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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of January 4, 1999 on SB
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Monday, January 4, 1999

Maria rushed to the hospital where Meg and Ben argue and Meg asks Ben if he's falling back in love with Maria again. Maria asks to see Ben. Ben went to Maria who begs for forgiveness. Maria's memory is back and she asks Ben if he still loves her. Ben told Maria he does just as Meg walks in. Sara admits to Casey she told Meg what happened between Ben and Maria.

Annie deals with the mystery caller who asks for a million dollars. The caller wants Annie to entertain a business client. Annie reluctantly agrees. Decked out in only whipped cream, she opens her hotel room door to Gregory.

Cole told Caitlin he wants to make another baby. AJ is visited by, Francesca who told him she has decided to stay in Sunset Beach. Cole arrives to talk business with AJ and Francesca arrives to talk business with AJ and Francesca arrives in her trademark towel.

Tuesday, January 5, 1999

Ben realizes that Maria appears to think she fell off the boat only a few hours ago. Meanwhile, Meg walks in on Casey and Sara updating Carmen and Antonio about Maria's accident and takes full responsibility for what happened. Carmen lashes out at Meg, but Ben intervenes and comes to Meg's defense. Sara wonders if Casey blames her for Maria's accident. A disappointed Casey reminds Sara that she broke her promise to him and yes, he does feel that she is at fault.

Cole is furious when he learns that Francesca decided to stay in Sunset Beach. When AJ and Francesca inadvertently touch, both feel a spark. Francesca remains curious about the secret Caitlin and Annie are withholding from Cole. Francesca leaves a message, allegedly from Annie, for Caitlin that "Cole knows". Caitlin freaks out. Annie realizes the blackmailer warns the jig is up, and Gregory told Annie that he has a surprise for her.

Wednesday, January 6, 1999

Meg confronts Ben about overhearing him tell Maria that he loved her and would never leave her. Does Ben love Maria as his wife? Does he love her like he loves Meg? Before Ben can answer, Maria stumbles out into the corridor and collapses. Ben rushes to her, and takes her back into her room, where he asks Maria if she knows who Meg is. Although Maria initially appears to confused, Ben and Dr. Estrada learn that she has recovered her memory except for the five years between the accident and her arrival at Cedar Oaks. Antonio calls in and interrupt's Gabi and Ricardo's lovemaking with the news of Maria's accident. Carmen, Antonio, and Ricardo have a tearful, emotional reunion with Maria as they reconnect as a family. Later, Ben returns home to find Meg packing.

A hysterical Caitlin, believing that Cole knows the truth about Trey, is about to confess all, when Cole notices Francesca watching them. Caitlin is forced to cover her outburst. Gregory toys with Annie by giving her back her Liberty Corporation stock, but then refusing to endorse it over to her until she gives him his Christmas present. After learning Francesca set Caitlin up. Annie went to confront her.

Thursday, January 7, 1999

Ben told Meg he doesn't blame her for Maria's accident and begs her to stay. Meg says she will, if Ben can promise that she is the only one that he loves. Ben can't tell Meg what she want's to hear, and a devastated Meg goes. Later, Casey finds her under the pier and takes her back to Surf Central. Maria learns of Ricardo's grudge against Ben and explained that Ben is not to blame for what happened the night she disappeared.

Ricardo realizes Maria is still in love with Ben. Antonio sees Ricardo and Gabi in a loving, playful moment and told Father O'Brien he want a transfer more than ever.

Caitlin, thinking Francesca knows her secret about Trey, told Cole she want's him to leave town. When Cole turns her idea down, Caitlin went to Gregory and asks him to get rid of Francesca. Annie; convinced Francesca is the blackmailer, almost spills the beans. Francesca plays along to find out what Annie And Caitlin secret is, but inadvertently reveals her ignorance.

Friday, January 8, 1999

Gregory calls Caitlin as the blackmailer to setup the money exchange alone. Once Caitlin goes, Gregory takes Annie

Upstairs to Trey's nursery where he reveals that he is the blackmailer, and that he intends to reclaim Trey. Gregory leaves a note for Cole to meet Caitlin in the alley, where Caitlin will wait for the money. Cole threatens Francesca's life if she tries to come between him and Caitlin. Francesca later listens in on the bugging devices she planted at Richard's house.

Sara is shocked to learn that Meg spent the night at Casey's. When Sara asks Casey where they stand, Casey could not respond. Maria asks Ben why Meg did not spend the night at his place. Meg urges Vanessa to think about what being honest with Michael about the baby would cost her.

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