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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 3, 2008 on GL
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Monday, March 3, 2008

After Josh found Cassie, they sat outside near the lighthouse. Cassie said that since she and Reva had "hashed" out their issues, she expected things to get better. Josh received a phone call from Rutledge, who wanted to meet with him at the church. While Josh was on the phone, Cassie spotted Will hiding behind some logs. Josh offered to drop Cassie off at the house on his way to the meeting, but Cassie opted to walk.

After Jeffrey found Reva, the two returned to his car. Reva told Jeffrey that although things remained under control with Cassie, the situation would probably get worse before it got better. While they talked, Reva received a text message containing a list of baby things Jonathan wanted her to pick up for him. As Reva recited the list, Jeffrey saw Cassie and Will walking through the woods. Without revealing what he had just seen, Jeffrey made up an excuse to stay there while Reva took the car back to town. Once Reva left, Jeffrey approached Cassie and Will. He asked Cassie if she had bribed the guard to sneak Will out of custody. Cassie claimed the visit was authorized, but Jeffrey advised her to take Will back to detention or else he would do it himself.

Before returning to the detention center, Cassie learned that Will's hearing had been moved up. She took Will to the courthouse to meet with Mel. Even though she hadn't called Josh, Cassie told Mel that Josh wanted to attend the hearing but couldn't due to church business. Before the judge, Cassie explained her difficult separation from Will and how living in San Cristobel had made Will unhappy. Cassie reasoned that he was having a difficult time adjusting since his return. She concluded that he only needed his mother's love to see him through it.

Meanwhile, Reva picked up the groceries for Jonathan and encountered Bill on Main Street. Bill invited Reva to join him for coffee at CO2 so they could discuss the situation with Jonathan and Lizzie. Reva agreed with Bill that Jonathan could be reckless at times and that Lizzie deserved to spend time with Sarah. Bill asked Reva to work with Lizzie and him to keep Jonathan in check. Reva frankly told Bill that she didn't approve of his relationship with Lizzie. Further she added, "Jonathan might seem out of control, but so do you."

In the meantime, even though Bill had asked Lizzie to trust him to get Sarah back, Lizzie tracked Jonathan to a cheap motel where he was hiding out with their daughter. After Jonathan let her in, Lizzie dropped her coat and revealed her lingerie. She had intended to seduce Jonathan, tie him up, and then take Sarah; however, Jonathan figured out her plan. He tossed out the lingerie-clad Lizzie, threw a blanket at her, and then slammed the door in her face. Once again, Lizzie called Bill to pick her up from the side of the road.

Some time after Jonathan threw out Lizzie, Reva came by the hotel with the groceries. She explained to Jonathan that, though she had always supported him, she believed that Lizzie had a right to be in Sarah's life. Jonathan accused Reva of not being on his side. He abruptly excused himself to go take care of his daughter.

After seeing Jonathan, Reva became distressed about her family and sought the church for counsel. She visited Josh and he announced that he had been reinstated. Reva congratulated him on getting his post back without compromising Cassie's principles. After Reva recited a scripture verse about celebrating with song and praise, she proposed that they throw a party. Josh asked her what scripture told her to throw a party, and Reva proclaimed, "It's the scripture according to Reva Shayne!" She encouraged him to have a party to celebrate his reinstatement.

When Cassie called, Josh relayed the news of his reinstatement. To Reva's excitement, he told Cassie that he wanted to celebrate getting back something that meant so much to him. Cassie looked at Will and replied that she knew exactly how he felt. She agreed to meet him down at Company for a celebration.

In the meantime, Bill once again rescued Lizzie from the side of the road. Slipping open her blanket, Lizzie revealed her lingerie and told Bill about her foiled plan to seduce Jonathan. Bill wondered if she really would have slept with Jonathan. Lizzie said yes, adding that she would do anything to get her daughter back. Upset, Bill reminded Lizzie that he had asked her to trust him. Lizzie accused him of being jealous, and Bill decided that he was wasting his time. He climbed into his SUV, tossed a jacket at her, and left her on the roadside.

Bill headed to Lewis Construction, where he uttered to a puzzled Wanda that he "loved that jacket." Meanwhile at the playground, wearing the jacket and blanket, Lizzie slumped into a swing. Jonathan stood in the background near a fence watching her.

Meanwhile, As Daisy and Harley cleaned the house, Daisy discovered a bra and pair of boxers under the couch. Embarrassed, Harley allowed Daisy to assume that the underwear had been there since Gus lived with them. Down at the station, Harley left a message for Cyrus, telling him how she loved and missed him. Afterward she overheard Marina on the phone with Cyrus exchanging the same sentiments. When Marina and Harley ran into each other in a hallway, they both awkwardly acknowledged that neither really knew where Cyrus was. Marina could only guess that he was drumming up cases for the business.

In the meantime, Gus took Olivia to Cedars for a doctor's appointment. After Olivia went to an exam room, Natalia called Gus to say that she missed him. Gus rushed over to her hotel room, and when she opened the door, he kissed her. Meanwhile, Olivia's appointment ended, and she returned to the nurses' station to discover that Gus had disappeared. Some time later, Gus rushed back to the hospital, but Olivia had gone.

Olivia sought out Natalia to thank her again for relinquishing Gus. While talking, Natalia's nametag fell on the floor. Olivia retrieved it and read "Aituro" on it. Natalia insisted that it had been made before she and Gus broke up. Olivia responded that she understood. She said that it was only a nametag. Gus being there was more important. Later Olivia was eating at Company when she saw Gus outside on the phone, trying to arrange time to be with Natalia. Angrily she stabbed Natalia's nametag into the food on her plate.

While on a wooded trail, Gus smoked a cigarette and encountered Harley jogging. The two sat down by the river and began reminiscing about their past police cases. They debated their recollections of whether a case that had ended by the river or the lighthouse. Gus insisted that it had been by the river because he remembered that they had kissed there. Harley agreed, leaned in, and kissed him. Suddenly, she pulled back and apologized. As Harley hurried to leave, Gus told her that he missed his old friend. Harley replied that she did, too.

Harley went home and was heating up a pizza when Jonathan came by with a job proposal. He asked her to dig up dirt on someone. In the middle of Jonathan explaining what he needed, Harley received a text message requesting that she meet "under the marquee." Harley whispered, "He's back." Abruptly, she turned down Jonathan's job offer and left to meet with whomever sent the text. Harley traveled to Main Street, and as she anxiously waited, Marina peeped around the corner to spy on her.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beth took Peyton to visit Alan at the Spaulding mansion. Alan was delighted to see his daughter but wondered how Rick had taken the news of Beth's most recent decisions. Beth replied that she couldn't find Rick anywhere. Alan's attentiveness grew overbearing and Beth left. Later, on Main Street, Beth asked Mel if she had seen Rick. Mel delighted in the fact that Beth didn't know where her husband was. If she saw Rick, Mel said she'd tell him that Beth was looking for him. Beth murmured, "Thanks...Bitch."

In the mean time, Lizzie discovered that Cyrus had accepted Jonathan's job offer to tail her until he discovered some dirt on her. Cyrus told her not to bother trying to shake him because Jonathan would just find someone else to do it. Later Cyrus called Jonathan to say that he could keep taking Jonathan's money, but Cyrus doubted he'd uncover anything about Lizzie.

When Dinah encountered Lizzie by the lake, she encouraged Lizzie to fight for her daughter despite Bill's opinions. To save her own child, Dinah said that she would make a deal with the devil. After talking to Dinah, Lizzie visited Alan at the mansion and told him that he was the only person who was as dangerous and as destructive as Jonathan. Admitting that it wasn't her proudest moment, she asked him to get her daughter back for her. Lizzie demanded that Alan do whatever it took, adding, "But not like last time." She ordered Alan to stick to lawyers and paying off judges. Alan opened his arms and said, "Welcome home, Elizabeth."

Meanwhile, Jonathan made a shady deal on a bridge, exchanging money for a package. In Lizzie's room at the Beacon, Jonathan attempted to plant what appeared to be drugs in a drawer, but Bill caught him. Bill took the bag of drugs and threatened Jonathan with jail. Because Bill's fingerprints were also on the bag, Jonathan told him that they would be roommates in a cell. Jonathan and Bill argued until they reached a stalemate and both left Lizzie's hotel room. Once Bill was gone, Jonathan reentered the room, and to Jonathan's surprise, Alan barreled in behind him. Alan asked Jonathan for his help to double-cross Lizzie. Alan proposed to allow Jonathan to live in exile with Sarah. In exchange, Alan wanted permission to visit Sarah once a year. Jonathan refused. Alan told him that he was offering Jonathan the best deal that he would ever get. Then Alan asked Jonathan if he wanted a cigar. Jonathan reluctantly took it.

After the meeting with Jonathan, Alan returned home to find Beth there with Peyton. Beth asked if Alan meant it when he had said that he would change. Alan wondered if that question meant she would come home. Beth agreed to just start with dinner and excused herself to freshen up in her "old" room.

During that same time, Bill found Lizzie and apologized for his actions the other day. He warned her about Jonathan, but Lizzie said she had the upper hand. She told Bill that she had sold her soul. Just then, Alan called Lizzie to explain that Jonathan had fallen for their plan.

Meanwhile at the jail, Doris personally responded to Rick's complaints about improper police detainment. When Rick said Alan's name, Doris cut him off, saying he was lucky that he wasn't in the lake wearing cement boots. Rick threatened Doris in order to get Frank down there. If she didn't, when Rick got released, he would implicate Doris in his bogus lockup. Doris promised to "look into it." She returned some time later to inform Rick that she got a hearing with a judge and he should be out in no time.

Meanwhile, when Reva went to Jeffrey's office to invite him to the party at Company, Jeffrey explained how he had caught Cassie with Will the other day. Jeffrey further said that no one had informed him about Will's hearing being moved up. As a result of the hearing, the charges against Will had been dropped. Jeffrey concluded that Will was on the loose again. Reva grumbled that they needed more beer at the party.

Down at Company, Cassie showed up at the party with a surprise for Josh. Out popped Will saying, "I'm back!" After Josh listened to Cassie give the details of the hearing, he wondered why she hadn't told him about it when it happened. Cassie replied that she didn't want him to jeopardize his chances of reinstatement to be at her side. As Cassie called Ms. Chitwood about RJ, Josh received a call from Jeffrey, who said he had news. Josh replied that he already knew. Jeffrey clicked off the phone and told Reva, "We'd better get over there before the kid starts spitting up pea soup."

When Reva and Jeffrey arrived at Company, Jeffrey remained outside trying to call the judge who made the ruling in Will's case. Reva entered Company in time to overhear Rutledge's concerns that Will's return might cause Josh to have less time for his church duties. Reva interrupted Josh and Rutledge to say that Will would live with her. Josh was confused, and Rutledge found it a brilliant solution that showed Josh's leadership through his actions. While Reva was outside breaking the news to Jeffrey, they heard Cassie scream, "Hell, no!"

As Reva and Jeffrey kept an eye on Will, Josh took Cassie outside where she ranted about how Reva and he made decisions about Will without her. Josh retorted that Cassie had decided to get Will out of detention without consulting him. Cassie yelled at Josh that she was doing the best she could and she didn't know what else he wanted from her. Josh said he wanted his wife back. Cassie responded that Josh was asking her to choose him or her son. Josh replied, "I'm asking you to choose all of us."

After their talk, Josh and Cassie called Reva and Jeffrey to inform them that Will could stay with them for a few days. Cassie said that it was temporary and Reva retorted that she was counting on that. Cassie broke the "surprise" to Will that he would live with Aunt Reva for a few days. "Josh made you did this, didn't he?" Will seethed. Cassie told Will that, "Some times if you want people to play with your toys, you have to play with their toys first, and then they are more willing." Will surmised that Cassie wanted him to "play" with Reva and Jeffrey. Cassie agreed, hugging him.

While Jeffrey contemplated ordering straight jackets and ankle monitors for Will, Reva retrieved the child from inside Company. In the car outside Cross Creek, Jeffrey laid down the law to Will about chores, homework, and TV. Jeffrey said that if Will ran away, Jeffrey, as a trained government agent, would catch him and force him to sit in court watching juvenile cases all day long. Reva told Will that they loved him and sent him inside to get ready for bed.

Once Will had gone, Reva urged Jeffrey to search Will's bag. Inside they discovered a "Hangman" game with Josh's name on it. Reva called Josh about it and he requested that they not tell Cassie until the next day. When Josh got off the phone, he lied to Cassie that he had been talking to a telemarketer. Upon later checking his cell phone, Cassie saw that he had been really talking to Reva.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Beth took Peyton to Lillian at Cedars because the child had a possible ear infection. When Beth grumbled about Rick being out of touch, Lillian said Rick had left a message about being at a medical convention. Even though Beth was angry with Rick, she still needed someone to be a responsible father for Peyton. When Lillian disparagingly mentioned Alan, Beth replied that Alan loved Peyton and was unafraid to show it.

Unbeknownst to Beth, Alan found out about Peyton's illness and rushed to the hospital. He found it outrageous that Peyton had yet to be seen by a doctor.. Beth told him that they didn't have an appointment. "An appointment?" Alan asked. "That's outrageous. Who do you think paid for this wing-and that wing down there as well?" Alan assured a crying Peyton that he would take care of things. Beth said to Peyton that her father thought he could take care of everything. Alan said fathers and husbands were supposed to do that. Unlike Rick, who was nowhere to be found, Alan said that he knew where his priorities were. When Beth said that the word "priorities" was just as impersonal as Alan was, Alan surprised her with a kiss.

Meanwhile Jonathan took Sarah to a new daycare so that he could interview for a construction job with Billy at Towers. Billy gave Jonathan a hard time for filling his application out with Sarah's crayon. When Billy conducted a rigid interview, Jonathan pleaded with him for a chance. Billy offered him the job, but he asked Jonathan to promise to make Lizzie a part of Sarah's life. Jonathan begrudgingly agreed. Billy chuckled, saying, "By the way, it was the pink crayon that got you the job."

About that time, Lizzie arrived at the daycare to get Sarah. The daycare teacher asked for the "contribution" that Alan had promised. After picking up Sarah, Lizzie drove to the Spaulding mansion. In the parlor Alan discussed with Lizzie his plans for Sarah and Peyton, which included the two sharing first place in horseback riding championships. He showed Lizzie a wooden hobbyhorse named Victory that he had bought for the two girls. Lizzie liked the horse, but she reminded Alan that Sarah would not be raised as a Spaulding. Alan attempted to make permanent arrangements for Lizzie and Sarah to live at the mansion. Though Lizzie declined, Alan insisted that Lizzie was where she belonged, and Beth and Peyton would soon join them.

When Bill called Lizzie, Alan personally wanted to get him off the phone. Lizzie ignored him, talking to Bill herself. Bill said that he knew she didn't want him worrying about her, but he hired her a lawyer. Bill urged Lizzie to set up a custody hearing right away. Lizzie replied that it wasn't necessary. Sarah cried and Bill heard her. Lizzie abruptly ended her call with Bill, and Alan told Lizzie that she had made a wise decision. Bill would only hurt matters.

After the call, Bill traveled to the courthouse to talk to Mel about scheduling Lizzie's hearing. On the balcony Mel wondered why Bill would pay for Lizzie's lawyer and presumed Bill must have been in love. Bill admitted to having feelings for Lizzie, but he wouldn't call it love. While they spoke, Bill and Mel spotted Rick below being led around in handcuffs.

Meanwhile down at a construction site with Matt, Jonathan was unable to focus on work due to his concern about Sarah. He traveled to the daycare and discovered that the teacher had given Sarah to Lizzie. When Jonathan angrily grabbed the assistant by her jacket, he wound up being arrested. At the police station, Frank warned Jonathan to pursue Lizzie legally, reminding him that Alan had enough crooked connections to put Jonathan in jail for years. Once Frank released him, Jonathan murmured to himself that Frank had given him bad advice.

While Lizzie enjoyed a manicure with Sarah at her side, her cell phone began incessantly ringing with calls from angry friends and relatives, all of whom complained that her jokes weren't funny. Someone pulled pranks on Billy, Lillian, Beth, and Bill and left notes implicating Lizzie as the prankster. The only person who enjoyed his prank was Bill, who discovered a woman in his bed wearing only a note on her ankle saying to call Lizzie. "If this is your way of trying to get rid of me, it ain't half bad..." Bill told Lizzie as the re-dressed woman kissed him. Lizzie finally understood what was happening when she picked up Roxie from the groomer. The male dog stylist told Lizzie that her "scrumptious" husband had picked the dog up earlier. He handed her a note. It indicated that things would get worse and to call Jonathan.

Meanwhile, Jonathan sat in the graveyard with Roxie when Cassie strolled up. Seeing Roxie with him and hearing that Lizzie had Sarah, Cassie assumed Jonathan and Lizzie were learning to share. Jonathan wondered if Cassie were learning to share Josh with the kids, God, and Reva. Cassie groaned and Jonathan acknowledged how they'd each had tough breaks. Cassie hugged Jonathan from behind and, amid the flurrying snow, they commiserated over Tammy. Cassie said that they need to do something about Sarah; Tammy would want them to.

In the meantime, after Alan left the hospital, Beth defended him to Lillian, saying she could learn to love him again. Just then, Bill showed up to inform Beth that Alan used his connections to detain Rick in jail. Beth returned to the Spaulding mansion and yelled at Alan for putting Rick in jail. When Lizzie came into the study to quiet Beth and Alan, Beth demanded that Lizzie get Sarah and leave with her. Lizzie declared that she was done being ordered around by anyone but herself. Beth stomped out and Lizzie told Alan that if Jonathan weren't stopped, then Alan could lose both Peyton and Sarah.

Angry and ignoring Lizzie, Alan picked up Victory the hobbyhorse and headed up the spiral stairs. He ordered Lizzie to clean up the mess of dishes and Lizzie abruptly responded that she didn't do dishes. She asked him if he had heard her, but Alan only seemed concerned about losing Peyton. Lizzie impatiently promised to help him with Peyton, but she told him of her more pressing issue: Jonathan had kidnapped Roxie. Alan bellowed, "Let him have Roxie! I never liked that dog anyway." Lizzie argued that she loved Roxie and Jonathan would ruin Lizzie's life if she didn't return Sarah. Alan muttered that Jonathan wanted to play hardball, and Lizzie responded that she needed a bigger bat. Alan opened a chest, whipped out a steel bat, and said, "Batter up!"

Lizzie called Jonathan to say that she understood the point of his pranks, which was he could hurt her through her loved ones. She faked sobbing, saying Sarah wanted her father but not Lizzie. She begged him to make things work. Jonathan asked her to meet him alone by Tammy's grave. After Lizzie hung up, she dropped her act, and Alan said, "Graveyard, how appropriate." Lizzie again warned him, "No funny stuff." Alan assured her that he'd leave the "funny work" to the police as Jonathan was about to be arrested for the murder of a Tourmaline sheriff.

When alone, Alan had some brandy and told Victory the hobbyhorse that he wanted it to lead his girls through the fields and over streams to victory, but it couldn't. He picked up the hobbyhorse and hurled it over the balcony into the parlor. About that time, Beth entered Rick's cell and placed her comforting hand on his shoulder.

Meanwhile, Bill parked his car on a secluded road, got out, and called Lizzie's name. As he looked around, two strange men closed in on him. They restrained him and led him into the woods.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lizzie grew frustrated with Alan when he changed the plan, instructing her to call Jonathan and switch the meeting place from the graveyard to the Old Mill Road, where Tammy's accident had occurred. After talking to Lizzie, Alan called the men who had kidnapped Bill to confirm that they had his "package." Alan said he would pick it up when he was ready.

While Lizzie convinced Jonathan to meet on Old Mill Road, Alan anonymously tipped off the police that the murderer of a Tourmaline sheriff could be found on that road in a half hour. After ending the call, Alan showed the maid a ring he had bought for Beth. Lizzie entered Alan's parlor, desiring to call off their plan. Alan ignored her, saying that Jonathan could learn a new trade or become a better man while in prison. When Lizzie commented that she wanted to talk to Bill, Alan replied that if Bill cared about her, then he would have been there.

Just before Lizzie left to meet Jonathan, Beth showed up at the mansion. Alan drew the ring from his pocket. When Rick came in threatening Alan with jail, Alan discretely put away the ring. Rick said he found a judge willing to charge Alan for Rick's bogus arrest. As Lizzie listened to Rick and Beth bicker at Alan about his need to control everything, Lizzie swore to Sarah that she wouldn't let that happen to her.

Beth and Rick went to Company where he explained to her that he planned to file for legal guardianship of Peyton. Beth seemed hesitant and Rick said that he assumed Beth had already chosen him to raise Peyton because she had bailed him out of jail. Puzzled, Beth said that she hadn't bailed him out. Rick wondered who did. Rick and Beth went to the police station and discovered that his bail slip had been signed by Phillip Spaulding.

Some time later, Alan visited the hotel where Bill was being held and discovered that Bill had knocked out his captors. Alan claimed to have kidnapped Bill to protect him from Jonathan. Unconvinced, Bill said he got Alan's message and he had one of his own. Bill told Alan, "When it comes to Lizzie, hands off. She's mine."

Meanwhile Cassie became upset when it appeared that RJ and Josh were having more fun without Will around. Josh explained that the four of them were all a family. Cassie resentfully added Reva's name to the family list. Frustrated, Josh agreed that Reva was family, too. Hugging Josh, Cassie wished it were the four of them and no one else. When RJ asked them to come in for popcorn, Cassie curtly left for the grocery store. RJ sadly murmured, "It's Will again, isn't it?"

Over at Cross Creek, Jonathan told Reva about the trade he planned to make with Lizzie. "Your daughter for her dog?" Reva asked. Jonathan said that he thought it was a trap. Will, who was listening to the two, expressed that he wanted to be just like Jonathan. Reva asked Will to take Roxie outside. Will opened his hand, saying, "five bucks." Jonathan handed the child cash and Will took the dog out.

Reva showed Jonathan the hangman drawing, saying that Will was a very angry child. She wondered if Jonathan had been like that as a boy. Jonathan reflected that he had been cuter than Will. Jonathan suggested that Will needed a father, and Reva replied that Jonathan had needed a mother. Even though she couldn't retrieve those years with Jonathan, she believed that she could help Will and pleaded with Jonathan to stay and help Will also. When Reva went to call Will back inside, Jonathan slipped a letter under a dictionary on her desk.

After Jonathan left, Reva and Will played Scrabble. Will spelled the word "poison." Reva said that he did a good job but joked that he'd better not taste it. Will put a Scrabble piece in his mouth and started choking. Reva grabbed him to do the Heimlich Maneuver just as Cassie came in. Cassie rushed over and struggled with Reva, demanding that Reva stop hurting the child. Will spit the piece out, saying that he was just joking. An argument ensued as Reva defended herself for trying to take care of their family. Cassie hollered that it was her child, her family, and her husband. She accused Reva of trying to steal her child and her husband. Cassie grabbed Will's hand, saying they were leaving before Will got "choked by all this love." In anger Reva knocked the book off the desk and discovered Jonathan's letter.

Visibly upset, Reva donned her coat and grabbed her keys. Josh showed up, asking where Will was. Tearfully, Reva explained that Will swallowed a game piece, Cassie accused her choking him, and then Cassie took Will. Reva handed Josh the goodbye letter from Jonathan and sobbed that she had to find him.

While Reva and Josh went in search of Jonathan, Cassie returned to Cross Creek with Will. They discovered a gasman inside attending to a gas leak. Cassie and Will talked about her argument with Reva, and she reminded Will that even though families fought, they still loved each other. She went to make tea and Will headed to the basement where he watched the gasman. He stared at the wrench that the gasman left hooked to the gas valve.

Meanwhile, Jonathan met Lizzie on Old Mill Road. Lizzie took Roxie, got in the car, and locked the doors. Jonathan threw himself on the hood of the car, daring Lizzie to run him over. Lizzie warned him about the police hunting him down for murder. After a heated exchange, Lizzie bravely decided to let Jonathan escape with Sarah. Jonathan scrambled to get Sarah out of the backseat and he dropped her doll in the thicket by the road. As he ran, Lizzie yelled after him to meet her at the church later.

When the police arrived, Lizzie pretended that Jonathan had stolen Sarah. She told them that he mentioned going to Canada. After the police left in pursuit of Jonathan, Lizzie met him and Sarah in the church graveyard. Lizzie took Sarah into her arms and told her that her father had been willing to risk everything for her. She said that the time had come for Lizzie to take the risk of never seeing Sarah again. Wherever Sarah went, Lizzie told her that her mother would always love her. After taking the baby, Jonathan kissed Lizzie, and they said goodbye.

Meanwhile on Main Street, Bill found Josh and Reva together and informed them that Alan had set Jonathan up for the Tourmaline incident. Reva appeared sickened. Bill asked if Reva knew what he was referring to, and she said that she did. While Reva and Josh planned to continue searching for Jonathan, Bill took Josh's suggestion to look for Lizzie at her home. Bill asked where he could meet them later. "Where it all began...and ended," Reva uttered.

Jonathan's theme, "Far Away From Here," played as Josh and Reva trudged through the thicket around Old Mill Road. Josh found the discarded doll. Reva clinched it, crying that she wanted to see Jonathan just one more time. Josh suddenly spotted Jonathan's car in the distance and they ran down the street, calling to him. Hanging an arm from the car window, Jonathan waved, yelling, "Bye, Mom!" Reva waved back. Josh wrapped his arm around her shoulders as she sobbed.

At the Spaulding mansion, Alan raged at Lizzie for letting Jonathan have Sarah again. He vowed to track him down and get the child back. Lizzie made a deal with Alan. She promised to live with him and be molded into a better Spaulding. In exchange, Alan would let Jonathan and Sarah have their freedom.

As Lizzie packed at the Beacon, Bill entered the room. Falling into his arms, she cried, saying that Jonathan and Sarah were gone. Bill decided to take Lizzie out that night, but while he showered, Lizzie and Roxie returned to the mansion. Once there, Alan asked if she threw away the things she didn't need. Lizzie coldly replied, "Yes, Granddad." He hugged her but she didn't hug him back. Alan said that they were making a new start, just the two of them.

Friday, March 7, 2008


Harley leaned over the courthouse railing trying to overhear Cyrus and Marina's conversation. When Gus approached, she tried to make up an excuse about trying to do something but it fell flat. They began talking about the boys and Gus mentioned that he heard Jude had a great ball game the other day. Harley admitted that she missed the game since she had so much going on. Gus asked if Harley was okay since she seemed "off." Harley lied that she was working on a case that she really should not have taken and ever since she did things had become complicated. Harley quietly asked if Gus thought people got infinite chances at love. Gus finished her sentence-Harley felt as if she was out of chances. After Marina left Cyrus to talk to Frank, Harley appeared behind Cyrus. Cyrus greeted Harley warmly by pulling her into an empty office but Harley told him they needed to stop. She reminded him that he suggested that they needed to take a break. Cyrus replied he only said that because Rick threatened to take Jude away. Harley tried to pull away, saying that all of this sneaking around was driving her crazy. Harley told Cyrus that she wanted them to talk like real people. She needed it to be real and not just sex. Cyrus asked her what she wanted to talk about-what movies they would like to see if they could be seen in public? Current events-such as immigration? Harley laughed at that and soon the pair made love. Suddenly, they heard Frank and Marina outside the door so Harley quickly put her clothes on and went out in the hall to meet Frank. Harley made up an excuse about wanting to meet someone at the courthouse and made it a point to say the office she exited was empty. Harley told Marina to take care of herself and Marina replied that that was hard when it felt as if the whole world was passing her by.

Outside, Harley told Cyrus that she could not do this anymore. It was not her. Harley explained that she could not keep lying to Marina. Harley told Cyrus that he caught her off guard. She never expected to find someone so soon after Gus. Harley complained that Cyrus was like a drug for her. Cyrus asked if she wanted to go cold turkey. His question was met with silence. All Harley could do was lay her head on his chest. Later, Cyrus went to Marina and told her he had something to tell her. As Cyrus informed Marina that he had been lying to her, Harley warned Frank to take care of his daughter since she was going to need him.

After Jonathan drove off, Josh consoled a very upset Reva. Josh offered to take her home but she refused and went off on her own. When Reva got home, she poured herself a glass of wine and listened to her answering machine. There was a message from Cassie saying she was going to drop Will off, but Reva was not home, and a message from Jonathan. Jonathan informed his mother that Lizzie made a deal with Alan to keep Sarah safe and Jonathan had to leave town quickly in case Alan decided to double-cross them. Jonathan told Reva that for Sarah's safety, they might have to stay away for good. Jonathan went on to ask her to give a message to Cassie. He told Reva to tell Cassie that although he would always love Tammy, he needed to let her go and that she should do the same. Jonathan stated that they needed to stop being angry and sad. Jonathan then asked Reva to check in on Lizzie every once in a while and promised Reva that she would see him and Sarah again. Later, Jeffrey came home and found Reva crying. Reva told him that Jonathan left town with Sarah, and Jeffrey noted that it was probably for the best since they would never be safe in town. Reva lamented that she wanted to be the one to keep them safe. Jeffrey replied that she tried; that was enough. Jeffrey told Reva that her problem was that she was stalled. She had been living her life for other people and it was time for her to be in the driver's seat again. Jeffrey suggested that they take a walk but Reva wanted to be held instead.

Josh came home and RJ complained that Will was back and Cassie was acting weird. RJ went upstairs and Josh asked Will to go upstairs so Josh could talk with his mother. Instead of talking, Cassie had another idea-she wanted to go on a family outing. Later, Josh, Cassie, and the boys played a game of baseball. At one point, RJ bent down to tie his shoes and Will appeared to be about to hit him over the head with a baseball bat. Josh grabbed the bat from Will. Later, the group returned home and Josh confronted Will on the porch. Josh asked Will why he chose to be a spoiled, dangerous little boy. Josh lectured Will that he could have seriously hurt RJ with that bat and if Will hurt RJ he would end up hurting Cassie as well. Will responded that Josh did not care about Cassie; he only cared about Reva. Josh told Will that he did not think Will was ready to be in their home. Will coldly told Josh that he was not afraid of him and ran off to Cassie and Josh's bedroom. Meanwhile, Reva arrived and Cassie asked if she was there to take Will. An emotional Reva told Cassie that Jonathan left town with Sarah and left a message for Cassie. Cassie became defensive when Reva told her Jonathan stated that Cassie needed to let go of Tammy. As Reva was about to leave, Josh decided to go with her since he needed to talk to Jeffrey about church business.

Cassie found Will in her room. Will told his mother that he was tired and wanted to be alone. He asked where Josh was and Cassie told him that he went to see Jeffrey. Soon after, Will grabbed his duffel bag and snuck out of the house. Will then bribed a man to give him a ride to the Cross Creek cabin.

Josh and Reva arrived at the cabin to find that Jeffrey was not home. Reva mentioned how quiet Josh was in the car and he confided in her about the baseball bat incident. Josh told Reva that he lied to Cassie. He was not there to discuss church business. He wanted Will sent away for a long time. Josh informed Reva that Will was unfixable and needed guidance that he could not give. Reva stated that did not sound like a minister-like thing to say and Josh admitted that he was flawed. An emotional Reva lamented that Will was only a little boy and reminded Josh that he used to think Jonathan was unfixable too. Josh told Reva that the difference was that Jonathan had vulnerability, even when he was angry or dangerous. Will on the other hand was not vulnerable; he was fearless. Reva still thought it was very sad to say that about a kid and asked Josh if he wanted to drink with her. As they drank, Reva told Josh that she would feel like a hypocrite if she helped him send Will away, since her every instinct told her to chase after Jonathan and bring him home. Reva stated that she'd had enough of the drama. Reva got out a packet of seeds that Marah sent her and told Josh that she wanted to plant them for spring. It would make her feel better. Josh offered to help. In the meantime, Will had snuck into the house and messed with the gas furnace in the basement. Will's actions caused a gas leak and soon Josh and Reva become woozy and passed out on the couch together.

Jeffrey went to the farm to get Will. Cassie refused and told Jeffrey that Will was tired. She talked about what a great day they had as a family and told him she thought the fresh air did Will some good. Cassie suddenly asked Jeffrey if he thought she used Tammy as a crutch. She asked if she used Tammy's death as an excuse for everything that had gone wrong. Jeffrey told her that although she was experiencing grief, he thought she was doing just fine. Cassie showed him some flowers she bought for Tammy's grave and confessed that she stole them out of another woman's shopping cart since they were the last ones available. Cassie wondered if she thought she was above the rules. Cassie went up to her room and found Will gone. Cassie then went to Reva's cabin and found Reva and Josh passed out.

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