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Aidan and Maria grew closer and shared a kiss. Vanessa confessed that she had once been Richard Field's lover and that she had overheard Erica's rape. Kendall and Trey took tests to determine if they were siblings. Leo stole crucial evidence from the police station.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 30, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, September 30, 2002

As Simone scoured the newspaper for a job, Frank returned from a jog. He invited Simone to go with him to the mountains but she turned him down, stating that she needed a job, "not a He-man adventure." Frank assured her that she wouldn't find a job that evening, so Simone put the paper down and decided to go out for a cheeseburger and malt. When Frank began harping on the cholesterol content, Simone told him that it cheered her up and advised him that he may need the same. She explained that he wasn't as happy as he appeared and Frank confirmed that not all doctors are not touched by human suffering. As she stood at the door, he rushed to her and blocked her way. Finally, he convinced her to go with him on a hike and ran upstairs to shower.

At the boathouse, Greenlee apologized to Leo and, through her tears, she promised that she would never come between him and his family again. Leo assured her that she wouldn't get the chance and confided that he and Trey had turned in the Club Monaco money into the police and that Jack had cleared him of any charges. He picked her up and began to walk down the stairs, promising her that they would now go to Paris, but Greenlee demanded that he stop. She told him that they weren't moving to Paris for awhile because he had to be with his family. She reminded him that he now had a family and that she was no longer enough for him, even though he was enough for her. Leo tried to interject but Greenlee was persistent. With tears in her eyes, she confided that she always knew she would have to share him but didn't realize that it would be while they were still newlyweds. She asked him to imagine themselves at the airport, about to leave for Paris. She told him that Trey, David and Vanessa would be there with matching surveillance bracelets, Maggie would be there still mourning the loss of her sister and Anna would be there as well, expecting his new niece or nephew. Greenlee promised to love him for who he was and vowed that she would stay in Pine Valley with him, even though she had the same feeling that she had experienced before the wedding. Leo confided that all he had done lately was let her down and cited the incident at their wedding. Greenlee replied that it wasn't her fault and reminded him how he had worked against her to get her money. She wondered why she had become attached to Trey but Leo only replied that he was her brother. He admitted that there was a part of him that didn't want to leave his family at that moment but told her that her feeling was important to him and suggested they leave that night.

As Kendall and Chris looked on, Trey began to tell Jack the whole story about his past. He stated that Vanessa was his birth mother and, at Chris' urgence, revealed that his name was really Ben Sheppard. "Go on," Kendall quipped, and Chris asked him to tell them something they didn't already know. "I thought I was," he replied. He asked Kendall why she was there and she hastily replied that Chris had hauled her in. As he turned his attention to Jack, Trey revealed that he had been given up for adoption, didn't know who his real father was and had approached Vanessa as her lawyer in order to get closer to her. Jack replied that he could charge him with a dozen offences for the identity theft but confided that he liked his attitude and that he was free to go for now. Chris told Kendall that she could leave but warned her that he had his eye on her. Trey exited the room and, once alone, Kendall thanked the pair for not blowing her cover. As they closed the door, Jack stated that he didn't buy a word of Trey's statement but that he wasn't so sure about Kendall's.

At the Chandler Mansion, Anna and David endured another stand-off. As Anna held David's research materials and a gun pointed at him, David asked her to return them to him and to avoid making him do something he didn't want to do. "Don't make me," she warned, as she kept the gun pointed directly at him. He begged her to stop for the sake of their marriage and unborn child but Anna was firm. Calmly, David explained to her that he was going to "do the hardest thing (he's) ever had to do" and told her to give him the materials so that he could leave and they could forget the whole incident. As he stepped closer, she pointed the gun even more directly and replied that she was going to take the materials to the police, where it would be revealed that he administered drugs illegally, and then she was going to get a warrant for his arrest. As she backed towards the door, she confided that the next time they met, she would be putting handcuffs on him. As she exited the house, she closed the door and collapsed against it. Slowly, she got up and ran.

As Simone came down the stairs, she found Frank sprawled out on the couch. "Don't even go there," she whispered, as she tried to get certain thoughts out of her head. She put a blanket over him as Frank began to have a nightmare. "No, it's my fault," he repeated, in his deep slumber. Simone finally woke him up and asked him what he was dreaming about. Frank was very quick to brush the question off and replied that he didn't remember. Simone picked up her purse and told him that she was going to find a job but he reminded her that he had convinced her to go hiking with him. He apologized if he had scared her but she only stated that she was letting him down easy. Frank seemed surprised at this and Simone began teasing him about his massive ego. He asked her why she would rather spend the night with a cheeseburger and not a real man but Simone only replied that she wanted to drive to Philly and visit the Art Institute. She informed him that she was out of his league but Frank only asked if she was visiting the Kandinsky exhibit or the Weegee photographs. He offered to go upstairs and change but Simone relented and admitted that she didn't think he wanted to visit an art institute with her. She told him that he had been around the block before and that he was different. As they got closer, she admitted that it was a "very good different." They passionately kissed and made their way to couch. Simone pulled back and told him that she had to find a job. Quickly, she rose and went upstairs.

As the returned home, Kendall congratulated Trey on his childhood sob story. She began recanting her ‘horrible upbringing' with what Trey referred to as an "adoring mother and doting father" but advised her that he would win the "maniac mommy" competition hands down. Kendall remembered how upset Vanessa had gotten at the mere idea that she was dating her son and Trey wondered what it would take to get someone like Vanessa spooked. Quietly, he wondered why she had gotten so angry at when she thought they were an item. Kendall suggested that she still had something to hide but Trey was not sure what that would be. She hastily stated that she had to get ready for work but Trey stopped her and asked her why Chris had hauled her in to the station. Quickly, she replied that he had probably wanted information on Ryan but before she could turn, Trey grabbed her arm and asked her what Chris had wanted to know. She assured him that Chris "got his jollies" from annoying her and asked her what the big deal was. Trey reminded her that he could get charged and go to jail and confided that he didn't even know what the truth was anymore. Kendall replied that he reminded her a lot of her father and motioned towards the pile of his movies that she had collected. Trey assured her that he was nothing like "a 1960's, B movie star slash rapist" but Kendall only replied that she had thought he resembled Richard Fields in the last movie she had watched. As she went to her room, Trey popped the movie in. "Please, get this message to your chief," a voice sounding eerily like Trey's boomed from the television. Trey made his way over to his answering machine and listened to his own voice-recorded message which sounded striking similar to the one from the movie.

Anna returned to the police station and left Jack a message, telling him that she might have "the goods on David." As she hung up the phone, she began to get dizzy and remembered back to the events of that evening. "Oh David, what have you done to us?" she wondered, as she suddenly collapsed on the floor, the vial slipping from her hand. As it rolled under the desk, Jack entered the office and immediately called for an ambulance.

Leo returned to find Greenlee crying. She confided that she was afraid of losing him and that she couldn't keep him from his family. She suggested that her panic attack came on when she finally realized that she was moving there with her husband and Leo admitted that he was "lost" and asked her if she wanted to go to Paris. Greenlee stated that she wanted to stay in Pine Valley but before they could continue, Leo's phone rang. He answered it an hysterical Maggie who informed him of Anna's situation. Leo assured her that he would come right away and, when he hung up, he explained to Greenlee what happened. He told her that he wouldn't leave her if she needed him but Greenlee urged him to go. Leo kissed her and promised to call her when he knew what was going on and left. Alone, Greenlee called Kendall who informed her that Chris wouldn't arrest Trey. She told Greenlee that they were the only ones onto Trey and assured her that neither Trey nor Leo would ever find out.

At the hospital, Maggie watched as the doctors examined a still unconscious Anna. She asked Jack what happened and all he could reply was that he found her that way on the floor of her office. Maggie made a beeline to the phone and called David's paging system. She left an urgent message for him, explaining that his wife was unconscious and at the hospital.

David approached Jack, Maggie and Jake but the good doctor would not allow David in. Jack warned him that if he entered, he "would start (his) life sentence now."

In the hospital room, Anna awoke and asked Joe how her baby was.

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Vanessa was trying on earrings that would suit her personality when Trey arrived. She apologized for the stocks being worthless, and he said it's okay, because it brought him and Leo closer together. He thanked her again for helping them find the Proteus stash, and she told him she would do anything for her boys. He told her that there is something else she could do, tell him who is father is. She changed the subject, and offered to order a pot of tea. He continued to pressure her, and Vanessa said that it was so long ago, and she'd hate to relive that part of her past. Trey decided to try a different tact, and told her that she's right. He didn't need his father, now that he has two women in his life. He went on and told her that Kendall is a wonderful girl, and he can't wait to show her how much he loves her. Vanessa became agitated and said, "You would sleep with Kendall? Over my dead body!" She changed her tone, and said that he's too young to commit, but Trey said he isn't talking about marriage. When Vanessa refused to be swayed, he told her that he wants to know what the connection is between his father and Kendall Hart. He made Vanessa hear his voice, and how much it sounded like Richard Fields'. She told him it was a coincidence, but he didn't think so. He asked her, point blank, "Is Richard Fields my father?" She told him that that's absurd. She told him to quit asking questions that he doesn't want the answers to. Trey told her that he would continue searching for the truth. Vanessa told him to drop it, and said, "If Erica Kane finds out...." Trey asked her what Erica has to do with it. He then surmised that this is about more then just paternity. He continued to pressure her and asked her what deep dark secret she's hiding. The guard entered the room while Vanessa was screaming hysterically, and he asked Trey to leave. Trey agreed, but not before telling Vanessa that the truth is out there, and he's going to find it.

Erica was setting up the penthouse with flowers and candles when Opal arrived with some more goodies. She asked Erica where her beau is, and she said that she's just waiting for him. Opal recognized that Erica was obviously setting Chris up for a rendezvous, and Erica confirmed it by telling Opal that they had had a little tiff. Opal turned it around by suggesting that he might not show up, if he's still upset over their "little tiff." Erica assured her that she knows her man. She told Opal that Chris was "100 % wrong" in their argument, but she wants to prove that she could put it behind her. She explained to Opal how Chris tracked down her father, against her wishes, and Opal sympathized that it would be hard to see him again. She said, however, that it might offer closure to her. Erica didn't like her defending Chris and told her to leave because he should arrive any minute.

Jake told David that he planned to enforce the restraining order against him, while David pleaded with a chance to see Anna and his unborn child. Leo arrived and told Jake that he can't turn David away at a time like this.

Joe told Anna that her baby will be fine as long as she keeps her blood pressure down, and stays away from stress. Maggie walked up and told Anna that she might have a fix for her. She said that David's here and he wants to see her. Anna became agitated and she told Maggie that she didn't want to see him, and to make him leave. Joe tried to calm her down while explaining to Maggie that Anna shouldn't see him. Maggie apologized and backed out of the room.

Jake was explaining to David that it's Anna's call whether or not to see him, when Maggie walked up. She told him that it's probably not a good idea, and that she's under a lot of stress right now. David tried to tell everyone that he's the only one who truly knows what she wants, and Jackson said that he knows what Anna doesn't want: him anywhere near her or her baby. David told him that he doesn't even know Anna. Leo intervened and told David that he needs to give Anna some space for now. David finally relented and agreed not to see Anna, but he asked Jake to let him stay in the hospital. Jake told him that he could stay in the hospital, but if he attempts to see Anna, he'll enforce the restraining order. Leo led David away as Joe came out and filled in Jackson, Jake, and Maggie on Anna's condition. Jackson asked if he could see her, and Jake told him to go in but keep it short.

Leo and David walked into the chapel, with David still complaining that he couldn't see Anna. He said that she just doesn't get it. He would give up anything for her and their baby. Joe arrived and told him that Anna is stabilized, and the baby is still getting better. David asked if Anna asked for him, and Joe told him that she specifically asked him not to see her. After Joe left, Leo told David how sorry he was. David told him not to feel sorry for him, because if anything happens to the baby, it's all his fault.

Opal was filling in Myrtle on what Erica is planning, and Myrtle agreed that it's classic Erica. She finds the perfect man, and then does everything in her power to make sure it doesn't work out. Opal asked her why tonight, though, and Myrtle responded that Erica is setting up a "date with her past." Myrtle said that this happens every year at this time. Her father's birthday follows her's, and she gets all those old feelings about abandonment. Myrtle said that Erica would never admit that it bothers her. Opal questioned if there was anything they could do to help her, but Myrtle said that she's tried everything. Opal said they could try to find Chris to warn him, but Myrtle said that it wouldn't do any good. She said that Erica still blames her father for the rape. He should have been at that party, instead of Richard Fields, and until she faces her father again, she will never be at peace.

Erica, waiting for Chris, picked up her cell phone before slamming it down. She folded her arms and said, "No! He should call me!" She continued to pace, frantically, asking herself, "Where is he?" She assured herself that he would be there, though. She heard lightning outside, and remembered back to the time where she told Chris about her fear of lightning. She repeated to herself, "I'm not afraid of the past. I'm not afraid of lightning." She finally gave up and decided to call Chris. He told her he was up to his eyes in paperwork, and he never checked his messages. She was upset that he didn't care enough to check on her, and he asked her to give him a clue what she was talking about. She said she must have dialed the wrong number, and hung up. The lightning and thunder started to pick up, and Erica because more afraid. She hugged her arms to her body, and curled up on the floor.

Jackson told Anna that he's taking over the case. Against her wishes, Jackson said that David is now his problem, and all she has to do is relax and forget about work. Joe entered the room and told Anna that the test results show that she and the baby are fine.

Leo asked him what he meant, and David told him about how Anna had evidence against him, and he forced her to pull a gun on him. Leo told him that he went too far, and David agreed. He asked Leo to leave him alone for a little bit, and Leo left to "shake down the vending machine." David said a prayer after Leo left, and asked God to save his child. Leo and Jake entered the room at this time and said that the baby's going to make it. David was happy and he moved past Leo to go and see Anna. Leo stopped him and told him that he needs to put Anna and the baby first. He said that if he goes to see Anna, then he's cutting him off. Leo asked David to come with him.

Joe told Anna that her baby is healthy, but she still needs to avoid stress. She thanked him, as he left. Jackson recognized that she must be feeling better, and she confessed to him that she's really looking forward to being a mommy. He asked her if she wanted to find out the gender of her child, and she said she wasn't sure. They began laughing about Jackson playing with dolls as a child, and Leo and David heard the laugh in the hallway outside. David made a move to the door, but Leo stopped him and told him not to think about it. He walked closer to the door and heard them discussing baby names. Leo tried to pull him away, but Anna began talking about the evidence. They continued listening as Anna told Jackson that she left the evidence on her desk. Jackson told her that they would have it bagged and labeled before anyone could get their hands on it. David continued to listen outside the room.

Vanessa continued walking around her room, with the thunder and lightning around her. She said to herself, "I had to leave. I had no choice."

Erica, still frightened, climbed to her feet. She screamed as she noticed the door to her patio open. She heard footsteps on the stairway outside, and she hid behind a wall. A man yelled, "Erica!" She cowered and look towards the doorway. She saw a silhouette of a man standing in the entryway asking, "Erica! Where are you?"

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Erica bashed the intruder with a 2x4 and he fell to the floor of the penthouse. She bent down to look at him and it was Trey. She heard Chris calling her and in he walked. He asked if she was ok and then saw Trey on the floor. Chris bent down to check him and the lights came back on. He used his cell phone to call for an ambulance as Erica stood silently in shock. They followed the ambulance to the ER and went in to get word on Trey's condition. Erica repeated over and over to herself "What have I done?." Chris walked over to her and asked what had happened. Erica told him he was supposed to be there and then she heard Trey's voice calling her. She said it was so dark and she heard this voice but didn't see a face. Dr. MacMillan came over and told Erica that Trey was going to be ok. He began talking to her and she quickly realized that he was the hospital psychiatrist and told him she was fine. Chris admitted that he called Dr. MacMillan to help Erica through this. Kendall walked in just in time to hear this and goaded her mother about talking to a shrink. Chris tried to force Kendall to leave but she said she was called as Trey's "next of kin." Erica said she didn't mean to hurt Trey and Kendall asked what she was going to do if Trey died because of what she did. Erica said "I heard a voice" in a rather spacey tone and Kendall said "You heard Richard Fields' voice, the voice of the man who raped you." Erica denied hearing Richard Fields' voice but Kendall taunted her saying that Trey sounds exactly like Richard Fields. "Scary, isn't it?" she snarled. Chris took Kendall aside and asked what Trey wanted from Erica. Kendall claimed not to know anything. Dr. Hubbard came out of the exam room and said Trey regained consciousness and Kendall went in to see him. Meanwhile Dr. MacMillan checked Erica's blood pressure and said it was fine. Chris told Erica that Trey was out of the woods and she was relieved. He told her that she was the bravest woman he knows but Erica said she wasn't brave at all. Chris said he couldn't begin to understand the pain she's been through, not just tonight but her whole life. Erica said she wanted to forget everything, including tonight. Chris said she was safe now and that nothing would ever hurt her again. She got very defensive and said she would never let anyone hurt her. Chris said he'd always be right by her side, that she couldn't chase him away. They left the hospital together. In Trey's room Kendall asked him what he wanted with Erica. Trey said just before Erica bashed him in the head he was calling out her name. But she heard Richard Fields' voice. Trey said Vanessa had spent a lot of time in Hollywood at the same time period Richard Fields was there. He looked at Kendall and said "What if you and I are brother and sister?"

Leo stopped David from running to Anna's office to retrieve the evidence. Leo volunteered to go do it for his brother. David argued but Leo finally convinced him to let him go. Leo told him to go see Greenlee so she could be his alibi. Leo left the hospital and David looked nervous. He went to see Greenlee who was surprised to find him at her door. David walked in and told her he needed a favor from her. Greenlee first asked him about Anna and David told her Anna was doing well. He went on to say that the favor he needed from Greenlee was for her to get on the next plane to Paris, find an apartment, and come back and get Leo. David told her that this was Leo's last chance to get away from his "damn family." Greenlee was suspicious. David said he'd rather Leo stay in Pine Valley for the rest of his life but if Leo did, "we'd eat him alive."

Meanwhile, Leo went to the police station and asked to speak with Chief Devane. The cop told Leo that she was indisposed. Leo told the cop that he's Anna's brother in law and then asks for a receipt for the stocks he turned in. The cop thought he was joking and Leo began to make a scene, demanding to see a supervisor. When the cop left Leo doubled over in pretend pain. Another policeman came over and Leo said a migraine just hit him and he needed to lie down and asked to go in Anna's office. The officer told Leo that the stocks he turned in made the case against Proteus and the town was grateful. He let Leo into Anna's office and shut the door. Leo closed the blinds then quickly found the plastic bag with David's research information disk, but he missed the vial on the floor. He rushed out, telling the officer that he thought he should go to the hospital. He went home and walked in on David and Greenlee talking about Paris. Greenlee demanded to know where Leo had been. He claimed to be very thirsty and asked her to get him water. She went to the kitchen and Leo handed David the bag. Greenlee returned with the water and Leo downed it. Then Greenlee asked what was in the bag he just gave David. The two brothers looked at each other guiltily. David started to speak but Leo jumped in and said this was something he and Greenlee should discuss alone. David left and Greenlee again demanded an explanation. Leo told her he was at the police station and found the evidence against David and took it. Greenlee was absolutely horrified. Leo said it meant everything to him to be able to help David. He promised that this would be his last caper but Greenlee didn't believe a word of it. She told him that by this time tomorrow they would have a lease on an apartment in Paris and ran out the door. Leo followed her.

David looked in the bag Leo gave him and realized the vial was missing and became very afraid.

Edmund stoked the fire in the living room at Wildwind. Brooke came downstairs from helping Maddie get to sleep. She told Edmund that Maddie had wanted to talk about her "Angel Mommy." The doorbell rang and then the phone rang. Edmund got the phone while Brooke opened the door. Mateo and Hayley were standing there and Mateo was not happy to see Brooke. He wanted to see Maria and Edmund joined them, and said that Maria wasn't staying with him. Mat spat at Brooke "Congratulations, you've won!." Edmund tried to explain that Brooke was there for Maddie but Mateo got ugly about it. Edmund took him outside while Hayley and Brooke went into the living room. Hayley apologized for Mat's behavior but Brooke said she deserved it. Hayley told Brooke she knows she still loves Edmund. Brooke said yes she did but there was nothing she could do about it. Hayley told her that she had suffered to let everyone else be happy. Brooke said she thought that one day it would be her turn. Hayley told Brooke that while she loves Maria she also loves Brooke and that Brooke should fight for Edmund. Brooke was appalled at the suggestion. Hayley said Edmund had to choose and that Brooke should let it be his choice. Hayley said that everyone says Maria is the love of Edmund's life but "who did he love before and after Maria?" Brooke saidshe had put herself first over the man she loved and his kids. Outside Mateo told Edmund it should be Maria at Wildwind, not Brooke. Edmund reminded Mat that Maria doesn't remember them. He said he loved Maria very much and Mat said "You still love her!." Edmund said he didn't know who she is anymore. Mat stayed outside and Edmund returned to the living room and Brooke said she would leave. Edmund thanked her for helping with Maddie and she went out the door. Edmund asked Hayley about Enzo but she wanted to talk about Brooke. She told him that Brooke was a good person but Edmund said she didn't care about what she was doing to his kids when she hid the fact that Maria was alive. Hayley said maybe Brooke cared too much and Edmund told her it didn't matter now, he could never look at her the same way again. Outside Mat stopped Brooke and said he knew what she was up to."You're using Maddie to get closer to Edmund." Brooke tried to explain but Mat yelled at her. This brought Edmund and Hayley outside. Edmund ordered Mat to lay off and Hayley dragged her husband away. Brooke apologized and said she shouldn't have come. Edmund told her that not everything was her fault and thanked her for taking care of Maddie. Brooke was touched and walked away.

At the Pine Cone Motel Maria came out of the shower as Aidan got off the phone. He told her that Anna had been taken to the hospital because she had passed out. Maria asked if she was going to be ok and Aidan asked "Do you really care?" Maria was stunned by this and they began to argue. Aidan said it was her fault for Anna being so stressed out. He told her that she's the only one who could put David away, saying "I thought you were better than that!" She got very offended and told Aidan to go to hell. Maria said that David saved her life and Aidan said she should still tell the truth. She said she is trying to tell HER truth. She said that until recently she was happy and healthy and had David to thank. They made up and he said it wasn't her fault that Anna was in the hospital. Maria said maybe it was time for her to move out on her own. Aidan said he didn't want her to move out because he'd miss her. Maria said they hardly know each other and that she doesn't know anything about him. Aidan said it was all boring, he grew up, went to war and some things changed about him. Maria was intrigued. Aidan told her to stay as long as she likes because he feels safe with her. They shared a kiss.

Thursday, October 3, 2002

Brooke and Jamie sit in the restaurant waiting to order, but the waitress ignores them. Edmund enters, sees what is going on and orders for them. He sits down and is ready to talk about going back to work for Tempo. Edmund receives a call from Aidan asking if he's seen Maureen. Edmund hasn't and makes a remark about Aidan not doing a very good job keeping an eye on her. Brooke offers to reschedule their meeting, but Edmund says it isn't necessary. It isn't his business what Maria is up to anymore. Jamie gives an excuse and leaves Brooke and Edmund alone together. Brooke sympathizes with Edmund and reaches out to touch his hand. As she does so, Maria walks in with Joe Martin. Maria greets Edmund as if he were casual a casual acquaintance and not her husband.

Edmund and Brooke attempt to discuss Tempo business, but Brooke has to ask if it isn't too soon for Edmund to feel comfortable working with her again. Before Edmund can answer, a country song begins playing on the jukebox. It is their song. He stands up and turns to Maria. She returns his look, but has no reaction. Edmund asks Brooke how it is possible that Maria can't remember anything. he doesn't believe feelings should go away so easily. Brooke understands how he feels. Edmund vows that if there is any spark left at all in Maria, he will find it. Even if it kills him. Edmund has a new idea. He is going to do his own research and learn everything there is to know about amnesia. Maybe this way he can find out how to restore Maria's memory. Brooke asks if she can help him and Edmund accepts. Now he has hope.

Taking a seat at another table, Maria tells Joe that she needs a job. She asks if he will put in a good word for her at the hospital. Joe says he can do better than that. He believes he can get her a job working with children and guarantees there will be a place at the hospital for her. Maria is thrilled. She rushes to find Aidan and share the news. He is happy for her even when she says she is getting her own room at the Pine Cone. Maria is excited to begin a new life in Pine Valley.

Erica is alone in her new apartment when she sees the pipe on the ground that she used to hit Trey. As she bends down to pick it up, Chris comes in. Erica asks if Chris has any idea why Trey would have come to her apartment in the middle of the night. Chris promises he will find out. When Erica senses he knows more than he's saying, Chris assures her he will tell her everything as soon as he fits all the pieces together.

Kendall asks Trey "Who are you anyway?" She tells him how he is "messing with her head" with his twisted mind games. She asks Trey why he is doing this and what he has to gain by telling her they are brother and sister. Trey swears he has absolutely nothing to gain. He is revolted that Richard Fields, "the old perv", could be his father. Kendall feels hurt because she is Richard Field's daughter whether she likes it or not. She has always been looked down on because of this.

Erica comes to the door and insists that Trey explain why he was at her penthouse. What was so urgent? Trey refuses to say anything. He tells Erica not to worry because he won't press charges. Erica complains that his voice sounds like Richard Field's. Trey says that if she doesn't want to hear it, she can leave. He shows her the door. Again, Erica asks why he came to see her. Trey will only say that he was there on behalf of his client Vanessa Cortlandt. After Erica leaves, Trey asks Kendall for her help in finding out who he is. They go to the hospital where Trey asks Joe Martin for a DNA test.

Chris pays a visit to Vanessa. He tries everything from threats to favors to try to get information from her. Vanessa doesn't budge when Chris demands to know her connection to Richard Fields. She says she can't discuss it with anyone. Chris leaves and Erica, who has been lurking outside, goes in. When Vanessa sees Erica, she says, "You know, don't you."

Friday, October 4, 2002

At Pine Valley Hospital, Trey and Kendall walked into the lounge waiting for results of the DNA test. Trey wasn't very happy that he might be the son of a pervert. They agreed not to tell anyone about the DNA test. Bianca entered the lounge and demanded from Kendall a reason why she was there with Trey who is a lying, two-faced, back stabbing phony. Kendall was taken by surprise and walked away from Trey while she talked with Bianca. Bianca wanted to know if Kendall told Jackson she thought Trey set fire to Erica's house. Kendall replied she did and at first Jackson didn't believe her but he is going to check it out. Kendall wasn't sure Jackson will find any evidence. Trey rejoined the two of them. Bianca began to chew out Trey for being an evil person as Maggie entered the lounge. Maggie became upset with Bianca for dishing Trey, her cousin and for slamming her family. Bianca defended her opinion saying that Trey was bad news. Bianca changed the subject and asked why Maggie had been skipping her classes. Maggie told Bianca to butt out. Bianca admitted to Maggie she admired her loyalty to her family. Maggie then apologized to Bianca for her anger. They hugged.

Meanwhile, Trey and Kendall left the hospital and returned to Trey's condo. Trey needed to take his medication and asked Kendall to get him a glass of water as well as a pillow. Kendall begrudgely did and let Trey know she is not there to take care of him. They talked about why each one came to Pine Valley. Kendall wanted to find her real mother and Trey wanted to find out who his father is. Trey went to another room to get something he wanted to show Kendall.

In Vanessa's hotel room, Vanessa asked Erica to tell her what she knows. Erica refused and demanded the truth. Is the man who raped her, Trey's father? Vanessa was reluctant to answer. She told Erica to leave things in the past. Erica continued to bagger Vanessa until Vanessa finally shouted out that Richard Fields is Trey's father. Erica was shocked. "Then he raped you too," she replied to Vanessa. Vanessa looked at her in amazement. Erica continued on, describing her rape until Vanessa implored her to stop recounting the event. Vanessa, in frustration, shouted at Erica how could she be so stupid. "I loved Richard!" she confessed. "He didn't rape me." Erica couldn't believe it. Vanessa continued that Trey was her love child with Richard but Richard wanted the young, pretty girls. "He wanted you, Erica," she replied. Erica realized Trey and Kendall are the same age. Vanessa continued on that Fields had a perverse sense of lust. He wanted the pretty, dark-haired girl in the party dress and that he was a monster.

Vanessa, feeling tired, told Erica to leave. Erica went into the hallway and suddenly realized Vanessa was lying. "There's much more to this," she said to herself. She whirled around and went back into Vanessa's room. "How did you know that I was wearing a party dress?" demanded Erica.

At Greenlee's and Leo's condo, David searched the living room for the missing vial. Leo couldn't understand why it wasn't with the evidence he swiped from Anna's office. He figured it must still be at the police station and was going to go look for it but David stopped him. "No," he cried. "You've done enough for me." David begged Leo to promise him to leave town and get away from him. He insisted Leo grab his chance at happiness with Greenlee. David left the condo Jackson chewed out the police sergeant at the police station for letting Leo into Anna's office. Jackson realized Leo had stolen the evidence on David. As Jackson was leaving Anna's office, Anna was coming in. Believing the evidence was still in her office, she insisted on taking it to the lab for analysis. Jackson tried to change the subject and told Anna she needed to go home and rest for the baby's sake. Anna wasn't persuaded so Jackson lied that the evidence was already at the lab. Jackson left Anna's office to pay a visit to Leo.

Jackson arrived at Leo's condo to ask him where is the evidence against David that he stole. Leo denied he took it. Jackson advised Leo to choose between his one chance of happiness with Greenlee and to forget his brothers who will give him a lifetime of misery. He then left. Leo went to Trey's condo. After banging loudly on the door, Kendall finally let him in. Leo shouted at Kendall. Did she tell Greenlee Trey burned down Erica's house. Trey came into the room and looked at Kendall. "I'd like to know the answer to that myself," he said.

Back at the police station, before Anna left to go home, David visited her. He tried one more time to convince Anna they have a chance at a good life together. Anna told David the lab is working on the evidence against him. She is unaware David has the tapes and that the vial of serum is missing. David looked around the office for the missing vial while he tried to distract Anna. He noticed it on the floor by her desk. He suddenly fell to his knees demanding Anna take him back as he fumbled for the vial. Anna called an officer to take David away. With a sly smile on his face David snatched the vial and hid it in his pocket.



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