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Monday, September 23, 2002

At the Hospital, Ian finds Karen in the stairwell and urges Karen to help Ian put an end to the Avatar's reign of terror. Ian told Karen that she can take the shroud away from Frank without Frank knowing that she will do it. But Karen told Ian that she just can NOT betray Frank that way.

Meanwhile, in Chris's room, Doree decides that Chris needs a nurse. When Doree leaves to call a nurse, Frank shows up beside Chris's bed.

Meanwhile, at the Barn, as Rafe begins to remember his life with Alison and is about to kiss Alison, Livvie shows up with a gun and shoots Rafe in the back. Then Livvie throws the gun down and runs away. Alison wants to go call 9-1-1 and get a doctor for Rafe, but Rafe begs her to stay with him instead.

Back at the Hospital, Chris told Frank to get out, but Frank threatens Chris, reminding Chris that if Chris gets any more notions about taking over as The Avatar, Chris's NEXT meeting with The Avatar will probably be fatal.

When Doree returns, she senses something is wrong and, after Frank leaves, Doree begs Chris to tell her the identity of the person who beat Chris.

Meanwhile, back in the Stairwell, Ian warns Karen that, if Frank keeps going the way he is, the police will kill Frank. Ian pleads with Karen to realize that Ian and Karen would be more sympathetic to Frank than the police would be.

Karen finally agrees to help Ian, on one condition - that Frank will be allowed to walk away from this free and clear. Ian promises Karen that, if they can get the shroud away from Frank and defeat the Avatar, Ian will protect Frank's identity.

Ian and Karen plan for Karen to meet Frank and convince Frank to become the Avatar. Then Karen will get the shroud and Rafe and Ian will take care of the rest.

Livvie runs through the woods, crying hysterically and asks: "God -what have I done? What have I done?' Then she sits down, sobbing, and decides that it was all Rafe's fault.

Back in the Barn, as Alison insists that Rafe let her get a doctor, Rafe begins to tell Alison about all of the memories of their time together that have come flooding back.

RAFE: 'I have to tell you something, because we might never see each other again! Just so I could come back to you - there were certain choices I had to make. And I know that life on earth is a lot shorter than life in eternity. But I just needed to see you. I wanted to see you so badly so - I am sorry - I made a deal! I made a deal. And I did it because I love you. I love you - so much. I love you. I love you so much - OK?'

ALISON: "OK! Sh. Sh. I know. I know. Listen. Listen. Listen to me, Rafe - Listen! Listen. Listen! I KNOW! I know what you did! I know what you did for me. And you are NOT lost - OK? You came through. You fell in love with me again. You saved us both!'

RAFE: 'I don't think you understand. I sold my soul to be with you.'

ALISON: "I know. But I don't think it ends with the bargain that you made. Rafe - I got a sign! I really did! I got a sign that said that IF you fell in love with me again, then your soul would be spared. And you did it! You really did it. Against all the odds. You didn't have your memory. And against everything that Livvie did, you still did it - because your love brought us back together again. Because you and I - we are one soul. We are one heart forever.'

RAFE: 'I just wanted to come back to say good-bye - because we never really got a chance to say a real good-bye.'

ALISON: "Listen. I will never forget you - ever! I will love you for the rest of my life. And, every morning when I wake up, in my heart, I will kiss you awake. And every night, when I go to sleep, I will say a prayer for you - OK? I am going to be OK. I will be down here and I will live life for both of us. Rafe - it was selfish of me to have called you back. I AM sorry!'

RAFE: "No - no - no! I would have come back any way!'

Livvie returns to the Barn and arrives to hear Alison tell Rafe: "I am so grateful that you are here so that we can say good-bye. And, even though I will miss you forever - it's OK. I am ready. I WANT you to go. I WANT you to go back to where you belong. I WANT you to go home!'

RAFE: "I will always love you.'

Alison kisses Rafe and told him: "Good-bye, my angel.'

Then a bright light appears in the barn and Rafe disappears. And Alison says: "May God be with you!'

Back at the Hospital, Doree is frustrated when she believes that Chris continues to protect Lancelot in spite of the obvious evidence that Lancelot is dangerous.

CHRIS: "No - I am NOT protecting him. I'm protecting you!'

DOREE: "Me?'

CHRIS: "Yes - OK? Whoever did this was a maniac. And I do NOT want him to hurt you too!'

DOREE: "Hello! I am a COP! I can take care of myself!'

CHRIS: "Yeah - OK! Maybe I would like to do one thing right by you. If you got hurt, I could never forgive myself. I am NOT going to put you in danger!'

DOREE: "Wow! Now - I remember!'

CHRIS: "Remember what?'

DOREE: "What it was that made me like you in the first place.'

CHRIS: "It is not the sex?'

DOREE: 'Yeah. That too. Definitely! But the simple truth is that I just really like being with you.'

CHRIS: "Well, I would like being with you more if you could change the subject - please? Why don't you tell me a joke?'

DOREE: "OK. I've got one. What about the one about the stubborn idiot of a doctor who actually turned out to be a half-way decent guy?'

CHRIS: "Now - who would believe that one?'

DOREE: "I would!'

Meanwhile, Karen walks through the woods, looking for Frank - and she finds him. Frank told Karen he knows that she is frightened but she does NOT need to be. Frank assures Karen that they will be able to work everything out if she will just trust him. Frank urges Karen to go home with him, but Karen suddenly told Frank that she can NOT go.

In the meantime, Ian desperately calls for Rafe, leaving messages that Ian has found a way to defeat The Avatar - but that Ian needs some of Rafe's research on the Avatar first.

Meanwhile, Rafe returns to the Here After and is greeted by Ed, who says: "Welcome back, Son.'

At the same time, paramedics arrive at the barn and tell Alison that they had a report of a shooting, but Alison convinces them that nothing is amiss and they leave.

ALISON: "Why don't you come out now, Livvie? Because I know you are here and I know what you did! So why don't you come out and face me - if you can!'

Livvie suddenly appears in front of Alison.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

At their rented Cabin in the woods, Jack shows the pumpkin full of soup to Jamal, Marissa and Ricky. They all decide that whomever stole their food must have left the soup in exchange. Marissa tries some of the soup and begins to choke. But, when Jamal rushes to her aid, Marissa told him it was a Joke. Marissa then grabs the bed for herself and told Jack, Jamal and Ricky that they will have to fight amongst themselves for the best spots on the floor!

Meanwhile, Ian arrives at the Kovich Apartment and, when he fails to get an answer to his persistent knocking, he breaks in to get Rafe's notes about the Avatar.

At the same time, in the woods, Frank tries to convince Karen that, ever since Frank has been Lancelot, Frank HAS been able to do truly great things and no longer feels that he is second-best. Frank begs Karen to understand how important it is to Frank to suddenly be able to work miracles, and how important it is to Frank to NEVER give up that new-found power.

Meanwhile, in the Barn, Alison told Livvie: "You should be really proud of yourself. I mean, you could NOT get Rafe to love you or want to be with you, so you shot him!'

LIVVIE: "I don't know what you are talking about.'

ALISON: 'Don't! Don't do that! We BOTH know that it is true. I am just wondering - why not me?'

LIVVIE: "Because - I wanted you to feel - what it is like to lose - everything you have loved!'

Alison told Livvie that Livvie failed - that Livvie's lies and machinations only made Rafe love Alison all the more. When Livvie asks what Alison thinks they should do, Alison picks up the gun and asks Livvie how things would be if the situations were reversed and it was Alison who had just murdered the man that Livvie loved.

Back in the woods, Frank pleads with Karen to realize that the Avatar has made Frank a better person, but Karen disagrees with Frank - informing him that the Avatar is dangerous. However, Frank is finally able to convince Karen to return to the Avatar's lair with him so that Frank can prove to Karen that she IS the great love of his life and that they CAN make the relationship work.

Back at the Barn - Alison explains to Livvie that one of the few things her father EVER taught her was how to use a gun.

Livvie tries to play the baby card, reminding Alison that Alison does NOT want to destroy Rafe's baby. Alison freaks out and told Livvie that Livvie really MUST be crazy - that Alison KNOWS that the paternity test showed that Rafe was NOT the baby's father and that Livvie paid a nurse to help switch the results. Alison finally told Livvie that Livvie 'can't love anybody but yourself!'

LIVVIE: "What are you going to do with that?" {indicating the gun.}

ALISON: 'There IS only ONE thing to do with a gun, Livvie!'

LIVVIE: "No! Alison - '

ALISON: "I am going to SHOW you what I am going to do with this gun that you used to kill Rafe!'

Alison grabs a shovel and begins to beat the gun.

Back at their Cabin In the Woods, Jack decides he needs to investigate what is going on in the woods and quietly gets ready, preparing to slip out while the others sleep. But Jamal spots Jack preparing to leave and insists on joining him.

After Jack and Jamal leave the Cabin , Marissa sits bolt upright in bed, as if under a spell.

Back at the Barn, Alison beats the gun as Livvie looks on in relief. Alison then told Livvie that Alison 'understands everything!'

ALISON: 'It was Caleb, wasn't it? It was Caleb. It was HIS fault and ALL the things that he did to you - right?'

LIVVIE: "Yes - that is it! Exactly! You don't understand that AFTER all of that happened -- '

ALISON: "No - wait. Wait! Wait! Oh, gosh! No - that was NOT Caleb's fault - it was Rachel's fault. Yeah - it was Rachel's fault because she abandoned you.'

LIVVIE: "What?'

ALISON: "Gosh, Oh - no - no - no! Not Rachel's fault. It was Lucy's fault. Yeah - that is what it was. Oh, no! NOT Lucy's fault. It was your Dad's fault! I am sorry! Am I leaving anybody out? Look at you! It is NEVER your fault, is it? It is always somebody else! And, when you went through your whole list of people to blame it on - you came after me and Rafe! Why?'

LIVVIE: "Stop it!'

ALISON: "Why? Is it because you do NOT want anyone to be happy - ever? I mean - that has GOT to be it! Well, News flash - Livvie -- you LOSE!'

LIVVIE: "No - I won't listen!'

ALISON: "No - Listen to me! Yes - you will!'

Alison reminds Livvie that the harder Livvie worked to keep Rafe and Alison apart, the harder Rafe and Alison fought to come together again.

ALISON: "Livvie - you have pushed away EVERY person in your life that you have been close to! EVERYbody! You have, like, this huge black hole in your heart that nobody can fill - not your family - not another man - and certainly NOT that baby!'

Alison told Livvie to get out, and Livvie leaves the barn.

Touching Rafe's carved heart, Alison promises to keep her promise to Rafe and say good-bye - finally.

When Ian enters the Kovich Apartment, he sees that it is in a shambles. Ian searches through the rubble until he finds Rafe's notes on destroying The Avatar.

Meanwhile, in The Avatar's lair, Frank and Karen hit the sheets and Frank suddenly turns into The Avatar.

Meanwhile, at their Cabin in the Woods, Marissa gets out of bed, as if in a trance, walks over to Ricky - and kisses him.

Out in the woods - Jack and Jamal are snapping pictures of something moving in the woods, when they suddenly look up and see an irate farmer, staring down at them.

Back at the Barn - Alison promises Rafe: "I will never forget our place - ever. And I will never forget us.'

As Alison closes the Barn door, she promises: "I will NEVER forget you!'

Livvie returns home and is surprised to find Ian searching through Rafe's things. Ian demands to know what happened at the apartment - and WHERE Rafe is.

At The Avatar's lair, Frank promises Karen that they can have everything. When Frank went to sleep, Karen finds the shroud and slips out of bed, trying to quietly gather up the shroud and remove it completely while Frank sleeps. But, as Karen begins to leave with the shroud, Frank suddenly wakes up, grabs Karen and demands: "What do you think you are doing?'

And the Avatar suddenly whispers: "Shame!'

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Jamal and Jack are confronted by a stranger in the woods. He accuses them of stealing his rations and poaching. Jack told the guy that there is something evil lurking in the woods. Something that is straight out of hell. This scares the guy. He asks what they are doing about it. Jack told him they are on a secret assignment. He went on to say, "I'd tell you more, but then I'd have to kill you." The man backs off and leaves. Jack and Jamal try to figure out who or what is messing with them when they hear Marissa scream.

Marissa told Ricky she's waited a long time for this and then kisses him. Ricky is confused and doesn't understand when Marissa says she can't be late because she's meeting Casey at the beach. Ricky chases after Marissa telling her that if this is a joke, it's not funny. He told her to stop freaking him out. Jamal and Jack return and ask what is going on between Ricky and Marissa. Marissa snaps out of her trance and says she must have been sleep walking. She starts telling them how she used to sleep walk all the time when they all hear a noise.

Livvie is angry to find that Ian has broken into her apartment. When Ian asks where Rafe is, Livvie told him Rafe is gone. He's left her and the baby. Ian doesn't believe Rafe would just leave town with the Avatar still on the loose. He told Livvie that he broke in to get Rafe's notes on how to destroy the Avatar. Livvie warns Ian not to try. She says the Avatar will destroy him. Ian is suspicious and asks Livvie what her connection to the Avatar is. As Ian continues to grill her, Livvie pretends to have contractions. When Ian rushes out for his medical bag, Livvie remembers Alison telling her the baby will not fill the void in her heart. Livvie is sure that is not true. The baby WILL love her.

Suddenly Livvie begins having real contractions. When Ian returned to take her blood pressure, Livvie says it is all his fault and Rafe's. She feels sure something must have happened to the Avatar and he is taking it out on her and the baby. Ian calls for an ambulance.

Frank accuses Karen of betrayal as he turns back into the Avatar. Karen pleads with Frank to fight it. She keeps telling him how much she loves him and refuses to leave no matter what. Frank fights with the Avatar, but can't remove the shroud. When the Avatar calls Karen a traitor, Frank calls out for her to run. Karen stays and tries to convince Frank that their love will prevail. Karen is frightened as she is suddenly enveloped in darkness. Then a few moments later, it is light again. Frank is on the ground and the shroud is gone. He is finally free of the Avatar.

Karen and Frank make plans to celebrate. They are walking away as Frank is encircled once again by the shroud.

Livvie begins to feel better.

Thursday, September 26, 2002

In their Cabin in the Woods, Ricky flashes back to Marissa's sleepwalking kiss. Just then, Jack and Jamal return from their photo session and Jamal apologizes to Ricky for leaping to conclusions the night before when Marissa was sleepwalking.

Later, Marissa admits she is not only writing about the hot bike they have photographed, but is also writing a story about their experiences in the woods with someone following them, stealing their food and then leaving a pumpkin full of soup.

As Lucy sorts through mail following her return from Switzerland, Alison arrives at the Lighthouse to fill Lucy in on the details about Rafe remembering everything and that Rafe has already 'gone home' - with a little help from Livvie.

Meanwhile, at the Kovich Apartment, Livvie silently pledges to protect her baby AND the Avatar while she watches Ian go through Rafe's notes, looking for a way to defeat The Avatar. Ian finds a note in which Rafe speculates that the Avatar MIGHT be most vulnerable when moving to a new new human host - IF the new host REJECTS the Avatar.

When the paramedics arrive for Livvie, Ian tries to raise Karen by phone, then suddenly realizes that Karen must have tried to deal with The Avatar alone. Ian rushes out to find Karen. As soon as Ian leaves, Livvie dismisses the paramedics and rushes to follow Ian.

Back at the Lighthouse, as Lucy and Alison talk about the strange events that have occurred since Alison came to work as a candy-striper at the Hospital, they decide that Port Charles must be some kind of battleground between good and evil and that is the reason why they are never quite able to vanquish evil. Lucy told Alison that Lucy is sure Kevin will eventually come back to Lucy the same way that Rafe came back to Alison. But Alison wonders: "My question is - How long can we keep fighting the darkness before we lose?'

Back in the Park, Frank is being attacked by the Avatar's Shroud and Karen is prevented from helping Frank by a force field that keeps her away. Frank urges Karen to get away while she still can, but Karen refuses to leave. Frank told Karen he loves her, and then loses consciousness. As Karen breaks down in tears, Ian suddenly arrives and comforts her. Karen and Ian look hopelessly at Frank, engulfed by the Shroud, but neither can cross the force field to get to Frank.

Back at the Cabin in the Woods, Jamal, Jack and Ricky quiz Marissa about her sleepwalking experiences. Later, as Jack, Jamal and Marissa get ready to leave, Ricky announces that he will be staying behind to meet with some of his band members about a possible engagement at one of the resorts.

After everyone leaves, Ricky takes a picture of Jamal, Marissa and Ricky and folds the picture so that Jamal is out of the picture.

Back at the Lighthouse, Alison confides in Lucy that Alison believes her destiny is now leading her away from Port Charles and Alison announces that she is leaving Port Charles.

Back at the Park, Livvie catches up to Ian and lurks behind a rock as she watches Karen sobbing in Ian's arms, while Frank lies unconscious, beyond the force field.

But, as soon as Livvie arrives, the Shroud suddenly disappears and then Ian and Karen realize that they can cross the force field. Ian and Karen rush to administer first aid to Frank. As Karen succeeds in reviving Frank, Ian moves away and shouts: "Hey - Avatar! Where are you going? I am right here. Come and face me! You want a just man? I AM a just man! I am justice. I am righteous fury. The avenger of those who suffer. The last line of defense against darkness. I am you. And I will fight your fight. Come on! Take me! Let me be your host!'

While he is alone at the Cabin in the Woods, Ricky fantasizes about Marissa putting the moves on him, then Ricky un-crumples the picture of Jamal, Marissa and Ricky.

Meanwhile, Jack, Jamal and Marissa arrive at Jack's darkroom and, when they develop the pictures from their adventure in the woods, they find that one of the pictures shows a little girl's rag doll off in the bushes.

Back at the Lighthouse, as Alison and Lucy hug good-bye, a white light appears outside, but neither of them notices it.

Back in the Woods, a darkness suddenly falls over the Park as Ian says: "Did you hear me, Avatar? I want to be your next host!'

Frank urges Karen to stop Ian, but, before Karen can get to Ian, the shroud settles on Ian and suddenly explodes and ignites into flames. As Livvie sees the flames, she says: "This can NOT be happening! I can NOT lose you!'

Friday, September 27, 2002

As Jack and Jamal meet at the Recovery Room to discuss the rag doll they found in their photographs from their excursion into the woods, Alison arrives and sadly announces that she is leaving Port Charles for good.

At the Hospital, Lucy stops off to visit Kate and Brennan and gives Kate a book titled: "The Book of Miracles,' that Lucy discovered while she was in Switzerland, visiting Kevin and Victor.

In the woods, Ian entices the Avatar to select Ian as the next host. As Livvie watches from hiding and Frank and Karen try to stop Ian, the Avatar's Shroud envelops Ian, then suddenly bursts into flames. Frank and Karen watch in horror as they fear the worst for Ian. But Ian suddenly walks out of the flames - unharmed!

Back at the Recovery Room, Alison thanks Jack and Jamal for being like a family for her. Jamal offers to give Alison a ride to the railroad station, and Jamal and Alison leave together.

Meanwhile, in the Park, Ian explains that Rafe's notes had told Ian the exact words to use when speaking to the Avatar, words that the Avatar could NOT resist - and that Rafe's notes had also surmised that, IF the host rejected the Avatar AT the moment of the transfer of power, the Avatar would be vulnerable and would be destroyed.

From her hiding place, Livvie realizes that her baby is OK. Livvie told her baby: "They couldn't destroy you, could they - my special child? I was SO worried I was going to lose you. But you ARE still here! OH! But - now - my only problem is - WHO is going to be your Daddy?' Livvie slips away, unnoticed.

Ian then informs Frank and Karen that he is headed to New York to pick up Danny - now that the danger has passed.

After Ian leaves, Frank thanks Karen for reaching out to rescue him in spite of the danger, and Karen announces that she is ready now for a quiet, normal life.

Back at the Recovery Room, Livvie spots Jack alone and decides that Jack would be the best possible candidate to play Dad to the Avatar's child - and Livvie zeroes in on her ex-boyfriend.

Ian arrives at the Hospital and informs Lucy that the Avatar has been destroyed and that Ian is going to New York to pick up Danny. As Lucy and Ian discuss Kevin's condition, Ian suggests that Lucy and Christina accompany Ian to New York - and Lucy agrees. They walk off, hand in hand.

At the Recovery Room, Livvie approaches Jack and told Jack that Jack was right all along about Rafe - that Rafe HAS left Livvie - just as Jack had predicted that Rafe would. Livvie apologizes to Jack for the way she refused to listen to him. Livvie then suggests that maybe they could have a second chance at making their previous relationship work.

Livvie is momentarily thrilled when Jack suggests that maybe a reconciliation COULD be possible. But when Livvie believes that Jack is about to make a date for that very evening, Jack suddenly informs Livvie that she makes him sick. Insisting that Jack is through being Livvie's doormat, Jack observes that Livvie is right where she was headed all along - alone!

When Jack leaves, Livvie notices Frank and Karen come in. As Karen and Frank make plans for a little get away, Frank notices that Livvie is watching him.

Meanwhile, Alison boards a train heading AWAY from Port Charles. As she gazes out the window, Alison sadly told Rafe and Port Charles both good-bye again, as the train pulls away from the station.

Jamal returns to the Recovery Room and finds Marissa, reading a book. As Jamal and Marissa talk about Alison leaving, Jamal kisses Marissa - not realizing that Ricky is watching them through the window.

As Jack returns to the woods - ALONE! - to investigate the strange happenings there, Jack hears a rustling in the bushes and chases a fleeting figure. As Jack rounds a corner, he suddenly falls into a camouflaged pit!

Back at the Recovery Room, Frank urges Karen to make a phone call to see if she can get some time off from the Hospital. But, when Karen leaves, Frank went over to talk to Livvie. Frank informs Livvie that the Avatar has been destroyed and they can all move on with their lives. Frank told Livvie: "The baby will be yours - and Rafe's. And you two can live happily ever after - JUST the way you wanted!'

LIVVIE: "Rafe is gone! He left me. Thank goodness - the baby's REAL Dad is still here - and is NOT going anywhere!'

FRANK: 'You listen to me, Livvie! I am with Karen. You got that? What happened between you and me was not really even me! It was the Avatar! And, like I told you, that is gone - it IS over!'

LIVVIE: "I know all about darkness - and it is NEVER over! I know how it worms its way into your soul and stays - NEVER really leaving - once it gets in. You are hooked, Frank! JUST the way I have been hooked!'

FRANK: "That is NOT true!'

LIVVIE: "Come on! WE both know how special this child is - Don't we - Frank? Do NOT insult our beautiful creation by pretending to ignore your role in this.'

Karen suddenly returns. But, when Karen asks what is going on, Livvie replies: "Oh - He hasn't told you yet - Karen?'

Meanwhile, at the train station, as Alison looks out her window, she suddenly sees a familiar figure, emerging out of a billow of steam from the train. At first, Alison believes she is seeing things. Then she realizes - it really IS Rafe that she is seeing - JUST as Rafe spots Alison on the train.

As Rafe begins to run toward the moving train, Alison leaves her seat and begins to run toward the back of the train.

When Alison gets to the platform of the last car, Rafe calls to her: "They sent me back! They sent me back to be with you!'

Rafe finally catches up with the train and Alison helps Rafe climb aboard. They kiss as the train pulls away from Port Charles.

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