The Bold and the Beautiful Birthdays
The Birthdays page, part of our About B&B section, provides a thorough listing of the birthdays of past and present The Bold and the Beautiful stars.
The Birthdays page, part of our About B&B section, provides a thorough listing of the birthdays of past and present The Bold and the Beautiful stars. When available, you'll also see the year of their birth. Some performers have requested that this information not be made public and we have honored their requests.

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Birthdays of B&B Stars
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   4TH   Rick Hearst (Whipple "Whip" Jones III; 1965)
   15TH   Chris Warren, Jr. (Jimmy Ramirez; 1990)
   20TH   Lorenzo Lamas (Hector Ramirez; 1958)
   22ND   Brian Gaskill (Oscar Marone; 1970)
   25TH   George Alvarez (Enrique Alvarez; 1966)
   29TH   Drew Tyler Bell (Thomas Hamilton Forrester; 1986)


   29TH   Jon and Brett Wirta (Eric Forrester III; 1999)
   10TH   Michael Dietz (Mark; 1971)
   14TH   Ashley Lyn Cafagna (Kimberly Fairchild; 1983)
   18TH   Sarah Brown (Sandy Sommers; 1975)
   22ND   Daniel Smith (Zende Forrester Dominguez; 1992)
   27TH   Brandon Beemer (Owen Hart; 1980)


    4TH    Ronn Moss (Ridge Forrester; 1952)
   13TH   Joseph Mascolo (Massimo Marone; 1935)
   14TH   Kylie and Keaton Tyndall (Steffy Forrester and Phoebe Forrester; 1992)
   15TH   Caitlin Wachs (Bridget Forrester; 1989)
   17TH   Madison and Brooke Dinsmore (Stephanie "Steffy" Forrester and Phoebe Forrester; 1998)
   17TH   Lesley-Ann Down (Jacqueline Payne; 1954)
   23RD   Sarah Buxton (Morgan DeWitt; 1965)


   11TH   John Castellanos (Jeff Talon; 1957)
   17TH   Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy Forrester; 1987)
   20TH   William deVry (Storm Logan; 1968)
   24TH   Courntee Draper (Mary Margaret Warwick; 1985)
   27TH   Schae Harrison (Darla Einstein; 1963)


   9TH   Alley Mills (Pamela Douglas; 1951)
   25TH   Matt Borlenghi (Ziggy Deadmarsh; 1967)
   29TH   Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren Fenmore; 1963)


    6TH    Tamara Davies (Tricia)
    7TH    Adrienne Frantz (Ambrosia Moore; 1978)
   11TH   Michael Swan (Myles Fairchild/Adam Alexander)
   13TH   Emily Harrison (Bridget Forrester)
   13TH   Lesli Kay (Felicia Forrester; 1965)
   15TH   Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott; 1959)
   16TH   Ian Buchanan (James Warwick; 1957)
   17TH   Daniel McVicar (Clarke Garrison; 1958)
   17TH   Cali and Noelle Sheldon (Hope Logan; 2002)
   18TH   Andrea Evans (Tawny Moore; 1957)
   20TH   John McCook (Eric Forrester; 1945)
   22ND   Tracy Melchior (Kristen Forrester; 1973)
   25TH   Michael Sabatino (Anthony Armando; 1955)
   29TH   Kimberlin Brown (Sheila Carter; 1961)


    3RD    Justin Torkildsen (Rick Forrester; 1981)
    3RD    Hunter Tylo (Taylor Hayes; 1962)
   18TH   Darlene Conley (Sally Spectra; 1934)
   25TH   Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan; 1961)
   25TH   Bobbie Eakes (Macy Alexander; 1961)
   30TH   Lilly Melgar (Claudia Cortéz; 1969)
   31ST    Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester; 1943)
   31ST    Lane Davies (Ridge Forrester; 1949)


    1ST    Landry Allbright (Bridget Forrester; 1989)
    1ST    Jennifer Gareis (Donna Logan; 1970)
    3RD    Paulo Benedeti (Antonio Dominguez; 1975)
    4TH    Mick Cain (C.J. Garrison)
    5TH    Karim Prince (Raymond)
    9TH    Texas Battle (Marcus Walton; 1976)
   17TH   Patrick Allen Dorn (Thomas Hamilton Forrester; 1991)
   16TH   Agnes Bruckner (Bridget Forrester; 1985)
   19TH   Paul Satterfield (Pierce Peterson; 1960)
   22ND   Jennifer Finnigan (Bridget Forrester; 1979)
   22ND   Kayla Ewell (Caitlin Ross; 1985)
   23RD   Kimberly Matula (Hope Logan; 1988)
   27TH   Kyle Brandon Lowder (Rick Forrester; 1980)


    3RD    Ashley Jones (Bridget Forrester; 1976)
    5TH    Jeremy Skott Snider (Rick Forrester; 1990)
   10TH   Jacob Young (Rick Forrester; 1979)
   12TH   Linda Gray (Priscilla Kelly; 1942)
   14TH   Anthony Addabbo (Jonny/Tony "Rush" Carerra; 1960)
   17TH   Aaron Lustig (Tim Reid; 1956)
   17TH   Sandra Vidal (Sofia Alonso)


    2ND    Robin Riker (Beth Logan; 1952)
    3RD    Jack Wagner (Dominick Payne; 1959)
    6TH    Rachel and Amanda Pace (Hope Logan; 2000)
   11TH   Julian Snider (Bridget Forrester; 1992)
   14TH   Usher Raymond (Raymond; 1978)
   14TH   MacKenzie Mauzy (Phoebe Forrester; 1988)
   18TH   Kin Shriner (Brian Carey; 1957)
   20TH   Greg Wrangler (Ron Deacon; 1966)
   28TH   Kyle Sabihy (C.J. Garrison; 1983)
   31ST    Scott Clifton (Liam Cooper; 1981)


    2ND    Sean Kanan (Deacon Sharpe; 1966)
   16TH   Maeve Quinlan (Megan Conley; 1969)
   22ND   Winsor Harmon (Thorne Forrester; 1963)
   29TH   Charles Grant (Grant Chambers)


    6TH    Kin Shriner (Brian Carey; 1957)
   26TH   Steven Hartman (Rick Forrester)
   26TH   Colleen Dion (Felicia Forrester; 1964)
   27TH   Barbara Crampton (Maggie Warwick; 1962)
   31ST    Don Diamont (Brad Carlton; 1962)
   31ST    Joanna Johnson (Caroline Spencer Forrester)

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