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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 25, 2008 on AMC
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Kendall went to see Erica at Jack's house. Kendall was hesitant to go on her book tour due to Erica's legal problems. Erica encouraged her to go on tour. Erica asked if Zach was going with her. Kendall explained that Zach hired Aidan to be her bodyguard. Erica said that this was a terrible idea and urged Kendall to fire Aidan. Kendall assured her mother that she would be fine with Aidan. Erica disagreed. Erica said that it was a bad idea to be alone with a man that she found attractive. Kendall affirmed that she was not attracted to Aidan and that their tryst was due to grief, not lust. Erica laughed because she found it ironic that Zach hired the man that Kendall slept with to protect her from the man that wanted to sleep with her. Erica strongly advised Kendall to steer clear of Aidan and Ryan. Kendall urged her to deal with her own problems. Erica assured Kendall that her legal problems would be cleared up since it was all a mistake. Erica then accused Samuel of using her fame to gain publicity. As Kendall listened to her mother berate Samuel, she realized that Erica was attracted to him. Erica denied this, but Kendall was not convinced. Kendall stated that Samuel's power and ambition were like "catnip" for Erica. Then, Kendall left and Pam arrived. Erica was excited to tell Pam that she booked Cate Blanchett for her next show. Pam informed her that the network cancelled "New Beginnings."

Zach, Greenlee, and Aidan were at ConFusion together. Greenlee made a toast to Remy, the man that they found dead in the bomb shelter. Greenlee grimly commented that she and Zach were close to sharing Remy's fate. Greenlee proclaimed her gratitude for Aidan and Kendall finding the bomb shelter plans. Still, she thought it was odd that Aidan and Kendall randomly came across the plans. She inquired about how they found it. Aidan looked nervous and snapped at Greenlee. Aidan yelled that he just wanted to forget about the bomb shelter ordeal and stormed off. Zach told Greenlee that it was easy for them to forget how hard it was for Aidan and Kendall while they were missing. Greenlee felt guilty over constantly talking about the ordeal and suggested that they forget their worries by getting drunk. Zach joked that he never turned down a pretty girl or a bottle of tequila. So, they began to take shots and Greenlee became very intoxicated. She told Zach that most of her friends were men, which was difficult because sex usually got in the way. Zach said that she did not have to worry about that problem with him. Greenlee then wondered if they would have had sex in the bomb shelter if they were there longer. Zach looked uncomfortable and poured Greenlee a glass of water. Zach affirmed that what they shared was more intimate than sex. Greenlee agreed. She stated that it felt like they loved each other as she flirtatiously giggled. Meanwhile, Kendall arrived and saw Aidan. Aidan told her about his outburst over the bomb shelter plans. Kendall said that they should lie and claim that they found the plans after she threw something at him. Aidan was not sure if the story would work, but agreed to use it. Then, Kendall admitted that she wanted to check up on Ryan. Aidan thought this was a bad idea. Kendall advised Aidan to watch out for Greenlee because Ryan loved her too. Aidan stated that it would benefit everyone if Ryan regained his memory.

Ryan went to the penthouse. Annie and Ryan wanted to tell Emma together that Ryan would be moving out. Annie asked Ryan to be "the man that she married" while they told their daughter the news. Then, Emma entered and they gently broke the news to her. Emma asked if she did something wrong to make her father leave. Ryan and Annie looked horrified by the comment and assured the little girl that she did nothing wrong. Emma proceeded to ask if Ryan still loved her and Annie. Ryan replied that he loved Emma very much, but made no mention of Annie. Ryan explained that he was not feeling well. Emma kissed his head to help him feel better. Ryan thanked her and professed his love for the little girl. Emma then went to her room to draw a picture for her father. Ryan declared that he did not want to move out anymore. Annie said that he had to because they already decided that it was their only option. Annie then chastised Ryan for not trying to recover his memory. Annie said that he would rather chase after Kendall instead of reconnecting with her. Ryan claimed that he wanted to regain his memory. Ryan then said goodbye to Emma and left. Annie began to sob just as Emma entered the room.

Jesse promised Angie that he would not leave his family again. Angie was glad to hear this. Then, she received a call from Derek. Derek told her about Remy and Angie relayed the information to Jesse. He wondered why Derek would contact Angie about Remy. Angie looked nervous as she divulged that she dated Remy. Jesse was shocked and went outside to clear his mind. When Jesse returned, he told Angie that he was not mad at her for dating another man. Instead, he was irate with the people that made him give up his life. Jesse thought that perhaps there was a connection between Remy's death and his predicament. Jesse said that it was too coincidental that after he took a bullet for Remy, he dated Angie. Jesse questioned Angie about her relationship with Remy. He asked if anything strange happened. Angie remembered that her house was broken into after they broke up, but nothing was taken. Jesse worried that the people after him were the same people that killed Remy. Jesse told Angie to ask Derek for updates on the case. She vowed to help Jesse in any way that she could. Then, they fell asleep together. Jesse had a nightmare about being tortured twenty years earlier by unidentified men.

Richie asked Babe how she convinced JR to be his donor. She divulged that JR volunteered. Richie then asked Babe for a glass of juice. When he drank it, he purposely spilled it on himself. Babe demanded that he take off his shirt, so she could clean it. Richie removed his shirt and Babe left the room with it. Richie quickly called one of his henchmen and told him that there was a change of plans with JR. Babe returned and Richie claimed that the hospital just called him. Richie said that they found another donor for him in Austin, TX. Richie explained that he chose that donor because he did not want to owe JR. Richie further stated that, after his surgery, he was going to make Babe fall in love with him. Babe laughed and commented that he had a big ego. Richie promised that he was going to change his life for the better, so Babe would want him. Babe wished him luck as he kissed her goodbye on the cheek.

JR awoke in a strange room. He was wearing a hospital gown and he was lying on a makeshift hospital bed. JR tried to get up, but he was weak and fell to the ground. One of Richie's henchmen saw JR and put him back in bed while a doctor sedated him. Then, Richie entered and found JR unconscious. Richie boasted that he was going to steal JR's bone marrow and his woman.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Erica is shocked when she walks into her office at New Beginnings and sees people packing up her belongings. Pam, the producer, explains the network cancelled her show because of her recent financial troubles. Jackson shows Erica her contract with the network, which clearly states it can cancel the show at any time. Erica tells Val to take her makeup back to the dressing room and set everything back up. Jackson agrees that Samuel has targeted Erica because of her celebrity status. But, she bought 10,000 shares of Chandler Enterprises one day before Adam announced he was reacquiring his company, Jackson says. As a result, Erica's shares skyrocketed, she sold her shares and made a $500,000 profit. Samuel stops by to see if Erica has any questions about the charges brought against her. Erica says Samuel has only come after her to try to make himself look good in the public eye. Jackson tries to make a deal with Samuel to spare Erica time behind bars. Jackson suggests Erica take a one year suspended sentence, a $1 million fine, and community service. Samuel counteroffers with a two-year sentence with 18 months suspended with probation, and a $5 million fine. Sam tells Erica she has 24 hours to accept his deal.

Greenlee and Kendall sniff through an array of scents to make a new scent at Fusion. Kendall explains to Babe and Amanda what they should be looking for as they smell the fragrances. Greenlee blends a few different flowers and vanilla to show Babe and Amanda how simple perfume can be made. A few handsome men show up at Greenlee's request, but she is tightlipped about what they will be doing. As Amanda and Babe try to find the perfect "Charmed" scent, Greenlee tries to calm a very nervous Kendall down. Kendall says she does not want to go to the book signing. Greenlee says it would be good for Kendall to have some distance between herself and Ryan.

Aidan tells Tad that he has new job, which will require him to be out of town for a few days. Aidan says Zach has hired him to be Kendall's bodyguard while she signs autographs for her book "Charmed." Tad doesn't think Kendall will be in much danger. Aidan reveals that Zach wants to keep an eye on Kendall in case Ryan shows up.

Annie brings Zach a cup of coffee at his office before stopping at Fusion. Annie says that Emma knows Ryan has moved out of the house. She says Ryan was great with Emma as they broke the news about the separation. It made her feel like an old part of Ryan was back. Annie says it makes her mad to see how close Ryan has been with Greenlee and Kendall because they do not share the same connection. Zach says he is confident Ryan's memory will be restored. Annie is not so sure, and even says that she may need to consider divorce. She even wonders if it would have been better if Ryan had not survived the shooting. Annie goes to Fusion and begins helping the other girls make a new scent. Annie suggests they use a scent of white cedar that is mentioned in Kendall's book. Greenlee tells the girls it is time to relax. She leads them to the break room, which has been transformed with stripper poles and disco lights. Max, the instructor, teaches Annie a few moves first. Pretty soon, everyone is breaking into a sweat, swinging around the poles, and throwing their shirts off. Ryan walks in and sees Annie, Kendall, and Greenlee practicing their moves. Annie stops when she sees him staring at Kendall. Kendall and Greenlee rip Ryan's shirt off and push him toward Annie. Annie starts dancing around Ryan, but he continues to be mesmerized by Kendall's moves instead.

Ryan rushes to Joe's office to find out if his memory can be restored. Joe says that doctors are still not sure what has caused Ryan's amnesia. Ryan suggests that the doctors cut him open, if needed, to find a solution. Joe explains that Ryan's brain is not physically damaged, and the amnesia is a psychological condition. Ryan explains that the amnesia is hurting his family so much that Annie threw him out of the house. He even suggests Joe have him admitted to the psychological ward for further evaluation. Joe does not think that is the solution to his problem. Ryan says he can no longer live a life of not remembering his daughter or life with Annie. Joe gets paged to go deliver the news to a pregnant woman that her husband has died. He tells Ryan that although he is going through a hard time, things could be worse. Tad goes to the hospital to check on Joe. He asks his father who transferred Jesse's body to the morgue. Joe receives a telephone call from a person asking about Angie. Joe gives the caller Angie's telephone number at work. The caller jots the number down and sticks it in a folder with articles of Jesse's death.

Zach finds Aidan at ConFusion and tells him that Annie kicked Ryan out of the house. Fearing Ryan will follow Kendall, Zach tells Aidan to keep an extra close eye on Kendall. Zach says he reserved adjoining rooms for Aidan and Kendall. Also, he tells Aidan that he has a security position at the casino that needs to be filled. Amanda and Babe go to ConFusion to cool off.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Angie went to visit Jesse in the cabin. When she entered, she didn't see Jesse. Angie looked distressed and called out for him, and Jesse quickly appeared. Angie said that she got worried when she didn't see him. Angie feared that Jesse either ran away or got captured by thugs. Jesse vowed that he would never leave his family again. He then stated that it was too dangerous for Angie to visit him. Jesse requested that Angie stop coming to the cabin, but she refused. Angie divulged that she spoke with Derek about Remy's death. Angie said that Derek asked her a few questions, but did not mention Jesse. Jesse was still convinced that he and Remy were connected somehow. Then, Angie left and Tad arrived. Tad brought Jesse the file on Remy's murder. Tad said that Remy and Jesse were both shot with the same caliber bullet. Jesse became frustrated and yelled out that he needed the gun that shot them. Tad urged Jesse to calm down. Jesse said that he was going stir crazy. He worried that he was putting Angie and Frankie in danger. Tad assured Jesse that he would watch over Jesse's family like they were his own.

Frankie met with Joe at the hospital. Frankie registered to be an intern at Pine Valley Hospital. Joe was excited to have Frankie and Angie on his staff. Then, Frankie met Colby, who was volunteering at the hospital. Colby recognized Frankie from his picture in the newspaper. Colby introduced herself, but Frankie gave her a cold reception. Meanwhile, Angie arrived at work. Joe greeted her and told her the news about Frankie. Angie immediately found her son. Frankie explained that he only signed up to be an intern because he wanted to help his father. Frankie said that he planned on searching old files in order to find clues for Jesse. Angie demanded that Frankie not do this. Angie stated that Jesse did not want Frankie involved. She warned Frankie that he could get himself into trouble if he pursued his father's case. So, Frankie promised not to meddle. Colby observed Frankie's intense encounter with Angie and inquired if he needed to talk. Frankie snidely remarked that "the daughter of Adam Chandler" would not understand his problems and stormed off. Colby called him a jerk. Meanwhile, Angie decided to research some old files herself. When she entered the storage room, she was shocked to see that Jesse was there too. Angie joked, "Great minds think alike."

Frankie went to the park. As he made a phone call, an unidentified person followed him and photographed him.

The doctor started the bone marrow transplant process on JR. Richie asked if JR could feel anything. The doctor explained that JR was sedated, so he felt no pain. He further explained that JR might experience some discomfort when he awoke. Richie inquired how the process would work. The doctor stated that the bone marrow would be taken from JR's hips. He also said that Richie would receive chemotherapy to get him ready for the transplant. The doctor affirmed that he was confident this would work. Then, the doctor started the procedure on JR. As Richie watched, he wished that he found out JR had volunteered for the transplant sooner. After JR was done, Richie's henchmen asked what they should do with JR. Richie told them to get rid of him, like they planned. So, they put JR into a body bag. Richie ordered them to be gentle because JR just saved his life. Richie then fell asleep. He dreamed that Babe visited him in lingerie. Babe professed her love for Richie and thanked him for getting rid of JR. When Richie awoke, he declared that his dream would become a reality soon.

Babe and Krystal were at ConFusion. Babe could not reach JR on his phone, so she called the hospital. She learned that JR never showed up for the bone marrow transplant. Babe explained all of this to Krystal. Krystal assured Babe that JR was just running late. Babe commented that JR scammed her. Krystal was confused. Babe explained her entire scheme to trick JR into being Richie's donor. She further explained that JR ended up offering to be the donor voluntarily. Krystal was surprised at JR's generosity, but she was not surprised that he sweet-talked Babe into bed. Babe insisted that she initiated the sex. However, Babe said that JR conned her into thinking that he would donate his bone marrow. Krystal still thought that JR might donate, so she called the hospital. After Krystal was told that JR never showed, she grew concerned and wondered if something bad had happened to JR. Just then, Babe received a phone call. An unidentified caller had information about JR. The caller told Babe to go to a hotel room. Babe and Krystal quickly rushed off. When they opened the door to the room, they both looked horrified. Babe gasped, "Oh my God!"

Zach and Aidan walked into Fusion and saw Ryan and Annie standing next to a stripper pole. The two men laughed at Ryan as he put his shirt back on. Greenlee and Kendall explained that dancing on the stripper poles helped them relieve stress. Then, they all got on the elevator to leave. After the doors shut, the elevator stopped abruptly. They were stuck. Aidan called for help, but the engineer said that he could not come for at least an hour. Ryan began to laugh and Kendall asked why. Ryan happily recalled the time that he and Kendall got stuck in an elevator. Kendall commented that it was so hot that they had to strip down to practically no clothes. Annie looked annoyed. Greenlee then mentioned that she and Ryan were also stuck in an elevator together. Annie looked even more bothered, so Greenlee stopped talking. Annie yelled that it was common knowledge that Ryan slept with all three of them. Then, Kendall and Annie began hurling insults at each other. Kendall accused Annie of giving up on Ryan. Annie stated that Ryan's condition was Kendall's fault because he stepped in front of a bullet intended for her. Aidan realized that the situation was turning ugly. He called the engineer again, but there was no answer. Greenlee became unsettled when she realized that the engineer was not responding. She began to yell and pound on the door. Zach took her hand and calmed her down. He reminded Greenlee that the elevator was not as bad as the bomb shelter. He asked Greenlee to recall how they survived the bomb shelter. Greenlee quipped that they made love all night long. Aidan and Kendall looked stunned and appalled. Greenlee laughed and announced that she was just kidding, but Aidan and Kendall still looked disturbed. Finally, the elevator started and they all went to ConFusion. Kendall said goodbye to Zach as she left for her book tour, and asked him to check on Erica while she was away. Meanwhile, Aidan said goodbye to Greenlee because he was going with Kendall as her bodyguard. After Aidan left, Greenlee saw Ryan at the bar and sat down with him.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Adam is reading about Erica's arrest for insider trading in the newspaper as she breezes through his front door. Adam says Erica should have funneled the funds through someone else to avoid any legal trouble. Erica blames Adam for the arrest, but he does not think he is at fault. Adam refuses to go to the police department to back Erica up. He adds that she will have to "ride it out." Babe and Krystal catch JR in bed with a prostitute. Babe throws a bucket of ice on the couple and JR awakens. They take a drowsy and sluggish JR to Adam's house. Erica claims she does need not Adam's help and leaves. Babe and Krystal ask JR how he ended up in the hotel room. JR says he was kidnapped by two men in a parking lot, but doesn't remember what they wanted from him. Babe does not believe JR's story, but Krystal doesn't think he is lying. JR tells Babe he will take a breathalyzer test or have blood drawn to prove he was not drinking. But even with JR's offer, Babe still thinks he does not want to clean his life up. Krystal tells JR he can stay with her and Tad for the rest of the night.

Erica meets Palmer at a restaurant to discuss her criminal case. Palmer says that Erica has battled far worse demons than Samuel. Each time, she has always managed to pull through, he adds. Erica calls for a meeting with all her staff, and leaves a message for Jackson. She asks him for help to go against Samuel.

Trina, the prostitute, goes back to the hospital to check on Richie. She guarantees Richie that Babe and Krystal fell for the entire act. The doctor tells Richie they need to perform the surgery immediately, and that it will take a few weeks to determine if his body is accepting JR's cells. In the meantime, doctors will need to keep a close eye on Richie.

Zach finds Annie and Amanda at ConFusion. Annie apologizes to Zach for being harsh with Kendall earlier in the day. Samuel meets Zach at the bar to discuss Erica's arrest. Zach tells Samuel that going after Erica is a mistake. Samuel says Erica broke the law, but Zach reminds him there are far worse people he could go after. Zach says he will protect Erica from Samuel because she is a part of his family. Samuel leaves and decides to get some background information on Zach. Annie tells Amanda that she wants flirt with other men to show Ryan exactly what he is missing. Amanda tells Annie that one of the men nearby has been checking her out all night. Annie slips off her wedding ring and walks off to the man. They sit on a couch and begin chatting about their failed relationships. The man invites Annie out for a cheeseburger, but Zach interrupts their plans before they head out the door. Zach scares the man off and Annie gets upset.

Greenlee and Ryan go on the patio to chat. Ryan says that he feels out of place around most of his friends and family because of the amnesia. Greenlee says she has a plan to help Ryan get his memory back. First, she tells him about their marriage, including a "one-a-day" gift policy that was in their prenuptial agreement. Ryan asks Greenlee why they didn't try to stay together if their marriage was so wonderful. At first, their marriage was a business arrangement until love stepped in, Greenlee says. She recalls a dance they shared on the patio. Ryan remembers smells of lilac and music playing in the distance while they were dancing. He pulls her close and they begin dancing. But to Greenlee's disappointment, he does not remember actually dancing with her four years ago. Hurt that Ryan does not remember their relationship, Greenlee gives him a passionate kiss to try to jog his memory.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Annie rips into Zach for scaring off the guy that she was talking to and Zach tells her that he thinks she is selling herself short by settling for a guy who was most likely feeding her a line. After a moment, Annie realizes that he is probably right, and starts to consider the evening a bust. Zach offers her his arm, and leads her to something better. He takes her to the casino and lets her play a few rounds of blackjack to forget her worries.

Jack shows up at the New Beginnings offices, thinking that he will be meeting with Erica alone, but finds that she has called her whole team together to mount an attack against Samuel Woods. The team gathers in Erica's office and they hash out the details of what's to come. Jack then dismisses them so that he can discuss matters with Erica privately. Once they are alone, Erica asks Jack to be completely honest about her chances of winning if the case goes to trial. Before he can answer, she tells him that she wants to make sure that they can turn the tables on Woods and humiliate him with everyone watching. Jack pauses for a moment, and then asks her what is more important-proving her innocence, or destroying Samuel Woods? Opal comes into the office just then, eliminating any opportunity Erica would have to respond. Jack takes this as a cue to leave, and invites Erica to dinner that night so that they can talk strategy again. She coyly accepts and, when he leaves, Opal briefly teases Erica about the electricity that still exists between her and her latest husband. She then mentions that Erica must have forgotten the dinner date they had planned weeks ago. Erica seems genuinely apologetic, but Opal gives her a pass, given all of the things that have been going on. She asks Erica how she is holding up, and when Erica admits that she is a bit nervous, Opal advises her to do what she has always done-make the bad stuff work for her. The wheels start turning and soon Opal sees a devious glint in her best friend's eye. Erica hops up, calls Val, and asks him to set up a press conference as soon as possible.

Angie, Jesse, and Tad continue a frustrating search through the old files in the basement of Pine Valley Hospital. They repeatedly run into dead ends because whoever took Jesse's body out of the hospital twenty years earlier did a stellar job of covering their tracks. A security guard passes in the hall, heightening their fear of being discovered. Angie fairly orders Jesse back to the cabin in the woods but irately, Jesse insists that because it was his life that was ripped apart and his family that dealt with the aftermath, he needs to be the one to uncover the truth. Angie is uncomfortable with his stance, and Tad agrees that Jesse can only fly under the radar at the hospital for so long before someone realizes he doesn't belong. Jesse argues his position, so they finally all agree to give him ten more minutes to try to find additional information. Tad gives Angie his office keys so that they can all met up later, and then leaves to try to get the guard out of the area, as well as to check out a lead. Before Jesse can get back to working through the files, Angie asks if he ever considered the possibility that whoever is responsible is someone that they know. With no concrete answers, they continue the search and come across a file from around the time that Jesse was taken. Angie looks through it and realizes that Jesse isn't mentioned anywhere in the log. Jesse thinks that the responsible party tried to make it look like he never existed.

Tad finds the guard and asks to see some video footage to aid in an insurance fraud investigation. The guard refuses to help so Tad attempts to bribe him financially. The money does the trick, and Tad looks through a stack of videos and then comes across something of interest.

Jesse and Angie arrive at Tad's office and after closing the shades and turning on a few dim lights, Jesse wants to talk more about who could be responsible for his "death" but when he hears a noise at the door, he stops in his tracks and checks it out. He doesn't find anyone but his actions are almost more than Angie can bear. She is horrified to realize that he'd been living his life that way for so long, but Jesse tells her that he was and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his family safe. Angie tells him that she just wants to figure out how to put an end to this case so that they can go back to being a family again. To soothe her tattered nerves, he takes her on a walk down memory lane to the time when they first met, and tells her that she is still as much of a blessing as she was all those years ago. They then start thinking about the case once more, and Angie offers that perhaps his file was misplaced and there really isn't anyone after him. Jesse asks if she wants to test that theory, and she tells him that he knows that isn't what she meant. She tells him that in the "here and now," she feels safe and she wonders if those twenty years were wasted for nothing.

Kendall and Aidan arrive at their hotel in LA and after a brief run-in with a fan's husband in the hall, they go into Kendall's room and Aidan checks it out to make sure it is secure. Kendall thinks he is going a little too far but Aidan assures her that if the situation were different and it was Greenlee that Ryan was after, he would do the exact same thing. A short while later, Kendall remarks how odd it is that they always seem to end up alone together. Aidan tells her that it wouldn't matter if they hadn't slept together. She agrees, but thinks it is ironic that of all the people he knows, Zach would pick Aidan to take care of her. Aidan thinks it might be a test-to see if they can resist each other, and by the look on his face, Kendall wonders if he believes they won't pass.

Aidan helps himself to the mini bar and Kendall wonders what she has to do to get him to relax. With no answers from her reluctant bodyguard, she thinks that perhaps she can get Greenlee and Zach to fly out to meet them so that they could all hang out in LA together. Aidan tells her that he will attend to that shortly and then says that she needs to get ready for her public. He instructs her to meet him at the bar in one hour and as he leaves, he tells her to lock the door behind him. She moves to do so but is distracted from the task when her phone rings. Leaving herself vulnerable, she answers the call and talks to her agent about the upcoming publicity shows. In the hall, a hand traces the numbers on her door. Back inside, Kendall goes in to take her shower, unaware that the person outside is preparing to enter her room. The stranger comes in and, while she showers, becomes familiar with some of her things.

Greenlee breaks away from the kiss she laid on Ryan, certain that the experience would unlock his memories. Stunned from the lip lock, Ryan tells her that he is trying but nothing is coming back. Almost furious that her kiss wasn't the key, she tells him to try harder, so he pulls her back to him and kisses her once again. She pushes him away, irritated that a repeat performance is the only thing he could think of doing. He asks her why she is so invested in getting his memory back. She selfishly tells him that she wants him to remember their love story, and then takes it back and says that she wants him to remember his life with his wife and daughter. Ryan acknowledges as much, saying that he knows about Annie and Emma in his head because of what everyone has told him, but notes that nothing has clicked in his heart. Greenlee decides that what he really needs is some good, clean fun, grabs his hand and pulls him toward their next destination.

Samuel meets with Carl, his campaign manager, at ConFusion and finds that Carl is concerned about the publicity from the case against Erica Kane and how positively it will shine on the campaign. Samuel insists that the case is about punishing someone who believes she is above the law, nothing more. Barely recognizing what he has said, Carl notes that it would be great if he could sell tickets to the trial. Samuel tells him about offering her a deal and how she didn't take it. Carl doesn't think it's a good idea to give Erica an easy out, especially since Samuel said that he has compelling information that would help him win, but Samuel says that it would be foolish to underestimate Erica. He tells Carl about his last meeting with Erica and how she is a force to be reckoned with. Carl sees something change in his boss's demeanor and tells him not to get soft when it comes to Erica. Samuel says there is something about Erica and Carl interjects that what she has, he doesn't need. He advises Samuel to win the case and keep his eye on the prize. Samuel notes that his only interest in Erica is in prosecuting her, but that he won't step on her or anyone else on his way to the Senate. He assures Carl that Erica will not deal, and that the case will indeed go to trial.

As Annie continues on her winning streak, a man sitting near her, who introduces himself as Robert, congratulates her. As she notices that he isn't doing so badly himself, a manager sidles up to Zach and points out just how much Robert has won. Zach instructs him to keep an eye on the man then he sees Greenlee and Ryan come on to the floor. Just as Annie spots them, Zach walks over to them and offers to buy them drinks. Ryan dutifully goes to the bar to fetch the drinks and Zach reminds Greenlee that Ryan is not her problem. She tells him that because she considers Ryan her friend, she feels like she should do what she can to help. Zach tells her to be careful and then walks away when her phone rings. Greenlee finds Aidan on the other end. He tells her that the detail is going well and tries to invite her and Zach out to join them. Because of the noise in the casino, she has a hard time hearing him and they agree that they will talk later. When he ends the call, the concierge asks how the rooms suit them. Aidan says that they are fine, and then gives him a picture of Ryan and some cash and asks that he be notified if the man in the picture is spotted in the area.

Ryan approaches Annie and tries to make some small talk but it ends as quickly as it began when her reply makes it clear that she wants as little to do with him as possible. Across the room, Greenlee approaches Zach again and tells him that she is doing him a favor-because if she is with Ryan, he doesn't have to worry about Ryan trying to be with Kendall. She then goes over to Ryan and finds out that his first attempt with Annie didn't go so well, so she encourages him to try again. Meanwhile, Zach introduces himself to the man playing beside Annie and finds that the man is Robert Gardner. Now knowing that Zach owns the casino, he decides to quit while he is ahead, thanks Annie for her company, and excuses himself. Annie takes that as her chance to leave as well, but when Zach offers to take her home, she tells him that she can make it on her own. She starts to leave and Ryan runs after her. She tells him that she isn't interested in anything he has to say, but he tells her he doesn't want her to leave. He says that when he was hanging out with Greenlee earlier, he realized that by living in the past, he is missing everything in the present.

Down at the bar, Aidan overhears two women excitedly planning on how to corner Kendall for autographs and pictures, and tells them that he can help them out when Kendall arrives. Up in her room, Kendall exits the bathroom and is stunned when she sees the man from the hallway sitting in her room, asking for an autograph.

Angie apologizes to Jesse, saying that she just wants her family back the way it was, even though she realizes that he still believes someone is after him. Then Tad comes in the door and, having heard the last part of the conversation, tells them that Jesse may be right. He fills them in about checking the security videos back to when Frankie was admitted and Angie rejoined the staff, and found that all of the footage of Frankie's room and the surrounding area is missing. Jesse thinks that means the people after him know that he is back in Pine Valley. On the other side of town, Robert Gardner watches one of those very videos on his laptop.

Erica arrives on set and as soon as she sees both Jack and Samuel walk through the doors, she starts her press conference. She tells the public that she unknowingly broke the law, but according to Samuel Woods, that is no excuse. She goes on to say that while Samuel is intent on a long, drawn-out trial that will cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars, she simply wants to spare them the expense. She then stuns everyone by saying that she is going to jail.



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