.

Jude is ready for the potato sack race with Gus. Gus tells Jude that he hurt his ankle and suggests that he partner with Coop instead. He then quickly suggests that go play with RJ. Harley has seen what Gus has done and tells him he did not have to do that. Gus states that he did. Harley points out that Jude really wanted to do the sack race with Gus. Gus responds that he didn't want to create a problem. Harley realizes that Gus must have overheard her and Rick talking. She reminds him that she defended him. He notes that she has been doing that a lot lately; convincing people that he is better. He is just not so sure that she believes that. He asks if she believes in him. She answers that she wants to; she really wants to. He says good, that is all he needed to hear.

Leah has been visibly upset throughout the picnic because her mother can't stand to be with her father. Finally she goes to Rick complaining about being sick. When she tells him she has been in pain for hours and nothing has helped, Rick decides to take her to the emergency room.

Josh comes over to Cassie asking if she has been avoiding him. Cassie laughs it off, saying she has been keeping an eye on Reva. She asks him if he has heard from Reva or called her and he responds no he has not. Cassie points out that he should call her to wish her a Happy 4th but he does not budge. Later, he tells her he has gotten used to Reva missing these things; it is no big deal. Cassie points out a lonely Blake and tells him to tell that to her. Suddenly Josh gets an idea. He gets up and addresses the crowd asking them to take a moment to remember Ross. Josh states that after Ed left, Ross took up the tradition of giving the 4th of July speech so now he will try. As "God Bless America" plays in the background, Josh gives a short but moving speech then asks everyone to raise a glass in remembrance of Ross Marler. Blake is touched by his gesture, as is Cassie.

With Rick gone, Lillian is in charge of flipping burgers. When Ava learns there are no hot dogs, she volunteers to go to Company to get some.

Tammy approaches Lizzie who does not seem pleased that Jonathan is coming to the Barbecue. Tammy tells Lizzie that she and Jonathan need to work things out--they are having a baby together. She then tells Lizzie that Alan bribed Jonathan to walk away from the baby, Alan arrives at the Barbecue. Lizzie asks Alan if he took care of Jonathan and he tells her not to worry about it. Later, Jonathan storms into the Barbecue and tells Alan he does not get to do that to him. He showed Alan the signed copy of the parental rights document. Jonathan states that he was all set to give Alan what he wanted, then Alan threatened his mother; his family? Jonathan angrily rips up the document right in front of Alan and yells that he made a mistake when he messed with Reva; now Alan is stuck with him. He storms off and neither Lizzie nor Beth look very happy with Alan.

Tammy goes after Jonathan. She is very impressed with what he just did. She asks if he meant what he said. Is he going to be a part of his daughter's life? Jonathan's too upset to answer, he just wants to get out of there. Suddenly, Tammy kisses him.

Buzz follows Olivia to Company even though she asked him not to. When he notices that she had been crying, he asks if it is about Frank. Olivia confirms that they are over. When Buzz asks what happened, Olivia just says Frank does not want anything to do with her. Buzz offers to call Frank on her behalf but she quickly nixes that idea; it would be too embarrassing. Instead she asks Buzz to hold her. When he does, they fall into a kiss, which Ava sees.

Mel and Rick are at Cedars trying to pinpoint what is wrong with Leah. When Leah starts giving conflicting accounts of her pain, they realize she is faking. Suddenly the pair starts conjuring up imaginary diseases and decides that Leah needs blood work and an MRI. When Mel suddenly gets a syringe ready, a freaked out Leah admits she faked the whole thing. When Mel asks why, Leah points out that it is the 4th of July: the BAUER Barbecue. She had to find a way to get everyone together.

Mel, Leah, and Rick return to the Barbecue. Mel tells everything that their daughter reminded them what today was all about--friends and family. Rick then wishes them all a Happy 4th of July. As "When You've Only Got a Hundred Years to Live" plays, the fireworks go off and the camera pans over everyone at the Bauer house, as well as Buzz and Olivia at Company, and Reva in Minnesota.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

In order to prove to Harley that their relationship is savable, Gus sets out to build her house with his own bare hands. Harley is skeptical, but little by little, the people in her life Buzz, Dinah, and Mallet join Gus's crusade. Harley is impressed with how far Gus has come with the house, but their good spirits are interrupted by Rick, who wants Jude to live with him and Mel for a while, until Gus is completely in the clear. Harley stands by Gus, and begins to help him with the house's insulation. Harley reminds Gus that they're in "this" together. When they have to put tarps on the roof before an impending storm, they get trapped up there. After some time, they make it down, with help from Dinah, and everyone is at the house, ready to eat, celebrate, and work, including Rick! They finish the house and Harley says the only way she'll move in is if Gus moves in with her, to which he obliges.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Jonathan begins to feel the effects of Alan's wrath. He discovers Outcast is in foreclosure, his credit card has been cancelled, bank account frozen and worst of all, Tammy has lost her readmission into college. Tammy assures him he did the right thing, and Jonathan doesn't mention the letter about school, hoping to handle it on his own. Tammy goes to Olivia and lays out their dilemma, promising to pay her back when they get on their feet. Olivia is understanding. Meanwhile, Lizzie begins to glean that Alan is trying to take over her life and pregnancy and shares her fears with Beth, who agrees with Alan. Alone, Lizzie gets info about Lamaze classes. When the instructor asks about the birthing partner, Lizzie is stuck. Just then, Tammy shows up, having come to apply for a job. She overhears and volunteers to be Lizzie's partner. Lizzie is tempted. Meanwhile, Alan shows up at Jonathan's room and reveals that his problems are all his doing. Olivia confesses to Buzz that she overstated her breakup with Frank to him. Buzz is furious, but Olivia insists that she's confused. Frank rejected her and she reacted. She cares about them, both. Ava sees the two of them and diverts arriving Frank from entering. Buzz sends Olivia packing. Conflicted Ava doesn't immediately tell Frank what's going on, but can't stand him being left out in the dark. Olivia tracks Frank down at the ER and says she's sure she wants to go forward in their relationship. Frank says save her breath; he knows everything. Dinah and Mallet get a surprise visit from Vanessa and Matt. Vanessa keeps pushing the wedding planning, while Matt is skeptical. Mallet presses Matt about his attitude and Matt says too much history makes him doubt their wedding will even come off. Dinah declares she won't mess up the best thing to happen to her and that's Mallet. She confesses a big, traditional wedding scares her because nothing's traditional about her life and her father's not even here to walk her down the aisle. Everyone assures Dinah they understand and jolly her spirits. No more pressure.

Friday, July 7, 2006

Tammy finds out that she has been denied admission to school. Meanwhile, Jonathan crosses with Lizzie at the hospital and has a close encounter with the baby, feeling it move for the first time. Any tenderness he feels is immediately tempered when he learns that Alan paid a visit to Tammy and upped the threat against her and Jonathan. Using a new tactic, Jonathan visits Lizzie and whips out a...bouquet of flowers! Lizzie is moved, but Alan knows better than to mistake Jonathan as sincere. Olivia figures out who spilled the beans about her and Buzz. She goes to Ava, feigning sympathy and understanding, but Ava sees through it. Meantime, Buzz and Frank end up on the roof of Harley's new house, and Frank gives his father something harder to take than a punch in the nose an honest challenge. Josh receives an unexpected commendation for his father that was long overdue. At first he thinks to share it with Reva but true to his word not to pursue her he ends up sharing the good news and the evening with Cassie. At the same time, Reva follows up on her "dare," arranging for Colin to have a date with a pretty nurse. At the end of the evening she is completely caught off guard when Colin spontaneously kisses her.

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