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Monday, February 25, 2008

Eve prepared Vincent for his Lamaze class. The first thing she taught him was the breathing technique, but Eve was more focused on having a drink than on teaching. Vincent asked Eve if the class would hurt his "man package," and Eve told him that since women don't have "man packages," Lamaze did not take Vincent's unique physiology into consideration. Vincent pointed out that male worms and dinosaurs have had babies, and Eve told him that he would have to settle for the old-fashioned, human way since medical science had not yet discovered a way for a man to give birth. Vincent remarked that Eve did not care, but she told him that she was having a hard time accepting that he was pregnant with his father's child. After the lessons were finished, Eve offered to make Vincent something to eat. Vincent told her that he had been taking care of himself and that he would not follow in Eve's footsteps by drinking and consuming drugs. Eve told Vincent that it was all in the past, when she was a different person. Vincent was agitated and told Eve that she was a drug-addicted whore. Eve told Vincent that she just wanted to have a pleasant meal, and Vincent told her that he was not in the mood to eat. He proceeded to pull out a rope, and Eve questioned him about it. Vincent told Eve that Valerie had a date scheduled with Julian and that he could not have Eve interfering. Eve told Vincent that he could not keep having sex with his father. Vincent countered that Valerie was the one who would be having sex with Julian, not him. Eve reminded Vincent that he and Valerie are one and the same. Eve said she was so disgusted that she wanted to throw up, and Vincent taped her mouth shut so that he did not have to clean up any vomit.

Vincent dressed up as Valerie and waited for Julian to make his appearance. He made sure to leave Eve nearby so that she could witness what he was about to do with Julian, his father. Julian arrived, and they had a few drinks. Julian inquired about Eve, and Valerie told him that Eve had an AA meeting. Julian believed it. Valerie kissed Julian, but Julian told her to slow down since she is pregnant. Valerie told Julian that her doctor gave her the go-ahead to engage in sexual activities, and that she knew of several sexual positions that would be safe for the baby. Julian still did not want to risk it. Meanwhile, Eve, who was tied up in the closet, wished for some booze. Julian told Valerie that he did not want to betray Eve since he was still in love with her. Valerie decided to make Julian a drink, but she spiked it with drugs. Julian drank it and became dizzy. Valerie undressed him and climbed on top of him on the kitchen table. She screamed "I love having sex with you, daddy. No one makes me feel like you." Eve listened from the closet and was disgusted by it. Valerie then recited a poem about how much daddy loved her and about being his son and daughter too.

Luiswas shocked to see Sheridan in his hotel room. Marty ran into the room, and Sheridan told Luis that Marty missed him and wanted to see his father. Luis was happy to see Marty. Luis mentioned Fancy, but Marty said he would rather not have a discussion about her, and told Luis that Fancy went nuts again. After Luis left to accept a telephone call, Marty told Sheridan that Fancy was behaving the same way the characters in his game behaved. Sheridan told Marty that she noticed it too, but told him not to tell Luis because Luis had too much on his mind. Sheridan sent Marty away to play with his games, and he said that at least he would not make Fancy do crazy things. Luis overheard and asked Sheridan for an explanation, and Sheridan told him that Marty was blaming himself for Fancy's outbursts. Luis told Sheridan that he had to get back to the docks, and Sheridan offered to go along. Luis, concerned for Marty, asked Sheridan her plans. She told Luis that she would call for a sitter, and Luis inquired about Marty's safety. Sheridan told Luis that the only threat to Marty was Fancy, and that she was still in Harmony. Luis was satisfied and agreed to have Sheridan accompany him to the docks.

Miguel and Ethan told Pilar that the Mexican police should already have Juanita in custody. Ethan told Pilar that she was scheduled to give her statement to the police the next morning and that he would like to be present when she gave it. In addition, Ethan told Pilar that he wanted the maximum sentence for all those who were involved. Miguel asked Pilar to finish what she had started telling them, but Ethan interrupted by asking for Gwen's whereabouts. On the other side of the docks, Gwen muttered to herself about figuring out a way to free Juanita before Ethan and the rest figured out that she was missing. Pilar told both Miguel and Ethan that her secret involved Juanita and the reason why Theresa came to Mexico, and also the reason why she died. Miguel didn't seem to understand Pilar, but she told him that he would understand in due time. She told them about the rape and said that she had killed Juanita's husband in self-defense, but Juanita accused her of murder. In addition, Juanita lost it after she found out that all her kids were murdered, and vowed to take revenge on Pilar's entire family. Gwen showed up and asked how much Pilar had told Ethan. Pilar told Gwen that she was just about to get to what just happened. Ethan asked Pilar how Juanita was able to find her, and before Pilar could list the names, Miguel received a telephone call. The police called to tell them that Juanita had escaped. Pilar told Ethan and Miguel to go and help find Juanita. After they left, Gwen said that she helped Juanita escape. Pilar called Gwen a monster, and Gwen told Pilar that Theresa stole Ethan from her and that she was only fighting to get him back. Pilar told Gwen that she was a disgrace and that she was pathetic, and if Juanita were not found, Pilar's family's blood would be on Gwen's hands. In addition, Pilar told Gwen that Gwen would not have Ethan because Pilar would tell him the truth. Gwen told Pilar that she would deny it and that Ethan would not believe Pilar. Furthermore, Pilar said that Gwen had unleashed evil on innocent people and children. Gwen told Pilar that Juanita would not kill a child because she is not that cruel.

Back at Sheridan's hotel room, someone knocked at the door. The babysitter answered the door and was attacked. Marty looked up and asked for the person's identity.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vincent tied Eve up in the closet, so Eve was forced to listen to him and a very drunk Julian making love on the kitchen table. In his drunken state, Julian tried to make sense of the situation but was too out of it. Valerie was putting on a show for Eve the entire time because Julian had no clue as to what was taking place. Valerie continued having sex with Julian while calling him "daddy." Meanwhile, Eve tried to free herself in order to stop Vincent, but she was unable to untie the rope. While Valerie continued having sex with a drugged Julian, Julian accidentally held onto Valerie's wig and pulled it off. They both looked at each other and screamed at the top of their lungs since Julian was staring at Vincent instead of Valerie. Julian called out Vincent's name and said that it was impossible because Vincent was pronounced dead. Vincent jumped off of Julian and ran out of the room. Julian yelled for Vincent to come back in the room, but Vincent had disappeared. Julian muttered to himself, in his woozy state, that he thought that it was Valerie. Eve overheard and told herself that Julian discovered the truth and realized that the situation looked bad for Julian-Vincent might try to kill his father. While still in a drunken state, Julian babbled that he was with Valerie and then she turned into Vincent, but that couldn't be because Vincent passed away. Julian heard a knock at the door, and was surprised to find Eve in the closet. He went in the closet and asked Eve to make sense of what had just happened. Eve told Julian that they were in danger. Meanwhile, Vincent walked around outside and tried to come up with a plan because he refused to let Julian find out his secret. He decided that he would kill both Eve and Julian.

Paloma thought about Noah and admitted to herself that she loved and trusted him, but she simply could not deal with Noah's philandering behavior.

At Tabitha's house, Kay and Tabitha continued to fight about using magic. They thought that they had finally gotten rid of the demon elf, but he hid from them in order to continue his reign of terror. Noah asked for Kay's help in winning back Paloma, and Kay mentioned that Paloma saved Noah's life. Noah got curious and wanted to know how Kay knew that Paloma saved his life. She lied and told Noah that she saw it on the news. Noah told Kay the sordid details about the incident with Fancy, and Kay immediately looked at Tabitha because she knew something was fishy about the story. Tabitha denied any wrongdoing. Noah pointed out that a lot of weird things had been happening in Harmony, especially in Tabitha's house. The demon elf used that opportunity to close the cupboard door on Kay's fingers. On behalf of Noah, Kay called Paloma and invited her over for girl talk, but Paloma turned her down and said that the double wedding was off. Kay convinced Paloma to come to the house. Kay received a call from Miguel, and he told her that Theresa was dead. Kay broke the news to Noah and told him not to tell Paloma, but Paloma walked in and heard Kay telling it to Noah. Paloma broke down in tears and ran out of the house, and Noah followed behind. Tabitha told Kay that if it weren't for magic, things in Mexico could have been worse, but Kay refused to continue using magic. Tabitha told Kay that "the day she gives up magic is the day monkeys fly out of her knickers." The demon elf overheard Tabitha and decided to seize the opportunity by literally having monkeys fly out of Tabitha's behind. He then summoned a barrel of monkeys, and they used Kay and Tabitha as target practice by throwing knives in their direction. The monkeys continued to cause chaos in the house, and Tabitha and Kay tried to figure out the monkey's origin but they were stumped. Tabitha then figured out that the demon elf was the cause of her problems.

Luis told Sheridan that he could not bring himself to believe that Theresa was gone, and he felt relieved that Juanita was captured. Sheridan felt uncomfortable leaving Marty, so she thought about checking on him. Luis decided to head back to the docks to meet up with Pilar, Ethan, and company.

Back at the hotel, Marty played with his video game, and suddenly there was a knock at the door. The perpetrator knocked out the babysitter with a crow bar. A woman walked in the room, and Marty asked who she was.

At the docks, Pilar gave Gwen a piece of her mind by calling her a despicable monster. In addition, she told Gwen that Juanita was capable of harming children, but Gwen refused to believe that Juanita would have done such a thing. Pilar called Gwen a "selfish bitch" and said that Gwen had placed herself in a lot more trouble by letting Juanita go free. Gwen apologized and told Pilar that it might be bad news for Pilar that Juanita was freed, but it was excellent news for Gwen. Pilar told Gwen that she was prepared to tell Ethan the truth, and that Ethan would no longer be able to stand the sight of Gwen. Ethan and Miguel showed up at that very moment, and they told Pilar that Juanita was not caught. Sheridan showed up with Luis in tow. She comforted Pilar and Ethan for the loss of Theresa. Luis learned that Juanita escaped and was livid. Ethan asked Pilar if she had any idea who might have helped Juanita escaped, and Pilar looked at Gwen. Ethan and Luis noticed, and Ethan asked Pilar why she was staring at Gwen. Gwen looked away and took a deep breath. Pilar was about to give Ethan the scoop, but Gwen interrupted and told everyone that Juanita was so powerful that a corrupt cop must have freed her. Luis, Ethan, and Miguel bought it, but Pilar had an unsettling look on her face and made eye contact with Gwen. Luis asked Pilar to give him the name of the person who tipped Juanita off, and Ethan also asked to know who it was. Pilar was about to give a name, but Luis received a phone call. Marty was on the other line. Pilar asked Sheridan if Marty was back in Harmony, and she told Pilar that Marty was in Mexico. Pilar was extremely worried for Marty. Luis asked Marty if the babysitter was with him, but he learned that Juanita was with Marty instead. Sheridan and Pilar were frantic, and even Gwen looked scared. Luis tried to tell Marty to get out of the hotel room, but the phone went dead. Luis and everyone else rushed off to Marty's aid. Pilar told Gwen that Marty's disappearance was all her fault, and Gwen apologized to Pilar again. Back at the hotel room, Juanita told Marty that they should play a game called hangman. Luis and everyone else arrived at the hotel to find the room empty. Sheridan screamed out that she lost Marty once again.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In Luis' hotel room in Mexico, Ethan comforted a hysterical Sheridan over Marty's kidnapping, while Gwen secretly worried about how her actions had led to the disappearance of her best friend's son. Pilar poured salt into Gwen's wounds, reminding her that it was Gwen's fault Marty was missing because she helped Juanita escape. Pilar told Gwen that Juanita would not stop until she'd killed everyone Pilar cared about. Luis pleaded with the Mexican authorities to find Marty, and just when he, Sheridan, Ethan, and Miguel began to head out to look for him, Luis opened the door and Marty was standing there, happy as could be. They asked him where he'd been, and he said he'd had fun hanging out with Juanita. As they hugged him, Juanita lurked in the hallway.

Marty said Juanita took him on a tour of Mexico and to the wharf where she explained that it was a place Pilar would never forget because that was where some people used a rocket to blow up a boat. Pilar whispered to Miguel that Juanita was sending a message that she'd always be there lurking, waiting to kill Pilar and her family. Sheridan sent Marty off to bed, and Pilar warned Gwen that once Ethan knew the truth, he would curse the day Gwen was born. Gwen told Pilar she wouldn't bet on that. She said Juanita still didn't know Pilar's last name or that she and her family lived in Harmony and if Pilar told on her, Gwen would contact Juanita immediately. Gwen threatened Pilar to keep quiet about her role in Juanita's disappearance or she and her family would die. Pilar admitted that Gwen had won unless someone found out and told Ethan, then in walked Sheridan, but Gwen was able to explain away what Sheridan heard.

The guys went out to look for Juanita, but she hid from them on the wharf. They heard a noise behind the crates where Juanita was hiding. She was able to escape when Luis got a call from the local authorities saying they'd found Juanita somewhere else, thanks to Juanita text messaging the police that she had on her payroll.

Luis and the guys went back to the hotel room, and Luis asked Pilar who else was responsible for Theresa's death. Pilar said Juanita was the only one responsible, but she vowed that she would exact her revenge someday on the person who helped Juanita. Gwen said it was not like Pilar to make such threats, but Luis, Miguel, and Ethan agreed that Theresa would have justice.

Back in Harmony, Eve tried to get Julian to snap out of his drugged state in time to escape Vincent, who she knew would try to kill them both, but Vincent walked back in before she could get through to Julian. Vincent told her that now both of them had to die. Julian passed out on the kitchen table again, and Vincent explained that since his father knew he was alive, he had to die, along with Eve. Vincent pulled a gun on Eve, and she tried to convince Vincent that having bad parents was better than having no parents at all and that killing them would make him an orphan. She also said if Alistair came after Vincent again, she could be there to protect him. Eve said she would convince Julian that Vincent was still dead.

Julian came to and remembered that Vincent was alive. Eve tried to convince Julian that Vincent was dead, but Julian didn't buy it at first. Eve told Julian he was dreaming Vincent was alive because he was drinking. Julian asked Eve if the booze was hers and if it was drugged. Eve admitted that she put drugs in the booze because it got her high quicker. Julian bought her explanation, saying that explained why she was always claiming to see Vincent. Later Vincent poured Eve a glass to celebrate her quick thinking, which spared Eve and Julian's lives. He warned her that it was her job to make sure Julian never learned that Vincent was alive, or he'd kill them both.

The monkeys that the demon elf conjured up tore up Tabitha's kitchen. Kay and Tabitha hid in the corner of the kitchen, trying to duck the flying dishes. The demon elf, who had shrunk himself and was enjoying the chaos from the shelf in the kitchen, encouraged the monkeys to break everything, saying then they would move on to the children's room. Kay told him he couldn't hurt Maria, but the demon elf said he could do anything he wanted.

The monkeys destroyed Tabitha's magical ingredients, much to the delight of the demon elf, prompting Tabitha to pick up a hammer to use on the demon elf. He zapped her, forcing her to drop the hammer. Then Tabitha used a magical spell on him, despite Kay's pleas for her not to use magic. Tabitha and Kay thought the spell worked because it seemed like the demon elf was gone and took all his monkeys with him, but instead, it zapped them into the magic bowl, which oozed a black substance while their backs were turned.

Kay thanked Tabitha but begged her not to do any more magic after ridding the house of evil. Kay walked out to find Noah and Paloma, and as soon as she was out of the room, the lights went out on Tabitha in the kitchen, and she wondered if the evil was really gone. She quickly realized it wasn't, as the black ooze morphed into a stronger version of the demon elf. He explained that their masters had given him new gifts because she took Endora back from the dark side using the powers of good. Tabitha told the demon elf he could do whatever he wanted to the citizens of Harmony, but to stay away from Endora. Tabitha said she had to keep Endora safe somehow.

On the pier, Noah comforted Paloma after hearing news of Theresa's death. Paloma wondered if Theresa died for love, and Noah said he couldn't think of a better reason to die than to die for love. He tried to convince Paloma to move forward with her life with him, and Paloma told Noah she wanted to live a long, happy life with him, but then she said she was sorry because they'd never be together. Paloma said her grief was no reason for them to get back together. After she walked off, Kay walked up and convinced Noah not to give up on Paloma.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, February 29, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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