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Passions Recaps: The week of March 3, 2008 on PS
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Monday, March 3, 2008

Pilar, Miguel, and Luis returned to Harmony to mourn the loss of Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald. Sam, Ivy, Kay, and Paloma welcomed them. Ivy told Gwen that Ethan was hers, unless Theresa returned from the dead. Ethan did not want any comforting from anyone. He wanted to mourn Theresa's death in peace. Pilar told Gwen that she had some nerve showing up at Theresa's memorial, and Gwen told Pilar that she didn't mean for Theresa to die. Gwen continued to blackmail Pilar by telling her to keep her mouth shut about her involvement in the Juanita debacle. Gwen seemed confident that she would have Ethan, and Pilar told Gwen that she was remarkably stupid because Ethan would never forget Theresa, and that Gwen would be competing with a ghost.

Sam told Pilar that the police department was on watch for Juanita. Gwen almost gave herself away by saying that Juanita would not come to Harmony since she didn't know Pilar's last name and whereabouts. Both Sam and Ethan questioned how Gwen would know such information. Gwen covered herself by saying that if Juanita knew Pilar's whereabouts, she would have been to Harmony already. Ethan reminded Luis that someone had to tell Little Ethan that his mother, Theresa, passed away. Luis said that Ethan should be the one to break the news to Little Ethan, and Gwen had a worried look on her face because she figured Luis would tell Ethan that he was Little Ethan's father. Gwen asked Pilar to tell Luis not to tell Ethan the truth. Pilar interrupted Luis and pulled him to the side before he could spill the beans, and successfully convinced him not to tell. Little Ethan walked in the room and asked what he needed to know. Ethan told Little Ethan that his mother had passed away, and Little Ethan refused to believe it. Gwen seemed distraught for Little Ethan. Ivy suggested that Gwen could help out with Little Ethan as a mother figure, but Pilar told Ivy that the Lopez Fitzgeralds were capable of taking care of their children. Little Ethan ran downstairs and told everyone that they were nuts-and that Theresa was alive because he saw her upstairs in her bedroom.

Downstairs, in the living room of the Crane mansion, Luis wondered why Fancy did not come down to greet him. Sheridan made it worse by telling Luis that Fancy should have been at the airport to meet him. Luis tried calling her, and Sheridan stopped him. Sheridan said that Fancy's feelings for him were history and that Fancy was back together with Noah.

Fancy wished for Luis to return from Mexico, but Pretty walked through the door instead. Fancy told Pretty that she wanted to go to the doctor because of her latest behavior, but Pretty changed the subject by telling her that Sheridan went to Mexico to be with Luis. Fancy told Pretty that her sudden concern was quite suspect. Fancy received a call from one of the servants telling her that Luis was back and that Theresa passed away. Fancy wanted to go downstairs to comfort Luis, but Pretty delayed her by telling her to get dressed. Fancy left the room, so Pretty came up with a plan to prevent Fancy from seeing Luis. Luis called for Fancy, and Pretty picked up the phone and told Luis that Fancy went out partying again. Luis asked if Fancy knew about Theresa's death, and Pretty told him that Fancy did but still left to go to a party. In addition, she told Luis that Fancy called some of her ex-boyfriends from Europe to go out and get drunk. Luis told Pretty that that did not sound like Fancy. Pretty had to hang up on Luis because Fancy walked out of the bathroom. Pretty then told Fancy that it was Luis on the phone and that he wanted nothing to do with Fancy. Moreover, he did not want Fancy to go downstairs for Theresa's memorial. Fancy bought Pretty's lies and told herself that she has lost Luis.

Miguel came right out and asked Kay if she used magic while he was in Mexico, and Kay denied it.

Noah showed up at the memorial service and tried to make up with Paloma, but she told Noah that their relationship was over. Pilar told Noah that she would do whatever she could to help him and Paloma get back together, since she lost both a son and a daughter, and she could not stand to see Paloma in pain. Pilar tried to convince Paloma to talk to Noah, and Paloma agreed. Noah told Paloma to forget about everything and trust her love for him.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ethan, Pilar, Luis, and the rest of the family went upstairs to check out Little Ethan's claim of Theresa being alive. Pilar told Gwen that if Theresa were alive, she and Rebecca were as good as dead. Ethan and the others went into Theresa's bedroom, and Ethan saw someone behind a partition getting dressed, and he gasped. It turned out to be Rebecca. Ethan and everyone else demanded to know why Rebecca was in Theresa's room. Rebecca told them that since Theresa passed away, she wanted first dibs on her clothes. In addition, she said that Pilar would have no use for them since she didn't go anywhere, and since Ivy was slumming it with Sam, she had no use for the clothes either. Ethan called Rebecca a shallow woman, who thought only of herself while others were mourning the loss of Theresa. Luis told Rebecca that if she were a man, he and Miguel would have taken her outside and knocked some sense into her. Rebecca turned the conversation into an orgy moment. She mentioned tight shirts and spandex pants, and Gwen told her to stop. Sam threatened to arrest Rebecca, and she told Sam that she would love to be strip-searched. Everyone shook their heads in amazement at Rebecca's insensitivity.

Everyone else left the room, and Gwen stayed behind to give Ethan moral support. All Ethan thought about was Theresa coming back to him. Gwen told Ethan that since they were still married, they needed to be together, especially for the children. Ethan told Gwen that he had just lost Theresa, so it was too soon for him to think about being with Gwen for the kids' sake. Gwen kept pushing Ethan, and he told her to hold off, so she gave up for the time being.

Ethan went back downstairs and decided to say a few words about Theresa. He then asked Sam to say a few words in Theresa's memory. Sam spoke of Theresa's determination, and Pilar told Ethan that was the way Theresa was with him. Rebecca said "until the jaws of death stopped her." Sheridan called out to Rebecca to stop her insensitivity. Kay and Luis then said a few words in Theresa's honor. Ethan thought about all the good times he and Theresa had, and then he said that he would never forget her.

In some unknown parts, a female body was shown in a body bag at a morgue. It turned out to be Theresa Lopez Fitzgerald. Theresa was then shown on a hospital bed hooked up to monitors.

Esme and Viki had a meal by themselves in the kitchen because Esme did not want to be around people who were crying. Viki tried to explain to Esme that the family was mourning the death of Theresa, but Esme couldn't care less. In addition, Esme told Viki that unlike Theresa, she would never be eaten by hungry sharks since her skin reacted terribly to salt water. Viki told herself that she needed to cut back on killing people because the stress was terrible for her skin. Since Theresa passed away, Esme decided to claim Julian so that she could have a safety net for Viki. The idea made Viki cringe. She held her knife firmly as Esme got up to call Julian. Viki told herself that she refused to share Esme with anyone else. Esme said that she would send Viki off to boarding school if she were married to Julian. Viki held her knife tightly and cringed. Esme asked Viki if she could imagine being a family with Julian, and all Viki thought about was Julian frozen solid in the freezer. Esme went to Julian's office for a picnic, and she mentioned to Julian that they should get married. Julian told Esme that Viki would be better off traveling with friends since it had become so dangerous in Harmony. Viki overheard and told herself that she would kill Julian first before he could have Esme all alone to himself.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ethan continued to mourn Theresa, but in the middle of his grieving, Gwen tried to pressure him to move on with her for the sake of the kids-and for her sake too. Ethan said Gwen waited all of 10 minutes after Theresa was declared dead to try to force her way back into his life, but Gwen said the last thing she wanted to do was pressure him. Gwen said she just wanted him to start thinking about the future. She said her greatest wish was that they could be a family together with the children. Gwen told Ethan she wanted them to have the life they had always dreamed of before Theresa entered the picture. She told Ethan he needed to face the fact that Theresa was dead and he needed to move on. Ethan told Gwen it was too soon for him to close his heart to Theresa. He said he needed to make sure Theresa could rest in peace before moving on, by making sure everyone involved in Theresa's death was punished.

Ethan went for a walk on the wharf and imagined Theresa was alive and they had three kids-Little Ethan, Jane, and baby Joseph. In his fantasy, Theresa was never really dead, and he was able to resist Gwen's pressure to get back together with her. But then in the fantasy, Gwen walked up to them and told Ethan that Theresa was dead and he needed to face reality and move on with his life. Gwen told Ethan that deep down Ethan knew that the kids needed him and it was time to let go. Despite Theresa's begging him not to listen to Gwen, Ethan said goodbye, and Theresa disappeared. After his fantasy, Ethan called Gwen and told her he made his decision. He went back to the mansion and told Gwen that Theresa would always be in his heart but he decided she was right and he needed to move on with his life.

Meanwhile, Theresa woke up in a hospital bed in a morgue, hooked up to a heart monitor, showing she had a heartbeat. Standing over her was an armed guard who told her she was dead-to the rest of the world-and that's the way it would stay. He said they were not holding her hostage; they were rescuing her. He explained that she was rescued from shark-infested waters off the coast of Mexico and brought there by the U.S. Government-the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The guard said if Theresa contacted her family, they would all be killed. Juanita would stop at nothing to find her family and kill them, he said. The guard said as long as everyone-including her family and Juanita-thought she was dead, her family would be safe. Theresa didn't buy it and said his explanation didn't make sense. Theresa asked him how not talking to her family was protecting them if Juanita was still looking for them.

The guard wouldn't answer her question. She asked him if Ethan knew that she was alive. The guard said everyone, including Ethan, thought she was dead. She begged him to let her call Ethan to tell him the truth. Theresa unhooked herself from the machine, climbed out of bed, and tried to get to the phone to call Ethan, but the guard told her she couldn't call anyone and all would be revealed in time, but she needed to rest. Theresa pretended to let him help her go back to the bed, but then she grabbed his gun, held the guard at gunpoint and tried to use the phone. Before Theresa could call anyone, she suddenly went limp and collapsed into his arms. Later, she woke up in the hospital bed again, and with the guard gone, she made her way to the phone to call Ethan. Back in Harmony, Before Gwen could embrace Ethan, happy that he decided to move on with her, Ethan's cell phone rang and it was his office. He said no one would call him that late unless someone was dead. Gwen looked on nervously but soon realized the call was just business-related. In the morgue, Theresa's call didn't go through, so she kept trying.

At the Crane mansion, Pilar told Luis and Paloma to learn from Theresa's death and be with the person they love. Paloma said she couldn't trust Noah anymore, and Luis said he didn't know what was going on with Fancy. Fancy skipped out on Theresa's memorial service to go partying and didn't pay her respects because she had been nursing a hangover, Luis told Pilar. Pilar said she didn't believe him and that it didn't sound like Fancy. Pilar chalked Fancy's behavior up to evil-the same explanation Noah had. Pilar said Father Lonigan warned them that evil was real and among them. Pilar urged Luis and Paloma to trust Fancy and Noah despite everything that had happened. Paloma and Luis thanked Pilar for her help and went out for a walk to think about what she said.

Pilar asked God for a sign that Theresa didn't suffer when she died. Then the phone rang. Pilar answered, and Theresa was on the other end, calling out for her mother, but Pilar couldn't hear Theresa's voice.

On the wharf, Fancy walked up to Noah, but Noah told her to stay away from him. She tried to walk closer, but Noah kept backing away from her. She asked him why he was keeping his distance, and Noah pulled her off to the side so no one would see them together. He explained that because of what happened the last time they were on the wharf together Paloma didn't trust him and that if it happened again, all the progress he made with Paloma would go right out the window. Fancy said she understood, because she'd been acting strangely lately-slapping Luis, yelling at Marty, and punching Sheridan. Noah said he believed someone was controlling her-not like someone put a chip in her brain or something, but because of evil. Fancy asked Noah how they could stop evil from interfering in their love lives in the future, and Noah said they should love Luis and Paloma so much that nothing and no one could get in the way of their love. Fancy said evil had better things to do than to try to keep them apart from the people they loved. Noah said he suspected Alistair for a while, but he didn't have proof.

Pretty called Alistair in prison to check up on him and bragged that she would make Luis hers. Pretty said Luis would never forgive Fancy for missing Theresa's memorial service, and if he did forgive Fancy, Pretty would give Fancy a reason to wish he hadn't. Then she picked up the control device and smiled deviously. Pretty told Alistair he couldn't stop her from controlling Fancy, even if controlling Fancy made Fancy's head explode. Pretty said she would do what it took to get Luis, because Pretty was a Crane, and Cranes always got what they want. Pretty later found Fancy and Noah together on the wharf and when Luis and Paloma walked up, Pretty pushed an object over to get Luis and Paloma's attention so they would see Fancy and Noah together. Luis and Paloma turned around and saw Fancy and Noah in an embrace. Luis and Paloma confronted them as Pretty lurked in the background, ready to use the control device on Fancy again.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, March 7, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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