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Laura was rushed back to the hospital after forgetting a dose of her medication. Tad and Dixie went on a second honeymoon. Sweeney surprised them and aimed a gun at Tad. The two men struggled, and Sweeney dropped dead. After a difficult labor, Hayley eventually had a healthy baby boy. Adam called the best neonatal expert to make sure the baby really was fine. Chris told Erica he was in love with her. Liza issued Adam an ultimatum. Gabriel and Rosa were released after Shannon mustered up the courage to admit that she'd clobbered Marcus.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 27, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, August 27, 2001

Edmund and Anna arrived at police headquarters. Gabriel apologized for causing them worry. Isabella Santos told Rosa she heard they were dropping the charges against her and Gabriel since Shannon confessed to hitting Marcus. Rosa was apologetic for all the trouble she had caused. Forgiving her, Isabella hugged Rosa. Bianca came in. Upon seeing Gabriel, she went over to him and hugged him. She told him she found out they were there when she had called Jackson. Just then, Jackson stepped out of Derek's office and announced that it wouldn't be long and they'd be free to go. When Mateo arrived, Isabella was concerned that he'd left Hayley alone. Mateo explained that he had is pager and cell phone and Hayley would call him if she needed him. Derek and Shannon came out of Derek's office and Derek told everyone there seemed to be a problem. They didn't have a confession after all. Shannon claimed she hadn't hit Marcus. Anna and Edmund couldn't believe what they were hearing. She'd confessed to them earlier and now she was denying it. Shannon stared blankly ahead and said that Anna and Edmund had framed her. After telling her story, she turned and looked at Mr. Dunn. Mateo noticed the look that passed between Shannon and Mr. Dunn. Suddenly he knew what was going on.

Amid the commotion after Derek's shocking announcement, Anna and Edmund tried to convince him that Shannon was lying. Mr. Dunn accused Gabriel of hitting Marcus. Gabriel shouted back at Mr. Dunn. Mrs. Dunn said they had known Shannon since she was a little girl and she'd never hurt their son. Edmund tried to talk to Shannon, but she accused him of lying. Then she explained that Edmund and Anna had told her Marcus had come out of the coma and said she did it. The only reason she went along with it was because she was scared. Jack said Shannon told him that she hadn't meant to hurt Marcus. She only did it to make him stop hurting her again. Mr. Dunn called Jack a liar. Jack felt he had no reason to make that story up. Shannon said Jack hated her because of Bianca, his niece. Mr. Dunn pointed to everyone in the room. He said Derek was raised like an animal in a cage, Edmund and Anna tried to protect him to salvage their family name and Bianca had actually tried to hide them while the police department was trying to hunt them down. Turning to Shannon, he called her a fine little lady from one of the best, well-respected families in Pine Valley. Derek told Mr. Dunn to shut up. He told Shannon that if she was not telling the truth, it was time to speak up. Again, Shannon said they were all lying. Derek said he had no choice but to keep Gabriel and Rosa under arrest. Just as Edmund and Anna began to protest, Brooke rushed in and told them she was afraid Laura might be having a relapse. She explained that they'd found her things in the park and asked for help in searching for her.

In the hallway, Derek told Brooke he couldn't declare Laura missing until she'd been gone for twenty-four hours. Very upset, Brooke told him she felt there was something very wrong. Derek agreed to send a squad car out to circle the perimeter of the park. Edmund asked Jack if he could handle everything there. Once assured, he left with Brooke to look for Laura. Bianca appeared worried as she watched them leave.

After Brooke, Edmund, Anna and Derek stepped out of the room, Mateo quietly walked over to Shannon. Approaching her, he asked if Marcus's father scared her. He then added that if she thought Mr. Dunn was bad, wait until she dealt with him. She wanted to know what his problem was. He said it was her - and her lies. He told her that for the first time in her life she should tell the truth. Shannon felt he was threatening her and said again that she wasn't lying. Mateo knew differently. He told her he knew the position she was in, why she did what she did, and why she was doing what she was doing. She denied everything and said it wasn't her fault Rosa was going to jail. Mateo stated he knew Marcus had been hurting her for a long time and that he had hurt Rosa, but Shannon was the first one to get to him. Shannon looked miserable as Mateo told her she could either clear everything up or become part of the problem. He told her he had seen the way Mr. Dunn looked at her. Mateo said he was using her and didn't care about her. She needed to tell the truth and stop it now or her life would never change. Unless she stopped it, Marcus wouldn't be the last guy to abuse her. He begged her to tell the truth. Mr. Dunn approached Shannon and took her by the arm. He told her they'd take her home. She asked him to let go of her arm. He was hurting her. He told her again to go. Shannon finally got angry and told him he was worse than his son. She said Marcus wanted things from her she didn't want to do and when she'd refused, he'd hurt her. Mrs. Dunn refused to believe her son would hurt anyone. Shannon held her ground and said Marcus hurt her just like Mr. Dunn hurt [Mrs. Dunn]. She said she didn't have to live her life that way and looked at Mateo for support. Mateo agreed. Shannon then went to Derek and told him she was the one who put Marcus into the hospital. Marcus had hurt her and wouldn't stop, so she hit him. As everyone gave a sigh of relief, Mateo received a phone call from Hayley. Suddenly Mateo was a nervous wreck. On his way out, he turned to Shannon and told her to be brave. After Mateo was gone, Shannon asked Derek what was going to happen. He told her he'd take her statement, and then arrest her. Jackson touched her shoulder and told her she could handle it. She turned and looked at Mr. Dunn and said, "I can handle anything!" As the officer led her away, Mr. Dunn warned her to be careful what she said in her statement. Her father's economic future depended on it. She looked back at him and replied that her future depended on it, too. Jackson wanted to know why the Dunn's weren't at the hospital with their son. They turned and left. Derek told Rosa and Gabriel they were free to go. Happily, they hugged each other.

Leo thought he was talking to Laura on her cell phone. When Greenlee spoke, Leo became very agitated and accused her of hurting Laura. He told Greenlee it was very important Laura take her medication on time. He continued to blame Greenlee for Laura's disappearance as Greenlee tried to explain that she had only come upon Laura's things in the park. When she heard Laura's phone ringing, she answered it. She had not seen Laura anywhere. Leo continued slinging accusations at Greenlee; even going as far as saying she was trying to kill Laura. Greenlee had enough and hung up. Leo explained to Brooke that Greenlee had found Laura's things in the park and answered her phone. He told Brooke he was going to look for Laura. As he rushed out of the office, Brooke followed him. As Brooke and Leo arrived at the park, they caught Greenlee going through Laura's purse. Leo demanded to know what she was doing. She said she was looking for clues. Glancing at the ground, Leo noticed his broken nameplate. He immediately accused Greenlee of breaking it. Greenlee was beginning to think Leo had gone off the deep end. Brooke explained that Laura was on a strict regimen with her meds and they needed to find her. As Leo continued to accuse her of causing trouble, Greenlee told him to go to hell and turned to leave. Brooke told them both to stop it. Taking Greenlee aside, she calmly asked her what happened. Greenlee explained that she had been taking a walk in the park when she came upon Laura's things. She heard the cell phone ringing and answered it. She had gone through the purse to see if she might find a clue, but nothing appeared to be missing. Brooke felt they should call the police. Leo decided to walk through the park and look for Laura. Greenlee volunteered to wait at the park bench incase Laura returned. Brooke thanked Greenlee and quickly walked away. Leo and Greenlee stared at each other, and then Leo started his search.

Chastising herself for the predicament she was in, Greenlee paced while she waited for word on Laura. Leo returned and wanted to know if there was any news of Laura. Greenlee wanted to know if Leo and Laura had fought. Leo told her no. Then she wanted to know if Laura knew they'd had "a moment" that afternoon in his office. Leo hoped not, but if she did see them - he hoped it had been when he told Greenlee she made him sick. Greenlee started to tell him what a nasty ex-fiancÚ he was when Brooke returned with Edmund. Leo told them he had some people searching the park for Laura. Brooke said Derek had sent a squad car out. Suddenly Laura walked up and asked what was going on. Obviously relieved, Brooke and Leo rushed to her side and asked what had happened. Laura spotted Greenlee and recalled the scene she had seen earlier that day at Tempo. She told them she was upset because she broke the plaque she had bought for Leo. She went out to pick some wild flowers for him. They wanted to know why she'd left her things laying on the park bench. Brooke reminded her she had to take her meds. Laura repeated that she was just upset because of the plaque. As Leo hugged her, she cried that she didn't know what was wrong. Leo looked over her shoulder at Greenlee. As Leo comforted Laura, she told him she was always ok when he held her. Edmund noticed Greenlee staring at Leo and Laura. He asked her what else was going on there. He noticed the way she looked at Leo. Greenlee denied that she was the problem. She just happened upon Laura's things. Edmund said she needed to let Leo and Laura see if their marriage could work. Greenlee felt it wasn't her problem. Edmund assured her if she kept sticking her nose in it, it was her problem. Greenlee was about to leave when they heard a commotion and turned to see Leo and Brooke holding Laura as she struggled for breath.

Adam tried to rouse Liza. As he cradled her head in his hands and spoke to her, Liza opened her eyes. Seeing Adam, she angrily pushed him away. Standing up, Adam and Ryan hovered over her. Adam pushed Ryan away and shouted at him to leave. Liza wanted Adam to leave and give her five minutes alone. Adam ignored her and asked if she was pregnant. This upset Liza, and, of course, she denied it. Adam couldn't blame Liza for being upset with him. He tried to tell her he did what he did for JR's sake. Liza accused Adam of doing it for himself - not for JR. Seeing Ryan standing in the room, Adam told him to leave again. Turning to Liza, Adam told her he loved her. Liza definitely did not want to hear that. Adam had broken their vows and she didn't know how she'd ever get over that. At last, Adam decided to leave. On his way out, he turned and told Liza it wasn't over yet - it would never be over. Shutting the door, an unhappy Liza pressed her forehead against it. As she stood there, Ryan touched her shoulder. She turned and went into his comforting arms.

As Liza sipped on soup Ryan had given her, he wanted to know if she felt better. Setting the spoon aside, she assured him she felt better. She just couldn't believe Adam thought she was pregnant. Ryan picked up the tray as Liza continued to talk. She was angry with herself for fainting. Ryan told her she just didn't like being vulnerable. Liza agreed and said she'd been very vulnerable lately. Looking at Ryan, she said she didn't want anything to do with Adam - period! Liza recalled telling Adam that control was his drug of choice. He would sacrifice anything to get it. This time he had sacrificed their relationship. Later, Ryan came into the room and asked Liza to talk to him. Liza said she was thinking about everything. Ryan wanted to know what she was going to do about everything. Liza didn't answer him. She got up and walked out of the room. Ryan called after her. When she didn't respond, he sat down on the bed appeared to be in deep thought.

Clearly uncomfortable, Hayley paced as she continued to have contractions. Walking outside, she shouted for Mateo. She talked to the baby and caressed her stomach as she went back inside. Once inside, she called her doctor and excitedly told him she was in labor. Hayley promised her doctor she'd try to relax. After she hung up, she heard a knock at the door. Opening the door, Hayley finds a miserable Adam standing there. She invited him in. Adam looked at her and told her she was huge. Then he asked her if she was ok. She told Adam her doctor thought she was having false contractions. She looked at Adam and asked him what was wrong. He told her he had come there for some comfort. As Hayley sat down, Adam told her he had a rather serious fight with Liza. When Hayley asked how "rather serious" it was, Adam replied he didn't think Liza would ever forgive him. He told her he had tried to protect JR and may have lost his wife doing it. Hayley was astonished that Adam had bribed a judge. He explained that he did it to keep JR out of jail. No Ivy League college would look at him, not to mention collegiate athletics. Hayley couldn't believe he'd risk his marriage so JR could try out for a soccer team. She vowed her baby would know that your actions have consequences. You have to look your mistakes in the face. It wasn't helping JR by bailing him out. Hayley didn't blame Liza if she wanted to kill him, but she knew Liza would forgive him because she always did. After all, he just bribed a judge. Noticing Adam's discomfort, Hayley realized there was more to the story than Adam was telling. She wanted to know who the judge was. When Adam told her it was Judge Campobello, Hayley knew what Adam had done. She angrily punched his arm and wanted to know how he could do that to Liza. Adam wanted to know why Hayley kept looking at her watch. She said she was timing her contractions. They had been seven minutes apart, but they were closer now. Adam got panicky and insisted they go to the hospital. Hayley tried to resist, but Adam grabbed her bag and ushered her out the door, assuring her they'd call Mateo from the car.

As Adam and Mateo escorted Hayley into the hospital, Mateo coached Hayley in her breathing. He shouted out that they were having a baby.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Hayley is sitting patiently in the hospital waiting room, waiting for Dr. Clader to arrive. Mateo and Adam are pacing around the waiting room when Dr. Clader arrives. He takes Hayley off for her first examination, in an effort to determine how far along her labor has progressed. As he wheels her away, Isabella and Rosa arrive.

Then, Leo, Brooke and Edmund rush into the hospital holding Laura, who has passed out and is breathing erratically. Joe gets Laura into an examination room and Leo and Brooke begin to demand that David come examine her. Joe explains that David no longer works for the hospital. Very upset, Leo threatens to kill anyone who impedes his brother's examination of Laura.

Jackson left an important meeting for Erica, asking to meet her at Enchantment to discuss Chris Stamp. She wants to know if he's done anything toward a background check on Chris. Erica says she's very suspicious of Chris, believes he is stalking her, and that Jackson needs to get on the background check right away. Jackson tells Erica that if she's that concerned about Chris, she should simply fire him. She immediately responds by saying, "That's not an option." To which Jackson responds with an inquiry if something is going on between Erica and Chris of a romantic nature.

Ryan enters the darkened mausoleum, with a packed bag, and begins lighting candles. Gillian and Jesse stand near the door, watching. He's come to the mausoleum to leave a gardenia at Gillian's tomb, and to let her know that he no longer has any reason to stay in Pine Valley and is leaving. Gillian cries out, saying Ryan can't leave Pine Valley. Jesse indicates that the only way Gillian has to make a difference in the lives of those still alive is through her heart. So, if she wants to find a way to get Ryan to stay in Pine Valley, she'll need to use her heart.

Back at the hospital, Joe tells Brooke and Leo that he believes David is using them. But, he does agree to let David conduct Laura's examination, under the watchful eye of hospital staff.

Adam, still pacing around the waiting area, tries to contact Liza by phone. She doesn't answer his call. But, David walks in and finds Adam in fits. Adam tells David that Liza found out about his affair with Kay and that his marriage's troubles are all David's fault. David reminds Adam that they had a deal: Adam kept David out of jail so David would keep JR out of jail. Mia tells Adam she's "busy" and can't talk right then. He demands that she meet him in the park near the hospital in 10 minutes. Mia leaves, and Stuart wishes her well. She is struck by his genuineness. Stuart then laments to Marian that he wished Adam would finally learn that telling the truth is better than lying. But, he wonders if the only way Adam will learn is by losing Liza.

Meanwhile, Mia and Marian are talking at her home with Stuart. Stuart interrupts their conversation and Mia makes it seem like she's there looking for Liza, who owes her money. That's when Mia's phone rings. It's Adam, calling from the hospital, wanting to know where she is and why she's not trailing David who is now at the hospital examining Laura.

Erica tries to convince Jack that nothing is "going on" between she and Chris Stamp. She's simply concerned by his evasiveness and his ever-present manner in her life. Jackson wonders aloud if Chris is some sort of corporate spy after information about her spring collection. Erica uses this as a means of convincing Jack to conduct a background check, but before she can claim success, Greenlee bursts in. Erica demands the new lipstick case design from Greenlee, but Greenlee indicates it must have fallen out of her portfolio when she was at the park saving Laura's life. Just then, Roger walks in and begins to charm both Erica and Greenlee. But, why is Roger at Enchantment they wonder?

Dr. Clader brings Hayley back to her family in the waiting area. Though she is having contractions, they are far apart, and she's not very dilated. Mateo asks if they should return home, but Dr. Clader indicates that she is in labor and just needs to walk around and practice her breathing while they ready a birthing room for her to wait in. Adam pulls Dr. Clader aside to ask why Hayley hasn't yet been given drugs for the pain. Dr. Clader assures Adam that when the time is right, Hayley will receive the medications she requested.

Brooke and Leo walk out of Laura's examination room and run into Edmund. Edmund asks how Laura is doing and Leo tells both that her condition is all his fault. If he'd only been paying more attention to her taking her medications, Laura wouldn't be in the hospital. Bianca enters the hospital and hears Leo talking about Laura's heart.

Ryan presents Gillian's tomb with the gardenia, wishing aloud that he could just see her face one more time. Gillian then speaks to Ryan, and he both senses and hears her. She tells him there's a problem with her heart and Ryan picks up his bag and rushes out of the mausoleum to the hospital. Excited, Gillian turns to Jesse and says, "I did it!" He agrees, but says it's time for her to find another important piece of the puzzle.

Adam meets Mia at the park and wants to know where the $100,000 she owes him is. She says she has it coming, but her plan has hit a bit of a snag. He presses her for information about David's impending hearing with the hospital board. She indicates that David hasn't shared any information regarding his plans for that hearing and Adam drags her off to the hospital where she can presumably find David and get the information Adam wants.

Leo expresses his concern about the length of Laura's examination. Brooke convinces him to go sit by Laura's bedside. This gives Bianca the opportunity to approach Brooke. First, she asks how Laura is doing. Then, she asks Brooke what will happen when Laura finally learns the truth: that Leo doesn't love her. Edmund, who has reentered the waiting area, overhears Bianca's startling accusation and Brooke telling Bianca her words and thoughts are as offensive now as they've ever been. As Bianca walks off, Brooke notices Edmund has overheard the conversation. She tells him that her only concern is her daughter getting well, and if he wishes to cross-examine her about her motives, he'll need to wait. Ryan then rushes into the hospital, followed by Adam and Mia, and asks Brooke where Laura is and what's wrong with Gillian's heart.

Leo has a flashback to the night he held a dance for Laura in her living room, while he sits by her bed. Laura wakes up and sees Leo sitting near her bed, again. She asks why he's always sitting near his "invalid wife" and when he plans to "run for the hills."

Jackson and Erica leave Roger and Greenlee alone in Erica's office. Roger pulls out an envelope of money and presents it to Greenlee. He says he feels badly about having pilfered from her trust fund and plans to repay her. She accepts the money, but tells him she has no time to chat as she needs to visit a "friend" at the hospital. She leaves and Roger follows, but he's stopped at the door to Erica's office by Chris. Gillian and Jesse show up in Erica's office and watch their exchange. Roger calls Chris "Buddy" and asks him to kindly let him pass. They get into a brief and silly argument over the term, with Chris saying he didn't like being called "Buddy" as it sounds like a dog's name. He lets Roger pass, and enters Erica's office. He picks up the phone to call someone, but Erica catches him in the act. Gillian and Jesse disappear. Erica tells Chris it's time for the two of them to have a chat. They sit down and get into an argument of their own. Chris wants to know if they will always address each other by their last names, and if that is a means of Erica trying to keep him in his place. She asks him why a big, strong man like himself would want to work for a cosmetics company rather than outdoors doing something with his hands. He reminds her that he was a janitor and was quite happy with that work until she fired him and then hired him as her personal "Guy Friday." He then mentions that he noticed a problem with her computer wiring. Just as they're about to argue about that, Val calls and Erica rushes out to assist him. Chris then picks up the phone and dials again.

As Ryan and Brooke discuss Laura's condition, David and Joe exit Laura's examination room and tell them that Laura suffered an arrhythmia, which may or may not have been connected to her missed dose of medication. It could also have been caused by stress.

Hayley has become much more pained during this time and approaches Dr. Clader with the news. He takes her back for a second examination to see if she's more dilated. Mateo and Adam follow. Isabella and Rosa talk briefly about the excitement of Hayley's impending motherhood, but Rosa says she doesn't like being in hospitals, "even when they're for a good thing." As they follow Hayley, Gillian and Jesse show up at the hospital. Brooke and Leo have gone in to see Laura, leaving Mia and Ryan alone in the waiting area. She approaches him and says, "Hey Buddy. Looks like you got some good news for a change." He becomes very angry when she calls him "Buddy" and tells her to use his real name. He also says he was planning on leaving Pine Valley, but he's since changed his mind. Gillian is excited that Ryan has decided to stay in town. She also tells Jesse that she's figured something out: Ryan and Chris must be connected somehow. Because both of them became very upset when someone called them "Buddy." Jesse asks what she plans to do with her newfound discovery, and she shrugs her shoulders.

Back at Enchantment, Chris is telling someone that he's narrowed his list of suspects to two: Roger and Greenlee Smyth. Erica catches him on her phone when she reenters her office. He quickly hangs up and starts tending to her computer problem. She rushes over to him and grabs his jacket, saying "I told you to leave it alone!" As she pulls his jacket back, she notices the gun and holster he has attached to his belt. Knowing she's seen it, Chris stands and faces her. Frightened, Erica demands to know why he's been lying to her. He admits he's been lying to her from "day one."

As David completes Laura's discharge paperwork, he notices Adam and Mia chatting in the waiting room. Just then, Laura is wheeled out of her room by Leo and Brooke. Greenlee enters the hospital and is seen by Laura. Laura makes a point to say that what pulled her through was having Leo by her side. She then gives Greenlee the dirtiest look her sickly face can muster!

Dr. Clader wheels Hayley back into the waiting area to give her family an update. Her labor is progressing quickly and he's taking her up to the birthing room immediately. Both Hayley and Mateo are concerned about why things seem to be moving so quickly, and Dr. Clader admits that he has a slight concern about the child. It seems that during her second examination, it became evident that the baby's heart rate dropped at each contraction. He tries to assure them that everything will be fine, but Hayley and her family look very concerned as he quickly wheels her away.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Tad was dragged, kicking and screaming, aboard an airplane. He was blindfolded and his hands and feet were bound by handcuffs and ropes. He tried to talk his captors into letting him go, saying he was under federal protection and they'd get into alot of trouble for kidnapping him. They laughed and left Tad alone, still tied up. He yelled out "Hey, what about the peanuts?" and tried desperately to free himself. Soon he heard someone come on board and quickly found out it was Dixie. She rushed to remove the blindfold, saying Chris never said anything about tying Tad up. Tad questioned her about Chris Stamp's knowledge of this activity. Dixie admitted that Chris helped her arrange this surprise. Tad was shocked to find out this was her idea but she told him she didn't intend for him to be "trussed up like a Thanksgiving day turkey!." Tad got a bit upset that Chris was planning activities like this instead of catching Sweeney's murderer. Dixie tried to pacify her husband with kisses and it worked. After making love on the floor Tad joked about joining the "Mile High Club" without leaving the ground. He told Dixie to remove his handcuffs and while she did so he asked when he would get his life back. They compared his life to the movie "The Fugitive" and began kissing again. Without their knowledge Detective Sweeney boarded the plane and observed their antics.

Laura, Leo and Brooke arrived at the condo. Leo apologized for not being there to remind Laura to take her meds. Laura said she'd just put up sticky notes all over to help her remember while Leo was at work. Brooke offered to let him work at home and Laura was thrilled. She said "That's great! He could be here all day, every day!." Leo looked a little sick at this idea. He tried to act enthusiastic and told her if she wanted him there then that's what he'd do. Leo walked Brooke outside and she thanked Leo but he stopped her. Brook said she would try to get Erica to cancel Greenlee's transfer. David stopped by to check on Laura and Brooke left. Before David went inside Leo asked him if Laura will ever be 100% recovered, or if she'll always need close monitoring. David told Leo he has a good heart and is proud of him for caring so much for Laura. He told Leo that Laura is alive because of him. Leo wondered if it would be bad for Laura if he wasn't around anymore. David said the chance of Laura dying of a broken heart was slim to none. He went inside to see Laura and left Leo outside to think about this. After checking Laura's heart David said it sounded fine and reminded her to take her medicines. She asked if she could die from missing one dose and David told her missing one dose would not be fatal. Laura then wondered what would happen if she missed two doses and David told her it was best not to try it. Leo returned and David began to tell him what he and Laura were discussing but Laura interrupted and changed the subject. After thanking David for stopping by Leo walked his brother to the door.

In Erica's office she asked Chris Stamp about his gun. He told her it was for her protection from her "crazed fans." She told him she didn't want him carrying a gun but Chris said it was necessary. She picked up her phone and said she was calling the police to have him arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and told him he was fired. Before she actually placed the call Chris stopped her and said that the truth was that he was in love with her. Greenlee bounded into the office and stopped in her tracks at seeing Chris and Erica's faces. She said "Who did what to whom and don't skip on the details!." Erica told Greenlee to leave but Greenlee insisted that she needed to speak with Erica. Erica ordered her out of the office and when she was gone Erica and Chris resumed their discussion. She asked him how long he'd been in love with her. Chris said ever since he saw her on TV a couple of years ago. He told her that coming to work for her was part of his plan, which made Erica think he really has been stalking her. But he denied this, saying he really was a janitor and he thought maybe if she got to know him she could get past his "blue collar." Erica told him she never dates Enchantment employees. Chris asked if he was fired and she said no. He said he was sorry if he rose above his station and had feelings for her. Erica said "Of course you do! I'm Erica Kane and you're a man!."She closed the subject and Chris agreed to keep things strictly business. Erica told him to lose the gun and he said ok. As he walked out of the office Brooke walked in. Erica told Brooke that Greenlee will be leaving for Paris in just a few days but Brooke told her she'd changed her mind about getting Greenlee out of town. Erica wondered why Brooke changed her mind. Brooke said she trusts Leo and that her daughter's marriage was strong. Erica protested, saying she'd already told Greenlee that she has to go. Brooke said she knows Greenlee doesn't want to go. Meanwhile Greenlee walked up to Erica's door and began listening to the discussion. Erica asked who told Brooke that Greenlee didn't want to go to Paris but Brooke didn't answer. Erica knowingly looked at her and said "Tell me, if Leo is so over Greenlee, why can't he let her go?." Outside the door Greenlee perked up at this comment but was startled when Chris Stamp grabbed her elbow. He said "My, my, Grandma, what big ears you have!." Greenlee told him to go away but he said he was in charge of Erica's security and that she would leave quietly or else. Greenlee stomped off. Brooke told Erica that Leo didn't feel that Greenlee should be exiled because Brooke over-reacted. Erica said they were both alike because they'd do anything to protect their daughters. Brooke realized she was talking about Bianca's feelings for Laura and said those feelings would never be returned. Erica agreed to keep Greenlee in Pine Valley but said that Brooke owes her "big time." Brooke left and Erica called Greenlee into her office. She told Greenlee that she had reconsidered her decision to transfer Greenlee to Paris. Greenlee pretended to be disappointed but thanked Erica and left the office. Outside she called Leo and thanked him for getting the transfer canceled. She said "from now on Pine Valley will be my center of operation." Chris overheard this comment and raised his eyebrows.

At their condo, Laura asked Leo who called, and he told her it was a telemarketer. She asked him to go into the bedroom and get her a pillow. When he was gone she checked caller ID and saw it had been Greenlee who called. When Leo returned she told him she was thirsty and sent him into the kitchen for water. She said to herself "As long as I keep you from Greenlee I won't have to get sick again."

Mateo and Hayley were in the delivery room worrying about their soon-to-be-born baby. Dr. Clader walked in and showed them on the monitor how the baby's heart rate declined when Hayley had a contraction. He asked Mat to help her turn on her side to see if that would help. Hayley had a major contraction as she turned to her side, saying "That was a tsunami!." Outside the room a very agitated Adam paced. A nurse came out of Hayley's room and Adam pounced on her for information. She could only say that Dr. Clader would come talk to them when the "situation was stabilized", which caused Adam to freak out. Back in the delivery room Dr. Clader said the heartbeat was still dropping and Hayley asked what else they could do. He decided to put a fetal monitor on the baby's skull to better assess the situation. But as they began to do this Hayley had another huge contraction. In the waiting area Marian rushed in and Adam and Isabella told her something was wrong with the baby. Adam barged into the delivery room just in time to see Hayley in a serious contraction. Dr. Clader escorted him out and told the waiting relatives that the baby was in distress so they were going to do an emergency C-section. But when the doctor went back into Hayley's room a nurse told him Hayley was dilated to 10 and the baby's head was crowning. Dr. Clader determined it was too late for a c-section and said the baby was on its way. Mateo stood by Hayley's head, stoking her and coaching her through each contraction. Outside Dr. Joe Martin stopped by to talk to the family and they told him of the baby's problems. He said Hayley and the baby were in good hands and wished them luck. Before he left a nurse rushed over and told him that Marcus had regained consciousness. Rosa heard this and became very upset. Her mother tried to comfort her but he just turned away. Isabella put her arms around her and told her it wasn't her fault. Adam turned to Marian and asked where Liza was. Marian claimed ignorance and said he would be lucky if he ever saw Liza or Colby again. He turned away from her and found a nurse, who told him Hayley was pushing the baby out.

In the delivery room, Dr. Clader stressed the urgency of getting the baby out when he told Hayley to bear down hard. Within moments baby Santos arrived! After being wrapped in a blanket, the baby was carried to his mother by Mateo. He handed the bundle to Hayley, saying "We have a son!." Hayley took the baby and held him in her arms as tears of joy ran down her cheeks. Mateo leaned over and kissed his wife and new son.

Thursday, August 30, 2001

Today's episode featured music by Grammy winner, Babyface. To purchase The Day (That You Gave Me A Son) or other music by Babyface, click here.

As Mateo and Hayley bonded with their new son, Dr. Clader entered the room and informed the couple that the baby had to be taken away for some routine tests. Hayley became panicky and feared that something was wrong with the baby. Outside in the waiting area, the Chandlers and Santoses anxiously awaited news of Hayley's condition. Joe approached the group and proudly informed them that Hayley had given birth to a baby boy. At about the same time, Anna arrived at the hospital with Sam and Maddie. The two youngsters had been begging to meet their new cousin. Marian, Stuart and Adam sat in chairs in the corner of the waiting room and celebrated the news. Stuart questioned whether or not they should notify Arlene to inform her that she's a new grandmother. Adam quickly replied that it would be up to Hayley to decide if Arlene should be contacted. Back inside the delivery room, Joe stopped by to congratulate Hayley. Almost immediately, Hayley hit him up with a barrage of questions about her baby's health. Joe assured Hayley that her son would be fine. Mateo returned to the room and announced that the testing was going well. Seconds later, Dr. Clader appeared and confirmed what both Joe and Mateo had said. Pointing to a wet spot on his jacket, Dr. Clader mused that Baby Santos might want to consider a career as a firefighter when he grows up. "He hosed me down pretty good," the doctor laughed. To Mateo's surprise, Hayley asked if she could see Adam. Somewhat reluctantly, Mateo nodded his head and ventured out into the waiting area. In the waiting area, Adam placed a somber call to Liza to inform her of the news of the birth of his new grandson. Liza did not pick up the call and Adam was directed to her voicemail. "Can we postpone our fight long enough to meet him together?" Adam asked. After hanging up, he cast a glance over to Marian, who was unable to look Adam in the eye. As Mateo exited Hayley's room, he was mobbed by his family members. Mateo walked towards Adam and told him that Hayley would like to see him. Isabella asked her son who the baby resembles. After commenting that the baby had very little hair, Mateo said that he thinks the baby looks a little like Hector. "Then he must be very handsome," Rosa replied as she nudged her mother with her elbow.

Edmund followed Anna to the sunroom, where he found Anna sitting quietly by herself. Anna denied Edmund's claims that she'd been turned off because she'd overheard him speaking to Isabella about Maria. Anna explained that she had gotten a letter from Robin. In the letter, Robin had enclosed the very last letter her father - and Anna's late husband -- Robert had ever written to her. The letter had been unopened and Robin felt that her mother should be the one to read it first. Edmund asked Anna why she hadn't opened the letter yet. After Anna replied that she had not been ready, Edmund prodded her to take a deep breath and finally read the letter. Anna did as she was instructed. "Oh dear," she said softly as she tore open the envelope. "Let me tell you about the woman I love," Anna read aloud in a halting voice. "Your mother... Anna." After reading the letter, Anna was heartbroken that she had gone so many years with Robert erased from her memory. The letter reminded Anna of the day she lost her husband and how their life together flashed before her eyes as the boat they'd been riding on exploded. "He died and I forgot," Anna said softly. After a momentary pause, Anna asked herself who would want to remember the day they lost the love of their life. Perhaps then, for the first time since the explosion, Anna came to the horrific realization that she would never again see the man she'd loved. Edmund was stunned when Anna asked him to leave her alone with her memories. Edmund didn't want to leave and reminded Anna that "even tough guys need someone to lean on." Anna refused his comfort and again asked him to leave. Edmund pleaded with Anna to return to the waiting area and share in the joy of Mateo and Hayley's new son. "You're family now," Edmund smiled. Anna angrily snapped, "They're your family. Not mine!" She went on to say that she wasn't ready to return to "domestic bliss," a place that she had once lived. "I'm someplace so far from that now," she added sadly.

In Hayley's room, she and Adam had a tender, heartfelt discussion about the new baby. Hayley told her father that she was worried that something was wrong with the baby. Adam assured Hayley that everything would be okay. In what had to be a horribly painful admission for her, Hayley explained that she was worried about the lack of oxygen her baby had gotten. She reminded Adam that Stuart had suffered from a lack of oxygen. "And you're afraid [your baby] will be like Uncle Stuart," Adam replied. A look of embarrassment swept over Hayley's face. She explained that she couldn't bear to see her son ridiculed and teased the way Stuart had been. However, she let it be known that she was in no way ashamed of Stuart and called him "the best person" she's ever known. Adam nodded understandingly and excused himself so that he could make a few calls. Mateo returned to the room with the baby and he and Hayley again shared some tender moments. Then, Mateo decided that it might be time for the family to meet its newest member. Outside, Stuart explained to Sam and Maddie how everyone was related to the new baby - from Uncles to cousins to Great Uncles. Mateo exited with the baby and everyone swarmed around him to see Baby Santos.

Aboard their flight to an undisclosed location, Tad and Dixie continued to have some fun as newly inducted members in the "Mile High Club." As they romanced, they had no idea that they were been spied upon through the curtain that divided their cabin from the rest of the private jet. Gun drawn, Officer Carl Sweeney looked on in disdain.

After the plane landed, Tad and Dixie headed for a hotel room somewhere on the tropical island. Tad stepped out while Dixie washed up. As Dixie was dressing, she heard the unmistakable sound of a ukulele being played. As Dixie tried to find out where the music was coming from, Tad wandered into the room dressed in a grass skirt and coconut bra. Dixie could barely contain her laughter. Suddenly, the door to the room swung open and Officer Sweeney stepped in. "What the hell?" he squawked as he set eyes on Tad, "So you're a killer and a pervert?!" Tad looked at the rogue cop's gun and knew that he faced serious peril. Tad attempted to buy himself some time by assuring Carl that he was not into cross-dressing. He rambled on and on about how uncomfortable his bra was and how he wanted to changed before he was shot because he didn't want to go to the morgue in what he was wearing. As he chirped nervously, he positioned himself in such a way that he could clobber Carl with the ukulele he'd been toting. Carl was knocked back by the impact of the stringed instrument. Tad and Carl struggled for control of the gun. As they fought, a gunshot sounded. Dixie screamed in terror, her hands covered her mouth. Seconds later, Carl Sweeney's lifeless body fell into a nearby chair. Dixie raced to Tad, thankful that he was still alive. Carl, however, was not as lucky. Dixie wanted to call the police, but Tad convinced her that doing so would only cause more trouble. Tad decided that they needed to dump Carl's body somewhere - anywhere. Exactly where, when and how remained a bit of a puzzle. Dixie was determined to find someone to get them out of their jam. She headed to the phone. As she did, Tad noticed something a bit odd. Carl Sweeney was dead, but there was no sign of a bullet hole or even a trace of blood. Without warning, the door again swung open. A pair of police officers stood in the doorway with guns drawn. They demanded that Tad and Dixie not move and inch.

Friday, August 31, 2001

At the island hotel, Tad and Dixie face island police officers who have just barged in and found Sweeney's body on the floor. They regard Tad, in his hula girl outfit, suspiciously as he tries to explain. Tad says, "I am not some kind of cross-dressing pervert/ax murderer, ok? The fact is, I am in the federal witness protection program." He tells them that the dead man tried to kill him, they struggled for the gun, and it went off but did not hit Sweeney, who must have died from natural causes. A paramedic examines the body and confirms that the man wasn't shot. The officers still look at Tad strangely, and ask Dixie if he is on medication. Tad tries to get to the phone, but the officers restrain him, saying he needs a doctor. Just then, Chris Stamp comes in with two other federal agents and says he'll take custody of Tad and Dixie. He said he put a tail on Sweeney; that's how he knew to come to the island. Chris says the coroner confirms Tad's story, that Sweeney wasn't shot, but they're going to take the body back to the mainland for the autopsy. Chris says that now that Sweeney's dead, Tad will not need to be under lock and key. The charges against him will be dropped, but because the real killer is still out there, they'll keep a car at Tad and Dixie's house. Tad wants to know what's happening with the case, but Chris tells him to stay out of it. Chris tells one of the agents that he wants the body in front of their coroner by tomorrow morning. He doesn't think Sweeney died of natural causes. In a room somewhere else, a gloved hand is throwing away a syringe in a medical waste container.

Over at Chandler Mansion, Adam barges in the door, calling for Winifred. Ryan comes down the stairs. Adam is angry to see him and demands to know if he was sleeping with Liza's in Adam's own bedroom. Ryan pours himself a drink and puts Adam on, saying Liza is still in the shower. Adam gets furious and threatens Ryan, then orders him out of the house. Ryan shows Adam a note Liza left for him. It reads: Dear Adam, It's over. I'm taking Colby and we're leaving this house, this town, and you. Don't come after us. Liza. Adam is stunned. He confronts Winifred, wanting to know why he wasn't notified that Liza was leaving. Then he blames Ryan for Liza leaving. Ryan says, "You've got that all backwards. It happened because of what you did to your wife. She wouldn't have looked at me twice if you hadn't destroyed every single thing that she believes in. Adam says if Ryan touches her again, he'll kill him. Just then, Liza walks in and tells him to stop it. She says Colby is somewhere safe. Adam wants to talk to Liza in private. Ryan leaves, stealing an expensive decorative egg, possibly a Faberge. Later on, he uses the egg to help buy a motorcycle, which he rides off on. Adam is relieved to see Liza and thinks she's come back to him. He tells her about Hayley and Mateo's baby. Liza says she was about to get on an airplane with Colby, when she realized she was making a terrible mistake. Adam says he understands. Liza looks annoyed and says, "Do you really? Or do you think you know what I'm thinking and what I'm feeling, as usual?" Adam says, "You know we can make our lives work together." But Liza said she wanted to stop having every action she makes be a reaction to Adam. He assures her that what happened with the judge will never happen again. Liza says she doesn't care; he can't erase mistakes just like that. "What I want," she says, "is for you to accept my decision and stop fighting me." Adam asks what her decision is and Liza replies, "That you are an out-of-control freak. And given that, I am still willing to live in this house with you...on my terms. You concede every ounce of control you think you have over my life, and you have no say in how I raise my daughter.... I will not be sleeping with you again. But I want to live here and have every advantage that I've earned. And I want sole custody of Colby. You either agree to it or you don't. And if you fail or break the agreement, I leave, Colby leaves, and that's that forever. Any questions?" Adam is taken back and speechless.

At their condo, Leo and Laura come out of their bedroom. Leo is quietly brooding and a little testy. Laura apologizes, saying, "I know it wasn't great and I know that you've had better in bed." Leo cuts her off; he doesn't want to talk about it. Laura says, "It was awful and we both know it. And I don't think it was because I'm inexperienced. I'm just not so full of energy, and my recovery is taking a really long time...and when we make love, I feel scared." Leo assures her that the doctor said they don't have to be scared. Laura says, "But whenever I lie in bed next to you, my heart pounds. And for me right now, that's not a good thing because I feel that I could break down.... and what if it happens right in the middle of making love and then I die while you're holding me? I'm sacred, Leo. I'm sacred of loving you too much." They sit down on the sofa together, and after Laura dozes off, Leo looking quiet and subdued, goes out into the courtyard and sits down.

Meanwhile, Jake walks into his apartment and finds it a complete mess. Pizza boxes, clothes, and all kinds of things are strewn all over. Greenlee is wrapped up in a blanket, watching a sad movie about two people breaking up. Jake turns the TV off and Greenlee says, "I hate you." She says she hates all men. She has been crying. Jake tries to talk to her and keeps turning the TV off. Greenlee keeps turning it back on and says, "Why don't you just dump me like the rest of your gender? God." Jake says, "So why don't you tell me what Leo said this time?" Greenlee gets angry and storms out. Over at the condo, Leo is sitting in the courtyard when Greenlee walks up. She is wearing a thin black robe that barely conceals her nightgown and body. They make small talk about the weather and look at each other with longing. Laura has woken up and looks out the window. She sees them and becomes very disturbed. Leo gets a grip and tells Greenlee she has to leave. Greenlee tells him she's moving in with Jake, and she goes. Back at Jake's apartment, he answers the door to find Greenlee. She apologizes and asks if she can live there. Jake agrees and they kiss.

Over at the condo, Leo closes his eyes and imagines he and Greenlee kissing. Laura snaps him out of it. She is very upset and says, "I saw you with her. I saw the way you looked at her. You looked at her the way you never look at me, the way you never can....I can't do this, I can't. Just go to her, Leo. Go now, damn it. Leo, just go to Greenlee. Just go!" She pushes him and Leo is shocked.

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