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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 25, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Alison and Casey talked at Memorial, and he recognized that she was excited about something. Alison told him that she was getting an award at graduation for being the most improved nursing student. Casey congratulated her, and Alison invited him to join her for coffee at Java. Casey said that he had to drive a senior patient home, but he would catch her later. After Alison left, a grinning Casey told another nurse that he had taken the patient home an hour earlier, and he dashed away.

Emily's assistant, Hunter, was in Java when Alison got there. She asked him why he had not shown up for lunch the other day when she and Casey had invited him. Hunter flashed back on seeing Alison and Casey kissing in the diner, and he said that he had gotten hung up. He had to hurry back to the office to deliver Emily's coffee while it was hot.

Emily was working at her desk when Casey surprised her. He told her about Alison's award and said that he, Emily, and Susan should do something spectacular for her to recognize her achievement. Emily was not enthusiastic about the idea, but Casey shamed her into agreeing. Emily said she would make dinner reservations at the Lakeview and also call her mother. Casey said he would take care of bringing Alison.

Barbara answered her phone and heard Paul's voice asking her if she had made a decision about helping him. Barbara felt that she had no choice but to agree, because otherwise Paul threatened to take the baby and disappear forever from her life. She said she would send him the $100,000, but Paul insisted that she deliver it to him personally. He told her how to find the private airfield he had used, and he asked her to call for further instructions when she arrived. He badgered her again about the consequences if she sold him out, and he hung up.

Meg answered the door at Lily's and found Damian there. He said he had spoken to Lisa, who had agreed to watch Barbara for any clues that might lead them to Paul's whereabouts. Damian urged Meg to be patient, but she was not hopeful that Barbara would rat out her son. Meg appreciated having Damian on her side, and he promised to find Eliza and bring her home. He said that they only needed a small lead.

At the farm co-op store, Paul was buying apples when Rosanna saw him. He said his car had given him trouble again, so he and the baby had spent the night. Rosanna said he hoped that Meg was not worried about him at home, but Paul assured her that Meg was not concerned. Paul asked for a favor: he needed Rosanna to watch the baby for a few hours while he ran an errand. He explained that he had to meet someone at the airport, but Rosanna reminded him that she was working. She also mentioned that since she had been married to him, she knew Paul well, and that something was off with him.

Rosanna believed that Paul was running from someone, and she demanded to know the truth. When he did not respond, she said goodbye and walked away, so Paul asked her to do the one favor for him, and after that, he would tell her everything. Rosanna agreed.

Barbara waited in the lobby for her driver, and Lisa interrupted her thoughts. Lisa asked if Barbara had heard from Paul, but Barbara denied it. Her friend pushed to know if she had any clues as to where Paul was hiding, but Barbara lied and said she was in a hurry to get to an appointment. Lisa wanted to know if the appointment had anything to do with Paul and begged Barbara to trust her. Lisa backed away, just as a man met Barbara at the door, and Lisa heard him tell Barbara that he was ready to take her to the airport.

Lisa immediately called Damian and told him where Barbara was headed, and that it was probably for a meeting with Paul. Damian told Meg, and he promised to use his contacts to find out exactly where Barbara was headed. He and Meg left in a hurry.

Emily prepared to leave her office and told Hunter that she was going to the Lakeview to make arrangements for Alison's special dinner. Then she remembered that she had to call her mother with the invitation, and Hunter asked about Alison's father. Emily said in no uncertain terms that she was not about to call the great Dr. Larry McDermott and tell him the good news. Hunter looked confused as Emily walked out.

When Emily retuned shortly, she had a gift for her sister, and she went to work immediately on some articles she wanted to get on the website before she left for dinner. Hunter said he had ordered a present for Alison online; he had sent an email invitation to Larry McDermott of Chicago for Alison's party. Emily was speechless at first, and then she began raging at Hunter. She called Larry a deadbeat loser who had not been in Alison's life for 18 years. She was outraged at what Hunter had done and asked him to revoke the invitation.

Hunter felt terrible for his mistake, and explained that he could not recall the email. Emily said that their only hope was that Larry would not suddenly turn into "Father of the Year." She doubted that he would actually show up.

Back at Memorial, Casey surprised Alison by telling her that the other nurse was finishing Alison's shift because he had planned a family surprise for her to celebrate the award. Alison was curious as to how a dinner with both Emily and Casey in attendance would play, but she was willing to give it a try. When she still protested a bit, Casey picked her up and slung her over his shoulder and marched out.

Casey took Alison to Fashions and said that he wanted her to have a new dress for the occasion. Lisa backed him up, and she picked out a lovely dress and had Alison try it on. Alison loved the dress and walked out of Fashions wearing it. She sat for a minute on a bench in Old Town, and shared with Casey that for the first time in her life, she could say that everything was good and that she had accomplished something that she was proud of. The two of them headed for the Lakeview.

Paul arrived at the airfield and hid. Barbara walked past the hangars looking for her son. He started to reveal himself, but suddenly Paul spotted Meg and Damian lurking near a building. He remained hidden and called Barbara on her cell. When Barbara answered, Paul said it had been a mistake to trust her. He was furious, but Barbara had no clue why.

Paul told her he had just seen Meg and Damian behind her, but Barbara thought that was impossible. Then Barbara realized that Lisa had blown it for them, and she apologized. Paul told his mother goodbye forever, and he heaved his cell phone across the grass.

Barbara screamed for Meg and Damian to show themselves, and they did. She yelled that they had ruined everything by scaring Paul away. Meg was outraged that Barbara was going to give Paul money, and the two women went at it. Barbara was worried that there was no telling what Paul would do next, so Damian suggested that she call him on his cell phone. When she did, Meg and Damian could hear the phone ringing.

Damian found Paul's disposable cell phone on the ground, and they assumed that Paul was long gone. Meg suggested that he might be hiding in one of the small towns they had passed along the way, but she thought the best idea was to go back to Oakdale and let the police deal with tracking Paul. Barbara agreed, but Meg was frustrated at the thought that her daughter might be very close by.

Paul returned to Rosanna, who had just gotten Eliza to sleep. Paul offered her the explanation for his absence, but Rosanna said it was really none of her business. She wished him and Eliza good lives and bade him be on his way. Paul finally confessed that he had nowhere to go. He admitted that he and Meg were divorced and at odds over the baby's custody. He claimed that Meg had run out on him, but he assured Rosanna that he had full legal right to the baby because the court had declared Meg an unfit mother.

Rosanna found that hard to believe, and she wanted to know why Paul was hiding from his ex-wife. He said that Meg had not turned out to be the person he had believed her to be, and he could no longer trust her. Rosanna figured out that Paul was hiding because Meg was attempting to regain custody of Eliza. Rosanna understood how much Paul loved his daughter, but she said she could not get involved. Then Paul asked to stay at the farm with her.

At the Lakeview, Casey, Alison, and Emily toasted Alison's graduation and award, and Emily gave a lovely speech. Hunter walked through the room, and Emily excused herself to speak with him. She asked him what the hell he was doing there, and he answered that he had decided to "stand guard" in the room in case Dr. McDermott showed up. Emily told Hunter that he had the intimidation factor of a zygote, and besides, he didn't even know what Larry looked like. Hunter said that he had looked him up on the Internet so he could recognize him easily. Emily was still sure that the man was not going to appear.

Alison and Casey wondered what Emily and Hunter were discussing, and Alison thought she had heard Emily call him a "goat." Alison wanted to invite Hunter to join them, but Casey was opposed. Alison got up to do it anyway, and when she looked up, she saw her father, Larry, standing in the doorway. He approached Alison and offered his congratulations. He asked for a hug and moved forward, but Alison stopped him cold.

Meg and Damian returned Barbara to the Lakeview, and she and Meg were still arguing about Paul. Meg pointed out that Paul only called his mother when he wanted something, and Barbara realized that was right. Damian intervened by reminded them that the goal was to get the baby back safely. Meg and Damian left, and Barbara spotted Lisa in a hallway. She grabbed Lisa by the arm and announced that the two of them were going to have a chat. Lisa could not understand why Barbara was so angry at her, but Barbara accused her of spying for Meg and Damian. Lisa admitted it, and then chewed out Barbara for helping Paul escape with Eliza.

Meg told Damian that Jack was arranging for a team to search the area around the airfield. She was afraid that the longer the search dragged on, the more desperate Paul would become.

On the co-op farm, Paul pled with Rosanna that if he left, the authorities would catch him and take away his only reason for living: his baby. Rosanna said he needed to do what was best for the child, and that was to take her home. Paul asked to stay on the farm for a week, and said he was willing to work. Rosanna explained that the co-op did not hire outside workers, and she turned him down.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

At the Lakeview, Larry McDermott told the Stewart women and Casey that he understood that Alison had not expected him to show up at her graduation dinner. He congratulated her on her graduation and her award, but Alison said that she had not invited him. Larry, however, claimed to have received an email invitation, so Hunter spoke up and admitted that he had sent it to Alison's father. Alison questioned Hunter, who apologized profusely for using poor judgment. Larry said he hoped that something good could come out of a mistake, and he wanted a chance to tell his daughter how proud he was of her.

Alison was not impressed by her father's words, and she was upset that Larry thought that she would be desperate enough to want him to share in her celebration. She declared that she never wanted to see him again, and she walked out. Larry looked crushed, as Emily chewed out Hunter, who made a hasty exit. Susan Stewart walked in and was stunned to see her ex-husband sitting on a couch. She demanded to know "what the hell" he was doing there.

Casey followed Alison into Old Town, and she told him that she only remembered her dad on that night in Chicago when he had rejected her at his door. Hunter walked by, and Alison asked him to keep out of her business. Casey confronted Hunter and warned him to stay away from Alison because Casey loved her and was the one looking out for her. Casey took a shattered Alison to his house.

When Rosanna declared that she would not give up her new life to get involved in his drama, Paul promised that he would cause no trouble at the farm. She asked only for peace and to be left alone. Paul said he understood how she felt, but that Eliza was mad at her. They said their goodbyes, and the baby began wailing.

Rosanna filled Eliza's bottle, and Paul asked permission to feed the baby there in the store. Eliza quieted down as soon as she took the bottle, as one of Rosanna's co-workers, Edna, entered through a back door. She and Rosanna talked about work, but then Edna said she was uneasy about Paul. Rosanna told her that Paul was someone she had known long ago, and that he would be leaving as soon as the baby had eaten.

Rosanna explained to Paul that she liked being part of a community in which people looked out for each other. Paul begged her to let him stay, but Rosanna recognized all his tricks for manipulating her. She refused to even consider letting the chaos that followed Paul Ryan back into her life. A police car drove up in front, and Paul became nervous. Rosanna said that the cop was a regular customer, but Paul wanted a place to hide. She took the baby up front with her and told Paul to look busy in the back of the store.

Len, the cop, asked about the baby, and Rosanna said that she was Edna's granddaughter. Paul began stocking shelves, and Rosanna called him "Bill," and she sent him on an errand in the back. Len asked Rosanna to go to the movies with him the next night, but she put him off. The cop left, and Paul returned and thanked Rosanna. She asked why the court would consider returning Eliza to Meg if they had already ruled her unfit. Paul stammered, and then he answered that he might have manipulated the truth a bit, but in the end, Meg had betrayed him with Dusty.

Paul then admitted that he had gone whacko and actually had been hospitalized in a psych ward for a while. He said that Meg had pushed him to his limits, so he had fought back and had pulled some strings to get her declared unfit. Rosanna accused Paul of kidnapping the baby, and Paul almost lost it. When he finished yelling at Rosanna, she asked why she should help him. Paul said that she owed him because her new lifestyle did not cancel out what she had done in her old life, such as paying off a lab tech so that Paul would not find out he was the father of Meg's baby.

Paul also blamed her for Meg's fall, which had resulted in Meg losing that baby. He urged Rosanna to help him, and then he would consider the two of them even. He would also keep her little secret and not reveal that she had recovered and was living not far from Oakdale. That way, she could continue her anonymity.

Larry told Susan that he had been invited to the dinner and had every reason to believe that his daughter wanted to see him. Susan advised him not to let the door hit him on the way out, and she further said it was way too late for him to "work things out." Larry said that was not up to Susan, and Emily butted in and reminded both of them that Alison was the only one who got a say about her life. Susan and Larry shouted back and forth until Larry stormed out.

Larry went to Java and saw Hunter there. Hunter apologized for interfering with Larry's personal business, but Larry said it was long past time that he made amends with his daughter. He asked Hunter if he knew where Alison had gone from the Lakeview, so Hunter blurted out that she had gone home with Casey Hughes, and he wrote out the GPS coordinates to the house.

At the Hugheses', Casey told Alison how sorry he was that Hunter, whom he called "the Prince of Dorkness," had invited Larry. Alison kissed him then, and Casey responded, but then he offered her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Larry rang the doorbell, and Casey opened the door, but he slammed it immediately when he saw who it was. Alison let Larry in, and Casey went to his room to give them privacy. Larry admitted that he had not acted much like a father, and he said he was still kicking himself for how he had treated her in Chicago.

Alison told him what it had felt like when he had taken her hope away and she had realized that she didn't matter to her own father. Larry denied that, but he said he could not forgive himself for making her think that way. He talked about his new family and the hard times they had gone through. He was afraid to approach Alison for fear of being rejected, but the recent email had given him hope.

He said he was very proud of her and that she had always been in his heart. He hoped that some day, he would be in hers. He handed her his card and said to call if she wanted to see him. Alison hugged him awkwardly as he was leaving.

Casey ran in as Alison was recovering her composure. She said that her father was not a heartless monster, after all; he was only a sad and lonely man. She had no idea if she would ever call him. Then she asked Casey why he had told Hunter that he loved her, and she kissed him. They began making out, but Casey stopped and suggested they go get a burger at Al's. Alison asked about Tom and Margo, who were staying overnight in Chicago. Alison offered to spend the night with Casey, and he asked her if she was sure. They kissed again.

Hunter went back to the office and read off an apology to Emily that he had written. She could not believe that he had recited from a note, but she cut him some slack and said that perhaps Alison and Larry might have repaired some of the old damage if it hadn't been so late. Hunter said that was not necessarily so, and Emily pressed for details. Hunter said he had run into Larry at Java and had told him where he could find Alison.

Emily roared at Hunter, asking him what part of "Mind your own business" he didn't understand. She called Alison and found out that her sister had talked to her father and that she actually felt pretty good about it. Emily hung up and told Hunter that he was off the hook, and she helped herself to half of his sandwich.

Rosanna's friend, Edna, returned and was surprised to see Paul still there. Rosanna asked her if she could arrange with the committee for Paul and the baby to stay for just a few days. Paul offered to work for their keep, but Edna said that they didn't take in strangers. Rosanna asked nicely, and she pointed out the baby. Paul jumped in with a sad tale about losing the baby's mother, while Rosanna bit her tongue. Edna could make no promises, but she agreed to speak to the committee. After she left, Paul thanked Rosanna, who told him not to be so sure the committee would approve his staying.

Rosanna told Paul that, based on her word, the committee would allow him and Eliza to stay for a few days in a small extra room that had a crib. Paul was grateful, but Rosanna warned him that he was on a working farm, not a vacation. She cautioned him not to make fun of her friends' lifestyles, either. Paul voiced the opinion that perhaps it was destiny that had brought the two of them together at that time, but Rosanna told him not to sweet talk her just because he got what he wanted. If he betrayed her or the committee, he was on his own.

Larry went to the hospital and asked to speak with Susan. He told her that she was right, and that he had already apologized to their daughter.

Meanwhile, Casey and Alison made love by candlelight.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First thing in the morning, Lily told Meg that Holden was hopeful that some new leads would pay off in the search for Paul and Eliza. Meg was discouraged that it was taking so long, and Lily suggested that the two of them do something fun to pass the time. Meg was glum and didn't feel like doing much.

At the foundation office, Noah joined Luke and Damian, and Luke told him that Damian had arranged it so they could postpone the children's cruise without taking a hit. Luke was very worried about Eliza, and he didn't feel that they should leave town at that moment. Noah remarked that a man with an infant would be easier to spot than a man alone, and Luke scolded Damian that all he had done was to make things worse by allowing Paul to see him and Meg at the airfield. Luke questioned why his father was so involved in the search anyway, since Meg and the baby weren't part of Damian's family. Damian responded that Luke's family was his family.

Luke accepted Damian's premise, but he stated that he thought it would be better if Damian backed off a bit. Luke left for home, and Noah commented that Luke and Damian's relationship seemed to be two steps forward and one step backward. Damian said that he was sure that if Paul came face-to-face with Meg, she might be able to get through to him. Noah said there might be a way to make that happen, and he suggested that if Meg made a videotape in which she talked straight to Paul, it might reach him on the Internet. If they were lucky, the clip would go "viral," and reach all over the world.

At Carly's, Craig awoke and announced that Carly's couch was his new home away from home until further notice. Carly said she was going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, so Craig didn't need to babysit her any longer. Craig told Carly he was going with her to the meeting and would watch her walk through the door. He retrieved a card from his wallet and said there was a meeting in about 15 minutes. He left his wallet on Carly's desk, however, as the two of them picked up the living room. Carly told Craig he was being ridiculous and that he would just have to trust that she was going to the meeting.

Craig was adamant. He said that until Carly proved that she could manage her own life, he was in charge. He pushed to get Carly moving and then hustled her out the door. Parker walked downstairs as soon as they left and found Craig's wallet. He took money out and threw the billfold on the coffee table.

At the Snyder farm, Jack slept through Janet's breakfast of delicious French toast. He said he had only gotten a couple of hours sleep, and those were ruined by dreams of Craig Montgomery and his children. He said he could not ignore his subconscious, which was telling him that allowing the kids to stay with Carly was a huge mistake. Janet was supportive of Craig's helping Carly, and she suggested that Jack try to stop brooding. Jack was looking for a guarantee that in a finite time, his family would be past Carly's drinking and Parker's adolescence. Janet promised him that would all happen, and they hugged.

Craig and Carly arrived at Memorial and found the room where the AA meeting was to take place. Carly claimed that she was fully functional and had only been stopped once for a DUI. No way did she consider herself an alcoholic, and she didn't wish to embarrass herself by announcing that in front of "a bunch of drunks." Craig wanted to wait until the meeting was over, but Carly promised to call his cell phone when she was finished. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and wished her good luck. Carly went through the door, but she didn't stay long. A man followed her out and tried to strike up a conversation, but Carly dismissed him.

Parker got a soda from the kitchen and returned to the living room where he spied Craig's wallet. He sat down and stashed the wallet under the couch just as Craig walked in. Parker's friendly greeting to Craig was, "Don't you have your own place?" Craig replied that Carly needed him, and Parker continued with his sarcastic remarks.

Craig said he really wanted the two of them to be friends again, but Parker was still angry about Craig's trashing Parker's new car. Craig told the boy to dial back the self-pity, and Parker accused Craig of trying to score points with his mother by "handling" Parker. Craig missed his wallet and asked Parker if he had seen it. Parker denied it and told Craig to call the cops if he didn't believe him, and he went out.

Carly went to Java after her non-meeting and ordered coffee. Parker walked up behind her just as she was emptying a cocktail-size bottle of vodka into it. The boy turned around and walked out in disgust.

At the diner, Janet was stunned when Mr. Vogel, a regular customer, offered her and Jack a free four-day trip to Florida, including hotel and airfare. Janet got excited and dashed to the police station to talk to Jack. She was thrilled that she and Jack might get their honeymoon after all, but the offer was only good until the end of the month. Jack said it sounded fantastic, but there was no way he could get away with Eliza missing.

Jack was also worried about his decision to allow the kids to stay with Carly, so he promised that he would make it up to Janet. Suddenly, he did a 180 and reversed himself. He told Janet that not that much would change in four days, and he was tired of always putting her last. They were going to Florida!

Damian and Noah went to Lily's to present the video idea to Luke, and Lily and Meg listened, as well. Everyone thought it was a great plan because it was a way to reach out to Paul no matter where he was. Noah asked for photos and home videos and explained that Meg's heartfelt appeal would be the climax. Meg agreed and thanked them all. They all decided that it would be most effective to shoot at Fairwinds where Eliza lived.

Craig continued looking for his wallet, and he finally spotted it under Carly's couch. He opened it and saw that $300 was missing. Carly arrived at the front door and saw Craig inside, so she stopped and used breath freshener. Craig asked how the meeting had gone, and Carly replied that it was interesting, but not for her. Craig reminded her that Jack was only letting her keep the kids because she had promised to follow the AA program.

Parker returned home, and Craig inquired about his wallet. He told Parker that his money was missing, but Parker denied any involvement. When Craig pressed, Parker said he had a pretty good idea where the money had gone, and he asked Carly to tell Craig what she had done with his money.

Carly realized that she was being blackmailed by her own son, but she went along and admitted that she had taken Craig's money because she was short of cash and had no time to go to an ATM. She had no explanation as to how the wallet had ended up under the couch, but she lamely said she must have dropped it. Parker went upstairs, and Craig told Carly that he admired the Texas Two-Step that she and Parker had just executed. Carly played dumb, and then she took the offensive and shouted to Craig that he was smothering her. She demanded her own space, and Craig made a hasty exit.

Carly called to Parker to get his "butt downstairs immediately," and he did. Carly said she knew that he had seen her imbibing in Java, but that gave him no right to steal from Craig. They shouted at one another, and Carly swore that she would not take another drink. Parker said that Craig owed him, all right, but the man seemed more eager to get into Carly's pants than to make things right with Parker. Carly was shocked at Parker's language, but he further threatened her that Craig might be very interested that Carly was still drinking.

At Fairwinds, the video crew set the scene, and Damian encouraged Meg just to be herself and tell Paul how she felt. Meg sat on the couch next to Eliza's bassinet and spoke calmly to Paul. She said she knew how much he loved the baby, but Eliza needed both her parents to love her. She broke down in tears at the end, and Lily comforted her. Luke and Lily both thanked Damian for renting the video equipment.

Jack and Janet ran into Craig in Old Town, and Jack was surprised to learn that Carly had actually gone to a meeting. Jack asked if anything else was going on at the house, and Craig said that Parker had lifted $300 from his wallet, but the most interesting thing was that Carly had covered for the boy. Neither man could figure out why Carly would do that, but each had a bad feeling about it. Craig went into the diner, and Janet arrived back after buying a bathing suit for her Florida trip. Craig told her to enjoy the vacation because she deserved it.

Jack went to Carly's and called Parker downstairs. When the boy arrived, Jack demanded that he empty his pockets for Jack to see. He found some of Craig's cash, and Jack confiscated it. Parker whined, but Jack yelled that if the boy wanted his own money, then he should get a job. Jack sent him upstairs, and then turned to his ex-wife. He asked Carly why she had lied for Parker, and she figured out that he had talked with Craig. Carly maintained that she had taken Craig's money and given some of it to Parker.

Jack was really upset that Carly was telling him bold-faced lies to protect Parker. He called the boy down again and said that Parker was going to the farm with Jack. He told Carly that she had blown her chance to have the boy with her, and Jack marched Parker outside to his truck. Carly threw her little vodka bottle across the room and it landed in Craig's overnight pile. Carly picked up all of Craig's belongings and stuffed them in a bag and took off.

Jack took Parker to the diner and asked Janet to get the boy a busboy's apron. Parker would be working at the diner until he earned back the money he had stolen from Craig. Jack did not have to tell Janet that the Florida trip was off; she had figured that out herself.

Craig was having a meeting at the Lakeview when Carly stormed in with the bag. She plunked the bag down and told Craig to stay the hell out of her house. She accused him of stabbing her and Parker in the back by consorting with Jack, and Craig had to apologize to his business associate.

Damian brought Meg a cup of tea, and the two chatted. Noah called Damian to tell him that the video had been posted on the web, so Damian opened his laptop, and he and Meg watched it. Along with Meg's speech, there were many pictures of Paul and Meg with their baby.

On the co-op farm, Rosanna's friend, Edna, watched the video, too. She recognized Paul right away and mumbled that she knew she didn't like him.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brad told Katie, who was still in bed feeling poorly, that it was understandable that she was grieving for Vienna and Henry's lost baby. He also said Henry was way out of line to blame Katie for the miscarriage. Brad took Katie's temperature, but it was normal, and he volunteered to make her something to eat. The thought of food turned her stomach, however, so Katie suggested that Brad go somewhere and get a good lunch.

After Brad left, Katie took a home pregnancy test kit from her bedside table and looked at it. Aloud she said that she must be crazy because it was impossible that she might be pregnant, and she put the kit back. In a minute she took it out again and went to the bathroom. She waited the required time and then, with crossed fingers, she read the results. She gasped, "Oh, my God," in amazement.

Henry was preparing for a meeting with his lawyer, so he was working on his lawsuit against WOAK and Katie. He asked Vienna to describe Katie's behavior before the accident, but that irritated Vienna, and she ordered him to drop the lawsuit. Henry paid no attention and decided on "malicious intent" to describe their former friend. Vienna reminded him that all the money in the world would not replace their child, and she accused him of hiding behind his true feelings. She was headed to a follow-up appointment with her doctor, so she told Henry he was on his own with the lawyer. Henry had a change of heart and told her that she came first, so he would reschedule with the lawyer and go with her, but Vienna was angry and said she would go alone.

Jack arrived at the diner and gave Janet a big smooch, much to the disgust of their new bus boy, Parker. Janet gave Parker high marks for his work, but all Parker cared about was when he would get his first paycheck. Jack reminded the boy that his paycheck was going to Craig to replace the money Parker had lifted from Craig's wallet, a fact that Parker still denied. Janet gave the boy his share of the tip money, and Parker figured out that if he worked more hours, he could pay off the debt faster. Janet offered him the dinner shift, as well, and Parker accepted.

Jack was surprised that Parker was willing to work longer hours, and also when Janet informed him that Craig was no longer staying with Carly. Jack was elated until Janet mentioned that it might not be such a good thing. Jack was tired of Craig's manipulating Parker and Carly, but Janet disagreed. She said Carly was a very strong woman and was not easily pushed around. She realized that Jack was truly worried about his ex.

Carly ordered a cappuccino at Java as Craig walked in. She reminded him that she had requested him out of her life because they were no longer friends, since he had ratted her out to Jack. She headed to Memorial and stood outside the door to the AA meeting. The man with whom she had talked the day before arrived and asked if she was going in to share that time, and Carly said yes. When she got to the door, however, she stopped and suddenly "remembered" a dental appointment for Sage. She scooted out fast, but she failed to notice that Craig was lurking in the shadows, watching.

Craig went to the diner and told Jack and Janet what he had seen. Janet remarked that Carly was really in trouble if she was faking going to therapy. Craig admitted that Carly was no longer talking to him, and he was stumped as to how to help her. Jack suggested that he stop trying. Craig was afraid that he was partially responsible for how she was, because he had been in denial about her drinking. Craig feared that Carly was lost, and he was out of ideas.

Janet said that the solution for Carly was for her to get involved in some sort of a project to take her mind off her troubles. Jack cited Craig's vodka business as a project gone bad, but both Janet and Craig thought that Carly needed to focus on her design skills. Craig all of a sudden had an epiphany. He thanked the Snyders for giving him a great idea, and he hurried out.

Henry walked into the Lakeview bar not far from where Brad was eating his lunch. They noticed each other, and Henry jumped up to leave, but Brad called him back. Brad asked Henry to join him and try to work things out, but Henry refused and alluded to his lawsuit. Brad told Henry again how sorry he was that he and Vienna had lost their baby, and he offered Katie and himself as help in a time of need. Henry said his salvation was the legal system, and that was helping already. Brad got irritated and suggested that he and Katie ought to be dragging Henry and Vienna into court for fraud about the baby's parentage, and the shouting match began.

Finally, Brad asked Henry to sit with him and try to end the trouble between their families. Henry sat, and Brad asked him if he was prepared to get on the witness stand and accuse Katie of awful deeds. He said Katie was devastated already, and that he wasn't sure how much more she could take. Brad offered to return the $10,000 that Henry had repaid him, but Henry refused it. After some discussion, the two agreed that they would give the money to charity and let it do some good work. Henry also agreed to drop the lawsuit, but he balked at forgiving Katie for her actions. He did, however, promise to think about it.

At Memorial, Vienna arrived for her appointment just as Katie was coming out of an exam room. They hugged, and Vienna assumed that Katie was there to support her friend, although Vienna did not remember telling her about the appointment. They shared some good memories about their lost babies, and then a nurse approached Katie and congratulated her on her "miracle," and said that her sonogram would be ready shortly. Vienna looked confused, and finally she realized that Katie must be pregnant. Katie tried to deny it, but Vienna knew the truth from Katie's face; it upset her, and she ran off.

After her appointment, Katie went to see Vienna and swore that she had just found out that day that she was pregnant. Vienna hailed it as a true miracle, but Katie was sorry that her best friend was suffering. Katie knew that it was asking a lot, but she said she needed her friend by her side. Vienna said she would try to stand by Katie as best she could. Then Katie revealed that she had not yet told Brad about the baby, and Vienna was shocked.

Katie cautioned Vienna not to speak about it to Brad because she was concerned that Brad would consider the pregnancy too risky, and she needed a couple of weeks to have some tests and speak with the doctors. She just wanted to make sure everything was all right before she got Brad's hopes up. Vienna understood and promised to keep Katie's secret and also to be godmother to the baby.

Liberty and a friend exited Fashions, and Liberty bemoaned the fact that she could not afford the lovely prom dress that she had just seen in the shop. She was trying to get used to the idea of settling for a less expensive, and less beautiful, dress. Parker hid around the corner and listened to the girls' conversation. Liberty went into the diner and tried to sweet-talk her mother, but Janet was wise and almost immediately asked the girl what she wanted. Liberty told Janet about the dress, and reminded her mother that it was the prom they were discussing, and she asked if Brad might buy the dress for her. Janet nixed that idea because of his recent troubles.

Then, however, Janet remembered how she had missed some fun high school events because of having Liberty so young, so she gave her daughter her credit card and said she would get Brad to chip in half at a later date. She also asked if Liberty was going with Parker, but her daughter said she was going with her friend, Mackie, and several girls in a group. Liberty was sure that Parker wouldn't mind or even be remotely interested, since he was finished with school.

Liberty and her friend were in Java when Parker walked in. The friend split, and Parker sat down and spied the prom dress in its wrapper from Fashions. He announced that it was time to make plans, but he told her not to worry because he had already rented his tuxedo.

When Liberty looked confused, Parker reminded her that she had promised him long ago that she would go with him. She interrupted him to say that she had made other plans. Parker asked with whom, and when Liberty mentioned her girl friends, Parker did not believe her. Parker insisted they would have fun together, but Liberty said that her final answer was no. Parker walked out.

Craig dropped in on Carly, who did not want to open the door until he threatened to huff, puff, and blow her house down. She declared that she had gone to the AA meeting and offered to take a breathalyzer test. Craig said he wanted to talk business, not alcohol. He said he had a new business looming on the horizon, and the business was - water. He wanted to sell flavored, designer water, with Carly as the designer. He said he was talking vitamins, flavorings, and sexy packaging. He wanted to market the product to young people , and he wanted Carly to come up with a concept that was "cool." The customer would be young and healthy, someone very much like Parker.

Craig declared that he had another brainstorm and suggested that Parker be in their ads and even be the spokesperson for the product. Carly thought Craig pitied her, but he implored her to give the spark of life to his idea. He wanted her to come up with a phrase or a look as their concept, and he would market it to investors. Craig said it would be good for her and Parker, and asked her to think about it. He promised their relationship would be strictly business.

Next, Craig went to see Jack at the police station and told him that his plan for Carly might work. Surprisingly, Jack said it was a great idea, and neither one could believe that they had actually agreed on something. Jack scared off Craig when he asked him if he wanted to "hug it out."

Parker returned home and found Carly sketching. She explained that she had an interesting idea for designer water and mentioned that she and Craig thought that Parker would be an excellent spokesperson. That elicited a "no way" from Parker, and then he lit into his mother about Craig's influence on their lives. He also declared that designer water was a "crock." He said that he already had a job at the diner, and he knew that he would be there the next day. He was not so sure about his mother. Carly fought back tears as she grabbed her purse and made a hasty exit. She went to Yo's and ordered a ginger ale, which she almost immediately changed to vodka.

Henry went home and told Vienna that he had spoken to Brad. He said the upshot was that he was dropping the lawsuit. He asked about Vienna's doctor's appointment, and she reported that she had gotten a clean bill of health. She hinted that they could try again soon for another baby, but Henry flatly refused.

Katie just barely beat Brad home, but she heard him coming, so she dashed straight into her bed, totally clothed. Brad noticed that she was looking much better, and he told her that he had finally talked some sense into Henry. The lawsuit was history.

Parker came downstairs to tell Carly that he was working the dinner shift at the diner, but his mother was gone. He looked at her sketches and saw himself in one of them.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bonnie saw Dusty at the Lakeview and thanked him for keeping his distance from Meg. Bonnie then told Dusty about the video that Meg had made and put on the Internet, in which Meg asked Paul to bring Eliza back to her. Dusty thought that was a terrible idea, because it might drive Paul even further underground.

Rosanna, Paul, and Eliza worked picking asparagus in a field at the cooperative farm. Paul thanked Rosanna again for giving him and his daughter a place to stay. Edna approached and told Paul that she thought Eliza was getting too much sun. She offered to take the baby to the produce stand, to get Eliza into the shade. Paul was uncomfortable with the idea, but Rosanna and Edna convinced him it would be better for the baby.

Paul was too preoccupied about Eliza being out of his sight to do much asparagus picking, so he eventually told Rosanna that he was going to get Eliza. When Paul reached the produce stand, there was no sign of Edna. He walked through to the other side and saw Edna getting ready to drive off with Eliza in her car.

Paul stopped Edna, and Rosanna approached. Edna told them about having seen Eliza's mom on the Internet video, and she announced she was going to return Eliza to Meg. Paul told her she couldn't do that, but Edna told him to leave her alone, or she would call the police. When Rosanna asked why Edna hadn't called the police already, Edna said she didn't want to bring any trouble to their community.

Paul begged Edna to hear him out, and she agreed to listen to his story. He told her that although he had done some bad things in his life, becoming a father had changed him and made him a better man. He told Edna that Meg had broken his heart by becoming involved with another man, and he said the other man came first for Meg, ahead of the family Paul and Meg had created. Paul said that being at the cooperative farm had helped him see what was important, and he told Edna he thought that he could be a better father to Eliza. Edna reluctantly agreed to give Paul a chance, and she told him not to make her regret it.

Paul and Rosanna went to the produce stand and watched Meg's video on a laptop computer. Rosanna asked Paul if he was still in love with Meg, but Paul said he definitely was not. Rosanna said that if Paul had taken Eliza away because he was jealous or because he wanted to get back at Meg for having been with another man, then what he had done was wrong. Paul assured Rosanna that he wasn't using Eliza to get revenge against Meg. After Rosanna walked away, Paul stared at the computer screen and then took out his phone to call Meg.

At Holden and Lily's house, Damian told Meg the video had already received over 280,000 hits, and he was sure someone would recognize Eliza and Paul. Meg then received an e-mail message from Edna, with a photo of Eliza attached. The message told Meg to meet her at an intersection in Wisconsin, which Meg recognized as being near the airfield where she and Damian had seen Paul. Meg jumped up, eager to head out for the rendezvous to pick up Eliza.

Meg and Damian went to look for Bonnie and found her with Dusty at the Lakeview. Meg told them what was happening. Bonnie told Meg that the courts had reversed the custody decision, and Meg had been granted full custody of Eliza, so legally, Meg could take Eliza back from Paul. Dusty and Bonnie both thought that Meg should let the police know about the message she'd received. Meg told them that the message had said not to bring the police. Dusty thought that was strange, as was the fact that the person who had sent the message hadn't asked for anything in return for bringing Eliza to Meg.

As Meg waved off their doubts and concerns, she turned to leave, but Dusty stopped her. Dusty told Meg she didn't look like she felt very good. Meg told Dusty that she was fine, and anything he was seeing was just nerves. Damian tried to convince Meg to let him accompany her on her trip to Wisconsin, but Meg insisted that she would go alone, as the message had requested. As Meg turned to leave, she fainted and fell to the floor.

After Meg regained consciousness, she still wanted to find Eliza. Dusty, Damian, and Bonnie all said that was out of the question. Damian and Dusty offered to go instead, but Meg said the person was expecting to meet a woman. Bonnie then said she would go, although Dusty tried to talk her out of it. Damian said that he would take Meg upstairs to lie down and he would get something for her to eat, to see if that made her feel better, and if that didn't work, he would take her to the hospital.

Dusty tried to convince Bonnie to let him accompany her to Wisconsin. Bonnie told Dusty that she didn't want him to go with her, and she left. However, after Bonnie arrived at the rendezvous point, Dusty drove up. Bonnie wasn't happy to see him and accused him of scaring off the person who had sent the message. Dusty, however, said it was well past the time the person had said to meet, and he thought it had all been a hoax.

Bonnie told Dusty to "go to hell," and Dusty got back into his car to leave. Bonnie's car wouldn't start, so she ran and got into Dusty's car. She told him to take her someplace to get help, saying he could still get to hell after that. They arrived at a car repair shop, but the mechanic told Bonnie it would be an hour or two before his wrecker was available. Dusty tried to leave, but Bonnie stopped him. When he said he had been told to go to hell, Bonnie told him to look around, because he was already there.

Dusty told Bonnie he was going to leave so he could continue to try to find Paul and Eliza. Bonnie asked the mechanic again when her car could be towed and fixed. The mechanic asked if all the people from Illinois were that impatient. Dusty immediately asked if someone else from Illinois had been there, and the mechanic said yes. Dusty asked if it had been a man with a baby, and the mechanic again said yes. Dusty told Bonnie that meant that Paul was there.

Meg had a high fever, and Damian applied cold compresses to her face, to cool her down. He managed to convince Meg to try to get some rest. As soon as Meg fell asleep, her cell phone rang. Damian picked it up, but no one said anything. On the other end of the line, Paul looked angry when he heard Damian's voice.

Craig went to see Carly, but only Parker was home. When Parker told Craig that he didn't know where Carly had gone, Craig tried to call her. Carly was at Yo's, where a man named Gus had just tried to buy her a drink, which she had declined. Carly answered her phone and lied to Craig, saying that she'd gone out to get some art supplies for the new bottled water project they were working on. Craig told Carly he had some ideas to discuss with her and that he would wait for her to return home.

After Carly hung up, she decided to accept the free drink from Gus. When Gus tried to make small talk, however, Carly tried to discourage him, saying she didn't want to give him the wrong idea.

Parker wasn't very happy that Craig had decided to wait for Carly to return home. Craig tried to interest Parker in the bottled water project, but Parker said it wasn't something he wanted to get involved in and that it wouldn't help his mom get over her drinking problem. Craig told Parker that he was part of the problem, and that Parker had two choices: he could wallow in his teen angst and watch his mother go under, or he could get involved and try to help Carly.

When Parker told Craig that Carly had done plenty of things wrong, Craig pointed out that Parker had contributed to Carly's situation by his own actions. Craig told Parker it was time he understood that and took some responsibility for himself. Parker stalked off and went upstairs to his room.

Carly returned home with her art supplies, and Parker went downstairs and was pleasant to her, for a change. After Parker went back upstairs to take some things to Sage's room, Carly asked Craig what that was all about. Craig suggested that Parker was trying to look out for his mom. Carly said she wished that Parker didn't feel like he needed to do that. Carly then asked Craig what his brilliant idea for the water was, and Craig said he thought they should call it "Midday Sun," as a companion to the Midnight Sun vodka line. Carly liked the idea and told Craig that she would try to do some sketches with that in mind, and then she shooed him out the door.

As Carly worked on her sketches, someone knocked on the door. Carly answered, thinking it was Craig again, but it was Gus, the man from Yo's. Gus had brought a bottle of vodka, and he told Carly he thought they could have a party. Carly tried to get Gus to leave. She apologized for having apparently given him the wrong idea, but Gus said there was still time to make it right. As Gus tried to embrace Carly, Parker rushed up and shoved him out the door.

Carly tried to lie to Parker, telling him that Gus must have followed her home from the art store. However, Parker had overheard enough to know that Gus had met Carly at Yo's. Parker couldn't believe his mother had resorted picking up men in bars. Carly said it hadn't been like that, and she tried to assure Parker that it wouldn't happen again.

As Carly picked up the vodka bottle that Gus had brought to the house and stared at it, Parker realized that his mom really did have a problem. He told her he could see that even if she meant it when she said she would stop drinking, she was having trouble actually quitting.

Parker took the bottle into the kitchen and poured the vodka down the drain. Carly told Parker that she did want to stop drinking, but it wasn't easy, because sometimes, she needed something to take the edge off of things. Parker asked if that was because of things that he had done, but Carly told him not to ever think that. She said that she kept telling herself to stop drinking, but then something would take over, and she couldn't help herself.

Parker said he understood what his mom meant. Carly panicked and asked if Parker was drinking, but he said he was talking about his attitude. He told Carly that he could hear himself being a jerk to her, to Liberty, and to Jack, and he would tell himself that he needed to stop it, but he couldn't. He apologized, and Carly said she was sorry that Parker was so much like her.

Carly told Parker that she sometimes wondered if it would be easier for Parker if he were more like his dad, but then she wouldn't let herself pursue the question, because she loved Parker just the way he was. Carly and Parker apologized to one another for the hurt they had caused each other. Carly said they could support one another's choices and help each other that way.

Parker quietly said that Carly needed to stop drinking. Carly said that Alcoholics Anonymous meetings didn't work for her, just like therapy hadn't worked for Parker, and that neither she nor Parker liked being forced to do something they didn't want to do. Carly said that they both needed to do things in their own way and in their own time. Carly assured Parker that they both would get better.

Craig went back to Carly's house, but Parker answered the door and told him that Carly was at an AA meeting at the hospital. Craig was surprised, but Parker said that he and Carly had talked, and they had agreed that Carly needed to get help. Craig was glad to hear that and told Parker he had known that if anyone could get through to Carly, it would be Parker. Craig put down some cookies he had brought over and told Parker to tell Carly that he was proud of her when she got back from her meeting.

After Craig left, Carly came out of the kitchen and thanked Parker for having gotten rid of Craig. Carly told Parker that they would get through everything together. She said, "We don't need anybody telling us how to fix what they think is wrong with us, okay?" Parker nodded.

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