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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 25, 2008 on GL
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Natalia and Gus lie in bed at their hotel hideaway discussing how complicated their lives are since they've become adults. Natalia realizes that Gus has people who need him and she emphasizes Olivia's dying wish to be with him. Gus says that he feels strange leaving his new wife to go to Olivia. As Natalia dresses, she assures him that it's okay. Gus disagrees, but she says they'll make it all okay.

Meanwhile, Olivia gets a pedicure at a local salon. Ava rushes into the salon. She thinks there is a medical emergency, but Olivia asks Ava how she likes the nail polish color on her toes. Ava notices a positive change in Olivia's demeanor, and Olivia attributes it to Gus leaving Natalia. She tells Ava about the agreement that she and Natalia made. No matter how she got him, Olivia says she has Gus, and he makes her hopeful that she can beat the disease.

Later, on Main Street, Gus finds Olivia and Emma. Olivia sends Emma for hot chocolate and then tells Gus that she and Emma are going to the park. Gus reminds her that the doctor told her to take it easy. Olivia wants to enjoy this day with her daughter and thanks Gus for caring.

Meanwhile at Company, Daisy invites Rafe to join her in a spare room upstairs in the boardinghouse. She says they'll just talk and nothing more. Rafe declines, saying that being close to her makes him think about being intimate. Daisy admits that she thinks about it as well, but she can't forget about the abortion. Additionally, Daisy says that she's concerned about what Rafe's mother, Natalia, thinks about her. Rafe encourages her that they'll work it all out.

Rafe leaves to meet his mother on Main Street, and they spot Gus, Olivia, and Emma. Rafe yells at Gus for abandoning his mother for Olivia. Gus reaches for Rafe, but he recoils, warning Gus, "If you touch me again, your ass will be on the ground." Gus retorts that if Rafe talks to him like that again, he'll be the one on the ground. Natalia intervenes, asking Gus to let her handle their son. Gus backs down and returns to Olivia and Emma.

Natalia explains to Rafe that she sent Gus to help Olivia. She says that Emma is Gus's niece and Gus is only Olivia's friend. Rafe pointedly tells his mother that she married a cheater. He reminds her that Gus cheated on Harley. Rafe believes that Natalia can't see that because she was the other woman in Gus and Harley's marriage. Rafe insists that if Gus cheated on Harley, he'll cheat on Natalia, too. Rafe leaves and Natalia glances at Gus, Emma, and Olivia.

Rafe returns to Company where Ashlee and Daisy are saying goodbye after visiting together and talking about Daisy's relationship with Rafe. As Ashlee departs, Rafe gives Daisy a deep kiss. Daisy wonders what changed Rafe's attitude from earlier. He says that the abortion made him feel as if he let everyone down, but he's decided that he can't live his life to please his parents. They kiss again as Natalia approaches.

Daisy explains to Natalia that the kiss she witnessed isn't what it seems. Daisy says that Rafe and she have learned their lesson and will be more careful next time. Natalia replies that there can't be a next time-not for a long time. Rafe retorts that he's done listening to Natalia, who insists that it's wrong for Daisy and him to rush back into their relationship. Rafe tells Natalia that he won't lose Daisy. Natalia may not fight for Gus, but Rafe plans to fight for Daisy. Once Daisy and Rafe leave, Natalia opens her cell phone and then snaps it shut. She reminds herself that she promised to leave Olivia and Gus alone.

Meanwhile, Harley and Cyrus make out in the backseat of Harley's car. When they see Frank and Rick approaching, they scramble to redress. Frank opens the car door to find Harley in the front seat, frazzled and half dressed. The men wonder what's going on. Harley explains that forgetting the trophies caused her to have a panic attack. Because she thought she couldn't breathe, she started tearing off her clothes. Rick and Frank help Harley get herself together so they can all return inside.

Meanwhile, inside Company, Marina stares out the side door, anxious for Rick and Frank to discover Harley and Cyrus in a compromising position. Cyrus walks up behind Marina and startles her when he asks what she's looking at. Marina says that she thought he was helping Harley with the trophies in the car. Cyrus lies that he was filling the parking meter.

Rick, Frank, and Harley head back to Company, but Rick stops Harley to speak to her alone. He's concerned about her panic attacks. Harley thinks it's not a big deal. Rick disagrees, reminding her that she was half naked in the car when they found her. Something as simple as forgetting trophies triggered a huge panic attack. Rick is concerned that, if Jude is riding in the car with Harley and this happens again, Jude might get killed. After reminding Harley of her reckless affair with Cyrus, Rick decides that Jude will go home with him. Harley blames Rick's attitude on his fear of losing his new daughter. Rick replies that he won't lose his daughter and he won't allow Harley to irresponsibly endanger Jude.

Rick and Harley enter Company to find the kids' party has ended. Cynically, Marina asks Harley what happened and why she looks so disheveled. Frank explains that Harley had a panic attack. Rick announces that he and Jude are leaving, and Harley follows the two outside. Cyrus informs Marina that he has a case to attend to. Marina asks him not to take too long.

Buzz cleans up the restaurant and murmurs to Marina that Frank went to the station rather than help tidy up. Unexpectedly, Marina sobs, wondering why she loves Cyrus so much. She knows that he isn't the "dependable type" and that he has a wandering eye, but she can't stop wanting him. She doesn't know how to cut her losses before it hurts her even more. Buzz implores Marina to tell him the entire situation. Marina thinks that Cyrus feels trapped because of her knee injury. She fears he'll grow restless and leave her. Buzz doesn't think that this will happen, commenting that Jenna was a wild and free spirit like Cyrus, but she never left Buzz. Marina wonders if loving someone like Jenna was frightening because Jenna was free and liked to live by her own rules. Buzz says that those qualities kept him coming back for more. Marina understands, saying that she could no more walk away from Cyrus than she could stop breathing.

Down at Lizzie's bar, Harley and Cyrus play pool. Harley says that her life is spinning out of control. She missed her son's party because she was in the back of a car, making out like some "friggin' teenager." Harley says she's tired of sneaking to be with Cyrus and feels that she can't live with this agony. Cyrus believes that Harley is right. He puts a key into her hand and says that something has to change.

Later, Cyrus arrives at a hotel room and settles down on the bed with a beer. The door opens and Harley enters. Cyrus says that he hoped she would come. Harley responds that she had to because he put the hotel key in her hand. He says that she could have chosen not to come. She replies that she knows and they kiss.

Down at the station, Gus enters with Emma and Olivia to drop some paperwork off for Frank. Unexpectedly for Gus, Frank berates him for cheating on Harley, marrying Natalia, and then taking up with Olivia. He warns Gus not to even think about dating any other women at the station-especially not Marina. Frank leaves and Gus swears that he's become everyone's punching bag lately.

Olivia apologizes for what happened with Rafe. Gus decides to call him, but Rafe hangs up on him. Pain stricken, Olivia sinks into a chair. Struggling to breathe, Olivia refuses to go to the hospital. Soon her attack subsides, and Olivia tells Gus that he should be with his family. She doesn't want to cause Gus to lose his relationship with his son.

Olivia enters an interrogation room to find Emma reading police files. Olivia quickly takes away the confidential papers. Gus peeks in and overhears Emma ask Olivia what a murderer is. Olivia explains that a murderer is a bad person who kills people. Emma wonders what it's like to be dead and if the dead get to say goodbye to their families before they go. Olivia gently tells her that no one really knows about being dead, but everyone has to say goodbye at some point. Olivia says that she'll leave this world before Emma. When they have to say goodbye, Olivia promises Emma that she will always love her. Gus enters the room as they hug. He tells them that he's going home with them. Olivia asks what about Rafe. Gus says that he's still working on Rafe.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

After making love with Cyrus, Harley asks him if they can ever be together without sneaking around. He says that it's up to them to decide when to reveal their relationship and he doesn't care when do or who doesn't like it. Harley, on the other hand, feels that she has to consider her family. Not only will this hurt Marina, but Harley also fears that Rick will use her panic attacks to get custody of Jude. Additionally, she worries that a custody battle for Jude could cast doubt on her ability to raise Zach. Cyrus assures Harley that seeing her in secret or public doesn't matter to him. He just wants to be with her.

Later, Cyrus goes to Company and presents Beth with a silver rattle for a baby gift. After Beth thanks him for the gift, she says she presumes that his detective skills led him to find her at Company. Cyrus recalls the party the day before and suggests to Beth that Rick seemed miserable without her. Beth accuses Cyrus of trying to forge reconciliation between her and Rick in order to distract Rick from Jude.

Outside Company, Rick warns Cyrus about talking to Beth. Innocently, Cyrus claims to just be dropping off a baby gift. Rick says that Cyrus is no good for his son and plans to hire an attorney to deal with him. As for Harley, Rick suggests that Cyrus steer clear of her. Before leaving, Cyrus advises Rick that he should do the same.

When Beth and Rick exit Company, Beth comments that she keeps expecting Alan to swoop in with gifts and then whisk her and the baby away. Rick notes that she sounds disappointed that Alan hasn't. Beth clarifies that she's uneasy about Alan's silence. Rick says that he's been tracking Alan's whereabouts, and Alan is away on his jet. Rick asks her, "I'm not going to lose you and the baby, am I, Beth?" Before Beth can answer, he says, "Of course I'm not...I'm not."

Meanwhile at Ruby's nail salon, Marina and Dinah get their nails done while Marina fills Dinah in on what happened at the party for the kids. After the outlandish excuse about a panic attack, Marina wants to keep Cyrus away from Harley more than ever. Marina asks Dinah to help her investigate whether or not Harley and Cyrus have real feelings for each other. Before Marina heads to physical therapy, Dinah agrees to dig up dirt on the couple.

Down at the gym, Harley tries to avoid Marina, but Marina calls her name. Reluctantly, Harley acknowledges her. Marina asks Harley to help her with her exercises. Harley agrees and, during the workout, Marina alludes to how close she and Cyrus have become since her knee injury. Marina explains how Cyrus has been laying on the romantic lines. While Marina says that he's a "practiced flirt," she knows he means his words. Harley seems uncomfortable, and suggests that Cyrus's flirtations with other women would bother her. Marina says that Cyrus has a talent for playing women, but he comes home to her-she actually thinks it's funny when he plays other women. Though Marina says it requires a lot of finagling to keep Cyrus faithful, she admits that she couldn't give him up if she tired.

Some time after Marina leaves, Harley continues her workout and Dinah enters the gym. With one look at Harley, Dinah says she noticed that Cyrus has her glowing. Harley tries to deny it, but Dinah figures out that Harley and Cyrus have been intimate. Harley admits how terrible she feels about it and says that she plans to tell Marina. Dinah recommends that Harley just get the affair out of her system without telling Marina a thing. Confused, Harley reminds Dinah that Dinah is the one who said that Cyrus and Harley should explore their feelings. Harley assures Dinah that she and Cyrus never would have risked so much if they didn't feel strongly for each other.

Dinah echoes Marina's sentiments that Cyrus is an incurable womanizer, saying that, when she traveled Europe with Cyrus, she heard all the lines he used to rope in women. Harley seems crushed as Dinah encourages her to have fun with Cyrus, but not to take his devotion seriously. When Harley gets agitated, Dinah asserts that Harley should see Cyrus's MO. He needs love, but once a woman is "besotted," Cyrus becomes bored and moves on to someone else. Dinah says that Harley must see it happening even as they speak. Harley denies that Cyrus could be bored with her. Dinah replies that currently, it's Marina that he's bored with.

Later, Cyrus and Harley return to the hotel room where they met earlier. Harley proposes that Cyrus and she go somewhere and hang out like a normal couple would. "Normal?" Cyrus repeats. Harley explains that she wants to be normal, like they would be if Marina knew about them. When Cyrus suddenly realizes that he needs to get back to Marina, Harley blurts out, "Is this just sex?"

Cyrus disagrees, explaining that he has been thinking about how they almost got caught at the party the other day. He says that they aren't ready to be caught. Harley agrees. He thinks it might be best if they cool it a bit. Harley seems a little deflated, but she agrees. She seems hurt when he leaves, telling her that he'll call her.

Outside Company, Dinah and Marina compare notes. Dinah decides that Marina is "golden." Marina doesn't feel golden. Dinah encourages her that she is number two with Cyrus and she just has to turn up the heat to become number one. Dinah leaves as Cyrus walks up. Marina and Cyrus go inside the restaurant. Marina talks to him about her workout as Harley enters the restaurant unseen by Cyrus. Marina sees Harley and pulls Cyrus in for a long kiss. Pained, Harley slips out of the restaurant.

Meanwhile Bill shows up late to a business meeting at Company to discover that Billy took the deal right out from under him. Bill attributes his tardiness to traffic; however, Billy replies that Lizzie marrying Jonathan is what has Bill so distracted.

In the meantime, Jonathan and Lizzie are at the bar, planning their wedding. When Jonathan asks Lizzie why she seems preoccupied, Lizzie explains that Bill suspects Jonathan of killing Aubrey's father. She asks if it's true, and Jonathan responds that the less she knows, the better. Believing that Bill plans to use this information to hurt their family, Jonathan grabs his coat and leaves to take care of Bill.

As Lizzie continues to work on the decorations for the wedding, Billy comes by to announce that he stole a deal from Bill. He's not too proud of how it happened, but he feels that he owes Lizzie thanks for sending Bill into a romantic tailspin that has distracted him from business. Billy thinks Lizzie's still playing revenge games with Bill, but Lizzie swears she isn't. She announces that she's marrying Jonathan. Billy chuckles, replying that Lizzie's just stabbing the knife into Bill even deeper.

Lizzie invites Billy to her wedding. Billy agrees to attend but wonders if Lizzie really wants to go through with the ceremony. He thought that she was happy a few weeks ago when she thought she was pregnant with Bill's baby. Lizzie concedes that she was happy then, but that happiness was followed by a lot of tears. Frankly, Lizzie says that neither Jonathan nor Bill will tell her that they love her, but one of them has decided to marry her. She feels that's enough for her. Billy then mentions that Bill is working late.

Meanwhile, Jonathan shows up at Bill's office, saying that he heard about Bill's suspicions Jonathan killed a man. Jonathan warns Bill to stop filling Lizzie's head with lies and to stay away from his daughter. Because Bill has information about Tourmaline, he thinks that he "owns" Jonathan. Jonathan leaps at Bill and drags him into a headlock. He tells Bill that he isn't a murder. Lizzie shows up at the office, intervenes, and commands Jonathan to leave with her.

Back at Lizzie's bar, Lizzie tells Jonathan that life is too complicated in Springfield and they need to leave town after the wedding. Jonathan asks if she is sure that she's willing to give up her family even though he can't be the husband that she wants. Jonathan reminds her that she'll be leaving Bill and can never speak to him again. She realizes all of this and is willing to accept it. Lizzie leaves the room to find boxes to pack their belongings.

A knock comes to the bar's side door. As Bill pounds on the door, Jonathan messes up his hair and opens up his coat before answering. At the door, Bill asks to speak to Lizzie, but Jonathan gives Bill the impression that Lizzie and he are in the middle of "bucking" wedding traditions. Since he has a child with Lizzie, Jonathan thinks traditions have gone out the window. He slams the door in Bill's face.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kiss the Bride

As Lizzie and Jonathan prepared for their wedding and a future on the run, they found it hard to leave certain things behind. Jonathan explained to Lizzie that Roxie couldn't go into hiding with them, and she sadly agreed. Showing Lizzie a box of mementos from Tammy, Jonathan shared his decision to leave something behind as well. Even though Lizzie and Jonathan weren't in love with each other, Jonathan reflected that someday that could change. He decided that Lizzie deserved a fair chance at being his wife. To do that, he had let Tammy go. Though Lizzie said he didn't have to, Jonathan told her that he intended to take his mementos to Tammy's grave and leave them behind. His gesture impressed Lizzie.

Before the wedding, Beth stopped by the bar, and Lizzie asked her to take care of Roxie. Since Lizzie rarely parted with the dog, Beth suggested she figure out a way to take Roxie on the honeymoon. When Lizzie grew overly emotional and insistent, Beth agreed to dog-sit Roxie until Lizzie's return. Beth seemed confused as she watched Lizzie give Roxie what appeared to be a final goodbye.

After meeting with Beth, Lizzie visited Ruby's nail salon. As she received a manicure, Bill showed up. Lizzie wondered if he were there to talk her out of her wedding. Just then, Marlene, one of Ruby's manicurists, entered the establishment and asked Bill when they were leaving. Bill explained to Lizzie that Marlene was his date and then he asked Marlene to wait at the car. As Lizzie rolled her eyes, Bill handed her a pink flower. He wished her a happy wedding and gave her a big kiss. Lizzie seemed stunned as Bill exited.

Down by the lake, Jonathan struggled with his decision to move on from Tammy. In the end, he returned to the bar and informed Lizzie that he couldn't bring himself to discard the mementos or leave Tammy in the past. Lizzie told him that she understood that he would always love Tammy, and she admitted to keeping mementos from Bill as well. Lizzie showed him the flower Bill gave her. Once more, Jonathan offered Lizzie an opportunity to back out of the marriage, but she reaffirmed her commitment to marry him and leave town.

Jonathan traveled to Cross Creek to invite Jeffrey and Reva to the wedding. On the porch, he talked to Jeffrey about the wedding happening so suddenly. Jonathan explained that Bill had been investigating the Tourmaline incident. Since Reva would be implicated in what happened there, Jonathan and Lizzie decided to deter Bill's investigation by leaving town right away. Jonathan further explained that he didn't want Reva to know that he was leaving again. Saying goodbye would be heartbreaking for the both of them, and Jonathan said he didn't think he could do it again.

When Reva learned of the wedding, she expressed her reservations about the couple not being in love. Promising not to dampen his day, Reva chose to be happy for him. After toasting with tequila shots, Reva gave Jonathan a cash-filled envelope, saying that it was a wedding gift. She told him how happy she was that he had returned with Sarah and how much she looked forward to being in Sarah's life.

At the bar later, the air seemed tense as the families of the bride and groom helped decorate for the ceremony. Because Josh and Jonathan seemed concerned about Alan, Billy volunteered to guard the bar entrance. Meanwhile, Cassie accidentally dropped her side of a banner that she and Josh were hanging, and when Reva rushed to catch it, Cassie snapped at her. Reva offered to put their issues aside for the wedding, but Cassie angrily strode away. Later, Cassie told Beth that she didn't mean to hurt her when she switched the DNA tests. Beth retorted, "Then imagine all the trouble you could have created if you had done it on purpose."

After being dismissed by Beth, Cassie eavesdropped on Josh and Reva discussing Jonathan's desire to have a real marriage with Lizzie. Cassie became incensed when she overheard Reva say that Jonathan must forget all about Tammy. Cassie stormed off before she could hear Reva add that Jonathan couldn't forget Tammy and Reva wouldn't want him to. Outside the bar, Cassie sobbed and Figment Tammy appeared, asking her what was wrong. Cassie cried that everyone wanted to forget all about Tammy. Figment Tammy hugged her but disappeared when Billy approached to usher Cassie inside for the ceremony.

As the families decorated the bar, Lizzie went to change into her white mini dress. While alone, she called Bill and left him a poignant goodbye message. When she returned the main bar area, Billy gave her a bear hug, telling that he wanted her to be happy.

Meanwhile at Lewis Construction, Bill received a visit from Mayor Wolfe, who congratulated him on his magazine spread in "Springfield Weekly." Sarcastically, Bill murmured that Doris pulled strings to get him that media attention. As she searched for her own photo in the article, Doris reminded Bill of their political partnership.

After picking up Marlene, Bill brought her back to his office. Over champagne, Bill tried to impress Marlene with his construction projects; however, she seemed oblivious to the things Bill explained. Jeffrey entered the office, interrupting Bill's date. After Bill asked Marlene to give Jeffrey and him a moment alone, Jeffrey warned Bill to drop his investigation into Jonathan's activities in Tourmaline. Since Lizzie chose Jonathan, Bill claimed to have no further interest in Tourmaline. As Jeffrey cautioned Bill against following Lizzie and Jonathan, he inadvertently revealed the couple's plan to leave town after the wedding. Bill scoffed at Jonathan's cowardliness, saying that if Jonathan and Lizzie leave, then Tourmaline was "a dead issue."

Back at the bar, the ceremony was about to begin when Beth's cell phone rang. Embarrassed, she apologized, and Jonathan permitted her to answer it. After the call from Rick, Beth announced that Alan's plane had landed in Springfield. Jonathan then jokingly asked Josh if he had a shorter version of the nuptials.

As Josh proceeded with the wedding, a commotion at bar's entrance interrupted him. Jonathan said Alan's name, but Bill barreled past Billy and rushed into the ceremony. Breathlessly, Bill commanded Lizzie to stop the wedding. He shouted that it would be a big mistake.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bill attempted to break up Lizzie's wedding; however, when she asked Bill if he loved her, Bill couldn't confirm that he did. Bill divulged that Jonathan and Lizzie planned to skip town after the wedding, and Reva became upset. Jeffrey admitted his knowledge of the couple's plans, and Reva yelled at him for keeping silent. When Josh supported Reva's right to know about this, Cassie grew angry and stormed out. Against Bill's warnings, Jonathan asked Josh to continue the wedding. Just then Alan showed up, promising Lizzie and Jonathan that they had nothing to fear from him. Lizzie asked Jonathan if he still wanted to marry her and he agreed. Billy hustled Bill out of the bar, and the wedding ceremony continued.

While haunted by memories of his past wedding to Tammy, Jonathan took his vows. Lizzie, on the other hand, dropped her bouquet when Josh asked for her vows. She said she realized that she couldn't marry Jonathan while knowing that he still loved Tammy. Jonathan urged Lizzie to talk about it, but she hurried out of the bar. When Jonathan tried to chase Lizzie, Alan and he wound up shoving each other. Josh calmed Jonathan down and offered to go find Lizzie.

Alan reasoned with Jonathan that his marriage to Lizzie would not have worked. Again he declared himself a changed man who Jonathan shouldn't fear. Jonathan asked Alan why he should trust him. Alan replied that trusting him was the only way to ensure that Sarah would have a normal life. After giving Sarah to Jeffrey, Jonathan grabbed Beth's baby carrier, announcing that he was "making things even." Alan commanded him to give the baby back, and Jonathan agreed to do so once Alan returned Tammy to him.

Though Alan wished he could return Tammy, he said that he couldn't. Jonathan sobbed that, after Alan took Tammy, Sarah was the only thing that Jonathan had left. Alan said that he knew what it felt like to have a baby taken from him, and he swore not to take Sarah from Jonathan. Beth pleaded with Jonathan to see that Alan wasn't entirely bad and that he could be a good person. The standoff finally ended when Jeffrey told Jonathan that Sarah needed a diaper change. Jonathan touched Sarah and said to Alan, "This is mine." Handing the baby carrier over to Beth, he continued, "This is yours. If anything happens to Sarah, I know where you live." Jonathan then left the bar with Sarah.

After leaving the wedding, Beth and Alan took "Bernadette" to Spaulding Enterprises. While standing in the boardroom where all the Spaulding portraits hung, Beth expected Alan to render his grand speech to the baby about how she'd join the Spaulding legacy. Alan commented that not long ago, Beth had been eager to take her place in the Spaulding family. Alan scowled at the baby's name, and Beth agreed that it didn't fit the child. Beth said that, as she had watched a late night football game, she came up with a strong name for her: "Peyton Spaulding."

Alan found the new name more to his liking and said that he meant what he had told Jonathan earlier. He vowed to Beth that he would drop his vendettas and prove himself by showing his love for Beth and Peyton. Beth replied that she also meant it when she had said Alan was capable of good. As Alan promised to end his manipulations, Rick was shown locked in a jail cell.

Meanwhile, Cassie visited Chad at the prison, bringing him lunch and compliments. In exchange for her flirtatious attention, Chad let Cassie take Will out of the detention center, reminding her to return him by bed check. Cassie and Will spent their time together at Company. As a grumpy Will said that he hated the juvenile center and admitted to crying at night, Reva entered the restaurant. Seeing Cassie with Will, Reva took her aside to find out what Will was doing there. They argued about being mothers to Jonathan and Will. Reva stated that Will killed his father, and Cassie countered that Jonathan killed his father, too. Reva threatened to report Cassie for sneaking Will out of custody. Will shoved Reva, saying, "That's why my mom wanted to smash up your house."

Reva was shocked that Cassie actually participated in destroying her house. Cassie retorted that it was HB's house, and Cassie couldn't believe that Reva still lived in it. She dubbed it a "Shrine to Reva and Josh" and accused Reva of still wanting Josh back. Cassie further said that when Reva told Alan about the paternity switch, it was a betrayal. Reva defended herself, reminding Cassie that Alan could have shot Jonathan. Cassie said that Reva should have let Alan shoot Jonathan to keep Cassie out of jail and save Josh's job. Cassie claimed that Reva never got over the fact that Cassie "stole" her husband. Reva agreed, but she said that this wasn't about Josh. It was about Cassie attacking her twice. Reva asked Cassie what she thought would happen if she attacked Reva a third time.

Meanwhile, Billy drove Bill to Cross Creek where he tried to reason with Bill about how best to win Lizzie's affections. After Bill suffered through Billy's anecdote about how HB won Martha's heart, the father and son argued about what kind of man Lizzie needed. As Bill told Billy that Lizzie didn't even know what she wanted, Lizzie slammed the front door and said, "Actually, Bill, that's where you're wrong." Lizzie went on to reveal that she couldn't go through with the wedding. Billy left the two alone to talk, and Bill confessed that he couldn't stand the thought of losing Lizzie. They shared a passionate kiss. Bill said that he was happy that Lizzie listened to him and didn't marry Jonathan. Lizzie asked Bill where they would go from there. Bill replied, "To see a movie?"

Lizzie headed outside to warm up the car. On the porch, Jonathan nabbed her. Putting his hand over her mouth, he yelled, "Till death do us part, remember?" When Bill came outside, Lizzie was nowhere to be seen. Bill searched for Lizzie but, after a short while, told himself to forget it. Meanwhile, Jonathan was driving Lizzie to an unknown location. Jonathan said to Lizzie that she chose to be with his enemy. That made Lizzie Jonathan's enemy as well.

When leaving the bar to find Lizzie, Josh bumped into Steven Rutledge, who requested that Josh go with him to the church for a talk. In a small chapel, they discussed Josh's suspension. Though the church felt that Josh had made ample penitence for his actions, Rutledge advised Josh that he wouldn't get his job back until Cassie humbled herself and apologized for what she had done. As Rutledge pressured Josh to get Cassie to publicly apologize, Jeffrey strolled by, commenting that he never read in the Bible that one should sell out his own wife. Josh told Rutledge that he loved his job as a minister; however, his wife came first. Josh refused to ask Cassie to change or to go against her will so that he could keep his position. Josh left the church.

Jeffrey left the church as well, and he went to visit Will at the detention center. When he asked Chad to see Will, Chad explained that Will was sleeping. Suspicious that Will would have been asleep so early in the day, Jeffrey asked if he could see for himself. While Jeffrey spoke with Chad, Will slipped in and stole a taser gun off a desk.

Meanwhile, at Reva's request, Josh arrived at Lewis Construction to talk. Josh reminded Reva that she had said she wanted him out of her life. Reva agreed but said that this was about his out-of-control wife. Reva warned Josh that Cassie "is in danger of finding out what it's like when I'm not on your side."

Meanwhile, when Figment Tammy appeared to Cassie again, Cassie told her that she couldn't keep showing up because she confused Cassie's sense of right and wrong. Figment Tammy reminded Cassie that she knew right from wrong and added that Reva couldn't just get Josh back any time she wanted hi

Friday, February 29, 2008


Dinah and Harley were at the nail salon. Dinah commented that Harley's nails were sexy and told the manicurist that Harley was getting her nails done for her significant other-Cyrus. Harley denied it, saying that she was getting her nails done for herself, and besides Cyrus was out of town. Marina entered and complimented Harley on her "sexy" red nail polish. The manicurist asked Marina about her boyfriend and Marina stated that Cyrus was out of town. Later, Dinah saw Ava getting a pedicure and accused her of sharpening her claws to get them into Bill. Ava told Dinah that she was getting them done for a board meeting at Spaulding. Ava sarcastically noted that Dinah should remember those from when she used to work at Spaulding.

Natalia and Rafe were sitting at the church. Natalia commented it was just like the old days. Daisy arrived to see Rafe, and Natalia let him go with her.

Alan ran into Beth at the courthouse. Beth told Alan that she was having Bernadette's name changed to Peyton Alexandra Raines. Alan was taken aback with the knowledge that the baby would not have the Spaulding name but said at least she was not a Bauer.

Meanwhile, Rick was in jail demanding to be fed. Eventually Mallet shared his lunch with him.

Mallet saw Harley at the courthouse and joked about how she could not stay away. As he ribbed her about everything she missed about being a cop, Harley replied that she knew why Mallet did it-to keep from thinking about Dinah. They ran into Alan who was smoking a cigar, celebrating that his daughter was not a Bauer.

Ashlee, Coop, and Buzz arrived at the courthouse to take Doris to lunch. However, Ashlee had to back out when a friend called. Doris would back out when she learned the Coopers' idea of lunch was chili dogs. Later, Coop and Buzz had lunch at the station with Frank and a visiting Marina. Frank commented that everyone in the family was spoken for. As he rattled off the couples, he got to himself and said that he had the force. Coop and Marina decided that the family project for 2008 would be to find a woman for Frank. Frank stated that he was doing just fine on his own-just like Harley. Marina muttered that Harley usually gobbled up the first man she saw. At this point, Harley arrived and asked what they were talking about. Frank said they were discussing her and how she was doing just fine. Marina added "without a man."

At juvenile hall, Jeffrey grabbed the Taser gun from Will and told the guard he might want to be more careful with his weapon. Will stated that he did not know what it was. When Jeffrey asked the guard if he just left his weapon around so any kid could grab it and shock someone, Will said that he would not use it on just anyone.

Josh was at the Lewis Construction office cleaning out the refrigerator in the break room. Reva insisted that he did not need to do that and told him that he should be tracking down his wife. Reva ranted about Cassie. Reva said that she tried staying out of Cassie's life but Cassie would not let her. Reva told Josh that she would like to smack Cassie in the face every time she saw her with Josh but refrained since Cassie was her sister. But when Cassie called her a liar, she had trouble seeing her that way. Josh continued working, so Reva accused him of avoiding the subject. Josh told Reva that Cassie was his wife. He might not agree with everything she did but she was still his wife.

Cassie was at the farm when her phone rang. It was Chad, the guard at juvenile detention. Chad told Cassie that the DA was there. Cassie asked him to do what whatever he could to protect Will. Chad then offered to give her another day out with her son. A little later, Jeffrey told Chad that he wanted to talk to him about Will's care.

On a deserted road, Jonathan pulled over and pulled Lizzie out of the car so that they could talk. Jonathan asked Lizzie why she left the wedding. Lizzie stated that she changed her mind. Jonathan reminded her that they made a promise to take Sarah and protect her from the rest of the world. Lizzie agreed that she wanted to do that but she also wanted more. Jonathan told Lizzie that alone or with Bill, she put Sarah at risk. Jonathan said that if Lizzie could not promise to protect Sarah above all else then she was a threat. He asked Lizzie if she thought he would just let her run off with Bill and then return to his daughter. Jonathan said that he could not trust her if she chose Bill Lewis. Lizzie railed that Jonathan had the love of his life. Lizzie never had that and she refused to give up on it. Lizzie told Jonathan that although she loved Sarah she wanted more. She still wanted love. After he gave Lizzie his jacket, Jonathan drove off-leaving her stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Jonathan visited Reva at Lewis Construction. While eating lunch, he told her that he grabbed Lizzie and dropped her off in the woods. Jonathan said that he needed her to understand that he would protect Sarah from anyone. Appalled, Reva told Jonathan that Lizzie loved her daughter. Jonathan pointed out that Bill did not and Bill knew what happened to Sheriff Cross. Jonathan warned that Lizzie could get needy and weak, and the last time she was like that she called Alan-and Jonathan lost Tammy.

Josh went to Jeffrey's office. Jeffrey told Josh about Will taking the Taser gun and stated that he thought Will was going to shock him. Jeffrey informed Josh that when they sent Will to juvenile detention, it was a temporary hold order but he intended to keep Will locked up. He also told Josh that the guard in charge of Will had a crush on Cassie that Jeffrey felt was not being discouraged. Josh asked Jeffrey if they were friends, and Jeffrey responded that they were not but their lives were connected. They discussed how everything in their lives was crumbling-Cassie and Reva, Cassie and Will, everything with Alan, their careers. Josh mentioned that it was like the movie Hercules where the hero had to hold up these giant pillars. Jeffrey told Josh he would hold up his own pillars and Josh would hold up his.

Reva visited Cassie at the farm to talk. Reva mentioned that Josh came by the office while she was there and Reva realized that she angry she was. Reva told Cassie that she was angry all the time. She stated that she was grateful about surviving cancer but she did not "find the light" like Josh. She just moved ahead. Cassie thought that meant that Jeffrey was not enough for her. Reva responded that Jeffrey was more than enough. He was great. Cassie asked what Reva was angry about. Reva said she had so many reasons: Tammy being gone, two of her children being out of the country, Alan walking the streets. Cassie asked if her relationship with Josh was one of the reasons. Reva stated her point was she was angry and did not want to be. Cassie replied that was not her problem and walked off in a huff. Reva followed and soon the sisters found themselves in the middle of the woods. Cassie blasted Reva for blaming her anger issues on Cassie. Reva pointed out that Cassie practically attacked her twice and tried to take Beth's baby away from her father. Reva pointed out that Cassie was not exactly at peace. Cassie admitted that she was angry, too-she lost her daughter and everyone wanted to take her son away. Cassie demanded to know what Reva wanted with her and Reva responded she was there to tell Cassie that Reva had more important things to deal with than Cassie.

Suddenly the pair realized they were lost. Reva called Jeffrey to tell him she and Cassie were lost but the cell phone signal cut out. The sisters began bickering. Reva angrily told Cassie that she was out of control-throwing away her life and Joshua's. Cassie thought Josh was the root of the matter and Reva stated that it was not about her and Joshua. Cassie became possessive and blasted Reva for using Josh's full name-as if it implied that Reva was closer to him than Cassie. Cassie called Reva an interloper and Reva stated that she did not want to come between Cassie and Josh. Reva was trying to stay away from them. Reva pointed out that Cassie's life was falling apart. Cassie railed that she was sick and tired of Reva, and Reva told Cassie to stop trying to be her. Cassie responded that she never wanted to be that selfish. Reva shot back that Cassie was the most selfish person she had ever known, since Cassie does not see what is right in front of her. Cassie realized that the lighthouse was right in front of them and the ladies moved on. At the lighthouse, Reva brought up their mother, Sarah, and how the kids could always tell when she was angry. Cassie asked if she thought Sarah would hate this. Reva told Cassie that she did not want to fight. Suddenly, Josh and Jeffrey arrived and the ladies embraced their significant other.

Billy saw Bill at a construction site. Billy mentioned that he thought Bill would be with Lizzie after she went "runaway bride" on Jonathan. Bill said that Lizzie kept on running. Billy pressed on about why Bill did not stop Lizzie, and Bill responded that Lizzie did not want to be stopped. Bill stated that Lizzie took off, so he is finished. Just then Bill received a call from Lizzie telling him she was stranded. Later, Billy saw Jonathan and Sarah on Main Street and warned Jonathan not to mess with Lizzie, since she is his girl. Jonathan stated that he wouldn't mess with her as long as Bill stayed out of her life. Billy told Jonathan about the way Bill hurt people when he returned to town. Billy had to fight him. Billy told Jonathan that Bill was still his son, so if Jonathan was going to go against him, he would have to go against Billy too. Jonathan stated that he did not want to. He just wanted to protect his daughter. Billy pointed out that he needed to protect his son.

Bill picked up Lizzie, who was struggling to walk on the muddy road. He took her to Cedars since he was worried that she could have frostbite. Afterwards, Lizzie thanked Bill for finding her. Bill said that he had to and the two shared a kiss. Later, the pair took a walk and saw Jonathan playing in the park with Sarah. Lizzie told Bill that she would not let Jonathan take her daughter. She would fight him with all that she had. Bill assured her that both of them would.

As the song "Only Love Can Save the World" played, a montage of clips showing various characters working, playing, bonding, or just lost in their own thoughts was shown.

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