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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 30, 2002 on GL
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Monday, September 30, 2002

Michelle goes back to the beach looking for a jacket she left while making out with Ben the night before. She runs into Bill who helps her find the jacket, then wants to know why she disappeared from the party at the Beacon. Michelle tells him that she was with Ben. After his initial shock, Bill teases Michelle and gives her a really hard time. Then Bill wants to know why Ben and not him. Michelle says that she and Bill are too close for that kind of meaningless fling. Ben is a ‘wild child' who does whatever he wants without worrying about the consequences – and just once she wanted to know what it felt like.

Rick shows up on the beach. After welcoming him home, Bill takes off to let Rick and Michelle talk. Michelle tells her brother how glad she is that he's back home, and he tells her how sorry he is about the separation from Danny. Rick tells his sister that everyone, especially him, is there to support her and Robbie. Michelle leaves and Rick calls Phillip to come and meet him at the beach so they can catch up on what's gone on in his absence. When Phillip arrives, he tells Rick all about Alan's heart attack and the circumstances that ‘caused it'. Rick is saddened that Beth and Phillip are over. He asks Phillip whether or not he is going to pursue Olivia.

Gus and Harley are sharing some morning-after snuggles when the doorbell rings. It's flowers! And Eden. Eden offers Harley an apology that closely borders on insult. Harley tried to get Eden to leave, but Gus tells her to stay so that they can all sit down together to talk things out. Gus makes the mistake of taking too long to get dressed, and in that time Eden has managed to offend Harley once again by telling her that she is just a notch in her brother's belt. As soon as Gus joins them, Harley tells him that Eden is just leaving.

Beth and Phillip discuss her moving out. They call Lizzie in to tell her they are splitting up and that Lizzie and James will move with Beth. Lizzie says "no way." Lizzie thinks her mom and dad are breaking up because of Lorelei's diary. Beth and Phillip tell Lizzie that they are just not right for one another anymore. But what has never and will never change, is their love for her. Lizzie still refuses to move out of the mansion with her mother.

Olivia wakes up fully dressed in Alan's arms at the hospital. Alan tells her that he had a dream about his own funeral and he wants to know if he did die, would Olivia go running straight to Phillip? She assures him he's not going to die anytime soon. But Alan wants an answer to his question. Olivia tells Alan her allegiance and her hearts are with him. Once Olivia leaves, Alan calls home and gets Lizzie. She tells him that her mom is packing up to move out because she and her father have broken up. Alan decides drastic action is needed to keep Phillip and Olivia apart, so he has his doctor aide him in faking another heart attack right in front of a horrified Olivia. It has exactly the effect that Alan desired on his wayward girlfriend. While gasping and stuttering through his "pain", Alan asks Olivia to marry him, as he may not have long to live and wants to spend it with her as his wife. Olivia says yes.

As Beth is going up to her new home at towers with her luggage in tow, Bill enters the elevator at the last moment. He greets her with a dashing smile.

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Beth and Bill make love for hours. Later, Bill leaves a content Beth alone to consider her newfound freedom. Alan shares the news of his and Olivia's engagement with Phillip and expresses his sympathy for Phillip, who has split up with Beth. Alexandra questions Phillip about the details of what went wrong between him and Beth and wonders if Olivia had anything to do with it. Olivia daydreams about marrying Alan, but she is really thinking about Phillip. Phillip asks Olivia why she didn't tell him about her engagement. Unaware that he and Beth are no longer together, she asks about Beth and Phillip doesn't offer any information. Meanwhile, Alexandra threatens to tell Phillip and Olivia that Alan has faked his heart attack unless he hands over Spaulding Enterprises for her to run while he "recuperates." In the Beacon, Edmund reads Richard's living will and calls an attorney to discuss its implications. Cassie tries to get through to Edmund that it is not too late for him to change. Cassie goes to Reva's trial where she has been subpoenaed to testify. In court, Josh reassures Reva. The DA offers her one last chance for a plea bargain, but Reva refuses. Both the DA and Ross give their opening statements and Ed is called to the stand. He tries to defend Reva's actions as best he can. The prosecution calls its next witness and everyone is surprised to see Cassie arrive.

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

In the Courtroom

Cassie enters. Reva asked Ross what was going on because Cassie said she didn't want anything to do with this trial. Ross told the Judge that he had an objection. Ross continued to explain that he sent out requests to everyone, but Cassie didn't respond. Therefore, they thought she wasn't going to testify. Cassie stepped forward and said that nobody had asked her if she wanted to be there. She said she would like to leave now with her daughter. The Judge told Doris to sit down. He apologized to Cassie and said that he cannot dismiss her. He called a short recess to make a decision.

Edmund enters as Reva was trying to talk to Cassie. Cassie told her that everything is going better since money was coming in. Cassie told her she believed what she did was wrong, but she doesn't want her to go to jail.

Judge enters. He said he sympathized with Mrs. Winslow, but the witness will take the stand. Cassie took the stand. Doris began asking her to go through the events of her husband's death. Cassie explained how she got detained on the highway because of the accident. It was established that Reva was with Richard when Cassie wasn't. Doris wanted to know if Richard had ever mentioned to Cassie about life support. Cassie said he had never mentioned it. Doris said that maybe Richard acted in a moment of excruciating pain. Cassie said she wouldn't know that because she wasn't a doctor. Ross stood up and said Doris was badgering the witness. Cassie was then treated as a hostile witness.

Cassie agreed that she did witness his seizures. Doris wanted to know if Cassie thought that her husband wanted to die. Cassie agreed that she was counting on Richard to pull through the accident. Screaming and crying, Cassie said I don't know. Cassie exits.

Reva told the Judge to take charge of his courtroom. The Judge adjourned for the day. Ross told Reva to stop. Reva took back her not guilty plea and pleaded guilty.

At Inferno

Tony and Carmen enter. Eden was sitting at the bar. Tony told Carmen to drop it about Danny. He approached Eden and wanted to know what was the deal. Eden told him the service was bad since his bartender quit. She said she stayed because she did offer to bartend for him. Tony said it was interesting that she showed up the day after his bartender decided to quit. Tony tried to call his bartender to see where he was. Eden said she knew where he was. She told him that she pretended to be Carmen and called the bartender to give him the day off. On the phone, Tony told his bartender to get into work. Carmen enters. She wanted to know what was going on and if it had to do with the pretty girl that just left.

Harley enters. She said she came to see Tony. She told him if he saw Eden, he should go somewhere else. She told him to have a nice day. Harley exits.

At Harley's house

Frank wanted to know why she was at Towers. But Harley said she was trying to find out about Eden. Frank suggested that she tell Phillip that Gus wasn't the person responsible for the death. Frank wanted to know that he was worried about her portraying Eden. She explained that she found out that Eden was supposed to receive something in the mail. But Frank said it was over, and she shouldn't have to handle this. Gus enters. He found the envelope about the Santos on the couch. He commented that it looked like a P.I. file. He wanted to know if Harley was doing some P.I. work.

Frank told Gus that it was s case from Chicago about a creep that has an eye for the ladies. Gus exits. Harley hugged Frank and thanked him. Frank agreed to go the post office and pick up the information. Frank exits and Gus enters. Gus said he brought work home so he could be with her.

Eden enters. She called for Gus or Harley. She picked up the file and began to read. Gus enters. Gus wanted to know if she found what she was looking for. Gus told her it was dead files and they were headed for the junk file. It was a file about Danny Santos. She couldn't believe that he was going to throw the files away. She said she would finish it. Gus told her how stubborn she was. As Harley came down the steps, she was listening. Harley said nobody was getting blown away. Gus wanted a minute to talk to Eden. Harley exits.

Gus told her he used to have a lot of anger. He wanted to know who put the cigarette burns on her. Eden said she did it to herself because she had no father or brother. Eden exits.

As Gus was leaving, Harley wanted to know what happened to Eden. He said he told her that Harley was his future. Frank enters as they were kissing. Gus exits. As they enter the house, Harley commented on how sweet Gus was. Frank opened the envelope and found out that Eden is knocking out the guys she meets with.

At the Cemetery

Edmund enters. He began to read the papers from Richard about not wanting life support. He knew that if the court found out about the document, Reva would be set free. As he was getting ready to set fire to the papers, he had a flashback to the time that Richard wanted to make amends.

Outside of Company

Carmen told her that she was looking for a friend of hers. Carmen told her they have a lot in common. She told Eden that Tony liked her. Carmen exits.

Tony enters. He asked Eden if she wanted the bartender job. She agreed.

Thursday, October 3, 2002

In the courtroom

Reva said she took back her not guilty plea. She said she turned off the machine because Richard asked her too. Shayne and Josh yelled for her not to do this. She said she watched him die as he suffered in pain. The Judge asked Ross what was going on. Reva said she was changing her plea to guilty. Reva begged the Judge to understand and she said she was sorry that Richard died. But she added that she wasn't sorry to help him end his pain. The Judge said that was enough. Reva returned to her seat, and Ross said that his client had been under enormous pressure and it had taken its toll. He wanted a few minutes with Reva, but she said no and asked him to change the plea.

Ross told Reva that he couldn't repair the damage she had done. Josh told Ross to move on because Reva had made up her mind. Ross enters. He told them there was no plea bargain and they have second-degree murder, which was 15 to 30 years.

Edmund enters. Doris informed him of what was going on. He wanted to know what it would take to get Reva off. She said nothing except for Richard to return from the dead. Edmund and Doris exit.

Josh and Marah exit. Edmund approached Reva. He wanted to know why she changed her plea. She said she did it for Cassie and there are people in the world who put other people first. She said that Richard asked her to help him die because he knew what it would do to Cassie. Reva said he could be a prince again if he chose to be. Edmund wanted to know in Richard's last minutes what kind of attitude did he have. Reva said he left the world with dignity.

Outside of company

Rick told Michelle that the doctor said he was doing well after his checkup. She wanted to know why he was down in the dumps, but he said he had a lot on his mind. Michelle wanted him not to go to the trial since she felt he needed rest.

Blake and Harley discuss a theory that Eden is paid to get men in compromising position. They decide that someone takes a picture and there is a payoff. Harley said she needed to get more facts with some investigating. Harley showed Blake Bruce's driver license.

Inside of company

Ben enters. Marina enters. Rick and Michelle enter. Bill said that in one corner was Marina making googly eyes, in another corner was Michelle who Ben tried to hit on.

Rick said that he doesn't think Reva should go to jail, but he understood what the family felt. He wanted to go outside and get some fresh air. Rick exits.

Ben told him that what happened at the beach was Michelle's idea. He said that he was a willing participant. Marina came over and said that Ben was a heck of a good dancer. Michelle came over and was teasing Ben. Marina exits. As Michelle continued to make a fool of her, Marina was behind the counter. Marina told them to order dessert. Inside the menu was a picture of Ben on the beach in his underwear. Ben tried to explain saying it was a game that he and Marina play.

Ben wanted to know what kind of apartment Bill was looking for in the papers. Ben said they could get a house. Bill said he would think about it. Marah enters. She informed Bill and Ben about Reva's plea of guilty.

Marina watched as Ben catered to Marah. She was saying that she could return home to sleep well. Bill said they could get a place that has three bedrooms. Marah said she would think about it. But she decided she wanted to stay at home to be near her mom. Marah exits. Marina asked them if they see anything they like on the menu. They both said no and Bill exits. Ben told Marina that games are fun to a certain point.

At hotel suite

Blake was helping Harley getting ready to meet s perfect stranger. Harley said she knows that there is sex infused when it comes to Eden. Blake and Harley are reiterating their plans. Blake exits. Harley let in the man. She fixed him a drink and he said it was new to him. He said he heard that she was good at what she did. She asked Bruce to take a warm relaxing shower. He wanted her to join him. She began to search his jacket after he went to the bathroom. The phone rang and the voice told her to open the curtains. The voice told her there was no payoff if he couldn't see anything. Outside of the suite door, Blake saw Eden. Blake intercepted Eden from going into the room. Blake said that was her room. When they entered the room, Harley was hidden beside the bed. Blake said that was her husband in the shower. Eden exits. Blake told Harley they need to get out of the room. Blake exits to guard the door. Harley asked Bruce if he was married. She said the phone rang and there was a woman on the line. Bruce quickly exits.

Eden enters. Bruce enters. He said he thought he left something behind. She told him that she was Eden. He said the other one told her she was Eden. Bruce exits. She opened the curtain and spoke to someone.

At Inferno

Eden is cleaning glasses. She used her cell phone to call her boss to tell him that she wouldn't be available for any assignments. But he wanted to know about the job that he just gave her. She said she never got the file. He said the gig was right now. Eden said she couldn't do it. When he threatened her, she agreed. She got the name of the hotel and said she was on her way. She told him to call the hotel to have the key at the front desk.

Edmund looked at the Richard's living will. Carmen enters. He told her a story about a scorpion that asked a frog to give him a ride across the river. The frog escorted the scorpion to the middle of the river and then the scorpion stung the frog. The frog wanted to know why he did it. He said stinging is all he knew and it was his nature. Edmund set fire to the living will.

Friday, October 4, 2002

Reva takes back her Not Guilty plea and tells the judge that given the same circumstances, she would do the same thing again. Reva tells the judge that if her sister's agony is the price she has to pay to walk out of the courtroom a free woman, she won't do it. The judge accepts Reva's change of plea, over Ross' protests. Ross asks for a break and tells Reva that he is going to move for a mistrial. Reva says no, she just want to get through the trial and face the music, whatever it is. Edmund shows up as Reva is leaving the courthouse alone. He asks her if she really changed her plea to make Cassie's life easier, or has she realized that what she did was wrong, finally. Reva tells Edmund that Richard put Cassie first by not wanting her to have to make a decision over his life-support. She is just following Richard's example by also putting Cassie first. Edmund wants to know how Richard's state of mind about his accident and impending death were during his last moments. Reva tells him his brother was not angry, if that's what he means - Richard left this world the same way he walked it, with dignity.

Michelle runs into Ben and Bill at company. Bill uses this opportunity to give Ben a hard time for his little 'make out' session with Michelle the other night on the beach. Ben tells Bill that he's just bitter because Michelle didn't choose him. Bill protests that Michelle didn't choose him because she knows he has scruples, which Ben is without. Speaking of scruples, Marina presents Bill and Michelle with a dessert menu that features a photo of Ben in his underwear as the Daily Special. Bill and Michelle think it's hilarious and rib Ben mercilessly. After Bill and Michelle leave, Marina playfully asks Ben when she can expect his revenge. He tells her the games were fun, up to a point.

In a hotel room at Towers, Blake is helping Harley dress up to impersonate Eden, once again. Meanwhile, from Insomnia, Eden puts a call into her boss and says she's taking a brief leave of absence to deal with personal matters. He asks her about the current job he just sent her the file for. She replies "what file"? Eden assumes the file was lost in transit somehow and gets the particulars of where and when from her boss. So both Eden and Harley-pretending-to-be-Eden are intending to show up to do the 'job'. When the guy shows up to Harley's hotel room, she pours him a drink, flirting and faking her way through the introduction. When Bruce excuses himself for a moment, Harley receives a phone call from a man reminding her to open the curtains. Playing lookout, Blake runs into Eden arriving at 'her' suite. Blake momentarily gets rid of Eden so that Harley can make an escape. Harley gets rid of Bruce by telling him a woman called the room looking for him. "You aren't married, are you?" Harley, Blake and Bruce all take off. Eden stops back by the room and wonders what has gone wrong, why didn't The Guy show up? Just then, Bruce walks in looking for something he left behind. Eden asks if he's Bruce and when he says yes, she introduces herself. Confused, the guy tells her that the Other Girl said she was Eden, and he leaves claiming things have gotten too weird. After talking it over on the way home, Blake and Harley have decided that Eden is involved in some kind of extortion operation.

At Infierno, Edmund briefly wrestles with his conscience before burning Richard's Living Will in front of Carmen - who is clueless about what the document is or might mean.

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