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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of December 1, 1997 on SB
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Monday, October 1, 1997

Richard's Communications Group
Meg explained to Mark that she loves Ben, but she is confused. She revealed to Mark that she found bloody sheets and scissors in Ben's closet. Mark admitted that Ben made a point to tell him how much he loved Maria on the night Maria died. Meg shocked Mark by telling him Ben had confessed that he had hated Maria. Meg didn't believe that Ben killed Maria, but she wanted to find out what really happened the night Maria died. Mark advised her to just try and forget about it.

Annie and Bette's House
Gregory pulled out all the stops in trying to reconcile with Olivia. Annie was eavesdropping as Gregory apologized, pleaded, and declared his undying love to Olivia. Although Olivia admitted that she needed Gregory, she said they were bad for each other and she still wanted a divorce. Gregory became angry and threatened her that she had better not go back on the bottle and endanger the baby's health. Olivia said that she doesn't kill her children like he does. Gregory became so enraged that he came close to hitting Olivia but stopped himself. Gregory swore that it wasn't over and left.

The Doctor's Office
Caitlin was devastated when the doctor informed her that she would never be able to have children. Caitlin blamed her parents. When Cole asked about the baby, Caitlin lied and told him that the baby was fine.

Richard's Communication's Group
Annie offered to keep an eye on Olivia for Gregory. Gregory realized that Annie has an ulterior motive.

Ben and Meg's House
Ben told Charles that he wanted Maria to be declared legally dead as soon as possible. When Charles warned that things might not be that simple, Ben said he expected Charles to do everything he could to cut through the red tape. Meg came in unnoticed and hid when she heard what they were talking about. She overheard Charles imply that Ben's marrying Meg would be a smart move. It would make him look less suspicious considering the sizeable insurance policy Ben had on Maria. Meg decided she'd better get out of there before she was discovered. She missed Ben telling Charles that he isn't interested in the money, he's only interested in marrying Meg.

Ben gave Meg a monogrammed robe so that she wouldn't have to go digging through his closets anymore.

 Tuesday October 2

 Wednesday October 3, 1997

The Waffle Shop
Elaine blamed Gregory for Cole's disappearance. Gregory reminded Elaine that he had just lost a daughter and told her that Olivia left him. He didn't have the time or inclination to go after Cole anymore. Elaine believed he sounded sincere. Thinking that Cole was dead and that Elaine was unaware of it, Gregory apologized for Elaine's pain and for any part he played in it. Gregory convinced Elaine to testify in Ricardo's behalf at the rape trial.

Michael told Vanessa that Virginia and Jimmy would always be a part of his life, but he loved her. Vanessa agreed that she had to stop letting Virginia get at her.

Virginia overheard Vanessa say that she had an interview to go to.

Michael and Jimmy talked about the situation between Michael, Vanessa, and Virginia. Michael tried to reassure Jimmy that Vanessa was great and that she really liked Jimmy. Jimmy confessed that he didn't think Virginia and Vanessa would ever get along. After Jimmy remembered promising Virginia that he'd keep quiet about Vanessa threatening to go to the police about Michael, Jimmy told Michael that he's stay out of it.

The Bed and Breakfast
Since Caitlin and Cole weren't leaving until the next day, Cole got them a room at a nice bed and breakfast. Caitlin kept pretending to be pregnant even though Cole was going on and on about having a bunch of children together. Caitlin told herself that she'd find a way to make things right. When Cole tried to seduce Caitlin, she explained the doctor had told her that her pregnancy was high risk and that she'd have to be abstinent for the rest of her pregnancy.

South Bay Hospital - Tyus's Office
Vanessa tried to no avail to get more information on Virginia from Tyus. Tyus said he'd rather find out more about Vanessa. He was impressed when he recognized her father's name as a Nobel Prize winning journalist. When he asked about her mother, Vanessa said very little and excused herself to leave.

Vanessa's Apartment
Knowing that Vanessa was out, Virginia decided to snoop around Vanessa's apartment. She wrote down some personal information she found and Vanessa and erased a message from Michael on Vanessa's answering machine. Virginia wondered what Vanessa's connection to Cedar Oaks Hospital is.

The Java Web
Paula gave Gabi an angel pin to remind her that there were people who believed in her and who she could trust. Ricardo pleaded with Paula to listen to her heart because she knows he is innocent. Paula hurt him with the news that she would be testifying against him at the rape trial. He said it was only fitting that she would be ending it all since she started the whole mess. He explained that he would have never slept with Gabi had Paula not thought the worst of him. He sarcastically thanked Paula for what she had done to his life.

The Waffle Shop
When Paula told Elaine that she would be testifying against Ricardo, Elaine surprised her with the news that she would be testifying as a character witness for Ricardo.

The Beach
Ricardo told Gabi that he needed to talk to her.

Richard's Communication Group - Gregory's Office
Gregory was shocked when he learned that it wasn't Cole's body that was found at the crash site. Cole must be alive.

 Thursday October 4, 1997

Ben and Meg's House
A package that arrived for Ben from his lawyer, Charles, piqued Meg's curiosity. When Meg tried to find out what was in the package, her hints fell on Ben's deaf ears. Wanting them out of the house, Ben lied to Meg that he had made arrangements for Meg and Joan to have lunch at the Java Web. After they left, he phoned Mark and made the arrangements.

The package contained a prenuptial agreement that Charles wanted Ben and Meg to sign. Ben ripped it up.

Charles brought over the necessary papers for Ben to sign to have Maria declared legally dead and to collect the insurance money. Ben signed the papers and told Charles to just notarize them at his office. He never wanted to see the papers again.

Vanessa's Apartment
Virginia got the number off of Vanessa's answering machine so she could just call and retrieve Vanessa's messages from then on. Virginia hid when Vanessa came in. Vanessa got a phone call from Tyus. He promised to answer all of her questions about Virginia, if she would have dinner with him. Vanessa accepted because she wanted to find out about Virginia. Virginia overheard the conversation but assumed that Vanessa was talking to Michael. Virginia sneaked out of the apartment when Vanessa left the room.

Lifeguard Headquarters
Casey suggested to Michael that Vanessa wasn't the only one at fault for Michael and Vanessa's problems. He thought Michael was enjoying the attention he was getting from two women. Michael denied it. Casey told Michael that he couldn't just close his eyes and hope that it all went away. Casey had an idea.

The Waffle Shop
Paula felt that Elaine stabbed her family in the back when she agreed to testify for Ricardo. Elaine reminded Paula that she didn't consider Gabi family. Elaine explained she isn't convinced that Ricardo is lying, and she definitely isn't convinced that Gabi's telling the truth. Paula accused Elaine of blaming Gabi for Lorenzo walking out on her.

Vanessa joined Joan and Meg for lunch. They are all making small talk when Joan asked Vanessa about her mother. Meg excused herself to go make a phone call. Vanessa admitted to Joan that she was never very close to her mother.

Mark encouraged Meg to talk to Ben about her questions. Meg told Mark about overhearing Ben's lawyer suggest that Ben is only marrying Meg to keep from raising suspicions that he killed Maria when he collects the insurance money for her death. Meg just wanted to put all of this to rest without Ben ever finding out that she has ever doubted him. Mark suggested that Meg go see Maria's friend Quintin who looked after Ben's boat the Mariah.

Realizing that she couldn't take her mother along to talk to Quintin, Meg lied to Joan and Vanessa that she had an emergency at the office to attend to.

Surf Central
Virginia found out that Cedar Oaks was an in-patient hospital.

Casey wanted to set Virginia up on a date. Knowing what Casey was up to, Virginia pretended that she thought Casey was asking her out on a date. Casey ended up playing along because he didn't know what to say.

The Beach
Ricardo told Gabi that everything that has happened has been his fault. He didn't rape her, but he treated her like dirt after they made love. He had hated himself and took it out on her. He had been attracted to her from the start, and he couldn't deny his feelings for her any longer. Gabi knew that her instincts had been right. When Gabi asked about Paula, Ricardo told her to forget Paula. It should have been Gabi and him all along. Ricardo kissed Gabi who returned his kiss passionately.

The Docks
Meg found Quintin and said she wanted to ask him some questions about Maria.

 Friday October 5, 1997

The Docks
Ben spotted Meg talking to Quint and spied on them. Meg pumped Quint for information by claiming she was doing research on storms in the area and wanted to know about the one that happened the night Maria died. Meg found out that Quint didn't see Maria get on the boat. He said the odd thing was that Maria usually stopped by to say hello to him, but she didn't that night. Quint recognized Meg as Ben's fiance. He then realized that Meg must be scared of Ben since she was talking to him.

Ben remembered an argument he had with Quint. Quint had told him that Ben wasn't good enough for Maria. Ben told him to stay away from Maria and quit interfering in their lives.

After Meg left, Ben confronted Quint. Quint denied that Meg and he discussed Maria. Ben stressed that he would be very unhappy if Quint scared Meg away.

Annie and Bette's House
Annie overheard Olivia tell Bette that she'd never let Gregory near the baby. Gregory phoned Bette and asked her to come to his office.

Annie and Olivia share barbed words, but Olivia actually felt sorry for her when Annie ranted about how awful her parents were. Annie explained she would never have children because she doesn't want history to repeat itself. Olivia told her that she might change her mind and become a decent mother someday.

The Bed and Breakfast
Caitlin seemed ready to come clean with Cole about losing the baby, but he convinced her she needed to get some sleep. When Caitlin was plagued with nightmares, a worried Cole woke her up. Caitlin declared she needed to go back to Sunset Beach.

Richard's Communication Group
Gregory offered Bette's gossip columnist job back to her. Bette wondered what the catch was. Gregory claimed he was bringing her back on because of public demand. He did, however, ask her to remind Olivia how much he loves her. Bette told him that was his job.

The Beach
Eddie snapped pictures of Ricardo and Gabi making out on the beach. Gabi suddenly stopped Ricardo and said she knew he was just trying to buy her off with kisses to stop the trial. Ricardo claimed he was only trying to be honest about his feelings, but Gabi left anyway. Eddie came out of hiding and congratulated Ricardo on a job well done.

The Police Station
Gabi told Mark that Ricardo tried to charm her into dropping the charges against him and that he had even tried to kiss her.

A district attorney discussed with Gabi some new evidence they have against Ricardo. Gabi explained that she's having second thoughts on going through with the trial.

Meg found Mark and explained that she didn't find out much from Quint. Mark encouraged Meg to just talk to Ben. Meg got an idea when she heard some policeman discussing blood samples. Meg declared that she would send a sample of the 'blood' from the sheets to an independent lab that Gregory uses for cases. Then all she would have to do is find out Maria's blood type.

Annie and Bette's House
Gregory asked Olivia to go away with him for a few days. He was willing to do anything he needed to do to get her back. Olivia stated that she is divorcing him and there is nothing he could do about it. Gregory threatened her that if she went through with the divorce, he'll take the baby from her and she'll never see it again.

The Java Web
Eddie brought the developed pictures of Gabi and Ricardo to the Java Web intent on showing them to Ricardo. Eddie ran into Paula who was distraught. He tried to convince her that Gabi is half her trouble, but Paula didn't believe it. Eddie was totally smitten when Paula was so sweet to him. He decided that even though Ricardo didn't rape Gabi, he didn't deserve Paula. He was about to tear up the pictures when Ricardo walked in. Eddie lied to Ricardo that the pictures didn't turn out.

Ben and Meg's House
Thinking that no one is home, Meg went to collect a sample of the 'bloody' sheets from the closet. When she heard a noise, she shoved everything back into place and ran out of the closet. Ben was standing there. He asked her what she was doing.

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