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Passions Recaps: The week of October 4, 2004 on PS
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Monday, October 4, 2004

Sam and Julian break up another fight between Chad and Fox. Whitney worries when Fox tells her Julian ordered him to stay away from her, but she's relieved when Fox states nothing will come between them.

Chad and Paloma get to know each other and bond over their problems with family. Paloma gives Chad an idea of how to get back at his parents and half-brother.

Martin, Pilar, Luis and Sheridan are stunned when they find Katherine and Alistair lying in a pool of blood. Katherine regains consciousness and reveals she shot Alistair.

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Tabitha is in the kitchen watching Fox and Whitney making out on the beach. She wonders aloud to Endora that maybe Kay and Simone had switched Chad's DNA results, or maybe Alistair was telling the truth about him being Eve and Julian's son. Kay comes in and asks Tabitha what she's watching. Tabitha says she's been watching the outcome of the revelation of Chad's paternity. She tells Whitney that she's so disgusted with the fact that she slept with her brother that she's moved on to another man. Kay looks in and sees Whitney with Fox and proclaims it "gross." Tabitha is aware of Whitney's plan to pass her baby off as Fox's but keeps it to herself. Simone comes over and Kay and Tabitha cover the bowl. Simone asks what it is and Tabitha tells her it's soup. Simone says she loves soup and wants to look in, but Tabitha refuses saying it's a secret family recipe. Tabitha asks why Simone is there and she said she came to see Kay. They take the babies out for a walk and Tabitha returns to her bowl watching. This time she spies on Paloma.

On the pier, Paloma is trying to convince Chad to take the job at Crane Industries and use his position to get even with those who hurt him; to destroy the Cranes. She continues on saying he has to be on their level, take the job and make them pay. Chad wants to know what she has against the Cranes. Paloma tells him that Alistair killed Antonio, tried to kill Luis, and kidnapped her. She goes on to say she can't fight him but Chad can.

Chad says he'll do it and leaves. Paloma says Chad will get even with the Cranes for all the pain they'd caused her, now she has to get even with her family. Paloma gets some hot chocolate and Simone and Kay show up with the babies. Endora makes Paloma's cup shake and she freaks out. Kay tells Endora to knock it off or she'll be burned at the stake. Simone tries to use her Spanish to ask Paloma if she's ok, and Paloma starts to explain but Simone can't understand her. Paloma starts over in English and Kay tries to explain it off as being from the fault line. Paloma doesn't believe it but Kay tells her weird stuff happens all the time and that she'll get used to it. Kay, Simone, and Paloma introduce themselves. Kay says that's why Paloma looks familiar, and tells her she was her brother's girlfriend. Kay introduces Paloma to Maria and Endora. Paloma tells her she's met the whole family now except for Luis' son. Kay tells her to take a banana, she'll understand why. Kay asks Paloma if she's heard from Miguel and Paloma says no. She invites Paloma to the house with them to spend time with Maria and Paloma agrees. Kay thinks Miguel will come home once he knows Paloma is there.

Paloma goes home with Simone and Kay and she's surprised to see that Tabitha is Endora's mother. She starts to say she's old but catches herself and says she's lucky to have such a great baby instead. Kay invites Paloma to stay for dinner and they leave the room to wait. Tabitha tells Endora that Kay is using Paloma to get to Miguel. She goes on to tell her that Paloma is a very angry girl; they can use it to their advantage. In the other room Paloma tells Kay she's sorry that Miguel left her to find Charity. Kay thanks her and says she hopes he comes back someday. Paloma thinks to herself that she feels bad for Maria; she thinks her family has hurt her too, and she's sorry she ever came back to Harmony.

At the Crane mansion, Sam is continuing his questioning of Katherine. He tells her if Alistair dies he'll have to arrest her for murder. Martin says there might be an explanation; maybe Alistair threatened to kill her. Sam says that that doesn't make any sense, Alistair never met her. Luis and Sheridan tell him that he tried to kill her in Mexico and proceed to tell him what happened there. Sam tells them he'd love to hold Alistair responsible for Antonio's death but there's no proof. Pilar says the only proof was on the CDs and they'll never find them now. Sam says he's going to have to arrest Mrs. Wheeler. Sheridan and Julian talk about how invincible Alistair used to seem to him, that he never loved them no matter what; and having him die now doesn't seem real. Luis and Julian agree - better now than never. Julian says that Mrs. Wheeler has done a great service for them. Sam says before they turn it into a holiday he might have to arrest Mrs. Wheeler. Martin tries to reason with him saying that Katherine would never hurt anyone. Meanwhile, Eve performs surgery on Alistair and he flat lines, they shock him and she brings him back. She tells them Alistair needs a transfusion and she has to get him to the hospital. Eve goes back to the others and tells them that Alistair is alive but they have to get him to the hospital if he's going to live. Luis says if he lives he gets first dibs to kill him. They all go to the hospital and Julian says he has to call Fox and let him know what's going on.

At the beach, Whitney asks Fox to make love to her, but he stops her. She asks why, doesn't he want to make love to her? He says yes but it's not the right place, and their first time should be perfect. She apologizes for misunderstanding him. He tells her he loves her and he does want to make love to her, but not there on the beach at that moment. Whitney tells him she doesn't care where they are. He says of all the times he imagined this she was never as beautiful as she was now. Fox's phone rings and he answers it, saying it could be about Crane business. It's Julian and he tells him about Alistair. Fox apologizes to Whitney and heads to the hospital. Whitney says to herself that she has to get Fox to make love to her. He says he loves her and he wants her, but not here and not now. Whitney says she doesn't care where they are; she just wants him to make love to her. He says in all the times he's dreamt about this, she was never as beautiful as she is now. She tells him to make love to her and make his dream come true. Julian calls Fox, and he answers because he says it could be Crane business. When Fox learns about Alistair he decides to head to the hospital. He says he's sorry to Whitney, and Whitney tells herself that she has to get Fox to make love to her!

Whitney goes over to the recording studio to get her things, Chad is there looking at a picture of the two of them together and is surprised to see her. She tells him she called but no one answered so she thought he was out. Chad wants to talk but Whitney says they can't; when she's around him she wants to kiss him and make love to him and they can't do that. Chad agrees but says they have to learn to get along as brother and sister.

Whitney tells him they will in the future, but right now she has to move on with her life. She tells him she has to go, she needs to get away from him. Chad says, yeah to be with Fox.

At the hospital Eve orders the transfusion for Alistair and tells everyone she doesn't know if he'll live or die. Sheridan is the only one who wants him to live; she wants to know why he hates her so much. Fox shows up and hears about Mrs. Wheeler shooting Alistair. He thanks her, and then asks her who she is. Pilar introduces him to the Wheelers and tells him how Alistair tried to kill them for supporting her and her family. Fox tells her he doesn't blame her for shooting Alistair. Luis says that Sam should be going after Alistair, not Mrs. Wheeler, but Sam says he can't without proof. Sheridan asks Sam if he can go after the people who do Alistair's dirty work for him. Sam says the only hope of not arresting Mrs. Wheeler is if Alistair lives and doesn't press charges. Martin tells Katherine that they have to tell the truth and everyone will understand why she shot him. Katherine isn't sure because she doesn't want to cause any more pain to the family. She wants him to think about Pilar, but he says he loves her too and doesn't want her to pay the price when Alistair should. Luis and Sheridan are also talking. Luis thinks there's more to the story or else Mrs. Wheeler wouldn't have confronted and shot Alistair. Sheridan says Mrs. Wheeler is familiar to her and she wants to find out why. Eve comes back and tells them she doesn't think Alistair will make it; she tells Julian she wanted to kill Alistair herself but she didn't. Sam says if Alistair dies Mrs. Wheeler will be arrested. Luis says the real crime would be Mrs. Wheeler going to jail for saving them all.

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Fox works hard to gain the attention and approval of his father, but Julian is too wrapped up in Chad to notice. After agreeing to be friends with Chad, Whitney turns her attention back to getting Fox into bed. Fox unknowingly makes Whitney feel guilty about her plan.

Martin and Katherine debate whether or not to tell everyone the truth. Luis comforts an emotional Sheridan as she wonders what her connection is to Mrs. Wheeler.

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Chad lashes out at Julian. Gwen continues to dote on Theresa. Pilar warns Theresa that she is going too far with her plan, but Theresa doesn't listen to her mother and vows to keep the babies she's carrying—and Little Ethan. Rebecca calls her lawyer friend Binky and asks him to help get rid of Theresa.

"Mr. Wheeler" overhears Theresa telling Pilar that she'll never forgive Martin for abandoning them. Pilar tells "Mr. Wheeler" that she would forgive Martin if he ever came back, and she'll never give up hope.

Fox catches Whitney doing research on a pregnancy website and asks her if she's pregnant with Chad's baby. She tells him she was just looking some things up for Theresa. Whitney is frustrated when she tries again to seduce Fox and Ethan walks in on them. Whitney quickly leaves to ask Theresa for advice.

Julian finally takes a look at Fox's report, but thinks that Ethan did all the work, making Fox furious. Julian then announces to Fox and Ethan that Chad will be working for Crane Industries.

"Mrs. Wheeler" confesses to a sleepwalking Sheridan that she is her mother. She then talks to "Mr. Wheeler" and they decide they can never let anyone know who they are.

Friday, October 8, 2004

Tabitha anticipates using Paloma for evil purposes. Kay and Simone invite Paloma to a wild bar, not realizing Paloma isn't the innocent little schoolgirl she appears to be. Tabitha invites herself along to the girls' night out.

Unaware of what her friend is plotting, Theresa encourages Whitney to take it slow with Fox. Rebecca calls in a lawyer to help Gwen protect herself against Theresa, but Gwen balks at her mother's sneaky tactics.

Fox is livid when Julian announces Chad will be working at Crane Industries as Fox's equal. Julian is upset to learn Fox tried to manipulate Chad into not taking the job, but Fox insists he was only protecting what is rightfully his.

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