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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 25, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Out at the Snyder farm, Ameera and Noah wake up and find Luke enjoying breakfast in the kitchen. Noah and Ameera explain the precarious nature of their sleeping arrangement because of Ameera's traditional Muslim beliefs that she shouldn't sleep in the same room as a man outside her family. Noah explains that everything was fine once he put a sheet up separating the two from one another. Ameera tells Noah and Luke that once the privacy issue was resolved she slept the best she had in months. She tells them of her relief of being out of a war zone, but reveals that her visa is set to expire and she may have to return home to Iraq. Noah tells Luke he will be skipping class to spend time with Ameera. Once Luke has gone to class, Ameera admits that she is reluctant to go anywhere alone with a man, but believes she has to change from her traditional beliefs if she wants to live in America.

In Old Town, Ameera explains her life in Iraq and her strict upbringing. Noah asks if he and Luke's relationship would be tolerated in Iraq and Ameera says it would not be accepted. Ameera asks if Noah and Luke's families were accepting of their relationship and Noah explains that Luke's family has been, but his own father hates the idea of his relationship with Luke. Ameera is surprised because she believes Noah's dad, Colonel Mayer, is a kind and wonderful man who wouldn't abandon his own son. Ameera explains how kind Colonel Mayer was to her in Iraq and doesn't believe that Noah's father could be so cruel. Noah is reluctant to believe that his father could be so wonderful and tells Ameera how horrible his father was to Luke, and about his father killing his mother. Ameera is sad to learn about Colonel Mayer's crime in the United States and Noah apologizes for upsetting her. Noah admits to Ameera that he is jealous that his father was able to be so kind to her, but couldn't show his own son unconditional love. Luke walks through town and sees the two sharing their deep discussion.

Matt and Alison enjoy their first date at Al's Diner as Aaron arrives and is introduce to Alison's new friend. Aaron begins a friendly interrogation of Matt in an attempt to make sure that Alison isn't getting in over her head. Matt excuses himself for a moment and Alison tells Aaron to stop looking after her, but Aaron warns her to be careful. Matt returns and asks Alison and Aaron if there is a problem. Aaron and Alison tell Matt they are fine and Aaron explains he only came by to tell Alison that his mother had relapsed and he was returning to Seattle to care for her for a while. Alison wishes Aaron and his mother well and returns to her breakfast date with Matt. Gray sits at the diner counter and, after she catches Matt looking at Gray, Alison asks Matt if he knows him. Matt denies knowing Gray.

Matt and Alison leave the diner and walk through Old Town, where Alison says she must tell Matt about her past as a meth addict and porn star. Matt is accepting of Alison's past and tells her he believes everyone makes mistakes. Since Matt met Casey in jail, it is obvious that he committed crimes in the past, but he doesn't tell Alison the truth about his time in prison. The two end their date with Matt giving Alison a peck on the cheek.

After their romantic night together, Henry returns to wake up Vienna with breakfast in bed. Once she is awake, Henry tells her she needs to give the diamond necklace back to Gray. Vienna protests, but Henry explains that Gray will want payment for his gift. Vienna reluctantly agrees to return the necklace and tells Henry that Gray phoned and offered to return the diner with no strings attached. Vienna begs Henry to accept Gray's latest gift, but Henry points out that Gray wants Vienna and they should avoid owing Gray anything. Henry tells Vienna that she has to give the necklace back and not accept any other gifts from Gray or she and Henry will be through.

Vienna arrives at the diner and finds Gray sitting at the counter. She tells him that she can't accept his gift of the diamonds or the diner. Gray asks her to join him for dinner, but Vienna rejects his invitation out of love for Henry. She does, however, accept his request to have coffee together. As the two are enjoying their coffee together a loud bang rocks the diner. Gray covertly draws a weapon from his jacket and looks around for the source of the noise. Vienna reassures everyone that it was just the furnace backfiring. Gray puts his gun away without anyone noticing and tells Vienna he will have the new owner fix the furnace. Vienna is sad to hear the diner will be sold. Gray invites Vienna to lunch and she agrees to go as long as Henry doesn't have a problem with her doing so.

Earlier, Luke, Noah and Ameera headed into the Al's Diner, where Luke asked about their day together. As the blast rocks the diner, Ameera falls to the ground believing a car bomb has detonated. Noah reassures her that he will protect her and takes her home.

Back at the farm, Noah and Luke comfort a distressed Ameera who explains loud noises remind her of the bombs that were constantly going off in Iraq. She remembers the terrible death of her cousin's fiancÚ to a suicide bomber and the two men leave her alone to rest. They go outside and discuss that they can't let her return to Iraq. Ameera looks out the kitchen window as the two talk about her future in America.

Down at the station, Kit and her lawyer talk to Dallas about the charges pending against her for moving Sam's body out of state for burial. The lawyer defends Kit's actions and threatens a lawsuit against the police if they don't release Kit immediately. Dallas realizes he is fighting a losing battle and calls Jack.

Jack arrives at Carly's house and Carly frantically tells him that Kit is gone. Jack calms Carly down by explaining that Kit is at the police station being questioned about transporting Sam's body out of state without the proper paperwork. Carly is worried that she and Jack have missed their opportunity to get Kit to admit she shot Sam because of Katie's phone call to Jack during their earlier plan to trick Kit. Jack tries to defend Katie, but Carly will have none of it and continues to hold Katie responsible for their plan failing. Jack receives a phone call from Dallas that he isn't gong to be able to stop Kit from leaving town, so Jack decides to go to the station to come up with something new to keep her in Oakdale. Jack arrives and learns that Kit has left with her lawyer.

At the TV station, Brad and Katie prepare for the day's segment as Brad nurses a hangover from his night out with Bonnie. While Brad details his fun time with Bonnie, Katie becomes overwhelmed and begins to cry. Brad asks Katie why she is upset and she refuses to admit that she is jealous of Brad and Bonnie. Katie tells Brad he has everything wrong and that she is really upset over Jack and Parker. Katie explains to Brad how her phone call to Jack ruined his chances of getting Kit to confess, putting Parker's future in jeopardy. Brad explains that Jack will come up with a new plan and tells Katie it isn't her fault. Henry arrives at the station to ask Katie to help him with Vienna, but Brad interrupts Henry before he has a chance to ask. Brad says that he has a plan to get Kit to stay in town longer so Jack and Carly can get her to confess.

Brad goes to the station to tell Jack about his plan, but Jack doesn't want to hear it. Brad explains his idea for getting Henry to trick Kit into staying by posing as an investor who is interested in Kit's part of Metro. Jack dismisses Brad's idea and Henry's involvement as ridiculous, but Brad says he thinks his plan will work.

Katie arrives at Carly's house and apologizes for calling during Carly and Jack's attempt to get Kit to confess. She tells Carly she wants to help, but Carly tells her to stay away from Parker and her family. Katie says she is going to help regardless of whether or not Carly wants her to and that the plan to get Kit to stay in Oakdale is already underway. Carly lashes out at Katie, accusing her of using Parker to get Jack back. Katie admits she shouldn't have come to Carly's house and leaves after realizing Carly will never be grateful for her help.

Kit arrives at the Lakeview to get her bags and prepares to leave for the airport. Henry shows up and tells Kit he is an investor looking to buy Metro from her. He asks if he can see Metro and Kit agrees to show him the club and cancels her plans to leave town. Henry tours Metro, as Kit explains Sam's death, but Henry plays the part of an eager investor well and tells Kit he is willing to buy her portion of the club. He says he can't finish the deal until tomorrow and gives Kit a cash deposit to keep her in town longer. He agrees to meet the next day to finalize the deal.

Back at the television station, Henry tells Katie that he was able to get Kit to stay in town. She rushes out to the police station to tell Jack the good news. There she finds Carly ranting to Jack and Brad about Katie's ridiculous scheme to get Kit to remain in Oakdale. Brad tells Carly the plan was his and that it will work. Katie shares Henry's success with everyone.

Back at the Lakeview, Henry finds Vienna trying on clothes. He apologizes for being harsh earlier and wants to know if she returned the necklace to Gray. Vienna explains she did everything Henry asked and made it clear to Gray that she wants nothing to do with anyone but Henry. Vienna and Henry make up from their earlier fight and share a long kiss.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

At Carly's house, Jack and Carly talked Henry into helping them try to trap Kit into confessing that she had murdered Sam. Jack asked Henry to wear a wire so that they could tape his conversation with Kit. Henry then went to Metro to meet with Kit. Kit thought Henry was going to buy her share of Metro, but Henry told her he had just found out that her co-owner was Carly Tenney. He told Kit he couldn't do business with Carly.

Kit asked Henry why he didn't want to do business with Carly, and Henry told her Carly had broken up his marriage because she couldn't keep her hands off of him. Kit sympathized and told Henry Carly had tried to steal her man from her. Henry told Kit that Carly could "drive an innocent person to murder," and Kit agreed. However, Kit became frustrated and told Henry it appeared their deal was off. Henry told her he would step outside and call Carly to discuss it. Outside Metro, Henry climbed into the van where Jack and Carly were monitoring the wiretapped conversation. Jack told Henry to tell Kit that Carly had agreed to give Kit her half of Metro free and clear to do with as she pleased. Carly said Kit would never buy that, but Jack said Henry could make it sound believable.

Henry went back into Metro and told Kit that Carly had agreed to give up her share of Metro, either because she felt guilty about how she had treated Henry or about how she'd treated Kit. He told Kit that Carly sounded like she owed Kit "big time," and Kit agreed that was true. Kit then said, "I wouldn't have done what I did if it weren't for Carly." Henry asked what it was that Kit had done, but Kit changed the subject, asking when Henry could have the money for the purchase of Metro. Henry said it would take him another day to get the additional cash to buy Carly's half of the business, too, and Kit agreed to wait one more day.

Jack and Carly took the tape of Kit's conversation to the police station and played it for Margo. Margo told them there wasn't anything incriminating on the tape, and she scolded Jack for using police equipment for an unauthorized wiretap. Margo told Jack he shouldn't be anywhere near the investigation into Sam's murder, given his relationship to Parker, so Jack told Margo, "Well, in that case, I quit!" He threw down his badge, and he and Carly returned to Carly's house. Carly asked Jack if he was sure they could come up with a way to save Parker. Jack said there wasn't a doubt in his mind, then he hugged Carly.

Matt ran into Gray Girard in the lobby of the Lakeview and questioned the wisdom of Gray putting in appearances at places like Al's Diner. Gray told Matt that he was the one calling the shots, not Matt. Vienna arrived in the lobby to meet Gray, and Gray told her he had champagne waiting for them.

Vienna and Gray sat down at their table and began drinking and talking. Vienna told Gray that they were just friends, but Gray said he didn't want to sleep with most of his friends. Gray then told Vienna that friends go places together, and he offered to take her and Henry on a trip around the world, beginning on his yacht. Gray offered Vienna a pair of diamond earrings. Vienna drank so much champagne that she became quite drunk. Gray took her upstairs to her suite, where she stumbled around while trying to open her hotel room door. As Vienna stumbled into his arms, Gray embraced her and kissed her, and she kissed him back. Henry walked up at that moment and saw them kissing.

Bonnie arrived at Will and Gwen's house and told them the judge was going to give them his decision about the custody of baby Hallie in one hour. Gwen called Barbara to let her know. Barbara was at the hospital for her first radiation treatment, but she told Gwen she'd meet them at the courthouse. Barbara then told the nurse she'd have to reschedule the treatment because something very important had come up.

Sofie received a call from her lawyer saying the judge was ready to render his decision in the hearing. Chris knocked on the door of Sofie's suite at the Lakeview, and when Sofie told him where she was going, he offered to take her to the courthouse.

Alison ran into Matt at the courthouse. Alison told him she was there to find out the outcome of the custody hearing, and Matt said he was there to deliver something for Margo. They sat down outside the courtroom to await the verdict.

The judge called the courtroom to order and announced his decision: he awarded custody to Gwen and Will. Sofie stood up and told Gwen and Will how sorry she was that she scared them when she took Hallie to New York without telling them. Sofie said Hallie was a part of her, and she wanted Hallie to always know that, because "even if I can't raise her, she's the only family I've got." Sofie ran out of the courtroom, followed by Chris and her lawyer.

Gwen, Will, and Barbara left the courtroom and found Alison waiting in the hallway with Matt. They announced their good news, but Gwen felt sad for Sofie. Will said despite any sad feelings they might have for Sofie, this was a cause for celebration for them, and he invited everyone to join them for an impromptu party. Alison introduced Matt as a friend of Casey's and asked if he could come; Will agreed and asked Alison to also invite Casey. Barbara told Will and Gwen that she had an appointment and couldn't come to the party.

Chris took Sofie to the hospital to talk. Sofie thanked him for being there for her but said that nothing he could say would make things better. Chris received a page and had to leave, but he asked Sofie to wait for him. Barbara saw Sofie and approached her to apologize for having tried to talk Sofie into giving up her baby originally, but she also told Sofie it had worked out for the best for Hallie. The radiology nurse walked up and told Barbara they had been able to reschedule her radiation treatment. Sofie realized this meant that Barbara had cancer, and Barbara asked Sofie not to say anything to Will and Gwen.

Casey, Matt, and Alison arrived at Will and Gwen's house, where Matt met baby Hallie for the first time. Gwen convinced Matt to hold the baby, as Casey glared at him from across the room. Casey soon announced that he and Matt had to get back to work. Alison went outside with Matt and thanked him for getting Casey to agree to come to the party, then she kissed Matt on the cheek as Casey watched.

When Casey and Matt returned to the Lakeview, Matt asked Casey why he was so upset. Casey said Matt was moving in on all of his friends. Matt told Casey that Casey's life was almost perfect and that he'd never had anything like that, but if it made Casey so uncomfortable, he would leave. Casey told Matt he didn't want him to leave and said things were cool between them.

Margo visited Paul at the hospital. Paul had called her several times about his "accident." Paul accused Margo of deliberately trying to avoid tracking down Craig to charge him with attempted murder. Margo told Paul she had other cases and that Parker's case was her priority. Paul asked how Parker was, and Margo told him she hoped Parker would be okay. Paul then asked Margo to move his case up on her priority list, but Margo suggested Paul show some patience and stop obsessing about Craig.

At the farm, Parker saw a newspaper with an article about Paul's car explosion. He asked Meg if she would take him to the hospital to see Paul. Meg agreed, and they went to visit Paul. Paul was happy to see Parker and even happier when he saw Meg. Parker asked who had done this to Paul, and Paul said it was an accident. Parker insisted it was obvious someone had tried to kill Paul, but Paul said it didn't matter who it was. Paul said it was partly his own fault for having let things get completely out of hand. Paul then told Parker he'd heard about his legal problems, and Paul said that Jack and Carly would fight for Parker until the end.

Meg asked Parker to wait outside for a minute, and then she thanked Paul for telling Parker what he needed to hear. She said she hadn't missed Paul's hidden message for her, that he was trying to give up his obsession for Craig, but she told Paul that it was too late for them. Meg took Parker back to the farm.

Sofie saw Meg and Parker leave Paul's room and went in to visit him herself. She told Paul the outcome of the hearing and burst into tears. Paul tried to make her feel better, and Sofie laid her head on Paul's shoulder.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Luke and Noah started their day in the farm's kitchen and discussed Ameera's future in the United States. Luke offered to talk to Lucinda's lawyers about helping Ameera stay in the country and Noah was grateful for the help. Noah admitted to Luke that he wanted to help Ameera out of respect for his father. Luke insisted that Noah was a decent person, but he didn't owe Ameera anything. Ameera overheard and agreed with Luke's advice. She sensed she was causing trouble for the two and offered to find a new placed to stay. Luke told her she was still welcome at the farm and she should accept Noah's offer of help. She decided to stay and accepted their help.

Noah received a call from the warden at his father's prison with a message that Colonel Mayer wanted Noah to visit him immediately. Noah was reluctant to go, but Ameera agreed to go with him and try to persuade the Colonel to accept Noah and Luke as a couple. Luke and Noah were finally convinced to go when Ameera threatened to go without them.

Ameera, Luke and Noah started the long drive to see Colonel Mayer. Along the way, Ameera asked about Noah and Luke's relationship, and they recounted how they discovered their sexual orientation and found one another. When Ameera asked Noah if he ever had feelings for women, he admitted that he had thought he did, but was later convinced his feelings for women were only his way of doing what his father expected. As they continued their drive the three had car trouble and found they were unable to call for help on their phones. With no chance of immediate assistance they decided to get ready for a cold night in the truck before looking for help.

Chris greeted Bob as he returned to the hospital to begin work again after recovering from his stroke. Chris was surprised to see his father return to work so soon after getting better, but Bob insisted he was ready to work again. Bob asked Chris if he had decided to stay in Oakdale or look for work out of town. Chris explained that leaving town was never his plan and he wanted to prove how good he could be for the hospital. After Chris asked for another chance at Memorial, Bob decided to accept and invited Chris to stay on.

Gwen and Will discussed Sofie's reaction to the judge's ruling that gave them permanent custody of baby Hallie. Gwen remained fearful that she and Will had taken Hallie from Sofie, and that the baby should be returned to Sofie. Will explained to his wife that Sofie put Hallie in danger and they were the best possible parents for their little girl. After comforting Gwen, Will wanted to take Hallie to visit Paul at Memorial. Gwen thought it was a good idea and they bundled their baby up to visit her uncle.

At Memorial, Sofie visited Paul in his hospital room as he continued to recover from his latest brush with death. Sofie had brought Paul a copy of Treasure Island and he asked her to sit and read it to him. She accepted the invitation and began to read to Paul just as Gwen and Will arrived with Hallie. Will saw Sofie reading to Paul and sent a confused glance Gwen's way. They entered the room and Will asked his brother why Sofie was in his room. Paul explained that Sofie was his friend, but a frustrated Will abruptly said he would come back later with his wife and daughter. When Paul saw Hallie, he insisted on getting to meet his niece and asked them all to please stay. When Hallie became cranky, Sofie offered to try to comfort the baby, but Will told her no. Gwen saw that Sofie just wanted to help, and decided to let Sofie hold the baby. After a few moments, Will declared that Sofie had held the baby enough and asked for Hallie back. Sofie thanked them for the opportunity to hold Hallie and went to the hall to wait for their visit to end, so she could finish her visit with Paul. Out in the hall, Sofie ran into Chris, who invited her to dinner. She told Chris that she wanted to stay nearby to say goodbye to Hallie and then she went to the hospital gift shop.

Once alone with his brother and Gwen, Will wanted to know why Paul was befriending Sofie. Paul explained to Will and Gwen that Sofie had been visiting since his accident and that he saw nothing wrong with his friendship with Sofie, since Will and Gwen had won custody of Hallie. Will was unconvinced that Sofie was just being kind to Paul, but Paul insisted that Sofie was just a friend. Gwen asked Paul about Meg and he explained that Meg would not be by his side anymore, and he was fortunate to find a friend in Sofie. Will told Paul that his friendship with Sofie was awkward, but it would be Paul's choice. They left Paul so he could rest, and when they got to the hall they found Sofie with a gift for Hallie. Will refused the gift and he and Gwen left.

After her latest radiation treatment for oral cancer, Barbara arrived at Paul's room to check on her son. She learned of Sofie's visit and asked if Sofie had told Paul anything about his mother. Barbara was concerned that Sofie may have told Paul about her cancer. He wondered why Sofie would have anything to say about Barbara and she deflected his questioning by focusing on Sofie's trouble with Gwen and Will's adoption of Hallie. She told her son that she wasn't happy about his friendship with Sofie, but Paul asked his mother to try to accept it.

At home, Gwen and Will received a visit from Barbara, who brought a gift for Hallie. She asked about Sofie's visit with Paul and declared her displeasure with Sofie and Paul being friendly. Barbara claimed that she would be sure that Sofie was out of her sons' lives. Gwen noticed that Barbara looked tired, but Barbara denied anything was wrong.

After Sofie ate a quick dinner with Chris, she returned to Paul's room and he immediately asked her if Barbara had been giving her a difficult time. Sofie explained that everything with Barbara was fine and sat down to read to Paul.

Henry arrived at the Lakeview and saw Gray and Vienna kissing in the hall. Vienna pulled away and told Henry she was sorry, but it was too late. Henry stormed off. Vienna told Gray that kissing him was a mistake and she entered her room and began to cry.

At the television station, Katie and Brad were discussing their current shot at friendship as Henry arrived and told them both that he had lost Vienna to Gray. Henry explained to Brad and Katie that he caught Vienna and Gray kissing and that he knew he had lost his girlfriend. Katie and Brad were reluctant to believe Vienna could love anyone else and decide to research Gray to size up Henry's competition. The trio discovered that Gray was a powerful opponent and decided they needed to work together to win Vienna back.

Katie and Brad arrived at the Lakeview to find out more about what went on between Vienna and Gray. Brad sat next to Gray at the bar and reminded him that the two previously played poker together. Gray told Brad about his new romance with Vienna and Brad congratulated him. Brad continued his conversation with Gray to try to learn more about what business Gray was involved in. Gray told Brad little about his companies, but Brad got the impression that Gray was not a legitimate businessman.

In the meantime, Katie went to Vienna's room and discussed Vienna's kiss with Gray. Vienna explained that Gray took her to dinner and gave her too much champagne and that led to the kiss. Katie wasn't convinced that Vienna wasn't attracted to Gray and asked her if she wanted Henry or Gray. Katie tried to persuade Vienna that she belonged with Henry, but Vienna listed all the recent problems she and Henry had argued about. Katie began her own list of all that Henry and Vienna gained from being in love and how lucky they were to find true love. As Katie talked of romance and second chances, she slipped and said Brad instead of Henry, which led Vienna to believe that Katie still cared for Brad. Katie denied any feelings for Brad just as he arrived to tell Vienna that Gray was a slippery guy who couldn't be trusted. Vienna declared her love for Henry and begged Brad and Katie to help her reconcile with him.

At the station, Henry worried about what decision Vienna would make and began a junk food binge. Brad and Katie returned with the good news that Vienna wanted Henry back. After Henry got the encouragement he needed from Brad and Katie to return to Vienna, he went back to the Lakeview and Vienna welcomed him back with an apology and sexy negligee.

As Vienna and Henry made love, Gray called and left Vienna a message that she would be in his dreams.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Luke, Noah and Ameera, who were stranded on the highway and spent the night in Noah's truck, awakened and heard a car approaching. The boys tried to flag down the car, which slowed as if to help the teens and then sped off. The car reversed and sped forward several times, teasing the boys. Noah yelled, "Jerk!" at the retreating car, which immediately reversed and sped back, aiming directly at them. Two young men who had obviously been drinking climbed out of the car and began to give Luke and Noah a hard time. They also made crude comments to Ameera and about Iraquis.

At the Snyder farm, Lily and Holden discussed the fact that, even though they had gotten closer, Lily needed more time before she could be intimate with her husband. They were surprised to find a note from Luke saying that the boys and Ameera were going to Statesville to visit Colonel Mayer. Lily and Holden worried about the boys, especially after they failed to make phone contact with them. Brad and Katie listened at Henry and Vienna's door for sounds of action. They heard nothing, but inside there was amorous activity. Henry and Vienna had a wild night of lovemaking, which was interrupted by a phone call from an angry Kit. She demanded that Henry meet her at noon at Metro with the $250,000 so they could consummate the sale of the nightclub and she could get out of town. Henry agreed to meet her and left immediately to find Jack, who was collecting the money. After Henry was gone, Vienna received many packages of beautiful high fashion shoes, a gift from Gray. Vienna was torn between her feelings for Henry and her yearning for life in the fast lane again. She called Gray and told him she was returning all the shoes to "Fashions," and she put on one of her most glamorous dresses.

At Carly's, Carly and Brad reminded Parker that he needed to go to school and try to resume as much of a normal life as possible. They vented their frustration that they had not been able to assemble the proof they needed to clear Parker of the charges of killing Sam. Henry arrived at the police station, and he and Brad waited for Jack to arrive with the cash. Jack, however, had not been able to get the money together, and Katie stunned him with an offer of putting up the money for Parker's sake. Jack was reluctant to accept but finally promised that he would return the money to Katie as soon as Kit was arrested. Carly was not in favor of taking Katie's money but relented when no other possibilities arose. Katie went to retrieve the money and brought it back to Henry.

Outside "Fashions," Vienna ran into Gray just as she thought she would. He was disappointed that she chose not to keep the shoes, but Vienna told him there was something else he could give her that would make her happier: $250,000 in cash. Vienna had heard just enough of Henry's conversation with Kit to know that Henry needed this huge sum of cash for some purpose. She thought this was her chance to reassure Henry of her love. Gray agreed to give her the money.

At the police station, Brad came up with another of his brainstorms. He suggested that Henry seduce Kit and get her to spill her secrets. Carly and Jack would hide in the back room and listen so there would be witnesses to her confession of killing Sam. They left for Metro to put their plan in action. When Kit arrived, she signed the deed and Henry went into seduction mode. He sweet-talked Kit, and she responded by telling him she felt so guilty about how Sam died, when suddenly in walked Vienna carrying a satchel with $250,000 demanding to know why Henry was kissing Kit. Henry tried to calm down Vienna while Kit grabbed her money and departed. Vienna left in a fit of rage, as well, and Henry tried to follow her, but she got into Gray's car.

On the road, the abusive strangers hit Noah over the head with a tire iron and punched Luke multiple times. Luke put up a good fight, but the boys were bigger and tougher. The strangers wanted to take Ameera with them, but Luke refused to let her go. The boys were just about to take the girl when a car approached, carrying Lily and Holden who helped subdue the punks.

Brad and Katie waited at the station for word on how the sting operation went. Henry arrived with the bad news that Katie's money was gone, and so was Vienna. Katie volunteered to look for Vienna and to explain everything to her. Henry began wondering where Vienna had gotten so much money and came to the conclusion that it was from her new admirer, Gray. Henry headed back to the Lakeview, and Brad and Katie shared a kiss, which led to another...and another.

Vienna gave in to Gray in the car and made love with him. Afterwards, however, she acted distant. In his room at the Lakeview, Henry found one pair of the expensive shoes and a note from Gray. Henry became despondent.

Lily and Holden took Luke and Noah to Memorial Hospital where Dr. Susan Stewart told them that Luke would be all right and Noah was not injured too badly. Luke and Ameera visited with Noah, and Ameera told a nurse in the room that Noah was her "brother." Noah and Luke took that to mean brother in the sense that all mankind is a brotherhood.

Parker returned home from school and announced he was going to try out for baseball that afternoon. Jack lamented that he was out of ideas to save Parker from going to jail when Carly said she had come up with a plan. She would tell Kit that she had proof that Kit was Sam's actual killer and see what happened.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Margo came home and found Matt looking through things in the living room. Matt freely admitted to snooping around and told Margo he did things like that when he was bored. Margo told him that her family wasn't very interesting, but Matt said he thought they were amazing. Matt asked why Margo was home in the middle of the day, and Margo told him she had forgotten a file because she was preoccupied with a case that involved the son of a friend of hers, who was being charged with murder. Matt asked if he could do anything to help her, and Margo said he could try to convince Casey to go back to college.

Casey walked in and saw his mother and Matt talking. He told Margo that he and Matt needed to get back to work, and they left. Back at the Lakeview bar, Casey asked Matt what Margo had been talking to him about, and Matt told Casey that Margo wanted Casey to go back to school. Gray walked into the lounge, and Matt saw him and backed into Casey, which caused Casey to break a glass and cut his hand. Matt told Casey he thought he should go to the hospital to have the cut looked at, and despite Casey's reluctance, they left together.

At the hospital, Casey and Matt ran into Alison, who saw Casey's hand and called a nurse to come look at it. The nurse told Casey he would need stitches, and they left. Alison thanked Matt for convincing Casey to come in to the hospital. Alison said she was about to begin her break, so Matt asked if she would go with him back to the Lakeview. She agreed, and they left.

At WOAK, Katie and Brad became passionate in Brad's office while the office workers were all at lunch. Afterwards, as they were dressing, Katie told Brad the sex had been a mistake. Brad said it was the right thing to do at that moment, but Katie asked why she felt so sad if that was true. Katie then apologized for her emotions, but Brad told her not to worry about it.

Henry waited for Vienna in their suite, and when she walked in, he asked if she had been with Gray. When Vienna said yes, Henry asked her if she had slept with Gray. Vienna said that after seeing Henry with another woman, she had gone to Gray and made love with him. She told Henry she loved Gray now, since Henry had cheated on her. Henry told Vienna he couldn't believe she was so mad that she went off to bed with another man, but Vienna accused Henry of having different rules for men and women. Because his pride was hurt, Henry agreed, telling Vienna that she should go to Gray and he would go back to Kit. Vienna told Henry to send her things up to the penthouse, and she left. On opposite sides of their hotel room door, Henry and Vienna looked miserable.

After Vienna left, Henry angrily dumped all of her clothes in a pile on the floor outside their suite, then went to WOAK to tell Katie and Brad what had happened. When they asked Henry why he hadn't told Vienna that he was just pretending to be involved with Kit, Henry said that after Vienna had slept with Gray, he had to hold onto some semblance of his pride or he would look like a complete loser. Brad told Katie they needed to do something to convince Vienna to go back to Henry, but Katie told Brad it wasn't their business and that people in love get hurt. Henry assumed Katie was upset about the loss of the $250,000 she'd given him to use in his attempt to trap Kit, but Brad told Henry that wasn't what had Katie upset.

Vienna met Gray in the restaurant at the Lakeview. When Vienna said she wanted to go to the diner to work, Gray told her she didn't need to do that ever again. Vienna said she'd learned to enjoy taking care of herself, and she told Gray that Henry had changed her that way. Gray told Vienna he would change her back and spoil her, but Vienna told him she had to do things her way. She went back upstairs, telling herself that she would apologize to Henry, but then she saw her things lying on the floor outside their suite and became angry again.

Henry and Brad went to the diner to talk, and Brad assumed Henry was hoping to run into Vienna. Henry placed a very particular order for a hamburger and salad, and the waitress, who didn't write the order down, went to submit it. Vienna came in; Brad saw her and left Henry alone at the table. Vienna saw Henry, and when his food was ready, she took it to him herself. Henry complained that the food wasn't right, and he and Vienna exchanged veiled remarks about the food and their respective affairs. Vienna brought Henry's order back several times, but each time he complained that something was wrong with it, until finally he asked for his original waitress. Vienna replied, "She would have quit by now. Why are you being so mean to me when you know how much I love you?"

As Brad left the diner, he saw Gray sitting outside and greeted him, calling him "Gray the Destroyer." Brad warned Gray to "leave my friends alone." Gray asked if Brad was threatening him, and Brad said, "You heard me." Gray then saw Matt walking up with Alison. Matt suggested to Alison that they go into the bookstore and each buy their three favorite books for the other to read. Alison liked that idea, and they went inside, but Matt came back out alone and approached Gray.

Matt apologized to Gray for leaving earlier when Casey cut his hand, and he asked Gray what he could do for him, calling him "Boss." Gray asked how the "research" was going at the Hugheses' house, and Matt said it was going fine. Gray told him to take his time, saying, "When we put this plan into motion, we can't afford any mistakes." Gray then pointed to Brad and told Matt he needed him to give Brad a message for him; he whispered something to Matt as Alison walked out of the bookstore and saw them together.

Gray went back into the diner, and Matt told Alison that Gray was a regular customer at the Lakeview who was a big tipper. Matt then said he had to get back to work, so he told Alison goodbye and left. Alison went back to the hospital, where she saw Casey again. Alison told Casey that although she liked Matt, she felt that he was always hiding something from her. Casey said they all had things to hide, and he didn't have anything bad to say about Matt.

When Gray walked back into the diner, he saw Vienna crying and accused Henry of not knowing how to treat her. Gray then gave Henry his bill for the repeated orders of his lunch and told Henry that Vienna was his now. To make his point, as Henry left, Gray put his arm around Vienna and nuzzled her cheek, while Vienna watched Henry sadly through the window of the diner.

Jack told Carly he didn't like the idea of her confronting Kit in an attempt to get Kit to confess to Sam's murder, but Carly said they didn't have any other options. Parker came home and asked what they were up to. Both Jack and Carly tried to assure Parker that they were working on his case, but they didn't want to tell him their plans. Jack told Parker it would be better if he went to the farm to wait for them, and Parker left reluctantly.

Carly called Kit and told her to come to Luther's Corners Church to pick up the deed to Metro. Carly and Jack got to the church first, and Jack hid after reminding Carly to be careful. Kit arrived, and Carly refused to give her the deed, saying she knew what Kit had done to Sam. Carly accused Kit of having fired the shot that went through Sam's heart and killed him, and she told Kit she had proof. Kit didn't believe Carly, saying Carly would have gone to the police if she had proof.

Kit tried to leave, but Carly followed her out and told her that Kit couldn't run from the fact that Sam had wanted Carly more than he'd wanted Kit. Carly continued to goad Kit, saying Sam had just been using her and reminding Kit of all the times Kit had to leave town and Sam made excuses not to go with her. Carly said, "That's why you killed him, isn't it?" Kit didn't take the bait, however, and told Carly to "bug off." Kit left, and Jack came out from his hiding spot and told Carly she'd done the best she could do. He then told Carly he had a guy on the police force following Kit for him.

Margo called Jack and asked him to come to the station right away. When Jack got there, the cop who'd been following Kit for him told Jack that Margo had found out about it. Margo told Jack he wasn't in a position to authorize a tail on a suspect; she told Jack she would let it slide for now, but Jack had to obey her orders from now on. Jack said he would, and then he went and asked the other cop, Benny, where Kit had gone after she left the church. Benny didn't know, because he'd lost Kit.

Katie ran into Parker at Java and sat down with him. Parker told Katie he was thinking about going to the police station to turn himself in and plead guilty to Sam's murder, because he thought it might be the easiest way out for him. Katie told him, "Don't you dare do that!" and then told him that a lot of people, including his parents and her, were pulling for him and would help him get out of this situation without turning himself in. Katie made Parker promise not to go to the police station. Parker then told Katie he was supposed to be at the farm, but he said he had left a school book at Carly's and really needed it. Katie told him to give her his keys to the house, and she would go get the book for him and bring it to him at the farm.

When Katie got to Carly's house, she heard a noise in the kitchen and went to investigate. As she looked around, she was hit from behind and knocked to the floor.

Back at WOAK, Brad came in to find the TV station still empty. He called Bonnie and left her a message, saying he'd like it if she could come meet him down at the station. After he hung up and turned to go to his office, he was hit on the head from behind and fell to the ground, unconscious. Matt bent down next to Brad and said, "I guess he got Gray's message."

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