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Passions Recaps: The week of August 7, 2006 on PS
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Monday, August 7, 2006

Much to Tabitha and Endora's concern, vengeful Siren glowed over landing Fox and plotted to get Miguel next. She laid it on thick when her renewed target joined them, but Miguel pulled out of the kiss to go talk to Kay. It was Tabby's turn to gloat, noting that it couldn't be as satisfying since she always has to rely on her magic to attract a man. She added that men loved the chase and suggested Siren "play hard to get or pretend to be a damsel in distress." The mermaid set to it immediately, leaving Tabitha and Endora to watch. Upstairs, Kay was sure the power of her love for Fox would overthrow any Mermaid's curse. She made Fox's day by accepting his apology. As they cuddled in front of the window, he admitted he was starting to believe in magic and wondered if their getting engaged too soon was the cause of the recent drama. Kay insisted true love would overcome everything, even magic, if it existed. (A watching Tabitha clearly didn't agree.) When Miguel came upstairs to profess his love with Kay, she sent him away without opening the door, but her make-out session was interrupted by Maria's crying. Miguel, meanwhile, found Siren crying. She threw herself at him and tearfully asked why Kay was always so mean to her. Miguel responded that sleeping with Fox might play a big part in that and Siren swore she didn't know how that happened, which Miguel could relate to (having been unknowingly drugged when he slept with Kay). Miguel insisted he need "time to think" and left her, so she started singing her siren's song. Endora and Tabby cared too much for Kay to let Siren "win," so Endora made Miguel deaf! It was Fox who answered Siren's call.

Ethan ran into shirtless Chad on the basketball court and grilled him on whether Jared was a stand-up guy. Chad again called him out on not being over Theresa, but Ethan insisted he was just looking out for her. "She has more of a chance getting hurt by all these mixed signals you're sending her (than Jared)," Chad insisted, adding that now may not be the time to tell Theresa the truth about how he feels. Theresa, meanwhile, was busy apologizing to Jared for looking into his past, since his true love Arabella was dead. Before she got back to work, he planted a kiss on her and he liked that she returned in kind this time. "I wasn't feeling guilty," she said and he agreed to be the guy to help her move on. "You can use long as I can see you tomorrow night," he teased. Theresa worried she'd be too busy, so they left it open. Ethan showed up at the door just as they went in for another goodbye kiss, but hid when Theresa walked Jared out the door. Jared met up with Chad and stripped down for a few games of basketball. There was a bit of guy talk about Theresa, who was now talking to Ethan. When he asked Theresa for Little E's teddy bear, she marveled at her son's connection to the stuffed animal. Ethan was more impressed with how much Little E and he had in common, "even though we're not connected by blood." That made her stumble and go get the teddy bear, since he is of course Little E's real dad. Before leaving, Ethan asked Theresa if she was dating Jared and whether she'd done a background check on him. Then she said she was "usually" a good judge of character, which Ethan took as a slight. (It was one!) She thought he was "strong enough" to be with her, but it turned out he wasn't. He cut her off when she slammed Gwen. She acquiesced and showed him the door. Ethan almost came back, but instead turned away.

Sheridan and Luis went searching for an injured Chris, who was trying to find and hide the papers that connected him to Alistair. When they caught up, they saw pages with the symbol on the ground near him. Ah, but no, they were really looking at the blood above the papers. A relieved Chris went with it, allowing Sheridan to get him back inside. Luis turned to check out the grounds, but found a gun before they were even through the door. When Chris went to their room, a nervous Sheridan suggested Luis leave. They sadly recapped that Sher married Chris just a day before they found Luis. "Why did we think we could overcome every obstacle to be together in this [life]?" she asked. He could only say he thought it would work out this time. She took his hands and begged him to stop torturing himself and her. She said wanted him to move on with someone new, and then went back to caring for her husband.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

In Tabitha's kitchen, Miguel complained that he couldn't hear and when Tabitha investigated, she found his ears had been stopped up by Endora with candle wax to keep him from hearing Siren's seductive song. Unfortunately Endora's intervention backfired because as soon as Siren found that Miguel couldn't hear her, she sang her sexy tune to Fox instead. As soon as Kay realized what Siren was up to, she raced upstairs and talked the fishgirl to the floor and then hogtied her and her salty mouth with duct tape. She stopped long enough to tell Fox that she'd be back after she threw out the trash and proceeded to haul Siren downstairs by her feet. In the kitchen, Tabitha encouraged Miguel to go after Kay because she wasn't as tied to Fox as it appeared. He asked if Tabitha thought he had a shot with Kay and Tabitha enthusiastically said she did. While she went on yakking about going for what he wanted and how to do it, Endora zapped him with a sleep spell that had him standing there with his eyes closed, sawing logs. Tabby finally realized he was unaware and glared at Endora.

Luis studied for his detective exam while he waited for the ballistics report on the gun he found at the Crane estate outside Sheridan's cottage where Chris was shot. Paloma interrupted him with some ice cream and a need for career counseling. As the began eating ice cream they discussed the fact that he was going to have to move on without Sheridan since she was determined to stay with Chris unbeknownst to them, Fancy had walked in behind them and overheard. She was eager to talk to Sheridan about the prospect of Luis moving on with her so she slipped out before they could see her. Luis was glad to give Paloma advice about going to college and becoming the first of their sibling to make their mother proud by graduating. He came up with several ideas for careers, but Paloma was looking for something exciting. When Luis went to get a book from one of his co-workers who was studying international law to show Paloma, she finally found the answer she had been looking for—a recruiting poster for the Harmony Police Department! When he got back she told him that she didn't want to be a lawyer, she wanted to be a cop. Luis immediately protested.

Ethan arrived at the Bed and Breakfast with little Ethan's teddy bear to be grilled by Gwen about Theresa. She wondered why he'd taken so long and was sure that Theresa had been begging to go back to her. He assured her that it was just the opposite and that he'd seen Theresa kissing Jared when he dropped by. Because Ethan seemed so sad, she asked him if he'd moved on as well. He swore he had, but when Gwen left to take the teddy bear to little Ethan's room, Ethan went online to do a security check of Jared Casey. Gwen returned to find him snooping on Jared's history and he said it was because any new man in Theresa's life would be a part of their lives as well because of Jane and little Ethan. Gwen wondered why Theresa had changed her mind in Rome about being in their life and decided that Pilar had to have finally talked Theresa into backing off.

At Sheridan's cottage, she comforted Chris who was resting his wounded leg. She was concerned that someone had tried to kill him and he tried to reassure her that it was probably just a burglar. She questioned that since Crane security hadn't seen anybody come or go. Sheridan went to make him some tea and Spike made a surprise visit to finish the job he started—using his switchblade this time. Spike told him that he wanted his silence. He couldn't tell who shot him and he wanted his gun back. Chris told him that Luis had the gun at the station. He said that the police would figure out that the two of them were linked and he'd end up in prison as well as losing Sheridan. Chris lunged at Spike, but being wounded put him at a disadvantage and Spike pushed him back onto the bed and then pushed on his injury until Chris could barely speak. Chris yelled out and Spike covered his mouth. Spike told him never to threaten him again or he'd have to shoot him. He insisted that Chris get the gun back or he'd end up dead. As Sheridan made tea, Fancy came in through the kitchen door. She asked how Chris was and Sheridan thought he'd be okay. Fancy said that Luis would find the shooter and Sheridan agreed, saying that Luis had been with her when she found Chris. Fancy gave her a funny look so Sheridan explained about having car trouble. Sheridan noted that Luis was there when she needed him. Fancy asked if they'd get back together and Sheridan said that she's with Chris and committed to her marriage to him and she wanted Luis to move on. Fancy said that was why she had come to talk to Sheridan. She asked what Sheridan's reaction would be if there was a woman who was interested in Luis. Sheridan said it would be difficult, but knew it was inevitable, and then she asked Fancy who was interested in Luis. When Fancy said that it was she, Sheridan dropped and broke the teacup she'd been holding.

Theresa worked into the night on financial reports for Crane and Pilar came out to talk to her because she'd heard voices in the living room. Pilar asked if she'd heard Ethan's voice and Theresa explained that he'd come for the teddy bear. Pilar asked if Theresa was still resolved not to tell Ethan that he's her son's father and Theresa swore that she never would because Ethan and Gwen would sue for custody and she'd lose the only person she had left. Suddenly Pilar decided that Theresa should call Ethan immediately and tell him that he's little Ethan's father. Theresa refused and Pilar told her that she he deserved to know the truth or it would be just like Ivy lying to Ethan about who his father was all those years ago. She said that when little Ethan found out, he'd be just as angry with her as Ethan had been when he learned his true paternity. Theresa got emotional as she recounted how Ethan would sue for custody if he knew the truth and Julian was already threatening to sue for custody. She was just glad that Jared was a bright light in her life and that he might be the one who helps her forget about Ethan. Pilar wanted to know what she really knew about him and Theresa said that he liked her without even knowing who she was or how much money she had. Then Pilar surprised her by saying that Ethan is the man for her and that Gwen would just have to be collateral damage. Theresa couldn't believe her ears and couldn't understand why Pilar had begged her for years to value the sanctity of Ethan and Gwen's wedding vows, and now do a complete turn around. Theresa said that she'd watched her mother wait for her father for all those years and when he did he was with another woman. Pilar said Theresa deserved to be with the man that she loved who loved her back. Theresa noted that nobody in their family could be with the one they loved. Pilar said that she'd changed, that her dreams had been shattered and she didn't want that for Theresa. Theresa told her mother it was like an alien had invaded her body. Pilar said that family belonged together and she should do whatever it took to make Gwen leave Ethan and have him return to her.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Luis hits the roof when his baby sister announces that she's decided to join the police force. Theresa spots an "intruder" outside the Lopez-Fitzgerald house and smashes a vase over his head, only to discover that the stranger is none other than Jared. Pressing hard on Chris' wound, Spike warns him to cooperate or else. Sheridan is badly flustered when Fancy asks for her permission to start dating Luis. Sam advises Luis not to make the same mistake with Paloma that he made with Jessica. Spike orders Chris to retrieve his gun from the police evidence room before the cops trace it back to him. Despite lingering doubts, Sheridan gives her delighted niece the green light to openly pursue Luis. Jared explains to a sheepish Theresa how he came back to bring her some flowers. While speaking with Paloma, Fancy has a brainstorm about how to get closer to Luis. Theresa and Jared share a dance. An uneasy Chris keeps mum when Sheridan remarks how glad she is that he has no connection to her monstrous father. Spike slips into the police station and locates his gun.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

In her office at Crane, Theresa worked feverishly as Valerie told her that she'd found some great candidates for the position that would assist her. Whitney followed close behind Valerie and the two exchanged catty barbs about Whitney being back with Chad and how Valerie had always pitied Miles when he thought she was his mother. Whitney asked Theresa how her date with Jared had gone and Theresa admitted that she'd actually had fun until she had accidentally clonked Jared over the head with a vase. Whitney asked what they'd done and Theresa told her they'd done some salsa dancing. She was worried, though that Jared thought that she was a hard-up single mom working for a bitchy employer. Whitney asked why she hadn't set him straight and Theresa admitted that it felt good to have somebody like her for herself and not for the power and money she had. She told Whit that Jared had seen the limo while they were out and went off on a rant about how Mrs. Crane was just a gold digger who married the old guy after having his son's child and trying to marry the guy she had thought was Alistair's grandson. Whitney told her to call Jared and tell him over lunch. Theresa agreed and sent Jared a message. Valerie greeted the first applicant for the position and it was surprisingly—Jared. He questioned her about how it was to work for Mrs. Crane. Valerie gave him a glowing report and he thought she was just sucking up to the boss, but Valerie insisted that Mrs. Crane was hard-working, fair, and treated everybody from the lowest position to the highest with respect. After they were through interviewing, Valerie decided that he was a strong enough candidate to interview with Teresa right then so she went to tell Theresa while Jared tried to check his cell phone messages. Valerie gave Theresa a heads up that the applicant was not only well qualified for the position, but very easy on the eyes. Whitney slipped out the back way and Valerie sent Jared in to Mrs. Crane's office. Jared walked in and was surprised to see Tess there. She asked him why he was there and he said he was interviewing with Mrs. Crane and then kissed her as he asked if she worked at Crane too. She just smiled and told him that it was indeed where she worked.

At Tabitha's house Kay cleaned up the breakfast dishes when Tabitha entered. She said that Fox had gone to work early and Tabitha asked if Kay had succeeded in getting Fox to make love to her. She said that it was like he was in some sort of foggy trance, but she was sure things would be back to normal that evening. Tabs asked her what she'd done with Siren and Kay said she'd left her out by the trash. Tabitha told her that wouldn't work because there were laws about dumping bodies. Kay decided that they needed to do something permanent to get rid of Siren and begged Tabitha too make Endora send Siren back into the mermaid book. Siren had gotten free when some raccoons chewed through the duct tape binding her and she slipped into the steamy bathroom with an unsuspecting Miguel. He told her that he didn't have time to be with her because his pay depended on how many fish he caught so he had to get out on the water quickly. Siren hatched a plot to get Miguel a school of fish so he could get back home to her sooner. She followed Miguel down to the dock and when he left on the fishing boat she sent a message to the fish to jump into his nets. Miguel and his buddy were ecstatic with their overwhelming catch. Tabitha decided that there was one other option for them—a book of spells from the attic. They went to look for it and discovered that it was missing. Tabitha warned Kay that it was probably Siren who took the book and Kay looked out the window to see that Siren was indeed missing from the trash. While Siren was calling all fish to Miguel's nets, she took the opportunity to toss Tabitha's spell book in the briny deep.

At Sheridan's cottage, Chris limped out to the living room to discover a distraught Sheridan deep in thought. She was replaying the scene in her head where she gave Fancy permission to date Luis and wondered if she'd just sealed the end of her relationship with him. Sheridan told Chris that he should rest and that she was going to take James with her to renew her driver's license and then eat lunch in the park. After Sheridan left, Chris combed the area outside for all of the bits of paper that had the omega symbol on them. He was sure he had all of the evidence that he had been connected to Alistair.

At the Harmony Police Department, Sam greeted a glum Luis to find out that Fancy had broken into the station the night before and left the door unlocked which allowed someone (Spike) to slip in and make off with the gun evidence from Chris Booth's shooting. Sam wanted to know why he hadn't filed a report and Luis said he'd done it to protect Sheridan from the prying paparazzi in her time of grieving. Sam stood up for Fancy saying that she had no idea how important it was that they preserve the chain of evidence. Luis agreed that Fancy had no idea and swore that she could never be a cop. Luis gathered the four recruits for his training class—two young men, Paloma and the owner of the application that Sam had told him was on the way—Fancy Crane. He immediately told Paloma and Fancy that he wouldn't accept their applications because he thought they were not being serious and they didn't recognize the risk that would be involved in being cops. They raised a ruckus and Sam told Luis that he better rethink his position. Luis continued to refuse to allow the women into the class and they raised issues of discrimination and harassment. Sheridan walked in to get her license renewed and asked Sam what was going on. He told her that Luis and Fancy were arguing and Fancy was winning. Under his breath he remarked that Luis hadn't fought like that since he'd been with Sheridan. Paloma overheard him and wondered if there was more going on between the two than just Fancy's infatuation with Luis. She thought there might really be something there. Sheridan was torn as she saw the love of her life moving on with her niece.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Kay begs Endora to send Siren packing. Miguel refuses Siren's advances and tells her that he is in love with Kay. Siren pretends as if she is ok with Miguel choosing Kay, but the fish has a trick up her sleeve, and it isn't scales either. She plans to seduce Miguel with the "Siren song." Kay pleads to Endora one more time, and Tabitha tells her that Endora will protect Miguel from the curse, but she will not get rid of Siren. Siren sings her song, but Endora foils her plan once again. Miguel tells Kay that he loves her, and she asks Tabitha why Miguel didn't tell her before she fell in love with Fox. Tabitha tells Kay that she has to choose between Fox and Miguel, but Kay is not sure whom to choose. One thing is for sure: Kay knows that Fox has been good to her and Maria. Kay tells Tabitha that she has already made her choice since she is already engaged to Fox.

Spike is back at the cottage again to see Chris, and he is not dropping by for drinks. Spike is intent on having Chris do his bidding. Spike tells Chris that he is planning to rob the Crane mansion and he wants Chris' help. All Chris has to do is to find the alarm code for the Crane estate on Sheridan's PDA and then passes it on to Spike. Chris refuses, but Spike reminds him that if he doesn't cooperate, he will tell Sheridan all the sordid details about Chris being involved with Alistair. Chris insists on not helping Spike, so Spike tells him that he knows all about James not being his son and that Alistair paid him to marry Sheridan to forget about Luis. The ball is now in Chris' court.

Sheridan goes by the police station to renew her driver's license. In the meantime, Paloma wonders if Sheridan is really over Luis. Fancy convinces herself that Sheridan is over Luis since she gave her the ok to pursue Luis. Fancy, Paloma and Luis are still arguing over whether they should join the police academy. Oops! Sheridan finds out the real reason why Fancy wants to become a police officer. She wants to be near Luis. Fancy asks Sheridan one more time if it's ok for her to date Luis, and Sheridan tells her yes again. Fancy asks Sheridan to talk Luis into letting her join the force and she agrees to talk to Luis. Luis agrees to let Fancy train to be a cop due to Sheridan's request.

Theresa pulls away from Jared. He is clueless about Theresa because he thinks that she is Mrs. Alistair Crane's assistant. Jared is telling Theresa about the gold digging Mrs. Crane without even knowing that he is actually talking to Mrs. Crane. Valerie comes in and drops the ball. She introduces the very confused Jared to Mrs. Theresa Crane. Jared is fuming right about now. He tells Theresa that she played him for a fool. Theresa tells him that she did call him so that they could meet for lunch and explains it all to him. Jared calls her a liar for making him believe that she is a struggling single mother working hard to provide for her child. He refuses to listen to Theresa and leaves. Jared tells Valerie on the way out that he won't be accepting the position. Valerie wonders what went wrong because his resume is excellent. Theresa tells Valerie that she wants to be alone. She acknowledges that Whitney was right that she should have told Jared the truth all along.

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