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Allison remained in the hospital. Dorian and Nora reached an agreement. Natalie offered Gigi a job at Buchanan Enterprises. Todd beat Cole after finding Cole and Starr alone in Langston's old house. Starr tried to assure her father that nothing had happened. Blair intervened and tried to help Starr, but Todd continued to believe that Cole had raped his daughter.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 3, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, March 3, 2008

At La Boulaie, Viki made several attempts to convince Todd not to uproot his family and move to Hawaii. Unable to reason with Todd, Viki suggested that Todd was being a coward and wondered if his leaving had anything to do with Ramsey threatening his family. Todd admitted that Ramsey made an indirect threat, and Todd believed Ramsey intended to carry it out. As Viki and Todd discussed the move, Roxy barged into the mansion looking for Dorian. When Roxy learned that Dorian had gone to Buchanan Enterprises to deliver a tape to Nora, Roxy became enraged. Believing that Dorian was exposing her criminal act at the ball, Roxy swore revenge and headed off to confront Dorian at Buchanan Enterprises. After the interruption, Viki and Todd resumed their conversation, and Todd told his sister that he would never allow any harm to come to his family. Realizing that Todd was adamant about his decision, Viki showed her brother support and wished him well. Before leaving, Viki warned Todd to discuss the situation with his family or else he might regret it later. Meanwhile, in an upstairs bedroom, an emotional Starr said goodbye to Cole and Langston. As Starr held onto Cole for dear life, she told him this was probably one of the last moments they would share. Cole and Langston were heartbroken to hear the news, but remained calm for Starr's sake. After much venting, Starr decided to go downstairs and confront her father about his decision. Cole and Langston warned Starr that she should wait to speak with her father until she had calmed down. Starr disregarded their advice.

In a B.E. conference room, Dorian showed Nora the tape of the Go Red Ball. Dorian made sure the tape showcased Nora's wrongdoings that night, and not those of Dorian. As she watched herself on the tape, Nora was horrified. When Nora demanded to know if Dorian intended to blackmail her, Dorian stated she wanted revenge and suggested Nora resign as DA. Dorian told Nora that Clint would end their relationship once he learned of the tape. While Dorian teased Nora about her revelation, Nora turned the tables on Dorian and snatched the tape from the VCR. Dorian attempted to stop Nora, but to no avail. Realizing Nora now had the upper hand, Dorian told Nora that she had made several copies of the incriminating tape. After listening to Dorian's ranting, Nora realized that Dorian was still in love with Clint. Nora said that Dorian lost Clint because of her own behavior. Nora told Dorian that Clint was happier than he had been in a long time. The two women continued to hurl insults at one another. When Dorian remarked that she intended to place the video on the Internet, Nora was at a loss for words. As Dorian continued to humiliate Nora, Roxy rushed into the room and informed Nora that Dorian was also on the tape. Nora played the tape and discovered Dorian guilty of the same crime she threatened to expose Nora of. Nora laughed at Dorian's decision not to edit herself from the tape. Nora suggested that Dorian forgo the idea of publicly revealing the tape, and threatened her with a charge of theft. Cornered, Dorian agreed. Before pushing Roxy out the door, Dorian made her promise to keep the secret. Alone together, Nora and Dorian agreed to destroy the tape. Nora attempted to remove the reel from the cassette, but Dorian had a better idea. Dorian placed the tape in the trashcan and set the trash on fire. As flames shot from the trashcan, Nora watched in horror. Seconds later, the sprinkler system activated and Nora and Dorian stood in the office drenched.

At the diner, Ramsey attempted to play mind games with Blair. Ramsey told her that Todd had been lucky so far. When Blair asked Ramsey if he were making a threat against Todd, Ramsey said he was only making an observation. Ramsey reminded Blair of her and Todd's past criminal histories and suggested that they were afraid of him. Although agitated, Blair stood up to Ramsey and informed him that her family did not fear him in the least. While Ramsey continued to harass Blair, he received a page. Before leaving, Ramsey smiled and said, "Aloha." Blair was stunned.

At Llanview hospital, Jessica and Natalie stood outside of Allison's room. Jessica was desperate to find out if Allison were showing any signs improvement, but Natalie was hopeful that Allison would probably never recover. Jessica wasn't convinced, and wanted to see for herself. Meanwhile, inside of Allison's room, Nash took off his scarf and began twirling it in his hands. As he looked down at an unconscious Allison, Nash stated that she would never hurt Jessica or her family ever again. At that very moment, Allison's eyes popped open and the alarms on her machine began making loud noises. Nash stood in shock. On the other side of the door, Jessica and Natalie heard the sounds from the machine, but before they could enter the room, Michael ran inside. Michael ordered Nash out of the room. When Nash told Jessica and Natalie that Allison had come out of the coma, Jessica began to panic. As Jessica worried that Allison would reveal that she and Natalie helped Allison escape, Nash assured her no one would believe Allison. Nash told the girls that they were safe because the police sketches looked nothing like them. When Jessica and Natalie asked Nash how he knew about the sketches, he showed them the actual police sketches. As they looked at the sketches of themselves dressed as nuns, Jessica and Natalie were shocked. Nash told the girls that Jared actually doctored the sketches. When Natalie showed surprise, Jessica informed her that Jared was family and has been acting like it more and more each day. Still fearing that Allison might implicate her, Jessica told Nash and Natalie that she must be the first person to speak with Allison. Ramsey approached and told Jessica, "That ain't happening." Ramsey informed the girls that he was there to question Allison about why she attempted to kill Jessica, and to learn who was responsible for her escape. When Michael informed Ramsey that Allison merely opened her eyes, Ramsey insisted on seeing her. Left out in the hall, Jessica and Natalie began to worry. When Viki arrived at the hospital, Jessica came close to telling her about her part in Allison's escape from St. Ann's, but was interrupted when Michael approached. Michael told everyone that Allison was still unconscious, and that her opening her eyes was simply an involuntary movement common in comatose patients.

As Todd had flashbacks of Ramsey's threats, Starr entered the room and told her father that they needed to talk. Starr begged her father to reconsider and asked that he listen to her side. Starr revealed that she could not bear to be without Cole. When Todd refused, Starr accused him of trying to keep her away from Cole. Todd warned Starr to not even consider running off with Cole again, and threatened to have Cole arrested if she did. After Todd stated that his decision was final, Starr lashed out at her father. Hysterical, Starr told Todd that she would never forgive him. As Starr ran up the stairs, Blair entered the room and gave Todd a knowing look. Blair told Todd that she knew that Ramsey threatened him, and informed Todd that she ran into Ramsey at the diner. When Todd demanded to know what Ramsey said to her, Blair told him Ramsey's parting words to her, "Aloha." Todd stood in disbelief. Meanwhile, Starr returned to the bedroom and told Cole and Langston about her argument with Todd. A devastated Starr told Cole that they needed to go someplace to be alone, where Todd would never find them. Starr asked Langston if she knew someplace they could retreat to. Langston told Starr that her house hadn't sold yet, and suggested that she and Cole go there. Starr hugged Cole and told him they needed to go off and have their final moments together.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bo stressed that he and Clint must fight Virgil Webster on the up and up; it was imperative that they not be reduced to underhanded tactics. Then, Clint demanded answers from Nora and Dorian, both drenched from the sprinklers. Eventually, Nora confessed to Clint that she broke into the box of secrets.

Blair tried to convince Todd not to move the family to Hawaii. Later, Blair realized how deeply hurt Dorian still was over her break-up with Clint. Meanwhile, Nora bristled when Bo wondered if she could handle being Cole's guardian.

When Starr and Cole snuck off to spend their last night together, Langston covered for them. However, Langston and Markko were soon caught by Todd in Starr's bedroom. Meanwhile, Starr and Cole were miserable over the thought of being apart. But things were about to get a whole lot worse-an incensed Todd caught Starr and Cole together.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bo thinks Nora is dealing with too many things. He wonders if she's the right person to be Cole's guardian. Nora insists that Marty selected Nora to be Cole's guardian. Bo brings up that Cole shot Miles. Nora insists that it was an accident. Bo knows that John covered for Cole, and thinks Cole needs some close attention. Matthew arrives and asks if they're fighting. Bo doesn't want Matthew to suffer if Cole makes any more mistakes. Nora reminds Bo that Cole is in grief counseling. Then she wonders why he hasn't called in yet. She assures them she'll ask John to help keep Cole on the right path. Bo compliments Nora as a mother, then in the same breath wonders if she doesn't have too much on her plate. She says Bo is in exactly the same situation, with a job, a son, and a legal guardianship. Bo is called back to a meeting at Buchanan Enterprises. Nora leaves with Matthew.

Lindsay arrives at Buchanan Enterprises and hands Clint a folder. He wonders where she got it. Clint is amazed at the information she brought him; if even a fraction of it is true, they can destroy Webster. He again wonders how she got the information. Lindsay has connections with Sam's former clients. Clint says he won't stoop to blackmail. He wants to know why Lindsay gave him the information. She wants to help Bo, but he would never use that kind of information. Lindsay says Bo holds himself and everyone else to a high moral standard, while Clint is more like Asa. He would do whatever he needed to do to save the company. Clint says he won't use the information-no matter how you spin it, it's blackmail. Lindsay just wants to help Bo keep the company. Bo arrives and Lindsay hides. Bo, laughing, asks who Clint was talking to. Bo compares his corporate skills to Clint's. The brothers are glad to be working with each other. Bo asks for the "unexpected news on Webster," reaching for the folder. Clint says the information isn't relevant and tells Bo not to waste his time. Bo leaves because Lindsay's going to be wondering where he is. Lindsay comes out and says she thought Clint was going to tell Bo the truth. Lindsay and Clint agree that Nora doesn't need to know, either-the information will just be their little secret. Clint reminds Lindsay that he's not going to use the information.

Antonio, Talia, and John are going over case folders looking for dirt on Lee. They agree that someone's covering Lee's tracks. Antonio is frustrated because they don't know what Lee is hiding. John, also frustrated, says they'll keep looking until they do. He says if they don't, people will end up dead. "You mean Marty?" asks Talia. There's a pained silence. Talia asks if what happened to Marty is affecting John's judgment. John says his feelings about Lee are for good reason. John says Lee has someone watching his back and that's why they can't find any information on him. Talia apologizes for being insensitive about Marty and offers John a drink. John catches Antonio checking out Talia's curves as she walks away, so he declines the drink and leaves. Talia asks Antonio why John left in such a hurry. They kiss, and then Carlotta arrives with a very sleepy Jamie. Jamie missed Antonio and Talia, especially Talia. Talia puts Jamie to bed. Carlotta tells Antonio that Jamie is very attached to Talia, and wonders how it will affect Jamie if Talia disappears, just like Jessica did.

Langston runs into the parlor at La Boulaie, hysterical. She screams to Dorian and Blair that Todd "is going to kill him." Markko runs in afterward, clearly upset. Blair gets clarification from the teens: Todd is on his way to Langston's house to confront Starr and Cole. Blair runs out the door.

Cole and Starr are in bed telling each other how much they love each other, when Todd opens the bedroom door. Todd runs to the bed and pulls Cole out and begins pounding on him, beating him senseless while Starr screams for him to stop. Blair arrives at Langston's house and hears screaming coming from upstairs. Todd is still beating Cole while Starr screams. Blair pulls Todd off of Cole, then realizes with shock that Starr is almost naked in front of her. Todd is choking Cole while Starr begs Blair to help Cole. Blair grabs Cole's clothes and shoves them at him, pushing him downstairs to safety. Then she comes back to calm Starr down. Todd is babbling, very upset, and it quickly becomes obvious that Todd has assumed Starr has been raped. He first wants to go to the police, then decides to kill Cole himself. Blair tells Todd if he lays one hand on Cole's head, she will call the police herself and turn him in. Then she tries to comfort a tearful Starr. Blair asks if Cole forced her to do anything. She apologizes that Todd was out of control. Starr says that Todd turned her special night into a nightmare. It's revealed that Starr and Cole did not actually have sex.

John's phone rings. It's Nora, wondering if he knows where Cole is. She asks if John has time to chat about Cole, so he offers to come over. John arrives at the Buchanan Estate. Neither he nor Nora has heard from Cole yet. Nora relates her conversation with Bo. John says he thinks Cole is handling the loss of his mother, but it's hard to tell. John says Cole is lucky to have Nora. Cole feels like he's part of the family. John says he'd do anything for Cole; he owes Marty that. Cole sneaks in the front door, obviously hurt. Matthew sees him and shouts for Nora. Nora and John see him and are shocked at his bloody face. They help Cole to the sofa. Cole refuses to tell them what happened. They quickly figure out that Starr was somehow involved, and John realizes that Todd is the one who beat Cole up. John storms out, saying, "I'm going to kill him."

Dorian tells Langston that she's not responsible for Todd's overreaction. Dorian says Blair will calm Todd down. Dorian asks if Markko was in Langston's room and he admits it. Dorian tells him the house rules: that from now on he's not allowed in Langston's room. Langston asks again if Starr is going to be okay. Dorian replies yes confidently, then leaves to get tea for everyone. Once around the corner, she leans up against the wall. "I hate lying to that kid," she moans. Todd arrives home at La Boulaie and rudely tells Markko to leave. Markko leaves, clearly worried about Langston. Todd asks if Langston knows what she did to her friend tonight. Todd is especially rude to Langston, making her cry, and Dorian tells him if he doesn't behave, she will call the police and have Todd kicked out of the house. Todd says it's Langston's fault that Starr is hurt. Langston is shocked: how could Starr be hurt? Just then, Blair and Starr arrive. Todd says he's going to call the police so Starr can make a statement. Blair yells at him that he's not going to have Cole arrested. Todd insists that Cole raped Starr, even though Blair and Starr keep shouting that nothing happened. Starr yells at her father that she loves Cole and she wanted to sleep with him. Todd raises his hand to strike Starr and she runs upstairs. Blair watches Todd in absolute horror. Starr and Langston, upstairs fill each other in, tearfully, on what happened at Langston's house. Langston tells Starr how Todd figured out where she and Cole were. Blair tells Todd that if he ever raises a hand to Starr again, he will never see any of his kids again. Todd says he knew Cole was trouble and now he's attacked Starr. Todd insists again that Starr was raped. Blair tells Todd he needs to face reality. Todd says if Cole goes near Starr again, he's going to kill him. There's pounding at the door. Todd opens the door to see a furious John. John punches Todd in the face, knocking him to the floor. "Touch the kid again," he glares, "and I'll kill ya."

Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Touch the kid again and I'll kill you," John warned Todd as he threw a punch. The rest of the household members rushed to the front entrance as the men tussled. Todd promised to charge Cole with rape as Starr yelled, "Dad, are you serious?" She told her dad that Cole didn't hurt her but that Todd did-he taught her hate. Not getting anywhere with Starr, who ran upstairs, Todd turned to John and threatened him. He also told him that Starr was lying about what happened with Cole. John left but not before he warned Todd about staying away from Cole. Blair tried to convince Todd to let it all go if he had any love for Starr.

Rex asked Gigi to meet with him at Capricorn. Learning that she was unable to get a job at the diner, he suggested she take a job at Buchanan Enterprises. He knew that Natalie was looking for an administrative assistant. Gigi didn't think it was a good idea, not having used her secretarial skills since high school. Rex played up the perks and convinced her that Shane needed her to have a job with medical insurance. He called Natalie and asked her to meet with them. He introduced Gigi to Cris, Antonio, Sarah, Layla, and Talia.

Clint learned that Virgil Webster, the man trying to bring his company down, had a less-than-stellar private life. He was tempted but decided against using the information. His thoughts were interrupted by Jared, who was working late. Both men expressed pleasure that Natalie saw fit to rehire Jared.

Encountering Charlie in the library, Natalie told him that he was a mystery, much like the books he was reading. She was surprised that they had so much in common, the places they'd been to and the people they knew. She began to bombard him with questions, and asked why he never received any phone calls or mail, not even bills. Even when Viki entered and tried to stop her daughter, Natalie pointed out how unusual it was for her mother to know so little about the man she was dating and letting live in their house. Natalie deemed Charlie charming and thought that he reminded her of someone she already knew. He suggested that maybe it was a Balsom relative. He also pointed out that having been a practicing alcoholic, he had alienated friends and family long ago, hence the reason for no mail or calls. He mentioned that he had already discussed moving out and that he had a Post Office Box for mail. In turn, he admired Natalie for being a "straight shooter" and advised her that he would never hurt Viki. Natalie surprised herself by believing him and thought him the most straightforward person she ever met. She just didn't want to see Viki's heart get broken, she told her mom later. Jared arrived to give Natalie some work-related files. First, he told Charlie that he was very happy as a Buchanan. He was sorry for using people and didn't consider himself a good person. He warned Charlie that he hoped Charlie wouldn't lose Viki if their cover were ever broken. Natalie thanked Jared for putting his ass on the line by altering the police sketches of herself and Jessica. It was for family, he told her.

A bruised and battered Cole arrived home but refused Nora's suggestion to go to the hospital. He recounted the chain of events. Nora was convinced that he didn't deserve being beaten and told him that John had gone to see Todd because it was John's battle too. To Nora's dismay, an equally bruised John returned to the house and shared that Todd was going to press charges of rape against Cole. Citing the fact that Starr was now 16 years old and that both she and Cole had the same story that their being together was consensual, John and Nora realized that rape charges would not hold. John swore that he would not let Todd screw up Cole's life.

Langston apologized to Starr again for divulging her whereabouts to Todd. Starr didn't hold her responsible and made a decision that she didn't want Todd in her life. Todd told Blair that it was his job to protect his family and believed that Cole had a plan all along to exact revenge on him for Todd raping Marty so many years ago. Todd appeared to have snapped and Blair didn't think he was being rational. She tried to explain that Cole and Starr loved each other. He still insisted she was raped, especially since Cole took her to an abandoned house. He wanted to prove what happened and determined that he would take his daughter to the police station. Blair went ballistic and kept yelling at her husband that it was not rape. Starr decided to call Cole to make sure he was okay. He was sorry for what happened. She told him that she would never listen to Todd again and that she wasn't going to Hawaii with the family. Blair knocked on Starr's bedroom door and tried to comfort her daughter. Starr insisted again that nothing happened, and that her father was a mean person with no heart. She stated that he didn't know the difference between love and rape. She thought things would be beautiful with the right person but now she was feeling nothing but regret. She hoped she was not like Todd in any way. Blair tried to explain how their family had been through a lot but Starr began to scream that she would never forgive Todd and she hated him. She kept on screaming, barely coming up for air. In the study, Todd sat in the dark, scaring Langston when she walked into the room. "You're all gonna pay for what you did to my daughter," he muttered.

Later, at Capricorn, Natalie listened to Rex as he promoted Gigi's skills for the job. Natalie had gotten into trouble previously, for hiring Jared on her own, so she promised to set up an interview for Gigi through proper channels. She ran into Jared there but abandoned him when John showed up, looking like he had walked into a door. He told her it was someone's fist and she moved quickly to help him. A forlorn Jared left. Layla and Sarah invited Talia to move in with them after hearing about her dumpy apartment. They told her they had a third bedroom, previously used for business, though it was rather small. Talia accepted happily.

Nora still felt bad about her behavior with the secrets box at the Ball, but she was determined to get the goods on Lindsay. Clint quickly told her that he had forgiven her, especially since he had been married to Lindsay and knew how she could drive someone so crazy. Nora thought that he was extremely generous. She received a phone call and had bad news for Antonio.

Viki felt like she had to apologize for Natalie's behavior but Charlie understood. He was wondering why Viki herself had never asked him questions, especially being a journalist. She had no answer, but wanted to respect his privacy. She knew they were on a great journey and would get to know each other on their own terms. She figured she already knew all his secrets. Rex took Gigi home and they reminisced about old times, like when Rex accidentally broke her nose. He pointed out that her new nose was great, and that everything about her was great. The moment turned awkward and they quickly said goodbye.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Rex arrived at Llanfair to personally take Gigi to her interview at Buchanan Enterprises. While waiting for Gigi, Rex presented Shane with a video game. Unnoticed, Gigi watched as Rex and Shane bonded. As Gigi listened to Rex and Shane's conversation, Gigi began to have flashbacks from the past of a romantic moment shared between her and Rex. When Shane showed interest in a particular game, Rex offered to purchase it for him as a birthday gift. Gigi nearly panicked when Rex asked Shane the date of his birthday, and quickly interrupted the bonding session before Shane could respond. Rex received a call from Adriana, who had heard from Layla that Rex escorted Gigi to Capricorn the previous night. As Gigi listened, Rex explained to a livid Adriana that he and Gigi were just friends. When Rex told Adriana that he loved her more than he had ever loved anyone else, Gigi appeared sad.

At the diner, Lindsay and Bo discussed the upcoming meeting with Virgil Webster. While Bo was skeptical about convincing Virgil to back off the Columbia project, Lindsay appeared confident that Clint would have the answer. When Antonio and Talia joined Lindsay and Bo, Lindsay excused herself to make a call. Antonio wondered if Bo intended to help expose Ramsey, but Bo contended that his focus was on Buchanan Enterprises. As Antonio and Talia spoke with Bo, Talia noticed when a worried Carlotta motioned for Antonio. Carlotta informed her son that the diner could no longer receive deliveries because the account was frozen. A surprised Antonio made a phone call to the bank manager, but was unable to make any contact.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint and Nora conducted business over the phone. Clint received a call from Lindsay, who encouraged him to use the incriminating evidence she provided him to blackmail Virgil. Clint was adamant that he would never resort to blackmail. Meanwhile, Nora spoke with a government agent concerning the freezing of Antonio's accounts. Nora wanted Antonio to hear the news of his financial setback from her-not the government. After saying goodbye to Nora, Clint received a call from Webster, who offered to help the Buchanans out of their jam. In another room, Nigel threatened to expose Jared if he ever betrayed the Buchanans.

At Capricorn, Cris and Sarah's romantic moment was interrupted by a phone call. Cris was alarmed to learn that the club's daily delivery was cancelled. The delivery guy informed Cris that Antonio's account had been frozen.

While Jared and Natalie discussed strategy at B.E., Natalie became emotional as she realized her family's legacy was on the brink of destruction. When Clint and Bo arrived, Natalie and Jared wished them both luck as they prepared for the meeting with Webster. Webster appeared smug as he spoke about Asa, and offered to help "save" the Buchanan dynasty. Bo quickly informed Webster that they were aware of his involvement in the attempted takeover of Buchanan Enterprises. Clint and Bo warned Webster to immediately end the sabotage of their company's project, and threatened to take over Webster's company. Webster denied the allegations, and began criticizing the Buchanan family, as well as the brothers' ability to effectively run the company. When Bo became enraged by Webster's statements, Clint asked Bo to allow him a few moments alone with Webster. Alone with Clint, Webster refused to back down. Disgusted by Webster's threats, Clint presented Webster with the file containing proof of his inappropriate behavior. As Webster viewed the documents, a look of horror crossed his face. Webster told Clint, "I was wrong. You're as big a bastard as your father ever was." Clint ordered Webster to back off the project or face being exposed. Webster warned Clint, "The sharks are circling. Your troubles are just beginning." After Webster left, Clint appeared subdued. When Natalie learned of the victory, she was overjoyed but couldn't understand her father's quiet demeanor.

Back at the diner, Antonio received a call from Cris, who informed his brother that Capricorn's accounts had been frozen. At the same time, Nora phoned Talia and asked that she keep Antonio at the diner until Nora arrived to speak with him. Unnoticed by Talia, Antonio left the diner and headed to Capricorn. Upon Nora's arrival, Talia told Nora that Antonio had already left. A concerned Talia wondered if Antonio was in trouble. Nora informed Talia that she could not reveal any information. Before leaving for Capricorn, Nora was approached by Lindsay. When Lindsay informed Nora that Clint didn't need Nora's assistance in handling Virgil Webster, Nora became agitated and left. Bo returned to the diner, and informed Lindsay about the meeting with Webster. After learning that Clint was still in conference with Webster, Lindsay appeared hopeful. Later, Clint called Bo and delivered the good news. Lindsay told Bo that she knew Clint could do it. When Bo told his brother that he was proud of him, Clint was consumed with guilt.

When Antonio arrived at Capricorn, he encountered FBI agents, who informed him that they had orders to seize the club. As the FBI agents ordered everyone to vacate the premises, Nora arrived and informed the agents that the seizure of the club was postponed. Nora informed Antonio that the government was seizing all of his property. Nora stated that she had delayed the seizure of Antonio's assets, but he was in danger of losing everything.

Gigi and Rex arrived at B.E. for Gigi's job interview. When Natalie asked Gigi about her past experience, Rex attempted to "enhance" Gigi's work history. As Jared accompanied Gigi to meet with the interviewer, Natalie noticed Jared's obvious interest in Gigi. When Rex asked Natalie her thoughts concerning Gigi, Natalie stated, "It doesn't look like Jared is going to have a problem working with her." Later, Rex and Gigi were elated when Natalie informed Gigi that she was hired.

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