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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 23, 2002 on GL
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Monday, September 23, 2002

Reva has a cryptic dream where Richard has her pointing out the word "murderer" on the communication board that he actually used to compel Reva to help him die. When she wakes up, Josh tells her that Ross has suggested she take a plea deal from the DA's office. It would involve a plea of guilty to manslaughter and a sentence of 3-5 years in prison. Later, Marah tells her mother how much she admires that she always trusts her heart. Billy, Josh, Marah and Reva all discuss the pros and cons of taking the plea bargain. The entire family throws their support behind Reva and encourages her to fight for what she believes in - to stand trial and defend her action of turning off Richard's life-support.

Alan tells his personal physician to keep up the charade that he is dying. Phillip and Olivia are both racked with guilt. They tell Alan that the whole thing was a joke, a set up. Their kissing and pretending to start making love was all for Alan's benefit as a way to get even for him bugging Olivia's earrings. Alan appears to soften and buy their story.

Gus asks Eden why she accepted a check from Phillip Spaulding. He tells his sister he no longer trusts her and needs to know why Eden is playing games with Harley and Zach's lives. Gus then takes the check and confronts Phillip with it. Gus warns Phillip that he will not let things rest until Harley has her son back. When Phillip and Olivia visit Alan, he plays for every ounce of sympathy he can get. However he does admonish them not to let anyone know about his condition for the sake of the company. He also tells them not to reveal the reason for the upset that caused his heart attack. Especially, don't let Alexandra find out. But later, Gus finds Lizzie in the hallways of the hospital and pumps her for information. He slyly persuades Lizzie that the "right" thing to do would be to tell Alexandra that her brother has had a heart attack and is hospitalized.

Harley is dressed up and waiting for the mystery man who thinks she is Eden at the Towers dining room. But Frank shows up instead and asks what she's doing there. She tells him to get lost, this is the only way she'll get a clue as to the secrets that Eden is keeping and why. As Frank leaves, the mystery gentleman shows up and tells "Eden" that she is much more than he ever expected. Harley doesn't really get much information from her veiled probing. The guy puts his hand on Harley's knee and things start to heat up. Just when it seems like the guy is going to say something useful to Harley, Frank jumps in and grabs the guy and tells him to get his hands off of Harley. The guy is scared off and Harley is furious with Frank for interfering.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Gus reveals to Harley his plan to keep an eye on Phillip to confirm his theory that he and Olivia are having an affair. Harley thinks he is wasting his time because Phillip would never cheat on Beth. She wants to handle Phillip her own way, without blackmailing him. Meanwhile, Phillip tells Olivia that they could never be together. Gus arrives and witnesses their argument. Phillip takes Zach to see Harley and while they are at her house, she asks him about his relationship with Olivia. Phillip gets suspicious and Harley quickly backtracks. Later, Olivia drowns her sorrows at Infierno and Gus approaches her, trying to find out the truth. Cassie runs around with Tammy to get the Beacon ready for the arriving Baroness. Blake, Marah, Ben, Marina and Remy all pitch in to help Cassie out. Marah and Remy take care of preparing Olivia's, the bar in the Beacon. Cassie worries to Blake that she has repeatedly tried to call Olivia to tell her that they are opening early, but can't get in touch with her. Cassie thanks everyone for chipping in and Blake hints at the fact that Reva would have helped if she gave her sister a chance. Cassie excitedly shares with Danny the news that the Beacon is opening early. Suddenly four footmen appear with tons of luggage and the Baroness' entourage prepares for her arrival.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

At the Beacon Hotel

Danny commended Cassie for the work she had done on the Beacon. He said that Richard would be proud. He told her to call him when she had the money. Harley entered. Harley wanted to know what was going on, so Cassie explained about every room in the Beacon was booked. Tammy and Blake entered. They told Cassie that the guests were arriving.

Beacon Lobby

Michelle and Bill entered. Cassie enters. Alex enters. They figured out it was Alexandra Spaulding. Cassie introduced herself. Alex told her she booked the entire hotel for herself. Alex told Cassie she went by her maiden name, Alexandra Spaulding.

Ben told Marina who this person was. He said she was a force to be reckoned with. Harley told Alex that Alan would be happy to see her. She told her it was in all of the papers about Alan. Blake introduced herself. When Alex asked about Roger, Blade told her Roger was nowhere near Springfield. Tony entered with a drink that Alex requested. Tony suggested they get a replacement for the bartender. Tony offered so Marah agreed.

As Danny came down the steps, he ran into Michelle. He told her that he was getting ready to leave. He asked about Robbie. Michelle said he was fine but missed his dad. Danny exits.

Marina told Marah that she wanted to be like Alex some day. Marina wanted to set Alex up with her dad. Cassie thanked everyone for helping her. Blake told Cassie how happy she was for her. Blake said that Reva could use some good news now.

Marah told Michelle that she should stay and have a good time. Ben enters. He jokingly told them that he would dance with both of them.

Outside Alex joined Harley. Alex admitted that she was worried about

Alan. Harley told her that Phillip is being a number one jerk. She explained about how Phillip despised Gus.

Marah told Tony that there was only going to be one guest and if he wanted to leave he would. She told him that a part of him would always love him, but they weren't good for each other. Bill, Tammy, Ben, Marina, and Michelle enter. They wanted to get the party going. Marina did a toast for them to have fun.

Olivia entered. Cassie explained that someone booked every room. She told her she would've known if she answered her cell phone. Olivia literally fell in the door to the party. She passed out. Bill asked Michelle to do something to shock him.

At the hospital

The doctor told Alan that if things don't work out with Olivia there were plenty of women who would be interested. He wanted to know how far Alan was going to take this.

Alan wanted to tell Beth what happened to him before his heart attack. He told her that she was like a daughter to him. He wanted her to know that jumping in bed with some young stud wasn't going to help. He wanted her to keep her priorities straight and that what her and Phillip have was genuine love.

Alex enters. Alan realized who the leak was and who was responsible for the plummeting stock price. She said he should never underestimate her.

At the Spaulding mansion

Beth was remembering when she was married to Bill. She remembered telling Bill that she was interested in pursuing their relationship. Phillip entered. She told Phillip that she was going to go see Alan. Phillip tried to apologize for what happened to cause her to leave. He wanted to try to talk things out. She told Phillip that Alan asked to see her alone. Beth exits.

Gus exits. Gus wanted to talk about Phillip's other girlfriend. He said that sleeping with his father's girlfriend was nasty and maybe that was what Alan saw, which caused the heart attack. Gus wanted Phillip to ask what it took for him to leave or the world hears about Phillip and Olivia. Phillip told Gus to leave. Gus told him that the next morning everyone would find out what a hypocrite he was.

Beth enters. She told Phillip that Alan shared with him about his near death experience. She reached for Phillip's hand. Phillip said he had to tell her what caused the heart attack.

At Inferno

Gus and Olivia were toasting to what a jerk Alan was. Olivia wanted Gus to show some respect since Alan had a heart attack. Olivia ordered another drink. When Olivia answered her cell phone, Cassie told her that the Beacon was open for business. Cassie hung up. Olivia got ready to leave, but she could hardly stand up. Danny enters and told her he was going to call her a cab.

Thursday, September 26, 2002

At the hospital

Alan told Alex that he now knows who the leak was. She told him to never underestimate her. He wanted to know what she wanted, and she replied she wanted everything. But Alan wasn't surprised. He wanted to know why she would go after her brother now. She said she couldn't think of a better time. Alan said she jumped on a plane to hasten his demise. But she said she loved him and didn't want to see him dead. She said that he looked pretty good for a man who had a heart attack. She asked what the doctor said and commented that a cardiologist friend of hers was looking at his records. But Alan wasn't going to let any doctor friend of Alex get near him. So Alex said he had faked the heart attack. Alex said if he would tell her his secrets, she would tell him hers. Alex admitted that Lizzie told her about Alan. Alex accused him of faking a heart attack, but she couldn't figure out why. Olivia enters and lay down beside of Alan. Olivia told him about the opening of the Beacon. She continued to ramble about how much she loved Alan. As she turned, she was shocked to see Alex. Alex said she found the missing piece of the puzzle. Alex exits.

At the Spaulding mansion

Beth wanted to apologize and so did Phillip. Beth said she wanted to talk now because of the things that Alan said to her at the hospital. She thought that Alan realized that family is important in life and she agreed. Phillip said he had to tell her something. He told her that he and Olivia were responsible for Alan's heart attack. He proceeded to tell her that it started out as a joke. He told her about the earrings that were bugged and when Olivia found out she was upset. He said he came up with the idea of Alan eavesdropping on them. He admitted that it went too far. But Beth wanted to know how far. He said that Alan walked in on them and had a heart attack. She wanted to know what they were doing. He said they were on the bed and things were heating up. Beth wanted to know what would have happened if Alan hadn't walked in on them. But Phillip said they were acting and they didn't plan on it. Beth wanted to know if the feeling was mutual and asked if he had feelings for Olivia. Phillip's response was "maybe." Beth wanted to know how long he had feelings for her. Beth said it was odd that Lorelei was getting a bad name and he was acting like he was. She wanted to know what they were doing that gave Alan the heart attack. Phillip said he was attracted to Olivia and enjoyed flirting with her because he thought he was loosing Beth to Bill. Beth thought the conversation would be about them starting over. Phillip said he saw how Beth was kissing Bill at the cottage.

Phil said there was always someone getting between them. Phil wanted to know what they do now. Beth said making out with Olivia was an obstacle. Phil took Beth by the hand and sitting on the couch, he told her he loved her. Beth said she felt the same way. Phillip thought that maybe they knew each other too well. Looking at Phillip, Beth said that when she became Lorelei they thought it was because she could escape Edmund. But now she thought it was because she could escape Phillip. Crying, she said that Phillip and Edmund always needed to control her, and Lorelei didn't know Phillip so she wouldn't have to go back to him. She agreed and said that she found Bill instead because he never wanted anything from her.

Phillip said he made it clear to Olivia that there would be nothing between them. Phillip asked if she wanted to be with Bill. She replied that she shouldn't be with Bill, but she does. She knew that he wanted to be with Olivia. Sighing, Phillip said he couldn't stand the thought of hurting her. Phillip agreed that if things were right between them he wouldn't be interested in anyone else. Beth said that they fell back into being a couple again. Phillip said he didn't want it to be over. Beth said that before Olivia and Bill, she was afraid of falling into her old patterns. She said that she didn't want him to keep saving her and they needed to make a change now. She said if he loved her, to set her free. Phillip said she has already set herself free.

He looked at the pictures on the mantel and realized how hard it was to say good-bye. But Beth said they will always be family and that will never change. Beth said she wanted her own life now where if she made mistakes he wouldn't be there to fix them. After agreeing they will always love each other, they embraced.

At the Beacon hotel

Olivia returned to the bar for another drink. She asked Bill what was happening. She told him that she handed Beth to him on a silver patter but he wasn't man enough to handle it. She said she gave him a golden opportunity and he blew it. He wanted to know why she wanted him with Beth. Olivia said that she is super woman. With a smirk on his face, Bill said that she had a heart of steal. Bill suggested they make a toast to true love. Olivia said he could drive her home. She said that he never took chances. Marina entered and wanted to know where Ben was. Bill told Olivia she was a one-way ticket to trouble. Marina couldn't believe that Ben disappeared on her. But Olivia said it was a big mistake to care about a man. Olivia told her to never chase a man and never fall in love with a man that doesn't have money. Olivia suggested she always have a man waiting in the wings. Olivia exits.

Bill asked Michelle where she had been. She said she was going to go home. She took Bill up on his offer for a ride home.

At the beach

Michelle and Ben were making a toast to the moonlight. Michelle said she wasn't drunk but just woozy. She put her arms around Ben and kissed him. Ben wanted to know what the kiss was about. Once again, Michelle kissed Ben. Michelle began to unbutton Ben's shirt and they kissed again. They continued to kiss as Michelle pulled off Ben's shirt. When they were beginning to continue undressing, Michelle called Danny's name. Michelle apologized to Ben. She wanted to know if Ben hated her. But he understood and said she was looking for an escape. Marina enters. She wanted to know if she needed to leave, since she was under age. Michelle exits. Marina said she was worried about Michelle. Ben said that nothing happened between him and Michelle. Marina said it doesn't matter since nothing was going on between them. Marina said she was taking a walk because she doesn't chase guys. Marina said she was tried of his little game and exited.

Friday, September 27, 2002

Alexandra shows up at Alan's hospital room. When he sees her, he suddenly understands how his condition leaked to the press and why the stock prices are dropping. He asks Alexandra if she has come to finish him off. She assures him that while she certainly wants what she has always wanted - control of Spaulding Enterprises - she has no desire to see Alan dead. She accuses Alan of faking his heart attack. Of course, he vehemently denies it. She tells him that as usual, lying to her is futile.

Beth and Phillip discuss Alan's heart attack, Phillip's interest in Olivia and Beth's interest in Bill Lewis. Phillip confesses that he and Olivia 'caused' Alan's attack. At first he maintains that the physical intimacy between him and Olivia was all an act for Alan's benefit. But after some prodding from Beth, he realizes and admits to having feelings of attraction to Olivia. Beth too, confides she feels something real when she is with Bill. They discuss whether or not to shut these other people out of their lives, forgive one another and try again to be a couple, a family. After much talk and many tears, they come to the difficult conclusion that they wouldn't be attracted to other people if they were truly right for each other as husband and wife. They don't want to let go of each other, their love is real and goes back forever. But they agree to honor what was good between them, by letting go and moving on for the sake of each other's happiness. They offer one another their eternal love.

At the Beacon, Michelle is drunk and comes onto Ben with a passionate kiss. When he asks her what exactly that meant, she tells him she has always been interested. Ben says the feeling is mutual, but he never thought Michelle felt the same way. When they remove themselves to the beach to make love, Michelle calls out Danny's name and everything comes to a screeching halt. They both decide that acting on their momentary mutual attraction is a horrible idea. Michelle asks Ben to forgive her for her rash actions. Marina finds Ben and Michelle talking. Ben just happens to have his shirt off and there is a telltale blanket spread on the sand. Michelle excuses herself for the evening, leaving Ben standing there looking guilty. When Marina asks what's going on, Ben tells her nothing happened - that he and Michelle are just old friends. Marina feigns she doesn't care anyway, it's obvious that nothing has been or will happen between she and Ben. They do a little verbal sparring, with enough sparks flying to indicate they both really do care about each other.

Olivia and Bill have a heart to heart. But Olivia is drunk. Even more drunk than Michelle, actually. And she lets her desire for Phillip spill out to Bill's ears. Marina seeks romantic advice from Olivia. And she is young and foolish enough to soak up everything that Olivia tells her about men and relationships. Olivia takes off to Cedars. Olivia, not seeing Alexandra, comes in and crawls seductively into bed with Alan and kisses him. Alexandra is a bit shocked to see such a display of "affection" towards her brother. Olivia blurts out another drunken apology about the 'stupid game' she and Phillip played on her. Alexandra steps forward startling Olivia. She thanks Olivia for the information and leaves. Olivia is shocked and bewildered by the exchange. Alan is visibly flustered that Alexandra is now privy to the particulars of how is "heart attack" came about.

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