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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 3, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, March 3, 2008

At Memorial, Holden and Lily got the news from Susan that Luke and Noah would be fine after the two boys had been attacked earlier. Susan explained that the boys were lucky that Holden and Lily arrived when they did and were able to help them get away from their attackers. After Susan walked away, Holden and Lily questioned if Colonel Mayer or Ameera had set up the boys or planned their attack. After their discussion, Holden and Lily decided to talk to Ameera about the assault. She admitted that the attack was her fault because she was the one who talked the boys into going to the prison to visit Noah's dad. Lily and Holden were not sure that was the extent of her involvement, so they asked Ameera directly if she had helped the Colonel hire the men who beat up Luke and Noah. Ameera denied any involvement in the attack against the boys and explained that the two men were after her and that Luke and Noah were defending her, and the fight escalated when the men learned that Noah and Luke were gay. Lily apologized for implying that Ameera was involved and everyone prepared for Luke and Noah to be released from the hospital.

Bonnie arrived at the television station looking for Brad, but literally tripped over her unconscious friend as he lay on the station floor. At first, Bonnie thought Brad was playing a joke on her, but she quickly realized that Brad was out cold. Matt, Brad's attacker, was stuck in the station and tried to stay out of Bonnie's sight. As he hid from the pair, Matt unknowingly leaned up against a recently painted logo for the station, leaving WOAK across the back of his pants. After a few moments, Bonnie was able to wake Brad up, but when he did not remember what happened she phoned 9-1-1 for an ambulance. She returned to Brad and he stated that he thought he knew who knocked him out.

Bonnie and Brad arrived at the hospital as Holden was waiting for the boys to be discharged. As Brad was whisked away to receive medical attention, Holden told Bonnie about the attack on Luke and Noah. When Holden revealed that he and Lily would be taking the boys home together, Bonnie concluded that Holden and Lily were reunited. Holden admitted he was back with his wife and Bonnie was happy for her former client. She confessed that she always knew he and Lily belonged together. As Bonnie hugged Holden goodbye, Lily came into the hall and saw the end of their encounter.

At Carly's house, Katie was also out cold after Kit, thinking she was Carly, knocked her unconscious. When Kit realized her mistake she tried to make a run from the house, but was forced to hide when Carly returned home. Carly went to the kitchen and found Katie passed out. As she tried to wake Katie up, Jack arrived to talk to Carly, and she explained that she had found Katie unconscious on the kitchen floor. The two rushed back to the kitchen to help Katie just as Kit snuck out undetected. Jack revived Katie who suffered a terrible headache from the blow to the head. Carly and Jack decided that Katie had to go to the hospital and immediately took her to Memorial.

Jack arrived at Memorial with Katie and, due to overcrowding in the emergency room, Susan placed her into a room where Brad and Bonnie were waiting for Brad to recover from his injuries. Brad was overly concerned about Katie, and Jack told his brother to back off and let Susan examine her. During her examination, Katie asked Brad why he was at the hospital and learned that he had also been attacked. When she questioned how Bonnie came upon Brad, she found out that Brad had called Bonnie for a date. Katie was surprised Brad had a date, but told him he was lucky Bonnie stumbled on him. Jack became convinced that Katie and Brad's attacks might be linked and wanted to learn more, but Susan interrupted and asked everyone to let her finish Katie's exam.

Out in the hall of the hospital, Margo ran in looking for her sister and learned from Jack that Katie was fine and Kit was probably the one behind her attack. Jack explained that Kit probably thought Katie was Carly and that Kit was after Carly because they had accused Kit of killing Sam. Margo was angry with Jack for his continued attempts to get Kit to confess to Sam's murder regardless of whom he put in danger. She told Jack to stop interfering and let the police handle the investigation before more innocent people got hurt. Margo told Jack that she would put Carly under 24-hour protection, but Jack did not want Kit to be scared away by the police. Margo rejected Jack's suggestion that he would protect Carly and told him she couldn't afford another murder on her watch.

When Susan finished examining Katie, she found Margo and told her Katie would be fine. Margo went to visit her sister and noticed that Brad had also been assaulted. She explained that she did not think the crimes were related, but would look into it. Both Brad and Katie were released from Memorial with instructions to not sleep for the next eight hours due to their concussions. Margo wanted to take Katie home with her, but Katie told her sister she would go back to the Lakeview and would have the front desk call her every hour to make sure she wasn't asleep. Margo left Brad and Katie alone and they talked about their earlier sexual encounter-before they were attacked. The two kissed and Brad became light headed, but joked he always got that way around Katie. As the two prepared to kiss again they were interrupted when Jack and Bonnie returned to the room to take Katie and Brad home.

Jack took Katie back to the Lakeview and offered to stay with her through the night to make sure she was all right. She told him to focus on Parker and said that she would be fine. He apologized for losing her money and for the attack, but Katie just smiled, held Jack's hand and told him that she loved his family. She explained she was glad that she was hit instead of Parker, but Jack told her that Carly was Kit's target, not Parker. Katie decided to send Jack on his way, but not before he admitted that he still cared for her-yet always seemed to get her hurt. Katie sadly agreed it was best for her to stay far away from Jack and his family.

After being released from the hospital, Brad convinced Bonnie to take him to Yo's for a drink. Bonnie explained to Brad that she knew he was still hung up on Katie and she wasn't interested in being his rebound. She told Brad to wait for Jack to return to Carly for his real chance with Katie. She left Brad at the bar after telling him to call her if he wanted a real date.

Brad went to Katie's to see her, but Katie refused to let him into her room because she knew if she did they would probably end up in bed together again.

Out at the Snyder farm, Noah, Luke, Ameera, Lily, and Holden returned from the hospital and explained the attack to Faith. She was shocked that the boys were hurt for loving one another, but the family reassured her everything would be all right. After the family discussion, Holden and Lily went to the porch where Lily questioned Holden about his past relationship with Bonnie. Lily told Holden that she wondered if he regretted letting Bonnie go, but Holden said he wanted to be with Lily-unless she did not think their marriage would last. Lily explained to Holden that she didn't want him to feel like he had to stay in their marriage, but Holden said he did not feel that way. Their talk was interrupted when Carly arrived looking for Parker. Holden went inside to find Parker, and left Carly and Lily alone to talk.

Carly questioned if things were okay between the two, and Lily admitted that her reconciliation with Holden had stalled because she couldn't "be" with him because of her sadness over Dusty's murder. Carly reassured Lily that Holden would wait for her and told her to take her time. Parker came out to the porch to find out why his mother was there as Kit lurked in the trees outside the porch listening to their conversation.

Carly detailed for Parker the facts behind Katie's attack and as they talked, Parker got a feeling that there was someone watching him and his mother. Carly sent Parker back into the house and decided to look around the farm to see who was spying on them. As she walked outside, Jack arrived and startled Carly. He said he had just looked around and the farm was secure. Carly told Jack that he could go be with Katie if she needed him, but Jack said he wanted to make sure Carly was safe from Kit.

Back in the farmhouse, Ameera explained that she would soon be forced to return to Iraq when her visa expired. Faith suggested that maybe Ameera could get a student visa and stay in Oakdale. The family explained that Lucinda, who was on Oakdale University's Board of Directors, might be able to persuade the university to let Ameera in quickly. Ameera was relieved at the prospect of staying in the United States. The kids decided to go on a hayride to celebrate Faith's idea and left Lily and Holden to discuss their marriage. Lily asked if she was enough for Holden, and he told her she was and he would wait for her.

Jack and Carly returned to Carly's house as Margo arrived and told them she had placed a police unit outside of Carly's house to protect her. Jack and Carly knew that Kit would not return if the police were watching and began to fear they may not be able to prove Parker's innocence in Sam's murder.

At the Lakeview, Alison found Casey back at work and questioned why he had returned to his job so soon after getting stitches. Casey told her that he had to fill in for Matt after Matt failed to show up for work. Alison asked Casey if he felt that Matt was acting strange and if he had noticed Matt had any special client at work. Casey dismissed Alison's comment with a laugh, as Matt returned and explained his tardiness by saying he had been to the bank. As Matt turned to wash up, Alison and Casey noticed the WOAK logo on the back of Matt's pants. Casey had a good chuckle at his friend's misfortune, but Alison thought the entire thing looked suspicious. After Alison left, Matt and Casey discussed Alison's suspicions of Matt's behavior, and Matt told Casey that nothing weird was going on. Casey admitted to Matt that he was tired of lying to everyone and wanted to tell his friends and family that he and Matt had met in prison. Matt angrily told Casey that he would not tell anyone where or how they first met. Matt apologized for yelling at Casey, but told him he didn't want people to know about his past. As they continued their talk, Margo walked in and heard Matt tell Casey he would tell everyone the truth soon. Margo questioned Matt about what he would be telling everyone. Matt told Margo that he persuaded Casey to return to college. She was overjoyed with the news and congratulated her son before returning to work. Casey was angry that Matt had lied to Margo again, but the two didn't have time to discuss it, because Matt rushed out after Alison.

Alison went to see her mother at the hospital and learned that Brad had been attacked at the television station. Susan detailed the attack, but excused herself to get back to work just as Matt arrived to ask Alison out on another date. Alison questioned if she could trust Matt and he told her she could, so Alison accepted the date, but watched Matt skeptically as he returned to work.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Alison went to visit Will and Gwen and told them she'd like their help finding out whether Matt ever attended Oakdale University. When Gwen asked why it was important, Alison said she had doubts about Matt and didn't want to get involved with the wrong guy again. Will and Gwen agreed to help Alison, and they all went to the registrar's office at Oakdale U under the pretense of introducing the registrar to baby Hallie.

Inside the registrar's office, Gwen purposely knocked over Hallie's baby bottle, creating a mess on the registrar's desk. The registrar left to get some paper towels to clean up the mess, and Alison told Will and Gwen to check the files for Matt's name while she stood watch outside the office.

Casey told Matt he wished Matt hadn't told Margo that Casey was going to go back to Oakdale U. Matt told Casey to quit whining and appreciate his family and support system, which was something Matt never had. They then headed over to Oakdale U so Casey could enroll in some courses.

When Matt and Casey arrived at the registrar's office, they found Alison waiting outside. Alison told them the registrar had stepped out, and she stopped Matt and Casey from entering the office. The registrar returned, and Casey explained he had come to register for classes. The registrar invited Casey and Matt into her office; inside, Will and Gwen were sitting with Hallie. They all acted surprised to see one another. Will and Gwen thought it was terrific that Casey was going back to school, and Casey said they could thank Matt for that.

Matt asked Alison why she was hanging out in such a strange place with her friends. Alison said she was thinking of taking some summer courses and asked if Matt had any suggestions based on his time at Oakdale U. Matt suggested medieval history but told Alison she could check out the course catalog online.

Alison, Gwen, Will, and the baby left the building, and Alison asked what Gwen and Will had found out about Matt. They told her they didn't find any records of Matt having attended the university, and Will added that he didn't remember ever having seen Matt on campus when Casey was a student there. Alison wondered why Casey would lie about how he met Matt, and Gwen suggested that perhaps Casey had met Matt in prison. Will agreed that would be something Casey would not want his parents to find out. Alison thanked them and left.

Alison went to the Lakeview, where she found Casey getting ready for work. She told him what she'd been doing at the college and then asked why Casey had lied to her. Matt walked up behind her and told her it was because he and Casey had met in prison, where they had been cellmates. Matt then told Alison to blame him for the lying, not Casey, but said he would never have gotten a job if Casey's family hadn't helped him. Casey told Alison that Matt had been a good friend and that he would never have gotten out of prison early if it hadn't been for Matt's help.

Alison thanked Casey and Matt for being honest with her. Matt asked if they were still on for their date or if Alison would prefer to not hang out with an ex-jailbird. Alison said she was okay with that if Matt was okay with hanging out with an ex-porn star. Matt said it was fine with him, and Alison said she was looking forward to getting to know Matt better.

Sofie went to the hospital to visit Paul and found him getting ready to check himself out. Chris walked in and said he couldn't let Paul do that because Paul needed a lot of care. Paul told Chris he had contacted a private nursing business, and he was supposed to meet the nurse at Fairwinds. Chris told Paul he wouldn't let him leave by himself, so Sofie said she would take Paul home.

Chris took Sofie aside and tried to convince her she couldn't care for Paul and shouldn't be involved with him. Sofie told Chris she'd had enough of taking orders from men when she was with Cole. Paul walked out and told Chris he thought Sofie was capable of making her own decisions.

At the farm, Meg told Emma she had accepted her first assignment as a private nurse, but the patient was Paul. Emma pleaded with Meg not to take the assignment, but Meg said the nursing firm was short on nurses and didn't have anything else they could give Meg. Meg explained to Emma that she had told the firm she would take the assignment for one day, so the firm would have time to find another nurse to take over for her.

At Fairwinds, Sofie helped Paul take off his shirt, revealing a large burned area on Paul's back. Meg arrived, and Paul was surprised to learn she was his nurse. He asked Meg if she had volunteered for the assignment, but Meg explained that she was only there for a day. Meg asked Sofie to get some clean towels. Meg saw the extent of Paul's injuries, and she became upset. Meg told Paul she didn't think she could act professionally around him, and Paul asked if that meant she still cared for him. Meg admitted it did and said she couldn't do this. When Sofie came back in the room, Meg asked if Sofie would be able to apply the burn cream and keep Paul's wounds clean until another nurse could be assigned. Sofie agreed to this, and Meg left.

Chris came to Fairwinds to check on Paul and found Sofie acting as Paul's nurse. Sofie explained that the nurse had to leave, but Sofie assured Chris she knew how to keep the wounds clean and apply the cream. When Chris continued to sound doubtful, Sofie told him she would call him later and give him a report. Chris told her not to forget to do that, and he left. Paul told Sofie there appeared to be something going on between her and Chris, but Sofie assured him they were just friends. She told Paul the only love in her life was Hallie.

Emma was surprised when Meg returned to the farm. Meg fell into her mother's arms and began crying. When she could talk, she told Emma how overwhelmed she'd been by her feelings about Paul when she saw how hurt he was. Emma asked if another nurse had shown up, and Meg told her a young woman had been there taking care of Paul, but she doubted she was a nurse. Emma asked if Paul had a new girlfriend, but Meg told Emma the girl was young enough to be Paul's daughter. Emma remarked that wouldn't stop half the men in town.

Sofie began reading to Paul again from "Treasure Island," and Paul dozed off on the sofa. Sofie put the book down and laid her head down on the other end of the sofa. She dozed, and Paul woke up. Paul got up and called Gwen and Will. Gwen answered, as Will ran out the door to avoid being late for class. Paul asked Gwen if she could come to Fairwinds to see him.

At the Lakeview, Henry ordered a large breakfast. Brad walked in and sat down with Henry, telling Henry he should have told Vienna the truth about what happened with Kit. Henry told Brad that would be a waste of time, because Vienna had moved on with Gray.

Brad left and went to the diner to visit Vienna. He told Vienna that Henry had only been with Kit because he was trying to help Parker by tricking Kit into admitting she had killed Sam. Vienna was upset to learn about this and said she should have trusted Henry all along. She took off the diamond earrings Gray had given her and returned them to Gray. When Gray tried to convince Vienna that she deserved more than what she could have with Henry, Vienna told him Henry was the one she loved, and she turned to leave. Brad confronted Gray and said, "You can't stand in the way of true love."

At the Lakeview, the hotel manager took Henry's breakfast away from him because Henry's bills had gone unpaid for too long. When he presented Henry with his room bill, Henry tore it in half and told the manager to get in line with his other creditors. Katie came downstairs and asked Henry what was wrong. Henry told her he had no money, no diner, no Vienna, and no place to stay. Katie invited Henry to move in with her, and he accepted.

Brad took Vienna to the Lakeview. She went to Henry's suite, only to find it empty. The maid informed her that the occupant had checked out and that it didn't look like he planned to come back. Vienna went downstairs and gave Brad this news. Brad suggested she call Henry on his cell phone, which she did. Upstairs in Katie's suite, Henry couldn't find his ringing phone, and when he didn't answer, Vienna hung up. Vienna told Brad that Henry must have meant business, and she said she would go back where she was wanted.

Vienna went back to the diner and told Gray that Henry had apparently left town. Gray said that showed that he loved Vienna more than Henry did, because he was still there for her, whereas Henry was gone. Meanwhile, Brad called Henry and found out he was in Katie's suite. Brad went upstairs and told Henry what had just happened. Although Brad and Katie both told Henry to call Vienna, Henry insisted it was too late. Picking up a bottle of Scotch, Henry said, "You know what they say? 'Single men love single malt.'" Brad took the bottle from Henry and said, "You know what else they say? 'The course of true love ... really sucks.'" As Brad and Henry settled down with their bottle, Katie wondered what she'd gotten herself into.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jack and Parker arrived at Carly's house to talk over their plans for his defense in Sam's murder. Parker was convinced there was no way for Jack and Carly to prove that Kit fired the second shot that killed Sam and he would be off to jail soon. Jack and Carly encouraged Parker to stay positive and the three decided a father-son trip to see a spring training game in Arizona would be just the thing to get Parker's attention off of the trial and back onto being a kid. Jack called Margo and got a 24-hour pass to take Parker on the trip as Carly reassured both Jack and Parker that she would remain under police surveillance to make sure she was safe from Kit.

Once Jack and Parker left for their trip, Carly was alone at the house except for her police guard outside the house. As she walked around alone she heard a thump in another room and went to check on it, but was relieved to find nothing there. As she reentered the living room, Carly received a call from Kit who asked Carly to meet her in Chicago right away. Kit told Carly that she knew who fired the second shot that killed Sam, but couldn't tell her over the phone. Kit denied that it was she who killed Sam, and told Carly she would tell her who it was if Carly met her alone in Chicago that night. Kit warned Carly to come by herself and said she could give her evidence against the killers. Carly questioned why Kit wouldn't go to the police if she knew who killed Sam, but Kit explained she couldn't go to the police herself because the real killers would come after her if they knew she gave the police evidence. Carly was convinced that Kit was setting a trap for her, but felt she had to at least see what evidence Kit had in case it exonerated Parker. She knew her one problem would be getting rid of her police protection.

Carly headed to Al's Diner and explained to the waitress that the man following her was stalking her and asked if she could sneak out the back to get rid of him. The waitress allowed Carly to go out the back and when the man came in looking for Carly, the waitress was shocked when he turned out to be a cop and not a stalker. Carly got away and as she drove to Chicago she convinced herself she was doing this for Parker, but became concerned when she realized she had left her cell phone at home.

Carly arrived at the warehouse in Chicago and talked herself into going in to find Kit and get the answers she needed to clear Parker of Sam's murder. Once inside the dark and dingy meeting place, Carly yelled for Kit, but received no answer. Kit looked down on Carly from the stairwell above her and moved cautiously to avoid letting Carly know where she was. Carly continued to try to find Kit, but despite her yells for Kit, she received no answers. Frustrated, Carly yelled for Kit to stop playing games, but the only response she got was large panels falling and almost hitting her.

As Parker and Jack prepared to leave for their guys' trip, Parker expressed his concern over Carly's safety. As they waited for their delayed flight, Parker apologized for the events that led to Sam's shooting. Jack told Parker that he saved his mother and shouldn't second-guess himself. As their wait dragged on, Parker told Jack that he had a "bad feeling" about his mother. Jack questioned his son's "vibes" about Carly, and Parker confirmed that the feelings were bad. Just then, Jack received a phone call from the policeman that was tailing Carly and learned that he lost Carly at Al's. Jack and Parker decided to look for Carly and frantically called her on her phone as they searched. Parker's intuitive abilities kicked in and he warned Jack that he knew for sure that Carly was in danger. Jack reassured Parker that he wouldn't let anything happen to Carly, and told Parker he would drop him at the farm before continuing his search.

At Fairwinds, Paul covered Sofie with a blanket on his couch and inadvertently woke her from a nap. She apologized for falling asleep at his house, but Paul said he was grateful for her company. While Paul and Sofie were speaking, Gwen arrived with baby Hallie after receiving Paul's earlier phone call asking her to come and visit with the baby. Sofie and Gwen were shocked to see one another and Paul admitted he had asked Gwen to bring Hallie in the hopes of cheering up Sofie. Sofie told Paul that he should not have arranged the meeting because seeing Hallie only reminded her that she lost her baby to Will and Gwen. Paul apologized and explained he thought it would make her happy, but Sofie stormed out. Gwen explained to Paul that she and Will were unable to trust Sofie, but Paul pleaded with Gwen to let Sofie see the baby and argued that Gwen of all people should understand the pain of losing a child. Gwen was affected by Paul's argument, but left his home without responding.

Gwen met up with Will at Java after class and detailed her earlier run-in with Sofie at Paul's home. Will was frustrated by his brother's attempts to let Sofie visit with Hallie and told Gwen he was going to confront Paul. Gwen asked Will not to argue with Paul because he was still healing from his burns. Gwen continued to explain that Paul identified with Sofie because he had also suffered the loss of a child. Will told Gwen that he didn't care about anything but her and the baby, and Paul needed to respect the boundaries they had defined with Sofie. He stormed out of Java to confront his brother. As Gwen sat and comforted her baby girl, Sofie arrived and told Gwen that she had nothing to do with Paul inviting Gwen and Hallie to visit. Gwen said she knew Sofie had nothing to do with it and understood Sofie's pain must be overwhelming at times. She offered to let Sofie hold the baby, but Sofie declined, fearing she wouldn't be able to let her go. Sofie explained her frustration at losing the baby and admitted she might need to leave town to get over the loss. Gwen encouraged Sofie to stay in Oakdale where she had people who cared for her and also for Hallie. As Gwen ended her talk with Sofie, she saw that Chris had arrived at Java and asked him to look after Sofie.

Chris sat with Sofie at Java and vilified Paul for bringing Gwen and Sofie together. He went on to tell Sofie about Paul's past, specifically keeping his sister Jennifer from her own baby. Sofie was reluctant to believe what Chris had to say, but listened as he warned her to stay away from Paul because he always hurt the people he claimed to care about. Chris received a page to head back to work, but before he left he asked Sofie to have dinner with him. She agreed and the two made plans to meet later.

Barbara showed up at the hospital to visit Paul and found out from Chris that her son had been discharged with his new friend, Sofie. Barbara questioned why Paul would leave without calling his family. Chris explained that Paul signed himself out against medical advice and that Sofie went with him to help him get settled at home. Barbara believed that Sofie was using Paul to get something, but Chris said that Sofie had been through rough time lately and really didn't need someone like Paul in her life.

Barbara immediately set out to Fairwinds to find out what was going on between Paul and Sofie. Once she arrived, Paul explained that he and Sofie were just friends and that she had taken good care of him after Meg left. When Paul began to experience pain, Barbara was forced to see the reality of Paul's burns. She was overwhelmed with sadness as she saw the burns on her son's back and recalled the pain of her own burns years earlier. Paul apologized for bringing back bad memories and told his mom she didn't need to care for him. Barbara was able to get over her grief and applied the ointment to her son's back as she offered him reassurance that he would recover and be healthy again one day soon. Just as she finished caring for Paul's wounds, Will arrived and asked what his brother was thinking when he invited Gwen and Hallie to visit while Sofie was there. Barbara was shocked to hear what Paul had done, but asked Will not to upset his brother because of his injuries. Will told his brother in no uncertain terms to stop interfering and keep Sofie away from his wife and child. Paul tried to convince Will that Sofie was heartbroken over losing Hallie, but Will lashed out at Paul and told him to stop messing up his life. When Barbara tried to intervene on Paul's behalf, Will told her that she always chose Paul over him, but that he would never be their victim again.

Back at home, Gwen put baby Hallie down for a nap. She told Hallie how lucky she was to have her baby girl, but how bad she felt for taking her away from Sofie. Will listened silently in the doorway as Gwen explained to Hallie her confusion over the adoption. As Gwen left the room, Will stopped her and asked if she had changed her mind about keeping Hallie. Gwen admitted to Will that she was conflicted over whether they should keep Hallie or return her to Sofie. Will questioned if Paul had put thoughts into Gwen's head, but she denied that Paul had anything to do with how she was feeling. Will reminded Gwen that Hallie was their baby, but Gwen wondered again if the right thing was to let Sofie have her baby back.

After her talk with Chris, Sofie returned to Fairwinds to talk with Paul. He was relieved to see her again, until she asked why so many people have warned her to stay away from him. Paul confessed that even Will had gotten to the point where he thought badly of him. Paul admitted he had made many mistakes in his life and was hoping to make changes in the future. Sofie told Paul she believed that he could change and said she would return and visit another day, but had to leave for a date that night with Chris. Paul asked Sofie if she and Chris had a serious relationship, but Sofie denied being anything but friends with Chris.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jack arrived at Carly's house and frantically searched for any hint of where Carly might have headed. When he called her cell phone again, he heard the phone ringing in the house and realized she hadn't taken her phone with her. Jack saw the answering machine lights blinking and heard the message from Kit telling Carly to meet her in Chicago. Jack immediately left for Chicago and, on the way, phoned the local police for backup.

Meanwhile, Carly continued to search the warehouse for Kit. As she yelled for Kit to come out and talk to her, large mail bins rolled ominously near Carly, forcing her to jump out of the way. Carly stood up and yelled to Kit that she "wouldn't get away with this," but to Carly's horror, she heard the familiar voice of Sam's puppet, Cowboy Jack. She looked around and found the creepy dummy sitting on one of the mail bins. As she approached the doll, Carly found a tape recorder of Sam's voice and turned it off and taunted Kit to face her. Large crates began to fall near Carly and she screamed for help. In the meantime, Jack had arrived at the warehouse and gone in looking for Carly. He heard her screams and rushed to her side, asking her why she had come to Chicago alone. Carly was surprised and relieved to see Jack and wondered how he found her in Chicago. He explained about Parker's premonitions and about hearing Kit's message on her machine. Carly told Jack that Kit was in the building and took him to see Cowboy Jack. He called the police again and told Carly not to touch the puppet.

When the police arrived, Jack explained the events leading up to his arrival at the warehouse and they reassured him they would search the area for Kit and charge her with breaking and entering if they located her. After looking around, Jack found Carly against a wall and asked her if she was feeling all right. Carly claimed she was fine and just wanted to go home. The police told Jack and Carly that they had searched the building and found no sign of Kit. The locked up the warehouse and Carly and Jack headed home. Jack put Carly in her car and told her he would follow behind-and to be careful. As they pulled out of the warehouse parking lot, Kit lurked in the shadows watching the two leave.

Casey and Matt enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at the Hughes home and discussed Casey going back to college. Casey thanked Matt for telling Alison they met in prison, but wondered why Matt wasn't willing to tell everyone else about his criminal past. Matt explained that he wanted to be a normal guy without his past getting in his way. Casey said he understood as Alison arrived and told the boys there was a mixer for Oakdale University students at Yo's and she thought Casey might want to join them on their date.

At the Snyder farm, Ameera helped Lily clean up after a big family dinner. She thanked Lily for letting her stay at the farm and helping her get into Oakdale University. Noah remarked that Ameera should continue her assimilation into America and go to the Oakdale mixer at Yo's. Ameera seemed uncomfortable at the prospect of being in a new social setting, especially with alcohol. She said she had never been to a dance, but Noah and Lily convinced her that she should get used to the social aspects of college life in America, and she reluctantly agreed to go with Luke and Noah. After they left, Parker came downstairs and told Lily and Holden that he was worried about his mom. Lily and Holden reassured Parker that Jack would protect his mom, but Parker was not convinced. Holden took him upstairs to bed and returned to Lily in the kitchen.

Alone in the kitchen, Lily and Holden recalled their past mistakes with their own kids and expressed concern for Parker. Holden went upstairs to take a shower, but invited Lily to come along. As Holden washed up in the shower, he received a pleasant surprise when Lily decided to join him. They two enjoyed their first romantic moments together since they reconciled.

Back at Carly's house, Carly criticized herself for going to meet Kit alone. Jack told her not to be so hard on herself and reassured her that they would catch Kit eventually. Parker arrived at the house and told his parents he was there to make sure Carly was all right. After seeing that his mom was okay, he asked if they had found Kit. Carly and Jack explained that Kit had lured her to Chicago, but they were unable to find her. Parker asked to stay at Carly's house in his own bed and Jack agreed, knowing the police were still providing protection. Parker headed upstairs to bed and Jack told Carly he would stay on the couch to offer extra security. Before going upstairs Carly remarked that she didn't want to sleep alone and Jack decided to sleep in her room. Upstairs, Jack made a point to sleep in his clothes above the sheets, which Carly found funny. Once the lights were out, Carly asked Jack what would happen to Parker and he responded by holding her. As Carly slept, she dreamt back on her night and heard Cowboy Jack's cackle and saw Kit threatening to kill her. She was jolted awake and heard a noise downstairs. She got up to see what the noise was and found Parker in the family room staring blankly at Cowboy Jack sitting on their couch. She hugged her son because they both realized that could only mean that Kit had been in the house.

Lily and Holden fixed themselves a snack and found a note from Parker telling them he had gone to check on Carly. They reminisced about their shower and shared a long kiss that was interrupted by a phone call for Ameera.

Ameera, Luke, and Noah arrived at Yo's and Ameera was overwhelmed by the differences between her culture and American culture. As Noah and Ameera sat at a table, a student from Ameera's class arrived and asked her if she wanted to dance. Ameera turned him down, but Luke and Noah encouraged Ameera to dance and she agreed only if Noah danced with her. Luke shot Noah a concerned look and Noah responded by telling Ameera he had promised Luke his first dance. He told Ameera she should dance with the boy from her class and she agreed. Out on the dance floor, Rob touched Ameera's waist and she became flustered and rushed out of the bar. Noah and Luke chased after her and advised her to take things at her own pace. The three went back inside after Luke advised Noah to let Ameera figure things out for herself.

Casey, Matt, and Alison arrived at Yo's and Casey spotted Ameera sitting at the table alone. At the bar, Matt asked Alison if she was afraid to be alone with him because of his past. She told him that she just wanted to take things slowly and get to know him, and wasn't afraid of him. When Alison asked Matt to tell her why he was in jail, he quickly changed the subject and focused Alison's attention onto Casey who was sitting alone staring at Ameera. Matt encouraged Casey to ask Ameera to dance, but he claimed to be too nervous. Matt decided to try to help his friend out and approached Ameera on Casey's behalf. Noah kept an eye on Ameera, worried that she would freak out again and leave Yo's alone. Luke reminded his boyfriend to give Ameera a chance to figure things out on her own. Matt finally convinced Ameera to give Casey a chance and dance with his friend. As Casey and Ameera headed to the dance floor, Alison congratulated Matt for doing a nice thing for his friend. Noah and Luke saw Ameera was in safe hands with Casey and headed outside for some alone time.

After they shared a dance, Ameera and Casey discussed Ameera's life in America and sat down to get to know one another. At the bar, Matt flirted with Alison and the two took their turn on the dance floor.

Outside, Noah and Luke talked about Ameera, but Luke persuaded Noah to stop worrying about Ameera and focus on him. Just as they were finally getting alone time, Luke got a call from his dad, but ignored it so he could focus on Noah. As the two were sitting together, they were interrupted by two agents from the Department of Homeland Security who were looking for Ameera. They asked where they could find her and Luke explained she was right inside. The men asked Ameera to come with them and when they grabbed her arm, Casey jumped to her defense. When one of the agents told Casey to stay out of it, Casey punched the guy and was immediately arrested. Noah saw the agents focused on Casey and rushed Ameera out of Yo's and back to the Snyder farm. One agent set out after Ameera and the other took Casey down to the Oakdale police station.

When Luke, Noah, and Ameera arrived at the farm, Holden and Lily questioned them about what had happened at Yo's. Lily and Holden were concerned that the three had run away from federal agents and advised them that their situation was very serious. Ameera continued to be concerned that she would be sent back to Iraq, but Noah tried to reassure her that they would work things out. Moments later, an agent knocked on the kitchen door and everyone learned that he was there to take Ameera into custody. The family tried to intervene, but the agent advised everyone he would have to take Ameera with him or she would be arrested.

Once Casey and the agent arrived at the station, Dallas took Casey into custody. Alison and Matt arrived and saw Casey being taken into the interrogation room. Alison went in and offered to help Casey, but Dallas quickly sent her on her way. He read Casey his rights and when he was done Casey begged him not to call his mom.

Matt went into the hall and called Gray to ask him for a favor. As he appealed to Gray to make the charges against Casey "go away," Alison returned and heard Matt's end of the conversation.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Margo went to the police station and told Casey she was "amazed" by his actions at Yo's, where he had assaulted a federal officer from Homeland Security. Casey apologized but told his mother that he couldn't let Ameera be arrested. Tom arrived and told Margo and Casey the judge had told him that due to some bureaucratic error, the case against Casey had been dropped.

Alison went to the Hughes' house and asked Matt if there was any word on Casey. Matt told her Tom and Margo had gone to the station, and he was certain they would have things worked out in no time. Because of the phone call she had overheard Matt make the night before, Alison realized that Matt was so confident because he had something to do with making the charges against Casey go away. Matt denied that the phone call had anything to do with Casey, but Alison didn't believe him.

Matt confessed that Alison was right, and he said he had called a government agent he had known before prison and asked him to get Casey off the hook. Alison wondered what the man wanted in return, but Matt said nothing. Matt didn't understand why it mattered to Alison how he managed to get Casey freed as long as it happened. Alison said it mattered because she was beginning to like Matt and wanted to be able to get to know him, but he kept hiding who he really was.

Tom and Margo came home with Casey and told Alison and Matt that the charges had been dropped. Margo said they didn't know how it happened, and Alison told her she should ask Matt, since he was the one who made the deal. Matt said he'd contacted someone he had known for a long time and asked if he could help, but Matt said he couldn't name names. Alison asked why he wasn't telling Tom and Margo the rest of the story, and Matt said it wasn't important. Alison said Matt had met the man before he went to prison. Tom and Margo were surprised to find out Matt had been in prison.

At Carly's house, Cowboy Jack sat in Carly's living room. Jack told Carly he had searched the whole neighborhood but hadn't found any sign of Kit. Jack was puzzled as to why Kit would take Cowboy Jack out of the trunk of his car, sneak it into Carly's house, and leave the dummy there but not try to kill Carly. Carly told Jack she thought Kit had a much creepier plan. Jack wanted to go see Margo, since the police protection didn't seem to be doing them any good, but Carly suggested that instead, they go back to plan A: use Carly as bait to lure Kit out into the open again.

When Parker came downstairs, Jack said he would take him to school, although Parker didn't want to go because he was worried about Carly. Carly assured Parker she would be fine, and she said she would just go to the store to get some groceries so they wouldn't all starve. Jack and Parker didn't like the idea of Carly going anywhere, but Carly insisted she would be okay because of her police protection.

Jack called Carly to check on her as she was loading her groceries into her car. Carly told Jack she could see her police protection nearby in the parking lot. She hung up and got into her car, but when she adjusted her rearview mirror, she saw Cowboy Jack in the backseat. Jack arrived and questioned the surveillance officer as to how the dummy got in the car without him seeing it. The officer said he'd gone for a soda while Carly was inside getting groceries. Jack told the cop he was going to call off the surveillance because it was useless.

At Tom and Margo's, Matt explained that he and Casey had been cellmates. As Margo tried to digest this information, her cell phone rang. It was Jack, who told her why he wanted the surveillance withdrawn. Jack told Margo he and Carly wanted to use Carly as bait to draw Kit into the open and get her to confess to Sam's murder, after which Jack could arrest Kit. Margo reminded Jack that he wasn't on the force anymore, so Jack withdrew his resignation. Margo accepted and told him to be careful. Margo then asked to speak to the surveillance cop, Joe; she told Joe to act like he was going off duty but keep Jack and Carly in sight. Jack left with Carly and, as they drove away, an apparently homeless woman pushing a cart turned to look at them; it was Kit.

Margo and Tom asked Casey how he could lie to them about Matt. Matt said it was his fault. He had asked Casey to lie because he could see what a supportive family Casey had, and he hoped to be able to share in that support. Margo told Matt that lying wasn't the best way to ingratiate himself into her family, but Matt pointed out that Margo probably wouldn't have let him stay there if she had known he was Casey's ex-cellmate. Matt explained that Casey felt that he owed Matt something because Matt helped him get released from prison early. Margo asked what kind of people Matt knew who had that kind of power.

Matt explained that he'd seen a crooked guard at the prison accept something he shouldn't have from a prisoner. This was the same guard who had caused Casey's sentence to be extended in the first place. Matt said he reported the guard to someone he knew in the warden's office, and the warden's office asked what they could do for Matt in return. Matt had asked for Casey to be released. Margo wondered why he had gone out of his way to be so good to her son. Matt said it was because Casey had always had his back. Tom asked again exactly whom Matt knew in the federal government, and Matt again said he wasn't at liberty to say. Tom then asked exactly what it was Matt had done that had landed him in jail in the first place. Matt related that he had stolen some cars when he was younger, but he said he had done his time and hoped they wouldn't hold it against him.

Margo said she had to go back to the station, and Tom had a meeting with a client, but they both told Matt and Casey that their conversation wasn't over. As Margo left, she thanked Matt for his help. After Tom and Margo left, Matt said that went pretty well considering Alison had shot her mouth off about his past. Alison said she felt Tom and Margo deserved to know the truth. Casey walked out of the room as Matt told him a simple "thank you" would be nice. Alison left, saying it was obvious Matt and Casey had things to discuss. Matt followed her out and asked why everyone was so down on him when he was just trying to help a friend. Alison told Matt she could tell he was spinning his story for Tom and Margo, and she wasn't buying it. She told Matt to call her when he was ready to tell her the truth.

Alison went to the Lakeview and found Tom. She asked Tom if he had bought everything Matt had said; Tom said no, but given how much Matt had helped Casey, Margo was basically in Matt's corner. Alison said she'd spent some time with Matt and felt that something just wasn't right with him. Tom said it was probably best for all of them to keep their guard up around Matt. Alison thanked Tom, and Tom left; Matt, who had just walked into the room and seen the two of them together, ducked out of sight.

When Tom had gone, Matt walked up to Alison and said, "You are just determined to blow this for me, aren't you?" Matt told Alison all he wanted to do was hold down a job, make some decent friends, and start over. Alison said she understood that, and Matt asked if they were cool. Alison said they were, but as she left, she looked very troubled.

Casey went to the police station to see his mom. He apologized for having lied to her about Matt and for having gotten into trouble with the Homeland Security people the previous night. Casey then said he thought maybe it would be best if Matt moved out, because it wasn't good for Casey to have a reminder of his past living right in his house. Margo asked if Matt had agreed to this, and Casey said no. Margo thought that other than having lied about being in prison, Matt had been a pretty good influence on Casey. Margo told Casey to go home and sleep on it, and they would talk in the morning.

Luke, Noah, Lily, and Holden went to visit Ameera at the local office of the Department of Homeland Security. Holden told the agent who greeted them that they were there to find out why Ameera was being held. The agent replied that when Ameera registered for classes at Oakdale University, her background check had shown connections to a known terrorist. However, after the agents had interviewed Ameera and she had told them about Colonel Mayer, the agency performed a more extensive background check and found out everything she had told them was true.

The agent told Holden and his family that despite the terrorist connection having been proven false, Ameera's visa had expired, and she would have to leave the country immediately. Holden offered to sponsor Ameera, but the agent said she would need a student visa, and for that, she would have to go back to Iraq and reapply like everyone else. The agent said that without a spouse, parent, or child to sponsor her, Ameera had to return to Iraq. He said the Snyders could take Ameera home with them for a few days so she could put her affairs in order before being deported.

The Snyders returned to the farm, where Holden said they would find an immigration lawyer and see what could be done for Ameera. Luke and Noah went outside, and Noah told Luke he thought he should marry Ameera to enable her to stay in the country. Luke was stunned and asked how far Noah would be willing to take this proposed marriage to Ameera. Noah said it would be a marriage in name only, but Luke wasn't so sure that this wasn't an excuse for Noah to go back into the closet. Noah apologized to Luke but said they had a chance to save a life, and he believed they needed to do it. Luke said he just needed to know one thing: did Noah love him? Noah said, "I love you more than you'll ever know." Luke said that was all he needed to hear.

Luke and Noah went inside and told Holden and Lily what Noah planned to do. Holden and Lily asked Noah if he understood what he was getting himself into. Noah and Luke said they wanted to go ahead with their plan and have Noah and Ameera continue to live at the farm, but they wanted Holden and Lily to help them. Ameera walked into the kitchen, and Noah told her their plan, explaining that the marriage would only last until Ameera could obtain citizenship. Ameera asked Holden and Lily what they thought of this arrangement. They said they had agreed to support Noah and Luke as long as they understood the responsibility involved. Ameera thanked them all and told Noah she would marry him.

Back at Carly's house, Jack spotted Joe, the surveillance cop, who said he couldn't disobey Margo's orders. Jack told Carly about this, and she wondered what they could do to trap Kit. Jack helped Carly put away the dishes, commenting that he didn't even know where things went in his kitchen anymore, but Carly pointed out it hadn't been Jack's kitchen in a long time. Carly told Jack he could leave, but Jack said he didn't want to leave her alone while Kit was still out there somewhere. Carly said she was going to take a hot bath and invited Jack to join her; Jack chuckled and said he'd stay right where he was. As Jack went into the kitchen to get a drink, he heard Carly scream. When he went upstairs to the bathroom, he saw Cowboy Jack sitting in Carly's bathtub.

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