One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 6, 2004 on OLTL
Riley told Jen that he loved her. Jessica refused to help Natalie. Tico framed Antonio, but John was onto him. Angelina revealed that she was really Isabella, and Antonio was Manuelito Santi. Tico accidentally called Angelina. Kevin met Babe on the political scene, and she felt connected to Ace.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 6, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, September 6, 2004

Due to the Labor Day holiday, today's regular episode was preempted. In its place, an encore presentation of the "baby-swapping" episode was broadcast. Regular programming will resume tomorrow.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Antonio tries to get access of the police file on Octavio Vigil's murder, but John won't let him anywhere near it.

After Octavio's file later comes up missing, Tico plants it in Antonio's jacket. Sonia confronts Antonio, telling him to stop interfering with her investigation.

Although grateful and moved by David's desire to help Kelly in any way he can, Dorian refuses to let him buckle to Kevin's pressure. In dire need of money to pay off Paul and Rex's debt to R.J., Natalie asks her family for a loan. Certain of Paul's involvement, Jessica refuses to lift a finger to help.

Jen opens up to Nora and tells her that she's afraid that Riley will choose Flash over her. Feeling pulled in two directions, Riley goes to Daniel for advice. Riley later pays Jen a visit and tells her that he has made his decision.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Dorian and David search frantically for an absent Kelly, as she happily returns from shopping for Ace. She thinks that Kevin will come around soon so she wants to be prepared with clothes and new furniture. Dorian attempts to tell her otherwise while David suggests that she not deliver any of the new clothes to Kevin, who has no heart. He persuades her to stay and rest.

It takes Riley awhile because she doesn't want to hear the awful answer, but Jen is finally convinced that Riley loves her and will not return to Flash.

Busily sharing her hurt feelings over Nat's dilemma with Tico who tells her she's really upset over Antonio's obsession with family matters, Jess is interrupted by Kevin who has a previously arranged meeting with Santi. First he shows off the latest edition of the Banner Sun with Jess' article on Tico taking up the front page headlines. Seeming pleased, Tico grabs the copy for himself. Kevin suggests Jess go upstairs and visit with Ace and his nurse, to get rid of her. Tico notes that he was very careful with what was said in his interview with Jess; Kevin wants to know if he likes his sister. The men are spotted by Dorian, who has come to meet with Dr. Quintana and she doesn't waste a second. Stopping by to say hello to Tico, she rips into Kevin immediately. Kevin retorts that Kelly is having a breakdown, in her makeup since her birth. The men decide to meet privately in future so that they're not spotted together. Tico wants Kevin back in politics and is willing to use his powerful friends to make that happen.

Daniel learns that the files of the alleged hit man are missing and believes that Antonio is involved. He thinks that Vega is protecting Sonia in some way. Both Nora and John come to Antonio's defense though later, privately, John tells Nora that Antonio is definitely obsessed. They had agreed to prove Antonio's innocence but when his coat, left at the Palace and returned to the station, is turned over to them, John spots papers protruding from a pocket. They are the missing case files (planted earlier by Tico).

Antonio gets into Tico's house and overhears Sonia and Angelina talking about keeping the truth from him. He almost gets caught when he knocks some books to the floor but Sonia runs into a maid who suggests that it was one of the other servants. Out of hiding, Antonio makes a dash for Angelina's room and manages to semi-awaken her. He wants her to divulge her secret for the "sake of the family." She speaks in a whisper, in fragments, of Manuel the monster and mentions being his bride. She tells him that he's just like Manuel but stops short, recalling Sonia's warning. Downstairs, Sonia makes a phone call, telling the party that she's closing in on El Tiburon. Tico returns home just then and grabbing the phone, demands to know who she's speaking to. Just then, they hear Angelina calling out, begging someone to leave. Rushing upstairs, she is alone and is apparently dreaming, having recently been given some medication.

An exhausted Marcie and Mark argue but Michael drops by the house and gets them to settle their differences. A depressed Marcie wants to give up on just about everything in her life, including her family, but after Michael disappears for awhile and comes back to announce that they should visit her father as he's just spoken to him, she decides to give it a try.

Jess has some amazing new pictures of Ace to show Kelly, who is ecstatic to see them. Dorian returns, disclosing to David that the doctor believes that Kelly should enter the hospital for observation. She also mentions having seen Kevin and Tico together, something that has immediately aroused her suspicions.

Kevin pays Tico a visit because he wants to make clear what happened with his previous relationship with the governor. Tico has news in return; the governor is having problems with his staff and needs new blood. Tico can see that he's Lt. Governor again. Kevin accepts. Upstairs, Antonio has once again come out of hiding to hear Angelina tell him that she will unburden herself if he keeps it all secret. She has a warning though; he will never be able to return to his old life.

Thursday, September 9, 2004

Jessica rushes into the Angel Square Diner and speaks to Carlotta, begging her for help with Antonio. She confronts her, saying that she knows the secret Carlotta has been keeping and that she has to tell Antonio before he figures it out. Carlotta grows pale, scared that someone knows her secret. She looks even paler when Jessica comes to the realization that either Isabella or Manuelito were alive after all.

Tico and Sonia are discussing the Heart gala when Kevin comes in to make a contribution because of them honoring his mother. As Sonia takes a phone call, Tico convinces Kevin to re-enter politics. The phone call was warning Sonia that Antonio had the file and was on his way to the house.

John leaves a message for Antonio, saying that Sonia was setting him up by planting the missing file with him. When John questions Antonio about his tactics, Antonio gets angry and once again quits the Llanview police department.

Angelina tells Antonio that Manuel Santi had a son that escaped the explosion. Angelina explains that the Santis were thrown clear of the car when it exploded and that in the confusion, Isabella had believed that her son was killed. She said that someone found Manuelito, the first Santi son, and took him. Isabella then took Tico and hid out, letting everyone believe that she and Tico had died. Angelina told Antonio that Isabella traveled before returning to her family in Spain. When Antonio asks what this had to do with him, she calls him Manuelito. He then comes to the realization that he is Manuelito and that his mother, Carlotta, must have been the woman who took him from the explosion.

Friday, September 10, 2004

A frantic Carlotta makes a confession to Jessica. Antonio finds a letter addressed to him from Angelina.

Meanwhile, Babe Chandler visits Llanview from Pine Valley and she is strangely pulled to Ace Buchanan.

Blair is blissfully happy as she starts making plans for her and Todd's wedding. But when Todd starts to mouth off about Kevin, she grows increasingly concerned that he can't shake his vendetta. Asa later shows up with a shotgun, determined to use it if it's the only way to get Blair and Todd out of his house.

Rex sees through Natalie and realizes she isn't returning Paul's love. Good thing, too, because Paul is planning on using Natalie to get his hands on Kevin's money. Paul later is left shaking in his shoes when he sees Babe with Kevin and Ace.

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