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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 30, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, September 30, 2002

Isaac informs Jessica that Marshall set up the robbery at Java. Jessica insists that she will not be involved in any mudslinging, but privately calls Marshall to meet. Isaac and Bonnie make up and admit that they are baffled by why Jessica doesn't want to nail Marshall for his behavior. Carly calls Craig and asks him to call her back and play along with whatever she says. When Jack arrives, Carly tries to impress upon him that her dealings with Craig are just business. Craig phones Carly on cue and Carly launches into a tirade about drawing the line between business and personal life. Jack finally concedes to allowing her to work with Craig, but asks her to leave him without a note if she and Craig cross the line. Abigail confides in Molly that she suspects that Aaron may have started the fire to have a chance to be a hero. Molly advises Abigail not to act until she learns more. She agrees, but when she heads over to the barn, she overhears the fire marshal say how suspicious the fire was. At the hospital, Holden defends Aaron to Craig and proclaims that Aaron is a hero. Craig admits that he jumped to conclusions about what happened. Hal overhears their fight and tries to reason with Craig that he is behaving the same way that Hal reacted towards Bryant. He advises Craig to try to get past his feelings toward Aaron. Lucy begs Craig to make a plea to Holden for Aaron to stay in Oakdale or she will return to Montega.

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Not wanting Lucy to return to Montega, Craig presses her case with Holden for Aaron to stay in town. Meanwhile, Alison and Aaron commiserate and he worries about having to return to Seattle. Holden asks Aaron to meet him and Caleb back at the farm. Alison looks on as Aaron and Lucy leave arm-in-arm and Emily comforts her. Hal reports back to Emily, Alison, Barbara and Paul that Will is in critical condition. At Java, Bonnie admits to Isaac that she is working with Paul and Simon and has bugged Marshall's room. He wants her to stop playing such dangerous games, but Bonnie insists that he look at their operation. Henry shows Simon a new bugging device he bought that looks like a smoke detector and they make plans to plant it in Marshall's hideaway. Paul reports to everyone that Brandy has volunteered to help them. Isaac gets sucked into the excitement and finds himself glued to the bug in Marshall's room. In the lounge, Jessica threatens to go public what Isaac found out about Marshall's association with the robber at Java. Marshall denies the charges and tries to convince Jessica that his wanting to be with her is personal, not strategic. Ben shows up as Marshall leaves and he notes how affected Jessica is by her conversation with Marshall. Brandy reports to Marshall that Paul is spying on him. Marshall is furious and ransacks his room, ultimately finding the bug. Jessica arrives, but Marshall clamps his hand over her mouth before she can speak so that they are not discovered.

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

After Marshall discovers the bug in his hotel room, he asks Jessica if she had anything to do with it. Jessica replies no and leaves Marshall's room, running right into Bonnie. Jessica asks Bonnie, "What have you done?" She is very upset and angry and offers to concede the election if Marshall will agree not to go to the police. Bonnie asks Jessica why she was in Marshall's room. Jessica says she was there to talk about the election. Bonnie is upset and feels like she ruined her mother's career. Jessica goes back to Marshall and tells him he was right - the bug came from her political camp. Marshall says he will not go to the police. He says he'd concede if he had to. Jessica tells him she thought of conceding as well. Marshall makes his move, they kiss and then they make love, under the watchful eye of the camera taping them.

Caleb and Holden tell Aaron that they will allow him to stay in Oakdale. Holden tells Aaron he is proud of him and that he is "his first son, oldest son." Aaron goes over to see Lucy to tell her that he can stay in Oakdale.

Rosanna calls Lucinda and tells her she's won the Women's leadership Council award for woman of the year for her generous contribution to the burn unit at Memorial Hospital. Lucinda sees through Rosanna and hangs up on her. Molly and Mike arrive at Lucinda's place. Lucinda asks Mike to fix a missing clamp - just a ploy to get Mike to leave so she can talk to Molly alone. Molly thanks Lucinda for covering for her with the burn unit donation. Molly wonders if she should just tell Mike the truth about the donation. Lucinda assures Molly their secret will be safe. Molly says if she has to, she will tell Mike before Rosanna can.

At Java Underground, Rosanna overhears Chris Hughes talking with some colleagues. She decides to approach him. She tells him she is creating an endowment for the hospital. He wonders aloud if it is for a pediatric ICU unit. "Yes", Rosanna replies, that is exactly what it is for. But, she tells him she needs to know who the other big contributors are, specifically the identity of the burn unit contributor. Chris says he'll see what he can do because only a few people have that information since it was an anonymous donor. Rosanna smiles and gives him her card.

Barbara is extremely upset when she hears about Will's condition. Ben tells her that Will needs surgery to avoid brain damage. Barbara just wants to see her son and is becoming increasingly irritated. She yells at Emily and Alison yells back at Barbara. Then, Paul and Barbara get into an argument. Hal says they need to stand by Will. He tells Barbara he will drop the custody suit if he gets to see Will as often as possible. A fire marshal approaches Hal and tells him that the preliminary check of the barn fire points to arson. Hal says he will now be a part of the investigation.

Thursday, October 3, 2002

Hal and Jack are investigating the fire at the Snyder barn. Abigail comes in and Hal thinks that she is acting strange. Hal questions her about what she knows about the fire. Abigail tells them that she heard the fire marshal talking and that is all she knows. She does have a flashback about Aaron telling her that he would have to defuse a nuclear bomb or something before people would give him any credit. Jack tells Abigail that she needs to leave because the barn is a crime area. Abigail goes outside the barn and calls Aaron. She tells him that she needs to see him. Later, Hal is alone in the barn and finds a matchbook from a restaurant in Seattle.

At Holden's house, Holden, Caleb, Julie and Lily have given Aaron a new motorcycle. Holden tells him that there will be rules to follow with this new bike and the first one will be to keep Lucy off the back of it. Aaron says that he understands and she won't be on his bike again. Caleb and Julie leave to go back to Seattle and Abigail shows up. Aaron tries to show off his new bike, but Abigail wants to know one thing...did he start the fire at the barn.

Jessica wakes up abruptly and sees the she is still in bed with Marshall. She wakes him up and tells him that she can't believe that she stayed there with him all night. She gets dressed and rushes out the door. As Marshall is cleaning up the apartment, Paul watches the monitor and sees that Marshall had an overnight guest. He wonders to himself who stayed the night with Marshall. As he starts to rewind the videotape, Bonnie walks in and tells Paul that her mother has told them to stop spying on Marshall. She tells him to destroy the tape. Paul tells her about the overnight guest and asks if she is curious who it is. Bonnie thinks for a moment and then agrees that they should watch the tape.

Katie finds Simon and Henry at the Lakeview and tells Simon that she has a great idea. She proposes that they should start a family investigation service. Henry begs to be a part of it. Simon says that he can be in the business and Henry suggests that they call their new business Coleman and Frazier. Katie has another idea, Frazier, Frazier and Coleman. Henry agrees and is happy to be a part of the new business.

Friday, October 4, 2002

by Andy

Carly remembers that today would have been Molly and Jake's first year wedding anniversary. Carly wonders if she'll have a perfect wedding, and Jack assures her that will never happen. "Our lives have never been neat." Carly picks up a tube of mustard and squirts ropes of yellow stuff all over Jack. Jack isn't amused and gets serious. He's tired of all the drama, from Jake's murder to Carly's abduction and time at the spa. Carly asks Jack to close his eyes while she paints a picture of their future, which includes Craig outfitting Martians with the latest collection of clothes from Carly Tenney Originals, and Jack and Carly's fifty-two grandchildren. This touches Jack's heart and they begin to kiss. Jack gets a call and rushes out on a police call.

Molly tells Mike that she wants to get out of town for awhile, but Mike can't because of his construction job at the hospital. Jake gives her an invitation to the groundbreaking of the new burn unit and Molly later takes off to chat with Carly.

At Java Underground, Ben tells Isaac he thinks Jessica is seeing another man. Ben checked on Jessica's alibi and found out it was bogus. Isaac tells him to confront Jessica and let her eyes give her away.

Carly packs up to go to a meeting with Craig when Molly stops by looking for a dress to borrow for the burn unit groundbreaking ceremony. Molly finds the Polaroid's that Carly took of Mike when he was modeling her clothes. Molly becomes protective and jealous until Carly explains that Mike was modeling clothes Carly wants Jack to wear later at her wedding.

Jessica confesses to Margo that she slept with Marshall and agonizes over whether she should prosecute her own daughter for breaking the law. Margo counsels her to just forget that she knows anything about Bonnie bugging Marshall's hotel room. Lucinda joins them with more discouraging news about the election. Marshall stops by and asks to speak with Jessica before the polls close. Jessica tells Marshall she will concede the election. Marshall apologizes and asks her if she's sure. She says yes, but asks him once again if he's working for James Stenbeck. Marshall says he no longer represents James and that he doesn't have any influence over his career. Jessica accepts his answer and leaves the room.

Marshall gets a call on his cell phone. He angrily says, "I told you not to call me!" James is on the other end of the phone and he warns Marshall to watch out for women like Jessica. "I own you. You're mine. And don't you forget it."

Paul is ready to look at the surveillance video taken in Marshall's secret hideout the night before, but Bonnie argues against looking at the tape. Paul says he only wants to see five minutes, then they can "pack up their ethics" and get out of there. They start the tape, and it goes blank momentarily. Paul gets a call from Lucinda and she lets Paul know that Jessica is running behind in the exit polls. Bonnie leaves to stand at her mother's side. The tape begins to play the recording again, and Paul eagerly looks for evidence. He is stunned to see Jessica and angered she sold them out to Marshall. Paul is ready to see more when a cleaning lady interrupts him in the closet. Paul hides the equipment and sweet talks the janitor out of the room, buying time for him to clean up the equipment before she returns. When the cleaning lady leaves, he returns to the tape and sees Jessica and Marshall in bed together. Paul grabs the tape and puts it in his sock. From behind, someone says, "Freeze!" Paul puts his hands up and slowly turns around to find Jack pointing a gun in his face.


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