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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 18, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, September 18, 2006

At the island's hotel suite, as Simon offers to do anything Carly likes. She replies for him "to amaze her." Simon begins to do just that, but instead dashes to use the facilities. She throws him into a cold shower, but he pulls her in also. Carly tells Simon he's not over Katie.

Lucy pops up to leave the movie, and Dusty teases her for missing the credits. She got a boy's prize toy with her popcorn that she offers to Dusty for his son. Dusty asks her to come to the Lakeview to give it to him personally. Barbara walks in the tender bonding time. Barbara warns Dusty not to make a terrible mistake.

Bob ends the memorial service by suggesting that those who knew the teens might sign a poem or memory and leave this condolence in a box at the church. Afterwards a remorseful girl comes up to Casey to ask him to relay her apology to Maddie for her snippiness. Tom praises his Casey that the speech made a difference. A subdued Casey wished Maddie could have been there to hear his words and witness everyone coming around. At the hotel with Margo, Maddie is surprised and touched when Margo asks her to move home. Maddie thinks she and Henry need each other, but Henry encourages Maddie to live with Tom and Margo. Henry is a bit concerned about the proximity to Casey. Margo explains that Casey will be living in the local dorms. But when he hears that Maddie is moving in, Casey he disses the dorm plan. Maddie convinces Casey to go to college and be a regular guy.

Outside the church, Barbara informs the Hughes she needs to check on Willl because he has been through so much! Kim and Bob says has Gwen for comfort and they need privacy. Babs protests that Jade will interfere. As Gwen tries to comfort Will, Jade does show up like a bad habit. Will orders her to stay away. Gwen, perceptive as ever, demands to know what part Jade has played in Will's "bad thing." Will admits that Jade is pregnant. Gwen takes off to confront Jade.

Henry encourages Maddie to live with Tom and Margo, though he wonders about the proximity to Casey. Margo explains that Casey will be living in the Oakdale U dorms. But when he hears that Maddie is moving in, Casey announces he'll stay home. Maddie convinces Casey to go to college and be a regular guy

Henry encourages Maddie to live with Tom and Margo, though he wonders about the proximity to Casey. Margo explains that Casey will be living in the Oakdale U dorms. But when he hears that Maddie is moving in, Casey announces he'll stay home. Maddie convinces Casey to go to college and be a regular guy

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Barbara and Dusty are discussing his relationship with Lucy and how dangerous it might be because of Craig. Dusty gets fed up with Barbara and tells her to stop. Lucy walks in and wants to hear what Barbara has to say for herself. Barbara gets angry about Jennifer's death and is worried about Lucy and Dusty getting cozy and starting things up again. Dusty escorts Lucy out and she tells him that Barbara is right, it hasn't been that long since Jen died. He tells her that he needs a lot of friends right now and he feels that Jen would approve of Lucy being one of them. Barbara and Dusty argue again about how dangerous Craig and Lucy could be for Johnny, but Dusty points out to Barbara that what she's really afraid of is that he's going to forget about Jennifer. Barbara admits that Dusty is right. Dusty helps her to see that no one is going to forget about Jennifer and that Lucy has done nothing wrong. He also tells her that Lucy is not spying for Craig. Barbara knows this, and asks him to apologize to Lucy for her. Dusty leaves to take a walk and Barbara calls Lucinda. She asks Lucinda to meet with her, they have a big problem. Lucinda arrives and Barbara tells her that she doesn't want Lucy and Dusty getting involved. Lucinda tries to make Barbara understand that Lucy and Dusty are adults and that Barbara should not get involved. She tells Barbara that it would be a shame to let her life and Dusty's life end with Jennifer's death.

Lucy and Lucinda meet up at the hotel bar and Lucinda wants to know how things have been going with Lucy and Dusty. Lucy tells her that Barbara doesn't approve and chased her out of their room. She also tells Lucinda that she's right; she is still in love with Dusty. Lucy is tired of pretending that she's not in love with Dusty and Lucinda tells her she doesn't have to pretend, just be his friend. She also tells Lucy to stand up to Barbara. Dusty finds Lucy at the bar and she tells him that Barbara had called Lucinda up for a meeting. He assures her that Barbara doesn't hate her, she's just afraid.

Emily arrives at Henry's place to see how he's doing. He has just returned from Chicago where he had to tell his family about everything that happened with Eve. Emily wants to cheer him up by getting him involved in an "adventure." She wants to find Paul and wants Henry to help her do it. Henry tries to talk her out of breaking into Paul's apartment. She insists, and the next thing we see is Emily in a short brown wig pretending to be Barbara with Henry posing as a blind man next to her. Henry picks the lock on Paul's door and they go in. They hear the music but Emily thinks it's just what Paul usually does, leaving the TV or some music on when he goes out of town.

Paul and Meg are hiding out at his place and are giddy about the thought of hiding from Emily. Paul puts on some Hawaiian music and they pretend that they are on the beach and they head off to make love. They are enjoying a romantic candlelit evening on the balcony when suddenly they hear Emily in Paul's apartment. They wonder how she got in since Paul had the locks changed. Meg decides to try to get rid of Emily. She walks in and tells Emily to leave and they start to argue. Emily accuses Meg of being jealous of her baby and Meg accuses Emily of making up "genetic testing" reasons for getting in touch with Paul. Emily tells Meg that if she doesn't tell her where Paul is, she's going to tear the apartment apart and find out herself. Emily starts to look around and finds it odd that Paul has left his laptop behind. Meg threatens to call the police and Emily decides to leave. Paul comes in and Meg yells at him about how frustrating it is to deal with Emily. Henry and Emily are hanging around outside Paul's door and hear Paul and Meg talking. Emily bursts in and tells them that if they think they're going to make a fool out of her and get away with it, they're mistaken.

At the church, Will is pleading with Gwen on her voicemail to call him. Luke walks in and tells Will he knows that Jade is pregnant. Will tells Luke that he's afraid this was the last straw with Gwen and it's all over. Luke suggests that things could still work out with Gwen and Jade's pregnancy. Gwen calls Will and tells him they need to talk. Luke wishes Will well and leaves. Gwen arrives at the church and tells him that she saw Jade. Will tells her that since she called he's been sitting there praying for them. He feels like with everything that's going on, he needs some extra help from somewhere to get through it all. He tells her it's not God's forgiveness he needs, it's hers. She tells him that a baby changes everything. She reminds Will about how her baby brought them together and she's worried about the same happening with Will and Jade. Will insists that his plans are with Gwen and that she's the one he loves. Gwen tells him that she loves him, too, but that love isn't enough. She confesses that she can't spend the rest of her life watching Jade give Will the one thing that she can't. Will stops her from leaving and they discuss how things are going to change with a baby. He assures her that he loves her; he only wants to be with her, and someday build a family of their own. She tells him that she just can't be with him; she knows that she'll end up resenting him and walks out.

In Jade's room, Gwen wants to know why Jade is making her life miserable. Gwen tells her she's been nothing but a friend to Jade and yet Jade still tries to take the one good thing that ever came into her life away. She asks Jade why she hates her so much. Gwen accuses Jade of setting up everything starting with getting Will to cheat in school. She accuses Jade of sleeping with other guys and asks if she would be fine with taking a pregnancy test but decides that Jade would be able to scam her way through that, too. They argue and things start to get heated and Gwen wants badly to smack Jade, but doesn't. Jade tells Gwen that it's not her fault that Gwen couldn't give Will everything he needed. Jade brings up Casey and Gwen's baby and compares it to the current situation. She tells Gwen she's just going to have to live with whatever happens. Luke arrives and Jade starts complaining about the fact that Gwen is blaming her for everything. Luke warns her that she needs to realize that Will is not going to come running to her. He knows how much Will loves Gwen and he doesn't think the pregnancy can change that.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Katie is disturbed to hear Simon went with Carly to get her divorce, but quickly changes the subject to tell Mike they have an appointment with a fertility specialist. Meanwhile, Carly brings her divorce decree to Jack. Later, Simon reveals that they need to start selling apartments quickly, or they'll both be ruined. Meg tells Emily that she and Paul are engaged. Emily calmly replies, in that case, Paul won't be seeing her or their child ever again. As Emily plans to leave town, Paul tells Meg he has to go out of town to consult with a lawyer will Meg make sure Emily stays put while he's away? Bob suggests to Holden that Lily might never wake up from her coma. Lily's spirit urges Holden to hold on.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gwen won't talk to Will, so he asks Carly for help winning Gwen back. Gwen confides in Casey about Jade, breaking down in his arms. Meanwhile, Jack confesses to Meg that he's sorry he and Carly got divorced. He grabs a pizza and flowers and sets out to woo his ex-wife. Mike refuses to take a fertility test. When Katie won't back down, Mike walks away. Tom informs Meg that he won't help Paul keep Emily from leaving town. On the other hand, he tells Emily she may not take Daniel out of town with her. Emily tells Henry he needs to help her kidnap Daniel and leave the country.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Simon goes to Carly's place to look for her paint chips while she stays at the worksite to direct the movers as to where to put the furniture. Meanwhile, Jack has gone to Carly's and set up a dinner of pizza and beer, complete with candles and roses, and he settles down to wait for her. Much to his surprise, Simon lets himself in with Carly's key, and they both want to know why the other one is there. Simon suggests to Jack that Carly might not be happy to come home and find him there. When Jack tells him not to talk to him about his wife, he reminds him that she's his "ex-wife" now, and he tells Jack that even though he's one of the "good guys," he apparently couldn't let a good thing be and had to have perfection, and in the process, he threw away the wonderful life he had with Carly. Simon tells Jack it's not fair to Carly for him to waltz back in to try to make himself feel better, and he says, "If you really care about her, leave her alone." Jack leaves, and Simon puts out the candles, grabs the beer and pizza, and prepares to leave, when Gwen walks in. He tells her that Carly's going to be working hard for the next couple of days and asks if she wants him to have Carly call her, but she says it's not necessary. He excuses himself and leaves, and Gwen wonders aloud how she and Carly have let things get so messed up.

At the worksite, after the movers leave, Carly finds in her purse the tarot card that was read in Santo Domingo when she went to get the divorce, the card that indicated that something good would come her way soon if she'd be open to the possibility. At that moment, Jack walks in and apologizes for having expected her to be perfect, begging her to give him another chance and marry him again; they kiss, but suddenly, Carly realizes she's actually kissing Simon --- and then she wakes up from the dream she had when she'd sat down on the couch. She tears up the tarot card, and Simon walks in, wanting to know what's got her so bothered. He offers her the pizza and beer and thanks her for all the hard work she's putting in, then he reminds her that he wants to finish soon because his designer has promised him a special "bonus" after they're finished with the project.

At the Lakeview, Lucy waits for Dusty to join her for dinner and runs into a couple of friends from Memorial Hospital. Dusty spots her, and he has Johnny with him because the babysitter has been delayed. The babysitter calls and says she's at the suite now, so Dusty takes Johnny upstairs. Lucy is approached by someone from the lounge who tells her they need karaoke singers, and her friends have told him she's quite good. The friends reappear and persuade Lucy to get up and sing. As she's singing a love song, Dusty walks back in and smiles at her; then, Dusty remembers Jennifer singing "You Made Me Love You" at a karaoke lounge in Florida, and he becomes emotional and starts to leave. Lucy calls out to stop him, and he makes the excuse that Johnny seemed a little fussy, so he wants to watch him himself. Lucy offers to get her medical bag and examine him, but Dusty says that's not necessary, and he tells her he'll call her later.

At Java, Jade and Luke share a hot drink as Luke comments on the unseasonably cold weather outside. Jade is feeling sorry for herself about her situation with Will, but Luke reminds her repeatedly that Will loves Gwen, and no matter what, he's not going to marry Jade. He tells her that first love is a powerful thing, and not much can stop it, but Jade says she thinks one thing will: the fact that Gwen can't have any more children. When Luke asks how she knows that, she tells him Gwen told her a while back. Some kids from school come into Java, and they see Luke and then ignore him. Luke tells Jade that by now, the whole school probably knows he's gay, and when she asks what the kids have been saying, he tells her they're not saying anything, that nobody has called him at all. She says she knows how it feels when people talk about you but don't know how you really are, and they decide that they are the town outcasts --- Luke says he's "the gay kid," and Jade says she's "the whore." She tells Luke she has to go deliver an envelope from Lisa to Casey, so she leaves. A few minutes later, Luke goes outside and sees Will sitting on a bench. He sits down to talk to him, telling him he's heard how badly Gwen is taking the news of Jade's pregnancy. Will tells Luke that his marriage is over. They talk about the mistakes Will has made, but then, Luke gets a call from Holden, asking him to go up to the hospital. Will apologizes for laying all of this on Luke, but Luke thanks him for still wanting to be his friend. Will seems genuinely surprised that Luke would think he wouldn't still want to be his friend. Luke asks Will to do him a favor and try not to take his anger and frustration out on Jade, because she's in a bad situation, too.

At the Hughes's house, Gwen and Casey are outside talking about Jade's pregnancy, and Gwen ends up telling Casey that she can't have any more children. Casey says now he understands why she has reacted so strongly to Jade's news. Gwen says it's just not fair that Jade has found herself in this situation when she, Gwen, would do "absolutely anything" to be able to have a child with Will. When she stops crying, she tells Casey that she'd like to go over to the college and register for some classes. He goes inside to change clothes, and Jade comes walking up to deliver her package. Gwen is upset, and Jade tells Gwen that the situation with Will is her fault, and that if it were her and Will, she'd never leave him, no matter what he did, but Gwen has already turned her back on him several times, and she's the one ending the marriage now. Gwen walks away and Casey comes out. Jade hands Casey the envelope from Lisa, and he tells her that given the circumstances, she's fired. Jade says he can't fire her, because she's pregnant, but Casey says she's only a part-time employee, and it would be asking too much to have Gwen, a full-time employee, have to see Jade over and over again throughout her pregnancy. Jade tells Casey this is the second time he's turned a pregnant girl out in the cold, alone, then she leaves.

Jade runs into Will at Java and asks if the manager is there; Will says no, and Jade tells him about Casey firing her, and then says the hotel manager overheard her talking on the phone and asked if she'd lost her job, and when she admitted that she had, he told her to move out. Casey and Gwen walk in and see Will and Jade talking, and Casey tries to leave, but Gwen says she needs to speak to Will. She asks him to pack her things for her and have them sent to the college dormitory, because she's moving in there with Casey. Will says they should discuss this alone, but Gwen says there's nothing to discuss, and she leaves. Will angrily accuses Casey of setting this up, but Casey says he's just friends with Gwen, and Will messed up his marriage by himself. Casey leaves, and Jade tells Will that he needs to give Gwen time, that she'll calm down eventually, and she's not moving out of Oakdale, just to the dormitory. But then, Jade wants to know, since Gwen isn't going back to the cottage, can she go home with Will?

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