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Passions Recaps: The week of September 23, 2002 on PS
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Monday, September 23, 2002

Hecuba, Tabitha and Cracked Connie keep watching the goings on in the Crane mansion. Hecuba reminds Tabby of her own vision of the four babies. Hecuba baits Tabitha because she knows who the fourth baby belongs to and Tabitha hasn't got a clue. Hecuba tells Tabby to ask the babies for herself and she will find out who all the mommies are.

Beth is livid when she finds out that her mother sent Antonio to find Sheridan in Luis' arms. Beth calls her mother a murderer. She says that Antonio could really die. Mrs. Wallace replies "So What?" She tells Beth that he'll get his sweet rewards in Heaven.

Pilar overhears Theresa tell her baby that Ethan will be his father. Pilar reminds her daughter that Ethan is with Gwen now. Theresa tells Pilar about the vision of Ethan confessing his love for her on his death bed. Pilar tells her the vision came from evil.

Rebecca finds Julian in the library. She dressed for the occasion. She is dressed as a Mexican peasant girl, complete with a burro. She wants to have a little role play fun but Julian actually tells her that he is not in the mood. Rebecca hears Julian playing one of Eve's tapes and says that the song is so depressing that it is no wonder that he is not in the mood. Eve finds him listening to the tape and then the green smoke takes over.

Eve and Julian share a vision. They see themselves happily married. Eve has a great career that Julian manages. She is on the cover of Rolling Stone. She tells Julian that they have been so happy ever since he stood up to his father. Even though he has been disinherited they have been happy and have done quite well for themselves.

Rebecca works as Eve's assistant. TC is now a good friend of Julian's who is grateful for Julian's stock tips. TC and Rebecca seem to have the hots for each other.

Alistair puts his plan for Theresa into motion. He calls Theresa and gives her an assignment that must be done tonight. Theresa agrees as Julian abruptly hangs up.

Antonio passes out at the sight of Sheridan and Luis kissing each other. When he comes to, he demands answers. Beth tries to intervene before the truth comes out. Mrs. Wallace trips her daughter and she falls to the floor and hits her head. Antonio thinks that the kissing scene was all Luis' fault. He thinks Luis is trying to pay him back for running out on the family all those years ago. As Luis tries to explain, Antonio passes out again.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Pilar rushes to Antonio's side. She sees her son lying unconscious and says to Sheridan and Luis, "Oh my God! Your love killed my son!"

Antonio comes awake again and everyone wants him to go back to the hospital but he refuses. They urge him to at least go back to the cottage where everyone can sit and talk rationally. Beth and Mrs. Wallace go back to cottage with Antonio, Pilar, Hank, Sheridan and Luis. Mrs. Wallace tells Luis and Sheridan that Antonio could stand the truth. The truth is better than thinking his brother is a low life that is trying to steal away his fiancée. She selfishly urges the couple to tell Antonio the truth and get on with their happily ever after. Luis and Sheridan agree. Beth is angry with her mother knowing the truth coming out will forever put an end to any hope of her getting Luis for herself. Tabitha, Connie and Hecuba applaud Mrs. Wallace for her evil, selfish plans. They all feel that Mrs. Wallace will eventually be the death of Antonio.

Eve and Julian discuss their shared vision. Julian tells Eve over and over again that his time with her was the happiest time of his life. He says that he loved her very much and wished the son that they had would have lived. Eve gets upset and tells Julian she will never let him hurt her again. They then see a vision of their son. Eve tells Julian once again she believes him to be alive. They see their son but his face is a blurred mess.

Later in the courtyard Eve sees someone she thinks is Chad. When she goes up to him, he turns around and Eve sees the blurred face of her son from the vision.

Theresa gets Ethan to work with her on Alistair's project. Gwen is jealous. Theresa hides her real motives by telling Ethan that he has helped her enough for one night. She sends him off to the party with Gwen.

TC sees the tennis trophy that should have been his. He also sees his dead father. TC is moved to tears that his father did not live to see TC be a successful tennis player and Julian ruined his dreams. Whitney goes in search of her father and finds him in the trophy room weeping.

Antonio hears about the strange smoke and visions everyone has seen tonight. He answers his own questions for Luis. He feels that Sheridan and Luis were celebrating the happy lives they saw for everyone in their visions. Antonio remains oblivious to the truth. Beth tells her mother to give up. Mrs. Wallace tells her she will just try again and warns her daughter not to make any wedding plans yet.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Eve faints dead away when she sees Chad because his face is a blur to her like her son's face in her vision.

Simone rushes to her mother's side. Chad tells her to get help. Simone goes in search of Whitney and TC.

TC is telling Whitney some family secrets as Whitney tries to tell her father about her and Chad. TC tells Whitney that not being able to play in the tennis finals broke his father's heart. It nearly killed him to tell TC that his tennis career was over. TC begs Whitney to let nothing stand in the way of her tennis career. He says to do it for the memory of her grandfather.

Luis and Antonio shake hands as Antonio thinks all is o.k. Sheridan tells Luis that every time Antonio touches her she wants to cry out how much she loves Luis. They have to put off telling Antonio for yet another night. Sheridan feels that she and Luis should not see each other until it is safe to tell Antonio the truth. Everyone leaves the cottage. Luis' heart is breaking leaving Sheridan alone with his brother. Beth tells her mother that it is killing Luis to think that Sheridan will be sharing his brother's bed and will turn to her tonight for comfort.

Eve partially comes conscious and calls Chad son. A confused Chad does not understand why Eve keeps calling him her poor lost baby. She begs Chad to forgive her for letting the Crane's take him away. Eve comes awake and Chad tells her she would not believe what crazy things she was saying.

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Luis gets jealous when he sees a romantic dinner for two being wheeled to the cottage. The maid said that Mr. Antonio ordered it. Luis sees strawberries and cream and expects the worst. Mrs. Wallace rubs it into Luis that Antonio is only planning on taking what he thinks he is entitled to. She says it is not fair for Sheridan to have to fend Antonio off all by herself. She tells Luis not to worry about her and Beth, they will find another ride home. She urges him to go to Sheridan. Antonio insists on making love and won't listen to any of Sheridan's excuses.

Beth pinches her mother's arm. She warns her mother that she is going to pay for what she just did.

Eve comes to and tries to cover up the fact that she called Chad SON.

Chad says that he knows why she did call him SON. He blames it on the smoke and another strange night at the Crane's. He confesses that he, Whitney and Simone had visions too.

TC and the girls are glad to see Eve is alright.

Antonio remembers the first time that he and Sheridan made love. He says he always knew that they were meant to be together. Sheridan listens with a guilty look on her face. Pilar stops Luis from going to the cottage and tries to talk some sense into him.

Beth goes home and pours herself a drink. She tells her mother that she is done screwing up her life. Mrs. Wallace gets on her knees and prays to the angels to save her from her wicked, wicked daughter. Beth packs her mother a suitcase and plans on sending her to a nursing home first thing in the morning.

Eve asks Whitney point blank if she is in love with Chad.

Pilar asks Luis if he can live with the knowledge that he killed his own brother in an effort to stop him from telling Antonio the truth.

Sheridan manages to slip away from Antonio after he takes his pill. She is happy to see Luis outside of the cottage.

Friday, September 27, 2002

Ethan leaves Gwen alone in bed and goes to Theresa to keep helping her with her job assignment. Gwen is livid when she realizes that Ethan left her side to go to Theresa. Gwen heads toward Theresa with fire in her eyes. Finding Theresa alone, she rips into her. Gwen taunts Theresa and tells her that she will stop at nothing to fight for Ethan. She tells Theresa she will stoop as low as Theresa would if that is what it takes to keep Ethan. Gwen says to give it up. Ethan was in her bed tonight. He made love to her. Gwen laughs at Theresa and said that Ethan only made love to her once. While he made love Gwen many times and will continue to. Theresa will only have a memory to live off of. Gwen says she has the real thing. Gwen then pulls the collar of her nightgown down and shows Theresa a love bite. She smiles and says "This is what Ethan gave me tonight. All you're going to get is a paper cut from the book he gave you." Gwen reminds Theresa that sex and love go hand in hand with Ethan and he would not have made love to Gwen without loving her. Theresa stares into space and whispers very softly. "I have lost him."

Julian and Ethan have a heart to heart. Julian is hurt when Ethan questions Julian's motives when he offers Ethan fatherly advice. Julian thinks of his past with Eve and cautions his former son to think very carefully who he wants to spend the rest of his life with. It will decide his whole future and his path in life. Julian looks back to his vision of Eve. He knows in his heart that his life would have been better if he did not listen to his father but listened to his heart.

Sheridan gives Antonio a sleeping pill so she would not have to make love with him. She and Luis share a romantic dinner. They make love and talk in the hot tub. Luis then asks Sheridan again to marry him. He takes out his grandmother's ring. Sheridan is delighted to see it. She thought it was lost forever in the boat explosion. Sheridan accepts Luis proposal. They kiss. Antonio awakens and goes in search of his fiancée.

Chad is hurt and angry when Whitney says that tennis is her first love and she is not in love with anyone. Eve looks suspiciously at Whitney, not fully convinced.

Antonio keeps getting closer to the engaged lovers.

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