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Blair advised Roxy that Max's true love was Luna. Bo declared his love for Gabrielle. R.J. and Liz discussed their relationship and Keri. Jen learned that she really was pregnant, probably with Al's child. Natalie was heartbroken.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 23, 2002 on OLTL
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A nervous Antonio arrives at the police station. After calling Antonio into his office, Bo gives him his gun and shield back. Bo welcomes Antonio back to Llanview P.D. Antonio breathes a sigh of relief. Bo wonders if Antonio would like help in finding his mystery woman.

Rae and Nigel are busy packing up Rae's belongings at her house. Hank arrives and is glad to see Rae back in her house. Hank apologizes to Rae for the way things were left between them.

Roxy goes to Lanfair in search of Rex but instead runs into Natalie. Natalie wonders why Roxy needs to see Rex. Roxy wants to deliver an envelope to him. After Natalie confirms Rex is not there, Roxy asks if Jessica is around. If Jessica is there, she might not have to give Rex her cash. Natalie lets this go as her mind is on Cristian. She tells Roxy to get out, Natalie doesn't want her messing things up between her and Cris when he gets there. This catches Roxy's attention and she demands to know what Natalie meant by "her and Cris." Natalie reveals she told Cris she loves him.

Rae explains to Hank she has already moved out of her house, and is just packing odds and ends. Hank apologizes for not keeping in touch. Rae tells Hank an apology isn't really necessary as many of her old friends suddenly lost touch. She played the roll of licensed therapist so long she began to believe it herself. Hank explains that he was out of town and he was wondering if they could pick up where they left off.

Roxy hits all of Natalie's insecurities when she tells her she doesn't have enough class for Cristian and never will. Why would Cris go out with her when he has a perfect girlfriend already? Natalie interjects that Cris told her he loves her too, and he went to go and break it to Jen. Roxy thinks it is curious that if Cris told Natalie he loves her and went to tell Jen, where is he? Shouldn't he be back by now? Hitting a nerve, a shaken Natalie defends Cris and demands Roxy leave.

The doctor comes in to give Cris and Jen the results of the pregnancy test. She congratulates them, they are going to be parents. Jen is estatic.

A surprised Rae stutters that she would love to be friends with Hank. Hank asks her to lunch and she agrees. Hank leaves. Rae tells Nigel she knows she didn't tell him, maybe it will be easier over lunch. Renee is standing in the open doorway and overhears this.

Antonio thanks Bo for all of his help. He tells Bo he doesn't need any help finding the woman. They were able to help each other through a bad time, and now it is time for him to come back to his life. Bo offers some advice; you think your paths will never cross, but fate has a way of bringing you back together.

Liz asks Keri if she is having second thoughts about carrying her baby. Keri isn't, she is just worried about the baby not knowing his or her father. Keri cannot wait for Liz to meet Antonio. Keri calls Antonio and they agree to meet at the Student Union in an hour. Keri wonders aloud about R.J., and Liz thinks it will be best if she doesn't see R.J.

Jen asks Cris if he is okay with this. She needs him now more than ever before, their baby needs him. Cris mumbles that he knows this. Jen wants to tell Carlotta, she knows that Carlotta will be so excited. Cris thinks Jen was right before, that they should hold off on telling anyone. He wonders how this could have happened when they were so careful. Jen thinks it is a miracle, a sign showing them they need to be together after all the things they have been through. Cris told her he loves her, no one can change that. Cris asks Jen to stay and get her prescriptions, he has to run an errand. After he leaves, Jen says, "Right, go and tell that bitch Natalie the good news!"

Renee wonders what Rae is holding over Asa's head. Rae assures Renee, that it was a mutual decision to get married. Rae cannot believe after all Asa has done to Renee, she still has feelings for him and wants him back. Renee disputes that she wants Asa back, in fact she feels sorry for him. Rae spats that she should take off the rose-colored glasses she is wearing and see Asa for what he is today. Renee recommends therapy to Rae and storms out. Rae and Nigel prepare to leave, Rae comments, "Ain't married life grand?!" Hank stands in the doorway looking in disbelief. Hank asks whose marital bliss she is talking about.

Cris arrives at Llanfair to tell Natalie the news. Natalie assumes something went wrong when he told Jen about them being in love. Cris explains there is something he needs to tell her when Jen walks in. Jen asks Cris what he is doing there when they decided they weren't going to tell anyone yet. Jen goes on to say she knows why Cris is there, the same reason she is, she wants their special friend to be the first to know that they are getting married! Natalie is speechless.

Keri and Liz arrive at the Student Union before Antonio. Keri excuses herself while she goes to her office. Antonio asks a student walking by if they have seen Professor Reynolds. When the student confirms Keri is indeed there, Antonio's face lights up. As he is waiting for Keri to come out of her office, Liz walks out of the phone booth and is standing next to Antonio. A shocked Antonio asks her what she is doing there.


Keri's mother, Elizabeth, encounters a surprised Antonio at the University. They briefly discuss their special night and how it brought them back to their lives in search of the people they belong with and how well their lives are going now. They decide to continue to keep their identities anonymous when Antonio's cell phone rings and he exits. They encounter again as Elizabeth is on her way to Keri's office with the guiding help of Molly. She tells Molly that she can probably find it from there.

Keri finds Antonio's flowers in her office as R.J. enters. She tells him that her mom's husband, Steve, died and R.J. expresses concern. But Keri is skeptical and R.J. reluctantly conveys his anger about not being told by Keri's mom that they had daughter. Keri tells him to forget the "what ifs" and be happy that he knows now. Keri warns R.J. that her mom is in Llanview. They discuss the possibility of R.J. and Elizabeth meeting, and they both decide it's not a good idea and not the right time. R.J. openly wonders why Elizabeth is in town at all. Keri explains she has to tell Antonio something first, but in due time she'll share the news with him, too. R.J. tells Keri he's made peace with Antonio and points out that he may make him a grandfather someday, so he'd better. They both leave her office.

Keri and Antonio finally find each other in the University lobby and share a loving greeting. He places her engagement ring back on her finger. Keri tells Antonio that her mother is in Llanview and that she has some incredible news to tell him.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth finds her way to Keri's office, but Keri is no longer there. As she turns to leave, she comes face to face with R.J.

At the doorway to Rae's house, Hank overhears the word "marriage" and Rae tells him that yes, she got married to Asa Buchanan. Nigel, while busily gathering her things, makes a discreet exit. Rae explains to an angry Hank that it's a "marriage of convenience" and it was something she needed to do. Hank grabs her by the shoulders and says, "It isn't you!" Rae coldly explains that it is, and that it's all about survival. But Hank knows there's some "kind of deal" and as he exits, points out that despite her marriage, "at the end of the day, [she's] still all alone." Rae and Nigel continue packing. Nigel comments on Hank's "cruel" behavior to Rae and intimates that he seemed to care for her despite his actions. Nigel sneaks a call to Asa to tell him about Rae's "weakness" for Hank.

Gabrielle and Bo share a radiant, affectionate morning. Beau's busy schedule precludes lunch and dinner plans, but Gabrielle presses to go out to dinner the next night to be a couple in public. Gabrielle jumps in the shower. Hank arrives to discuss Asa and Rae's marriage with Bo. Hank is perplexed that Bo doesn't seem to care about the oddity of the match. Gabrielle overhears Bo tell Hank that he wants to stay close to Llanview and "enjoy himself." She beams a happy smile. Bo tells Hank that "things" are great right now, but he also expresses sympathy to Hank for his loss of Rae. Gabrielle enters the room and Hank, not realizing that Bo's "room mate" is home, leaves. Gabrielle asks Bo why he didn't tell Hank about their romantic relationship. She asks him if he's "ashamed" of her.

On the terrace at Llanfair, a bubbly Jen tells Natalie in front of Cristian that they're getting married. Cristian is visibly surprised and uncomfortable. He chastises Jen because they'd never discussed marriage. Jen continues her saccharine charade towards a confused Natalie and a frustrated Cristian finally reveals to Natalie that Jen is pregnant. Jen gleefully points out that, "a baby changes everything!" Natalie runs from the mansion and breaks down in tears at the front door. Again Cristian inquires about the lack of marriage plans, but Jen insists that since she's pregnant, it's an automatic outcome. Cristian insists they slow down and think about it. In an angry tone, Jen demands to know if they will marry or not.

Shawna baits Al at University about Jen not caring about him and he eventually spills that he and Jen are "more than friends." She continues to raunchily badger him and Al tells her that she is "disgusting." He continues to give her a good earful of his opinion of her and firmly tells her to "get a life."

Natalie goes to the quarry to be alone in her grief. She mumbles over and over, "it can't happen." Al encounters the teary, despondent Natalie there and asks her "what" can't happen?


Jen wants to know if Cris is going to marry her but he tells her it's not that simple and he doesn't want to rush. Furthermore, he wants to talk to her and tell her the truth but she finds an excuse to rush off, telling herself that she won't let witch Natalie have Cris.

Al runs into a crying Natalie at the quarry where he sarcastically inquires if Cris has done something to her. She starts to tell him about Jen but changes her mind. Instead she tells Al to get over his obsession because Cris and Jen belong together. Al thinks that Nat has the same feelings for Cris that he does for Jen but she refuses to accept that they're the same and wants no parts of a plan that Al wants to hatch to separate the pair. He thinks that they should divulge all of their information on Jen and Cris to each other.

Gabrielle thinks that Bo is ashamed of her since he didn't tell Hank about them when he was there. She thought that she was more than a roommate so maybe he should just end it all now, she tells him. Bo thinks she's overreacting and tries to reason with her that he didn't do it on purpose. He thinks they should get to know each other better first anyway. She wants everyone to know about them since she's so joyful about their new relationship. Hank's his best friend and Bo should have told him, she says. Guys don't share their feelings, Bo tries to explain. Gabby storms out.

Over at Llanview U, before Keri can share her big news with Antonio, an excited Carlotta finds them and tells them how happy she is that they're back together. She mentions the woman that Antonio helped while Keri was gone. Antonio brushes it off quickly before an inquisitive Keri can ask too many questions. When Carlotta starts to talk about having grandchildren Antonio stops her quickly. They want to honeymoon for a few years first, he gently says. The real reason she wanted to find them was to ask permission to give them an engagement party and the couple quickly consent to it. Carlotta heads back to the diner and when Cris comes by, Keri decides to leave the brothers to talk while she looks for her mother. Cris is actually looking for Natalie and admits to Antonio that they love each other. Antonio is a bit surprised but is close to shock when he learns that Jen is pregnant though Cris is adamant about the fact that they always used protection. He explains that Jen broke the news to Natalie about their upcoming marriage before he had a chance to speak with her himself. Natalie was devastated and took off and he hasn't been able to tell Jen the truth about them. He agrees that he can be there for the baby without a marriage. He explains how tough Natalie is on the outside only, as she sits at the quarry and cries her eyes out. Antonio warns Cris that he must tell Jen the truth. When Al walks in and overhears Cris say that he must find Natalie, he offers to help him. He knows where she is but tries to pump Cris for information first. An annoyed Cris finally manages to learn that Nat is at the quarry and takes off. Al is happy as things seems to be going along quite smoothly.

Liz and R.J. have an encounter and while it's civil at first they quickly escalate into an argument over Liz's keeping Keri's birth a secret. R.J. was in prison and that was the reason she never said anything. She wants him to know that it was very difficult to raise Keri on her own, with lots of sacrifices. R.J. thinks she's the criminal for keeping his daughter from him. She accuses him of taking something from her as well; she loved him and he threw it all away. He tries to comfort her but she pulls away, telling him it's been a long time. She was thinking that she wouldn't run into him when she arrived in Llanview. R.J. asks if he was merely the donor long ago; Liz takes off in anger as Keri walks in.

At the diner, Hank sits at the counter mumbling about Rae's marriage when Jen comes in to speak with Carlotta; her plan is to have Carlotta force Cris to marry her. When Carlotta gets back, she and Hank agree that Rae has apparently lost her mind and must be extremely desperate. Rae should have come to him first, Hank says to no one. Just as Carlotta asks him to repeat it, Gabby rushes in and she's grumbling too, about guys. She fibs to Hank that she's speaking about her roomie and the typical things that roomies argue about. Suddenly, Bo's voice is heard on a megaphone, coming from outside. He announces to Angel Square that he and his roomie Gabrielle Medina, are now "romantically involved." Hank rolls his eyes as Gabby's light up. Bo walks in and tells everyone how happy he is. When he turns around and walks out, Gabby dashes after him, with Hank in close pursuit. Jen is finally able to have a chat with Mrs. Vega who tells her about the party she's planning. Jen reluctantly agrees to help out but pretends to look upset. She tells Carlotta she feels ill and dizzy and manages to trip and drop a book on her way to a booth to sit. Carlotta picks the book up and looks at it as she hands it back to Jen. It's a book on expecting a baby. Oh no, Jen didn't want Carlotta to learn this way, she feigns. Carlotta is a bit confused.

When Gabby returns home, she grabs the megaphone and stands on the balcony to announce her apology to Bo. The new couple tease each other; he's not ashamed and she's no longer insecure. She only wanted him to tell Hank anyway.

Cris locates Natalie.

Liz runs into Hank who can tell that she's upset, but he sees R.J. close behind.

Antonio meets up with Keri finally who tells him that R.J. and her mom had a run-in but it's best if they work it out. She wants to talk to him and starts by saying how her mother has wanted another child for a very long time. She's not pregnant though; it might be herself, she states.

Thursday, September 26

Cris finds Natalie and tells her that he still loves her and that he doesn't want to marry Jen. They kiss, but Natalie backs away and tells Cris that she doesn't know how they can be in a relationship when Jen is going to have his baby. Cris tells Natalie that he could still be with her and be a part of his child's life.

Carlotta finds out Jen is pregnant when a book on pregnancy and a prenatal prescription bottle "accidentally" falls out of Jen's bag. Jen tells her that she doesn't want anyone to know about her pregnancy because Cristian doesn't want to marry her. Carlotta thinks that she is insane and she tells Jen that she knows Cristian loves her and that she will talk to him about this.

While Jen and Carlotta are talking in the diner, Al walks in and Jen starts yelling at Al and claims that he is stalking her. Al says that all he wants is a cup of coffee and that he didn't know she was there. He gets his coffee and then leaves. Later he arrives at Max's house, where Max is looking at a picture of Luna, and tells him that Jen is sending him mixed signals. Al reveals that he and Jen slept together twice very recently and that it meant something for both of them. Al asks Max how can he make Jen love him.

Sam admits to Blair that he couldn't sleep all night because he kept thinking about her. Romance seems to be in the air and Sam asks Blair to go on a picnic, just the two of them. Blair agrees and as they are getting up to leave Blair's office, Roxy walks in. She asks Blair who was Max's true love and Blair tells her that his real love was Luna Moody, and that she is dead. Roxy wants to know more, but Blair asks her to leave. Sam picks her up and carries Roxy out because she won't leave. Roxy later goes to a psychic with a crystal ball and tells her that she needs to make a long distance call.

Keri and Antonio discuss the situation of Keri becoming a surrogate mother for Liz's baby. Antonio agrees with Keri and supports her 100% for doing such an admirable thing for her mom. Antonio says that the only thing that would make him happier is if Keri was carrying his own child. Keri then questions Antonio and wonders if the procedure worked. Antonio says that he knows it did because Keri has a glow to her and looks more beautiful than ever.

R.J. runs after Liz and apologizes to her. R.J. says that he left Liz because that was the best thing for her and that his life was in the streets. Liz admits that she did love R.J. and R.J. wonders if their lives would have been different if a wife and child were waiting for him after he got out of prison. Hank interrupts the conversation and Liz says goodbye to R.J. and walks away. Hank tells R.J. that he could tell that he never got over Liz.

Liz walks to Keri's office and sees her kissing Antonio. In shock, she cries and asks herself what has she done.

Jen goes to the quarry and declares how perfect everything is going. She says that she is getting everyone back - Cris will raise another man's child; Al won't get to raise his own child; and Cris and Natalie will never be together again. Jen looks up to find Natalie standing right in front of her and Natalie asks Jen who she was talking to.


Liz feigns illness and takes refuge in the restroom when Keri wants to introduce her to Antonio. Liz makes a hasty departure back to her hotel room. Liz is aghast when Keri tells her that the procedure was a success and she's now carrying Liz's baby.

Jen uses guilt to drive Natalie away from Cristian. Cristian defends Natalie to Carlotta, who is certain Cristian will "do the right thing" by marrying Jen.

Max remembers his love for Luna. Max realizes Jen toyed with Al's feelings. Max confronts Jen. Roxy visits a psychic to contact Luna's spirit. After making brief contact with Luna, Roxy returns home and finds a videotape Luna made for Max.

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