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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of February 22, 1999 on SB
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Monday, February 22, 1999

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Virginia is in the hospital bed, in a straight jacket fantasizing about Michael. Dr. Estrada comes in and told her that they're going to run an EG to check out what her brain is doing. Virginia drifts off into a long scene recapping all of the scenes of things she has done to Vanessa to get Michael for herself. Dr. Estrada comes in to review the EG and says that Virginia has had a major breakdown.

Tyus told Michael that they are going to have Virginia sent to Cedar Oaks but that they should bring the police in right away, Vanessa overhears and told them not to do it. She is concerned for Jimmy. Michael volunteers to take Vanessa home from the hospital and takes off to find out what he has to do to take her home. Tyus and Vanessa discuss the lost baby more and when another woman went by holding her new baby Vanessa starts crying and Tyus holds her.


Caitlin told Dr. Manning and Cole that she cannot give the blood for Trey because she has a cold and/or flu. Dr. Manning told Caitlin that they'll screen the blood before they give it to Trey. Dr. Manning starts to take blood and Caitlin makes him stop, he gives Cole and Caitlin some time to talk and she told Cole that she wants to talk to her father, because he can help her. Cole, of course, is furious and told her he is her husband and he can help her. She told Cole that she is trying to save Trey's life.


Annie is in Francesca's room, dressed in wig and clothes to look like Francesca, and somebody sneaks up behind her and covers her mouth with a gloved hand. It is Olivia, she sees it is Annie and they both want to know why each of them is in the room. Annie asks Olivia if she's been crying and then says it is all adding up, because "Loverboy" (AJ) was just trying to get into Francesca's room. AJ walks in and dismisses Annie. Annie runs into Francesca in the elevator and has an angry interchange with her, she then fantasizes about pushing Francesca down an empty elevator shaft.


Francesca is continuing her blackmailing discussion with Gabi and the video tape when Ricardo and Antonio come to the door. They take the tape out and Francesca leaves by the back door. There is a message on Ricardo's answering machine and he says that it is because it doesn't work right and when a call comes in, it records the whole conversation. Gabi is worried that it is the call from Francesca. She signals to Antonio and he makes a distraction so Gabi can change the tape out. She then told Ricardo that there was also a message that the station needed to see him. He left and she told Antonio that Francesca knows. Antonio takes off and says that he'll take care of it.


Ricardo returns home, told Gabi that he wasn't needed at the station, then wants to know why she gave him that message. He says he thinks she wanted time alone with Antonio.

Annie went to Olivia's house and asks her if she wants to work together to destroy Francesca.

AJ picks up his gun in his desk drawer and says, "I could kill you Francesca" as he aims the gun and pretends to shoot.

Antonio shows up at Francesca's door, looking not so happy.

Cole is pressuring Caitlin and she told him she is not Trey's mother.

Tuesday, February 23, 1999


Maria went to see Ben and Meg about the divorce. She is agrees to grant it. She told Meg that she's sad that the only way that she can show the man she loves how much she loves him is by letting him go. Ben calls the lawyer and reports that the divorce papers are being drawn up. Ben and Maria talk at the door and she shares again how sad she is.


Russ calls Annie and told her he's going to spill the beans if she doesn't follow through on her promise of a date. He also hints that Gregory is at the hospital. She went to the hospital and gets Russ to go into the closet with her. When a nurse opens the door on them she accuses Russ of attempting to rape her. Russ told her what room Gregory, Cole, and Caitlin are in and she went off to find them.


Ricardo wants to know why Gabi sent him to the station and he was not really needed. He says that he knows she wanted to be alone with Antonio. She lies to him and says it is because they were trying to surprise Ricardo by getting him a citation for bravery from the Governor.


Antonio is tearing Francesca's hotel room apart yelling at her the whole time to tell him where the videotape is. She refuses and told him that Gabi has to get her the money but that she kept the tape in a safe place so nobody would see it. He asks her why she is doing this to him and she says that she has made up for everything she's done to him in the past and now it is all about her and her needs. Antonio threatens that he will get her what she needs.

Antonio and Gabi are supposed to meet at the pier when he is done with Francesca and while Antonio is waiting for Gabi, Senora Lopez comes up and told him that he has helped her son a lot and she is thankful.


Caitlin told Cole yesterday that she is not Trey's mother and it developed from there today. He wanted to know the entire story, she told him that she lost the baby and didn't want to break his heart by telling him at the time that he found her after the accident. He wants to know who helped her get the baby and when she was going to tell him the truth. Dr. Manning asks again about the transfusion and Cole told him to give Trey blood from the blood bank. Cole figures out that Shawn knows about Trey not being theirs.


Caitlin told Cole that Annie helped her get the baby.

There's a knock at Francesca's hotel room door, she opens the door and somebody is standing there pointing a gun at her.

Annie went to the room where Caitlin and Cole are and moves toward opening the door.

Wednesday, February 24, 1999


Sara is having a Mary Tyler Moore fantasy that is abruptly ended when Tim shows up in her fantasy. Casey wants to know why Sara is so distracted. She sees Tim and went outside to talk to him. He wants to know if she's gotten him the job with her parents yet. She hasn't so he threatens to tell Casey about her part in the plan to get him back with Meg. Sara went back into ShockWave and talks to Hank and Joan about hiring Tim because of his background with alcoholic parents, and the tough time he is having. Casey is there as well and all three of them object to the idea. She pleads and Hank and Joan say they will consider it. After they walk away Casey told Sara he thinks she's helping Tim because she used to have a crush on him and still cares about him.

Joan asks Sara to deliver some food down the beach, Sara thinks the address doesn't exist, but she leaves anyway.


Cole wants to know who the baby belongs to. Annie is just about to open the door when Gregory stops her. Caitlin told Cole that Annie helped her and Cole is furious that Annie the baby's mother. Cole accuses Caitlin of destroying everything. Annie figures out that Gregory wanted Cole to find out and that he set her up. Cole told Caitlin that he "thought" she was the one person who loved him and would never betray him. Dr. Manning brought Trey in. Cole yells at Caitlin telling her that Trey is not her son, he's Cole's son. He told her that she only told him because she was forced to do and he leaves with Trey.

Annie is back at the mansion and she calls and leaves a message for Maria that she needs her help. She knows that she has to leave town for awhile. She has a fantasy about where she can hide and she is in a church, a nun, and Ricardo, Cole and Gregory catch her anyway. She went to leave with her suitcase and when she opens the door Cole is there.


It was Olivia holding the gun on Francesca. She told Francesca that it is payback time and that she has robbed Olivia the last time. She also told her that she should've kept her "bloody paws off of AJ." Francesca takes the gun away from Olivia and told her that AJ was a willing partner and that Olivia should shoot him. Francesca told Olivia that she should spend less time threatening people with guns and should really be comforting Caitlin right now.


Caitlin told Gregory what happened and he comforts her.

Annie told Cole that Trey is Olivia's baby and that she did it to make sure that Cole got his son and was not raised by Gregory. Her final words to Cole, "Don't shed tears for Olivia - she knows that Trey is hers."

Sara gets to the remote location to deliver the food and it is Casey who has ordered it and he has a picnic set up on a bluff over looking the ocean.

Francesca muses that she DID break up AJ and Olivia.

Thursday, February 25, 1999


Sara and Casey make love in the picnic spot on the bluff. Afterwards Casey told Sara that he didn't think he was a good enough person for her and she told him that she didn't think she was a good enough person for him.


Gabi told Antonio that she'll do whatever she has to do to protect Ricardo. We see Maria standing behind Antonio but all that she heard was Gabi knows how Antonio feels about her. Maria asks Antonio if something else happened in the cave and he just says, "much, much more." Maria had a picture with her of Antonio after his first confession and she told him that he is a good priest and that he was always a good brother and priest.

Gabi went to see Francesca. She told her that she cannot steal the money. She pleads for Antonio's sake reminiscing about how they saved Francesca on the ship. Francesca told Gabi that she's going to have to tell Ricardo then. She wants the money by tonight.

Gabi went to the police station and everyone gives her a standing ovation as she walks in. Spencer hugs her and she takes his safe keys out of his pocket while hugging him.


Francesca calls Gregory on his cell phone and told him that her mission has been accomplished and he told her that his has as well. She demands her money and he hangs up on her.

Gregory is trying to comfort Caitlin and he told her that Cole would never understand because his heart is not at the same level as Caitlin's. She told him that he's not enough, she wants her husband.

Sean kind of appears out of nowhere and Caitlin is telling him what happened. She is starting to have a breakdown and Gregory asks Dr. Manning to give her something to calm her down. Sean berates Gregory and told him that he doesn't care about anyone but himself.


Annie told Cole that Olivia has known what happened for months. Annie then tries to run away while Cole is stunned and he stops her, carries her upstead, and ties her to the bed so that he can find Olivia and she won't escape. Cole went looking for Olivia and went to Bette's house. Bette told him that the last time she saw Olivia she was looking for Caitlin so he runs off to find her again.

Olivia is at the mansion. She went upstairs and hears the knocking in the bedroom and assumes that she knows what it is. Eventually she opens the door and finds Annie tied up. She takes that opportunity to berate Annie for everything she's done to her.


Olivia is reaching up to remove the gag from Annie's mouth when Cole stops her and told her to leave it.

Francesca shows up in the confessional booth and told Antonio that he is the one that should be asking for forgiveness.

Gabi has gotten the box out of the safe and is putting it in her bag when Ricardo comes in.

Friday, February 26, 1999


In the confessional Francesca went on to tell Antonio that Gabi has to get her the money by tonight or she will share the tape with Ricardo. He pleads with her. She told him that she believed in him, that she believed what he told her about doing the right thing and he betrayed that. Antonio told her that it is true that she has the ability to help people or to hurt them. She suggests that maybe he wants Ricardo to find out so that he can have Gabi for himself. Francesca told Antonio that she needs the money so she can get Cole back.

Antonio is praying later and fantasizes about Ricardo coming to him after finding out.


Gabi and Ricardo are in the evidence room and he wants to know why she was by the safe. She says that she is in there to get a file and he wants to know why she was in front of the safe. She holds up Spencer's keys and says that she found them in front of the safe. Ricardo went to find Spencer and reams him. Spencer comes in with Ricardo and says that he was never in the evidence room and that he had the keys in his pocket that morning, before Gabi came in. Ricardo asks him if he is accusing Gabi, he denies that, then remembers that he was in the evidence room once earlier. Ricardo later apologizes to Spencer for coming down so hard on him and says that it was a good thing that the money had been transferred to the District Attorney's office already.


Caitlin is in a stupor from the tranquilizer and Sean is at her side. She is asking for Cole and dreaming about Cole taking Trey away from her. Sean accuses Gregory of most likely being happy that Caitlin and Cole have been split up.

Gregory went back to the mansion and finds Annie tied up on the bed, he picks up the baby monitor so that they can listen in to Cole and Olivia's conversation. Cole told Olivia that he knows the whole story. He told her that something amazing happened to him today - he found out that his wife had lied to him. Olivia asked how he found out and he said that Caitlin told him and Annie filled in the details. Olivia started leaving to see Caitlin and Cole stopped her. She told him that she gave up her own flesh and blood to save Caitlin and Cole's marriage. He accuses her of keeping it quiet for her own selfish interests so that nobody would know that they had an affair.


AJ is waiting for Francesca in her room when she gets back from the parish. He told her that she is going to tell Olivia the truth. She tries to leave and AJ stops her. He says he will kill her if she does not tell Olivia the truth.


Francesca challenges AJ and says, "You don't want to kill me, you want me and it's making you crazy." AJ begins to choke her.

Gabi gets home with the evidence box, opens it up, there's no money but there is a gun.

Emily shows up at the hospital to be with Sean and she asks him if Caitlin will be okay and he says that he doesn't think she will ever be okay again.

Antonio is praying and he imagines how angry Ricardo would be if he found out.

Olivia asks Cole if he is ready to "tell Caitlin that Trey is my child with you." He told her that he will tell the truth, she says, "even if that means that you will tell her we slept together?" and Gregory hears the whole thing, walks in and asks them about sleeping together (innocent - like he didn't already know).

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