One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 25, 2008 on OLTL

Todd made a decision to move his family to Hawaii. Nash had a setback with the vineyard. Ramsey was angry that John was reinstated on the police force. Natalie and Jessica were questioned about Allison's escape. Jared and Nash were able to alter sketches of Allison's accomplices before anyone else could see them. Dorian viewed a surprising videotape.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 25, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, February 25, 2008

On a plane flight departing from Washington, DC, a flight attendant told John that he would have to wait to use his cell phone until the plane landed in Llanview. Upon realizing his battery had been dead for quite some time, John complied. While on the plane, John remembered his conversation with an FBI agent in Washington. The agent told John that all bureau information concerning Ramsey was being kept confidential. He also told John that Ramsey attended a few private meetings in DC and had since left.

At Llanfair, Rex confronts Adriana about her jealousy concerning Gigi and Shane. Rex believes Adriana is willing to pass up the opportunity to travel to Paris because she fears Rex will seek comfort with Gigi. As Adriana continues to deny his accusations, Rex realizes that Adriana still believes Shane is his son. Gigi and Shane are washing dishes in close proximity. Although Gigi and Shane cannot actually hear their conversation, mother and son are aware that Rex and Adriana are having a heated argument. Rex makes every attempt to convince Adriana that he isn't Shane's father. Although Adriana agrees to trust Rex and give Gigi the benefit of the doubt, Adriana is adamant about remaining in Llanview. Adriana looks bothered when Shane and Gigi interrupt her conversation with Rex; Shane tells Rex he will be back momentarily and asks Rex not to leave. As Gigi and Shane go upstairs, Adriana frowns and tells Rex she cannot leave Llanview because she would miss Rex. Layla calls Rex and demands to know Adriana's whereabouts. Layla instructs Rex to keep Adriana at Llanfair and states she is on the way over. While Rex continues to pressure Adriana for answers, Shane again interrupts. Shane wants Rex to play video games. When Gigi asks Shane to leave Rex and Adriana alone, Adriana sadly tells Rex to spend time with the little boy. As Gigi thanks Adriana for being kind to Shane, Adriana watches as Rex bonds with Shane.

While Shane and Rex play video games, Layla arrives and gives Adriana a piece of her mind. Layla is upset at Adriana for not mentioning the business opportunity in Paris. Layla has packed Adriana's bags, and informs Adriana a car is waiting to take her to the airport. With a look of uncertainty, Adriana tells Layla she was considering not going to Paris. Adriana begins to make excuses, but Layla realizes her friend is worried about leaving Rex while Gigi and Shane are still in town. Layla advises Adriana not to allow petty jealousy to ruin an opportunity of a lifetime. Layla warns Adriana she will never forgive herself, or Rex. Meanwhile, Gigi thanks Rex for his kindness towards Shane. Rex tells Gigi he is glad she decided to stay in town. Rex wonders if Gigi's situation with Ramsey is over. As she remembers Ramsey's warning to remain in Llanview, Gigi smiles nervously and tells Rex everything is fine. Adriana continues to watch Rex's interaction with Shane and Gigi.

At La Boulaie, Starr contemplates calling Cole. Seconds later, there is a knock on the door. A frantic Starr has high expectations of finding Cole on the other side of the door, but is surprised to find Markko instead. Although Markko came to visit Langston, Starr convinces him to stay for breakfast. Starr tells Markko that Langston received an urgent call from a friend in her peer group. Starr confides in Markko that she is concerned because she hasn't spoken to Cole since the party. Markko attempts to ease Starr's fears, by telling her that she has nothing to worry about because Cole loves her. Starr decides to make a special dinner for Cole, and enlists Markko's help. When Markko mentions Langston and Cole may be together, Starr questions why Langston would be secretive about meeting Cole.

At the church, Langston finds a troubled Cole. Cole is haunted by thoughts of shooting Miles and of his mother's death. Cole reveals to Langston that Ramsey was responsible for his mother's death. Cole admits he intended to shoot Ramsey on that fateful night, but mistakenly fired at Miles. Cole fears Ramsey, the newly appointed police commissioner, will seek revenge against him. When Langston suggests Cole talk his problems over with Starr, Cole objects and states Starr is the last person he could confide in. He believes Starr would never understand what he is going through. Cole is afraid Starr would reveal everything to her parents, and doesn't want to risk Todd finding out he shot Miles. Langston feels Cole should discuss his concerns with John, since he cannot talk to Starr. Cole tells Langston that John has been there for him ever since his mother's death, but Cole has been unable to reach him the past few days. Cole feels John would be able to solve his problem, and hopes he returns soon. A panicked Cole tells Langston he has to leave Llanview before Ramsey sends him to jail. As Langston attempts to reason with Cole, he receives a call on his cell. Cole hesitates when he realizes Starr is calling. Cole answers Starr's frantic call. Starr asks Cole if he is aware of Ramsey's appointment to police commissioner. Starr tells Cole that Ramsey will cause him trouble; she pleads with Cole to speak with Todd about the problem. Cole refuses to talk to Todd and asks her to do the same. Sensing the nervousness in his voice, Starr wonders if Cole is all right. Cole promises to call Starr later and hangs up abruptly.

Bo observes Ramsey attempting to remove a fallen officer's photograph from a wall at the police station. As Antonio and Talia look on, Bo threatens Ramsey with physical harm if he removes the picture of the officer who died during 9/11. Ramsey refers to the picture as clutter and tells Bo he no longer has a say concerning operations at the Llanview police department. Bo enters Ramsey's office and states he has come to gather the rest of his belongings. With confidence, Bo says Ramsey will not last as the police commissioner. Bo feels the citizens of Llanview will soon realize Ramsey is a corrupt individual, and will not allow him to remain as the top cop. Before leaving, Ramsey says Bo never possessed the skills necessary to operate an organized police department. Antonio and Talia enter the office and beg Bo not to leave. When Bo informs them that he no longer belongs there, Antonio states neither does he. Bo doesn't want Antonio to consider leaving the force; he tells Antonio that the department needs good cops like him now more than ever. Bo suggests John may return to the department. When Antonio asserts Ramsey would never allow John to return, Bo replies, "Maybe we can do something about that." Bo tells Antonio he already had the paperwork in place for John's suspension to be rescinded. Bo informs Antonio that he is in possession of John's reinstatement papers, and all that is needed is the signature of Llanview's police commissioner-this will make John's return official. Antonio and Bo are in agreement-they will ensure Ramsey sign off on John's return to the department. Meanwhile, Ramsey makes an insensitive remark concerning Talia's nationality.

Antonio briefs Talia on Bo's plan. Bo will keep Ramsey distracted. When the department's administrative paperwork arrives, Talia will insert John's reinstatement papers in the stack. Ramsey must sign off on all the administrative papers-Bo and Antonio hope Ramsey won't realize he is also signing off on John's reinstatement to the department. Back in the commissioner's office, Bo is gathering his belongings. Antonio enters and informs Bo the plan is underway. Sadly, Bo points to a stack of cases he has worked on and tells Antonio that Ramsey obviously plans to discard his work. Antonio gathers up the stack of cases and promises Bo he will make sure the cases are taken care of. Talia enters the office and warns Bo and Antonio of Ramsey's return. Before leaving the office, Antonio tells Bo it has been an honor to work under his command. Outside the office, Bo attempts to distract Ramsey with idle conversation. Talia interrupts and advises Ramsey of the urgent paperwork that requires his attention. Ramsey rudely dismisses her. Bo tells Ramsey the paperwork is routine. While Ramsey continues to belittle Bo's abilities, he unknowingly signs John's reinstatement papers. As Bo and Antonio smile, Talia states, "Looks like John McBain is coming back to work." Meanwhile, John's plane lands in Llanview.

Adriana tells Rex she has changed her mind about going to Llanview. Rex offers to drive Adriana to the airport, but Gigi enters the room and informs him Viki is ready to speak with him. Layla tells Rex that Adriana needs to leave for Paris immediately. As Gigi and Shane watch, Adriana kisses Rex goodbye and promises to call him once she lands. As she closes the door behind her, Adriana looks uncertain. Rex sits down and continues to play with Shane's video game. Gigi looks concerned, as she watches her son bond with Rex.

John enters the station and is shocked by Antonio's revelation that Bo has been replaced. John questions who could replace Bo. As John observes Lee Ramsey's name on the police commissioner's door, a look of horror comes across John's face.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

While Jess called to check on Allison at the hospital, Nash conducted business on his own phone. An elated Nash shared the news: his credit line was extended and he was ready to start expanding the vineyard and develop marketing. He was feeling very proud because he did it all himself, without Jared, which made the deal that much sweeter. Jess wasn't feeling it at all as she shared her own news. Allison was in a medically induced coma due to her severe injuries and Jess would probably never hear Allison's secret. Nash was convinced that there never was a secret to begin with. He felt that the smashed DVD was meaningless also. He reminded Jess that she'd said she wasn't going to obsess over Allison and her secret, and with the vineyard being solid and Jared no longer a thorn in their sides, the black cloud was being lifted. Jess couldn't stop thinking about Allison and Nash tried to cheer her up. She was also feeling guilty. As the couple got cozy, Jess received a disturbing call from Clint and headed out to see him. Nash received a phone call also, contradictory to his earlier call. He was advised that his loan was not approved. He attempted to argue with the person on the phone but was unsuccessful. After being hung up on, he immediately placed another call. He asked the party on the other end to make a deal.

Marcie looked at old pictures as Michael announced it was time to head for her hearing. He was hopeful that her sentence would be light.

In the courtroom, Nora hounded Todd until he signed the statement saying he would not press charges against Marcie. Bo showed up to tie up some loose ends. Todd asked Bo what he was going to do about Lee being his replacement, but Bo advised him that it would work out eventually. Bo said that it was inevitable that Lee would trip himself up. Nora chuckled when she realized that she and Todd finally agreed about something-getting rid of Lee. Todd pointed out that she had it good with Bo being the commissioner previously, though she assured him that Bo was the most ethical man ever. Nora reminded Todd that Bo helped him out many times in the past. She begged Todd to give her something on the new police commissioner; she was positive that Todd knew something about Lee. Todd would only tell her that the man was not to be trusted. Nora recalled Todd backing off from his previous accusations of Lee shooting at Gigi and Shane, and pleaded with him to help her bring Lee down, to just give her one thing. Todd offered to think about it but he rejected the idea, having remembered Lee's threats to his family. He said he would if he could.

Marcie received a sentence of two years on probation plus community service. She and Michael were told they could not adopt a child during that time. Their lawyer pointed out that the mayor and new police commissioner would not be happy. She hoped that Nora would keep her job since it all depended on her recommendation.

John was at the police station fuming when he learned of Lee's appointment as police commissioner. "How did this happen," he asked vehemently. He said he only wanted to storm into Lee's office and rip his head off but Antonio tried to talk some sense into him. John learned that the mayor appointed Lee. John complains that the mayor was always in someone's back pocket and was a very crooked man. John was quite adamant about not working for Lee. Antonio informed him that Bo fast-tracked John's reinstatement and that they were all staying there out of respect for Bo. Antonio asked John to leave before Lee saw him. Talia decided to create a diversion and walked into Lee's office to ask for a file. She learned that he was handling all current cases and all cold cases were in the trash. Lee was extremely rude and condescending and proceeded to show himself as both racist and sexist. He asked about the Hispanic officer that she was friendly with and wondered how her family was taking it, since Arab families normally kept their women under tight wraps. He commented on her big blue eyes. Thoroughly disgusted, she told Antonio she needed a shower after leaving Lee's office. Antonio threatened to take him out but Talia was offended. She pointed out that she was able to take care of herself as she had shown on several recent busts she'd made. She considered Lee a hatemonger.

Rex was hanging out with Shane at Llanfair. He had a chat with Gigi and they reminisced about old times. "What was it like, meeting the father you never knew," she asked quite suddenly. Rex was curious as to why she wanted to know but told her there were all kinds of feelings ranging from joy and wonder to a let-down. She told him she merely found the whole thing interesting.

Michael learned that he was reinstated at the hospital, when he and Marcie arrived at the court for her hearing. Todd berated Marcie and tortured her by holding up pictures of his happy family. He told her that everyone had a happy ending except for her. Nora ordered him out of the courtroom. Marcie's eyes filled with tears, the only sign that she was even aware of her surroundings. She was speechless and staring. John met up with Bo and assured him that he would be fired when Lee found out that he was back on the force. The former commissioner reminded John that there would have to be just cause and beseeched him to stay and help because he would greatly be needed. He advised that John, Antonio, and Talia would need to keep an eye on Lee. He added that he was trying to find out how Lee obtained the position and wanted to check with Washington, where Lee previously worked for the FBI. John vowed that he would kill Lee. He told Bo that he had already been to Washington and was able to learn nothing, and that Lee must have something on everyone. They thought that they should locate someone to testify against Lee. Just then Todd walked up and, having overheard, said that he hoped "you don't mean who I think you mean." Todd felt that Gigi could not speak against the former agent, and as for him, he said it wasn't his problem. Nora entered the conversation and she, John, and Bo felt that Todd was scared of Lee. Both Nora and Bo received strange phone calls from Clint and had to leave.

Todd phoned someone and asked to make a deal.

Michael and Marcie arrived home and she headed straight for the family pictures again, wordlessly. An angry Michael instructed Marcie to snap out of it.

John headed back to the station where Lee spotted him as he went through a file. John tried to tell him that he was back on the force but Lee was pretty sure that wouldn't happen as long as he was there. John accused him of being overconfident, held up his badge and advised him that he wasn't going away.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cristian and Sarah are in bed together. Sarah thinks it's good he doesn't have a roommate. Cristian says he misses it, and says if she lived there now, they'd probably never get out of bed. Sarah's cell phone rings. It's Clint calling from BE; he needs her down at BE right away for an emergency board meeting. Sarah gets dressed. Cristian tells her he never dated a mogul before. Sarah wonders why she's even on the board. Cristian says she's intelligent and capable and she's not to put herself down in front of him any more. They kiss and Sarah leaves.

Gigi asks Markko if any jobs are available at the diner. Rex arrives; Gigi tells him she's looking for a job. Markko calls Cristian at home to tell him the diner is busy. Rex is surprised that Gigi plans on staying in Llanview. Gigi plans on moving out of Llanfair as soon as she can. Rex offers to put in a good word with Carlotta and Gigi declines rudely, saying she's never needed his help before and she doesn't need it now. Gigi says she hates depending on Viki. That's why Rex thought she'd go back to Texas. He asks how she came to live there. He says it's hard to believe she's a mom. She says Shane is the best thing she ever did. Rex tells Gigi she can count on him. She thanks him, but says she doesn't want to piss of Adriana more than she already has. Rex wishes Gigi good luck with the job and leaves. Markko brings Gig a cup of coffee and the paper. Marcie is on the front page. Markko tells Gigi that Marcie used to be his English teacher. Gigi asks how Tommy's doing. Cristian arrives at the diner and meets Gigi. He tells her there aren't any job openings.

Nash meets an investor at the diner. Nash asks why the investor's offer sounds too good to be true. Nash's investor says there is just one catch: they want Jared to sell out. Nash wants the same thing, and says he'll try to convince Jared.

Natalie and Jared are speaking anxiously into their respective cell phones. Nora and Bo arrive at the BE offices. Clint tells them he thinks the Colombia project is being sabotaged. Jessica arrives and Natalie tells her about the problem, and worries that their stock price will plummet. Jared was the one who discovered the problem and figured out how BE should react. Jessica approves of his input. Natalie wonders why Jessica isn't being snarky and she says she and Nash are seeing Jared in a new light, now that Jared saved her life. Jared eavesdrops, listening to the girls talk. Natalie says she's over him, except Jared said something to her at the ball, as though they could somehow still be together. Natalie's not sure what he meant. Clint and Nora look over documents and discover several dummy corporations. Bo thinks it's Virgil Webster out to get them.

Natalie says Jared's been acting odd ever since Allison went over the balcony. Jared comes in and says hi to Jessica, who tells him Allison is in a coma. Natalie says it's ironic that Jessica likes Jared now that nothing can happen between him and Natalie. Natalie asks Jared if everything is all right between the two of them. He leaves and she has a flashback of their steamy kiss. Jared says he's found something. It's a loophole that will help them fend off Virgil Webster. Natalie comes bursting in to the room; she's found the same long-shot loophole that Jared found. "Great minds," smirks Nora. Clint compliments their work, then chastises them for not working together on their find. Bo wants proof of who's behind this. He suggests hiring Rex to find out.

Rex arrives at BE and tells Natalie that Adriana's out of town, then says he'll get right on the job. Rex thanks Bo for the gig. Sarah arrives. Jared offers to tell Sarah the highlights of what she missed. Clint says they're in for an all-nighter.

Nash arrives at the BE offices and announces to Jared that he's going to sell Nash his shares in the vineyard. Jared is unconvinced. They argue, and Nash threatens Jared while Natalie and Jessica look on.

Michael and Marcie are home from her arraignment. Michael says the misery, the self-pity is over. Michael tells Marcie he won't stand around and watch her feel sorry for herself. He grabs the photographs of Tommy from her and tears them up, screaming that he's not their son anymore and his name is Sam now and he belongs to Todd. Marcie gets hysterical, screaming and crying, and crawling on the floor to pick up the shredded photos. She pushes Michael. Michael asks her if she's going to run away again. Marcie says that Tommy was their son from the moment they adopted him. Michael says he needs to get on with his life, either with Marcie or without her. Michael reminds her that she got off with just community service, which is a miracle. Michael wants to celebrate because they won't be separated, but Marcie says she can't be happy without Tommy. Michael insists that Tommy is safe with Todd, that Michael and Marcie are lucky to have gotten through the whole thing. Marcie doesn't know how to believe that. John knocks on the door and Marcie welcomes him home. He asks how the hearing went. Michael can't believe that Lee is the new police commissioner. John tells them he's been reinstated. They both wonder how Lee can be in office with all that he's done. John asks if they were going somewhere and Marcie replies "No, I'm not going anywhere." Michael smiles. Marcie says Sam is loved, and she and Michael have each other and that's the most important thing. Michael and Marcie reminisce about their life together. Marcie wants to make him laugh again. She tells him he is important to her and she loves him. He says he can feel it. They kiss.

Lee asks John what he's doing at the PD. Lee says John won't be a cop as long as Lee's around. John says Lee's problem is overconfidence. Then he shows Lee his detective's shield and tells Lee he's not going anywhere. Lee says he'll fire anyone who helped John get reinstated. Lee makes a call and finds out the he reinstated John, to which John smirks, "I guess you're fired." Lee never said John could be reinstated. John pulls a letter from his pocket and shows Lee his own signature. John says the former commissioner never signed anything without reading it first. Lee tears up the form and asks for John's badge. John says he can't have it and quotes the PD manual: "the badge must remain on my person at all times while I'm on duty, Sir." Lee relieves him of duty, but John says Lee is a criminal who should be locked up for his role in Marty's death. Lee threatens to lock up Cole for his role in shooting Miles, but John reminds him that procedure must be followed in the police department. Lee scoffs, saying John isn't one to follow the straight and narrow. "Watch me," smirks John. John leaves and Lee takes the rifle cartridge from his pocket with a sinister look. Officer Lin asks John if he's really back. He says yes, and Lin is relieved. A bunch of guys were ready to turn in their resignations, but if John's back they'll stay. They joke about the Monday night poker game. Lee interrupts and asks for the file on Allison Perkins. John hands him the file and needles Lee some more. John knows that Lee is stuck with him until he can find due process to have him fired. Lee tells John he'll be working 24x7 shifts. John says to dish it out because whatever Lee's got, John can handle it. Lee, at the office late, gets a phone call. He's invited to dinner by a mystery caller.

John leaves Michael and Marcie's and runs into Gigi in the hall. He tells her that everything went well with Marcie's hearing. Gigi wants to see her but John says it's probably not the best time. Then he asks Gigi what she's still doing in Llanview, what with Lee being the police commissioner. Gigi flashes back to Lee's demand that she stay close by, then she lies to John that she wants to raise Shane there. John offers his help and Gigi reacts defensively, saying she won't testify against Lee. She leaves in a hurry, giving John pause.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Todd had a big surprise for his family. Donning sunglasses, a lei, and a flowered shirt, he pulled them into the study. Even little Sam was wearing a flowered shirt amidst the coconuts, flowers, and tropical drinks. Starr eagerly asked if Cole would be able to go on vacation with them. "No Cole," Todd responded. He informed them that there would be no vacation. He announced that the family would be moving to Hawaii and that it would be forever. An excited Jack was up for it, but Starr emphatically stated that she would never go. She didn't care for Todd's reasons, which he cited as family and business. Starr thought she'd live with Dorian, but Todd vowed to force her to go. Suddenly, she challenged her dad and asked if it was because of Cole. He told her that it had nothing to do with her boyfriend and that he could have easily gotten rid of him before if that were true. Starr didn't believe him and neither did Blair. She asked if she had a choice and refused to accept that Todd even wanted to go near a beach after his past experience with Tea, long ago. He claimed to be over that and pointed out that he was interested in a newspaper there. Blair found it quite a coincidence that he announced all of this right after Lee Ramsey was sworn in as police commissioner. Todd insisted that his entire family would be going, and he and Jack went upstairs to look at houses on the Internet.

At the diner, Cole and Langston waited for Rex so that they could give him the final payment for Starr's party. Cole apologized for freaking Langston out at the church. He received a call from John, belatedly returning his call. John told him to wait for him. Charlie and Viki arrived for a meal. Charlie still didn't feel like a hero but Viki assured him that she was proud of him. She also told him how special he was to her and that their being together felt right. Charlie told her that he was planning to stay in Llanview and, though he enjoyed waking up to see her every morning, he thought that he should look for his own place. Rex showed up and collected his payment, then stopped to see Viki and Charlie. He made sure that Charlie was feeling okay after his rescue effort and hoped that maybe he had hero potential in his genes too. Gigi walked in after dropping Shane off at a youth activity and was asked to join them. She and Rex appeared uneasy. John made it to the diner after making a phone call about a police sketch, and he and Cole were happy to see each other. John reassured the teen that he would be safe and protected from Ramsey, and that the new police commissioner was being watched. He confided that he was back on the force. Cole told John that everything was fine with him but as he looked over at Langston, John thought otherwise.

A furious Nash told Jared off and compared him to his "bastard father." Jess and Nat were upset and took offense as Nash tried to explain that he wanted to buy out Jared's shares of the vineyard. He continued to berate the Buchanans, mostly Asa, pointing out the lack of morality and how people were always treated like crap so that Asa could get what he wanted. He compared Jared and Nat to Asa, pointing out that they were selfish and did what they wanted, while Jess was safe, since she wasn't really related. Jess was disconcerted and couldn't understand what happened to her husband's happier mood from the last time she saw him. She demanded to know what was wrong with him, as Nat asked to speak to Jared in another room. Jess thought it was a terrible time to pick a fight with Buchanan Enterprises in crisis. Nash confided that his deal fell through and while he made another one with an investor who was only interested in the business aspects, Jared had to be removed. Jess reminded Nash that Jared had just risked his own life to save hers and that he was part of the family. He stopped her from speaking when she started to point out how wonderful Jared really was. She assured her husband she believed in him. In the other room, Natalie sung Jared's praises, though he thought that she was wrong about him. He was grateful to be given the chance with the family and the business. She thought she was right about him, especially given the fact that he had been trying to save the business. She thought that he should give up the shares of the vineyard though, for the sake of the family. She empathized with Nash for trying to have something of his own, without the Buchanan name attached.

Antonio and Talia tried to get some work done, but it was difficult as they kept stopping to "play." They realized they had an important job, though, as they searched through files trying to find something on Lee. Antonio received a call from John regarding the sketch artist who was helping in the search for leads on who sprung Allison from St. Anne's.

A working Markko told Langston about the time he spent with Starr, making a sauce for Cole. He asked her if the person she had to meet with was Cole, but then apologized, realizing that if it were true, she would have said something. "Right?" he asked. John invited Cole to a hockey game. Cole told John he didn't have to feel responsible for him, then accepted after John showed annoyance. Both Langston and Cole received an urgent phone call from Starr. They left together and Markko didn't look too happy. Rex told Gigi that he was sure Shane would find his way, being in a new town.

John headed to Antonio's place, where he learned that Jess had shown up at the Ball looking for Allison and that Nat was looking for Jess before anyone knew that something was wrong. He and Antonio headed for B.E. to question the sisters.

Jared decided to make it Nash's lucky day and sell his shares because he was busy at B.E., and wanted to do it for the sake of the family. He learned the wine business had made a profit and was happy with that, he revealed. He said that he actually did want to be like Asa in some ways. The guys shook hands.

Blair was informed that Todd and Jack had found a great house. She ignored Todd, spoke to someone on the phone, and left. Todd sat with his boys and murmured that he had everything he wanted and was going to hang on to it this time. Cole and Langston showed up and heard about the move. Starr was afraid she'd never see them again.

Blair met Viki at the diner and asked for her help.

Antonio and John asked to see Jess and Natalie, separately, at Buchanan Enterprises. Antonio made a phone call regarding the police sketches and they were faxed to him. John asked an uneasy Natalie when she had seen Allison. Jess wondered why Antonio wasn't with Nat, and John with her, but a cold Antonio told her he could work without having personal feelings. After treading gently, Antonio asked Jess point blank if she had anything to do with Allison's escape.

Friday, February 29, 2008

In one of the Buchanan Enterprises conference rooms, John revealed to Natalie that he was aware of her part in Allison's escape from St. Ann's. When Natalie refused to admit guilt, John demanded the truth from her. Meanwhile, the sketches of the culprits came across the fax in the very next room. The sketches were of two women dressed in nun's attire. The composites were an exact likeness of both Jessica and Natalie. In a nearby room, Antonio asked Jessica if she helped Allison escape from St. Ann's. Jessica lashed out at Antonio, and began reminding him of the tragedy Allison caused her family. Antonio attempted to reason with Jessica. He warned her that there were two witnesses that could possibly identify her-the nun she encountered the night of the break out, and Allison Perkins. Jessica told Antonio that Allison might never wake up and until she did, he had no proof of her involvement. Antonio realized that Jessica didn't want Allison to recover out of fear that she could offer information that would implicate Jessica. Antonio reminded Jessica that Ramsey was the new police commissioner, and Bo couldn't help her. Antonio told Jessica that Ramsey was out for blood. Antonio advised Jessica that she should obtain a lawyer. Unable to reason with Jessica, Antonio angrily warned her that she could possibly face a long sentence at Statesville prison. Jessica accused Antonio of attacking her because he was upset about their breakup. Antonio became enraged. He admitted to not being completely over the breakup, but assured her that he would never use a criminal investigation to seek revenge against her.

Ramsey stood in Allison's hospital room. As he looked down at an unconscious Allison, Ramsey expressed a strong desire to know what information she could provide. Michael was shocked to find Ramsey in Allison's room. When Michael told Ramsey that Allison might never recover, Ramsey stated, "There's more than one way to get answers."

At La Boulaie, Dorian entered the room and overheard Todd attempting to sell his penthouse. Horrified by the Hawaiian décor in her living room, Dorian inquired if Todd intended to stay at La Boulaie indefinitely. However, when Todd informed her that he planned to move his entire family to Hawaii, Dorian became concerned. She pleaded with Todd to stay at La Boulaie, even claiming to enjoy his company. When Todd showed no sign of reconsidering, Dorian demanded to know exactly what was going on. Todd refused to give Dorian any information, and warned her to mind her business. After Todd left, Dorian began watching the videotape of herself reading the secrets at the Go Red Ball. Dorian laughed to herself; she was embarrassed by her actions and stated that she intended to destroy the tape. While watching the tape, Dorian received a call from a contact. The person told Dorian that the Buchanan's were facing a major crisis at BE. Dorian was not pleased to learn Nora was present, and insisted a camera crew meet her over at BE immediately. As Dorian spoke to her contact, she unknowingly fast-forwarded the tape. The tape was frozen on a frame of Nora sprawled over the floor, ravaging through the secrets box at the Go Red Ball. When Dorian realized the damaging information she had uncovered about Nora, she was elated. When Todd entered the room, Dorian frantically placed the tape in her purse and told Todd she had a present for the DA. With the videotape in hand, Dorian headed off to Buchanan Enterprises.

Blair met with Viki at the diner. Blair informed Viki of Todd's sudden desire to move the family to Hawaii, then enlisted Viki's help. Viki was stunned by Todd's decision, and asked Blair what would possibly give him such a bizarre idea. Blair told Viki that Todd claimed he was bored managing The Sun, and wanted a challenge. When Viki pressed the issue, Blair admitted her fear that Todd wanted to leave Llanview in an attempt to protect the family from Ramsey-Llanview's new police commissioner. When Viki asked if Ramsey was threatening the family, Blair admitted to not knowing what was going on. Blair pleaded with Viki to speak with Todd to uncover the truth. Viki promised to help. Before leaving to meet with Todd, Viki spoke with Nash at the diner. Viki and Nash discussed Jessica's state of mind, as a result of her encounter with Allison. Nash promised Viki he would protect Jessica and never allow her to be placed in danger again. When Nash abruptly ended their conversation to meet with a stranger, Viki appeared concerned. Nash approached the business investor and told him that Jared agreed to sell out. The investor was happy to hear the news and gave Nash the contract that required Jared's signature. Meanwhile, Cris was in the diner speaking with Sarah over the phone. Cris wanted to know when he would be able to see Sarah, who was at Buchanan Enterprises with the entire family, attempting to thwart a hostile takeover of the company. Sadly, Sarah informed Cris that she didn't think they would be able to spend the evening together because things looked bleak for the Buchanans. Sarah abruptly told Cris goodbye, after she heard Clint arguing with some of Asa's enemies over the phone. After hanging up with Sarah, Cris was disappointed.

In the Buchanan Enterprise boardroom, Bo entered the room in time to hear Clint threatening an associate of Virgil Webster, Asa's old friend who was believed to be the center of the sabotage of BE. Nora was also present. Both Nora and Bo realized Clint was having a difficult time handling the family crisis. When Lindsay arrived to bring Bo his cell phone, Nora grimaced. Sensing a problem, Lindsay questioned Bo if everything was okay. Bo gave Lindsay a hug, but was vague about the crisis. Lindsay decided to stay and provide any help she could, which didn't sit well with Nora. When Jared entered the room and provided Clint with relevant information, Clint was horrified by the findings. Clint stated there was trouble and wanted to know Natalie's whereabouts-she was in possession of vital information. In an attempt to protect Natalie, Jared offered to locate the necessary information. Clint stormed out of the room. While Jared looked for the information that Natalie was supposed to provide, he shared a conversation with Sarah. Sarah asked Jared how serious the company's problems were. Jared warned the situation was dire. Sarah was surprised to learn sabotage was involved. Jared explained that Asa's enemies began surfacing right after his death, and planned to destroy Buchanan Enterprises. Jared advised that the family needed to take action immediately to prevent the takeover. When Sarah stated the Buchanans must stick together, a look of guilt crossed Jared's face.

An angry Clint returned to the boardroom. Nora attempted to calm him down and suggested he consider cutting his losses. Clint was shocked by Nora's attitude, and stated he would never give up. Highly upset, Clint wondered why Natalie and Jessica were nowhere to be found at such a critical time. Clint ordered Jared to find the paperwork Natalie was in possession of. Meanwhile, John continued to confront Natalie about Allison's escape. When Natalie adamantly denied any wrongdoing, John became enraged. As John shouted at Natalie to stop her lies, Jared entered the room. Jared demanded that John end his interrogation of Natalie, and questioned how he could treat someone he claimed to have once loved, in such a manner. John showed no fear and told Jared to mind his business. When Jared threatened to throw John out of the office, Natalie calmed him down and explained that John would never hurt her. Natalie supplied him with the information Clint neded, and convinced an angry Jared to leave them alone.

Cris arrived at BE to surprise Sarah. The two began kissing in front of the fax machine that contained the sketches of Jessica and Natalie dressed as nuns. As Cris and Sarah embraced, they bumped into the fax machine, and the sketches fell to the floor. Cris and Sarah never noticed, and ran off into another room to continue their rendezvous.

Nash arrived at BE and presented Jared with the release papers. They were only a few feet away from the sketches that Sarah and Cris had dropped. As Jared signed the contract, Nash appeared skeptical. Jared noticed the sketches on the floor. Jared showed the sketches to Nash, and exclaimed, "The nuns that broke Allison out of St. Ann's were Jessica and Natalie." While Nash watched, Jared used his computer skills to totally change the appearances of the two women in the sketches. When he finished, the caricatures, looked nothing like Jessica or Natalie. Jared convinced Nash to go along with his plan. John offered to help Natalie, but she refused his help. John promised to run interference for Natalie, if she told him the truth. Meanwhile, Jessica's accusations angered Antonio. He received a call advising him that the sketches were faxed. Antonio was upset that he wasn't notified sooner, and walked toward the fax machine. Jessica nervously followed. Antonio encountered an empty fax and wondered what happened to the sketches. Jessica offered to help, but Antonio stated he could recover the sketch in the machine's memory. As John continued to plead with Natalie, Antonio and Jessica entered the room. As John and Antonio privately looked over the sketches, Jessica and Natalie were panic-stricken. John and Antonio revealed the sketches to the sisters. Jessica and Natalie were stunned and relieved. Natalie and Jessica declared that as long as Allison remained unconscious, they could never be implicated. Before entering Allison's hospital room, Nash placed the actual sketches in his pocket. Nash stood over Allison's apparently lifeless body. As he removed his scarf and moved closer to Allison, he stated, "You will never hurt Jessica or her family ever again." Suddenly, Allison opened her eyes.

Unable to contribute to the discussion, Lindsay left the boardroom and began speaking with Sarah. Sarah mentioned to an unaware Lindsay just how serious the problem was. When Sarah told Lindsay the culprit was named Virgil Webster, Lindsay appeared interested. Meanwhile, Bo, Clint, and Nora discovered pertinent information. Nora advised Clint and Bo that a legal precedent existed that may save BE from bankruptcy. As the group discussed strategy, Dorian barged into the room with a photographer. When Clint and Bo removed the photographer from the premises, Dorian approached Nora and demanded that Nora meet Dorian in the hall. When Nora refused, Dorian stated, "If you don't, you will live to regret it.

Viki visited Todd at La Boulaie. Viki demanded answers from Todd. When Viki suggested Todd was afraid, Todd appeared bothered.

Ramsey approached Blair at the diner. Ramsey implied Todd and Blair were afraid of him. He told her that Todd had been very lucky so far. Blair asked if Ramsey were making a threat.

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