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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 27, 1997 on GL
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Monday, October 27, 1997

Most of today's show was pre-empted for a special report from CBS on the 500+ point drop on Wall Street.

Hart and Cassie are a little thrown off by the fact that they are booked into a hotel room together, but get past it, as the main idea of the trip is to get Tammy back. They get comfortable in the honeymoon suite that Annie secretly arranged for them, and share pictures of Tammy and Peter. It is agreed that Cassie will take the bed, and Hart will sleep on the sofa. Hart takes a shower, while Cassie goes on to bed. While he is walking around wearing a towel, Cassie sneaks some looks at him. They turn the lights off, and Cassie gets up out of bed, and stares out the window. The scene ends with Hart discreetly checking her out also.

Annie taunts Reva with the cameo; the real cameo that has the picture of Sarah and the broken clasp! But, Reva refuses to fall for her tricks anymore, and tells Annie that she has halted the search for her sister, and when the time is right, her sister will find her just as Vanessa found Matt. Annie is somewhat perplexed by this, and even ends up sticking herself in the palm from nervously squeezing the cameo pin. She brags to Reva that she tried to ruin her life, and she came back, better than ever; Reva says "Yeah, you came back, just like a cockroach"!!

Roy attacks Abby in the parking garage while Rick is getting the car. He tells Abby that he has heard that she has been looking for him, and she'd better stop. After she screams and yells, Rick finally shows up, and looks for Roy, who has . Rick acts like he doesn't believe her, and takes her home, but not until Abby yells through the parking garage that she will get revenge against Roy for what he has done to her.

Jesse and Michelle are kissing and getting pretty affectionate in the Bauer home, and Jesse says that he feels uncomfortable in her house. About that time Rick and Abby come in, and Rick becomes furious that Jesse is there and tells him that his friend Roy is back in town. Jesse finally stands up to Rick and says that he is no friend of Roy, and is tired of taking the blame for what had happened in Point Lester. Rick later apologizes, and they agree to start over. Everyone hears a noise outside, and we see Roy creeping around in the bushes. Jesse goes outside, finds Roy, and roughs him up some. Roy begs Jesse not to turn him into the police, and threatens to turn him in for grand theft auto, but Jesse reminds him that he was not the one who stole cars, but it was Roy and his friends. Jesse drags him into the Bauer home, and tells Rick to call the police. Abby walks right up to Roy, who is being restrained by Jesse, and tells him the justice will be served for what he has done to her, and he will be in jail for a long time, and will be very sorry.

Dinah is desperate to get to Chicago, to prove to herself that Hart is not really there. All flights to Chicago airport are cancelled due to fog.

Tuesday, October 28, 1997

Rick and Abby find out from Frank that Ross has ordered a line-up from which Abby is to pick out her attacker. Rick is not pleased by this, and sees it as retaliation for his interference with Kevin and the birth certificate ordeal. Ross later explains that he must have an air-tight case against Roy if Abby still wishes to pursue the lawsuit. He also tells Abby that she must be ready to have her personal life dragged through the mud, including speculation as to why she left her town of Goshen, and came to the big city, forcing her parents to cut off all ties with her. Abby is sure that she wants to go along with the prosecution of Roy, and is lead to the room where she will see the line-up. She panics for a minute, and leaves the room, but returns when Rick reassures her and ends up quickly picking out Roy.

Ed announces that he is not going to leave for Africa right away, since he can do his needed research at home. He thinks that if he were around this summer, may a lot of the misfortune that happened would not have taken place.

Lillian comes to the Bauer home to speak with Michelle, so they can finally talk about the resentment that she feels toward her regarding Maureen's death. Michelle leaves the house, saying that she doesn't want to talk about it at all.

Jesse takes her back to his home, and soon after they walk in the door, a rock comes crashing into a window. He tells Michelle to wash off her face and hands to make sure she doesn't have any shards of glass. While she has left the room, he picks up the rock, which has a note bound to it; it says "stop the deaf girl from testifying against Roy, or else Michelle will be six feet under." Jesse doesn't tell Michelle about the note.

Dinah pays off the hotel desk attendant to tell her what room to find Hart. She knocks on the door, and Hart answers with Cassie standing right behind him (still wearing her short orange satin nightgown). Before they have a chance to explain, Cassie's attorney and the social service worker arrive, and can tell instantly that something is wrong. In a desperate moment, Cassie pulls Dinah to the side and begs her to go along with her and Hart. Cassie introduces herself to the visitors and says that she is the fiancée of Hart. Dinah jumps in and says that she doesn't know what's going on, but she is the fiancée of Hart, and shows them the engagement ring. The social worker laughs and says that she is leaving, as she has plenty of information for her report. Cassie's attorney tells her to find a new one, as he will no longer represent her. She pathetically pleads with them to listen to her excuse, and hear how much she loves Tammy and needs her back. The social worker advises Cassie to release Tammy for foster care so she won't spend her whole life in foster care. Dinah later says that if they had only confided in her what their plan was, she would have gone along. Hart and Dinah explode at each other, and neither of them will listen to each other. He leaves to get Dinah a cab to the airport. Cassie tells Dinah that she will never believe that Dinah would have helped her. Dinah says that it doesn't matter, because she can't prove anything! Cassie slaps her across the face.

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

Today's recap was written by Kay(2)

The Cassie/Hart/Dinah situation heats up when Hart walks in on Cassie and Dinah rolling around in the middle of the hotel room floor trying to draw blood from each other. He manages to break them up and tries to calm them down to no avail. Cassie is furious with Dinah for messing up her chance to get her daughter back while Dinah pleads innocence to Hart, but not before letting Cassie know that she knew exactly what was going on and seemed very proud of herself to have interfered. Cassie leaves in a huff after Hart says he won't listen to anyone speak badly of his fiancée...not his father, not his sister and certainly not her! Cassie storms off while Dinah tells Hart that she thinks he has a thing for Cassie, but just doesn't realize it yet. She leaves to catch the next flight to Springfield and assures herself that Hart will return by morning. While Hart is packing, Cassie shows back up in the room and tells him to go and that he'll never have to see her again. Hart leaves and Cassie takes a bible out of the nightstand drawer and asks God to please forgive her for what she's about to do.....

Phillip and Harley are trying to share a romantic moment when Reva comes pounding on the door and tells a surprised Harley that the search is back on for her sister. Reva tells Harley that she has to help her get into the Spaulding mansion to search Annie's room for clues. They enlist a none-to-eager Phillip to help them.

Alan finds out that Annie sent Dinah to Chicago to find Hart and Cassie together and he is furious with Annie. She tells him it was the only thing she could think of to stop Cassie from getting her daughter back. She also informs Alan that she showed Reva the real cameo. He asks her if there was anyone in Springfield she hadn't crossed paths with in that 24 hour period. He forgives her and they come up with some kind of scheme, but they don't share it with the audience just yet.

Buzz and Jenna talk about the baby and he wants to know if she knows if it's a boy or a girl and when it was conceived and she says she doesn't know, but she needs to make an appointment to see the doctor. Buzz says he wants to go with her, but Jenna tells him that she would rather he not go. She mutters to herself that maybe it's better that he not no when the baby was conceived and he says "you're gonna have to speak up Petulia." Jenna is thrilled that he called her that and tells him that was his nickname for her and that he must be getting his memory back....

Thursday, October 30, 1997

Abby's assailant, Roy, appears in court with a court-appointed lawyer. Ross asks the judge to deny bail for Roy because he has stalked Abigail ever since the crime, but the judge declines, setting bail anyway. Afterwards, Rick attacks Ross for not making sure Roy was locked up. Soon, Ross can see that Rick is really jumping all over him because he is raising Kevin, not because of Abby's court case. Abby tells Rick and Ross that she needs BOTH of them to help her get through this rough time. She reminds them, "How can you both help me when you're fighting with each other?" They see her point and agree to get along. As he's being taken out of the courtroom, Roy passes Abby and says, "What's up, pretty girl?" Some unknown person had posted his bail. Abby flips out, crying and hugging Rick. Roy says, "Abby, I'm free as a bird, baby." Ross replies, "Not for long," to which Roy says "Then I'd better make the most of it." All this is too much for Rick, who lunges at Roy, threatening to kill him.

Jesse remembers the note wrapped around a rock tossed through his window. It said, "Keep the deaf girl from testifying in court, or the next step for Michelle is 6 feet under." He tells Marcus about what happened, how he detained Roy until the police could make an arrest, and about the note, and asks him to keep Michelle away from this bad part of town where Jesse lives, just until he can speak to Roy's gang. Jesse gets Marcus to take Michelle home and calls out in his alley to Roy's gang members to come out and face him. He tells them exactly what Roy did to Abby, how he crossed the line and had to pay. Members of Roy's gang step out of the shadows armed with baseball bats and knives to confront Jesse.

Phillip and Harley walk into the Spaulding mansion and share a laugh over the ridiculous painted portrait of Annie in Alan's living room. Harley calls Reva to give her the go-ahead to come over and search Annie's room for her sister's cameo. Then she scrambles up the Spaulding phone so Reva can pose as a phony telephone repairman. But Annie comes home unexpectedly, carrying a rifle! She is furious with Harley for tricking her back at County General and starts a verbal battle with her. Phillip quickly defends Harley, but Harley has a new strategy. She tells Phillip to "leave Annie alone" and tries to convince her that they just want to make a fresh start and be civil. After all, they are all going to be practically living under the same roof, since Phillip has moved back into the mansion. Annie laughs, saying she doesn't buy the crap they're selling. But she agrees to have lunch with them anyway, citing the old adage, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer."

Reva sneaks into the mansion in disguise and barely makes it past Annie, who stops "her" to give a lot of orders (but doesn't see her face because Harley and Phillip interrupt her). Reva searches Annie's room and finds pictures of Josh hidden under a desk. She also finds the old door plaque from Annie and Josh's house. She can see that Annie has still not gotten over Josh and maybe never will. Meanwhile, Harley is doing her best to keep Annie distracted downstairs. She tells her to stop being so paranoid, that the only reason she did what she did at County General was because she got paid. After all, she reasons, she is an investigator and Reva gave her a job. Annie's suspicions are growing, however, and more agitated then ever, she yells at Harley and Phillip to leave her alone and stomps upstairs with Alan's rifle to see why the phone guy is taking so long to fix the phone. Upstairs, Reva has found and read a file marked "Confidential" and says to herself, "Oh, Annie, I think you've dodged your last bullet." Just then, she hears Annie coming up the stairs.

Cassie stows Tammy away, hiding her in a suitcase and sneaks her into her hotel room. Tammy admits to Cassie that she's angry at her mother for not coming to get her sooner. Cassie tells Tammy that they are going to make up for all their lost time. They will get a house and new clothes -- everything they've ever dreamed of. They will even pick out new names, she tells her. Tammy selects the name Madonna for herself and Morgan for Cassie. When there's an unexpected knock at the door, Cassie hides Tammy before opening it to Child Protective Services, who have shown up, they say, to take Tammy back into custody. Cassie reacts by trying to toss them out of her hotel room.

Friday, October 31

At the Spaulding mansion, Reva discovers a confidential file taken from the Lewis Oil offices. She realizes that Annie could only have this file if they (she and Alan) have someone on the inside. Suddenly she hears Annie coming so he hides in the closet. As Annie takes off her jacket, Reva sees that she is wearing the cameo. Annie takes the cameo off and lays it atop a jewelry box and goes into the bathroom. Reva heads for the chest with the jewelry box, but hears Annie returning. She quickly returns to the closet.

Jesse finds himself surrounded by the gang of street thugs outside his place. He tries to reason with them. Roy stepped over the line when he tried to rape Abby. Ski acts as leader and reminds him that he is still "one of us" and you don't turn on your "boys." The gang begins to hit him as a "reminder" of what happens to people who rat out their own kind. Roy arrives in time to stop them from attacking him but then hints that he might not be so lucky the next time. He has better get Abby to drop the charges against him.

Cassie is devastated when the social workers arrive and demand that she return Tammy to them immediately. She tries to push them out the door, but is unsuccessful. Tammy comes running out of her hiding place and clings to her mother. The social worker tries to reason with Cassie. "You are only hurting yourself," she tells the distraught mother. If we have to call the police, you will never get your daughter back. Work with us here. But Cassie does not trust them. The social worker tells Cassie that they are taking Tammy to a special home that a generous benefactor has made possible. She will be surrounded by toys and will get the best of care. When Cassie continues to refuse to cooperate, Alan enters and asks to speak to Cassie alone. Frightened, Cassie backs away and tries to shield her daughter. Alan convinces her that she is boxed in. There is no way out except to let Cassie go to the "special home." Finally Cassie realizes that she must let Tammy go. She talks lovingly to her daughter and promises that as soon as she can, she will visit her. Once Tammy and the social workers are gone, Alan warns Cassie that if she doesn't do everything he tells her to do, she will never see her little girl again. She has to return to Springfield and seduce Josh---and she has to do it before the big Lewis Oil meeting in one week. As soon as she does this, she can visit with her daughter. I would never hurt a little child, Alan tells a disbelieving Cassie.

The phones are finally working and Alan calls Annie. In the closet, Reva overhears Annie ask when Alan will be home from Chicago with "her." She also hears Annie arrange to meet Alan "there." When she hangs up the phone, Annie puts on her jacket and is about to leave the room when she remembers the cameo. She will be glad when she doesn't have to wear "this piece of junk."

Rick and Abby are having a good time with the trick-or-treaters. Seeing so many children out trick-or-treating with their dads reminds Rick of how his day used to do the same with him. He tells Abby that he misses being with Kevin.

Michelle comes home and is surprised to hear that Roy made bail. She is worried about Jesse so she tries to call him. When there is no answer, she runs out the door. Later, Rick is called into the hospital because of an emergency. He doesn't want to leave Abby alone, but Abby shoos him out of the house. Rick leaves only after Abby promises that she will lock the door and not open it until he returns. Trick or treat is over, he tells her and she agrees.

Once Rick is out, Abby does lock the door and is about to put away the candy when she sees more little ones outside. She opens the door and gives them candy.

Reva tells Harley and Phillip what she has found in the bedroom. She has to talk to Josh, she tells them. After Reva leaves, one of the maids tells Phillip that he has a call; it is from Beth. Phillip tells her that unless it is about his daughter, he doesn't want to speak with his former wife.

In a room filled with every kind of toy imaginable, a lonely Tammy lays on the bed weeping. She wants her mommy. Annie enters the room and attempts to comfort the little girl. She wants to play games with her, but Tammy only wants her mommy. Annie tells her that she would like to have a little girl like her. She will see her mommy soon, but in the meantime, will Tammy let her be her mommy?

Reva tells Josh about the file she found in Annie's room. Only a handful of people had access to that file. She didn't give it to Annie; Josh didn't give it to Annie; she knows Wanda and Billy didn't give it to Reva. She hates to think it, but that only leaves Cassie. Reva is determined to get to the bottom of this.

Abby is once again safe behind locked doors. She turns to the window and sees a "father" dressed in a devil costume. She waves to him and goes back to the door. When she opens the door, she does not see any children. She looks questioningly at the "father" who approaches her. He stands there, staring at her. She wonders where his little one is. He slowly removes his facemask. It is Roy! Abby escapes back into the house and is closing the door when he blocks it. Frantically she pushes against the door but she is no match for Roy. He smiles at her and quietly tells her that she had better let him in.

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