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Monday, September 29, 1997

Richards’ House
Gregory insists that everything they're doing is for Caitlin's benefit. Gregory asks Olivia if she wants any coffee and she says that she doesn't want any in her condition. Eddie arrives and says that Cole is in another woman's hotel room in Monte Carlo. Meanwhile, Caitlin is sitting on the beach pining for Cole. She looks up and Cole is standing above her. Caitlin kisses Cole.

While Gregory told Eddie to keep trailing Cole, Olivia sees Cole on the beach with Caitlin. Olivia disputes Eddie's qualifications to keep track of Cole then she told Gregory that she's seen the two together on the beach.

Cole told Caitlin that she was all he thought of while in Monte Carlo and Caitlin punches him.

Cole told Caitlin that he had every intention of telling her all about the other women. Cole said that he knew that Gregory was going to put a tail on him, but it was important that Gregory not interfere with retrieving Olivia's necklace.

Gregory throws Eddie out of the house. Olivia told Gregory that she thinks that Cole is reformed. Gregory renews his resolve to move forward with their plan.

Cole told Caitlin that he had to get the necklace back from Liam (a.k.a Jacques) because he knew that Caitlin doubted him. The women that Cole had been with were ones that Liam uses to transport stolen jewels, and Cole needed to check with each of them until he found the necklace. Caitlin told Cole that she, not Gregory, was the one who had Cole followed.

When Cole and Caitlin walk into the Richards' house, Gregory and Olivia act startled to see Cole, but they really are surprised that Cole brought back the necklace. Caitlin explains about the connection between Liam and the two women. Cole asks what happened to the note he left explaining where he was going.

Gregory suggests that Elaine might have thrown out the note, as Cole had left it at Elaine's. Olivia says that Caitlin needs to think about Cole's motivation for returning to Sunset Beach.

Cole accuses Gregory of having him kidnapped the day of Elaine's trial. He further congratulated Gregory on the plan to have Liam steal the necklace in order to get Cole and Caitlin apart. Gregory points out that Caitlin thought the worst of Cole without any prompting from Gregory. Cole insists that any doubts that Caitlin has about Cole were planted by Gregory and threatens to make Caitlin see Gregory as he truly is.

Caitlin told Olivia that there's nothing that Olivia can do or say to stop Caitlin from loving Cole.

Gregory vows to keep Cole away from Caitlin's baby.

While Cole consoles Caitlin about Caitlin's fight with Olivia, Caitlin lets it slip that she's known about Olivia's pregnancy for months.

Ben's House/Cummings House
Annie successfully deletes Ben's e-mails to Meg while Meg is checking her e-mail in Kansas, leading Meg to the conclusion that Ben never attempted to contact her.

Cummings House
Meg, distraught because she didn't get any e-mail from Ben, is comforted by her father, who told her that maybe Ben doesn't want to contact Meg. Meg told her father that she wants to move on with her life.

Dr. McRay's Office
Dr. McRay brought Ben around and told him that she isn't able to get any further with Ben because he's blocking something out. She sends Ben home and told him that she'll call him as soon as she finishes listening to the tape of his previous session.

While listening to the tape of Ben's previous session, Dr. McRay hears Annie giving Ben the post-hypnotic suggestion.

Ben's House
Ben is telling Annie that Dr. McRay is working on another possible solution when the electricity in his house cuts out. Ben went to investigate.

Ben returns to tell Annie that his is the only house without electricity. Annie told Ben that he's too stressed and starts to give him a massage, when Ben realizes that he can check his e-mail from work. He leaves.

When Dr. McRay went to Ben's house to tell him about the post-hypnotic suggestion, she recognizes Annie as the "reporter" who was interviewing her, then she recognizes Annie's voice from the tape.

Cummings House
Tim and Meg walk around the Cummings farm reminiscing about the past. Tim asks Meg out on a date. After Tim reassures Meg that he's not trying to rush her, Meg accepts.

Tuesday, September 30, 1997

The Deep
Ben runs into Mark on his way up to check his e-mail. He explains that he loves Meg and that he doesn't understand why he called Meg Maria and that he's doing everything he can to find out why he called Meg Maria.

Ben's House
Annie told Dr. McCrae that she was trying to help Bette out with her gossip column and Dr. McCrae told Annie that she has a tape recording of Annie planting the post-hypnotic suggestion. Annie tells Dr. McCrae that she planted the post-hypnotic suggestion to protect Ben from the memories of being trapped in the cave.

When Dr. McCrae insists that Ben deserves to know the truth and turns to leave to find Ben, Annie pretends to be penitent and lures Dr. McCrae into staying until Ben comes home. Annie gives Dr. McCrae tea laced with sleeping pills and just before Dr. McCrae passes out, Ben calls and told Annie that he's coming home. Dr. McCrae passes out just as Ben arrives home, so Annie hurriedly stuffs her in the hall closet. While Ben is upstairs taking his shower, Annie enlists Bette's help in moving Dr. McCrae out of Ben's house.

Elaine's Waffle Shop
Paula and Elaine have a joyous reunion and then Elaine tells Paula about Liam and the missing Deschanel necklace and that Cole left town. Elaine told Paula that she's angry that Gregory and Olivia don't think that Cole's good enough for Caitlin, and Paula says that they're probably just overprotective. Gabi overhears Paula admitting that she still has feelings for Ricardo and told Paula that Ricardo still has feelings for her, too. Gabi told Paula that Ricardo has been trying to reestablish his reputation as a ladies' man. Eddie welcomes Paula back with open arms, and an invitation to go out for Tequila Sunset, which Paula accepts.

Richards' House
Caitlin told Cole that Olivia made her promise not to tell anyone how long Caitlin has known that Olivia is pregnant. Then Cole begins questioning Olivia's motivation. Caitlin insists that the two babies will grow up like siblings. Caitlin tells Cole about Olivia's amniocentesis.

Elaine's Waffle Shop
Elaine asks Cole why he left without a word, and he asked about the note he left behind -- a note that Elaine never saw. Cole explained how he went to Monte Carlo to retrieve Olivia's necklace.

Cole sympathizes with Paula about her breakup with Ricardo and Paula says that the only thing worse than having Ricardo be with her sister, would be having Ricardo be with her mother.

Sunset Beach Police Department
Gabi suggests that one of the police officers take Ricardo to the Deep for Tequila Sunset.

The Deep
Paula and Eddie are having drinks together when Ricardo and the other officer walk in. Gabi told Ricardo to leave and lets Ricardo see Paula and Eddie together.

Sean is sitting at the bar when Caitlin told him that Cole has returned to town. Caitlin told Sean that Cole's day as a jewel thief are over. Sean continues to express his doubt about Cole's honesty, to no avail.

Gabi plies Ricardo with double margaritas. Ricardo accosts Paula and accuses her of trying to make him jealous.

Eddie taunts Ricardo and Ricardo punches Eddie. Paula breaks up the fight between Eddie and Ricardo. Ricardo insists that he knows that Paula wants to be with him and not Eddie.

Sean told Caitlin that, after Tiffany hurt him, he's determined to save Caitlin from the same kind of pain. Caitlin insists that Cole isn't going to hurt her. Sean told Caitlin that he's worried that Cole will leave Caitlin alone with the baby. After Caitlin leaves, he decides that she needs to meet Cole's former fiancee.

South Bay General
Cole breaks into Tyus's office to look at the results of Olivia's amniocentesis.

Cole remembers when Olivia told him that she was at Tyus's office to get a videotape of Caitlin's ultrasound and realizes that she was there for a prenatal visit. Then he finds the appointment book for the day that Caitlin and Olivia had adjoining appointments and when he finds that Olivia was using the name Olivia Cole, he decides that the baby must be his.

Ricardo's Apartment
Ricardo arrives home angry and continues drinking. While he's drunkenly reminiscing about Paula, Gabi arrives.

Wednesday, October 1, 1997

Vanessa and Virginia have yet another confrontation. Vanessa threatens to tell Michael who Virginia really is, Virginia says she wouldn't dare, she'd just tell Michael she's harassing her again.

Paula told Eddie she wants to go after Ricardo, she said some pretty harsh things to him that she'd like to clear it up with him. Eddie says that's a bad idea, he's still a dog. Paula runs into Mark who told her that Ricardo has still been all over Gabi. Casey and Michael discuss Vanessa and Virginia. Casey told Michael that Vanessa may feel threatened just like he was with Wei-Lee. He just may lose Vanessa and suggests that she ask her to go away for a few days. Vanessa finally shows up at The Deep and Michael does ask her to go away, she says that's exactly what they need right now. Mark is worried about Gabi, she asked someone to cover her shift and left without telling anyone where she was going.

Ricardo and Gabi make love...he then sobers up and says it was all a mistake, it never should have happened. Gabi is stunned. He told her he tried to warn her he loved Paula, not her. He told her to forget the night ever happened, he went to take a shower. Gabi sits in the bed shocked, she starts to cry, but then gets up and gathers her things to get dressed. Her shirt is stuck between the box spring and the mattress, she pulls it out and cuts her arm in the process. As she's about to leave Ricardo's, Paula's outside the door and asks Gabi what happened. Gabi almost speechless gets out the words that she was RAPED!

Meg told her mom she's going out with Tim. She says she needs to move on, after all, Ben has not tried to contact her. Joan calls Ben's house, but Annie answers, she "forgets" to tell Ben that Joan called.

Annie and Bette struggle to get the doctor out of the house in time, luckily they do...Ben reminisces of the time when he first met Meg at The Deep when he gave her a job.

Tim and Meg spot some old friends, they ask Meg all about Sunset Beach. She doesn't disclose much about it. They start to country line dance. Annie calls Tim and told him to send Ben an e-mail saying that Meg loves Tim and is going to marry him. Meg and Tim then dance to a slow song, but all she thinks about is Ben.

Annie and Bette drag the doctor to her house. Eddie arrives to see the drugged doctor, Eddie comes up with a plan, Dr. McRay is married, so why not blackmail her. They shoot incriminating photos of Eddie and Dr. McRay in compromising positions. Ben went over to Annie's after Eddie and Bette were able to put Dr. McRay in Annie's bed. he went over there to get some paperwork Annie had, she gives it to him and asks him to leave...Ben says if he didn't know better, he'd think she were trying to get rid of him which is odd...but if so, why???

Thursday, October 2, 1997

Olivia informed Gregory about the argument she and Caitlin had, he said it was just a minor set back. Sean told Gregory and Olivia that Cole is bad news, he even thought of finding Cole's ex-fiancée and bringing her to Sunset Beach, but he thought it's best he stays out of Caitlin's life. Gregory turns it around and manipulates Sean into looking for Cole's ex-fiancée. Gregory told Olivia he needs to "plant the seeds" for his next part of the plan...Cole asks Caitlin why Olivia would hide her due date, she asks him why he's so obsessed with her mom's pregnancy. He's says he's just curious, he then asks her if she lied for Olivia the time that Olivia said she was at the hospital for an "ulcer." Caitlin finally comes clean and told him she was going to have an abortion. Gregory gathers the family (except Cole who left) and told them thst Olivia's pregnancy is high risk (against her better judgment.) She pleads with Gregory not to say anything, but he does anyway. She gets up and says she can't go through this anymore...

THE BUCKAROO (Country Line Dancing Bar in Kansas)
Tim and Meg line dance. They run into more old friends who are under the assumption that Tim and Meg are married since they were overseas. Meg thinks of Ben and asks Tim to take her home...she's tired.

Annie continues to try to get rid of Ben, but he won't budge. Bette calls to say Eddie developed the pictures. Annie lies and says it was her phone company. Ben asks what is she hiding...Dr. McRay wakes up, but is still a bit drowsy...Ben is about to leave, when Bette and Eddie show up announcing the pictures are done. Annie won't let Ben see photos, Bette says there of her and Eddie on the Beach, Ben laughs, Bette is just a bit insulted. Bette and Eddie leave. Ben is about to leave after talking with Annie (Annie said she was with someone upstairs) when Dr. McRay staggers down the steps, still in her "Teddy." Ben just stands there in shock, not to mention Annie.

Gabi told Paula she was raped, when she asks who did it, Ricardo came out of the bathroom...Paula pulls a gun out on Ricardo after he kept harassing a frightened Gabi. Ricardo told Paula to call the cops if she believes that he raped Gabi. She does so...Paula takes Gabi away and told Ricardo to stay there until the cops arrive. He doesn't listen and takes off.

Eddie and Bette laugh at how they barged in announcing the pictures while Ben was there. They say they make a good team...Eddie told Bette he hasn't found any dirt on Dr. Robinson...she told him to keep digging.

Cole is sure the baby must be his, after all, why would Olivia want to have an abortion?

Tim went to Meg's room without her knowing and sends Ben an e-mail message "from Meg" saying she's going to marry Tim, he needs to forget about her. Meg went and gets some fresh air and wonders where things went wrong with Ben.

Friday, October 3, 1997

Cole's Room
Cole wonders why Olivia would want an abortion but not go through with it. Elaine comes in to say goodbye before leaving for San Diego. She sees he's distant and wonders if the Richards still think he stole the necklace. She also says she believes he did leave her a note when he left for Monte Carlo. He questions her about the resentment Olivia could have with him because of the Armando connection. She agrees there may be some, but Olivia has lived a life with so many lies. Elaine leaves and Cole is determined to get the truth.

Annie's House
Just as Dr. McCrae yells for Ben to listen to what Annie did, she passes out again from the medicine. Confused, Ben insists on the truth from Annie. Stumbling for words, she finally says Allison, as she refers to Dr. McCrae, and she are lovers. Dr. McCrae wakes up and told Ben all about leaving the room while he was hypnotized, allowing Annie a chance to place the post-hypnotic suggestion in Ben's mind. She says Annie drugged her and left her upstairs in her bed so Ben could not learn the truth. Ben asks Annie if this is true, but Annie can't convince him it's not. Ben storms out of the house with Annie not far behind.

Before Gabi has a chance to tell Paula anything, Spencer phones to say Ricardo had fled and asks if should put an APB on him. Gabi says no, just to find him and keep him away from her. Mark shows up with clothes for Gabi. Paula told him Gabi was raped. Mark figures out it must have been Ricardo just as Ricardo comes in trying to talk some sense into Paula to believe him. Mark threatens him and throws him against the counter convinced Ricardo did rape Gabi if that's what Gabi says. Paula's confused and doesn't know what to believe. She then asks Ricardo to leave or she will have to arrest him. He leaves and Mark went over and looks in on Gabi.

Annie's House
Bette and Eddie walk in to see Dr. McCrae still in a drugged state trying to walk, so they help her sit down. Eddie says he doesn't want this scheme of Annie's to mess up his PI business and Bette assures him it won't.

The Richards'
Olivia is distraught about telling the family about the "high-risk" pregnancy, but Gregory says they must deal with this as a united family. Gregory and Sean go to the office while Caitlin stays with Olivia apologizing for their argument earlier. Olivia asks Caitlin not to tell Cole about this recent news. Caitlin agrees but is tired of all the lies. She loves her mom and will do whatever it takes because her health is most important. The phone rings -- Bette insists she and Olivia must talk tomorrow at a specified time and place.

Bette's House
As Bette hangs up the phone from calling Olivia, Cole told her he is pleased with her "performance." Cole had threatened Bette that he would tell Gregory about the affair with Olivia, then Gregory would know Bette had lied to him and fire her from 'The Sentinel.'

Gregory's Office
Gregory gives Sean a watch that has been passed down father-to-son for many generations explaining that Sean has finally learned that family comes first. Gregory asks if Sean has called Cole's ex-fiancée yet, and when Sean says no, Gregory debates whether or not Sean was ready for the watch. So, Sean calls the ex-fiancée Helena (Finola Hughes) saying his sister is in the same situation with Cole that she was once in. Helena will do anything to prevent Cole from doing to other women what he did to her.

After sending the email to Ben, Tim finds Meg downstairs still bothered about those friends at the Buckaroo who thought Meg and Tim are married. Meg's confused about why they didn't tell those friends the truth, what she's going to tell her dad about Tim, why she went to Sunset Beach, and why she's back in Ludlow. Tim assures her that she and him do belong together, that he has loved her since kindergarten. They are meant for one another. He kisses her but she backs off saying she can't do that, things are moving too quickly. Tim apologizes for rushing things and leaves so she can be alone. Upstairs, thinking about Ben, she takes the picture of her and Ben out and puts it on her desk deciding she and Ben do need to talk. She ponders contacting him, but changes her mind saying she must forget about Ben.

Ben's House
Ben paces around screaming at Annie accusing her of driving Meg back to Kansas. Annie justifies herself by admitting her love for Ben saying how desperate she was to get him for herself. He threatens to kill her. Ben then notices he has new mail. Annie, not knowing it's the email Tim wrote, doesn't want Ben to read it, but he does anyway. Furious, Ben slams his computer shut, races out on the balcony and hurls his computer as far away as possible. His behavior is scaring Annie. Ben then leaves out the front door. Annie's cellular phone rings and it's Tim wondering if Ben has read the email yet. Annie says yes, but there is a problem.

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