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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 9, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Liberty awoke and went into the living room to find Katie and Brad going over plans for a baby nursery. They explained their dreams for parenthood, using Vienna as a surrogate. Liberty was happy for them when Janet arrived, still furious for her daughter's recent actions with Parker. First she chewed out Liberty for not being in school, until the girl explained there were no classes because of teachers' conferences. Liberty also told her mother about Brad and Katie's baby plans, and Janet was pleased, but she cautioned them that first they ought to take better care of the child they had. Then she told them that Liberty had skipped school, slept with a boy, and almost burned down a house the day before.

Brad put on his coat and threatened to teach Parker a lesson, once and for all, but the women stopped him. Janet announced that Jack had come up with a solution, however; Parker was going away to boarding school. Liberty begged her mother to intervene, but Janet was sure separation was the perfect solution. She reminded Liberty how she had thrown away her own life to "sleep with a jerk," but Liberty screamed that she was not her mother and stormed out. Brad didn't like the "jerk" remark, either.

Carly went into her kitchen and found her vodka label drawings. She flashed back to the day before and having sex with Craig in a hotel in Chicago. Jack, who was standing in her kitchen to survey the fire damage, returned her to reality. He said he was going to help Parker get ready because he had arranged to send him to East Lake Academy, the same boarding school J.J. attended. Parker's classes would start the next Monday, so the boy had to get organized. Carly objected on all counts, but she particularly did not understand how they could pay for two boys at an expensive school. Jack, unaware that Parker was eavesdropping, said they could use the trust fund that Rosanna had left for Parker's education. Carly still protested, but Jack said Parker was bound for East Lake, and that was that.

Parker walked in and declared he was not going anywhere. He admitted to one small mistake, but Jack told him almost burning down Carly's house was not small. Parker also objected to using his own trust money on something he didn't want to do. Carly explained that it was not Parker's money until he turned age 21, and until then, she and Jack could make the decisions. Parker said he would hate the school almost as much as he hated them, and he stomped out. Jack called East Lake and arranged for Parker to room with J.J. Carly pleaded with him to reconsider, but Jack said he could think of no other solution. Carly lashed out and accused Janet of being behind the sudden "solution," because she could not handle her own kid.

Craig talked with Johnny about the portrait he had drawn of "Daddy." Johnny was non-communicative about the drawing, and that aroused Craig's suspicions. He suggested that perhaps the man in the drawing was Johnny's "other Daddy," and Johnny agreed. He also admitted he had already shown it to Dusty. Craig realized what had happened while Lucy was watching her brother, so he called her at work and set her up. He asked her to sit with Johnny again that day, and Lucy said she had finished her shift and could come right away. Craig angrily crumpled the drawing of the "other Daddy."

Meanwhile, Dusty remembered his conversation with Johnny the day before. Johnny loved art projects, and Dusty was thrilled when Lucy called and they made arrangements for Dusty to visit again. Lucy decided it would be prudent to meet in Dusty's room instead of Craig's, so they could avoid close calls as had happened the last time.

Dusty arrived at his room with a sketching toy that used no paper. When he shook the sketcher, the drawing disappeared, and Dusty liked the "no evidence" feature. He opened the door for room service, which was delivering milk and cookies, but he was not prepared to see Craig walk in as the waiter was leaving. Craig brought a nanny, who quickly took Johnny outside, so Craig could talk to Lucy and Dusty.

He immediately lit into Lucy and accused her of returning to Oakdale not to revive her medical career but to help Dusty get Johnny away from him. He was so angry that he threatened to make sure neither of them ever laid eyes on the boy again. Lucy took all the blame, but Craig maintained that the day he shared his son with Dusty Donovan was the day that hell froze over. He also accused Dusty of using Lucy, and he dismissed her and said he no longer had a daughter.

Parker hung out on a bench in Old Town, and one of his friends approached. Parker told him that he had lost his Ft. Lauderdale trip because his dad had gone postal. The friend was off to spring break and offered Parker the use of his car while he was gone. Parker took the keys and wandered around Old Town until he ran into Liberty. She was upset that he was going to boarding school; however, Parker assured her that he was not going. He said he was going to leave town before that, and Liberty was going with him. Liberty asked if Parker meant a little road trip, but the teen hinted it was more of a trip from which they would not return.

Parker said he loved Liberty and asked how she felt about him. Liberty said of course she loved him, and that thrilled Parker. He said he had "tons of money," but Liberty reminded him that they had tried to tap the trust fund on another occasion, and they had not been successful. He said he would figure out a way to get the money and suggested they each go home and get what they needed and meet in the school parking lot where the car was parked.

At Carly's, Jack complained that Carly was not home enough to properly supervise their children. Carly said she refused to be bullied, but Jack was afraid they would lose Parker if they allowed him to stay around Liberty. Jack left for work, where Janet joined him. She tried to comfort him, but her husband was feeling low. Janet reinforced that he and Carly were doing exactly the right thing, and some day, Parker might actually thank them.

Liberty went home and apologized to her father. She also lied to Brad and said she wanted to hang out with girlfriends for a while, and she was going to the mall with some of them. She asked Brad for some cash, and he forked over some bills, but Liberty said it was not enough for new boots, so Brad gave her more. She walked to the door but turned and returned, told her dad he was a great guy, and gave him a hug.

Carly cleaned her kitchen and remembered a bottle of vodka in her cupboard. She got it, but then she heard Parker come in, so she put away the liquor. Carly greeted Parker in the living room, and he asked if she and Jack had changed their minds about boarding school. Carly said no, and then to her surprise, Parker said he would give the school a try. Carly hugged her boy and offered to throw him a going away party that evening. She went into the kitchen to thaw some steaks for the celebration, and Parker went into his mother's wallet and took all her cash. Craig rang the doorbell, so Parker let him in and went to his room. Craig joined Carly in the kitchen, and she informed him that Parker was starting classes at East Lake soon.

Katie returned home, and Brad told her that Liberty had gone shoe shopping. They lay on the couch and began to kiss, but suddenly Brad jumped up, saying, "I can't!" He told Katie that he was thinking of the "inventory deposit" he would be making very soon at the fertility doctor's office, and he thought he should abstain so he could "give it everything he had" then. Katie was hurt and said she felt like a third wheel, but Brad reassured her that he would only be thinking of her when he "delivered the goods" in the office.

Dusty apologized to Lucy. She was concerned that she couldn't keep up her end of the bargain and that he might reinstate the kidnapping charges against her. Dusty was not interested in that, however, and told her she would not be without Johnny for long. He felt he and Lucy had a bond with the boy that Craig could not break. He held Lucy to comfort her.

Parker told Carly he was going to shoot some hoops and promised that he would be home in time for dinner. Carly acknowledged that, and Parker left. She also told Craig that she agreed with Jack's harsh solution, and Craig commented that they both were losing a child that day. Carly defended Lucy's actions, as Craig piped up and accused her of listening to Jack too much. That irritated Carly, who asked Craig why he was there, and he said after his argument with Lucy, he just needed to talk to a friend. "Good luck with finding one," was Carly's reply, as she ushered him to the door. He accused her of being afraid to be alone with him, but Carly said she was having a dinner party and he was not invited. Craig slammed the door, and Carly began to cry. She went to the cupboard and poured herself a glass of vodka and drank it.

Parker and Liberty met at the school parking lot, and she felt bad that she had not said goodbye to her mom. They acknowledged they had stolen their parents' money, and Parker decided to head to Los Angeles. Liberty questioned whether leaving was really the best answer, but Parker did a good job of convincing the girl that it was. As they were getting into the car, Johnny ran up and gave Parker a hug. The frazzled nanny ran up, warning Johnny not to run away from her. Parker said goodbye to the boy, who noticed that the license plate spelled out, "BOO BOO," and he read it out loud.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carly prepared her special "Cajun chicken" for Parker's going away dinner, while sipping on wine. She invited Janet and Jack, who accepted for themselves and Liberty. Janet called Liberty to tell her about the invitation, but the girl did not answer her phone. Janet left a message, but she was uneasy that she had not actually talked to her daughter. Jack was relieved that Carly had mentioned that Parker appeared to be resigned to going to boarding school.

Liberty and Parker were at a mall outside Chicago when Janet's call arrived. Parker told Liberty not to answer, for fear that "Jack the Cop" would be able to track them. They got ice cream, but Parker was eager to get on the road. He felt that Liberty was stalling, but she said she was only trying to make him happy by having fun.

Lucy appeared at Carly's and asked for Carly's intervention with Craig in their family disagreement about her seeing Johnny. She said she needed to make peace with her father. Carly told the girl she had told Craig to stay out of her personal business, so she could hardly interfere in his. Janet and Jack arrived, so Lucy made a hasty exit. Janet said she had expected Liberty to be there already, and Carly mentioned that Parker was not at home yet, either. Sage came home from her ballet lesson and reminded her mother that she needed money for a class trip the next day. Carly went to her wallet, which was empty of money. She said she knew she had a hundred dollars in it earlier that day, but it was missing.

Jack gave Sage the cash, and Carly decided she was losing her mind. She went into the kitchen and poured herself another glass of wine. As she puzzled over the missing money, Sage came down from her room and announced that she thought Parker was gone. Sage told the adults that Parker's room showed signs of a hasty departure, so Carly went to see for herself. Janet looked at Jack and asked if he was thinking what she was thinking, and she whipped out her phone. At the mall, Parker and Liberty were eating pizza when Janet called her daughter again. Liberty wanted to answer because she knew they could not keep dodging their parents' calls. Parker told her she worried too much, and they moved on.

Carly told Jack and Janet that Sage was correct; there was evidence that Parker had taken off again. Jack said they should start calling kids from school, so Carly went to get the school list. Jack volunteered to take Janet to Katie and Brad's for another contact list, and Jack said he would also cruise around to see if he could find anything to lead them to the missing teens. He discouraged the women from speculating and talking about worst-case scenarios. Instead, he urged them to stay calm.

Lucy ran into Craig and Johnny outside Al's Diner, and Johnny gave her a big hug. The boy wanted his sister to join them, but Craig spoke for Lucy and told the boy she was busy, and he hustled Johnny inside. He never spoke to Lucy. Jack spied Craig and Johnny inside the diner and came in, followed by Lucy. He approached Craig and asked if Craig had any information about Parker and Liberty. Craig was surly, so Lucy stepped forward and took Johnny to the front of the diner to check out the desserts so the men could talk. Jack said if Craig had given Parker his car keys again, Jack would arrest him on the spot. Craig said he had no idea where the teens were, but he was not surprised that Parker had run away because all Jack had done was make the boy's life miserable. Jack told him to knock off the parenting advice, and he walked out.

Lucy talked with Johnny, and the boy said he had seen Parker in a car when he was on a walk with his nanny. He told his sister that the license plate on the car was funny and had said, "BOO BOO." Lucy chose to keep the information to herself and told Johnny to keep that a secret and they could make it a game. Craig came to collect his boy and, again, he ignored Lucy. Lucy called someone and asked for help.

Carly drank more wine and got morose. She decided not to sit at home and wait for Parker to return, so she grabbed her car keys and unsteadily headed for the door. She ran into Craig, who recognized her condition and told her she was in no condition to drive. She fought him, and Sage came down to see what the fuss was about. Craig asked the girl to go upstairs and watch television, and he promised to bring her some dinner.

Craig tried to comfort Carly, and his cell phone rang. The call was from Lucy, who asked him not to hang up because she knew where Parker and Liberty were, and Craig could be a hero. She told him the teens were at the Shorebridge Mall outside Chicago. Craig tired to waken Carly, who had passed out, but he was unsuccessful, so he took off for Chicago.

In the park, Dusty told Meg he had always been into her because she was sexy and smart-and could rebuild a carburetor. She said that since she had ditched Paul, her life had been a train wreck. She wanted to be independent, but she hated to be alone. The two of them began walking back to the farm where Dusty held the baby and missed his Johnny. Meg told him he was welcome there any time, and she put her sleeping infant down and hugged Dusty.

Craig drove to the mall where Lucy was waiting. They spotted Parker and Liberty, who likewise saw them and took off. Craig and Lucy gave chase, and they caught them when Liberty turned her ankle and fell. Lucy looked at the ankle and returned to her car for her medical bag. Craig lectured Parker about how tough life on the run was, and when Lucy returned, she added details about her life for the years she had been a fugitive with Johnny. Liberty's injury was only a sprain, so she needed no further treatment. Craig told the kids that he would not force them to go home and that they had to make their own decisions.

Jack went back to Carly's and awakened her. He asked if she was drunk, but she denied it. Jack had no news, but Sage volunteered that Craig had been there and upset Carly. Janet arrived, and she and Jack were getting ready to go to the police station when Parker, Liberty, and Craig walked in. Craig said he had found the kids outside Chicago, and Jack was suspicious that Craig had known where they were the whole time, but Parker set him straight.

Carly was the only one who thanked Craig, and then she hugged him, as well. Janet took Liberty home, while Jack scolded Parker and told him how soon he was off to boarding school. Parker pled with Carly not to let Jack send him away, but his folks sent him to his room. Carly said she only wanted peace in her family, and she was fearful that Parker would only run away from wherever they sent him. Jack claimed their son needed discipline, and they would continue the discussion later.

Back at the Lakview, Lucy was waiting for Craig's return. Craig told her he had talked the teens into returning home, and at least Carly had appreciated his efforts. He also said he knew Lucy had given him the information just to get back in his good graces.

At Brad and Katie's house, Janet asked her daughter what she was thinking to run away with Parker. Liberty answered that she was not her mother, and she would not make the same dumb mistakes her mother had made. She refused to discuss it further and ran for her room. Jack arrived, and Janet cried that her dream of a new house and one big happy family was crumbling.

Parker told Carly he knew she didn't really want to send him away to school, but she told him that as long as he was living in their home, he would have to follow the rules. As she cleaned the kitchen, she poured the remaining wine down the sink.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Emily comforted her sister, Alison, as the girl packed to leave the hospital. She was still a bit shaky after recovering from the drug Mark Viro had injected into her at the warehouse. The sisters felt closer than they had in a long time, and Emily spoke about Matt and how much he cared for Alison. Alison said Matt understood that she needed to see where things went with Casey before she could take Matt seriously, but Emily said she didn't want to see her sister hurt again. Alison thanked Emily, and they hugged. After Alison left, Emily called Jade and told her to "get her butt" to her office.

At Yo's, Casey approached Matt, who was bartending, and he tried to apologize again. Matt declared it was easy for Casey to have jumped to conclusions about Matt's being a drug dealer, because Casey wanted Matt out of the picture so Casey could have Alison all to himself. Matt assured Casey that Casey and Alison would never get back together. Matt thought Alison deserved better than Casey, and she must have agreed, because she said she was through with Casey for good. Alison walked in then, and Casey took off.

Matt asked Alison how she was doing, and she thanked him for saving her life after Mark injected her. Matt asked if she was going to give Casey another chance, and he could not believe it when she said yes. He put in a pitch for himself and listed all his sterling qualities. He suggested the two of them plan a two-day getaway, with separate rooms, and Alison thought that sounded good.

Parker snitched something from Carly's desk and stuck it in his pocket. Carly asked what he was doing, and Parker said he was going out on personal business. Carly asked when he would be back, but Parker reminded her he wasn't a prisoner yet. Craig arrived as the boy was leaving, and Carly said she had a question for Craig. She wanted to know how Craig knew where to find Parker and Liberty at the mall the day before. Craig admitted that Lucy had told him, and he commented that he was enjoying Carly's appreciation. Carly asked him to leave.

Jade arrived at Emily's office, per instructions, and Emily chewed her out for the news that Alison and Casey were giving their relationship one more shot. Emily offered to double Jade's salary if she would sleep with Casey again and make sure Alison found out. The two were finalizing the details for the seduction, and Emily handed Jade a large amount of cash. Jade promised to do her best, but Emily wanted a guarantee that she could get the job done. Jade told her to get another errand girl if she liked, so Emily backed down.

Alison approached in the hall and heard most of their conversation. When Jade left, Alison came up behind her sister and screamed at her. Emily swore she wasn't trying to hurt Alison, but she claimed she was looking out for her. Alison called that crap and told her sister Casey couldn't have broken Emily's heart, because she didn't have one. Alison called her sick in the head, and said she would make damn sure Emily couldn't pull that stunt again.

Carly took a detour to Memorial and found Lucy. She thanked the girl for finding Parker and Liberty, and asked if there was anything she could do for her. Lucy reminded her that she had already asked Carly for a favor, to put in a word for her with Craig, but Carly had shut her down. Lucy asked again, but Carly thought Craig was too hardheaded to listen.

Parker told Liberty that he knew his parents were planning to use his trust fund money to send him to East Lake Academy. He was excited because he had found a clause that stated that the trustee could only use the money for purposes conducive to the welfare of the beneficiary. He explained that Carly was the trustee, and therefore, could make decisions, but Parker could have an attorney challenge any expenditure, and a judge would have to decide. Parker had found a lawyer on Greg's List and was expecting him momentarily. The attorney arrived, and Parker stated his case about the money in the trust. The lawyer said he needed time to study the case law, but Parker panicked because he was due to be "shipped out" the next day. The lawyer said there was a way to stop that, but it could get very ugly.

The attorney advised that a judge could remove a trustee who the judge felt was not acting in the best interests of the beneficiary. It would be up to Parker to convince a judge that his parents were wrong, and Parker stated his parents were always wrong. Parker reasoned that if he could prove a pattern of behavior by the trustee that was detrimental to his interests, the judge would remove her. The lawyer called a judge for an appointment to ask for an injunction so that Parker would not have to leave so soon, and he promised to phone the boy as soon as he had news. Liberty asked Parker if he knew how his parents would react when they found out about his actions, but the teen did not care.

Carly ran into Craig in Old Town, and she again gave him credit for finding the missing teens. He also demanded she buy him lunch, so Carly said she had another errand to run, but she would meet him in an hour at the Lakeview. Craig promised to be waiting. Carly called Lucy and said she was meeting Craig at the Lakeview, and Lucy could take it from there. Lucy was thrilled.

Carly and Craig met, and Carly again expressed her gratitude for his finding her child. She then stated she was doing the same thing for him, and Lucy walked in and joined them. Craig threatened to leave, but Carly reminded him there should be nothing he wouldn't do for his children, including swallowing some pride. Lucy was uncomfortable and got up to leave, but Carly stopped her. She began mediating between Craig and Lucy, but Lucy got upset and walked out.

Carly then stood and announced she was ending her business partnership with Craig because she refused to associate with anyone who could be so cruel to his own family. Craig didn't believe her, but Carly scolded him further and said Craig had a choice: work things out with his daughter or find a new partner.

Jade went to Casey's house, and while he was not pleased to see her, he let her in. Jade said she was not about to let him wallow in self-pity, and asked him to talk to her. Casey began discussing Alison, but Jade shut him up by kissing him. Casey allowed her to continue, and soon she was on top of him as Alison burst in. She pulled Jade off Casey and smacked her hard across the face. Alison yelled to Casey that Emily had paid Jade to have sex with him, but Jade tried to justify that by saying she had wanted to do it, anyway. Alison called her a "dirty whore" and a "dirty liar," while Jade screamed at Alison to go to hell. Jade went after Alison, but Casey stopped her and got her to admit her part in Emily's scheme. Casey called Jade crazy and threw her out.

Alison started to leave, but Casey asked her to stay. He mentioned that, according to Matt, Alison had changed her mind about the do-over she had promised Casey, but Alison said that was news to her. She remarked that they needed to stop listening to other people, and Casey agreed. Alison also asked him to stop being so free and easy with other girls, and Casey was ashamed, and agreed.

Craig went to the hospital to see his daughter. He found Lucy and said he wanted a relationship with her. She tried to make him understand why she had felt compelled to take Johnny from him, and they agreed to work on their little family. Craig, however, had one condition before he would commit: Lucy had to cut Dusty Donovan out of her life completely. He said he was fearful Dusty would try to take Johnny away, so Lucy had to choose. Lucy agreed to that condition and gave her word, because family came first. Lucy asked her father not to completely rule out the possibility of changing his mind about that some day, and Craig was open to that. Lucy hugged her father, and Craig left.

Craig went to Carly's to remind her that she still owed him a lunch. He explained how he had made Lucy choose between Dusty and him, and the girl had picked him.

Alison went back to Yo's, where Matt was expecting her to arrive ready to hear his plans for their overnight adventure. He was disappointed that she did not bring a bag, and she told him she could not go. Matt figured it was because of Casey, and Alison said it was. She thanked him again for saving her life, and kissed him goodbye.

Casey walked in on Emily at the Intruder office. He told her Jade had admitted that Emily had paid her to have sex with him. Emily confessed she just did not want to see him with her sister. She offered to back down, but Casey said that was not enough. He wanted one more favor: her blessing on his relationship with Alison. After he left, Emily went to Lily's to talk with Jade. She wanted her money back, but Jade was not about to let it go.

Casey waited for Alison with two skateboards. She arrived and gave him a kiss before they took off to have some fun the way they used to.

Lucy called someone and told him that her father had gone soft, so they were back in business.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brad and Katie played gin rummy, but Brad couldn't concentrate because he was frustrated since he had to refrain from making love to his wife as they waited for the call from Vienna. He needed his "boys" to be at full strength for his trip to the hospital for Vienna's impregnation. Vienna finally phoned and announced she had "dropped an egg," which Katie interpreted as a successful ovulation. They arranged to meet at the hospital, and a buoyant Brad declared his "torpedoes" were "fully loaded." Katie was also excited that they finally had a chance to make a baby together.

At the Lakeview Bar, and with martini glass in hand, a glum Henry fantasized about Vienna's giving birth. In his dream, Vienna demanded that Henry catch the baby, but when the time came, Vienna delivered a fully adult, naked Brad, who was hollering, "Hello, Sucker!" The real Vienna interrupted Henry by telling him it was time to go to the hospital.

Luke and Noah had to relive the deaths of their friends by giving their statements to the police. Noah gave Luke lots of credit for not giving up, and keeping on the case, despite warnings from Margo and personal danger. Noah realized Luke's spirits were down, and he suggested that Luke should go back to college and put his life on another track. Noah had to leave to study for a midterm exam, so the boys agreed to meet later.

Lily took a phone message for Lucinda and told her mother that she and Luke were supposed to have a meeting with Grant Moran, the director of the Starglow Foundation, to talk about partnering on a joint project with Luke's foundation. Lily called Luke to remind him, but her son did not answer his phone, so she left a message. Lily said Lucinda might have to go to the meeting alone if they did not reach Luke in time, but her mother claimed she was too under the weather from her radiation treatments to venture out of the house. Lily apologized for not being sensitive enough to her mother's condition. Lucinda also admitted that she missed Brian, whom she had really liked. Lucinda suggested that Lily go to the meeting since she was a fellow board member.

At Memorial Hospital, Brad and Katie met up with Henry and Vienna. Henry tried to get Vienna to change her mind about the surrogacy, because he was concerned that she would carry the child for nine months and then not want to give it up. Vienna asked him to stop harping on that aspect, but she did tell him if he wanted to back out, that it was time he needed to speak up. Henry decided to honor their pledge to Brad and Katie and agreed to go along. A nurse took Vienna to her room, and she handed Brad a sterile container and some magazines. Brad took the container, but scorned the entertainment materials. He went into an exam room alone, as Katie hugged Henry and thanked him again.

Within minutes, Brad called Katie to the exam room and explained that his "whole business wasn't working." Henry asked what the holdup was and cracked himself up with continual raunchy wordplays and puns. Finally Katie got angry and told him she took back all the nice things she had said about him. Brad begged Katie to come into the room with him, but she refused until he said he wanted her to be part of the process. Katie sneaked into the room with her husband.

Luke arrived home, and Lily reminded him of the foundation meeting. Luke was willing to cancel the meeting and said he did not feel up to it because he was "taking a break." Lily was irritated, but she said she would go in his place. Lucinda called Luke "a spoiled brat," and scolded him for not taking his responsibility seriously. Lily walked out and called Noah. She asked him to come to the meeting because he knew more about the foundation business than she did. When Noah arrived at Worldwide, Lily asked him why Luke was so down in the dumps. Noah said Luke just needed space to make the right decisions. Both of them were shocked when Brian Wheatley walked into the boardroom.

At Lily's Lucinda asked Luke what he was going to do about the foundation. Luke explained he was no longer the na´ve kid who had taken money from Damian Grimaldi and chosen to do good works because he knew it would bug the hell out of his "so-called father." Luke was feeling like just what he was: a dumb college kid who got kicked out of school for stealing an election.

At Worldwide, Brian asked for Luke, and he said he had made the initial contact with Grant Moran, and he wanted to make sure things went smoothly. Lily knew Moran, but she felt more comfortable with Brian there. Moran arrived, and Noah excused himself to make a quick call. He phoned Luke and told him to get to the meeting immediately.

Brad and Katie went to Vienna's room, and Brad announced, "Mission accomplished!" Vienna tried to explain the process of washing the sperm to Henry, but he wanted no details. The doctor arrived with Brad's sample, so Henry positioned Brad so that he could not see Vienna. Vienna requested that Henry actually inject the sample, but Brad turned around suddenly and yelled, "Swim for it, boys!" and startled Henry, who spun around and waved his arms, knocking the tray and its contents to the floor. Henry said he was sorry, but Katie said he was not to worry. Brad would just do it again. Brad said he couldn't do it without Katie, so they both left to try again.

The foundation meeting began, and Brian told Moran he was no longer working for the foundation, but that should make no difference. Moran, however, remarked that without Brian's personal involvement, the mission statement of the foundation was too vague. Luke walked in and immediately disagreed with Moran. He suggested instead that Starglow was not comfortable with the fact that Luke's foundation supported the gay arts festival and other controversial events. He stressed that his group celebrated equal rights for everyone, and he invited Starglow to stay and work with them or go their own way.

Brian and Lily were pleased at how Luke stepped up and expressed himself and his goals. Luke then asked Brian to speak, and he reiterated Luke's sentiments. Moran stood up and walked out, telling Brian to look for a new partner. Lily congratulated Luke on his words, and then she asked Brian to stop by her house to see Lucinda.

Brad and Katie cuddled in the exam room, and Brad suggested they try one of Henry and Vienna's fantasy games. Katie opted out of that, but she did begin describing a romantic scene. They declared their love for one another, and had a close moment. Back in Vienna's room, Vienna asked Henry if he had knocked down the tray on purpose. Henry said no, but he did say he could not be responsible for the actions of his subconscious. He confessed that he was jealous of the baby who would be so close to Vienna for nine months. Brad and Katie came back, along with the doctor and nurse, and a new sample. Brad and Henry left the room, and the doctor went to work, while Katie held Vienna's hand.

Luke, Noah, and Lily went home and brought Brian with them. Luke explained to Lucinda that Brian had attended the meeting, so Lucinda invited him to sit with her and tell her about it. Brian described how Luke had spoken up and recommended that Luke continue to be actively involved in the overseeing of the foundation. Luke said he was tired of being a "spoiled brat," and he would be taking a greater interest in the affairs of the foundation. They discussed finding someone with business experience to head the foundation, and Lily said she knew just the person: herself.

Lucinda asked Brian if he thought Lily could do the job, and Brian was enthusiastic about it. Luke went out with Noah, and Lily left to give her mother some privacy with Brian. Brian said he had missed her, and he held her hand. He told her he had a new job in Minneapolis and had only come back because Lily had requested him. He asked for some sort of relationship or friendship with Lucinda, and Lucinda said she had always wanted a friend in Minnesota. They agreed to keep in touch.

Luke and Noah went to Old Town, and Noah said Luke had been his old self at the meeting. He remembered how comfortable Luke was in his own skin when he had first met him. The boys kissed, and they decided to go back to Noah's dorm room to be together.

Brad and Katie brought balloons and cupcakes for a celebration in Vienna's hospital room. Vienna referred to the baby as "little Sven or little Inga," and Brad spoke up and reminded her that he and Katie would be naming the baby. Vienna said she had to call the baby something all those months, so Katie agreed that Vienna could call the child whatever she wanted for as long as the baby was with her. They took Vienna back to the Lakeview and put her to bed. Brad kept encouraging "his boys" to "seal the deal," until Henry asked him to please knock off the metaphors. Brad and Katie felt Vienna's belly, and Henry finally joined them. Brad uttered a bizarre prayer to the baby, and they all bonded except for Henry, who turned his back.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Emily visited Paul at Fairwinds. She told him she had hired Jade to seduce Casey, but it had backfired when Alison overheard her discussing the payment arrangements. Emily said she knew Paul would understand her scheming, since he was the same type of person. Paul agreed that it was "very Ryan-esque." Emily said she and Paul were two hideous people, and Paul agreed and suggested they go have coffee together at the Lakeview. Emily asked who he wanted to spy on that time.

Dusty was in the restaurant area of the Lakeview when Meg called to find out how he was feeling. He told her he was still upset about no longer being able to see Johnny, but he had enjoyed his shopping trip with Meg and baby Eliza. Meg suggested that if Lucy could reconcile with Craig, perhaps Dusty could, too. Dusty was skeptical. Dusty then saw Lucy enter the restaurant, so he quickly hung up on Meg and went to speak to Lucy. Lucy told him she couldn't talk to him anymore. She walked away when Dusty kept asking her whether or not she'd talked to her father, and as she walked out of the restaurant, she ran into Craig.

Lucy told her father that she had just told Dusty she had been wrong to sneak him in to visit Johnny. Dusty was disbelieving. Lucy told Dusty that she'd been wrong to take Johnny away from Craig, and that Dusty had no legal claim on Johnny.

Paul and Emily arrived and stood off to the side of the lobby, listening to the discussion. Lucy said she had promised Craig she wouldn't see Dusty anymore, and she expected Dusty to abide by her wishes. Lucy walked away. Craig told Dusty, "Losing sucks, doesn't it?" Dusty said, "It's not over," and walked away. Paul remarked to Emily, "Lucy just sided with her lunatic father against Dudley Do-Right. What's that all about?"

Craig and Lucy sat down at a table, and Craig thanked her for taking his side. He told her he wished he could buy her lunch, but he had to leave, because he and Carly had a meeting about Midnight Sun. Lucy asked where Johnny was, and Craig told her he was at school. He kissed Lucy goodbye and left.

Out in the lobby, Emily asked Paul why he found the whole Craig/Lucy/Dusty thing so fascinating. Paul said Lucy had quite loudly proclaimed her allegiance to her father, and although it pleased him to see Dusty humiliated in public like that, he wondered whether any of it was connected to Meg. Paul wanted to follow Lucy, but Emily told him to stay, saying she would follow Lucy instead, because, "You've invaded everybody's privacy. I haven't done that all week."

Upstairs, Emily watched as Lucy tried to get into Craig's room. Emily walked over and asked if Lucy was having a problem. Lucy said she was going to see her father, but he didn't appear to be in his room. Emily said she had seen Craig downstairs, so Lucy said she would try to find him. Emily then pointed out that she'd seen Lucy with Craig downstairs. Lucy nervously said, "Well, it was really nice seeing you, Emily," and walked away.

Dusty ran into Meg in Old Town and told her about his encounter with Lucy and Craig. Meg asked if he thought Lucy had said those things just to put on a show for Craig. He said that was possible, but he also thought Lucy meant it when she said she didn't want to be around him anymore. Dusty changed the subject by asking what Meg was up to, and she said she was going to the discount store to buy clothes for Eliza, who had outgrown everything.

Dusty asked where Meg would shop if money was no object, and when she said "Fashions," he told her that's where they would go, and he would buy Eliza some clothes. Meg protested, but Dusty said it would make him feel better to buy something for a beautiful girl.

At Fashions, Dusty insisted that Meg try on a dress, which he picked out from the rack. To humor him, she put it on, and he told her how beautiful she looked. Paul happened to walk by; he glanced in Fashions and saw Meg and Dusty. Meg looked over and saw Paul, too. Afterward, Meg told Dusty about Paul having seen her with him at Fashions, and Dusty thought Paul was spying. Meg thought he had simply been passing by, and the fact that he hadn't gone inside might be a sign that he had begun to accept that they were truly divorced. Dusty then asked Meg if she wanted to go out with him that evening, on a date.

Paul went to Emily's office, where she filled him in on her encounter with Lucy. Emily wasn't sure Lucy's sneaking around had anything to do with Meg, but Paul thought it might. Emily decided Paul's interest in what was happening with Lucy was preferable to him sitting around feeling sorry for himself, and she agreed to help him follow up on Lucy's actions.

Jack went to Carly's to pick up Parker to drive him to boarding school. Carly told Jack that although she had agreed to provide a united front to Parker, she disagreed with the course of action they were taking. Jack insisted it was the right thing to do, and they went upstairs to get Parker. Parker told his parents he wasn't going anywhere, and he handed them an injunction he'd gotten from his lawyer that stated that his parents couldn't use his trust fund for the tuition at Eastlake.

Jack asked Parker what he thought he was going to accomplish by getting the injunction. Parker said a judge would have to decide whether Carly, as trustee of Parker's trust fund, could use any of the money for something Parker thought wasn't in his best interest. Jack told Parker the lawyer Parker had hired was taking advantage of him, and Carly tried to convince Parker that they didn't need a judge telling them how to act as a family. Parker was very disrespectful to his parents, and Carly and Jack demanded that he go back to his room. He did, and Jack told Carly he wasn't even sure the court order was real. Jack thought the lawyer, Shink, just wanted to get his hands on Parker's trust fund money.

Jack called Tom Hughes, who came to the house and looked at the court order. Tom said he would check out its validity. When Carly asked if Parker could really get control of his trust fund, Tom said it was possible if the court granted him status as an emancipated minor, one who would be better off away from his parents' control. Jack said that was obviously not the case, and Tom agreed, saying it was usually something that was accorded to minors who intended to get married, and Parker couldn't get married in Illinois without his parents' permission. Parker, upstairs, overheard Tom's explanation.

Tom advised Jack and Carly not to take Parker to the boarding school that day, even though Jack pointed out that the injunction only prohibited them from using the trust fund, not from sending Parker to school. Jack asked Tom to also check on the lawyer, Shink, to find out if he was legitimate. After Tom left, Jack told Carly he would call Eastlake to let them know Parker wouldn't be there that day, but Carly said she thought it was obvious that they couldn't send Parker at all.

At the diner, Liberty told her mother she needed to buy a book for her history class. Janet said she'd go with her daughter, because she didn't want to leave Liberty alone again until Parker was out of town. Liberty became upset, but Janet pointed out that Liberty hadn't done well with the freedom Janet had given her up to that point. Janet told Liberty she agreed with Jack about Liberty and Parker's relationship, and Liberty accused her mom of putting her husband ahead of her daughter.

When Liberty and Janet returned to the diner, Liberty pointed out that Janet had been the one who had thought Liberty and Parker should go out together. Janet said that was before they'd demonstrated how immature they really were. Janet said Liberty was too young to be in love. Liberty said Janet had wanted to marry Brad back when she was Liberty's age.

Janet said that was different, because she had been pregnant at the time, and she said it wouldn't have worked out if she had married Brad. Liberty asked how she could know that, and Janet said, "Because it never does! Especially not for teenagers!" Liberty said maybe she and Parker had something that Janet and Brad hadn't had, and she didn't think Janet should punish her for feeling the way she did.

Parker called Liberty and told her he had to meet with her. When Janet went to the kitchen to check on a customer's order, Liberty slipped out of the diner. Meanwhile, at Carly's, Carly told Jack that she felt that letting the situation end up in court would be a terrible mistake for their family. Jack said he was going to call Parker's bluff, and Carly said she could see that their "united front" only existed as long as she did what Jack wanted.

Parker and Liberty met at Brad and Katie's house, where Parker told Liberty that if they got married, they could be declared emancipated minors, which would give Parker access to his trust fund. Liberty couldn't believe what Parker was proposing, but he said it was the answer to all of their problems. Parker told Liberty he loved her and wanted them to spend the rest of their lives together. Their cell phones went off, as Jack tried to call Parker and Carly tried to reach Liberty. Parker told Liberty they didn't have to worry about their parents anymore.

Janet arrived at Carly's house and told Carly and Jack that Liberty was missing. They told her about Parker's injunction. Jack left with Janet to go look for the kids, telling Carly to stay home in case Parker came back. After they left, Craig arrived at Carly's to tell her about an international marketing firm that thought Midnight Sun would do well in Europe. When he saw Carly's lack of interest in the topic, he asked her what was wrong. She told him about Parker and the injunction. Carly started to cry, saying that she loved Parker so much, but everything she did seemed to make him more miserable. Craig hugged her and told her everything would be all right.

Parker explained to Liberty how great things would be once they were married, saying they could each have a convertible, and Liberty could buy anything she wanted at the mall. Liberty thought that sounded pretty good, but then Jack and Janet burst into the house. Parker left with Jack. Janet said she couldn't understand why Liberty would want to throw her life away on Parker, and Liberty said she loved Parker. Janet shouted, "No, you don't!" but Liberty cried, "Stop telling me how I feel, because you don't know!" and she left the room in tears.

Jack took Parker back home and sent him up to his room. Jack lit into Carly about Craig being there, and Craig told Jack to calm down. Jack told Carly he wanted Craig out of there, but Carly said it was her house. Craig said he would leave, but Carly told him to stay. Tom rang the bell, and when he came in, he told Carly and Jack that Shink was a licensed attorney and would probably push Parker's case as far as he could. Tom's advice was for them all to sit down with Parker and try to work things out. Tom left, and Craig said he thought Tom was right, that they should try to work things out.

Jack got upset with Craig again, and he stormed out of the house. Carly apologized to Craig, but he told her he was sorry, because he knew they were all under a lot of strain. Craig assured Carly that Parker still loved her, and they would find their way through it. Carly asked about the business deal Craig had mentioned and apologized for being a lousy business partner recently. She said she had been overwhelmed, and Craig said he knew that, and even though he would hate to see it happen, he would understand if she wanted to pull out of their partnership.

Lucy went back to Craig's room, but on the second atempt she was successful in letting herself in. She started going through files on his desk, and she picked up the one on Midnight Sun. Just then, Craig returned and asked her what she was doing in his room. She said the maid had let her in and that she had wanted to give Craig the updated files on Johnny's medical history. Craig thanked her and then briefly told her about Carly's problems. Lucy offered her help with the business, and Craig thanked her but told her to just go be a brilliant doctor. He gave her a kiss, and she left, but not before she slipped the Midnight Sun folder into her large purse.

Janet and Jack took Liberty back to the farm with them. Jack told Janet that he and Carly had never wanted Parker's trust fund to become a big deal to Parker, and he said Hal wouldn't have wanted that, either. Janet asked if Hal would have wanted Jack to send Parker to boarding school against his will, and Jack admitted that he didn't know. Janet suggested that Jack take Tom's advice and try to talk to Parker.

Parker called Liberty and told her he had found a state where they could get married without their parents' permission, and he thought they should leave as soon as possible. Liberty asked if Parker really wanted to get married, and he said he did. He asked her the same question, and she said, "I do." After they said they loved each other, Parker said he had to hang up because his mom was coming.

Carly knocked on Parker's door and asked him if he could try to chill out for just a few days without making any decisions that couldn't be undone. Parker said okay, and Carly thanked him and told him she loved him. She pulled his door closed and took a big sip from the wine glass she was carrying.


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