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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 4, 2008 on GL
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Natalia returned from California and visited Frank at the station to tell him that she'd been on a wild goose chase looking for Alan. Frank said he knew that flight well. When Marina had lived in L.A. with her mother, he'd flown in twice a month to visit her. Natalia and Frank played cards at the station for a while and talked about how children changed the lives of their parents. Frank received a call from Marina, saying that Remy's child had been born and was in neonatal intensive care. When Natalia heard the news, she went to church to pray for Remy and his son.

Meanwhile Remy was one proud, excited, and bag-laden father as he headed home after shopping for his son. While walking outside, he called Mel and filled her in on all the baby stuff he'd bought. In the middle of the street, he juggled the phone and shopping bags as he examined a package of diapers, saying he hoped they'd fit.

Mel said Remy shouldn't shop for Max until Max was released, but Remy insisted on being prepared. Mel decided to go shopping with him over the weekend. Remy requested referrals for pediatricians in Chicago, saying that after Max's release, he and his son would join Ava there. Mel was skeptical about such a step, but Remy smiled, replying that they were a family. Nothing would tear them apart.

Meanwhile, Lizzie encountered Bill and wondered how he'd injured his forehead. Bill replied that he'd been too drunk at the time to recall. When he asked her why she was back in Springfield, she offered to take him for a drive in her car to talk. He said he could lose Max. Lizzie hesitantly replied that Max had never been his to lose. Bill ignored the statement, saying Remy had Ava snowed. He worried that when Ava finally returned home, she and Remy would take Max away from him, and he'd be cut out of Max's life.

Bill dragged Lizzie into the hospital to show her how beautiful Max was. She tugged herself away, saying that he didn't have to prove anything to her. Lizzie understood how much he loved Max but insisted that Bill was setting himself up for a huge fall by fighting over Max. Bill referred to Alan, who'd raised Phillip even though Phillip was not his own. Lizzie didn't think Alan was a healthy example.

Just then, the doctor hastily pulled Bill aside to inform him that Max was in distress. Max had developed a fever and was having trouble breathing. Bill said Max had been doing fine earlier, but the doctor replied that things rapidly changed "at this stage in the game." Olivia entered the neonatal intensive care unit, demanding to know what was happening. Bill filled her in and repeatedly said everything would be fine. Meanwhile, as Remy looked at the baby outfits he'd purchased, Mel called to alert him that Max needed him immediately.

As Olivia tried unsuccessfully to reach Jeffrey, Bill told Lizzie how helpless he felt. Olivia said Ava wouldn't be able to handle the news, but she wanted to call Remy. Bill said no, but Olivia insisted. Just then, Remy showed up. Mel emerged from neonatal to tell them that the situation was serious. Remy murmured that Ava had been under stress. Bill insinuated that if something happened to Max, it was Remy's fault for harassing Ava.

Lizzie hustled Bill into another waiting area. Remy told Olivia that Max had been just fine earlier. When Remy shared his plan to take Max to Chicago to make a life with Ava, Olivia said he'd planned to run. "You damn straight, I was going to run," Remy replied, adding that he'd been doing what Olivia had told him to do. Remy reminded Olivia that she'd said she wanted Bill away from Max. Remy believed that if Ava got a chance to hold Max, then she'd get better. Olivia said Mel was a good doctor, and she'd find a way to help Max.

After waiting a while for news, Lizzie decided to take Bill's mind off things by shooting hoops on a nearby court. Bill shot hoops and wondered when Lizzie would return to L.A. Lizzie said she'd stay long enough to meet Max. After they played a game called "Horse," the doctor came outside to ask them to return to the neonatal intensive care unit.

Over at Cross Creek, Jeffrey worried about his cases and his family. He got freaked out when he opened a package and discovered a mountain of wedding planning materials inside. Reva returned home from shopping, and Jeffrey said he was going for a walk alone. After he left, she smirked at his awkward behavior. When she saw the bridal paraphernalia spread out on Jeffrey's desk, she followed him and found him frustrated on a bench outside. He'd been calling Olivia to discuss Ava, but he kept getting Olivia's voicemail.

To ease Jeffrey's tension, Reva gave him a back rub and mentioned that the wedding brochures had possibly stressed him out. She said they'd come from Shelly, a friend of hers who'd started a wedding planning business. Reva had accepted them just to appease Shelly and assured him that she hadn't planned to use the material. With everything else happening in their lives, Jeffrey seemed overwhelmed by the literature about destination weddings, innovative catering, and ballrooms that seated two hundred. He said they were the only two people that he cared about showing up for their wedding. Reva thought she had just the thing for Jeffrey. Giggling, she asked him to follow her.

Reva took Jeffrey to a miniature golf course. He didn't understand why they were there, and Reva said he'd remember that course forever because it was where he'd gotten married. To Jeffrey's surprise, Reva had concocted an impromptu wedding. Reva pointed to a player across the course and said he was a minister who'd be happy to marry them once he finished his game. Jeffrey asked her if she really wanted to do it that way.

Reva said she didn't need rowboats or horse-drawn carriages for her wedding; she just needed Jeffrey. She believed Ava would pull through and return to Max. In the meantime, Jeffrey deserved a little joy in his life. When she asked Jeffrey if he wanted to do it, Jeffrey chuckled, replying, "What the hell?"

While Reva putted, Jeffrey slipped away and bought her some flowers at the gift shop. Reva took the flowers just as Jeffrey's phone rang. He answered and learned from Olivia that Max was in trouble. Reva noted Jeffrey's disturbed look and said, "It's okay. Whatever it is, it's okay. We can do this anytime." Jeffrey was skeptical, but Reva repeated, "Anytime." Jeffrey worriedly revealed that Max was in trouble. Reva dropped the wedding, deciding that they needed to leave for the hospital right away.

Just after Reva and Jeffrey met Olivia in the hospital waiting room, Bill and Lizzie reentered, looking for Mel. They said the doctor had asked them to return to the waiting area. A devastated Mel emerged from neonatal intensive care. She was trembling and desperately asked everyone to help her find Remy. Reva, Jeffrey, Olivia, Bill, and Lizzie all sensed something was terribly wrong.

Olivia gently prodded Mel to tell them Max's condition. Mel sobbed, saying that Max's resistance had been too low to fight the infection. She cried, saying that Max was gone. Mel then left to find Remy. Bill laid his head against a wall and sobbed. Olivia lost her balance as she cried, and Jeffrey led her to a seat. Reva and Lizzie stared somberly at their loved ones.

Meanwhile Remy had gone to the chapel and seemed very scared as he bowed his head on the back of a pew in front of him. He had lit a candle and was praying when Mel entered. With one look at his sister, Remy broke into tears. They held each other tightly as they cried.

Back at the hospital, Remy entered the neonatal area with Mel and silently acknowledged the other dazed relatives. Bill and Remy exchanged tearful glances, and Bill walked out. Reva motioned to Lizzie to follow Bill. Mel took Remy aside.

Remy rushed to a counter and poured out the contents of his wallet. He searched for the only photo of Max that he had. He sobbed that Ava didn't even know what had happened. Completely breaking down, he told Mel that he'd bought all those diapers, clothes, and toys. He wailed, saying that he was going to be such a good father. Mel comforted him as he cried.

While sitting alone with Jeffrey, Reva expressed that she was upset with herself for taking Jeffrey to the mini-golf course when he should have been with Olivia and Max. She asked him if there was anything she could do. Jeffrey pressed his forehead to hers, uttering that no apology was needed. He was used to always having a plan but said there was nothing anyone could do at that point.

Just then, Jeffrey and Reva heard Olivia yelling from around the corner. Following Olivia's voice, they found her red-faced as she badgered the doctor, swearing to sue the whole hospital for Max's death. Jeffrey told her to calm down because of her heart. He stood behind Olivia, comforting her. Looking over his shoulder, he looked at Reva with uncertainty. Reva approached Olivia, and both Reva and Jeffrey held onto Olivia from behind as she stared through the neonatal care window, crying.

Outside, Bill got into Lizzie's car and held onto an open pint of liquor. When Lizzie opened the passenger door, Bill told her that she could go back to L.A. Lizzie asked for the car keys, saying she didn't want him to wreck the car. Staring down at his lap, Bill said, "Can't watch a car grow up. Can't have a car love you back. He's my son...He is my son...."

Bill shook his head and scoffed, "you're worried about a car." Lizzie insisted that she was worried about Bill. She told him that he could take the car, smash it, or drive it off a cliff if he wanted. Lizzie strapped herself into the passenger seat and said that whatever he did, he'd have to do it with her in the car because she wasn't going anywhere.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Springfield residents were deeply affected by Max's passing. At a table inside Company, Jeffrey tried to take care of Olivia, and Reva tried to take care of Jeffrey. Olivia wouldn't eat and she missed Ava. Reva told Olivia and Jeffrey that they'd done the right thing with Ava. Antsy, Olivia left to take a walk. Concerned about Jeffrey's emotions, Reva asked Jeffrey what he needed. Jeffrey seemed out of sorts, unable to help Ava or Olivia any further.

Reva smiled in surprise when Jeffrey said that he wanted to get married. They had started out that day with a wedding plan, and he wanted to finish it. Though touched, Reva replied that they weren't getting married that day. She thought Jeffrey was worried about everyone and everything but himself. Jeffrey sighed, saying he didn't know how Ava would take the news that her son had died. Reva held his hand, and Jeffrey decided to go for a walk to think about things.

Meanwhile, Josh sneaked into Cross Creek with a bucket of yellow roses. Afterward, he went to Towers for a drink. When he saw Jeffrey enter, he asked if Reva were joining Jeffrey and suggested they all sit together. Jeffrey replied that it wasn't a good time and informed Josh that his grandson had died. Josh gave Jeffrey his condolences and offered to listen if Jeffrey needed to talk. Jeffrey said he didn't want to talk to a preacher. When Josh said he didn't presume to know God's plan, Jeffrey spoke about his helplessness in the situation.

Jeffrey wondered what good he was as Ava's father if he couldn't help her. Josh told him that parents wanted to help their children, but bad things just happened. Parents had to accept the bad with the good. "Is that it?" Jeffrey asked. Shrugging, Josh suggested his plan B. Josh doled money out on the bar, telling Jeffrey to have more drinks, go to the batting cage nearby, and strike balls until the pain dulled. Josh predicted it'd take about a hundred or more swings. Once Jeffrey swung all the hurt out of him, Josh thought Jeffrey just might be able to help Ava.

Meanwhile, Remy was sobbing on the floor at his place when his father stopped over for a visit. Remy assumed that his father was there to tell him what a failure he was and what a lousy father he would have been to Max. Clayton was hurt that Remy would think that. Remy wanted his father just to "get the hell out" of his house because he didn't need anyone. Clayton became enraged that Remy hadn't contacted his parents about Max's passing. They'd learned it from Mel.

Clayton yelled at Remy for not contacting his mother, who was crying her eyes out at home because her son had lost his son. When Clayton tried to touch Remy, Remy jerked out of his chair, ready to hit his father. They grabbed onto each other's collars, and when Remy didn't strike, Clayton said Remy couldn't hit him because Remy never committed to finishing anything. Sobbing, Remy screamed that he'd completed his EMT courses. Slobbering as he raged, Remy said he'd been good at his job. The men still yanked each other's collars as Clayton encouraged him to keep saying it.

Remy screamed again and again that he'd been good at his job, that he'd been good to Ava, and that he could have made a good father. Clayton drew Remy into his arms, and they both sobbed. Clayton said, "I know, son. I know..."

After Clayton left Remy's, he wound up at the bar at Towers. Clayton sat beside Jeffrey and said Mel was worried about both of them. Jeffrey lamented that they should have been toasting to their grandson. When Clayton asked about Ava, Jeffrey said she was still in the clinic and unaware of Max's death. Jeffrey admitted to being an amateur at parenting.

Clayton told Jeffrey that when he'd found out Rick had cheated on Mel, he'd wanted to kill Rick. However, he realized that the situation hadn't been about him. It had been about Mel. Clayton believed that if parents could put their children's needs first, then everything would be okay. Clayton thought Ava would tell Jeffrey when she was ready to hear about Max's passing. Jeffrey stepped away from the bar to call Ava. To his surprise, she answered the phone, and she asked Jeffrey to visit her. Jeffrey said he'd visit her soon and told her to get her rest.

Meanwhile, Olivia ran into Dinah outside Company. Dinah had been in meetings all day, and Olivia realized that Dinah didn't know what had happened with Max. Olivia informed Dinah that Max had gotten sicker and had died. Devastated, Dinah blamed herself for wishing Max and Remy would go away. Olivia snapped that it wasn't about Dinah. A baby had died, and Dinah needed to snap out it.

Later, Olivia walked along the lake paths and saw Jeffrey on a bench. She joined him and told him that Dinah thought she'd caused Max's death by wishing him away. Olivia further said Dinah had given Remy money to take Max to Chicago to be with Ava. Jeffrey sighed and wondered what they were supposed to do. Olivia said she needed to calm down and do what was best for her daughter. Jeffrey said he'd called Ava.

Olivia was anxious to know how Ava had sounded. Jeffrey thought Ava had seemed tired, and he hadn't told her about Max. Neither of them knew how to tell her. Olivia said she was glad Jeffrey had been there through all the issues, even though both of them had missed Ava's childhood. Jeffrey said they'd find a way to pull Ava through her problems together.

Meanwhile Josh sneaked back into Cross Creek to remove the roses he'd taken there. Reva entered and asked him what he thought he was doing. Josh said he was "undoing." He'd delivered one yellow rose for every year they'd been together, but he had decided that he hadn't chosen the best time to present them. Reva was glad Josh was finally accepting that she was with Jeffrey. Josh said he hadn't given up on Reva, but he'd heard about Jeffrey's loss and had changed his mind about fighting for Reva that particular day.

Josh headed for the door, but Reva asked him to stay. Since he was there, she thought they could call their children, Marah and Shayne. They got Marah's voicemail and left her a message. Reva was frustrated, however, when they couldn't reach Shayne. Josh didn't find it strange that Shayne's number was disconnected. He said he'd just email Shayne to get the new one.

Meanwhile Lizzie took her car keys from Bill to keep him from driving while drunk. Bill talked her into taking him to his office, saying he'd forgotten something there. Once at Maximus, Lizzie realized that Bill hadn't left anything; he'd just wanted to bury himself in work. Lizzie told him that he couldn't make what had happened disappear. She suggested that he and Remy have a memorial service. Bill didn't think anyone in town understood how he felt about Max and decided that a memorial service would be pointless for him. He advised her to take that advice over to Remy's house.

Lizzie visited Remy. She said she understood his loss, but Remy retorted that Sarah was still alive. Lizzie replied that she hadn't known that Sarah was alive for a long time. During the period that she'd been led to believe Sarah had died, what had helped her through had been the memorial Alan had made for Sarah. She suggested Remy have the same thing.

Remy said Ava didn't know about Max's death. Lizzie didn't know when the best time to tell Ava would be, but once Ava did know, Lizzie felt the memorial would be really important. Ava, Bill, and Remy would all need a marker, a place to remind them that Max had been real. Lizzie gave Remy the number for the service that had done Sarah's memorial. Remy took the number, but then he said there was something else he needed to do before calling them.

Meanwhile, Dinah found Bill at the office and expressed her sorrow over Max's death. She said she'd wanted Bill to let go of Max but not through death. Dinah revealed that she'd given Remy money to leave town with Max. Bill's face tightened, and he said Dinah should be happy, then, that Max's death had forced him to let go. They argued because Bill told her that she should have stayed out if, and it was none of her business. Dinah told him that he wasn't the father, he wasn't himself, and she'd felt she'd had to help him because she loved him.

Bill pressed her to tell him where the money she'd given Remy was from. When Dinah said she'd cashed a check from their company, Bill raged that it was "his" company. He called Mallet down to arrest Dinah for embezzlement. Dinah defended herself -- that she loved Bill and had even called Lizzie back to town to help Bill. Bill didn't listen, and Mallet was forced to take Dinah to the police station.

Once at the station, they encountered Remy outside. Remy thanked Dinah for helping Max and him. Dinah asked him not to do anything crazy or go after Bill. Remy grew upset that she was still protecting Bill. Dinah said she was trying to protect Remy. The day after Tammy had died, Dinah recalled that Remy had been very angry and hurt. She suggested that he stop trying so hard. Remy obstinately said he wouldn't give up, and he'd fix the situation. Remy left, and Mallet escorted Dinah into the station.

Remy traveled to the clinic where Ava had checked in. He stood outside her door with flowers. A nurse approached, wondering if Remy had permission to be there. Remy said he'd just spent half an hour with Ava's doctor, who'd said the sooner Remy spoke to Ava, the better. The nurse wondered if Remy were okay. He replied that his feelings didn't matter; Ava was the first priority. After the nurse left, Remy opened Ava's door. He looked inside and said, "Hi, Ava."

Meanwhile Lizzie picked Bill up from Maximus and took him to the mansion. When she didn't want to go inside, Bill apologized to her for all the terrible things he'd done to her since he'd arrived in town. Lizzie said that it was in the past and decided to walk him inside. Once in the parlor, Bill lay on the sofa and asked Lizzie if she would stay for a little while. Lizzie agreed and sat on the sofa. She hesitantly reached for his hand and held it.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Over at Marina's, Daisy told Marina that Grady felt Daisy had turned on him. Since Daisy and Grady's argument, Daisy assumed that Grady felt he had less than nothing. Unsympathetic, Marina thought Grady had gotten what he deserved. Meanwhile, Grady seemed to have given up hope while talking to Cyrus about his impending trial. Cyrus, however, thought they still had someone on the inside that could turn the tide. Grady smiled fiendishly upon hearing that Cyrus was still using Marina.

Cyrus found Marina working out at the gym. Marina said she hadn't heard from Cyrus in months and suddenly, he'd become her shadow. Cyrus said breaking up with Marina had been a dumb idea. Marina accused him of playing her. He tried to deny it, and Marina asked him why Harley had left him.

Cyrus didn't answer, and Marina realized that he'd cheated on Harley just like he'd cheated on Marina. Cyrus claimed to be helping his brother and asked Marina if she'd do anything to help her family. "Not anything," Marina said. She continued, "You should try some sit-ups. They are good for the core. Oh, wait -- you don't have one." Marina tossed a towel at him and left.

Meanwhile Daisy met Grady at her car and apologized for accusing him of wanting to hurt Reva. Grady wanted Daisy to prove that she didn't think he was a killer by testifying for him in court. Daisy replied that when it involved Tammy's death, she had to tell the truth. Grady debated whose truth was real, the D.A.'s truth or his truth. If Daisy agreed with the D.A.'s theory, then Grady would go to jail. Grady said there'd be no traveling and no future for them.

Grady said he wanted to have a life with Daisy, but he couldn't if he were convicted. Grady wanted her to tell the court "the other kind of truth." He asked Daisy to testify that Alan had used Grady's drug addiction to blackmail him into driving the car to injure Jonathan. Daisy worried that no one would believe her. Grady said he just needed some reasonable doubt. So far, it'd been Grady's word against Alan's. Daisy was the tiebreaker. If Daisy wanted Grady to believe he could trust her, he told her to prove it.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Bill stood on the patio, touching one of the two memorial statues that Alan had had created for Sarah and for Beth's miscarried child. Later, Vanessa visited Bill in the parlor and learned that Bill planned to annul his marriage to Ava. Vanessa mentioned that she didn't understand why Dinah thought Bill hated Dinah, and Bill replied, "Maybe because I do."

Vanessa felt that Bill was just out for vengeance. As they spoke, Mallet called to say Bill had punished Dinah enough, and she didn't deserve it. Bill hung up on Mallet. Lizzie entered the parlor and urged Bill to have a memorial for Max. Vanessa thought it was a good idea, but Bill refused. When he walked out of the room, Vanessa asked Lizzie to go after him.

Bill went to Cedars to discuss Max's burial arrangements. The nurse said Max had already been buried the previous day in their chapel yard. Confused, Bill thought they needed the father's consent to take action on that. The nurse showed Bill a paper on which Remy had written his consent. Bill flew into a rage, saying Remy wasn't the father. Lizzie rushed up and dragged Bill away from the counter.

Lizzie took Bill to a church. In the parking lot, she suggested he find a way to stop blaming himself. Bill admitted that marrying Ava had been a mistake. When Lizzie told him that he had to let go of his anger and his need to retaliate, Bill swept her into a passionate kiss.

Lizzie pulled away, telling him that she'd returned to town to see if he were okay, not to make love to him so that he could feel better. Bill wondered why Lizzie even bothered with him. Lizzie yelled, "Why do I bother with you? Are you really asking me that question? Because I'm in love with you, you stupid man!" Though she loved Bill, she said she couldn't be with him.

Bill thought that maybe one day they could be together, but Lizzie retorted that Bill wasn't ready for her. She decided that'd she'd help him plan the memorial, but then she was going back to L.A. Bill pulled her close and asked her what she was afraid of. Lizzie broke out of his embrace, saying she'd walk, since Bill was sane enough to drive.

Lizzie walked over to Tammy's grave and encountered Daisy. Daisy said that each time she went there, she'd ask Tammy two questions: did Tammy forgive her, and had it been worth it? Lizzie said they knew the answer to the latter question.

Daisy went to Company and saw Cyrus fixing Harley's toaster. Unbeknownst to them, Grady eavesdropped on their talk. Cyrus told Daisy that being with Harley had been the only good thing he'd ever done. Daisy wondered if he'd ever played "WWHD." Cyrus asked what that meant, and Daisy said, "What Would Harley Do?" He said he'd played before and lost.

Daisy speculated that Cyrus probably was a good person to talk to about lying. Cyrus wondered if she meant white lies or lying under oath. Daisy wondered what he thought of Grady's theory that there were two kinds of truths. Cyrus felt it boiled down to "WWHD." Daisy knew that Harley would tell her not to lie for Grady. Cyrus replied that Daisy was risking perjury, and Grady would go to jail anyway if she were caught. He advised that Daisy do what was best for her and leave Grady in Cyrus' hands.

While watching Cyrus and Daisy through Company's window, Grady ran into Lizzie, who was shocked to see Grady walking the streets. Grady said he'd beat the rap -- Alan had nothing to worry about unless Alan decided to roll over on Grady. Lizzie said that wouldn't happen then warned Grady not to hurt Daisy. "She's your ticket to ride, and we both know that," Lizzie said. Grady replied that he'd never hurt Daisy unless she hurt him first. Disgusted, Lizzie shoved her way past him.

Meanwhile, when Dinah learned she'd made bail, she assumed that Bill had pulled through for her. An officer told her that Bill hadn't bailed her out and pointed to the person that had. Dinah saw Mallet standing on the stairs. Mallet took Dinah for a lunch outside on a bench. She thanked him, but she said he didn't owe her anything. She understood he was with Marina, and she'd accepted it.

Dinah believed that if Mallet had waited just a few more minutes, Bill would have shown up. Mallet told her that he'd asked Bill to go down to the station, but Bill had hung up on him. Mallet felt that Bill didn't have the heart to appreciate Dinah's sisterly love.

While Dinah and Mallet were eating, Marina walked up and wondered if Dinah was on work release or something. Dinah said Mallet had bailed her out of jail. Marina awkwardly murmured that Dinah had a mother and a brother. Mallet replied that they hadn't been around. Dinah told Marina that she'd pay Mallet back and that she didn't plan to lean on Mallet for anything. Marina said that was a good idea. As Dinah left, Mallet told her that there was no hurry in repaying him.

Dinah went to Towers and saw her mother at the bar. Vanessa was upset to have learned from a stranger that her daughter had been in jail, saying that Bill hadn't even told her. Dinah replied that Bill hadn't said anything because he hadn't wanted Vanessa to bail her out.

Vanessa didn't believe Bill was that vindictive, but Dinah said Bill was out to hurt everyone, including himself. That was why Dinah felt she had to reach him. Vanessa suggested Dinah allow Bill to go to her. If Dinah forced the issue, Vanessa predicted that Dinah would push Bill away. Dinah said they'd worked too hard for what they'd built, and she didn't plan to lose it.

Meanwhile Mallet and Marina got stuck in the elevator at the Beacon. They started making out, and Marina said that his loyalty to Dinah turned her on. Kissing her neck, he asked her if it made her jealous. Marina huskily replied that it didn't as long as he had the same loyalty for her.

Mallet covered the security camera with his hat. The doors suddenly opened, and an elderly couple caught them kissing. Mallet and Marina hastily exited the elevator. "Who do they remind you of?" the elderly lady asked, boarding the elevator with her companion. "Who do you think?" he replied. As the doors closed, Marina and Mallet saw the elderly couple making out.

Meanwhile Bill returned to the mansion. He threw baby diapers and toys over the parlor overlook as an uneasy Hilda stood by. Frustrated, he sank to the floor and held his face in his hands. Lizzie entered the parlor and found Hilda gathering the mess. Bill told Hilda to take the stuff to the shelter. Lizzie went upstairs and sat on the floor with Bill.

Bill admitted Lizzie had been right about a lot of things. He was trying to find the positives in the situation. He thought perhaps Ava had been right to take care of the burial and save him from the grieving. He said he needed to accept that people and dreams died. Warriors, however, kept fighting.

Lizzie said there was no one left to fight. Bill replied that there was always a battle. He was still the head of Maximus, and it was still his house. He believed it could be Lizzie's house, too, if she agreed to stay. When Lizzie looked hesitant, Bill said if she didn't choose to stay, he'd just do it alone.

At the mansion gate, Dinah told the guard that her gate remote control didn't work. She asked him to let her in. When he didn't, Dinah yelled for Bill. She screamed from the gate for him to let her into the house. Lizzie looked toward the window and Bill grimaced. Dinah screamed that it was her house, too. Frustrated, Dinah walked away from the gate.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ashlee Wolfe worked on her blog at the TV station. Even though Ashlee had broken up with Coop, she said she missed him and his family. She thought she was also losing Daisy. She felt as if she were like Chicken Little when the sky was falling and wondered how others handled it when their lives seemed to crash down on them. Ashlee became frustrated with her ramblings. Feeling as if no one was watching anyway, Ashlee ended her session.

Ashlee called Daisy to visit. Upon arrival, Daisy expressed her worries about testifying at Grady's trial. Daisy's testimony could hurt Grady or free him, and Daisy didn't know what to do. Ashlee advised that she tell the truth, saying that it was crazy of Grday to expect Daisy to prove her trustworthiness by lying under oath. Ashlee said the situation was unhealthy for Daisy.

Daisy grew tired of the "self-help kick" Ashlee had been on since her surgery. Ashlee decided that Daisy didn't want real help. She felt Daisy wanted someone to pat her on the back and listen to her sob story about her criminal boyfriend. Daisy wished that Ashlee would help her without judging her, but Daisy realized that she didn't want Ashlee's help anymore and left.

Meanwhile Jeffrey stared at a photo of him and Ava. A knock sounded on the office door, and Jeffrey hid the photo beneath papers. Olivia entered and gave him a long hug. She'd stopped by to talk about Ava with someone that understood. Jeffrey didn't think he understood any more than Olivia did. He didn't have any time to talk because he had a stack of paperwork to do.

Flipping up papers on his desk, Olivia found the hidden photo and insisted that Jeffrey needed to deal with his problems instead of burying himself in work. Jeffrey sighed and said he was dealing with things, just differently than Olivia. When Olivia asked about the wedding, Jeffrey said he'd been too preoccupied to help plan it. Olivia sarcastically told him to keep putting his life on hold so he could wind up with a string of divorces like she had. Jeffrey said she was right and he'd call Reva. He picked up the phone, but once Olivia left, he hung it up and stared at the picture again.

Olivia went to Towers, where she saw Ashlee. After some small talk, Ashlee said she'd be there if Olivia needed anything. Olivia mentioned that Emma liked Ashlee's blog. Ashlee didn't think anyone read it, but Olivia replied that Emma and another girl in junior high really liked it. Olivia said they looked up to Ashlee like a role model.

Olivia congratulated Ashlee on being willing to reach out to others who needed to commune with someone who understood. Excited that someone was watching, Ashlee returned to the station to tell her blog viewers that she hadn't meant to abandon them. She gave them some encouraging words about hanging in there when they felt like the sky was falling. She said she wasn't alone, and neither were they.

At the boardinghouse, Natalia asked Buzz if he would believe Alan's premonitions. Buzz said he'd want to hear what Jenna had to say from anyone who said they'd contacted Jenna from beyond. Natalia asked him if Alan was crazy, and Buzz replied, "What if he's not?"

Meanwhile, Beth was at Harley's old place, talking on the phone with Alan. She reminded him to meet her and the lawyer after his groupie session. Afterward, Buzz and Natalia arrived to see Alan. As Beth told them that Alan was with his groupies, the phone rang. It was Alan again, asking Beth to put Natalia on the phone. Alan told Natalia that Gus worried about Rafe being in Europe; Gus clearly pointed toward Springfield, where Rafe would be safe. Alan said he felt Springfield was also where Gus wanted Alan to be.

Natalia hung up the phone and relayed Alan's words to Beth and Buzz. Beth hated to dash Natalia's hopes, but she told Natalia that the visions Alan had had in California had amounted to nothing. Natalia said she wanted to believe Alan. She felt it was all about faith. Beth countered by asking Natalia what she was putting her faith in. Beth planned to put her faith in a lawyer just as soon as she could find a babysitter that would free her up to visit one. Natalia volunteered to babysit Peyton.

Natalia took Peyton to Company and gave her a bottle. Olivia entered and asked if she could help feed the baby. Olivia was very sad as she held Peyton. The women talked about missing Ava and Rafe. Olivia began to sob. She said she didn't know what to do anymore, and her heart couldn't take it. Up in Natalia's room, Olivia said she felt a little better. Natalia told Olivia about Alan's latest premonitions that Rafe wasn't safe in Europe.

Olivia seemed to bite her tongue to stop herself from disparaging Alan. When Natalia sensed Olivia's skepticism, Olivia said Rafe might be no safer in Springfield than in Europe. Natalia decided to call Rafe about Alan's visions, but Olivia thought it was ludicrous to tell a child on the run that his dead father was calling him home through his grandfather's dreams. Olivia asked Natalia to really search the validity of Alan's claims before she told them to Rafe.

After Natalia, Peyton, and Buzz left, Beth called Alan and admonished him for giving Natalia hope that Rafe would be safe if he returned to Springfield. Alan insisted Gus was taking care of them all. Beth rolled her eyes and told him to meet her at the lawyer's. Upon opening her door to leave, Beth encountered Jeffrey. He'd arrived to give Alan one more chance to make a deal. Beth said Jeffrey couldn't just barge into her house, threatening her. Jeffrey retorted that Alan couldn't pay people to kill other people with their cars and not pay consequences.

Beth tried to leave the house, but Jeffrey cornered her, saying, "She made some bad choices, Beth, okay? She didn't hurt anyone. She just wanted to be with the man that she's in love with and start a family. She didn't deserve this, all right? So I'm getting justice for Ava and her family." Confused, Beth repeated, "Ava?" Jeffrey grimaced and held his head down when he realized his slip of the tongue.

Beth fixed Jeffrey a glass of water and told him that she understood his loss. She said Alan was going through the same thing because of Gus's death. Jeffrey wondered what Gus would say about Alan's situation. Jeffrey said Gus would want Alan to confess. Beth thought that Jeffrey's family issues had caused Jeffrey to lose his objectiveness. Jeffrey replied that Alan wouldn't get away with what he'd done then he left.

Meanwhile, Daisy encountered Grady outside. Grady was upset about Daisy meeting with Cyrus the other day. As they argued, Frank had Daisy's car towed. Frank approached Daisy and threatened to harass her every moment that she was with Grady.

After Grady walked off, Frank tried to mention how Harley might feel, but Daisy cut him off, saying that Harley was in Europe with Daisy's ex-boyfriend. Frank said Harley was trying to help Rafe. Daisy rebutted that Harley ought to help own her daughter. Frank received a police call. He ordered Daisy to go to the Beacon while he went to work. If she wanted her car back, he told her to prove it.

After Frank left, Grady returned and suggested that he and Daisy steal her car from the police impound. He reminded her of a time they'd done something similar, and then they left. At the impound lot, they told the overseer that "Murph" had taken Daisy's car as a prank. When they threatened to tell Daisy's police detective uncle that someone had towed her car for no reason, the guy released the car.

After Daisy and Grady got the car back, Daisy was psyched that they'd used Frank as the reason to get the car back. She said she was such a good liar because she'd been forced to lie so much in that town. Grady understood that Daisy would lie, just not for him. Daisy replied that lying in court was different. She doubted she'd even have to lie or testify at all. When she offered Grady a ride, he told her that he'd rather walk.

After Grady walked away, Jeffrey walked up to Daisy's car. Jeffrey warned Daisy that if she lied for Grady or gave him any kind of an alibi, she'd face perjury charges. Daisy replied that Reva had said Jeffrey would protect her. Jeffrey said all bets were off, and Daisy retorted that Reva would kill him for jailing her granddaughter. Jeffrey responded that Grady had killed Tammy. He urged her not to let her feelings for Grady blind her to what he'd done.

Meanwhile Grady went to Alan's and told him that he'd withdrawn his confession. Grady warned that it was in Alan's best interest to use whatever pull he had to make sure Grady walked out a free man; otherwise, Grady said he had no problems ratting Alan out. Thoughtfully looking at Grady, Alan told about Gus's death and the visions he'd gotten from Gus. Alan said he knew what he'd done, and he knew what Grady had done; the rest was out of their hands. Grady insisted it wasn't out of Alan's hands because Alan was going to follow Grady's orders.

Alan calmly replied that he'd rather trust Gus. Alan believed Gus would save him. Grady sardonically asked if Gus would save him as well. Alan replied that Gus hadn't indicated such. Grady guessed that Alan had to be going for an insanity plea. If Alan were the only ace in Grady's pocket, Grady decided that he was screwed. Alan said he prayed that they both got what they deserved. "Oh, I sure as hell hope not," Grady said as he walked away.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Jeffrey and Reva ate at Company as he prepared for the murder trial. When Reva assured him that he was prepared enough, Jeffrey stated that he wanted to do it right for Ava. Reva noticed his slip -- his second in two days -- and corrected him; he meant Tammy. Later, before the trial, Jeffrey asked the defense attorney how he could defend scum like Grady. The attorney reminded Jeffrey what they taught the first year in law school -- do not get personally involved. The attorney wondered if his advice was a little too late.

Grady saw Daisy, who backed away when he rushed to greet her. When questioned, Daisy admitted that she was going to be called to testify against him, and Jeffrey warned her that if she lied, he would put her away for perjury. Grady told Daisy that was an empty threat, since the D.A. had no way of proving whether she was lying, since no one else had been in the car.

A private investigator gave Cyrus a dossier on Grady's life. The PI warned Cyrus that it was not pretty. Later, Cyrus met with Grady. Cyrus assured Grady that they would make it through the trial and that he would not abandon him.

One of Alan's groupies, Grace, tried to visit Alan. Before Beth rushed her out, Grace showed Alan her juror's badge. After Grace left, Alan assured Beth that the trial would work in his favor. Despite Alan's words, Beth was still worried. Later, outside the courthouse, Alan approached Grady and Cyrus and told them the good news that he had an "in" on the jury.

Josh visited Cassie and offered to go to the trial with her. Cassie asked if he thought she could not handle it. Josh said that was not it. He just cared.

Finally, the trial began. In his opening statement, Jeffrey discussed Tammy, who was no longer on the earth because of Grady. Jeffrey stated that Grady was a murderer for hire, and just because Tammy was not his intended victim, that did not make her death any less of a crime. In his opening statement, the defense attorney conceded that Grady had hit Tammy with his car. However, he intended to prove that it had simply been an accident; there had been no mission to murder that night.

During the opening statements, Reva noticed that Alan kept making eye contact with one of the jurors, Grace. During a brief recess, Reva talked to Grace and got on her good side by stating that the court was being unfair to Mr. Spaulding. Reva called the D.A.'s accusations against Alan slander. Believing that Reva was a fellow believer in Alan's visions, Grace told Reva not to worry about Alan. When the court resumed, Reva gave the bailiff a note to give to Jeffrey.

The D.A.'s first witness was Frank, who confirmed that the car that had hit Tammy was registered in Grady's name. On cross-examination, the defense attorney accused Frank of being biased because of his personal grudge against Grady's brother. At that point, the bailiff gave Reva's note to Jeffrey. Jeffrey asked Juror number two, Grace, if she knew Alan. Grace denied it but was forced to admit that she did when Jeffrey pointed out that a witness could testify that she knew him. The judge called for a recess so that she could talk with Grace in her chambers.

Grady warned Alan that he was not going down alone and talked about cutting a deal with the D.A. Alan advised Grady to stay the course, since he was convinced the trial would still work in their favor.

Cyrus approached Cassie to offer some sympathy. Cyrus noted that the trial was tough for him, also, since it gave him a wake-up call about his brother. Cyrus told Cassie that he'd left Australia in order to send money to Grady, so Grady could have a better life. Unfortunately, Grady had wound up in various foster homes where he'd been handed off and treated like garbage. As Cyrus told Cassie how sorry he was about Tammy, Reva spotted the two talking and rushed Cyrus away.

Court reconvened, and Jeffrey put Cassie on the stand. Cassie testified that the day Tammy had died, Cassie had learned that Grady had killed her, and there had been no indication from him that it had simply been an accident. On cross-examination, the defense attorney addressed Cassie's mental state over the past year and a half and asked if Cassie would send an innocent man to jail in an effort to feel better. Cassie answered that, yes, she would. Cassie stated that there was a time when she would have done that, but that time was past.

Cassie told the court that she could no longer be that bitter, vengeful person because that was not who Tammy was. Tammy was about love and forgiveness, and those were the qualities that Cassie wanted to teach her sons. Cassie stated that she would not let the past drag her down and ended by giving the attorney her final answer to his question -- no.

Alan and Daisy both ended up at the marker where Tammy had died. Alan mentioned Daisy being in the car with Grady, and Daisy admitted that Gus had covered for her. Daisy said, "Thank God for Gus," and Alan agreed.

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