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All My Children-related news from 1998

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Dan J Kroll
March 1998
Inside AMC: Where have all the characters gone?
Most people would jump for joy if they were given a free day off of work. That really wasn't the case for me recently when ABC decided to pre-empt All My Children for news briefings on a sex scandal. Yeah, you know who and what I'm talkin' about. For nearly three years I've been providing daily recaps of AMC. But this isn't just a job that I do---I really love watching All My Children.

Dan J Kroll
May 1998
Inside AMC: The Emmy mystery
No matter how hard one tries to avoid it, the Daytime Emmys always bring about one nagging question: Will Susan Lucci win the Emmy?

Kelly Ripa
May 1998
Agent "discovers" losing in court
Kelly Ripa (Hayley) has been awarded $104,482 in damages by a New York federal court judge. Ripa, who declined to comment on the case, is reportedly pleased by the outcome.

Cady McClain
May 1998
ABC confirms McClain will return
In a move that is sure to make AMC fans rejoice, ABC has announced that Cady McClain will be rejoining the cast of All My Children this summer.

Schuyler Grant
May 1998
Not Granted a stay; Camille's gone
While AMC has not officially announced that it has released Schuyler Grant from the role of Camille Hawkins on All My Children, Grant herself has confirmed the rumors.

Dan J Kroll
June 1998
Inside AMC: Quite a character
Recently I've been receiving a lot of requests for additional information on various performers on All My Children. These requests have made me realize that many viewers are not completely familiar with certain aspects of contracts and casting on the show. The purpose of this Inside AMC commentary will tackle this topic and hopefully explain to you how the contract situations work.
Daniel Cosgrove
July 1998
Cosgrove will leave AMC
In late 1996, Daniel Cosgrove was cast in the role of Scott Chandler. The recasting of the role, which Shane McDermott had taken on prior to Cosgrove, created a lot of fuss among viewers. Most viewers were quiet happy with McDermott's portrayal of Scott, but the casting execs at AMC decided that Scott needed to move in "a new direction." Now less than two years after taking on the role, Cosgrove is leaving his prestigious Pine Valley zip code for one of even greater clout---90210.
Dan J Kroll
November 1998
Inside AMC: Grab your brooms
Okay, so it's no secret that I'm a huge Sweeps fan. In fact, I just like saying the word "Sweeps." Perhaps it has more to do with my personality than anything else---but I really get excited by the idea that for the next few weeks I'll be entertained by great storylines. Sure, I've been disappointed from time to time by lackluster storylines, but all in all I have been pleased with AMC's Sweeps stuff.
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