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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 6, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, August 6, 2007
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Will and Gwen are completely thrown when Barbara tells them Paul is alive and Will wants to know where his brother is. Gwen and Will urge Barbara to tell Meg that Paul has survived, but Barbara feels Meg has now sided with their enemy. Paul, claiming to be Craig, goes to the side of sleeping Rosanna and thanks her for saving him. Paul's excited when Rosanna squeezes his hand, but the nurse says it's typical of coma patients. Paul leaves, disappointed, as Rosanna opens her eyes and speaks Paul's name. Craig comes to Meg's aid and she's touched. When Meg leaves the room, a messenger delivers the annulment papers. Craig's vague about what's been delivered, and Meg checks his briefcase and finds the annulment papers. Meg considers the annulment, but she surprises them both by simply dismissing the subject. Jack arrives in town looking for information on JJ and is nearly threatened by the locals. Just as Jack's about to get pounded, Carly saves the day by confronting Jack. Kit's amused by Carly's confrontation with Jack, then goes to the back room where she hears the story of Silas's newly adopted son and agrees to hide them. Silas tears up JJ's ID before they make their getaway. Later, Kit rents the room to Jack, under the condition that Carly stay with him. Carly notices one bed, and Jack tells her it'll be fine since he's officially engaged to Katie. Carly is flustered by Jack's news, but then finds the remains of JJ's ID in the trash.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Meg answers Craig's phone and it's the Geneva clinic. Craig implores Meg to focus and wonders whether she's coming to the board meeting or not. Lucinda wants to circumvent Meg's taking over the company by asking the board members for a vote of no confidence, and puts Meg on the spot. When Rosanna stirs the doctors try to stop Paul from leaving. The nurse tells Paul there's been a change in Rosanna's condition and asks who Paul is. The doctors say Rosanna has been more responsive lately, and they'd like to try an experimental drug on Rosanna. Paul has them start right away. Katie is upset she hasn't heard from Jack, as Brad offers support. As Katie discusses an upcoming segment with a self-defense expert, Brad gets himself flattened by the martial arts expert in an effort to get her mind off her troubles. Having found JJ's discarded ID, Carly is ready to confront Kit but Jack convinces Carly not to blow their cover. Jack calls Katie and tells her he's with Carly, as Carly grills a disgruntled employee Frank and learns that JJ was there the previous night. Carly tells Jack that JJ is definitely alive. Kit proposes that Carly and Jack leave, but Jack gets Kit to agree to let them stay and to sell their "reunion," Jack pulls Carly into a kiss.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Will lets Sage know the latest news about her parent's search for JJ. Gwen arrives home from the doctor's office with an ultrasound of their baby and tells Will that all looks well with the pregnancy. Sage, in an attempt to have something happy to focus on, wants to share the good news about Will and Gwen's baby and they agree that with the good report from the doctor that the time has come for them to start telling people. The three decide to throw a party to let people know about the pregnancy.

Noah finds Luke writing at the station and lets him know he is taking some time off. Luke questions whether Noah is taking a break after his revealing that he is gay, but Noah confirms it has nothing to do with him. Maddie arrives and Noah tells him that the getaway is for him and Maddie to spend some time together. Noah and Maddie invite Luke to go with them on their trip, but he declines. Gwen arrives at the station and invites her friends to a party with a "surprise theme". Luke initially rejects Gwen's invitation, but agrees when Gwen tells him that the party was Sage's idea and it would help to keep her mind off JJ. Once alone Maddie tells Gwen that her relationship with Noah is, in part, a way to get over Casey and she questions why the relationship seems so forced.

In Old Town, Susan and Ali discuss their sobriety and Alison returning home to live with her mom. Alison thanks her mom for offering to take her back in, but tells her she doesn't want to move back because she wants to behave like an adult. After a bit of a talk, Alison tells her mom if they can continue with their positive dialogue she will move back in with her. A happy Susan heads off to a meeting and Will and Sage run into Alison and invite her to the impromptu party. Alison apologizes to Will about his brother's death (since no one but Barbara, Gwen, and Will know that Paul is alive) and tells him that she feels partly responsible. Will stops Alison and tells her that it is no one's fault and not to take it out on herself. Will asks Alison about Aaron's return and she tells him that even though they were briefly reunited they are no longer together. Will invites Alison to the party and tells her he has good news to share. Alison accepts the invitation and agrees to go.

Once the invitations have been extended to their friends, Gwen, Will, and Sage return home to get ready for their guests. Sage gets a phone call from her friend inviting her to see her hamster and she tells Gwen and Will she doesn't want to stay at the boring party, but just wanted to help set it up. Will walks Sage to her friend's house and as he leaves Alison arrives and feels awkward because she realizes Will hasn't told Gwen she would be coming. Gwen invites her in and as Alison admires the pink and blue decorations she realizes the party is to announce a pregnancy, but Maddie enters and is the first to run over and congratulate Gwen. Maddie turns to Gwen and questions why Alison was invited. Gwen asks why Maddie is being so rude about Alison and informs Gwen about Alison's past in Las Vegas. Alison overhears Maddie's revelation and tells her if she has something to say she needs to say it to her face.

At the Montgomery Inc. board meeting Lucinda continues to questions Meg about her qualifications for being the CEO of a major company. The inquiries send Meg running from the boardroom in disgust and when Craig follows she calls him out on putting her in place to ruin Lucinda's company. Craig tries to persuade Meg to keep the company to do something good with it, but she is reluctant after Lucinda's barrage of questions. Craig reminds Meg that Lucinda is walking all over her again and pushing her around just to get the company back. Meg decision seems to be to go, but when Lucinda enters the hall and asks her if she needs to call her a car to help her leave, to which Meg responds by telling her to get out of her way and returns to the boardroom. Back in the meeting Meg questions if Lucinda can understand how her employees live and how to offer them a good place to work. She asks the board to give her a chance to turn around the company by making it worker friendly. Lucinda questions the board's sanity in even considering voting Meg as CEO; to which Meg points out that she will make the company a business again and not the personal fighting ground of Craig and Lucida. When a vote is taken Meg is voted in as the new CEO. Craig and Meg go to the Lakeview to celebrate her new rise to power and the conversation turns to their annulment. Craig gives her the papers to sign, but she rips them up.

Paul sits vigil by Rosanna's bed waiting for the experimental medicine to bring her out of her coma. The doctor tells Paul (who is pretending to be Craig so that he may visit Rosanna) that he must continue talking to Rosanna and hope they see results in the next hour. Paul continues to talk to Rosanna, but as the medicine drains out and she doesn't respond he begins to become discouraged. As he gets up to leave Rosanna grabs his arm and opens her eyes. Paul reassures Rosanna that he is there to take care of her and will be with her until she gets well. Rosanna responds by closing her eyes which sends a disappointing look over Paul's face as he fears her awakening will be short lived. Paul checks with Rosanna's doctor to see if Rosanna brief consciousness means that she is making a recovery. The doctor is quick to point out that even if Rosanna wakes it may not be a full recovery. Paul returns to Rosanna's bedside.

Bob checks in on Susan and informs her that he has no choice but to suspend her because of her drinking. After the problems the hospital had with Meg he explains he has no option but to suspend her for a time. Susan is gracious and agrees to work on her sobriety and accepts the suspension.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Alison confronts Maddie and Gwen for gossiping about her. Dusty gets Alison to keep her mouth shut and tells her it's nobody's business. Meanwhile, Gwen's good news makes Maddie miss Casey. Will gives an emotional toast to Gwen and the new baby, and reminds Dusty he's still the baby's uncle, even though Jennifer is gone. Alison sees Dusty is affected by the baby news. Luke gets stuck inviting Noah and Maddie to the farm for a swim. Maddie gets called away by Vienna on a family emergency, leaving Luke and Noah alone. Noah opens up to Luke about his life. They go for a dip, and when they return, they get into a towel fight. Later, Noah stumbled fell against Luke and the two stood stared longingly into each other's eyes. Henry explains to Vienna that almost all her money is gone. Worried about Henry, Vienna fills Maddie in on their money problems. Henry sees Vienna has ordered expensive champagne and tries to teach Vienna lessons in frugality. Ali can tell Dusty misses the people he cares about like Johnny, Jennifer, and Emily. Alison gets Dusty to be honest about his feelings of loss and their friendship grows stronger. Silas and Ava keep JJ bound and gagged in a remote cabin. Meanwhile, Jack warns Carly to keep a low profile and pretend they're still together. Kit sends Jack on an errand, and Carly overhears Kit get a call from Silas. Hearing Kit is on her way over to see Silas and JJ, Carly calls Jack but gets his voicemail. Carly follows Kit to the cabin, and Carly ducks before Silas can see her. Silas grabs an axe and he and Ava go out to chop firewood. Once they're gone, Carly enters, ready to rescue JJ. Jack realizes he missed Carly's call, as Carly races to untie JJ. Before they can flee, Silas appears in the doorway, wielding a deadly axe.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Lily finds Holden in Old Town and offers him an early birthday gift: she has taken his grandfather's old watch and had it refurbished for him. Holden thanks her but says if she thinks this will make him forget what she did (in hiding the truth from him about paying the ransom money for Carly), she's wrong. Lily protests that it's just a gift to show how much she loves him, and as they talk, Faith walks up and hears the strain between them. They take Faith into Al's Diner to eat, but while there, Holden gets a business call on his phone and goes outside to take the call. Faith asks Lily if she and Holden are getting a divorce. Lily is shocked and insists there's no reason to think such a thing, but Faith says she heard them arguing outside and that she's old enough to know what's going on. Lily gives in and simply says that she did something to betray Holden's trust in her, but they'll work it out and everything will be fine. Faith gets a call from one of her friends inviting her over for dinner, and after Lily speaks to the friend's mom, she tells Faith she can go and says the mom will pick her up outside. Faith hugs Lily and leaves, with reassurances that things will be fine. When Holden comes back in, Lily tells him that Faith asked if they were getting a divorce. Holden simply asks, "What did you tell her?" Lily looks at Holden, concerned, and says, "I told her we weren't. Now I need you to tell me that it wasn't a lie." Holden is still upset about the ransom money incident, and Lily tries to explain how she felt, saying she paid the ransom to try to prevent something terrible from happening, like it did with Rose. Holden tells her that what happened with Rose wasn't her fault, but Lily says she can't help but feel that she should have done something, and she tells Holden that the subject of Rose's death came up frequently while she was in rehab. Holden says that the importance Lily places on Rose in her life makes him feel like he and the kids don't count. Lily insists that that's not the case and says she loves and needs them all. He says somewhere along the line, she stopped trusting him, and he doesn't think they can have a marriage without that. Lily says she does trust Holden, but maybe she's been afraid that if she was completely open with him, she'd lose him for good. She promises that in the future, she'll be completely truthful with him and tell him everything.

At the Snyder farm, Luke and Noah are horsing around in the kitchen and end up in each other's arms, shirtless and still wet from their swim in the pond. There's an instant of obvious charged attraction between the two before Maddie walks in and they separate. Noah goes to Maddie and kisses her, asking how Henry and Vienna are doing. Maddie tells them but then wants to know what they've been up to. Noah acts noticeably nervous and asks Maddie if she'd like to go somewhere else to eat. Maddie protests that Luke should come, too, or that they can just stay there and eat, but Noah insists he'd like to be alone with her. Maddie thinks that's silly, but Luke, seeing Noah's discomfort, tells her they should go ahead and leave. They go, and Noah takes Maddie to Old Town for ice cream. Maddie wants to know what was happening back at the farm with Luke, because it was obvious Noah was in a hurry to get out of there, but Noah says he doesn't want to talk about Luke. Maddie says he should try to become good friends with Luke, because after she leaves to go to Wesleyan in a few weeks, Noah won't have any friends. Noah tells her she should think about not going to Wesleyan but staying in Oakdale and going to Oakdale University with him. Maddie is shocked that he would suggest she give up Wesleyan, a college she's dreamed about for years, but Noah tells her sometimes you have to do the unexpected thing and see what happens. He gets Maddie to say that she'll at least think about staying in Oakdale.

Luke goes to work at WOAK, where he remembers the scene at the farm but tells himself, "That was nothing; it meant nothing." He types up more of the story he's writing about the girl no one notices, adding in a scene very much like the one that just transpired between him and Noah, and in his story, he says, "Maybe I misunderstood what he wanted. Or maybe he doesn't know what he wants himself."

Brad, determined to get Katie to forget her troubles and worries for a while, makes up a story about Parker acting out since JJ's kidnapping and gets Katie to agree to go to the farm to try to talk to him. Once they arrive, they run into Luke, who's on his way out. Luke tells Katie that Parker's at a friend's house for the night, and he tells her Brad had given Parker permission to go. After Luke leaves, Katie wants to know why Brad lied to her. He says he just wanted her to eat and not be alone, so he concocted the story to get her out to the farm. She gets mad, and he tells her to go ahead and take her anger out on him, because he knows she's mostly mad that Carly's out there helping Jack try to find JJ. Katie says she understands the situation with Carly and Jack and JJ, but a selfish part of her wishes she and Jack had had some time to celebrate their engagement. Brad says they can do some celebrating tonight, and he gets a deck of cards and a bottle of wine, and they sit down to play poker. Katie has a long streak of beginner's luck and ends up enjoying herself and winning all of Brad's money. When she sees that he's out of cash, she says it's time to call it quits, but Brad stands up and takes off his shirt and says, "I am in it to win it!"

In Idaho, Carly has gotten JJ's ropes loose, unbeknownst to Silas, and she tells Silas that she's taking JJ with her and leaving. As Silas moves toward the door, JJ finishes untying the ropes and jumps up, grabs a piece of firewood, and knocks Silas over the head with it. Carly shoves JJ out the door and as Silas drags her back inside the cabin, she yells at JJ to keep going, saying she and Jack will find him. Silas ties Carly up, and Ava comes back in with JJ at gunpoint. Silas tells her to take JJ to the back room and then calls Kit at the bar, asking her if there's a man there looking for his old lady. He tells Kit that the man is a cop named Jack Snyder, and that he and his wife are there to make trouble for him and Ava. Then he gets Kit to tell Jack that a drunk at the bar needed a ride home and Lee (Carly) took him home. Kit agrees to tell Jack the story and also tells him that the drunk is sometimes mean, so Jack asks her to give him directions so he can go get Lee/Carly. After he leaves the bar, Kit calls Silas to let him know that Jack's on his way. When Jack's car drives up, Silas tapes up Carly's mouth, but then he hears the car drive away, so he tells her maybe Jack's not much of a hero after all. As his back is to the door, Jack comes in with his gun drawn, but when Silas yells, "Ava, get that kid out of here!" Jack looks around, and in that moment, Silas wrestles the gun away and knocks Jack down. Carly, who has managed to get herself untied, runs to Jack. Silas then uses Jack's handcuffs to chain Jack and Carly together around a table in the cabin and leaves. Jack tells Carly he feels like he's been kicked in the gut twice, because of what she's done again, but Carly says she had to take the opportunity to try to find JJ when she had it, and she says she tried to call him but couldn't let this lead get away. Jack tells her they have to work together to get out of this situation and asks if she's with him; she responds, "I'm with you, Jack --- always." Meanwhile, Ava and Silas take JJ back to the bar, where Kit tells them to do whatever it takes to get rid of Jack and Carly, for good.

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