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Passions Recaps: The week of July 29, 2002 on PS
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Monday, July 29, 2002

Charity flat lines as everyone watches in horror. Miguel begs Eve to save Charity. Simone blames Kay for Charity's condition and badgers her to confess that she was the one to bring evil back to Harmony. Kay tells Simone that Charity will pull through and everything will turn out the way it is supposed to. Kay also tells Simone she never imagined how wonderful it would be to make love with Miguel. Simone is outraged and tells Kay that Miguel only made love to her because she was impersonating Charity.

Eve manages to get Charity's heart started again. As she reads Charity's latest test results she tells Sam and Grace that things are even worse than she imagined. Before Eve can explain, she is called to Timmy's bedside because he begins to flat line. Tabitha screams for Eve to help save her Timmy.

Gwen does her best to try to get Ethan away from Theresa's side. Ethan seems enthralled by Theresa and the baby. As Ethan fusses over Theresa and the baby, Theresa shoots Gwen a smug look. At the same time, Theresa gives Ivy and Rebecca a bone chilling stare. Phyllis the maid purposely spills coffee on Ivy and Rebecca. As they yell to the maid she is fired, Phyllis reminds them that they are not mistress of the house. Theresa gives the stunned duo another frightening look.

Luis warns Julian to stay away from Theresa or he will castrate him. Julian asks Alistair to confide in him when Alistair says he is going to leave the Lopez-Fitzgerald family in shambles. That is all Alistair will tell Julian. Alistair then gets a phone call. When he hangs up the phone, he calls Julian a bigger screw up than he ever imagined. Julian asks why and Alistair reports that one of his spies saw Sheridan. Alistair knows that Sheridan is alive and in Harmony.

Sheridan and Antonio go to the Lopez-Fitzgerald home to find it burned to the ground. Antonio says this was just another time his family needed him and he wasn't around. When Antonio suggests that they go find his mother at the Crane mansion, Sheridan is stunned. She says, "That's it! I remember everything now!"

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

The Bennetts get the grave news that Charity will not survive. Eve tells the Bennett clan that if Charity does survive she will only be able to live on life support. The family must decide whether or not to keep her on the life support. When Kay is asked for her opinion, she says that they should take Charity off of life support and let her die. Simone looks at Kay and thinks her old friend is truly evil.

Tabitha gets grave news about her Timmy. Eve tells Tabitha to say her goodbyes because Timmy will not make it. Eve explains that his injuries are too severe and there is nothing they can do. She is surprised that he made it this long. Tabitha is speechless.

Ethan and Theresa grow closer as Gwen watches. Ivy and Rebecca are sweating that Theresa will expose their execution plot. Ethan asks Theresa point blank...who she was protecting. He asks who was worth putting her life on the line for. Theresa explains that it was all for him. That she walked the green mile to spare his life. Gwen thinks to herself that was all Ethan needed to hear and now this little confession of Theresa's will bond him to her forever. Ethan is confused and tells Theresa he never shot Julian.

Luis goes after Julian once again. He also swears to kill both Julian and Alistair if he finds proof that they had anything to do with Sheridan's death. Luis goes out for a walk to cool down. He tells Pilar that he is going to go to Sheridan's cottage. Julian panics when he hears Antonio is back in town. Alistair laughs and says he has to leave. He tells Julian that if anything happens, Julian is taking the fall and he will wish he really were dead if all the secrets do come out.

Antonio and Sheridan begin to walk up to the Crane mansion. Sheridan is having more and more memory flashes even though she does not remember everything about her past including her real name. Sheridan stops in her tracks when she sees the huge Crane mansion. She tells Antonio that she knows that she is connected to the Cranes somehow but she cannot go near that house. Sheridan begs Antonio to go meet his mother alone. She says she will walk the grounds and then go back to the hotel. Antonio and his mother meet. He tells Pilar he must find Luis and talk to him before he does anything else.

As Sheridan walks the grounds she sees her old cottage. She is drawn to it. She walks inside and slowly begins to look around, sensing the familiar. At the same time Luis walks into the open cottage door. Sheridan turns around and their eyes meet. (Finally!) Luis slowly walks toward Sheridan. He asks in a shaky voice, "Is that really you or is this just another dream? A vision? Say something...tell me I'm not dreaming here." Sheridan's eyes fill with tears as she answers, "Luis."

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

The Bennetts ask Eve if there is any hope at all for Charity. Eve tells them no. Her heart is too badly damaged. Eve also tells them that the life support may not even keep her alive after so long. The family must make a decision. Jessica and Simone look at Kay as truly evil when they hear Kay say that Charity should be off of life support. Miguel overhears and gets very angry with Kay. He goes to Charity's bedside and begs her to get well.

Tabitha bargains with god to help her Timmy. She says not to do it for her but because Timmy is so good. Tabitha asks god to spare Timmy's life and to take hers instead. Timmy wakes up and asks Tabitha how Charity is doing. Tabitha tries her best to spare Timmy the news. Timmy tells Tabitha that he is dying.

Ethan asks Theresa where she got the idea that he shot Julian. She says she saw a video tape. Theresa explains that a blackmailer brought it to the mansion. She says even though she paid him off, she was afraid for Ethan so she confessed. Ethan cannot believe that Theresa laid her life on the line for him. He tells Theresa that he can't believe she almost died to save him. Gwen watches in the wings. Ethan asks Ivy and Rebecca what they know about the tape. Theresa says she thinks she remembers hearing them talk about a phony video when she was drugged in the coffin. Ivy and Rebecca plead innocent. Ethan tells his mother that if she had anything at all to do with the tape and Theresa's almost demise, he will never speak to her again.

Sheridan and Luis reunite. As they hug, Luis calls Sheridan by name. Sheridan's memories come flooding back and she faints. When she regains consciousness, Luis questions her. He asks Sheridan where she was all this time and who she was with. Sheridan cannot remember. The last thing she remembers is the boat exploding. Sheridan has no memory of Brian or her time on St. Lucy's. Luis says it does not matter. They are together and that is all that matters. He swears he will never let her go again. Gwen tells her mother that Theresa almost died for Ethan and she cannot compete with that. Theresa tells Ethan she would go to the execution chamber again because he is all that matters to her. She says right or wrong, everything she has ever done has been out of love for him. Timmy tells Tabitha how much he loves her. Tabitha kisses Timmy as he slowly slips back into unconsciousness.

The Bennett's have come to a decision. The tell Miguel that they want Charity taken off life support. Miguel screams NO! and begins to cry.

Thursday, August 1, 2002

Julian is suspicious if Ivy and Rebecca. He knows that there must be a tape that incriminates Ethan as his murderer and he can tell Ivy and Rebecca had their hand in it. He tells the two worried women that if Pilar gets wind of this tape scam, she will pull out Rebecca's heart and feed it to Ivy's head before she tears it off to use as a piņata. The two women cringe.

Gwen cannot stand to see Theresa getting closer to Ethan. Rebecca whispers a plan to Gwen, who is just desperate enough to try her mother's suggestion. Gwen asks Theresa to show the supposed video tape. She tells Ethan that since Theresa lied so many times in the past, it would be nice to have proof of her story. She also corners Theresa and asks her what could possible make her think that Ethan could be a killer. The plan does not work. Ethan remembers seeing Theresa with the blackmailer. He tells Gwen that he threatened to kill Julian so many times that Theresa had every right to believe what she saw on the tape.

Chad sneaks into Whitney's bedroom and they make love. Whitney fights off the feelings of guilt over her sister Simone. Chad tells Whitney that Simone will someday find a man who loves her like he loves Whitney.

Father Lonigan comes to give Charity last rights. Miguel gets upset and insists that the priest try for a miracle and not give up hope. Tabitha and Timmy spend quiet time together. Timmy resigns himself to the fact that he is dying. He asks Tabby to sing to him. She snuggles beside him in the hospital bed and hums a lullaby. Antonio asks Pilar for forgiveness. She tells Antonio that there is nothing to forgive. He tells her about his "Diana." He says that "Diana" seems to have been raised by Pilar herself. He tells his mother that he gave "Diana" a washer instead of a real engagement ring.

Sheridan and Luis seem to have picked up where they left off. Sheridan has no memory of who took care of her while she was gone. Luis says he is grateful to whoever it is. He finds the washer and questions Sheridan about it. Sheridan has no idea where the washer came from. She will not let Luis toss it away. She goes to take a shower. Sheridan manages to trick Luis into the shower with her. They begin to make love, while Sheridan is wearing the mysterious washer on her ring finger.

Charity flat lines and Kay tells Simone that there may not be any need to pull the plug. Kay says that Charity may do them all a favor and die on her own.

Ethan says they must find the videotape. He says it is evidence of slander and blackmail and could have ruined his whole life. Theresa says that the person responsible for a crime is the one who has the most to gain. Theresa and Ethan both look at Ivy and Rebecca as having the most to gain if Theresa were out of the way.

Friday, August 2, 2002

Luis and Sheridan make love. Sheridan tells Luis that she wants to wear the washer on her hand a while longer to help her remember where she was these past several months. Luis takes Sheridan to the Crane swimming pool. He tells her about the night the lights were so bright in the sky and how their spirits met in the pool. Sheridan has no memory of it. Charity's heart starts and the Bennett's are once again faced with having to take her off the life support. Miguel carries on and refuses to believe that it is for the best. Father Lonigan tries his best to comfort Miguel. The doctor who is to assist in taking Charity off the life support shows up. Eve introduces him and the family says their goodbyes. Miguel tells Charity he will always love her.

TC almost catches Chad in Whitney's bed. He hides just in time. TC goes on about what a good sister Whitney is to Simone. This just makes Whitney feel more guilty. Chad lays down the law. If they do not tell Simone soon, he is done. He says he can't go on hiding their love any longer. Theresa tells Ethan to call the cannery and see who had access to the surveillance tape. Ethan says anyone could have gotten their hands on it. Ivy diverts suspicion from herself and Rebecca for a little while longer. Julian as well as Theresa both know that Ivy and Rebecca are guilty. Theresa goes ballistic when she sees Julian hold her baby. Julian reminds Theresa that the baby is his son too. Theresa gets angry and pushes Julian when Julian goes to retaliate, Antonio rushes in and punches Julian out. Rebecca smiles and wonders who the handsome brute is. As the doctor's begin to take Charity off the life support, Miguel grabs Sam's gun to stop the proceedings.

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