One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 31, 2005 on OLTL
The Chandlers got a court order for a DNA test. Rex pursued Jen, but she loved Riley. Margaret attempted to kidnap Starr. Blair managed to locate Todd and put out the fire he'd accidentally started in the cabin. Margaret held Blair prisoner in a car. Cristian confessed that he had killed Tico and wasn't really Cristian. Marcie stepped in front of Margaret's car.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 31, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, January 31, 2005

Todd is distraught while watching Jack and Starr being interviewed on the news. While struggling to untie himself, he kicks over some furniture by the heater and starts a fire.

Blair arrives at a cabin in the woods and is stunned when a woman who looks like Mrs. Bigelow answers the door. The woman introduces herself as Hazel Small and invites her in. Blair shows Todd's picture to her and explains his disappearance and the evidence pointing to Margaret. Hazel studies Margaret's picture but says she hasn't seen her, adding that she doesn't get out much. As a despondent Blair turns to leave, Hazel stops her and asks Blair to let her help her find her husband.

Rex walks in on Jen and Riley kissing and happily announces that he's no longer a suspect in Paul Cramer's murder and is now a free man. Jen and Riley are surprised at Rex's news. Riley still thinks Rex is guilty and is displeased that is happy about his release. Rex wants to talk to her alone, but Jennifer insists that anything he has to say can be said in front of Riley. Rex tells Jen he's in love with her and will do whatever it takes to win her back. Pressed for an answer, she tells him that she loves Riley.

At the diner, Marcie wants to celebrate that Michael is no longer being a suspect in Tico's murder, but he reminds her it's not over yet and it won't be until the real killer is arrested. Michael worries that it will be a long time before he can go back to work as a doctor.

John asks Jessica if she's sure that Antonio was the one who pulled the plug on Tico.

She apologizes to Antonio for identifying him and he calls her a liar while Cristian looks on in horror. Cristian calls her a liar too, and demands that she take back her accusation. Antonio takes Jessica aside and frantically insists on his innocence, but she insists she saw him pull the plug while Cristian recalls what really happened. She cries that she tried to protect him; he gently tells her that they will deal with it together and straighten everything out. He tells John her medication probably confused her memory.

After the interview is over Starr takes Jack in the house sends him upstairs to play, then is frightened to discover that Margaret has followed her in the house. Margaret offers to tell Starr where her dad is, but only if Starr tells her where Blair is. Margaret tries to find out where Blair is from Starr, but is forced to leave when Starr activates the security alarm.

Asa spends time with Ace and Kevin, happily fantasizing about his great-grandson's future. Asa wants a guarantee that Kevin will fight for custody and is angered by his empathy for Babe's plight. Kevin explains he just wouldn't wish that pain on anyone.

Antonio doesn't understand why Jessica is convinced she saw him do something he didn't do. John apologetically informs Antonio he will get a search warrant for his house and car but Antonio tells him that won't be necessary and hands over his keys. Despite Natalie's pleading, a distraught Cristian leaves Llanfair.

Michael thanks Marcie for sticking by her and she struggles to hide her feelings. John arrives to tell his brother that Jessica has identified Antonio as Tico's killer. Marcie and Michael tell John they don't believe Antonio is guilty; John agrees and leaves to do the search of Antonio's place. Marcie and John worry about Jessica and Antonio and wonder who really killed Tico.

Hazel quizzes Blair about why she thinks Todd was kidnapped and why she thinks he's in the area. Blair shares what she's learned so far, and despairs that she doesn't have time to go down every country road to every cabin. Hazel mentions that did heard a car drive past her cabin several times before new year and that mentions there's only one cabin further up that road, about a mile and half away. Blair leaves to find that cabin; after she leaves Hazel replaces her eyeglasses with a pair she pulls out of her pocket. It's Mrs. Bigelow!

Natalie almost tells Jessica and Antonio about John's suspicions that Cristian is an imposter. Meanwhile, Cristian tells his priest that he killed Tico, but when he is urged to tell the police he responds that confessing would kill Natalie. Cristian momentarily points his gun at his priest before fleeing.

John returns to Llanfair and shows Antonio latex gloves he found hidden under Antonio's bathroom sink.

Blair arrives at Margaret's cabin as smoke is pouring out. Blair kicks down the cabin door and finds Todd, but can't get to him through the fire.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

The evidence John found against Antonio is enough to arrest him with, which he does. Jessica is a wreck because she named Antonio as the killer and offers to help him, even if it means lying.

Cristian gets orders to finish his "mission."

Blair musters up enough strength to put out the fire at the cabin. Just as she is about to untie Todd, Margaret strikes her from behind, knocking her unconscious. After Starr tells Dorian about Margaret's visit, Dorian calls the police, who say there's nothing they can do to help.

Jen pulls apart a brawling Rex and Riley. Jen chooses Riley, prompting Rex to prove a point by pulling her into a kiss. Nora and Paige have a frank conversation about the man in both of their lives, Bo.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Nora seems distracted as Daniel tries to talk to her about the evening's plans to see Riley and his band at Ultraviolet. She's only concerned over Jen being a suspect in Paul's murder again, she says. Bo advises Van that she probably won't be able to get Antonio out on bail due to the charge of premeditated murder. She gets the details on Antonio's life as a cop, both the good and the bad. Down in the cell, Antonio hears Jess say that she'll tell everyone she made a mistake about his killing Tico but swears that it was really him that she saw. Antonio tries to convince her that her mind is playing tricks on her. She admits that she's never stopped loving him. Nat stops by to see if John will cancel the DNA test on Cris but he tells her no way, believing that she is in denial on what to do about Cris. She admits that she always goes to him for help when things are crazy for her. John's upset too; he's got a good friend in jail and another who may get hurt. He tells her he will always be there for her; she wonders who's there for him. Daniel asks for all records containing anything on Lindsay or Jen. Van and John agree that they're the best things in each other's lives.

A depressed Lindsay arrives at Ultraviolet with R.J. Now that Rex is free, she and Jen are the top suspects again. While R.J. leans over to give her a kiss, Riley is pulling Rex away from Jen. Telling her that she was into it as much as he was causes Rex to be slapped, hard. Jen tells him that what she feels for him is pity, not love, even if he does refuse to believe it. She orders him to stay away from her. He stops to tell Lindsay he's done all he can for her, it's Lindsay's turn now. She's worried that Rex knows something that will betray Jen but her daughter is confident he'd never do that. When Nora and Daniel show up to hear the band, Riley demands that his father leave. He told Riley that Jen was the top suspect in the murder in order to prepare him, he confesses to Nora. He's sorry now for what he did. Later, she overhears him talking on the phone about their May 1 wedding and how Nora will help at the primaries. Accusing Daniel of marrying her for his career, Nora is thrilled to hear him speak about how she turned his life around, about how much he loves her and yes, how she will give him credibility. He wants her to be proud of him and is doing everything for her. Lindsay is annoyed to see the pair and R.J. kisses her again, for a distraction. She wonders why he has kissed her several times to distract her and he admits they were just excuses. She doesn't want to jump into anything and would hate to lose their friendship, she discloses. He'll just continue to make excuses then, he says jokingly, and they kiss again.

While at the diner Cris hears the usual voice telling him "it's time" and when Carlotta sees him, she's saddened to see that her son is no longer looking like his old self, that he's disappeared. He's concerned about Antonio, he states, that his "fate is sealed." He asks her to get Natalie for him but when she attempts to make a phone call, he rushes out, ignoring her pleas for him to stop. Rex sulks at the diner as Roxy stops by. She's pretty sure that Jen loves him and she'll realize he's the one some day, when she stops pretending who she is. Nat gets to the diner, says hello and heads for Jess' booth. Jess accuses Nat of having a victory now that Antonio is in jail but she quickly takes it back when she sees Nat's concern for everyone.

Kevin gets Kelly to come over to visit Ace by mentioning that the baby is sick but he only turns out to be teething. Asa, Matthew and Bo who contemplate the baby's future, join them. Asa firmly believes that Ace will be there to stay but when he asks for Bo's promise that he'll stand up for them at a possible custody trial, Bo replies that he's unable to promise anything. Kev asks Kelly to stay but she's convinced that he's only doing it to look good for the court. He denies that it's anything of the sort and apologizes for hurting her previously.

Van and John await the DNA results and wonder why Jess accused Antonio of the murder.

Cris shows up at the police station, knocks out the guard with Antonio and pulls out a gun. He points it at Antonio and snarls that he is going to kill him the way he killed Tico!

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Starr and Dorian arrive at the police station looking for Bo. They plead for Bo to help them find Blair and Todd. After they told Bo what happened with Margaret and Starr, he decided to put an APB out on Blair. Feeling that wasn't enough, Starr and Dorian decide they must find Blair and Todd themselves. After knocking Blair unconscious, Margaret tells Todd that Blair should have just left them alone in their love nest. Margaret threatens to hurt Blair, so Todd told her he would do anything she wanted if she would just let Blair leave. Blair becomes conscious and goes after Margaret. Becoming fed up with Blair, Margaret left the room and came back with a needle. She shot Blair with the injection and Blair passed out again. Before Margaret gave her the injection, Blair found her cell phone and threw it to Todd. Margaret put Blair in the trunk of her car and took off. Todd was able to dial Starr's cell phone and told her and Dorian that Margaret has Blair and to call the police.

Michael was reinstated at the hospital after Antonio was recognized as the killer of Tico Santi. The guys at the hospital were going to take him out to celebrate. Michael met John for a drink and ran into Marcie and Hayes. Hayes was telling Marcie of the events for her book promotion, but Marcie could only think about Michael. Marcie decided not to keep her appointment for the evening so she could go to Michael's celebration. Hayes approached Michael and told him that Marcie would lose a lot if she didn't keep her appointment. Michael reluctantly told Marcie that she should keep her appointment and not go to his celebration. Marcie felt disappointed.

In a trance, Cristian tells Antonio that he was supposed to kill him. Antonio urged Cristian to not let the voices he hears get the better of him. He told him to think of Natalie and his family that love him. Antonio felt this was the same Cristian that wouldn't help him in the elevator. Natalie and Jessica were at the station when they ran into John. He informed Natalie that visiting hours were over, so Cristian must be gone already. John tried to get in contact with the police officer that brought Antonio out to see Cristian. When the officer didn't answer, John, Natalie and Jessica were worried that something was wrong. Just then, they heard a gun shot and ran to see what happened. They arrive to see the passed out officer and Antonio holding a gun. Antonio gave the gun to John and demanded to know what happened. Cristian told John that it was his gun and that he was there to kill Antonio. He told John that he was a killer and that he has killed before. Cristian stunned them all by saying that he killed Tico.

Friday, February 4, 2005

Marcie wanted to cancel her book meeting to attend Michael's party (he was reinstated by the hospital). When Hayes told Michael how important the meeting was for Marcie's career, Michael told Marcie not to attend. Michael told Roxy about Marcie not being at the party and Roxy advised him to go after her. When the agent arrived and wanted to make Marcie into a star with an attitude, she angrily left her meeting to find Michael. Michael was celebrating and telling Stephanie (a hospital associate) how he still loves Marcie. Stephanie announced how she has a crush on him and asked him to dance. Roxy commented Michael was dancing into a heap of trouble. The agent was appalled that Marcie walked out. Hayes became angry with Michael. Stephanie kissed Michael, just as Marcie walked in. After seeing Michael kissing another woman, Marcie ran out. Michael ran out after her.

Starr received a telephone call from Todd. Dorian angrily grabbed the phone and asked where Blair was. While Dorian was yelling at Todd, Todd screamed to Dorian to call the police. Todd yelled they were in the mountains before the line went dead. Dorian interrupted Viki and Duke and blamed Viki for Todd's disappearance. At Starr's insistence, Dorian and Viki agreed to work together to help Todd and Blair. Todd lost use of the cell phone. Viki and Dorian left to search for Todd. When Dorian complained about Viki's driving, Viki mentioned how Dorian ran down a pregnant Jessica. Dorian explained how Margaret tried to kidnap Starr. Dorian stated she does not care what happens to Todd, but cares about Blair. As Viki's car breaks down, they arrive at the construction site.

Viki and Duke were having dinner. Viki asked Duke about Adriana. Duke wanted to get to know her better. Duke advised he was trying to work things out with his father. Viki asked him not to give up on Kevin. Dorian interrupted and Viki left. Kevin arrived and asked Duke where Viki was. Kevin was upset Viki went after Todd again. Kevin and Duke discussed Lee Ann and Ace's custody battle. Duke asked Kevin to think about the possibility of losing Ace.

Margaret drugged Blair and threw her in the trunk of her car. Blair woke up and was screaming for Margaret to let her out. Dorian grabbed the wheel of Viki's car and almost had an accident with Margaret. Margaret was annoyed that another car almost hit her, but she happily stated it wasn't much further. Margaret asked Blair why she was so quiet, as Blair crawled through the trunk to the back seat of the car. Margaret noticed Blair and they struggled. As the car went out of control, Margaret ran down Marcie.

At the police station, Cristian confessed he killed Tico. John added he was about to shoot Antonio as well. Natalie asked Cristian why. She asked him if he was lying to protect Antonio, since Jessica was adamant regarding what she saw. Cristian said Jessica was wrong. John asked why Cristian wanted to kill Antonio. Cristian responded that people told him to. Cristian described killing Tico. Antonio suggested a lawyer be present, but Cristian decided to tell them all what had happened to him. Cristian explained how he was brainwashed and fed drugs. He was told to kill two people, Tico and Antonio. He doesn't know why they wanted Antonio dead. Cristian further explained how he tried but could not stop himself and how Natalie had helped him. John asked if Cristian knew who trained him. Natalie stated how Cristian stopped himself from killing Antonio because he is his brother. Cristian stated he is not his brother. As Natalie was in tears, John asked Cristian who he was. Cristian said to Natalie that he met and fell in love with her three months ago. He is not Cristian. He is an impostor.

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