A man being pregnant...is this a joke?

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Tabitha really needs to grow a pair and tell Kay that she owns the house; therefore, she can do as she pleases. It's silly to be exposed to all sorts of demons without being able to defend your territory.

I must be in an alternate universe because I have never seen a man pregnant before; however, it seems possible in Harmony. I'm still trying to figure out what Eve did to herself to have produced such a unique child. I've heard of kids born to drug addicted parents having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but I have never heard of any cases where a child who is born with both male and female parts that is capable of reproducing. I could buy Vincent being diagnosed with ADHD, but to be male and pregnant? Am I the only one who is in this alternate universe? It's extremely difficult to grasp a man preparing for Lamaze classes much less to picture him hurting his "man parts" during the process. Can you picture me laughing hysterically?

I'm still trying to understand how Vincent is going to hurt Julian, his father, by secretly having sex with him disguised as Valerie. Julian doesn't know that Vincent and Valerie are one and the same, so I get the feeling that this is a sick and twisted way for Vincent to get his jollies off. Being apart from Eve is hurting Julian, so one can only imagine that Vincent is doing this to torment Eve since she is the only one who knows the truth

I'm Still Trying to Figure out Gwen's Plans for Ethan

I know. James E. Reilly, the head writer, always writes the obvious, but I can't help but think that there is a method to Gwen's madness. She knows how much Ethan has hurt her with her arch rival, Theresa, and yet she still yearns for Ethan. I'm beginning to think, or I have always thought that Gwen wants Ethan back for the sake of hurting Theresa. I don't think she wants her enemy to win. First of all, Theresa has been nothing but a bad rash for Gwen. Theresa lied, schemed, and did everything in the book to destroy Gwen's marriage. She even cost Gwen two children, so I can understand why Gwen wants Ethan back. She knows that Ethan loves Theresa, but I don't think Gwen cares. She has said so herself. I think she wants to be with Ethan to punish Theresa. Grant you, this is not healthy for her, but she is so hurt that the only thing she wants to do is to seek revenge on her enemy. She sat around for eight years and watched Theresa destroy her marriage, so she is pretty much doing the same thing to Theresa. In doing so, she will hurt Ethan in the process. Ethan thinks that Gwen is madly in love with him, but I don't think Gwen's love for him is as strong as it was before. He has hurt her way too much. Sure, a part of Gwen still loves him, but it's not as serious as before.

Sometimes I Think That Pilar Is Stuck on Reverse

It was not too long ago that Pilar was advising Theresa to stay away from Ethan because it would have been detrimental to her well being. Theresa didn't listen to Pilar, and she ended up crying for eight years. Currently, she is supposedly dead. The man Theresa was chasing was married to his high school sweetheart. Fast forward to today; Pilar is advising Gwen, Ethan's wife, to stop her vendetta against Theresa and her family. Mind you, Theresa didn't have pity for Gwen, but Pilar expects Gwen to have pity for Theresa. I really don't see Gwen backing down. She is behaving the same way Theresa was behaving when she was obsessively chasing Ethan. It seems to me that Pilar is fighting a losing battle. Gwen will crash and burn because she was deeply hurt by Ethan and Theresa.

A Witch Should Be Able to Practice Witchcraft in Peace

Tabitha really needs to grow a pair and tell Kay that she owns the house; therefore, she can do as she pleases. Kay also needs to grow a pair and tell Miguel that she is a witch and that she has no choice but to practice witchcraft. It's silly to be exposed to all sorts of demons without being able to defend your territory. Both Kay and Tabitha need to go to Miguel and set some ground rules. If he can't abide by them, it's time for him to move on. Kay needs to be strong and stand her ground. I bet you Miguel would not let her go without trying to fight for her.

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