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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 16, 2002 on GL
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Monday, September 16, 2002

Danny watched as Michelle, Robbie, and Bill played catch football on Mystic Island. He recalled Michelle tearfully begging him to let her and Robbie go, for their safety and well-being. Bill and Michelle discussed their mutual "impossible" love affairs. They resolved to be there to support one another through the difficulties and prepared to go back to Springfield.

Tammy attempted to explain her shoplifting spree at the jewelry store. Cassie was understanding of the fact that her daughter had just wanted her to have back the engagement ring that Richard had given her. Cassie went to the jewelry storeowner to ask him to drop the charges against Tammy, but he said it was out of his hands and up to the courts.

Cassie compounded her rejection by going to Danny once again to beg for more time to pay off her debt of the borrowed money from the mob. Danny said he was out of favors and extended deadlines. As Cassie went to leave, she saw a stack of pictures of strippers. She told Danny if he needed a stripper for a party, he should hire her instead. Danny initially rejected the idea but relented with Cassie's desperate pleas.

Olivia talked to herself in the mirror, pretending it was Phillip. She told "him" he should have a woman who could truly take care of his needs and give him all he desired and deserved in a woman. Alan entered her room, and they argued about his suspicion regarding her involvement with the publishing of Lorelei's diary. When Alan asked pointedly about the meaning of "D Day," Olivia whipped out a velvet jewelry box containing custom-made diamond cufflinks for him. She claimed the notation in her Palm Pilot was in regard to the day she'd picked up the diamonds she had flown in from Antwerp just for his gift.

Alan and Olivia made plans for the evening, and as Olivia was getting ready, she accidentally broke the back of one of the earrings that Alan had given her. Sam popped in, and Olivia told him that she had decided to give up on Phillip and instead focus her energy on Alan -- that love between them could grow if she allowed it. Sam offered to fix her earring, and he later discovered the bugging device hidden inside. Sam tracked down Olivia and Alan on their date and pulled his sister aside to inform her of the radio transmitter within her earring. She was astonished that Alan had been eavesdropping on her conversations.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Olivia and Phillip found themselves getting wrapped up in their seduction. Alan arrived, having overheard their conversation through the microphone in Olivia's earrings. He walked in on Phillip and Olivia in a passionate embrace and collapsed, clutching his chest. Phillip was horrified to think that he and Olivia had caused Alan to have another heart attack. They rushed to his aid. Alan was taken to the hospital, where he secretly revealed that he'd faked the whole thing.

Beth admitted to Bill that her relationship with Phillip was suffering. He gave her an ultimatum: either admit that she wanted to pursue a relationship with him, or he was going to walk away. Beth assured him that she was interested in him, but she needed more time.

Michelle returned home to Ed, who had her official separation papers. She decided to hand-deliver them to Danny. She learned that Danny had gone to visit her on the island but had walked away without telling her. He noted how happy she and Robbie had looked, which only reaffirmed his theory that it was better for them if he stayed away.

Marina met Ben for dinner at Towers, sure that he had planned a prank on her. Ben insisted that he was not out for revenge; he truly did enjoy her company. Marina eventually loosened up and let her guard down. Ben asked her to join him for a dance, but when he stood up, he revealed that he wasn't wearing pants. Marina took the joke in stride and danced with him anyway, until they were both asked to leave for violating the dress code.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Tony followed Eden to her hotel room. Inside her room, Eden found a note from Gus. There was a knock on the door, and Eden found Tony there. He said he was there to see her. Tony told her that his bartender had told him she'd been asking about him. Eden said she wanted a job. She said that she wanted to work for him at Inferno. Standing very close to Tony, she said she would be a very good employee. He asked her what she really wanted.

Tony mentioned that Eden knowing Gus bothered him. Eden suggested he search her to be sure she wasn't wired. After he searched her, she pulled him close and told him he'd missed a spot. Gus entered and wanted to know what was going on. She tried to act like Gus had stolen a key, but Tony didn't buy it. Tony exited. Gus wanted Eden to stick around while he tried to straighten everyone out. Eden exited. Gus went through Eden's pocketbook and found a note.

At Eden's apartment, Harley recorded information about Eden on her recorder. She couldn't figure out what Eden did. When she answered her cell phone, Harley found it was Gus. Gus said he was glad she was at least talking to him. Harley wanted to know why her life had gotten so messed up again. Gus suggested that if he walked away from her, Phillip would return Zach to her.

Gus told Harley how Phillip had convinced Eden to lie in court. Gus said they needed one thing to give them leverage. Harley and Gus ended the call. Harley made a phone call to meet with one of Eden's contacts. The contact wanted to meet at Towers, so she agreed.

At the Beacon Hotel, Cassie picked up Danny's jacket and had a flashback of when he'd covered her up with the jacket at Inferno. Tammy and the kids entered. Cassie told Tammy that everything would be fine. Edmund entered. Edmund said he wanted to drop off a few things for his niece and nephew. Cassie asked Tammy to take the boys in the other room.

Cassie told Edmund that he couldn't buy her. He let her know that he was aware that Tammy had tried to steal the engagement ring. But Edmund reminded her that she was all the family he had, and he wanted to help her. Edmund said he was getting something out of it, but not what she was thinking. Cassie figured out that he wanted her to sign the lawsuit, but she said no. Edmund tried to explain that maybe Richard could see how broke she was.

Cassie said she wasn't suing Reva. Edmund reminded her that it would take months for the Beacon to see a profit. Cassie asked him to leave. As Edmund was leaving, he found a black rose. Edmund said that it was a calling card. Cassie told Edmund that she owed the Santos family a lot of money. However, Cassie accused Edmund of putting the black rose at her door. She couldn't believe that Danny was responsible.

Edmund told Cassie that Danny had tried to kill him. He explained what had happened. Edmund suggested she ask Michelle. Edmund said he was just going to talk, and she should imagine what he would do to someone that owed the Santos family a fortune. Edmund exited. Cassie picked up the rose, and she left.

When Michelle walked outside at the Bauer house, Danny was there. He told her the separation wasn't going to work. Danny said he would be seeing Robbie three nights a week, and that was unacceptable. He said he had to give her and Robbie up to keep them protected. Danny said he would move away if he had to, and he wanted to have Robbie's last name changed.

Danny said Michelle needed to tell everyone that he had abandoned them, otherwise they could become a target. Yelling, Danny asked Michelle what she would suggest. They heard Robbie calling for his dad. Michelle told Danny he could tell his son goodbye.

Kneeling beside Robbie, Danny told the boy that he was one lucky guy. He said he had the Bauer family and that he was going to become a Bauer. Danny said he would always love Robbie. Danny exited.

At the church gym, Tony told Father Ray that he was looking for him. Ray asked about Danny and about Tony's new girlfriend. Tony said she wasn't his girlfriend. Tony told Ray that he was there to apologize. They talked about when Tony's father had died.

Cassie entered Danny's office at Inferno. She wanted to return Danny's jacket and thanked him for being a gentlemen. She wanted to know if he was living at Inferno. She gave him the black rose and wanted to know what it meant.

Cassie told Danny that Edmund had told her that Danny had almost killed Edmund. She wanted to know if Danny was going to kill her and her children. Danny suggested that she sign on with Edmund's lawsuit. He told her she was sinking fast and to get the money. Cassie exited.

Eden entered. She admitted to Tony that Gus was her brother. Eden said she liked him because he made her laugh. She kissed him. Eden exited.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

At Towers, Blake commented that Ross had not touched his food. Ross didn't hear her because he was concentrating on the papers for Reva's trial. Blake knew that Ross was worried, and he agreed. She wanted to know what he would do if she begged him to help her die. Ross said the case was more personal than legal.

Ross commented that the public was calling Reva the "angel of death." Blake felt that the jury would understand how bad Richard's illness had been. Ross said that they were in for a blood bath. Holly entered. Ross said that he couldn't go easy with Cassie. Ross exited.

Blake told Holly that she wished "this thing" were over. Holly got off the phone and said that people were turning off her station because she wasn't covering the Reva story. Blake wanted to know what she'd put on in place of Reva's show. Blake suggested that Holly put her on as host for Reva's show.

Blake told Edmund that she had a proposition for him. She wanted him to be her first guest because he was controversial. She said the viewers wanted to understand. She tried to convince him by saying that it would be his golden opportunity. Edmund agreed. Blake shook his hand and exited. Blake told Holly that she'd booked Edmund Winslow. Holly reminded her that there were rules for the station. Blake intended to expose Edmund's past.

Reva and Josh entered the courtroom. Josh said that Reva didn't have to be there, but she said it was hard to stay away. She was worried that Ross just wouldn't be enough. Reva said the person that could vouch for her wasn't there anymore. Josh felt they could beat it.

Reva wanted to talk about what was going to happen if she was sent to jail. Josh reminded her that she'd saved a man from forever pain. Teary-eyed, she said the jury would not understand. Reva admitted that she was guilty, and no attorney in the world could change that.

Josh pretended to address the jury and began to speak. He said that even though a man was dead, it wasn't only because of a man suffering in pain, but the reality was that Reva Shane had been there at all. He said the case wasn't about murder but about love. He continued by saying that Reva was guilty of loving another person so much that she hadn't thought about the consequences. Josh said that Richard had asked Reva for her help because he had been in incredible pain. He asked the jury if they would want to live their life that way.

Reva commented to Josh's remarks as if he were a prosecutor. Josh continued by saying that Richard wouldn't have wanted to live that kind of life. Josh said that each person had a moral code that told that when someone needed help, they gave them help. Crying, Reva couldn't say anything. Josh embraced her.

Ross entered. Josh said they were going home to be with the kids. Ross exited. Reva and Josh decided to take a break from everything. Cassie and Tammy entered. They were unaware of the hearing.

Tammy told Reva that she had gotten caught shoplifting. She explained about the ring. Reva said she should've turned to them. Cassie declined and said Reva had done enough damage to the family. Cassie told Reva to pretend that she'd never found her. Reva countered that they were sisters, and nothing would change that. Josh wanted Cassie to not be too hard on Tammy because Tammy was suffering.

Josh suggested that Reva give Cassie time. Reva was upset that Cassie had needed to sell her engagement ring. Ross entered. He said there was a possibility they could make a deal. However, Reva wanted to leave to take care of something.

At the Beacon Hotel, Cassie was trying to calculate her money situation. Tammy entered and told her that the sitter was there. Tammy said she was nervous about meeting the counselor. Cassie said she was only going to talk to her about what she had done and state that. Tammy was worried about paying a fine because they didn't have any money. Cassie said they wouldn't buy their way out of it anyway.

Cassie begged Tammy not to worry. Tammy wanted Cassie to hear what she had written down. She began by saying she had been shopping and had heard someone talking about the ring that had belonged to a princess. She said the ring was what her dad had given to her mom, and she knew how much Cassie had loved that ring. She continued by saying she couldn't understand why Cassie had sold the ring. Cassie interrupted, and they both realized it was hard to say that Richard had died. Tammy didn't know whether to say he'd died or had been killed.

Tammy told Cassie that maybe Richard had really wanted that. She felt that maybe the medicine had made him say things he hadn't meant. Cassie said they would never know.

After returning from the cancelled appointment, Tammy wanted to know why Cassie hadn't taken Reva up on her offer about the money. Cassie told her to go and pay the sitter.

Carmen entered. Carmen wanted to see how the renovations were going. She speculated that the Beacon might never open. She said that death seemed to be buzzing around Cassie. Carmen reminded Cassie that Danny was the soft one in the family, but nobody else was. Carmen wanted to get the name of her decorator before too long. Carmen exited. With fear in her voice, Cassie said to herself she didn't have the money.

Danny entered the cemetery as Edmund stood over Richard's grave. Danny threw the black rose at Edmund and commented that it was something the mob would do. But he knew the mob hadn't done it. Edmund said Danny was the reason Cassie was in the position she was in. Danny told him that Cassie had begged for the money, and he had given it to her.

Edmund said he hadn't sent the rose. Edmund realized that Danny hadn't sent the rose either. Edmund said that Cassie was in danger, and Danny was the person who had put her there. Edmund exited.

Danny spoke to Richard and told him that he wouldn't want to see Cassie. Danny said it wasn't his responsibility.

At Inferno, Carmen told Danny that she'd heard that Cassie had been warned. He told her to get off of his back, and he would take care of it. In his office, Carmen told him that it concerned her. She said she wouldn't stand by and watch him pay the ultimate price, since she had already lost one son. Danny reviewed Cassie's account to see her debt of $250,000. He exited.

Friday, September 20, 2002

Reva and Josh prepared for the first day in court, regarding the murder charge against Reva. Reva feared going to prison because she said in the eyes of the law, she had indeed killed someone. Josh countered that what she had done had been an act of mercy, not murder.

Blake, Ross, and Holly all commiserated over the situation between Reva and Cassie -- wishing it could be resolved some other way. While they were talking, the station called to tell Holly that the ratings were plummeting because they were not covering Reva's trial. Blake suggested that Holly let her take over Reva's show in her absence. Blake thought she could boost the ratings and help Reva's case both at the same time. Blake decided she would ask Edmund on the show as a guest.

Tammy also got ready for her day in court on the shoplifting charges. As she and Cassie entered the courthouse, they ran into Josh and Reva leaving. Tammy told her aunt and uncle that she was there to face shoplifting charges for taking Cassie's engagement ring from the jewelry store. Once again, Josh and Reva offered Cassie money to help them -- but Cassie was offended and vehemently denied the need for their assistance.

Danny confronted Edmund about the black rose left for Cassie and accused him of leaving it, not the mob. Edmund condemned Danny for lending Cassie money from the mob. Danny related that he had turned her down several times. He'd relented only after many desperate pleas from Cassie.

Edmund and Danny both realized that neither of them had sent the rose to Cassie. It had to have been from someone higher up in the mob, who was growing impatient for their money. Edmund threatened that if anything happened to Cassie or her children, Danny would be the one who was responsible for starting it all with that loan.

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