Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 10, 2007 on GL
Billy headed off to rehab. Bill and Ava made love. Josh talked to Will about the 'accidents' to both James and Edmund. Reva and Jeffrey came clean about their part in Edmund's fall. Remy admitted to Harley and Cyrus that he was working for Phillip. Bill found out the Ashlee had fixed the election so that Buzz would win. Bill told Buzz and blackmailed him with the information. Doris was arrested for assaulting Buzz, and he later had the charges dropped. Mel told Beth that she had moved on.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 10, 2007 on GL
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Jeffrey and Reva are at Reva's home, and Jeffrey still senses that Reva wonders if he pushed Edmund off of the balcony. Jeffrey says he's not that worried about the investigation, but wonders if Reva is worried about him, as he hurries to leave to avoid the discussion. As he was leaving, Cassie arrives.

At the farmhouse, Cassie notices that Will doesn't ask about Edmund, and she is concerned about that. She leaves to go to Reva's house, while Josh stays with Will. Now alone, Josh lets Will know that he can talk to him anytime about what happened with Edmund. Will is icy towards him and responds by asking if he can go to read a book.

Cassie arrives at Reva's and says she's there to thank her for trying to protect her, but then tells Reva sternly that Jeffrey went to far, meaning, his plan to get rid of Edmund. Reva starts to tell Cassie that if she hadn't switched the paternity tests....but the discussion heats up, and Cassie interrupts, saying they are not the same thing. Cassie then tells Reva that she will protect her the same way that Reva has protected Cassie. Reva looks confused at what Cassie is talking about, and asks her. Cassie says she saw her going up to the balcony where Edmund was. Reva looks surprised to see know that Cassie suspects her of doing it, and then tells her she didn't do it. Reva then tells Cassie that it wasn't right, that she and Josh asked Jeffrey to help them, and then turn on him. The visit ends, and Cassie leaves, angry.

Meanwhile, Josh went to see Rick at the hospital, to ask questions about Edmund's fall. Josh asks why Rick took a syringe filled with a sedative. Rick replies that it was just in case Edmund tried to tell the secret of Beth's baby. Rick tells Josh that he saw Edmund trip and fall, and that no one else was up there with Edmund, not that he could see, anyway. James arrives after his check up for his broken wrist. Rick leaves him with Josh for a few minutes. As Josh is signing James' cast, he tells James that he feels bad about his fall during play practice that kept him out of the play. James tells him that he was pushed by one of the shepherds, and Josh reacts, looking like he's just gotten a clue that something more might be going on, perhaps with Will, who was a shepherd at the time.

Later, Cassie brings out an early Christmas present for Will - a skateboard. She sends him off to bed, saying she'll check on him shortly. Then she goes over to Josh, and as they talk, he asks if she remembers where Will was during the ordination, and Cassie admits she doesn't remember, adding it's now another thing she feels guilty about. He comforts her, and while he's holding her, he tells how he saw James at the hospital. Cassie says it's a shame he has such bad luck, and Josh, remembering what James said about being pushed, takes notice at Cassie's un-awareness.

Will comes back down to the living room, and asks to hear the story again, and Cassie says yes. Cassie starts to read: "There once was a little prince who lived in a big tall tower of a castle. But he was sad, because he wanted to go out into the world and make new friends, but his father, the evil king, wouldn't let him leave." All the while, Josh is looking on with a look that seems to reveal that the story sounds somewhat strange or familiar. Will falls asleep in her arms, and Cassie is blissful in the moment. RJ enters, sees the skateboard and asks about it. Cassie tells him it's a special present for Will, and when RJ seems dejected over not getting a special present himself, Cassie allows him to get one from the armoire. He does, and takes it back to his room, and all the while, Josh is observing all of this.

Mallet goes to Marina's after hitting Bill Lewis, and Marina gets ice for his bruised hand. With Cyrus not there for the night, and Mallet having no one at home now, he talks a little of being lonely, but tries to keep things fun. Marina hands him a beer, and he uses his wedding ring to open it, then leaves it off. He is acknowledging that his marriage is over, and Marina tries to give him hope that he will find someone and be happy, like she is with Cyrus.

Later, Mallet, appearing to be a bit drunk, goes to the hospital to see Rick, and asks for Edmund's records. Rick, in an overly cooperative mood with the detective assigned to Edmund's fall, hands Mallet the records easily and with pleasure, raising Mallet's suspicions. After Rick walks away, Mallet dumps the files on purpose, then leaves the hospital and calls Beth, asking to talk to her again about Rick.

Meanwhile, Cyrus offers to stay with Harley because he recognizes that she is not ok, and needs someone to be there. Harley agrees, and Cyrus sleeps on the couch while Harley sleeps in her bedroom. After she is asleep, she starts to have nightmares about being trapped in that building again, and Cyrus goes in to wake her. When Cyrus tries to comfort her, she pulls away and says he can't, because he'd make it worse - the feelings that she has for him. Cyrus seems a bit uncomfortable hearing that, and thinks it best to go back to the living room.

Next, there is a musical montage that sings the line "I don't want to fall in love with you, unless you want me to." In this montage, we see Harley and Cyrus in separate rooms, feeling uneasy about their feelings, Marina and Mallet feeling comfortable and laughing, Josh walking into the farm house and seeing Cassie snuggled with Will, as he sits next to her, carefully observing both, Reva walking into the church, and walking over to sit near Jeffrey, who was already there, then back to Harley, who summons the strength to go back down to the living room to tell Cyrus that he can go home now because she's feeling so much better, and discovers that Marina is there.

Cyrus admits that he called Marina because Harley needed help, and she has so many people in her life who want to help her, but she won't let them, so he is shedding light on the fact that Harley needs help. Harley doesn't like that now people will think she can't take care of herself. When they have another moment alone, Harley tells Cyrus that he didn't have to call Marina, but he says he did, because she's not the only one who had thoughts, and not just about being trapped. As he leaves with Marina, he looks back once more at Harley, and she at him.

At the church, Reva and Jeffrey have a good heart-to heart talk. Jeffrey says he's not Josh, to which she responds with "Hallelujah!" He continues, saying he knows that there will probably be other times that Reva will have reason to doubt him or be suspect of him, and he's not sure if she can live with that, and says it's ok if she wants out for that reason. Reva reassures him that she is thankful he was there for her at some key times, and she gives an emotional and moving monologue about much she cares for him and asks for his forgiveness for judging him, because he never once judged her no matter how bad things looked. He lightens the moment by whispering something to her that makes her laugh and say, "Here? In church?" She then gets serious again and says it doesn't matter to her if he did or did not push Edmund, because she knows the kind of man he is one who makes kick-ass omelets! As they start to leave, he pauses, and tells her he didn't do it, but thinks whoever did deserves a medal.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's finally Election Day in Springfield, and most, but not all, of today's show revolves around Buzz's camp and Doris' camp as they watch and wait for the results.

Doris is at her campaign headquarters, as is Bill Lewis, who will be a part of the bulldozing and reconstruction of Main Street once Doris wins. As Doris watches the result on TV and they show her in lead, she is beaming with excitement and talking as if she has already one, while Bill pours the champagne.

At Buzz' campaign headquarters, Harley's house, the mood is more somber, as we hear the TV newscaster say, "And if these trends continue..." and then Ashlee turns the TV off. Buzz tells everyone there that he went into this to help the people of Springfield. Ashlee is with the Cooper camp, but is feeling like she can't win no matter which candidate wins.

Lizzie shows up at Doris' camp looking for Bill, saying they had a business meeting. Bill and Lizzie exchange digs; he calls her his assistant, she retorts that she is a senior partner at Lewis Construction. After Bill sees more differences in the way Lizzie is now versus the way she used to be, he asks her what happened to that girl, and she replies "I grew up. You should try it." He seems to pause at hearing this; Lizzie leaves. The TV announces that the polls are closed and some of the results are in, and Doris has won the South side. Doris is pleasantly surprised, as the South side is usually Cooper territory. Ava walks in, and she and Bill have a joyous reunion. She begins to tell him about her and Olivia (being mother and daughter?) but he interrupts her, saying he had to go. Ava then walks over to Doris, and Doris asks which side is she on. Ava replies, "The winning side". As she goes to get Doris another glass of champagne, Ava sees the plans for the new mall.

Back at Buzz' headquarters, the TV announces that Doris wins the North side. Buzz believes this about ends his possibilities of being mayor. Ashlee is watching Buzz lose the election, and is becoming more uneasy with knowing that if Doris wins, Buzz' diner will be torn down and relocated to the new mall. Frank tries to get some enthusiasm and hope flowing by saying that everyone knows that the East side is Cooper Country. The TV announces that the East side is trending heavily toward Doris - 62% to 38%. The mood at the Cooper camp dampens again. A little later, the TV announces that they are waiting for the West side to report but that it's just a formality. Buss looks disappointed, and Ashlee is watching this all unfold, also not happy about the way things look. Ashlee suggests that she could go to talk to her mother, but Ava arrives in time to hear that and comments, "you don't talk to a pit bull, you put her down." She and Ashlee exchange a few more words, with Ava saying that this is all Ashlee's fault, because Ashlee's involvement with Coop is making Doris want to crush them and is the reason she is running for mayor, with plans to make the drastic changes that no one wants. Ava leaves her alone, and Ashlee knows that Ava was right, especially about how to handle Doris, the pit bull. She looks around and sees all of the gloomy faces on the supporters. Meanwhile, Ava tries to instill hope, but Frank is suspicious of her and says she is still on the Spaulding payroll (the Spauldings financially backed Doris) Ava announces that she'll quit, as a show of support to the Cooper family, with Buzz, Frank, and Coop all nearby to hear this.

Ashlee leaves the Cooper camp and arrives at Doris' headquarters. Doris is thrilled that her daughter came to support her. Doris joyfully tells Ashlee that she was right, that it is so much sweeter to win when you don't cheat. And win fair and square. Ashlee asks if she'll do the right thing and not hurt Buzz and his family; Doris replies, "Why would I do that? I won." They continue to talk out on the balcony, and Doris is feeling very happy that after everything she has gone through, she will finally get the job and the respect and admiration that she wanted. She adds that she gave up everything for this, including her job as D.A., but says it was all worth it to win now. Then she asks Ashlee why she looks so sad, and Ashlee explains that she is sad, because of her mother's plans to destroy the Coopers, whom Ashlee feels she has found acceptance and happiness with. Ashlee adds that she won't let her do that, and Doris replies that she can't stop her, that she never could, which Ashlee seems to take almost as a challenge. Ashlee says that she won't be at Doris' victory party later, and that she won't be happy for her if she won, adding that she doesn't deserve this, and walks away, leaving Doris looking like she may have a hollow victory. As Ashlee leaves, she runs into Einstein, the guy who Doris hired to fix the voting results before Ashlee put a stop to that. She anxiously tells him she wants him to fix the results now, so that Buzz wins. He agrees to do it.

Gus arrives at the Cooper camp, at the point that it appears Buzz will lose, and tells Buzz that he voted for him. Buzz tells him that means more to him that he thinks. Buzz continues that he wanted to be mayor to save things like main Street, things that work for people, like Gus with Harley, then goes back inside the house, leaving Gus alone with that last thought. Inside, Gus is ready to make the concession call to Doris, but his supporters shout "No". Juts then, Doris arrives, saying she came in the spirit of reconciliation, but Coop snaps at her and Frank tells her to leave. She tries to be strong, saying she will overlook what he's saying knowing that he is loyal to his father. But Frank tells her that people will see her for who she is and will end up being the most hated person in Springfield. Feeling the sting of that comment, she tells Buzz that she'll leave him to his family, and his conscience, then leaves. She pauses outside, to be emotional away from the others. Buzz has followed her outside and is kind to her. She tells him the reason for her pain – that she sees that Frank would take a bullet for him, and his supporters would follow him anywhere, but her own daughter didn't even vote for her. Buzz tells her that Ashlee loves her. Doris puts her professional face back on, and tells him she'll accept his concession speech as soon as possible, then leaves to go to her headquarters to celebrate.

Back at her headquarters, Doris is trying to decide what colors of make-up to wear as she prepares to win the election. Ava walks in. Doris tells her she thought Ava might be boarding a sinking ship after seeing her at the Coopers. Ava replies that she's a survivor, and Doris accepts this, and asks her opinion on the make-up. Then, the TV announces that there has been a stunning development in the race for mayor.

Ashlee arrives back at the Coopers and finds a dejected-looking and quiet group. Coop kass her how her mother is, and she asks him to turn the TV back on. Coop thinks there is no point and that it's a bad idea to hear more bad news, but appreciates her hopefulness. Buzz, believing that he will lose, tries to be positive for everyone saying there will be more time to travel. Ashlee says that he won't lose the diner as if she knows something. Just then, Ava rushes through the door saying to turn the TV on quickly. They turn it on just in time to see that there has been an upset in the results, and that the West side results are in, and by the thinnest of margins, Buzz Cooper wins the election – 51% to 49 %. The roomful of people cheer, as Ashlee stands off to the side alone, watching, knowing she had the results fixed. Coop comes over to celebrate with Ashlee, and after he moves on to mingle with others, we see Ashlee with tears in her eyes and a quivering chin, seemingly feeling uneasy about her actions. With the news crews present, Buzz is now saying thanks, and that he will try his best to make the people of Springfield proud.

Ashlee goes to her mother's headquarters, which is now empty, with the exception of a very forlorn Doris, sitting alone. Ashlee kneels nearby her, and Doris tells her that she has no clue, as Ashlee looks weepy and sad. Later, Ashley is walking alone on Main Street and sees Einstein. Not looking like he's proud of himself, he tells her that he did what she wanted him to do, but she has to live with her conscience, and that he's leaving town and never looking back. Ava is nearby with her video phone, capturing their meeting on video.

An ambulance arrives at Cedars Hospital, rushing someone in, saying the victim's car hit a telephone pole. The victim is Billy. Lizzie arrives after getting a call that he would be there, and calls Bill to let him know. When she goes into Billy's room, she sees him with blood still on his face. When she enters his room and calls his name, a drunken Billy calls her Mindy. She asks him what happened, saying he left a couple of days ago to go to rehab. He tells her he left, but wanted to say goodbye to his old life just one more time. When she asks whose car did he take, Billy answers "Wanda's". A worried and upset Lizzie loudly tells him that if he doesn't get help, Bill will take everything that they've worked so hard for, and he will win, asking "Do you want that?"

Bill arrives and he and Lizzie talk in the hallway. Bill appears genuinely worried and asks how Billy is. Lizzie updates him on Billy's condition saying he's ok with some cuts and bruises but it could have been a lot worse, and says she purposely wanted to scare Bill in hopes of getting the sincere reaction that she did. He explains that he didn't want Billy running the company while drunk, but he didn't want to see him wrapped around a poll either. A nurse is wheeling Billy back to his room and pauses when they see Bill but only long enough to say "Sorry, no death benefits today." Bill seems hurt by this. Inside the room, Bill continues to express real concern but Billy is not believing his sincerity. Bill tries to tell him it was all he could do to save the company and get Billy to come to his senses to get help. But Billy's interpretation of that is that Bill makes a power play and calls it salvation, and that he uses his charm and other parts of his anatomy to get ahead. Bill is bothered by this lack of his dad's understanding him. A nurse comes to say that the doctor wants to see him and another family member. Billy responds saying that Lizzie will be his family today, then stares down Bill, as Bill looks at Lizzie, and Lizzie looks caught in the middle.

Lizzie sees Bill's pain, and tries to help mend the father-son relationship. Bill, who has just checked his cell phone, tells her that his text message informs him that Doris lost the election, and therefore, Bill lost the deal on the Main Street project that Doris had planned. For Bill, it was another loss he's had today. Lizzie tries to offer hope in other future deals, then Billy calls for her. Lizzie is caught in the middle, as Bill tells her to go, that her family's calling. She goes in to help Billy. Feeling on the outs with his family, Bill sees a police officer nearby, and approaches him, saying he wants to report a drunk driver.

Olivia is at home watching the election results when Gus knocks on her door. He brings her papers for Bill to sign that will relinquish his rights to Emma. Olivia is sad about this move, but feels it's the best thing for Emma, but she isn't sure how to get him to sign them. Just then, Bill knocks on the door. Gus makes Olivia leave so that he can he can handle Bill. Gus opens the door, let's Bill in, and asks him to sit down at the desk. Gus tells him that Olivia wants this because he hasn't been around and he isn't the same person as he used to be, and Olivia doesn't think he should be around Emma like this. Bill hesitates, shocked that this could happen so easily. He looks at Emma's picture and recalls the first time she called him daddy. Gus tells him to hold onto those memories, and maybe it's a good place to start again from. But until then, he gets Bill to sign the papers.

Daisy and Rafe go to the diner to get snacks to take to the Cooper camp, and while there, Olivia arrives, grabs a couple of cookies, quickly pays for them and leaves. Rafe follows her outside to tell her that he sees that she is trying to get close to Gus to make a move on him, and tells her to stay away from Gus, that Nat is engaged to him and Olivia needs to find someone else to lean on. Olivia eventually returns home and sees the papers are signed. She appears to have bittersweet feelings about this, not really wanting it, yet believing it is necessary. Gus states that Bill is a good guy that just needs a little reminding now and then. Olivia sees their friendship has been all one-sided and tries to be a friend to him now, asking about his dinner with Natalia. Gus says they didn't have dinner, and Olivia feels responsible for that. Gus tells her how it wasn't her fault, that he went to the Coopers to see Buzz on this election night. Through more chat, Olivia suggests that Gus misses Harley. Gus responds only by saying it's over, though sounding as if that makes him sad. Olivia picks up on that and suggests that he doesn't have to rush into another marriage, and that's he's ready now, though again, not sounding very convincing. Olivia says in her supportive way, "If you say so." Gus tells her that he's still working on trying to move her up higher on the heart transplant list. Olivia tells Gus that learning of her heart problem has taught her a couple of thing: that she loves her daughters, and that Gus is a great guy. Gus responds that Harley would disagree, but Olivia says that Harley is crazy about him. But then Olivia says that she wishes she would have met Gus sooner, then sweetly tells him to go have dinner, playfully kicking him out.

The show ends with a music montage, where the lyrics seem to be matched with each of the characters:

* Billy, looking sad, with Lizzie holding his hand, trying to be supportive, while Bill looks through the window, as if he wishes he were the one with his father: the song plays (focus on Billy/Lizzie) "Can't go forever, dear....tracks they will disappear....I'm gonna disappear." Then plays the following with the focus on Bill: "They roll their eyes....cutting me down to size."

* Focus on Olivia, alone in her room, at the desk, filing the papers that Bill signed, then taking her cell phone and storing Gus' phone number: "They said I'd break...they said if I bend, I'd break."

* Focus on Buzz and his supporters, dancing the Greek dance in the living room, then Buzz break away and goes to the doorway, taking a private moment to relish his win: "Maybe I can't come through....Everyone's waiting, to see what I'm gonna do. It's so hard to stand under that weight.

* As they morph from Buzz to Doris, who is on the balcony, looking sad, lost, and letting confetti slip through fingers to fall off of the balcony, the words sing " Hard to be eight feet tall...."

* Then showing Ashlee, as she picks one of her mother's campaign flyers out of the trash on Main Street, fighting tears, the lyrics continue that ‘eight feet tall' line, adding "tall......tall....."

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Billy's voice comes over the scene as he prepares to leave the hospital. As the voice over plays, a guard handcuffs him while Lizzie solemnly looks on. He speaks as if he's in an AA meeting talking about his first drink and the affects of his addiction. Bill wanders the corridors of the hospital, peeking in on his father as he's carted away. He says that there's a secret drunks carry: they've found love in a bottle.

As Billy continues to talk about the addiction, scenes of Bill appear on the screen. Billy says that the addiction causes you to make new friends who don't judge. We see Bill talking to Doris. Billy discusses having regrets as Bill watches Emma and Olivia from a distance. He says that you may want to reach out, help someone else, but you can't because your own head's barely above water. Reaching out just might make them bring you down. We see a scene of Bill rounding the corner at the Beacon toward Billy's hotel room. An officer handcuffs Billy as Lizzie protests. Billy says that eventually freedom is taken away because the law says rehab or jail. Bill shows up at the farm, but a note hangs from the door, indicating no one is home. Bill dials the number on the note, but then just hangs up the phone. He goes back to the Beacon to his empty hotel room as Billy ends by saying that you've made your choice; you're on your own. Bill stares at a photo of his father and him.

Bill falls asleep and has a dream of his mother when she was younger, telling him (as an adult) how his father had to go away because he made a mistake. Bill says that he hates him. Vanessa explains to him that he doesn't hate his father. He's just a man. Bill awakens and looks at the photo again.

At the hospital, Billy's being checked out again to make sure he's healthy enough to go to rehab and the guard tells him to consider himself lucky he isn't going to jail. Lizzie tells him he'd better stay at rehab this time. She doesn't want him in prison or dead on a highway. She screams at him that this is his last chance. She needs him; everyone in his family needs him. Billy says not everyone in his family.

In the hallway, Bill talks to the officer. The officer thanks him for the tip about Billy's drunk driving. Bill says his father needs help but not that help. He points to some reporters waiting to snap photos of Billy leaving in handcuffs. The guard makes them leave. Bill goes to his father and offers to take Billy out the back way so that no one can take his picture. Billy doesn't believe Bill wants to help him, but after some talking, they go out the back way together.

Bill takes Billy to the farm. They discuss how Billy got into this situation. He admits that he was trying to go talk to Vanessa. After their tiff at the ordination, he figured that Vanessa would know how to talk some sense into their son since Billy doesn't know how to any more. Bill tells him it's not her job any more.

Lizzie enters, frantic because she's been searching for Billy. The guard taking him to rehab is looking for him. She announces that Bill is the one who told the guard that Billy had been drinking. She shakes her head that he could do that to his own father. Bill leaves, telling her she doesn't understand and his father is all hers.

Bill happens upon Buzz outside Company. He congratulates him on becoming Mayor. He sweet talks Buzz and extends his friendship to the new mayor, but Buzz thinks he'd be giving Doris the same speech if she had won. Buzz knows that Bill got close to her when he thought she was in the lead. He knows that he was working with Doris to speed up those plans to remodel Main Street and destroy his place of business. Bill says it was just politics -- nothing personal. Losing Company is personal, Buzz says. Bill will be happy to sit down with Buzz to make his plans more "people-friendly." He only wants Buzz to see that he has Springfield's best interests at heart. Buzz says that this conversation is over. He returns inside.

Ava creeps out of the shadows, advising Bill to catch Buzz again in a less public place because he is a really smart guy. She hints that he listens to her. Bill knows Buzz listens to her because she's the one that leaked his meetings with Doris to him. Ava hints that she has some leverage that he might use-whoever's Mayor. Their conversation is cut short when Bill receives a call from his mother, announcing an intervention for Billy at Cross Creek. Vanessa talks him into attending.

When Bill arrives at Cross Creek, Matt, Dinah, Billy, Josh, Lizzie and Vanessa are there. Dinah jumps on Bill's side and Bill quickly learns that this intervention is not for his father. It's for Bill. Bill's instantly angered. He lashes out at each person there but Dinah, who defends him. Josh explains that this is his chance for a clean slate, as if none of this ever happened. Lizzie takes exception. She didn't sign on to forget about what he did to her. Matt wonders if she can forget if Bill promises to make a fresh start. Dinah objects that no one there is a saint. Matt retorts that at least some can admit when they are wrong. Dinah readily replies that Matt admitted he was wrong for sleeping with her. A fight ensues between everyone and Bill is suddenly entertained.

Billy calms everyone down, reminding them to focus on Bill and Bill's life. Billy tells him that he's alone and he's lost. Bill tells him that he's trying not to turn out like him. Billy suggests that Bill keep the war with him and leave the rest of the family out of it. He has people here who love him, Billy says. Vanessa adds that people who are not there love him. She informs him that Michelle Bauer Santos almost hopped a plane there, but Hope is sick. Bill is angered that Michelle was dragged into this. He plans to call her and tell her she did the right thing by staying at home. He will tell her that she should be thankful she doesn't have a family like his.

Bill leaves with a mind for destruction. He runs into Ava, who offers her time. They decide to get a drink. Over martinis, he learns that Ava is Olivia's daughter and that she works for Alan. It's settled that Ava is no longer the good girl. They discuss Coop and how this "other woman" took something from her. Her information she has will blow this other woman out of the water. Bill wonders if it will also hurt the Coopers. Ava shrugs innocently, but she won't tell what it is until the Coopers have celebrated their big night. Bill thinks that is fine as long as they enjoy their night as well. Back at the Beacon, Bill and Ava roll around in the bed. As they have four-play, Ava admits that she believes the election was fixed.

At Cross Creek, the officer comes to take Billy to rehab. They all say good-bye to him. Lizzie runs and throws her arms around him. Tearfully, he reminds Lizzie, Vanessa and Josh to take care of his boy.

Back in bed at the Beacon, Ava and Bill lay in bed. Ava wonders if he'll use her revelation about the election against Buzz. He says that he likes Buzz. She agrees that she does as well. He thinks the less she knows about it the better. He gets dressed to go pick up some food for them. When he opens the door, Lizzie gets an eye full of Ava naked in bed. She says that she promised Billy that she would look out for his son. Rolling her eyes, she says that someone already beat her to it.

In the hallway, Bill wonders if Lizzie is jealous. She's not jealous of Ava. She's keeping a promise to his father. They discuss Billy going to rehab. Again Bill calls Lizzie jealous. Lizzie rolls her eyes and leaves.

Bill wanders over to Buzz to tell him that the election was fixed. Buzz chomps his gum as he tries to throw Bill out. Bill tells him that his information about who did it will hurt people Buzz loves. Buzz asks him if he's blackmailing him. Bill says that he's negotiating. While Doris would have pushed Bill's deal through, she makes his flesh crawl. Buzz won't play ball. He will launch his own investigation. Bill bid him well to investigate who lied to make him mayor. Meanwhile Doris will destroy everyone and everything he cares about to get her seat away from him. He wishes Buzz a good night, telling him to wake up in the morning with the realization that the two of them can make a good team.

Buzz goes to see Billy in rehab. He urges him to get well because he's needed back home. Billy congratulates him on being mayor. Buzz is honest with him. He came about his son. Since they are friends, Buzz wants to give Billy the option. Billy thinks that sounds like a threat. Buzz says he's above that. He concerned about what Bill will do to his family and friends, people he cares about. He asks Billy to get rid of Bill or else Buzz will.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Buzz visits Billy in rehab and tells him to send Bill far away, before he can cause problems. Billy responds, saying Buzz can work with Bill or not, but if he picks a fight with his son, he picks a fight with Billy too. Buzz understands this, and ends with telling Billy to get better, because he may be the one who can help Bill change his ways. Bill, who was just arriving to visit his dad, overhears what Buzz said, and hides around the corner until Buzz leaves, then goes into Billy's room to visit. Billy tells Bill about what Buzz just said, to let him know that he's on Bill's side. Bill replies that he owes his father one for sticking by him in that way. But then Billy adds if he finds out he's doing bad things, Billy will take care of Bill himself. Bill tells him "Bring it on."

Buzz gets a call from Coop saying they need him there for his celebration party. Buzz says he's on his way. Ashlee is with Coop, decorating the diner, and acting very uneasy. Just as Coop asks Ashlee how her mother is doing since she lost the election, Doris walks in, dressed way down from her usually well-groomed style, with face and hair looking drab, and she is wearing sweat clothes! Ashley walks over to her, and cautiously asks how she's doing. Doris gives her a look and says, "you did not just ask me that." Doris continues, saying that someone stole the election from her, because all signs pointed to her winning until things suddenly turned. Ashlee tries to guide in other directions, such as running for another office or practicing law again, but Doris believes she is meant to be a leader. She walks out of the diner. Ashlee follows her to try to help and listens as a sad and dejected Doris tells her how she thought she'd win this time, after a lifetime of being chosen last. She ends with saying, "I didn't even have my daughter's vote." and walks away. Coop comes out to console and upset Ashlee as Ava looks on from inside.

Later, inside, while Coop is in another room getting more glasses, Ava wants to talk to Ashlee privately. Ava tells her that she knows Ashlee fixed the election and she has proof. Ava shows Ashlee the picture that she took of her talking with Einstein, and after Ashlee begs her not to tell anyone, for Buzz's sake, Ava quickly agrees, saying that she won't show anyone the vide, and that one day, when she needs something, maybe Ashlee can help her.

Ava is in Bill's bed, and they discuss what they will do with her video of Ashley talking to Einstein, the man who helped Ashley fix the voting results. They conclude that they will be patient and continue to enjoy each other's company.

Harley is at home decorating for Christmas, when she sees the postcard that she believes came from Phillip, and has another "episode" of some kind (panic attack?) She calls Cyrus' cell phone, as he is moving into Marina's room, but when she hears Marina in the background, she decides to ask to talk to her. Cyrus finds it odd that she would call for Marina on his phone and not Marina's, but hands the phone to Marina. Harley talks as if she is ok, telling marina she will going to Zach's game today so she and Cyrus don't have to come in to work today. When Marina is done, he asks if Harley sounded shaky. But we see Harley after she hangs up, clutching the phone and shaking.

Zach brings his gym bag to the living room and asks Harley if she knows where his shorts are. While Harley is looking for them, Zach pulls a new pair of shoes from his gym bag, and his cell phone rings. Zach answer and refers to the other person as "dad", says he got the shoes and that he won't tell Harley. When Harley returns, he tells her it was his coach on the phone. Harley responds, saying, "He's checking up on you. That means he cares."

Meanwhile, as Cyrus continues unpacking, Buzz arrives. He asks Cyrus to leave so that he can talk to Marina alone. Cyrus says he has some follow up to do, and leaves. Buzz tells Marina that Bill suggested that someone fixed the elections, and he wants her to investigate that. Marina asks if he finds it was fixed, would he go public with that information? He answers that although it may seem hypocritical because he ran a campaign based on honesty, he thinks he's about ready to cross the line. Marina says she'll support him.

Later, Marina sees Bill and after he says he wants to buy out a store and pout something else in there that will be a real money-maker, she comments that it's true what people say about him being on a mission. He can sense that marina is also on a mission to gather information, and he tells her to tell Buzz that the information Bill has is solid. As Marina tries to get answers, Bill only says that she should tell Buzz that despite what he thinks, Working with Bill is his best option.

Cyrus arrives at Harley's to check on her. She tells him she's ok, but he wants to be convinced first. Zach enters the room, and Cyrus notices he is wearing very nice, new sneakers. When asked, Zach says mom didn't buy them and that someone else did. When Harley re-enters the room, Cyrus gets Harley attention to the shoes. Harley is stunned, and asks Zach where he got them. At first, Zach tells her that she'll be mad, but when Harley asks again he replies his dad got them for him. Both Harley and Cyrus question Zach about how he got the shoes, wondering if Phillip was at the house or school. Zach says they were sent to him. He also tells that Phillip called on Zach's cell phone. Cyrus asks why Phillip sent the shoes, and Zach replies that Phillip will be at the game. This troubles Harley at first, but then she decides that maybe this will be ok.

Later, we see Cyrus and Harley in a church, somewhat hiding, hoping to catch Phillip showing up, while Zack is with his team in the church's basement. As they talk, Harley informs Cyrus that Phillip was a descent person, a friend, at one time, and that she misses him. They recall what happened the last time they were in a church, but Cyrus says it wasn't all bad, and smiling a bit coyly. They continue to share their feelings on being trapped and believe no one else could really understand, and just as they begin to give in to the feelings they have for each other and are close to kissing, they hear a noise. They look to see a person dressed in a dark, hooded sweatshirt and wearing dark gloves walking into the church with a package that has Zach's name on it. When he gets near to Cyrus and Harley, Cyrus tackles the package-carrier to the ground.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Josh and Cassie tell Will that they have something important to tell him and they want him to be honest about his feelings. They tell him that Edmund is going to be sent to San Cristobel. They state that he will receive the best care but he will not be coming back ever. Will has no reaction at all and simply asks if there are any more cookies. Cassie comments Will for taking the news like a grown up tells him how proud they are of him. On the other hand, Josh is concerned about it and tries to get the boy to open up about how he really feels. When Will leaves to get some cookies, Frank arrives to speak to Josh and Cassie about Edmund. He tells them that even though Edmund is being sent to San Cristobel , when he recovers an investigator will be sent to get a statement from him. Cassie tells Frank that maybe they should just let it go but he reminds her that a crime was committed so they cannot. When Cassie leaves the room, Josh asks Frank to give him a heads up first about whatever he learns. He says it is so he can tell the children before they hear it from everyone else. Frank leaves and Cassie informs Josh that Will is gone. Josh wonders if he overheard him speaking with Frank and suggests that they split up to look for him.

At Company, Buzz tells Marina about Bill's threat to spill the beans about the rigged election unless he cooperates with the Main Street renovation. Buzz talks about revealing the truth, but Marina advises against it. At this point, a slightly drunk Doris arrives and begins to create a scene--ranting about Buzz stealing the election from her. Throwing a drink at his election poster, she rails about how she was leading in the polls. Mallet is there during her tirade and tries to get her to leave since she is making a scene. Buzz tries to settle an irate Doris by telling her to relax but that only gets her more outraged and she physically attacks him. As Mallet drags her out, she screams that she was robbed. With Doris gone, Buzz continues his conversation with Marina. Marina urges Buzz to take the opportunity that has dropped into his lap. Buzz seems conflicted and Marina emphasizes that he is not obligated to confess to a crime that he did not commit. She reminds him of Doris's threats against him before the election.

Marina then goes to see Mallet at the police station and thanks him for stepping in about Doris. Mallet tells Marina his concerns about Doris's allegation. She did have a pretty large lead in the polls.Mallet offers to investigate the matter to prove that Doris is wrong. Marina asks to talk to Mallet somewhere in private. She takes him to St. Mark's since she does not want to have this discussion in his place of business. Marina talks to Mallet about Doris's allegation and asks him to let it go. Mallet states that is funny coming from a cop. Marina reminds him that she is no longer a cop and asks him to let the Coopers deal with this. Mallet agrees.

Buzz arrives at the station to talk to Doris. After commenting that she cannot believe he came without cameras, Doris bemoans her present circumstance. She admits to Buzz that when she saw the poll numbers she could actually see herself becoming mayor. She asks what is going to happen to her now. She laments that she thought this would turn everything around; finally give her recognition and validation. Buzz tells the officer to let Doris go; he is dropping the charges.

Meanwhile,, Mallet has second thoughts and calls the election board. He wants to meet with them to discuss how easy or difficult it is to rig an election.

Lillian arrives at work for her shift. While checking in on Edmund, she tells the officer in charge of watching him to go to lunch and tells him she can monitor his condition from her desk. Soon after, Will sneaks into Edmund's room. He is discovered by Josh who asks what he is doing there. Will defensively says that he is saying goodbye. Josh takes Will back home and continues there previous conversation. Josh tells Will that he and his mother love him very much and are happy that he is with them. Will says that he is happy too. Josh tells the boy that he can tell he is holding something back and wants him to discuss what he is feeling. Will states that he is not feeling anything. Josh brings up James. How his fall enabled Will to get the lead in the church pageant. He also brings up Edmund's fall. Did they both just fall? Will tries to avoid the discussion by stating that he is hungry. Josh presses on and states that during the ordination, there was a period of time where he did not see Will and then Edmund went over the balcony. Josh asks Will if he pushed Edmund. Will replies that Edmund is his friend. Josh asks if Will was on the balcony with Edmund. Will tells Josh he does not want to talk to him any more and warns him to never try to get between him and his mother.

Beth is outside after having picked up some pamphlets from 'Cedars. As she is sitting on a bench, Mel approaches. Beth thanks Mel for giving them back the Bauer house. Mel states that it is no problem; they will need a place for the new baby. Mel assures Beth that she is fine; there is life without Rick. She then notices Beth's pamphlets and asks what she is reading. Beth tells her they are pamphlets regarding autism. Beth states that Rick has always bragged about how well-informed Mel was throughout her pregnancy. Beth admits to not being too conscientious during her other two pregnancies and resolves to be different this time. Later, Beth runs into Cassie as she is searching for Will. Beth remembers there was something she wanted to give to Cassie. She searches through her papers and finds some pictures that Will had drawn during the Art Fair. Cassie is very disturbed by the nature of the pictures. Cassie tells Beth that she thought she was doing the right thing by letting Alonzo care for Will but these pictures show that Will must have felt abandoned by her.

Buzz returns to Company. Soon after, Doris arrives to clean up the mess she made. Buzz tries to tell her that it is not necessary but is interrupted by a call from Marina. Marina tells Buzz that she talked Mallet out of launching an investigation into the election. However, she tells him in order to make this completely go away, they need to shut Doris up. Buzz starts to resist and Marina asks if he really thinks Doris is the kind of mayor the town needs. After ending the call, Buzz offers Doris a job in the mayor's office.

Cyrus and Harley tackle a hooded man at St. Mark's and are stunned to see that it is Remy. As they pepper him with questions about why he is there, Remy gets defensive and tries to leave. Harley notices the box that he begins to pick up and sees that it is addressed to Zach. She takes the box and sees that it contains Phillip's old high school jacket. Cyrus demands to know where go he got it. Harley rails and Remy and demands to know why he is doing this. Jude is practically his nephew. Doesn't he care about him? Remy defends himself by stating that he doubts Phillip is going to take Jude this time. He tells them that Phillip misses his kids; that is all. He tells them that he ran into Phillip in Clayton. He had just lost a lot of money gambling and Phillip offered him money to deliver the package. Cyrus and Harley badger Remy with more questions about Phillip--about when he is coming back. Remy sates that he is not--Phillip told him he was leaving. The pair takes Remy to Harley's place and continues the conversation. Cyrus wants Remy to show them on the map where he met with Phillip each time. Remy continues to be snide and defensive and Harley asks what happened to him. As she lectures him about helping Phillip, he brings up the fact that she is working for Alan: a killer. After Remy storms out, a shaken Harley admits to Cyrus that she is scared. Breathing heavy as if she is about to hyperventilate, Harley talks about the stress she has been under with her marriage ending, being in the collapsed building and now Phillip. Cyrus comes up behind her and gets her to calm down. He turns her around and quietly urges her not to spin out. As he is talking to her, it appears as if they are about to kiss. Unbeknownst to them, Remy is watching through the window and trips into some cans. The loud noise breaks the spell and Harley thanks Cyrus for helping her but admits that they cannot keep doing this. She brings up her feelings for him and he tells her that it is not just her anymore. Harley tells him not to say anything else. They both want the same thing: him with Marina. Cyrus agrees and states that they just need to decide to move on from each other. Harley agrees and they shake on it.

Remy runs into Marina at the Beacon. Marina comments on his foul mood and brings up his unpleasant encounter with Harley. He points out that her aunt is bad news and Marina better open her eyes before she steals her boyfriend away.

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