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Monday, September 30, 2002

At the Recovery Room, as Livvie hints to Frank that she will tell Karen all about Frank's 'secret', Frank beats Livvie to the punch and announces to Karen that Frank is really the father of Livvie's baby.

Meanwhile, in the woods, a woman carrying a rag doll and humming, approaches an unconscious Jack at the bottom of the pit.

On the train, as Rafe and Alison kiss, Alison finally believes that it is really happening and not some kind of dream. Rafe and Alison head back to Alison's compartment on the train.

Once back in Alison's compartment, Alison asks Rafe HOW all of this happened.

RAFE: 'Your love is what made me remember.'

ALISON: "Who you really were!'

RAFE: "And you thought you freed my soul so I could go back - up there, but what you really did - what you really did was that - you opened the door of heaven so I could stay here.'

ALISON: "And be with me?'

RAFE: 'Yeah. With you. We made a miracle, Alison. We proved that, when two people love each other - I mean really, really love each other - that there is NOTHING that can stop them from finding each other again...'

ALISON: "You're really here! You are really, really here!'

RAFE: "I am as real as it gets. OK? Oh, that is the - That is the GOOD news!'

ALISON: 'Like there could be any BAD news! You are here! There is NOT any - any bad news. I mean, you do NOT have to go back, do you?'

RAFE: "No, no, no. No!'

ALISON: 'Not back to heaven?'

RAFE: 'No - I am pretty much here till death do us part.'

ALISON: "OK. Then - there is NO bad news. There is NO bad news at all!

RAFE: "Well, that depends. I mean, the way I see it - everything is almost perfect.'

ALISON: 'OK, but -- ?'

RAFE: "But -- '

ALISON: "But - what?'

RAFE: "Well, Ed sent me back here so - so I could be with you. So we could be like everyone else - you know - normal! Like other people in love. Except, without all the - the other stuff.'

ALISON: 'The WHAT stuff? The magic stuff?'

RAFE: "Well, yeah.'

ALISON: "Do you really think that you need to make animals dance and to make pink roses appear out of thin air in order to make me happy?'

RAFE: "No - I just thought it kind of made me stand out from all the other guys!'

ALISON: "Well, it did! I mean, come on! Rafe - listen to me! Let me - just let you in on a little secret - OK? When you look at me the way you are looking at me right now - the way you touch me. And I feel you close to me - the way that I feel you right now - and when you hold me close - and make me feel the way I am going to feel when we make love - that is all the magic I will ever need. Ever! Do you get that? Do you get it?' And they continue kissing.

At the Recovery Room, Frank tries to explain to Karen that it was the Avatar who got Livvie pregnant. Frank explains that Livvie found out that Frank was the Avatar and Livvie wanted a baby so she could hang on to Rafe. And so Frank and Livvie made a deal and Frank let the Avatar get Livvie pregnant. Frank figures that Rafe found out that it was NOT his baby and split - and Livvie is looking for someone new to take responsibility for the baby.

Livvie denies Frank's version of events and claims that Frank raped her while under the influence of The Avatar.

Karen walks away and Livvie gloats about the way Frank has no recourse now, except to provide a real family for their baby.

When Frank told Livvie that she is deluded if she believes that Frank would ever fall in love with her, Livvie replies: "Oh, come on, Frank! Don't be an idiot! I do NOT believe in love any more. Rafe is gone, my father is gone, and Jack has decided he would rather be alone than with me - so - '

FRANK: "Well, thank God - HE finally wised up and made a clean getaway!'

Meanwhile, Jack is in the woods as the woman with the rag doll hums and sharpens a knife.

Back at the Recovery Room, Livvie threatens to tell the world that Frank raped her. But, as Livvie lists the ways she will be able to drag Frank's name through the mud, Karen suddenly returns and says: 'Oh, give me a break! Like anybody would believe a word that comes out of the mouth of a nasty, manipulative, lying little bitch like you!'

Karen went on to read the riot act to Livvie for using the most painful experience a woman can suffer through to Livvie's advantage. Karen announces that Livvie is losing this time - BIG time!

On the train, Alison went to slip into something more comfortable and Rafe decides to put out the Do Not Disturb sign. As Rafe opens the door of the compartment, he sees a flower-vendor with roses going up and down the aisle and Rafe orders a pink rose. But the flower vendor has no pink roses, so Rafe picks a yellow rose. When Alison returns in a red negligee, Rafe told her: 'I have just officially become the happiest, luckiest man in the universe! '

When Alison asks Rafe what he is hiding behind his back, Rafe brought out the rose and is astonished to see that the rose is now a pink rose! Rafe is surprised, but Alison told him it is perfect as Rafe whispers, 'Thanks, Pops!'

Back in the pit in the woods, Jack begins to regain consciousness and recognizes the rag doll as the doll in his pictures. Jack tries to get up, but loses consciousness again as the humming woman approaches him with the sharpened knife.

Back at the Recovery Room, when Livvie told Karen that Karen's opinion will NOT count once Livvie starts talking about her experience with the Avatar, Karen informs Livvie that Karen will provide Frank with an alibi - for whatever time Livvie claims the 'rape' took place - Karen will swear that Frank was with Karen!

Karen told Livvie that Karen feels sorry for Livvie's baby, but that Livvie is NOT ruining any more lives if Karen can help it.

Livvie told Karen that Livvie believes Karen is a fool for defending Frank. Then Livvie reminds Karen that the fact remains - Livvie IS pregnant and Frank IS the baby's father - and Karen will have to deal with it. Then Livvie saunters away.

After Livvie leaves, Frank thanks Karen for defending him, but Karen admits to Frank that Karen WILL have a problem dealing with the fact that Livvie is pregnant with Frank's child.

Outside, Livvie promises her baby that the baby will be like Livvie - a Survivor! Livvie then thinks about all the plans Livvie had for a happy family in a perfect little house. Then Livvie declares that Rafe and Alison ruined Livvie's life and her baby's life - and Livvie vows that she will NEVER forgive Rafe and Alison for that!

Back on the train, Rafe and Alison celebrate being alone for the first time without something hanging over their heads and Alison confesses that she feels like all the darkness has been lifted out of her life by loving Rafe.

Back in the woods, the humming woman begins to cut Jack's jeans away from his injured leg, as Jack has a vision of playing hide and seek with a barefoot woman wearing a mask like the doll's face. Then the humming woman begins to take care of Jack's injured leg.

Tuesday, October 1, 2002

Livvie returns to the house she shared with Jack and remembers the day they both showed up at the same place at the same time. Livvie looks around for Jack, but realizes that the house is empty. Livvie asks herself how she lost it all in the blink of an eye, but decides: "Alison! It is Alison's fault! I hope she rots in hell!'

At the same time, Rafe and Alison wake up together on the train and begin to make plans for the future.

Meanwhile, Lucy, Ian, Christina and Daniel return to their hotel room in New York City, following a day of shopping. After the children lay down for their naps, Ian and Lucy talk about their different ways of handling their grief. Ian observes that it might be more difficult for Lucy, because Kevin is gone, but not really gone. And Lucy describes how it seems that an evil entity has taken Kevin's place.

However, in his room at a hospital in Switzerland, Kevin wakes up, asking for Lucy and demanding to talk to his wife.

Back on the train, Rafe and Alison talk about staying on the train forever. Alison points out that she was leaving Port Charles any way and Rafe agrees that he has no ties in Port Charles except for Lucy, and that the two of them are free to go anywhere in the world that they want to go. Rafe informs Alison that he has learned that he was NOT the father of Livvie's baby and Rafe and Alison discuss the prospects of having their own family one day.

At their New York Hotel, Lucy told Ian that she believes Ian will soon meet someone and fall madly in love again. And Ian thanks Lucy for teaching him how to have fun again. Lucy explains to Ian that Kevin is there, but not really there and questions the wisdom of 'moving on,' even though that seemed to be what Kevin wanted her to do.

At the same time, Kevin gets permission at the hospital to call Lucy. But, when Kevin calls the Light House, he gets Lucy's answering machine, which announces that she is in New York at the Plaza Hotel, but, in the background, Kevin can hear Ian telling Lucy to hurry up, and Kevin says: "I don't believe it! She is with HIM!'

Back at Jack's Place, Livvie falls asleep on the couch and dreams that Jack wakes her up and he knows nothing about Caleb or candles or a candle shop. Livvie decides that she has had some kind of awful nightmare and Jack agrees. Livvie dreams that she is talking to Jack and Jack reassures her of his love. But, Livvie glances away while explaining to Jack how empty she felt when she believed no one loved her, and, when Livvie turns around, she realizes that Jack has disappeared. Livvie wakes from her dream and wonders WHY she is all alone again. Then she went to sleep again.

As Ian and Lucy talk at the Hotel about their mutual concerns, they end up hugging. Just then, the phone rings. Believing it is a call about theater tickets they have ordered, Ian answers - but it appears that there is no one on the other end.

IAN: "It must be the wrong number!'

However, it is Kevin on the other end of the line. After Ian hangs up, Kevin says: "No - I have got EXACTLY the right number - IAN!'

Back on the train, Alison decides she wants some 'mood' music and turns on the radio. As Rafe listens to the music, he suddenly turns the radio off and says: "I just got a weird feeling. We have got to go back.!'

ALISON: 'What?'

RAFE: "We have to go back - to Port Charles!'

Wednesday, October 2, 2002

Lucy, Ian, and Christina have a tea party. To Christina's delight, Ian dresses up complete with makeup and hat. After Christina went off to bed, Lucy told Ian how much she appreciated him making Christina comfortable.

Kevin asks his doctor when he can be released. The doctor is impressed with Kevin's recovery, but feels Kevin is not yet ready to leave. The doctor gives Kevin his pill, but as soon as the doctor leaves, Kevin spits it out. As Kevin thinks about how he needs to be with Lucy and she needs to be with him, he grips a cord until his hand begins to bleed.

Frank calls Kate to ask what his rights are in regard to Livvie's baby. Karen overhears and when Frank hangs up, she told him she's been thinking about it all night. She says she's added up the plusses and minuses and the minuses won. Frank is saddened by this until Karen says that despite it all, she is in love with him. Frank is amazed at the power of Karen's love. She replies that after all, he traveled through time to save her. That has to count for something.

At the Recovery Room, Ricky reaches for Marissa's book of notes. She reaches for it at the same time, and they fall together in an embrace. Marissa is indignant that Ricky would dare read her private reporter's notes, Ricky told her he doesn't believe that is what it is, he thinks it is a diary. He told Marissa that she must remember kissing him in the woods. Once again, Marissa tries to remind him that she is not Casey.

Jack tries to coax the girl in the cave to come out. When she continues to hide, Jack begins to talk about himself in order to make her more comfortable. When that doesn't work, he told a cheesy joke. Again, there is no response. Finally, Jack says that the last time he was lost in the woods, he was bitten by a vampire. This evokes a giggle from the girl. She then begins to hum. Jack asks for his cell phone. She throws it near to him, but it is still out of reach. Jack then asks for some water. When the girl leaves to get it, Jack reaches for the phone. As he begins to dial, the girl comes to stand over him. She puts something over his mouth, and Jack passes out.

Jamal, Marissa, and Ricky are searching for Jack in the woods when they hear him call out. They answer back then try to figure out where the shout came from. Meanwhile, the girl with Jack hears their calls and picks up a knife.

Thursday, October 3, 2002

In the woods, Jamal, Marissa and Ricky try to discover where they heard Jack's muffled cry for help. Jamal decides to hike up the hill for a better view, and leaves Marissa behind with Ricky.

As Marissa decides to look around on her own, she suddenly falls into the same hole that Jack fell into. But Marissa grabs the sides of the hole and dangles over the hole as she calls for Ricky to help her.

Meanwhile, Jack is unconscious below, and his mystery woman huddles close to him but has her knife out and ready.

At the same time, Livvie waits at Jack's Place for Jack to return.

Rafe and Alison also return to Port Charles from their train trip - and head to Jack's Place! Rafe and Alison kiss good-bye on the front porch as Rafe heads off to tell Lucy the good news and Alison plans to let Jack know that she is back - and WHY she has returned.

However, when Alison went inside, she is shocked to see Livvie waiting in the living room for Jack.

Rafe arrives at the Light House Bridge, disappointed at having discovered that Lucy is NOT home.

But Rafe is concerned about the weird feeling he got when he heard the weird song on the radio. So, out of habit, Rafe begins to speak to Ed, not expecting to see Ed. But Ed surprises Rafe when Ed suddenly arrives.

Back at Jack's Place, Livvie gloats that Alison must be having trouble adjusting to her 'new' life without Rafe - while Livvie has hope that Livvie will soon be reunited with the man that she loves.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Ricky arrives in time to prevent Marissa from falling into the abandoned mine shaft, and Jamal arrives soon afterward, having heard Marissa's scream. Jamal, Marissa and Ricky try to get a good look at the pit and theorize that Jack might have fallen into the same hole.

Down below, the mystery woman clutches her knife and huddles closer to Jack.

Back at the Light House Bridge, Rafe is happy to see Ed and thanks Ed for making it possible for Rafe to live a full lifetime with the woman that he loves.

ED: "Cherish every moment of it, son.'

RAFE: 'Still telling me what to do - huh?'

ED: 'Well, you may not be an angel any more, but I will always be your old man!'

RAFE: 'Yeah! Thank you.'

ED: "For what? YOU are the one who went To Hell And Back for the woman you love!'

RAFE: 'Yeah - but -- If it had NOT been for me -- I mean -- if we had lost that deal to James -- I mean - you risked everything! You risked your soul!'

ED: "Nah! I KNEW I was betting on a winner! Besides, I am SO proud of you. I love you, son.'

RAFE: "I love you too!' They hug.

ED: "Well - I need to get back upstairs! Got to punch a clock, you know.'

RAFE: 'Wait - wait! You - Wait! You can't go! Not yet! I mean - I mean - what about the train and that weird song I heard. And the way it made me feel?'

ED: "What about it?'

RAFE: "Well, what does it mean? Is there something going on?'

ED: "You tell me!'

RAFE: 'But - '

ED: "Trust your instincts, son. Always. Trust your instincts!'

As Ed fades away, Rafe calls out: "Ed! Wait!'

Back in the woods, Jamal, Marissa and Ricky decide to get a rope and go down into the hole to look for Jack. But Jamal suddenly gets a cell phone call from the Police, reporting that the police found Jack's bike. Jamal, Marissa and Ricky head off to the Recovery Room to meet Officer Doree to discuss what the police have found.

Meanwhile, down below, the mystery woman begins to tie Jack up.

Back at Jack's Place, Alison scoffs at the notion that Livvie ever actually loved Jack. Alison gives Livvie the news-flash that Jack is SO over Livvie! And Alison promises to be there to stop Livvie from hurting Jack again.

When Livvie continues to insist that Livvie WILL get back together with Jack and there will be NOTHING Alison can do to stop Livvie, Alison suddenly asks: "You really ARE crazy, aren't you?'

Livvie told Alison that Livvie believes that, deep down, Jack NEVER stopped loving Livvie and that it was ALISON who came between Jack and Livvie and turned Jack against Livvie. But Alison counters with the charge that it was LIVVIE who drove Jack away with Livvie's bitterness, hatred, anger and lies. Alison points out that Livvie has ALWAYS driven away EVERY one who has EVER loved her!

When Alison told Livvie that Livvie will always be alone - Livvie protests that LIVVIE still has her BABY, AND will at least have a CHANCE to reunite with Jack.

LIVVIE: "But you - YOU have lost everything!'

ALISON: "Is that really what you think?'

LIVVIE: 'Rafe is dead, isn't he? I mean, you will NEVER get over your 'GREAT' love! You will grow old and gray and wasted, STILL pining over poor Rafe! Every day, for the rest of your life, you will reach out for a hand that is NOT there. And a kiss that never comes! You will wait. And you will wait - EVERY day! And you will die - waiting! Because you will NEVER have Rafe again, Alison. NEVER!'

As Livvie opens the door, Rafe is about to knock and Rafe says: "Livvie!'

At the Recovery Room, Officer Doree informs Jamal, Marissa and Ricky that a scuba team will begin to drag the river at daybreak, looking for Jack. But Marissa points out that it is suspicious that they have NOT found anything like Jack's helmet or wallet yet.

While Jamal and Doree talk about the search plans, Marissa thanks Ricky for pulling her out of the hole. And Marissa also apologizes for bugging Ricky about still being in love with Casey.

As Jamal and Marissa leave the Recovery Room, Ricky notices that Marissa left her journal behind. Then Ricky decides that he will WAIT a while before giving Marissa's journal back to her!

Meanwhile, Jack regains consciousness in the abandoned mine shaft and realizes that he is tied up. Jack demands that the mystery woman untie him, but she just huddles in the corner, rocking her rag doll and humming. When Jack demands to know WHEN she plans to let him go, she replies: "Never!'

Back at Jack's Place, Livvie says: "Rafe! It's you!'

RAFE: "What? What's the matter, Livvie? You look like you have seen a ghost!'

Livvie went back into the house and Rafe follows her. Livvie believes that Rafe can NOT really be there - and Livvie accuses Alison of using some kind of Black Magic or witchcraft to bring Rafe back to life.

ALISON: "This is true love, Livvie. True love did this! It is something that YOU will NEVER understand!'

LIVVIE: "No. No. Stay away from me! Stay away from me! No - let go of me!'

Rafe grabs Livvie and told her: 'NOT until you deal with me!'

LIVVIE: "Let go! Please! No! Please!'

RAFE: "Livvie!'


RAFE: 'By the way, I am NOT an angel any more!'

Friday, October 4, 2002

In his New York Hotel Room, Ian cancels a meeting with his friend Tim. As Ian worries about Kevin's attempt to strangle Lucy, Lucy suddenly screams from the other room and Ian rushes to help her.

At Jack's Place, Livvie told Rafe and Alison that she does NOT plan to stick around while they rip her apart.

Rafe reminds Livvie that he listened to HER lies for months, but Livvie reminds Rafe of the intimate moments they shared and concludes: "What I know - what I will NEVER forget - is how you could NEVER get enough of me! And, now, the two of you are going to stand here and act like it NEVER happened! What a couple of losers!'

ALISON: "You don't get it - do you? You got Rafe into your bed by telling him you were ALREADY lovers! And, yeah, you got him to marry you. But you NEVER got what you REALLY wanted - you NEVER captured his heart - because that ALWAYS belonged to me! Now who is the REAL loser, Livvie?'

Meanwhile, in the abandoned mine shaft, Jack demands that his Mystery Woman untie him and talk to him, but she shyly offers him some food instead. Jack angrily knocks the food out of her hand and yells at her and she runs away.

Back in their New York Hotel Room, Ian learns that Lucy wrenched her back when she slipped in the shower. Ian finally convinces Lucy to let him examine her injured back. Then Ian convinces Lucy to let him massage her back.

Back at Jack's Place, Livvie says: "You two can believe whatever gets you through the night. But it does NOT change the fact that Rafe not only made love to me and married me - but set up a whole, really beautiful wedding!'

RAFE: "Because I felt sorry for you!'

LIVVIE: "You are a liar!'

RAFE: "Livvie, you made up all those stories about how I proposed to you and how I made you all those promises. So I felt guilty about disappointing you. But I never really loved you - OK? It was always Alison!'

LIVVIE: "Oh, Rafe! You are SO pathetic! Having to convince yourself that you NEVER loved me! Trying to make me out the bad guy.'

RAFE: "Livvie, your lies have hurt everyone that ever cared about you!'

LIVVIE: 'Alison started this - not me! You want to know the truth about your precious fairy little princess? She is the one who turned everyone against me! SHE is the traitor!'

ALISON: "What are you talking about?'

LIVVIE: "It is because of you I lost Jack. It is because of you I lost the only man I ever really loved!'

Meanwhile down in the mine shaft, Jack tries to convince his Mystery Woman to turn him loose. But, when she approaches him, Jack yells at her and she runs away again, crying.

However, Jack notices that his captor ran away and left her knife behind.

Back in their New York Hotel Room, Ian gets enough kinks out of Lucy's back for Lucy to stand up - with Ian's help, of course.

Back at Jack's Place, Alison told Livvie: "I never took Jack away from you! You drove him away yourself!'

LIVVIE: "No - Alison. We were HAPPY together. I was happy!'

RAFE: "Oh - so this is what this was all about - all the lies? You never even really wanted me. You wanted to hurt Alison!'

LIVVIE: 'I wanted you to see what it felt like to lose the person you loved most in this world!'

ALISON: "You really hated me that much?'

LIVVIE: "You took something from me. So I took something from you!'

ALISON: "All this crazy need for revenge - It did NOT just hurt me. Look at you!'

LIVVIE: "Hey - it made me a survivor!'

ALISON: "Yeah? A survivor? Now, you are all alone!'

LIVVIE: "NO - I am NOT alone, Alison. I still have my baby. And I have this ring on my finger!'

RAFE: 'Oh - you have GOT to be kidding. I am having this nightmare of a marriage dissolved as soon as I can!'

LIVVIE: "What? You think I am going to make it easy for you? Both of you? Do you think I am just going to roll over and die and let your little fairy tale continue? Oh - sorry! It is NOT over! No matter how much you WANT it to be!' And Livvie storms out of the house.

Back in their New York Hotel Room, once Lucy is mobile again, Lucy gets comfortable in her bathrobe and, as Ian and Lucy talk, Ian admits that when he heard Lucy yell, he believed Kevin was after Lucy again. Lucy drifts off to sleep on the couch. When Ian puts a blanket over Lucy, Lucy leans over and snuggles up to Ian's shoulder.

At the same time, in Switzerland, as Nurse Ingrid bandages Kevin's hand, Kevin quietly slips her keys out of her pocket. And, when Ingrid leaves, Kevin makes plans.

When Rafe and Alison are alone at Jack's Place, Rafe surprises Alison when he told her that he would like for Alison to have a REAL wedding with all of their friends attending. Alison protests that the vows they said in the Barn on their own were sweet and romantic and perfect.

But Rafe told Alison: "I want to join hands with you. You know, I want to join our lives together again!'

ALISON: "I don't even know what to say.'

RAFE: "Whoo! OK. So, you know what? I guess I am going to have to ask you again. Alison Barrington - will you marry me? Will you do me the incredible honor of becoming my wife?'

Alison kisses Rafe and Rafe asks: "Is that a yes?'

ALISON: 'Yes! Yes!' They begin to kiss and tumble on the floor.

At the same time, a stranger, wearing brown leather gloves, looks at a picture of Alison, then puts the picture away in an overnight bag and leaves the room.

Down in the abandoned mine, Jack's Mystery Woman returns and finds the cut ropes, just as Jack appears from the shadows and grabs her. When Jack lifts the lantern close to her face, Jack is shocked to see that the Mystery Woman looks like Livvie!

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