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Monday, March 3, 2008

Erica called a press conference. She announced that she was pleading guilty and planned on going to prison for her crime. Erica further explained that her good reputation was maligned by Samuel Woods, a publicity-seeking politician. She stated that although she unknowingly broke the law, she still needed to pay the price. As soon as Erica stepped down from the podium, Opal congratulated her on doing the right thing. However, Jack could not believe that Erica admitted her guilt publicly. Erica was very pleased because she felt that this admission of guilt stripped Samuel of his power. Jack did not think that rendering Samuel powerless was worth a jail sentence. Erica quipped that Martha Stuart's time in prison did not hurt her. Jack hoped that Erica was not doing this for ratings. She admitted that she hoped her ratings would increase, but claimed this was not her sole motivation. Jack completely disagreed with Erica's decision and gave her his resignation. Erica then smugly approached Samuel. Erica told Samuel that he lost because he did not get the big trial that he wanted. He affirmed that he won because justice prevailed. Erica threatened that everyone had skeletons in their closet and that she would find Samuel's. Samuel said that he had nothing to hide. Erica retorted that he would not be able to run for "dog catcher" after she was done with him. He bet that Erica would back his Senate campaign eventually. Erica returned to the podium and announced that, after her jail sentence, she would resume work on "New Beginnings." As she spoke with the press, Jack warned Samuel to stay away from Erica.

Ryan and Annie were at the casino. Ryan asked Annie for her help. He wanted her to spend the night with him, with hopes that this would jog his memory. Annie looked frustrated and declared that her efforts to help him were futile. She got up to leave, but he stopped her. He wondered if Annie was upset because he did not remember her or because he remembered Kendall and Greenlee. Annie admitted that she was hurt because he did remember Kendall and Greenlee, but not her. He assured her that he did not have to remember her to know that she was an amazing woman and mother. Annie proclaimed that any man would love to take her home. However, she did not want other men, she wanted her husband. Nevertheless, she felt that she deserved a man that appreciated her, so she was willing to give up Ryan to find this. He did not want her to give up on their relationship. She was not convinced and began chastising him for taking a bullet for Kendall. As Annie complained, Ryan grabbed her and kissed her. She gave in to the kiss and stopped yelling. They went to a hotel room and made love. Afterwards, Annie slept as Ryan gently moved her hair out of her face. As he did this, he recalled doing the same thing to Kendall. Ryan realized that he remembered something about Kendall.

Robert Gardner was on the phone. He told the person on the other end that Jesse was in Pine Valley and that he was in contact with his family, then commented that Jesse should have "stayed dead."

Tad informed Jesse and Angie that the security tapes from Frankie's hospital room were missing. Angie hoped that it was a clerical error, but Jesse and Tad thought otherwise. Tad affirmed that the people looking for Jesse knew that he was in town. Jesse freaked out and announced that he was going into town to bait his unknown enemies into the open. Tad and Angie advised him against this. Jesse became even more frantic with worry and began to pack his bags. He demanded that Angie do the same because he wanted them to go on the run together. Angie refused to run away and wished that everything could be normal. Tad interjected that if the Hubbards went on the run, then his family would have to also. Tad explained that his family was also in danger because of their interaction with Jesse. Jesse said that this was why he did not want anyone to get involved with his situation. Angie and Tad promised that they would help him stand up and fight for his life. Tad encouraged Jesse to think like a detective again. Tad thought that if they worked together, they could figure out why Jesse was targeted. Tad further suggested that they use Angie as bait, instead of Jesse. Jesse was adamantly against this, but Angie thought it was a good idea. Just then, there was a knock at the door. Angie and Jesse hid, while Tad answered it. Robert Gardner was at the door.

Zach and Greenlee were at the bar in the casino. Zach noticed Greenlee staring at Ryan and inquired about her night with him. Greenlee claimed that nothing happened between them. She explained that she tried to jog his memory to no avail, but declared that she would not give up. He warned her to stay away from Ryan. She encouraged him to do tequila shots with her and tell her bad jokes, but she scolded him for analyzing her. Greenlee and Zach then went to Fusion because she needed to pick up some papers. Zach went into the lounge and laughed about the stripper poles. Greenlee quickly grabbed a pole and urged Zach to join her. He was reluctant, but she insisted that he try it. He made one turn around the pole and fell on his butt. They both laughed, but the conversation turned serious again. Zach cautioned Greenlee about getting involved with Ryan again. He felt that she might ruin a good thing with Aidan if she allowed her feelings for Ryan to resurface. She assured him that this would not happen. He stated that Greenlee, Kendall, and Annie could not help Ryan because he needed professional help. She changed the subject by getting back on the pole. Once again, she tried to get Zach to dance, but he refused. She jumped off of the pole and landed close to Zach's face. They looked into each other's eyes, but quickly parted. Greenlee commented that it was a weird night.

Kendall walked out of the bathroom in only a bathrobe. She was alarmed to see a strange man sitting next to the bed. The man held up her book and asked for an autograph. She informed him that there would be a public book signing at a store. The man looked irritated and demanded that she sign the book immediately. She pretended that she had to check on a bottle of champagne that she ordered from room service, but the man would not let her use the phone. She asked the man if he read her book. He claimed that he did not, so she offered to read him an excerpt. The man accepted the offer. As Kendall read, he closed his eyes and mouthed the words to every line. Kendall saw that he was distracted and hit him over the head with the book. As she ran to the door, he grabbed her and threw her onto the bed. He commanded that she remove her robe. She refused, which angered him more. He declared that he would get what he came for. She affirmed that she would die before she let him rape her. He said that he could arrange this as he removed a knife from his pocket. Kendall quickly kicked him in the groin and grabbed her purse. She found her mace and sprayed him in the face. Meanwhile, Aidan was in the hotel bar with two of Kendall's fans. They urged Aidan to have a drink with them. Aidan obliged the women and spoke to them about Kendall. The women wished to meet Kendall. Aidan said that she should be downstairs and wondered why she was so late. He called up to the room, but there was no answer. He decided to check on Kendall, so the women asked if he could get their books signed. They handed him two books and commented that they had three initially, but a creepy man stole one. Aidan inquired about the man. They explained that he was staring at Kendall's picture for a long time. Aidan looked concerned and rushed to the hotel room. Just as he arrived, the stalker was writhing in pain from the mace. Aidan punched him as Kendall proclaimed, "I got him!"

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Kendall sprays the creepy fan in the face with pepper spray as Aidan knocks him on the floor. The man apologizes to Kendall before being hauled off in handcuffs by police. After the police leave, Kendall tells Aidan that the man was going to rape her. But Aidan tries to convince Kendall that she did well protecting herself. Kendall says the incident with the strange man reminds her of the men who raped Erica and Bianca. She admits that she wanted to kill the stalker for all of the rapists who have inflicted pain upon the Kane women. Aidan is not shocked by Kendall's candid confession. Given their recent string of bad luck, Kendall wonders what disaster will happen next. Aidan says they both have a lot of good in their lives and should not dwell on past mistakes. Kendall asks Aidan not to mention the incident with the stalker to Zach until they get home. She doesn't want to worry him. Aidan leaves to go to his room, but Kendall stops him. He offers to sleep on the couch in Kendall's room. Kendall decides to call Rachael, the nanny, and talk to Spike before going to sleep.

Babe tells Krystal that she is angry her mother is caring for JR after his crude behavior. Krystal continues to defend JR by saying she believes he was drugged. JR hobbles into the living room, but does not get any sympathy from Babe. She tells him that he lied about being Richie's donor to have sex with her. Krystal asks JR and Babe to look after a napping Jenny while she runs errands. Babe tells JR that she is tired of constantly being disappointed by him. JR still wants Babe to trust him despite their shaky past. He tells Babe that the only reason she is helping Richie is because she likes him. Babe says she and Richie are only friends.

The doctors tell Richie that recovery from the bone marrow transplant could take several months. When he calls Babe, Richie says that his donor was an older woman. Also, he tells Babe that he appreciated JR's offer to be the donor. Babe puts JR on the phone so Richie can personally thank him. JR ends up hanging up on Richie after Richie gloats about his connection with Babe. Babe scolds JR for being so mean to Richie. JR tries to win Babe over by giving her a kiss, but she pushes him away. She tells JR they can't have a relationship without trust, respect, and maturity.

Angie and Jesse listen as Robert Gardner introduces himself as "Uncle Rob" to Tad. Robert says he is the brother of Tad's father. He asks to come in, but Tad says he is too busy working on a case to entertain visitors. Tad says Ray Gardner may have been his biological father, but they were never close. Robert understands Tads harsh feelings toward Ray, but wants to form a relationship with Tad. He writes down his telephone number, hoping Tad will give him a call, and leaves. Tad tells Angie and Jesse about the visit from his long-lost uncle. Tad decides to focus the conversation back on John Remington, the man Jesse took a bullet for. Jesse says John was suspected of money laundering before his death. Jesse thinks the person who tried to kill him must have gone after John.

As Krystal is walking through the park, she bumps into Robert. She accuses Robert of following her, but Robert says he was visiting Tad. Krystal introduces herself as Tad's wife and goes to Tad's office. Krystal tells Tad, Jesse, and Angie that she ran into Robert at the park. Tad is surprised, but tells Krystal that Robert does not seem like a threat. Angie suggests that she find John Remington's mother, who lives in Pine Valley, to dig up information.

Robert looks at pictures of a photo album he created on his cell phone. But Robert whispers that he needs a snapshot of Jesse to make the album complete.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Samuel visited Adam in his mansion. Adam said that he always picked winners and that he was looking forward to Samuel running for the Senate. Adam further stated that he was very impressed with Samuel at the fashion show. Samuel reminded Adam that he arrested Erica, Adam's ex-wife and friend, at the fashion show. Samuel quickly affirmed that he would not take a donation from Adam in exchange for a lighter jail sentence for Erica. Adam laughed and said that he would not bribe anyone for Erica's sake. Samuel realized that Adam wanted to make sure that he was not in trouble, like Erica. He assured Adam that he already investigated Adan and found nothing to prosecute him with. Adam was pleased. Then, Colby and Dre entered. Dre was shocked to see his father sitting with Adam. Adam immediately began to tell Samuel what a great son he had. Colby looked annoyed and urged Adam to be quiet.

Samuel and Dre then went outside to talk. Dre asked why his father was in Pine Valley. He said that he had business to attend to. He explained that he did not contact Dre because he knew that his son wanted space. Dre wondered why Samuel hired a private detective to find him. Samuel claimed that he just wanted to make sure that Dre was all right and stated that he missed Dre. Dre said that his father wanted him to be someone else. Samuel admitted this was true in the past, but not anymore. Dre was not convinced that his father had changed due to his dealings with Erica. Dre accused him of using Erica, just like he used Dre's mother. Samuel looked hurt and said that he was devastated after Dre's mother's death. Dre affirmed that Samuel used her death for publicity. Dre explained that he needed his father after his mother died in 9/11, but Samuel was not there for him.

Meanwhile, Colby chastised Adam for being nice to Dre. Colby accused Adam of being cordial because he found out that Samuel was Dre's father. Adam admitted that this was true and explained that family bloodlines meant a lot. Adam then received a business phone call. Colby pretended to leave, but secretly listened to Adam's conversation. Adam told his lawyer that he was off the hook with Samuel, but encouraged him to keep digging up dirt on Samuel and Dre.

Kendall had a nightmare about her stalker. When she awoke, Aidan was sitting next to her on the bed. She told him about her bad dream. He consoled her and affirmed that she bravely fought off the stalker herself. She stated that her book was bad luck and that she should not have written such sensual material. Aidan reminded her that she should not blame the victim for the crime. Kendall agreed and recalled telling Bianca the same thing after she was raped. Aidan then revealed that Erica pleaded guilty to insider trading and was going to jail. Kendall looked horrified and called her mother. Kendall was surprised to hear Zach pick up Erica's phone. Zach claimed that Erica was busy with an interview, so she could not talk. Kendall wanted to come home, but Zach told her to stay on the book tour. He assured her that everything was fine.

After they hung up, Zach looked at Erica and stated that he did not like lying to his wife. Erica worried that if she spoke with Kendall then she and Bianca would rush home. Zach wondered if Erica really understood what she was getting into. Erica stated that her stint in prison would give her a lot of great stories for her show. She then received a phone call from Bradley, an "influential" journalist, and granted him an exclusive interview. Zach was amazed that Erica saw jail as a good career move. She proceeded to ask him to take care of her business while she was away. Zach was honored that she trusted him and accepted. She explained that she did not want Zach to "whitewash" any details. He promised to only tell her the truth. Erica then recalled Kendall's secret about sleeping with Aidan and resolved that she could not tell Zach. Then, a woman saw Erica and yelled out that she deserved six years in prison instead of six months. Erica looked hurt, but declared that she needed to remember who she was and what she accomplished in her life. Zach joked that he would propose to her, if he were not already married. She laughed as they hugged. Meanwhile, Kendall still wavered on staying in L.A. Aidan urged her to stay on the book tour, so she did. He asked why she did not tell Zach about the stalker. She said she didn't want to tell him until she returned home, so Aidan agreed not to say anything. They then went to a book-signing event. At the bookstore, Kendall noticed Aidan reading a poetry book. She was pleasantly surprised by his fondness for poetry.

Annie was still asleep while Ryan paced the hotel room. He remembered seeing Kendall in L.A. and went to call her. Just then, Annie woke up, so Ryan put the phone down. She happily recalled the night they spent together. He stated that it was getting late and asked if she had to pick up Emma. She wondered if he was trying to get rid of her. He claimed that this was not the case and stated that he remembered something. Annie was ecstatic and inquired about his recovered memory. He saw how happy she was, so he did not tell her that his memory was about Kendall. Instead, he lied and said that he remembered sweeping a lock of hair from her face. She was very pleased and got ready for work. Before she left, he asked if he could spend time with her and Emma that night. She said that was a great idea and left. Then, Ryan called Kendall to tell her about his memory. However, she was too busy to talk, but promised to call him back. As he waited for her to call, he impatiently stated that he needed to speak with her immediately. He booked a flight to L.A.

The women of Fusion, Greenlee, Babe, and Amanda, were very busy trying to fill a position for an assistant. They were disappointed to find that all of the candidates were extremely incompetent. They were also attempting to launch their new perfume, Charm. As Greenlee freaked out over what perfume bottle to package the fragrance in, Annie entered. Annie was in a fantastic mood, so they all assumed that she "got some." She admitted that she spent the night with Ryan and that he remembered something. Greenlee walked away annoyed and wondered why Ryan did not remember anything while he was with her.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Angie begins working with Frankie, who is an intern at Pine Valley Hospital. She tells her son that Tad and Jesse are still trying to find out who is after Jesse. Frankie offers to help Angie and Jesse, but Angie says Jesse would never forgive himself if something happened to them.

Jesse is angry when he sees an article about Remington's murder in the newspaper. Tad says that the people who are chasing him may think he left after Frankie got better. But Jesse is pretty sure they know he is still in Pine Valley. Tad says that Remington must have been looking for something while he was dating Angie. Tad asks Jesse if he knows someone who might be able to help them figure out what Remington was looking for. He dresses up like a doctor and sneaks in the hospital to see Angie. They find Remington's mother's medical record. Angie jots down the address and decides to visit her.

Robert tells someone on the other end of the telephone to keep an eye on Angie. He goes to visit Krystal, but once inside, Opal does not give Robert a warm welcome. She says that she wants nothing to do with Robert if he is related to Ray. Robert agrees that his brother was not a saint, which is why he decided to isolate himself from Ray. Robert says he went to Atlanta and met his wife, Mary, who died a year earlier. Robert offers to leave, but Opal allows him to stay. She even introduces Robert to Jenny and lets him hold her. Robert brings up the article about Jesse in the newspaper, which prompts Opal to talk about Angie and Jesse's relationship. Opal says that Jesse got shot by a bullet that was meant for Remington. Angie raised their son alone, and is now a doctor at the hospital. Krystal says Robert doesn't want to be bored with stories of strangers, but Robert wants to know more. When Tad comes home, he is upset to see Robert chatting with his mother and wife. Opal claims that Ray was mean to Robert too, but Tad does not seem convinced. Opal brags about how she has been updating Robert on the Pine Valley gossip, including Angie and Jesse's relationship. Tad asks Robert how long he will be in town, but Robert isn't sure. After Opal and Robert are gone, Tad tells Krystal to take Jenny and get out of Pine Valley. Tad rushes out as he gets a lead about Jesse's case.

Babe tells Annie that could JR be telling the truth about how he ended up in bed with a prostitute. Babe thinks that JR's meltdown had something to do with him agreeing to be Richie's bone marrow donor. Annie is shocked when she finds out JR was a match. Babe says that Richie found another donor, but JR never showed up at the hospital. Annie seems happy that Richie is doing well. Annie thinks JR might be jealous of Babe's relationship with Richie. Babe says she has no romantic interest in Richie. Annie warns Babe that Richie won't give up until she agrees to be with him. Babe is confident she can handle Richie.

Colby finds JR barely able to stand up outside Krystal and Tad's home. She catches JR before he falls to the floor. When Colby feels how warm JR's head is, she decides to take him to the hospital. At the hospital, Julia tells JR that he has a temperature of 103 degrees. After Colby leaves, Joe comes to check on JR. JR tells Joe he hasn't been feeling well since getting drugged and placed in a hotel with a prostitute. Joe thinks JR has been drinking again, even though JR denies any relapse. Joe suggests running some tests to find out exactly what is wrong with JR. Colby starts her volunteer shift at the hospital. She immediately wants to help Frankie, but he practically ignores her and walks away. Colby tries to start a conversation with Frankie by asking him about some of her tasks, but he still gives her the cold shoulder. Frankie says he needs to focus on making his residency more than being friends with a volunteer. Joe decides to pair Frankie up with Colby as part of a new program at the hospital.

Richie gets impatient waiting to be released from the hospital. The doctor tells Richie it is too soon for him to leave, but Richie is eager to start his life over. Richie gets a visit from Trina, the woman he paid to get in bed with JR. When Trina begins insulting Babe, Richie grabs her arm tightly and she winces in pain. Richie releases Trina's arm and hobbles out of the bed. Richie suggests that he go to Pine Valley Hospital if it will help him get better sooner. To his surprise, Richie runs into JR at the hospital.

Angie goes to the home of Remington's mother, while Tad keeps an eye from afar. But little does Tad know, Robert's informant is watching him. The informant lets Robert know Tad and Angie's location. Jesse remembers pieces of origami being thrown on the floor. Robert takes a piece of origami out of his jacket pocket and throws it on the ground.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Greenlee met up with Zach at Confusion, full of complaints about things that went wrong during the day, but Zach wasn't fooled. He asked her what was really bothering her, and she told him that she hated his wife. Zach was thrown off until Greenlee admitted that her feelings were due to the fun time Kendall was having in LA with Aidan. She went on to say that she hated Annie because she spent one night with Ryan and made him regain a memory, but when he was with Greenlee, nothing came back-not even when they kissed. When Zach asked if it was a make out session that meant something, Greenlee told him that she was not in love with Ryan-she just wanted to matter to him. Understanding, Zach told her that she would always matter to him, and they toasted to the belief that Ryan was getting better. Greenlee thanked him for helping her feel better, and then told him that she had a confession to make-she told him things she would never tell Aidan. Zach mirrored her thoughts by telling her the same was true of his relationship with Kendall. They parted ways soon after and when he was alone again at the bar, he attempted to call his wife, leaving a voicemail when she didn't answer.

After a day of signing books, Kendall and Aidan returned to her suite to relax. She told him that her mother left her a voicemail message, and sounded like she knew something was wrong. Aidan told her that she was worrying about nothing, and that Zach informed him Erica was handling things just fine. He then said that she needed a distraction, just as a knock was heard at the door. Aidan opened it to find room service with wine and various covered dishes as well as a violinist serenading them with a tune. They shared a laugh when Aidan confessed that all he did was call for room service, never thinking that they would go for a romantic set up for the romance novelist. They decided to share a glass of wine, and then Aidan asked how she managed to turn one of the worst times in her life into a bestselling novel. Kendall told him that she needed something to keep her together while Zach was gone. She then noted that everyone had a writer in them, and said that Aidan's inner writer was a poet. He told her that he had practice memorizing and reciting poetry from his pub days back in England, and shocked her when he said that Greenlee knew nothing of this particular talent. Aidan told her that he would have never mentioned it if she hadn't caught him with a book of sonnets, and Kendall lamented over the fact that Zach did nothing of the sort for her. Aidan brushed all that aside and said that there was no denying how much Zach loved her. She agreed and pointed out that she and her husband never followed the rules of love. Then they talked about Aidan's relationship with Greenlee, and although there was a lot of love shared, Aidan admitted that he wondered how their relationship would fare now that all the drama was gone. Kendall gave him tips on how to keep her best friend happy, and added that, when bored, Greenlee usually took the opportunity to stir things up. They continued to drink and tried to one-up each other with impromptu poetry.

Ryan showed up at the front desk of the LA hotel and tried to charm his way into seeing Kendall. The clerk looked up Kendall's information and found that she didn't want to be disturbed. A sly grin crept onto Ryan's face when he told her that Kendall would be very happy to see him at her door. The clerk hesitated and said that she couldn't help him, but Ryan told her that she needed to, as he had plans to propose to Kendall. They chatted for a few moments about the particulars before being interrupted by a phone call. The clerk needed to leave the desk to take care of some business in the office and when she left, Ryan took the opportunity to try to find out Kendall's location on the computer. He was stymied by security measures and as he considered his next move, he saw a picture of himself below the counter with a note to call Aidan if Ryan was spotted. The clerk returned and even though Ryan explained his reason for being behind the desk, she was still upset. She told him that he needed to leave but he said that he couldn't until she gave him Kendall's room information. She picked up the phone to contact security but Ryan held down the disconnect button and asked her not to call them. She thought that Ryan was threatening her, and he quickly broke out pictures of himself with Kendall as well as one of their son to try to convince her to help him pull off his big surprise.

A short while later, fun and games continued in Kendall's suite. Just as she and Aidan fell on the bed in celebration, Ryan entered the room unannounced and demanded to know what was going on.

Angie paid a visit to John Remington's mother, and offered her condolences on the latest news about her son's death. The woman rejected the sentiments, noting that Angie never cared about John. As Angie reeled from the accusation, the woman informed her that while John loved her, she broke his heart. Angie tried to convince her otherwise but realized that she failed to do so when Mrs. Remington pulled a fully loaded shotgun out of a nearby cupboard. The older woman told her that she wasn't stupid and knew that Angie had backup. Angie insisted that she could explain, and Mrs. Remington told her that she had better make it good or she would use the good doctor as target practice, just as her son had instructed her to do.

At Tad and Aidan's office, Jesse paced like a caged lion waiting to hear what was going on at the Remington house. Unable to keep his cool, he snatched up his jacket and headed out the door to meet up with them. Before he could even lock the door, he was attacked from behind. Jesse found out moments later that his attacker was his son, put in place to keep his father from leaving. Jesse was angered at the hindrance, and tried to make it clear that he would be leaving no matter what. Frankie told his father that he found out about the DVDs that were stolen from the hospital, and said that because of the increased danger, if he wanted to leave, they'd have to fight for it.

As Tad waited outside the Remington house, an employee of Robert Gardner was instructed by phone to keep an eye on both Tad and Angie. Tad's phone went off in his pocket and he found Jesse on the other end. Tad was forced to tell an enraged Jesse that he let Angie go into the house alone while he kept watch outside. He then prematurely ended the call when he saw an armed Mrs. Remington exit her house. After he came out from behind some bushes, he explained to her that he and Angie were working with the police to solve Remy and Jesse's murders. He then instantly put her at ease when he related her experience to his when Dixie was murdered, so she invited him to come into the house. Tad told her that the same person was most likely responsible for both Jesse and Remy's deaths and they want justice to be served. Mrs. Remington told them that she shared everything she remembered with the police and Tad offered that perhaps by talking to him and Angie, she might be able to remember a bit more. As they talked, Gardner's henchman got ever closer to the door. His view inside was thwarted when the blinds suddenly closed.

Back inside, Mrs. Remington reviewed the last time she saw her son, and then revealed that there was one piece of knowledge that she hadn't shared with the police-the necklace that John had given to her before he went on that final business trip. She pulled it out of her shirt and showed it to Tad and Angie, who both gaped at its size and beauty. She added that she never took it off, which turned out to be a good thing, as it would have been stolen the night of the robbery. She explained that her house was broken into shortly after her son disappeared and that it happened while she was away visiting her sister in New York. She admitted that she was none too bothered by it since insurance had covered what was stolen and they hadn't gotten the necklace. She then dug out a box of papers that John had bequeathed to her and turned them over to Tad and Angie in hopes that they would help in the investigation. They decided to take their leave just after Tad promised to return the box as soon as he could. After she closed the door behind them, Angie remarked that her house was broken into around the same time as the Remington house. Tad encouraged her to refrain from saying anything further, as he knew they were being watched.

His anger firing him up anew, Jesse readied himself to go out and protect Angie but Frankie was determined to make him see reason. He told Jesse how his "death" twenty years ago didn't sink in as Angie cried with all of the friends and family that came over. Rather, the pivotal moment came when he went to school and a teacher told him that he must have been glad that his dad died a hero. After that, Frankie couldn't keep it together because he didn't want a hero-he just wanted his father alive and with him. Realizing the pain that he son still carried around, Jesse opted to stay put, allowing another opportunity for father-son bonding. A short time later, Jesse prepared to send his son home after promising again that he wouldn't leave. When he opened the door, both father and son were shocked to find a man standing there, who introduced himself as Robert, Tad's uncle.



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