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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 23, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, September 23, 2002

Katie grows concerned when she realizes that Simon wants to team up with Henry for the job that Bonnie and Paul offered him. Henry is eager to help Simon, but when Katie sends her husband out the room, she attempts to bribe Henry to skip town. Henry turns Katie down and vows to help Simon. Susan is suspicious about why Rosanna withdrew Alison's scholarship and Emily claims responsibility. Susan is livid, but insists that she will come up with the money for Alison's tuition on her own. Alison is devastated and tries to call Aaron. Lucy immediately suspects that her father is responsible for Aaron being shipped back to Seattle, but he assures her that it was Holden's idea. Aaron decides that he isn't going anywhere and he'll do anything to be with Lucy. Worried about his well being, Lucy thinks that he should go back to Seattle. Aaron is shocked by her declaration and goes back to the farm. Jack suggests that if Carly is going to work for Craig, they should postpone their wedding. Carly pleads with him to reconsider, but Jack is furious and storms out. Meanwhile, Craig tries to convince Rosanna into letting Carly work for BRO. She refuses and Craig gets an idea. He heads over to see Carly, shows her a clause which he will add to her contract and Carly agrees that it should satisfy both Rosanna and Jack. Later, Jack meets up with Rosanna and asks her to take BRO away from Craig. Rosanna insists that she can't do that, but that he shouldn't worry because he will never work with Carly.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

As Jessica prepares for her press conference, Ben tries to find out what is really going on with her. He wants to know why she is distancing herself from him. He also wants to know what Travers really said to her the other day. Jessica said it was no big deal, but then pretends it is the press calling her when Travers calls to see her. Meanwhile, Simon and Paul inform Henry about his latest assignment since Bonnie is hiding by Travers room to see when he is leaving. Henry is reluctant to take the job especially when he hears James Stenbeck is behind Travers. However, he takes back his comments when Simon tells him he would have to go back to Lucinda earlier then. Bonnie comes down to in for them Travers is leaving and they decide to go ahead with there plan. Henry where's the bug to get whatever information he can on Travers.

Will and Barbara arrive at the Lakeview for Will to stay with the Snyders but Will is reluctant and notices Paul and runs to him to see if he can stay with him since Barbara yelled sat him for suggesting to let him stay with his father. Paul talks Barbara into it and then wants to find out what she is doing and why she is leaving town. Barbara tells him it is none of his business and wants to know why he is there with Simon. Paul tells him they are talking about investments and Simon wanted his help.

Holden goes to the ranch to see Aaron, only to be accompanied by Caleb and Julie who are there to take Aaron back to Seattle. Aaron informs everyone he doesn't want to go but if they make him, when he turns 18 he will be leaving again on his own. He tells them he loves Lucy and wants to stay in Oakdale, but later tells Holden he isn't his problem anymore and Holden just wanted to get rid of him since the new baby is on the way. Holden denies it telling him he needs to get away from Oakdale to let things settle down between him and Craig. Lucy tries to call Aaron and can't get through, so she goes to see Katie for help. She asks if Aaron can stay there but Katie tells her if there love was meant to be, it will still be there when Aaron returns. Nancy basically says the same thing and Lucy leave. She tries to call Alison who is away at her new boarding school, but just leaves a message.

Alison goes with Susan to meet the principal at the boarding school and Alison puts on her best snobbish act. While sitting in the interview her cell phone rings, and when she goes to answer it the principal takes it and gives it to Susan because cell phones are not allowed. Alison then tells them it maybe Aaron and they tell her no boys are allowed to visit either. Alison then asks to go to the ladies room and steals her phone back from Susan and goes into the hall and listens to Lucy's message about Aaron leaving and Alison decides to figure a way out of there. Meanwhile back in the office the principal tells Susan Alison reminds her of someone who went there and was the same way, but went on to finish college and later became a principal of a boarding school.


Lucy and Aaron try to find a way to stay together. Aaron goes to see Abigail and asks her to talk to Holden. Lucy shows up and Abigail leaves to go see Holden. Lucy and Aaron promise to stay together. Lucy has to go to her doctor's appointment but is afraid she'll never see Aaron again.

Alison's plan works and she and Susan end up leaving the school. Susan is outraged and tells Alison she is calling social services when they arrive back in Oakdale. When Susan makes a stop to get coffee, Alison calls Aaron. Lucy answers and tells Alison that she needs her help. Alison drives the rest of the way home and drives straight to the Snyder farm. She tells an angry Susan that she has to see Aaron before he leaves.

Margo tells Hal that she is bored. She wants to hear about police business and be a part of the plan with Marshall. Hal wants her to continue to rest and get better. Margo says she already feels better and she needs to do something. Finally Hal agrees to give her a job - to find James Stenbeck. He says, "unofficially on the case which officially doesn't exist." Paul calls Hal to ask him to let Will know he is running late. Hal asks what is going on. Paul only tells him that plans are moving forward and it is best that Hal doesn't know much. Margo wonders aloud if there is a connection between Barbara leaving town and discovering that Marshall is connected with Stenbeck.

At the press conference, Jessica fields questions from the press. She says she will run her campaign with "honest and dignity." Marshall shows up and tells Jessica to "just feel" but she says she doesn't feel it for him. They give each other a look and then they kiss. Jessica tells him that whatever it is they have, it cannot go any further. Marshall doesn't give up and hands her his cell phone number. He tells her that sooner or later, she'll want to be alone with him. As Marshall leaves, Ben comes to see Jessica. He offers his support to her and tells her he'll always be there for her. After Ben leaves, Jessica calls Margo and agrees to meet her at Java. She says she needs some advice about Marshall. She tells Margo she is attracted to him. Margo says that there are rumors that Marshall is involved with James Stenbeck.

Simon and Henry work together to plant the bug in Marshall's room. While they are still in there, they get word that Marshall is on his way up to his room. Henry tells Simon to leave, but he decides to stay and finish. As Marshall is about to walk in, Henry puts on a valet's uniform top, grabs some clothes and says he is there for the laundry. Marshall seems to buy the story and also hands Henry his dry cleaning. Simon covers the story and asks a valet to go to Marshall's room for the laundry. Meanwhile, Bonnie, pretending to be Marshall's girlfriend, meets the valet at the door and hands him the laundry. They then hear Marshall on the phone. He called the hotel to confirm about his laundry. Luckily, the valet/laundry plan worked fine. Then, Marshall gets another call. They can only hear him - not the other person on the phone. Marshall says, "I knew you would call. But it's too risky to meet her." Paul immediately says it is Stenbeck. Actually, it is Jessica.

Will and Luke play in the barn. Hal walks in and talks to Will. Even though Hal wants Will to stay with him while Barbara is away, he knows that he can't. Paul will be taking care of Will. Later on, Luke says his propeller is missing. Will insists that he didn't take it but agrees to help Luke look for it. Will doesn't find the propeller but instead finds a matchbook from Seattle.

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Jessica meets Marshall at a motel. Simon and Paul have followed Marshall to the motel, but they don't see Jessica sneak in. Simon and Paul have a discussion about whom Marshall is meeting. Paul is convinced that his father, James Stenbeck is meeting Travers. Simon thinks that he has a lady friend that he may be meeting. Back in the motel room, Marshall can tell that Jessica is nervous. He offers her a drink. She declines, but he says that he needs one and he pours one for her too. She takes a sip and then asks him if he is working for James Stenbeck. Marshall tells her that he was once a client, but he does not work for him. Jessica starts to leave. She tells Marshall that this isn't right. He grabs her and tells her how much he wants her. They kiss and he says that he wants to drown in her. They kiss again and Marshall takes Jessica's blouse off. She grabs his tie and unties it and takes it off. They kiss as they move toward the bed. They fall on the bed in a clump. Marshall whispers, "Jessica." Jessica lets out a little moan.

Back to Simon and Paul in the car, Paul can't take it. He tells Simon that he knows his father is inside and he is going in. Before Simon can grab him, Paul is out of the car and headed to the motel room. Simon says, "Amateurs!" Simon runs after Paul and catches him right before he gets to the door. Simon tells Paul that he doesn't have a tape recorder or a video camera and Travers could claim attorney/client privilege. Simon explains that they are going to get Stenbeck, but he has to be patient. Paul agrees and the two slip away from the door.

Inside the motel room, Jessica has done the deed with Marshall. As he is dressing, he tells her how beautiful she is. She tells him that this can't happen again. He tells her that she has to do what she has to do. He leans in for a kiss and she turns her head. Disappointed, he picks up his coat and his briefcase and tells her that she knows how to reach him. He gets to the door and asks that she give him a fifteen-minute head start, just in case someone was following them. She nods in agreement and he goes out the door. Jessica drops her head in her hands and says, "What have I done?"

Craig meets Rosanna at the Lakeview and shows her the contract with the "Carly Clause" in it. The clause says that if Craig should cross the line with Carly and have anything to do with her physically or sexually or if Carly should bring charges of inappropriate behavior, then Craig would forfeit his contract and the company would revert back to Rosanna. Rosanna doesn't like it at first but Craig tells her that Carly isn't money and he likes money and he doesn't let anything come between him and his money. Rosanna gives in and signs the contract. Craig gives her a kiss and takes the contract and leaves.

Carly meets with Mike to get some advice on how to handle Jack. She explains to him how important her new job is but Jack is not happy for her. Mike explains that Jack is scared and sometimes that comes out in a guy as being angry. Carly sees Jack in a whole new light and she thanks Mike for shedding new light on her situation. She tells him how great he is and she knew she did a good thing when she told Dr. Hughes to hire him for the burn unit project at the hospital. Mike catches her. He asks her if she knows who donated the money for the burn unit. She tries to play coy, but Mike knows she is lying. She thinks that he thinks she donated the money and she tells him that she barely has enough money for Parker's preschool. He says that he knows she didn't donate the money, but maybe Molly did. Carly starts to stumble. Craig had just walked in and heard the whole conversation and he butts in. He sits down and tells Mike that he knows who donated the money. Carly looks at Craig in amazement. Carly says, "You know?" Craig says that he does because it was Lucinda Walsh that donated the money. Mike thanks Craig for the information and leaves. Carly yells at Craig and says that Mike will go straight to Lucinda and confront her. Craig says that she will deny it like anyone who donates money anonymously. Carly doesn't believe it will go down like that but Craig tells her that he has some news for her. He shows her the contract with the "Carly Clause" in it. Carly looks at the contract and sees Rosanna's signature. She asks him how he got her to sign it. He tells her that he invited Rosanna to put them under constant surveillance.

At the Snyder farm, Emma is trying to convince Holden that he is making the right decision about Aaron. Abigail shows up and tries to convince Holden that Aaron should stay in Oakdale. She says that Aaron could move in with her at her new apartment and get a job and maybe take some classes. As they are talking, Lucy comes in and asks if Aaron has left yet. Holden tells her that he isn't even packed yet and he is late. As the three are talking, they hear someone yelling outside. Alison runs into the kitchen and yells that the barn is on fire and she thinks that Aaron is inside. Holden says, "Will and Luke are down there!" They all run out and down to the barn. When they get there, there are flames shooting up inside the barn. Holden yells into the barn, "Luke!! Will!!" There is no answer. Aaron comes running out of the barn with Luke in his arms. Luke says that Will is still inside. Before Holden can grab him, Aaron runs back inside the burning barn. Holden checks out Luke to see if he was burned. He sends Luke to the house with Abigail. As Abigail is walking away with Luke, Aaron comes running out with Will. Will is in shock. Abigail looks at Aaron with a suspicious look on her face. Alison tells Aaron that he is a hero. Aaron carries Will up to the house. When they get to the kitchen, Aaron lays Will on the table and orders the others to get some blankets to cover Will. The firemen arrive and start to put the fire out in the barn. Holden goes outside to direct the EMS inside. The EMS techs come in and check over the boys. As they are taking Will out, the EMS tech asks who reacted so quickly and covered the boy. Alison answers and says that it was Aaron. They tell Aaron that he probably saved the boy's life by reacting so quickly. After the techs leave, Alison asks Aaron how his family will react when they see his picture on the front page of the newspaper. She tells him again that he is a hero. Abigail still looks suspicious.

As Rosanna is leaving the Lakeview dining room, she runs into Mike. Mike tells her that he just left Craig with Carly at Java. Mike has to run and when he is gone, Rosanna says, "Well, well, that didn't take long, Craig." She takes out her cell phone and calls Jack. She tells him that she is calling to say that Craig got the better of her and she has given him the green light to hire Carly.

When Marshall gets back to his suite at the Lakeview, he takes a flask out of his jacket and takes a swig of the booze. He thinks about he and Jessica being together. He shakes his head to get the thought out. He picks up the phone and dials. He says, "Mr. Stenbeck? Mr. Stenbeck is that you?"

In the other room, Henry is listening. Simon comes in and Henry tells Simon that Marshall is calling Stenbeck. They hear Marshall says that all the pieces are coming together nicely. Henry says that they need to hear the other side of the conversation. Simon asks Henry if he knows anything about video cameras. Henry says he does but it will be more costly. Simon says that they have to find out whom Travers saw tonight. He says that if it wasn't Stenbeck, then who was it.

Friday, September 27, 2002

by Andy

The hospital is crazy with activity as paramedics roll Will and Luke in for treatment. Alison meets up with Emily who is surprised to see her, since Emily thought Alison was supposed to be at school in Wisconsin. Hal and Holden both stay near their sons' sides while doctors assess their injuries. Lucy and Aaron arrive and find out from Emily that Will is unconscious, but Luke is talking. Caleb and Julie walk in and Caleb gives his son a warm hug. Lucy thinks that maybe Caleb will let Aaron stay in town.

Hal pumps Alison for information about what happened at the barn. Alison says that Aaron was the one who saved both boys. Then Hal sees Bob and asks to see his son. Dr. Bob won't let Hal see his son until some of the test results are back. Paul shows up and rushes to see Hal. Hal blames Paul for the whole mess because he wasn't there to pick Will up when he was supposed to. Later, Emily finds Paul alone and asks if he has Barbara's telephone number so someone can tell her what's going on. Paul says he'll look for her number.

Alison and Emily catch up about the Wentworth Academy. Susan arrives and thanks Emily for calling to let her know that Alison is alright. Susan says she's going to put her doctor's hat on to see if she can get some info about what's going on. She glares at her daughter, grabs her arm, and says, "And you. Don't you dare go anywhere. We have some things to discuss." Alison looks at Emily and whines, "Save me."

Holden and Caleb both look at Aaron and Lucy and agree it's time for Aaron to come home. A fire inspector asks Aaron to stick around for a couple of days in case he's needed to answer any further questions.

Rosanna meets up with Craig at the Java café and Craig coos hello at her. Rosanna smiles, flicks his nose, and asks, "How long did you wait before you called Carly and told her I signed your contract, huh? Three? Maybe four minutes?" Craig smiles and says, "About as long as you waited to tell Jack. And thanks to you, I'm sure he and your sister are having a little fight right now." Rosanna concedes, but asks for Craig's help to get Mike away from Molly. She wants Mike available in case Craig slips up and sleeps with Carly. And if that happens, Mike will be available, and Rosanna will take him. Rosanna wants to prove that Molly donated the money, so Mike will not only walk away from this charity job, but Molly as well. Craig likes the idea and wishes her luck getting proof. Rosanna throws the ball back in his lap and says, "No. No. No. No. Good luck to you. This job is all yours...cupcake." Craig suggests the best way to pump information from Lucinda is to talk with her mogul to mogul. He advises Rosanna to ask her about charity ideas. Craig gets a call from his office and finds out that Lucy was near the fire at the Snyder barn. He rushes off to the hospital to be with his daughter. Rosanna calls Lucinda, and confirms that she was the donor.

Carly enters the police station to do damage control with Jack when she gets a call from Molly at the Lakeview Lounge. Molly says that she's going to come clean with Mike about her donation to the burn unit. Carly tells her to back off, and that Craig already covered for Molly by telling Mike that Lucinda was the anonymous donor. Just then, Molly sees Mike and Lucinda around the corner laughing. Carly advises Molly to get her butt over there and make sure Lucinda "doesn't spill any beans." At the station, Carly hears some yelling and then the station doors burst open.

Molly catches Mike and Lucinda just as Mike asks her if she was the one who made the donation. Molly kisses Mike and asks, "Did I miss anything?" This doesn't stop Mike who again asks Lucinda. Lucinda looks at Molly and realizes she is covering something, so Lucinda takes the credit for the donation. Mike is relieved, and is then paged away. Molly tells Lucinda that she was going to tell him the truth tonight. Later, Molly asks Mike what he might do if he found out that she were the real donor. Mike says he would back out from the job.

Jack throws a prisoner inside the station and begs him to sue for harassment. Then he looks at Carly as he walks toward the interrogation room and yells, "Because I don't care anymore!" She follows him into the room and tries to explain. Jack says he's this close from going home and throwing her and her stuff out. "Go on and explain. Explain to me how you can be engaged to marry me, and you still need to be within touching distance of Craig!" Carly shows him the contract Craig signed, and that seems to hold Jack at bay. Carly asks, "Please find it in your heart to accept this deal. For me." Jack says, that's "Emotional blackmail!" Carly tells him that's what Jack is doing to her by telling her they won't get married if she works with Craig, and that it's only going to be a job. Jack coolly says, "You're wrong Carly. It's a 9-5, Monday through Friday seduction." Later, Jack bends down and nuzzles her neck saying how much he needs her. Carly lets her guard down and returns the affection. Jack stands back up, snaps to reality, and says, "You see? It can even happen at work. Seduction happens everywhere." Jack tells her to go home. Carly says, "It isn't home until you're there. I'll wait." And then walks out the door.

Hal brings the stuffed bunny Will used to sleep with to his unconscious son. He sits at his sons' bedside and takes the blame for his sons' behavior.

Craig finds Aaron at the hospital and asks him, "What have you done with my daughter?" Aaron says he hasn't done anything with her, turns his back, and starts to walk away. Craig grabs him, and says he's not finished. Aaron says, "Oh yeah? Well I'm finished with you!" Then Aaron slugs Craig in the face knocking him to the ground.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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