Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 16, 1998 on GL
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 16, 1998 on GL
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Monday, November 16, 1998
by Soap Central

Reva and Hart react to Cassie's allegations against Josh, while Dinah finds Cassie's broken bracelet but decides against supporting Cassie's claims. Reva can't believe what Cassie's saying, Josh is dumbfounded and Hart doesn't think Cassie would lie but is confused. Cassie spins out. Teri has a close call when she spills the aftershave on herself and blurts to Alan that she's Annie. She manages to recover before Alan suspects the truth. A guilt-ridden Frank makes a grand gesture to a startled Eleni. Matt leaves baby Maureen with Beth while he goes off looking for a missing Vanessa. David tells Vicky he's tired of playing games. Danny asks Michelle to help him.

Tuesday, November 17, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Lisa Furman Cott.

A tearful Jenna reveals to Harley that Jeffrey has threatened to come back into her life. Harley reassures Jenna that Jeffrey can not harm her from prison and she encourages Jenna to share this information with Buzz. When a hesitant Jenna does tell him, Buzz becomes enraged, vowing never to let Jeffrey break up their family.

A confused Reva wonders about the mental state of Josh, who continues to act in a bizarre manner. Under the post drug-induced suggestion of Teri/Annie, Josh becomes obsessed with trimming his beard and smothering himself in aftershave. Reva presses Josh to explain why Cassie would make such horrible accusations about Josh but Josh remains steadfast about having only the most honorable of platonic intentions towards Cassie. He continues to blame Cassie's behavior on her grief over losing Hart. Later, Teri/Annie tells Josh that he must now tell Reva the truth about his feelings for Cassie.

After being found by a hunter walking around the woods in a fever-induced delirium from the spider bite, Vanessa returns home only to find Matt and Beth, holding baby Maureen, on the couch. Vanessa accuses Beth of being the Stalker, stating that she has the most to gain should Vanessa be killed. Beth stomps out of the house in a rage.

A scheming Dinah, donning a dramatic head scarf and bearing Cassie's broken bracelet, visits Reva in an attempt to prove that Josh has, in fact, been making advances toward Cassie. Dinah secretly hopes that this information will force Cassie to leave town for good.

A hysterical Cassie tells David about Josh's inappropriate advances. David offers to let Cassie stay at his old apartment in Chicago until her family situation is resolved.

Beth, still fuming from Vanessa's accusations, refuses to let Phillip take Lizzie to New York to be a part of their elopement plans. After Phillip and Harley leave, Beth's temper escalates into a seething tirade about all of the happy couples in Springfield - suggesting that perhaps she does have motivation to be the Stalker.

While Rick and Phillip talk about Phillip's plan to elope with Harley, Rick tells Phillip that he has recently received a letter from Phillip's ex-wife India.

Wednesday, November 18, 1998
by Soap Central

Teri overrides Josh's resistance to her commands, then thinks about their future together. Later, she is undone when Alan talks to her about Annie. Cassie makes a loving decision when Reva demands the truth -- she says she fabricated the accusations against Josh out of stress and maybe a little jealousy. Josh, off Teri's command, goes to tell Reva the truth about his feelings for Cassie but Cassie stops him from saying anything. She pulls him out of his drug-induced state by reminding him of his love for Reva. Blake and Ross are face-to-face in the fight of their lives... a custody battle for the boys. Things don't look good for Blake when Anita tears her apart on the stand. Offended, Beth refuses to answer Frank's questions about the stalkings.

Thursday, November 19, 1998
by Soap Central

Beth goes back to have it out with Vanessa for siccing the police on her. Their argument shifts to Matt, and Vanessa goes off on Beth for pursuing her husband. Beth gives it right back, insinuating that she's not the one doing the pursuing and that Matt has complained to her about Vanessa. Vanessa thinks Beth's deluded but Beth says she'll be waiting when Matt realizes he deserves a better wife than Vanessa. Meanwhile, Lillian tells Matt she's worried about Beth's feelings for Matt and his encouragement of them. Harley and Phillip's elopement plans go awry when everything goes wrong in the big city... and Harley wonders if they'll ever get married. Ben sweeps into court and the eleventh hour to represent Blake, and forces Ross to admit that Blake is a good mother.

Friday, November 20, 1998
by Soap Central

Phillip and Harley are stunned when they're arrested by the police. They're even more surprised when they're hauled off to City Hall where Aunt Alex and Buzz have arranged a wedding with all Phillip and Harley's family and friends. Buzz opens the door to reveal Harley in her wedding gown, and Phillip is awestruck by his beautiful bride. Ben saves the day as Blake wins custody of the children. Ross says good-bye to Blake, as they let go of the animosity and reaffirm that they are good parents. Blake is crushed that Ross doesn't see the hope of a reconciliation, but finally realizes that perhaps he's right, perhaps they need to be alone to sort things out for now. Vanessa confronts Matt about private things Beth said about their marriage, but doesn't let Matt have a word in edge-wise. Matt storms out and confronts Beth. The Nursery Rhyme Stalker talks into a video camera, swearing she'll stop the stalkings. We pull back to reveal that the Stalker is... Holly!

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